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  1. None of the previous covid lockdowns bothered me much apart from the one after Christmas last year/early this year.. I'm normally ok and don't have depression but the mixture of living in a rural area, being locked down, short days and cold weather along with all the fisheries being shut nearly did for me. I could feel myself losing my grip on my normal self. I'm really nit looking forward to a repeat. Hopefully it won't happen.
  2. Pulis has a good record as a manager, the football would make your eyes bleed but if everyone got on board and DC had let him bring in a couple of players I think we would have stayed up. So far so good, how he would have progressed from there I have no idea. As it happens DC couldn't/wouldn't spend, the players and fans revolted so it is all academic anyway.
  3. I agree he gives 100%. I like the fact that he supplies the bit of shithousery we lack. I just don't think he has a footballing brain. Don't get me wrong he's probably what we need in this division but in the Championship I don't think he's good enough. It's just my opinion and I've been wrong before. I dreaded Dunkley getting the ball at his feet but he is much better now, I have always liked him as a player, it was just the playing out bit.
  4. We might or might not have the best players but it's about more than that. You need cohesion, desire and a sheer refusal to be beaten if you want to be the best. Early on there was no doubt we had good players but we were second best to teams who were less technically capable than we are but their organisation and work rate was better than ours. They wanted it more. Things seem to have changed now, our players seem to have gone from expecting to stroll through games to realising they are going to have to work their socks off or they will be also rans. I hope they can keep it up.
  5. I can see us shipping a few if that is how we line up.
  6. Not the team I expected. No Palmer, he's never injured, if Hunt is at CB we are more vulnerable IMO. No Corbeanu, maybe rested or bring him on againsat a tiring defence. Maybe his defensive abilities not fancied today. Luongo, good. How long will they give him. Windass, bit of a risk. Shouldn't play 90 minutes
  7. Looks like it blew a couple of greenhouses onto next doors roof.
  8. Ok so there's a touch of frost, nowt to worry about.
  9. We will be 3 nil up after 15 minutes and cruise to victory. Sod last minute winners, too much stress
  10. Wycombe is down south where the sun always shines and the weather is almost tropical. When they get a taste of the ice cold northern wind and freezing rain they won't like it at all. Did we ever get the boiler for the underground heating fixed? If we did we'd better turn it off or the buggers will be going down injured all the time just to get warm.
  11. At Hillsborough? I knew we were skint but I didn't think it was that bad. Nothing changes
  12. That Morgz is a hard watch. Is he one of us? If he is I take back what I said, he's obviously a talented lad with fantastic taste in football clubs. You might guess I'm no longer a teenager.
  13. Assuming all the teams carry on picking up points at the same rate as they have so far this season, the current league positions would be as shown below if all the top teams had played 19 games now. Rotherham 39 Wigan 39 Wycombe 37 Plymouth 36 Sunderland 36 Oxford 35 MK Dons 33 Wednesday 32 That puts us in 8th. 7 points behind the top 2. There's a lot of work to do to get into those automatic spots. If we play like we did in the last game there's no reason we can't do it but we need to hit that level consistently.
  14. So far we have played ok in fits and starts. The last game is the first game where we have been relentless from first to last. Will we go up? It depends whether we carry on like we did against MK Dons, if we do we will walk it. If not we will be top half, maybe top 6. I'll wait and see whether we keep up our form from the last game and carry it into the next 2 or 3 before I get too enthusiastic. I've been let down too many times in the past by this club.
  15. Iorfa has been well off his best this season. If he gets back to his best we will win the league. On current form there's no reason they can't both be the main man. Just imagine Dunkley in this form with Iorfa at his best along side him. Neither one needs to play second fiddle, they can both strut their stuff at the same time.
  16. Adeniran looked like the business early in the season but he's gone off the boil recently. Maybe just a temporary loss of form, I like the lad but at present I'd say the jury is still out. He needs to prove he can play well on a consistent basis to nail down a starting place.
  17. I expected him to storm this league but so far he's been a flop. Odd flashes of quality amongst a sea of dross. Last night was better, he seemed to be in the right place at the right time on a number of occasions. Still needs to up his game dramatically if he's going to have an impact now Windass is back. I really want him to succeed like I do all our players, last night was a good opportunity to shine as he was coming into the game when we were firing on all cylinders, he did better but we need more.
  18. Passing out from the back is the in thing in football, fashions come and go, some are good, some aren't. As with all fashions it's best to pick the ones that suit you and ignore the others. Early in the season we were dreadful at it, every time Dunkley got the ball I was a nervous wreck. Thankfully he seemed to get better at it about 3 weeks ago and stopped looking completely petrified when someone passed to him. He still has a mistake in him doing it but it's a big improvement. Passing out from the back stretches the opposition, if they press gaps appear further up the field but if they are really good at pressing they can force errors. It works best if the wingbacks stay wide and the midfield move about to create passing opportunities so the defender has options all the time. I watched Bannan in particular last night and half the time he stood still while covered when we were playing out, he was actually not the only offender. They should all be moving all the time. Best not to stick to one thing all the time because we become predictable and the opposition can take advantage of that. Mix it up in each game and see what works against different teams.
  19. It will be a fascinating day on Saturday. Of the top 7 six teams play each other, a win for us and draws in the other fixtures would really put us in the mix.
  20. BPF, 7, couldn't do anything about the goal. Palmer, 7, busy going forward. Dunkley, 9, wanted to give him 9 but he faded as an attacking threat second half. Immense in defence, a real threat at corners. Make him captain, just do it. OK I changed my mind he gets a9 Brennan, 7, couple of mistakes but grew into the game played well. Byers, 7, had a good game, steady more than dynamic but did what he did well FDB, 6 didn't get into the game first half but came alive second, It just wouldn't run for him but he worked hard second half. Hunt 6, worked hard and did get a few crosses in Bannan, 8, never stopped running, played some lovely balls, good game Corbeanu, 8, ran at the defence all night, didn't get much change out of the FB going outside early on but got the measure of him eventually, loads of shots on target but most without power one scorcher was saved. I really wanted to give him man of the match but I cant. Gregory 7. Worked hard with little reward the miss before his goal was a shocker but he made up for it big time. Kamberi, 6 busy but without much to show for it. Luongo, 8, changed the game, what a player. Windass, 7, worked hard, rusty as expected but got his reward. I'm just glad he's back The last two i'd like to give a 10 because I'm so glad to have them back. A great performance. Best of the season because we never stopped attacking them. They are a good team and it was a fantastic strike for their goal but we made them look ordinary, they couldn't stay with us for most of the game. That's how we should have played all season. We've proved we can do it so don't let the performances drop.
  21. He had a good game overall. A couple of mistakes that could have been costly but he held his nerve. He needs more experience obviously but he looks like he might be very decent.
  22. Looked rusty but still played well. He could rip this league apart.
  23. Fantastic performance, fantastic win, fantastic game. Play like that and we will do well
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