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  1. I thought Gibson was quality......when he wasn't injured. Give him a run of games and he will be excellent.
  2. He's way off being ready for first team football with us. A loan at an appropriate level with a nearby team would be good or the subs bench and maybe one or two appearances for us in the last 10 -15 minutes in games already won (that isn't often). Maybe a few appearances in a no name cup games. Bring him on slowly but give him a chance to see what proper football is about and learn his trade. If he can cope give him more chances. Good luck to him. We all want him to do well.
  3. You know that's not going to happen. It will mainly be last minute signings, it always is.
  4. It was worth the gamble. I'm in 2 minds about renewing his contract, we probably thought we could get better value for the wages elsewhere.
  5. Ok as an out and out winger but useless as a WB. Bit of a show pony as well, he's got one move outside and one inside, once the defender realises this he's got Corbeanu in his back pocket. He might develop into a top player but he's nothing like at present.
  6. If he was good enough he'd be in the first team. He looked a good prospect but doesn't seem to have developed. He's quite lightly built which doesn't help. Maybe he will develop when he gets a bit older but he's 22 or so now so how long do we wait.
  7. I don't agree the fan base is 50/50 on Moore. He wasn't particularly popular early in the season but won people over after Christmas. There will always be some who want him to go, that's the way of things, but while we are doing well he will remain popular. No different to any manager really.
  8. I thought his legs were going a bit towards the end of the season. Maybe just too many games taking their toll. If we are letting him go hopefully we are getting Dean and Gibson back or at least we have quality replacements already lined up.
  9. Good luck to them, they beat us so they get the rewards. We just need to be good enough to get automatic promotion next season.
  10. Defence is very light on that retained list only really Palmer, Iorfa and Hutchinson (maybe). Id be happier if we could get Dean signed and maybe Jack Hunt.
  11. Did we sign him on a one year contract or a two year deal. I can't find any info on it.
  12. League 1 is fine but if you don't strive for promotion at some stage you will end up at the other end of the table and then you can end up in L2. It nearly happened before, we were so close to getting relegated to L2 and escaped by the skin of our teeth. Not all our L1 seasons have been enjoyable, many have been dreadful. It's only a good league if you are winning games, same goes for any league really. I think that in football you have always got to strive to get better, that means going for promotion. If we get to the Championship we have to try to get promoted even though I personally fancy the Premiership. Overpaid stars poncing around the place throwing tantrums and rolling around on the ground like they have been shot if someone gets within 5 yards of them. Getting beaten week after week, no thanks but that's what we've got to aim for.
  13. There's plenty of good quality players available as free agents at this time of year. I'm happy for us to mainly operate in that market with the occassional faray into transfer fees for young players to develop and sell. Back that up with quality youngsters on loan and there's no reason we can't storm this league. We are a big fish at this level, players would rather come here than some of the smaller clubs.
  14. Dunkley is great in the air. At one time this season he was causing the opposition all sorts of problems when we had corners, he was unplayable. He's good at defending in the air, on the ground he's a bit slow but good enough for this level, if he ever gets fully match fit he would probably be a very good CB at this level. On the other hand there have been times when he looked petrified when the ball was passed to him when we were playing out, he really was dreadful at that. After the turn of the year he stopped looking petrified and just looked uncomfortable. He's 31 now, whether we keep him will depend on whether Moore wants an honest defender or a ball playing defender for next season.
  15. I'm sure they have plans in place for promotion and L1. Even so the end of the season is a good time to reassess those plans and look at players who might be available. It's not just about us, the promoted clubs might release players they would have retained if they were still in L1. Every other club will be putting out their list of released players. I'm sure DC and Moore have ongoing contact but a big in depth discussion about this time of year when there is less pressure from playing games can't be a bad thing.
  16. Paterson , still got a year according to The Star. Hutch will sign if we want him. Berahino would stay I think but we may let him go. I like him but if we can pay fees I think we can get better for less wages. Hunt, I think will stay. Palmer, part of the furniture. We will keep him. Luongo, will go to the Championship. Wages will be too high to keep him. I'd keep him in a heartbeat. Dunkley, we will let him go. Wildsmith will leave. Not good enough at this level. Loans Kamberi, wouldn't want him back Dean, I've got a sneaking suspicion he might be back but could get Championship interest. Shodipo, won't be back. Never clicked due to injuries. Storey, won't be back. Proved he's too good for this level. If he wanted to come here I'd take him. Peacock Farrell, too good for this level. Shame about that. Gibson, I think he will be back John Jules, Who knows. None of us have a clue how good he is.
  17. I think a lot of our improvement is down to Byers. He came in and slotted seamlessly into that midfield. Bannan Luongo and Byers were about as good as it gets in L1. I expect Luongo will be on his way, shame because I think he is quality, Byers I hope stays. Bannan looks like he intends to stay. Hunt has been quality goiung forward so I'd give him another year if the wages are ok. Having said that all players are replaceable if someone better is available at a reasonable wage. I just don't want too many changes because anothher half season of gelling could prove costly. Keep our best players, improve where we can and hit the ground running.
  18. He's not ready. We have a path to the first team for junior players if they are good enough. If he can shine at U23 football maybe he can have a few cameos in the first team then go out on loan. If he excels at a L2 team then by all means get him in the first team. I always look at these youngsters and ask who he would replace and whether he is a better option than that player. The young midfielder Hunt, he's got talent and some potential but would you drop Bannan, Luongo or Byers to give him a game, I wouldn't.
  19. Age 35......not a chance, steer clear.
  20. Hunt and Johnson have been excellent by and large. They aren't past it yet, with their experience they can go on for a while yet. It would be good to get a couple of younger back ups to compete for those places but i wouldn't get rid of then yet unless their wages are unreasonable.
  21. Loved him but he's gone. Let it go, you can't go back. At 32 he probably isn't the player he was first time around.
  22. I voted. 2 I'm undecided on. Adeniran, looked really good early on and then clueless after that. Depends on which one he turns out to be. Lee Gregory, getting a bit long in the tooth, slowing down but a great workhorse, makes clever runs and a decent finisher. It's whether he will still be up to this level next season. On balance I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.
  23. You are right, it isn't. He's hard working but that's about it.
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