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  1. So he claims he's injured. No way he can be sacked then.
  2. OK, Bev might not be a looker but she's not that bad.
  3. Lee gets my vote. Murphy did a lot of good work down the right in that first half but his finishing let him down badly. That one he skied in the first half was dreadful. Bannan was pretty good but loses out for his dead balls. Iorfa was good , Palmer couldn't pass to our men. Da Cruz was lively. Reach was invisible most of the game but he did make an actual tackle and came away with the ball. I almost gave him MOTM just for that.
  4. I said this a few months ago and got roasted for it. It's strange how a player who can hit good passes in open play is so rubbish with dead balls. From corners you need to get past the first man and avoid the keeper. Bannan struggles at both. Murphy is much better and Da Cruz also seems pretty decent at it.
  5. He's come on loads since the lockdown and looks to be a good prospect. I'd be happy to see him here next season. If he keeps improving he will be a good player.
  6. I don't think Hunt was the right one to bring on. No doubt he is a talent and I can see why we want to give him game time but our midfield has lost the plot since half time. Lee was playing well. Maybe he was knack tired
  7. End of story. Good first half, second half not good.
  8. 8 hour days? Easy life. I work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.................................at being retired. That's hard.
  9. It might just be a case of resting Rhodes. A lot of games coming thick and fast.
  10. I can't sleep. I was worrying if there was any news of the EFL/Owls case. It looks like there isn't. I think I'll have a very stiff Brandy and go back to bed. Oh nearly forgot, nice one your highness.
  11. You would like to think we will have money to spend but if games continue to be behind closed doors income is going to be way down. Clubs will need to cut their cloth accordingly unless P & S is completely abolished which doesn't seem likely. Football is in transition at present and clubs are going to have to adjust their financial models. Some will continue to spend big and then have to retrench, others will be more sensible. I hope we are in the latter category.
  12. Of course they don't. We are totally unimportant in their view. They are looking after the interests of the Footbal League and they aren't even doing a good job at that.
  13. I've always thought Wickham has been at his best here. It's his natural home. Some players are ok at a number of clubs but then they go to another and something clicks, they do better than ever before. They move away and that magic disappears. This is where Wickham belongs. That doesn't mean we will sign him permanently, just that if we do he will shine.
  14. So there we have a player who argued with Carlos a lot.... but he never went to Jos to ask why he wasn't playing. I don't believe that.
  15. It might take a while but a hard line stance by refs with a few red cards would soon get the message across. Players learn what they can get away with and do it. Same with holding in the box at corners, refs don't award penalties so it happens all the time. Award a few and it will stop.
  16. So who else could he play? Forced into it by the available players.
  17. Murphy for me, Wickham a close second. Da Cruz looks like a player since the restart. Palmer had a good game and Harris gave his all without having any luck.
  18. We played very well first half. Second half we went for it and suffered the penalty. West Brom are in the automatic spots for a reason, they are a good side. Sorry if I don't join the criticism of the players or Monk. We are scraping the barrel for options here, Odubajo and Pamer in the back 3, not ideal is it but forced on us by the f'd up season and injuries.
  19. I'm glad he's fit. We need our first choice players if we are going to have a chance against West Brom. All we need now is for Monk to pick the right team. No change would suit me if the players are fit enough.
  20. I think da Cruz has started to come good. It's taken a while but that is to be expected for a kid moving country and playing style. I'd say he would be an asset if we can get him on the right terms.
  21. It would be great if Rhodes could score, do his confidence a power of good. I'd stick with him if he's fit enough. He's been a bit unlucky so far but he's made some nice space in the box with little runs but defenders have got blocks in. If he carries on like the lst 2 games it will come good sooner or later. I would stick with the same team if we can but I do wonder if the players might need to be rotated with games coming thick and fast.
  22. Careful, you know how good we are at ending other teams bad runs.
  23. Fish, chips and beans is an abomination. Chips and beans is excellent. Nice OMDT Snoots.
  24. Has anyone heard any comments or statements from the meeting?😛
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