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  1. PELUPESSY....”Let me just check with Bazza and I’ll give you my opinion”
  2. NUHIU “That Ian knows his onions”
  3. swfc1983

    Alan Nixon

    If DC is actively looking at selling up as has been alluded to in other threads, can’t see why he would sack Jos if he has no intention of hanging around?
  4. swfc1983

    Name one thing...

    Both look like they have never seen a football before. Baker especially looks so uncomfortable when he gets the ball you just know it’s a matter of time before it’s back in opposition possession.
  5. swfc1983

    Forum on 20th

    I miss Billsaja
  6. swfc1983

    JOS OUT!

    The fact Nuhiu was on the pitch for the full 90 minutes today while Fletcher sat on the bench is reason enough for him to go. Clueless and well out of his depth. Absolutely no confidence that DC will sack him though and even if he did I wouldn’t trust him to get get the right man in. Be another cheap as chips foreign “coach” that will be quite happy to work with what he’s given. We are bang in trouble!
  7. swfc1983

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Reda Johnson
  8. swfc1983


    Gotta agree with the OP. Whilst tonight was a battling point the fact we have battled to a plucky 0-0 draw at the pigs is hardly a reason to start getting the bunting out is it? If ever a result masked over the massive cracks we have than look no further. I just hope we can at least use this as a spring board to get some confidence into the defence and stop looking like we are going to poo ourselves every time the other side gets in to our half so we can build on our non-existent attacking play.
  9. swfc1983

    3 words

    Older Bigger Better
  10. swfc1983

    One thing that REALLY irked me

    It’s still got me scratching my head now though. Surely Onomah was instructed to go into the middle in that second half otherwise why wasn’t he told to get back out on the left or if he didn’t want to do it bring on a player that would. It cost us the game in my opinion we were wide open down that side. Whichever it was it was wee wee poor management.
  11. swfc1983

    One thing that REALLY irked me

    My biggest gripe about yesterday (and there are plenty) is the way he hung Penney out to dry in that second half. A young lad finding his way in the game with a handful of appearances and we offer him no protection whatsoever by for some mind boggling reason deciding we didn’t need to play anyone on the left side of midfield??
  12. swfc1983


    Exactly the kind of manager we need right now. Which is why it 100% won’t happen.
  13. Was just gonna say wait for the “setback” bombshell from Jos in tomorrow’s presser.
  14. swfc1983

    Are My Eyes Painted On

    True but we bought in Onomah and Hector, I think a right back should’ve been our top priority looking at what the options for that position were going to be. But then you can also point to left back and the absolute clusterfuck that has been made of trying to fill that position over the last 5 years. I’d say about 80% of our recruitment really has been unforgivable, do/did we even have a scouting network?
  15. swfc1983

    Cliché thread

    Stripes are bad luck