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  1. Whatever the outcome of this is, it needs to be our ground zero....end of. This club needs a remodelling and restart from top to bottom. Fresh ideas and fresh impetus on and off the pitch.If that means Chansiri moves on then so be it. He’s had a good go has DC but his stubbornness and mistakes with player recruitment and sales is now going to cost us dear. Whatever the outcome this club will always have its greatest asset..the fans. Those who have been drove away with ridiculous pricing must be encouraged back and the atmosphere at Hillsborough has to be improved. Things have gone stale and apathy has set in. Use this as refresh opportunity.
  2. If my maths is right and he plays every game from now until then he will hit 500 on New Year’s Day at home to Hull. Be nice if the club could sort some sort of presentation infront of the fans before kick off for him.
  3. Take the ref out of the game if you take your chances. He was absolutely gash though. Standard seems to get worse year on year.
  4. Congratulations on your 3 points tomorrow then Wigan Athletic.
  5. No im sure your not alone, it has to be a concern to any rational fan of not just Wednesday but any other mid to lower prem/ championship club. But unfortunately football in this country is broken to a point where the rich get richer and the rest recklessly remortgage themselves to the brink in the hope of sharing some of the crumbs from the top table. I don’t blame Chansiri for selling the stadium to get round ffp, he’s here for one reason to get us to the premier league as quick as possible and make some mega money in the process (Along with most other championship owners). But what can we as average fans do? Boycott? Protest? Support to the death?Or do we just get taken along for the ride and hope that one year we will finally strike lucky before it all goes bust? I think one things for sure ours and the current championship financial model, although one of the worlds most competitive and unpredictable leagues, is not sustainable.
  6. The official team photo was in the Star this week complete with chairman and staff. We must have as many backroom staff as we do players. Physios, analysts, performance directors you name it. If we sack the lot and let a new manager restaff every time they come in it’s going to cost a bomb.
  7. Agree football is results based but sorry I don’t buy that the Cowley’s would’ve got more time than anybody else. Unproven at this level and let’s say they got the job and we lost the first 5 games there would be hell on.
  8. Not my first choice but nowhere near any of my lasts. Got a decent record nowt special but he will have us up there about I’m sure. Bit unsure why it’s took us so long to appoint someone out of work but he’s here now and should get our full support. Welcome back Garry.
  9. Sooner or later one of these favourites will get the job
  10. I’d take Monk over Pulis. He’s a smarmy fool but he knows his way around.
  11. Yeah it was all so believable until that
  12. No chance he can’t manage his way out of a paper bag
  13. I’ll just add this Chansiri waited nearly two months for Bruce last time round. We were in deep relegation mire then as well. If he has found his right target maybe he is waiting for the ashes to finish?
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