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  1. I’m starting to suspect we don’t bother practicing them. We try nothing other than slinging the ball in to the six yard box.
  2. Pulled our defence all over that first half, should have scored at least one. But second half thought we handled him better. I agree he looked a lot better than Kamberi tonight but no excuse for the diving about though. Move on chaps it’s ancient history.
  3. Think Lewis has certainly got Max’s number at the minute. Max seems completely unwilling to yield position to Hamilton without risk of crashing because I think he knows once he does Lewis will be gone up the road. How many times in the last few races has Hamilton avoided a crash and yielded position only to bide his time and take him later on in the race. He must be living rent free in Verstappen’s head at the minute. Next week is going to be absolute box office, hopefully it’s decided on track fair and square.
  4. No way would DC be willing to answer the tough line of questioning that Rob Staton would ask. Staton would be more than willing to rip DC’s pre prepared q&a to shreds.
  5. One team playing like it’s a warm down training match and the other is pressing and chasing for every ball. Absolutely no excuse for been out run, shocking attitude from us tonight.
  6. Signed for a team in Australia as per Rob Staton. Can’t say i blame him.
  7. The commentary king was Barry Davies…unrivalled.
  8. He’s signed all the players for the system and style he supposedly wants to play….he’s either signed the wrong players or playing the wrong system. The approach to summer recruitment now looks scattergun at best. I don’t want us to just sack yet another manager but I can hand on heart say I’ve not got much confidence in Moores ability to turn this around from what we are hearing and seeing from him.
  9. Literally the complete opposite of what you posted after the Plymouth game. What’s changed Sally…. Apathy set in, acceptance or has realisation struck? I agree with what you’ve posted tonight by the way.
  10. Reports coming out of Portugal that Jose Semedo’s wife has died. Such sad news for a terrific servant to our club. RIP Soraia Semedo
  11. Whilst I agree with your sentiments the harsh rules are there to act as a deterrent for clubs just to quickly write off debts and start with a clean slate, which a couple of clubs had done previously. Football needs to get its house in order or Derby will just be the tip of the iceberg. When you have 92 league clubs and all the wealth is only being distributed to 20 or so teams the gap will only get bigger and so will the number of clubs going out of business.
  12. For those gloating about this we are one mans (who’s previous judgement can only be described as naive/suspect) whim away from falling into this ourselves. Football needs to do a lot more to make sure this shouldn’t happen to football clubs but whilst everybody is chasing the golden goose I’m afraid a lot more will go the way of bury etc.
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