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  1. I’m starting to wonder wether this Paxo guy has some sort of controlling stake in the club itself. His power and influence seems to go beyond the remit of advisor. If I was continually getting bad advice off someone eventually you’d stop listening to them. This guy is costing Chansiri millions and yet he still remains.
  2. Nixon suggesting that the two advisors are creating issues in manager search. Who would’ve thought that two blokes looking after their own interests wouldn’t be on the same page.....shambles.
  3. It makes total sense for a club to buy players that fit a philosophy or style that they are settling up for rather than a managers pick or old mates, no problem with moneyball and all that especially with modern football having such a high turnover of managers, BUT we don’t have a philosophy or a style to pin to, it just seems scattergun and without purpose. Any manager or head coach, if you prefer, coming in now is still up against the same poo the previous lot have had to deal with. We are still trying to put the roof on before putting the foundations down.
  4. For what it’s worth I think the local journos do a decent job, the standard has definitely picked up in the last year or so and it must be difficult to report on a club like ours where the chairman gives nothing away until his biannual zoom call blow out. I don’t really consider Biggs a specialist Wednesday reporter anyway he just covers most of South Yorkshire but I don’t think he has any real contact who’s currently at our club. His is mainly opinion based like ours. As I said earlier would love a journalist to do a proper investigation job on Chansiri to uncover what is actually going o
  5. Well it’s not exactly suggesting all is rainbows and unicorns is it?
  6. To be fair Carlton only a couple of days ago said no manager worth his salt would take the job on. Then says he’ll have a pop today
  7. Agreed it relies on a structure put in place by knowledgeable football people and a clearly defined m.o, which makes DCs stance against such a thing all the more puzzling/frustrating.
  8. I’m not obverse to the head coach method, it’s ones used by many clubs but that head coach should have some input of signings even if he isn’t necessarily the one who has the final say. The days of a manager having total control of a club like Ferguson had at Man U are gone.
  9. I get that, I wouldn’t want anybody to put their job on the line. It’s just frustrating that we don’t get the full picture. I think we are all aware that there are problems with working with Chansiri, would just like some more details on what exactly are the issues.
  10. But if they are doing stories about the running of the club they have a duty to find out the full facts before doing so surely?
  11. How long do they last for after you’ve had the sack? But fair enough why doesn’t Biggs or other reporters take Chansiri to task, I appreciate they have to stay onside of the club or they get banned but giving hints and suggestions instead of the full story just creates confusion and strange conspiracy theories.
  12. I don’t understand why though? All we get is hints and suggestions but nobody actually takes the full matter to task. Take Pulis for example gets absolutely slaughtered by Chansiri after he got the sack, why no come out and put his side of the story out. If we are in such a mess tell us what the issues are and what it’s like to work for Chansiri.
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