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  1. All the best to him. As for replacement is Nicky Weaver still involved with us at academy level? Could be the answer right there.
  2. swfc1983

    Do we think George Boyd...

    Quite telling that we sign one of the fittest and hardest working players from the previous premier league season and CC is telling him to work less.
  3. swfc1983

    Westwood Going

    Absolutely bang on the money, Westwood has been a top top keeper for us, but in our current financial predicament cashing in seems like a certainty.
  4. I genuinely cannot remember the last time I really looked forward to an FA Cup final. Completely devalued competition nowadays, shame because it used to be the highlight of the English season.
  5. swfc1983

    A year ago today

    Carlos should’ve gone straight after that game. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but it was fairly clear that we needed a shake up but unfortunately the rot set in leading to the clusterfuck of last season. Any road all in the past now onwards and upwards.
  6. swfc1983

    Big sam

    Shouldn’t we have sacked the old manager first before suggesting new ones or have I missed the announcement of Jos leaving?? More than happy with Jos let him have a run at it with a full pre season under our belts.
  7. swfc1983

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    Don’t see any reason why you’d get shot down for posting that. Think even the Wednesday fans with heads firmly stuck in the sand will realise we need to cut the wage bill drastically over the summer. Personally expecting a couple of our bigger earners that will court interest to move on. That’s football, it’s how we go about replacing them that I’m more bothered about.
  8. swfc1983

    Welcome to Hillsborough

    Wikipedia gets a reyt hammering when Pingu is in town. Never called one right but it’s good fun all the same.
  9. Well deserved been our most consistent player this season by some distance. Congratulations Adam.
  10. swfc1983

    Hakeeeb Adelakun

    Be a great investment.
  11. Can’t complain about any of those decisions, some stellar service from Loovens and Wallace. Wish them all the best for the future and thanks for the memories. Hopefully get Atdhe and Venancio signed up won’t lose sleep over any of the kids leaving despite the promise of Clare and Hirst.
  12. swfc1983

    Ross wallace

    Top man just for nicking the managers note off the opposition in the Huddersfield game other year. Some cracking goals and cracking assists wish we could have signed him 5 years earlier. Not sure he will be offered a new deal here as we are moving onwards but definitely will offer another team lower championship a couple of great years.
  13. swfc1983

    Jos "I was never afraid"

    I was afraid a few times especially after the Burton and Birmingham games. But credit where it’s due Jos has got us over the line reasonably comfortable in the end. Let’s hope we can push on next season with a fully fit and able squad.
  14. swfc1983

    Saturday 3pm

    That was on Good Friday