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  1. No problem if that’s the case but if he’s using signing with us as bait to get a championship deal we should be moving on.
  2. If he is seriously holding out for a better offer (from another club) we should be giving him a deadline of sign tomorrow or we move on. Other possible targets could be slipping away waiting for someone who doesn’t really want to be here.
  3. I’m absolutely ******** loving this last couple of weeks. Feels like a new link or signing everyday. Hope springs eternal.
  4. Good news this at centre back he looks like a new player….Big Dom next please.
  5. For us it’s all going to depend on how we gel. If last time is anything to go by this league will be horrible, teams raising their game at Hillsborough, our attitude will have to be spot on because if we think we can just turn up and that’s enough we will be in for a shock and like all league’s consistency will be the key.
  6. I think we are going to struggle to find anybody who has a recent free goal scoring record on a freebie or loan.
  7. Cosgrove would be a great addition for the number 9 spot. Hopefully this is the one Warne was on about losing out to a local rival to.
  8. Do we think he is one of those waiting for the last payment from former club before signing. Could be today or tomorrow unless someone has got cold feet?
  9. I’ll only believe it when Att starts following him on insta.
  10. Like others have said we look set at the back and midfield looks like it will be good once it gels. We need wingers and forwards in sharpish not really seen anything from Andre Green that suggests he will be consistently good enough for us. The lack of attacking options on the bench today was scary.
  11. Thought he was the best player on the pitch by some distance today.
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