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  1. Oops thought you said terrifying
  2. Yeah can’t disagree the players we’ve had from there have been a let down, think looking at the fees Wolves had paid for their Portuguese players we are shopping at a different level to them. Maybe Doyen have higher calibre players available but they are out of our (Chansiri’s) price range? Looking at the Matias and Joao signings at the time they looked like really astute purchases, unfortunately we’ve Wednesday’d them up.
  3. Not really gone SO wrong tho has it? Relegation would’ve been So wrong but two playoffs in two seasons suggests a lot on the pitch has gone right.
  4. Matias Joao and Abdi

    Would we be able to start fans out threads if we lost a few games?
  5. Jordan Rhodes thoughts

    I think with Rhodes you’ve got to play him from the start, he’s not an impact sub for me, relies on chances falling to his feet and sticking them away, longer he’s on the pitch more chances he should get.
  6. Wonder if Abdi and Hutch will be going?
  7. Carlos Out

    I want Wednesday to win don’t care who’s in charge. If Wednesday put a run of 5 straight wins together then will Carlos out threads still be started before the next game after that? Because we’ve had a bad spell earlier in the season and it’s bound to happen again? CC has his faults but with some people now he could lead us to a play off final win and they would still want him out because we didn’t win the league with a record points total. Championship is a hard league, even harder I should imagine when supporters have already decided the manager is a dead man walking.
  8. Carlos Out

    And if we win at Villa......??
  9. £5 to take an infant

    Mumsnet question alert but are there actually baby changing facilities inside the ground on different stands?
  10. Keep trying to read it but get to halfway and it keeps going back to the beginning.
  11. If the chairman was picking the team surely he'd be playing some of the players he's forked a fortune out on that can't seem to get a look in?
  12. Butterfield

    Nobody could argue with the stating line up today surely??...same team that beat Leeds 3-0 last time out against bottom of the league. Carlos isn't blameless but sometimes the players have to carry the can as well.
  13. Just Visiting

    Beating about the bush like that is no good for anybody.