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  1. Think trouble for Sunderland is that Winnall deal would be minty, possibly for a loan only, so can understand they are saucing other possible permanent targets first.
  2. Winnall to Sunderland been touted by Howson.
  3. It’s probably just frozen water with the cold weather, sure a plumber will have it sorted when he gets there, just hope the call out fee doesn’t tip us over FFP.
  4. Clear your Thursday night schedule lads get the beers and crisps in it’s gonna be a late night.
  5. swfc1983

    Kieron Westwood Lovely Man

    I don’t want to see him go but if he’s not signing a new contract and we can get decent money for him then it’s a no brainer. Do agree we would need an experienced keeper in on loan for rest of season to replace him though.
  6. To be honest don’t think owt will happen tomorrow, expect a Dom Howson tweet around 18:33 saying no business at SWFC today.
  7. swfc1983

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/01/28/steve-bruce-defends-decision-delay-start-sheffield-wednesday/amp/#click=https://t.co/6yWZ5dVIFv Bruce comes out fighting, the fact he has to is a joke though.
  8. As long as we aren’t in for Cheddar Evans
  9. Probably got to sit through the new starter induction videos. Then his standard medical and drug test, before discussing and selecting his pension contributions and Union application.
  10. Relegation game v Palace was also on BBC if I remember right?
  11. I’ll go with incomings depend on outgoings.....cheers Al.
  12. swfc1983

    Neeskens Kebano

    Just like the Star this whip up a frenzy only for the deal not to happen. This is the paper that reported Johan Djourou was a done deal and let’s not forget about the prodigal son Terry Henfleet. In short I’ll believe it’s happening when he’s on the OS holding a shirt up.
  13. swfc1983

    Fresh Blood

    Couldn’t agree more. Looking foreword to a fresh start in the summer under Bruce. I wouldn’t be totally against a Reach, Bannan or Fessi to be sold now to help facilitate this as well providing it was a decent amount of cash.
  14. Depends if it’s over 9 or 18 holes?
  15. swfc1983


    Not going to get a new contract so cash in the chips.