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  1. I suspect your right but has modern football changed? Criticism now is so much more then booing at the ground or the odd comment when your walking round town with your lass. It’s 24/7 every time you turn on Twitter or Facebook. This is why I think clubs should stop players using it (at least outside their social circle). Do young players with the right character even exist anymore? We all drop testicles at work we just all don’t get endless dogs abuse by people like Jord on Twitter about it.
  2. Social media aside I think we’ve (fans) have become a bit of an easy excuse recently, lots of sound bites about fans “deserving better” before games, straight after a poor performance “players are intimidated by at Hillsborough atmosphere“. So where do you go from there? They’ve just had a period with no fans to show that and it was a poo show. Play with fans and they play like they’ve never seen a ball before. Genuinely confused because it can’t be both.
  3. Im not in the public eye but if I could see it was as detrimental to my job as it is/made out to be then it’s obviously a no brainier to stay away don’t you think?
  4. If it was my employer and I got paid handsomely no skin off my nose. I just can’t see how the benefits (for which there are some) outweigh the numerous negatives. I get you are then caving into the idiots but that unfortunately is the world of a person in the public eye nowadays.
  5. Struggle to see how personal abuse makes any player or person for that matter better. It’s just detrimental, however if your a pro footballer in the modern era social media should be an absolute no go made mandatory by your employer. It’s an absolute cesspit of humanity at times and the negatives seem to far outweigh the positives.
  6. Probably both gonna sign on for a year which wouldn’t be disastrous, they are useful squad players. My only concern is that they come and block other possible players coming in, this squad needs new faces and fresh blood but beggars can’t be choosers and if this points deduction is hampering our recruitment progress then having them is a no brainer.
  7. I actually agree Monk hasn’t had the tools but he’s already tarnished his reputation that’s more my point. The form since Christmas has been abysmal and it wouldn’t take long for that to rear it’s head again when results start going south next season. At least a new manager get a fresh start. As for who would depend on who wants it probably. Nigel Pearson Or Eddie Howe would be my choice but both unrealistic unfortunately.
  8. Think this is why we need a manager in place that all fans can get behind. Someone who will get some slack during the dark moments of next season because we buy into the bigger picture they are trying to make. I’m afraid to say Monk is not that man in my eyes at least.
  9. Really like Jamal Lowe think he’s a cracking player but will be out of our price league you’d think even with Wigan’s admin worries.
  10. Wouldn’t be distraught if we didn’t sign Windass, didn’t pull up any trees for me while he was here.
  11. Steve Bruce has just found out takeover is off and probably keeps his job.
  12. The club shop better get the letters stocked up for shirt printing if we get him as well as Dele-Bashiru.
  13. Not sure who said we were linked with Charlie Goode a few pages back but Middlesbrough have tabled a bid apparently.
  14. Agree with that, gonna be hard to replace if you gave me a choice of him or Rhodes as a squad member next season it would be Nuhiu all day long.
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