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  1. Not really that hard to believe a footballer in their 30’s struggling with injuries over last few years maybe wanting to call it a day. Maybe he’s got other interests and vocations that he’s financially able to pursue rather than grinding out a few more years on the lower league circuit. Look at Jeremy Helan quit football to follow religion...for some even the pros football is not the be all and end all. Good luck to him whatever he decides terrific servant to our club.
  2. Pretty sure it’s Andy Hughes you can hear non stop bellowing from the sidelines. Can’t remember having such a vocal coaching set up since Megson days.
  3. Only 5 games in but he’s been player of the season so far.
  4. Him and Van Aken looked a very decent pairing with Luongo dropping in between here and there. If we’d have put our chances away they’d have had the cigars out at 80mins. Great performance to build on.
  5. Exactly needs must, it might not be pretty but it can be very effective if executed correctly. Like you say pretty stuff can wait. Especially while crowds are not in stadiums it’s points win prizes not performances.
  6. If we get the delivery right, not just corners and free kicks but also Paterson’s long throw. I wouldn’t fancy defending against Iorfa, Flint or Dunkley with Marriott sniffing for the loose ball. Hope we work on taking full advantage of this Mr Monk.
  7. Not as obsessed as some by this target man, think Paterson can do the hold up/ flick on job just fine whilst having Marriott or Windass off his shoulder. Agree on the wing back but if we keep Reach at Left wing back (his best position IMO) and manage to get Harris firing again we should be fine.
  8. Looks like WBA were playing hardball and we weren’t up for a game. Quite happy with the business we’ve done all things considered. Only 12 weeks until January window if we need reinforcements as well.
  9. Think that’s us done can’t complain really always going to be difficult to complete the squad in this window.
  10. Think that’ll be us done for strikers. Hopefully Flint and if we can get Hector as well it would be immense, sneak Jacob Murphy in as well and it’s a worldie.
  11. Could be a good old fashioned 3 month loan then if he does well. Still think it’s a good signing though. If Derby recall him in Jan we hopefully will have targets sorted out and in place ready to fill the gap.
  12. Forest are just waiting to implode. No way can a team sign that many players per window and it be sustainable.
  13. That’s a fair opinion at least you e backed it up with some reasoned thinking other than just slagging monk and the club down without any basis.
  14. So not what we are after then There’s a reason you can’t name anybody it’s because there aren’t any to name. This is what the club is having to deal with. I’ll be honest I think we should have taken a punt in the foreign market but that ship has sailed and we are where we are.
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