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  1. As much as I am in agreement with their opposition to it, I’ll fully expect all these virtue signaling ex-pros turned pundits and tv presenters to quit their tv jobs if their employer is a chosen platform for this ESL?
  2. Sublime today, Cardiff couldn’t get near him and if he plays like that for the rest of this season we have a glimmer of a chance. When we are clinical and put our chances away, people appreciate just how important he is for us.
  3. The death knell was sounded after those Luton and Rotherham results especially the manner of them.
  4. I agree, Ive seen this kid absolutely dominate his opponent a few times so far and although potentially a good footballer I can’t say I’ve seen the same from Shaw. Osaze is already first team level for me so pay him accordingly.
  5. The seemingly complete lack of effort from all aspects off the club, it’s now rubbed off on to the fans and nobody can be arsed anymore.
  6. Let’s be fair if he was under contract with us he wouldn’t be going to Celtic, but they have caught us sleeping and seen his potential and for a modest fee have decided to take a gamble on him. Genuinely hope it works out for the lad and he makes the most of his talent and fulfils that potential. Shame it won’t be with us. Keep us up as a parting gift if ya don’t mind shagger.
  7. Funny how nobody wants our players when they are under contract and would command a fee. These players have done nothing for 2/3 years now let them go and recruit more consistent performers (That’s the bit that might be a slight issue though).
  8. Customers moan about prices he’s got a better deal than me, I agree with you get as many bodies in as possible, I’m a season ticket holder by the way. Next season should all be about rebuilding not just the squad but the fan base and goodwill. Get fans back in love with the club again then try to get more season ticket holders the following hopefully promotion season after. What’s he got to lose?
  9. Beginning to sound more and more like customers not fans, maybe he was right.
  10. Dennis Hobson This would be great by the way but can you imagine how much DC would charge for the stadium use? It’d probably wind up cheaper putting it on at Wembley.
  11. Yep, it’s the refusal to sign an out and out replacement that has cost us dear....staggering a professional football club at 2nd tier level can’t even pinpoint that as a weak area within two transfer windows.
  12. Ironically I thought the only one who played like he cared last night was the lad who has already shown us he doesn’t want to be here next season.
  13. He’s been a poor signing no doubt but the lad didn’t exactly put his corner to the on rushing Rotherham forward on the halfway line did he? We had numerous chances to stop that break away after the corner hit the first man but the way things are going for us at the moment means it ended up in the back of our net. The thing that struck me was the amount of bodies Rotherham got forward to support the breakaway....put the boot on the other foot and I very much doubt we’d have even thought about pushing for the counter, it would’ve ended up in the stands or back to their goalkeeper.
  14. You take so many kicks in the testicles that in the end you become numb and almost expect it....that’s what the last 30 seconds felt like. A car crash I had seen time and time again and know full well it won’t be long until I have to see it again.
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