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  1. Bruce wants DC to slash prices on Joao, Fessi and Rhodes so we can move on and reshuffle. Nowt we didn’t already know.
  2. Haven't you spent the majority of this thread slating the club for being linked with Wigan players?
  3. Only thing I can think of is the released players contracts officially end.
  4. Not sure we can be waiting until October to announce the new players!
  5. I’m sure Boro fans were thinking the same when they got Pulis. No guarantees in football management a lot is about right time right place imo.
  6. Don't think that will necessarily be down to Bruce but to Chansiri to agree an affordable fee with Chelsea.
  7. As decent a player as he is I could not agree with you more.
  8. Think these will be done at back end of window, suspect they will be loans from Premier League teams that haven’t yet decided who they want to keep or loan out...Patience required.
  9. Lincoln and stocksbridge announced as well on OS.
  10. Would assume it will be a out of contract player if true so perhaps Bidwell? Only other I can think of is Downing but seems a bit close to the rumour surfacing for that one to be true.
  11. Think it might be less than last summers transfer thread. Don’t think we signed anybody until Hector and Onomah on the last day did we?
  12. Also if Boro were to somehow win this claim then every club in the EFL would surely be entitled to the same? Where would it end? Always thought he’d been a good chairman for Boro but think Gibson has taken leave of his senses about this.
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