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  1. Gut feeling that will be rejected, I reckon Chansiri would want double that.
  2. I think it’s more just a general reply to the fans saying we should sell him. Barring some decent finishes I can’t really see what these fans are forgetting?
  3. Good player but if we can replace him with somebody with a bit more pace and end product then it would be for the best.
  4. “Wednesday are not expected to ask for a large fee”
  5. End of the week/start of next I would imagine
  6. What’s happened to Dennis Adeniran? Was on the comeback a few weeks ago but not seen owt of him since.
  7. Binged watched all of these recently and this series has been comfortably the worst one. It’s slowly disappeared up it’s own arse as the series have gone on to be fair.
  8. Apologies as I’m not very familiar with the set up but is that all of the under 23’s or are we keeping some on?
  9. Any update on this, couldn’t see from Kop what was happening but assuming a fan had taken ill?
  10. Long shot but I would like the club to pick up on the good feeling of the good results and performances by picking a Saturday afternoon home game and making POTG as cheap as possible. Get the place packed out, beer and food offer the works and try and get some of the stay away fans back in love with the club again.
  11. Thought both their front two caused us problems all night and had some good link play with midfield. As has been said a good test at 2-2 that we would’ve folded at a year ago.
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