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  1. The official team photo was in the Star this week complete with chairman and staff. We must have as many backroom staff as we do players. Physios, analysts, performance directors you name it. If we sack the lot and let a new manager restaff every time they come in it’s going to cost a bomb.
  2. Agree football is results based but sorry I don’t buy that the Cowley’s would’ve got more time than anybody else. Unproven at this level and let’s say they got the job and we lost the first 5 games there would be hell on.
  3. Not my first choice but nowhere near any of my lasts. Got a decent record nowt special but he will have us up there about I’m sure. Bit unsure why it’s took us so long to appoint someone out of work but he’s here now and should get our full support. Welcome back Garry.
  4. Sooner or later one of these favourites will get the job
  5. I’d take Monk over Pulis. He’s a smarmy fool but he knows his way around.
  6. Yeah it was all so believable until that
  7. No chance he can’t manage his way out of a paper bag
  8. I’ll just add this Chansiri waited nearly two months for Bruce last time round. We were in deep relegation mire then as well. If he has found his right target maybe he is waiting for the ashes to finish?
  9. Don’t forget the EFL investigation into the stadium sale.....just waiting for the news of our impending 40 point deduction while Derby and Villa get a slap on the wrist to put the cherry on top.
  10. I understand frustration over the management situation but some of you on here need to log off and go for a lie down. People getting their knickers in a twist over wether the Lincoln City manager is going to take the Sheffield Wednesday job or not is a sign of just how desperate some people are becoming. I’m not knocking the Cowley's for one minute by the way they’ve done a remarkable job at lower level and deserve a shot higherup but some people are making them out to be Brian Clough, Klopp and Pep rolled into one.
  11. A player we have still never replaced.
  12. How long do we carry on like the jilted Bride? Bruce fizzed us over everybody saw it and everybody had sympathy. We are in danger of becoming that mate that 6 months on is still banging on about been screwed over by his ex...get over it. Move on time. Clean sheet new manager, new coaching staff (if need be) and a fresh start with fresh ideas. Time for DC to stand up and get us moving again before rot sets in because we a malingering along at the moment.
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