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  1. Add midfield and full backs to that list.
  2. Partly agree but the deal needs to be right for us. If Palace are wanting silly money or full wages paid then we obviously have a budget that needs to be adhered to. Think it’s more a point of us needing Rhodes or Forestieri out before we can commit to such a deal. We aren’t the only club that are playing the waiting game.
  3. As ever with January transfer window it’s all a domino effect, deals hinge on other deals taking place. That’s why it usually all happens last couple of days with clubs holding out for best offers until panic mode sets in. The Wickham deal will be dependent on us getting Rhodes, Winnall or Fessi off the books unless Palace are gonna pay all his wages which ain’t gonna happen......patience required.
  4. We can’t call them all the same name.
  5. Him and that Ayling are perfect for Leeds absolute whoppers!
  6. He’s gonna have a job on getting to Leeds after full time
  7. Fryatt or Nuhiu I would imagine
  8. No looks like you are right two separate spells, must’ve blanked that first one from memory.
  9. Only had one hasn’t he? My bad you are correct sir
  10. Was great first time around....fitness and wages would be a worry for me.
  11. Looking into Nixon’s tweets about Nketiah he has plenty of offers home and abroad so we might have to wait for him to pick which suits best, hopefully all our eggs aren’t in one basket.
  12. That looks horrible be surprised if he’s not done ligaments there. Fingers crossed looks worse than it is.
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