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  1. Saturday 3pm

    That was on Good Friday
  2. Saturday 3pm

    Yep first one today not had many tho QPR 1-1 Bristol 0-0 Hull 2-2 Boro 1-2 Birmingham 1-3 Villa 2-4 Bolton 1-1 Fulham 0-1 Reading 3-0
  3. Venancio

    Absolutely agree, we can’t make the same mistake we made with Sasso by developing and bedding in a good, affordable centre half only to let him go and have to start all over again. He can look a bit iffy on the ball at times but hopefully he can only improve and he is a really good option for us. It looks like we aren’t going to be flush next season so signing Venancio is a no brainier for me if the price is right.
  4. Joao

    I understand that point of view to a degree but surely you can only go on current form. Or do you keep plugging away on a misfiring striker like Rhodes because his past record is good? Also Joao is only 24 so you have to expect some inconsistent performances for his first few years in a new league, country and culture? Not saying he’s the finished article but you’d rather back him to become that showing his current form then write him off I’d think.
  5. Joao

    Really coming into his prime now and showing real consistency. He always had the ability we all saw it but only in spells, when he was off he was way off. Loan spell away last season might have done him the world of good he seems to have toughened up no end and you can see the confidence flowing in him this year. Real player and one we need to be building around at his age.
  6. Sky sports and Matt Murray...

    To be fair to sky Sunderland doing a great escape is a better story than us easing into mid table so can understand them peddling that angle, but Murray didn’t have to look and sound so gutted when we scored. Has he any affiliation to Sunderland he might as well of had a red and white striped shirt on.
  7. You’re in the right place it seems
  8. Player of the season so far?

    Reach has been the only constant has to be him.
  9. Caption Competition

    “Just one more appearance and it’s kerching time lads!”
  10. Say hello to Owlvis Presley

    I’m Owl shook up
  11. Jos confirming the Matias red card appeal was successful only to rule him out injured in his next sentence. Summed up this season perfectly.
  12. U23s away at Watford

    Would bang all apart from the one that looks like Richie Benaud.
  13. Only the Irish would call up an injured player to then release him due to injury
  14. Well done Wednesday.

    Fair play for coming on. Season to forget for both teams. As low as it seems but a double over Leeds is probably the highlight of our season....roll on May.
  15. Well that’s blown it reyt out of the water that.