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  1. I’d like to be in the Premier League like in the good old days. People can convince themselves that it is good but I hate the pub league.
  2. DM has done enough to lead the Club into next season IMO. He’s done a lot of good stabilising the club etc. I have serious concerns about DM tactically etc but he is still a young inexperienced manager and the successful one’s learn from their mistakes. I hope Moore kicks on. If it all unfolds next season then yes make a change but I don’t believe it is justified or needed at present. I hope we have a plan / realistic targets to strengthen the team. The core of the squad is fine and we have some good players at this level. There will be changes given the number of loan players but not all of them were regulars and wholesale changes are not required.
  3. I don’t think he’s good enough for what we need (automatic promotion) and his age goes against him. Time to move on.
  4. This 100% and the way he deserted the sinking ship like a rat. Wasn’t that after earlier on in the season saying how he would like to finish his career at Wednesday. How does that saying go - wouldn’t **** on him if he was on fire!
  5. Take care Mackem1. Maybe see you next season!
  6. Agree that it would be good to sort out our transfer business as soon as possible so players have the full pre-season. Am sure DM had a list of targets depending on whether we were promoted or stay in league 1. It’s not easy working the loan market and I’d love to be a fly on the wall to hear what The strategy is / how much DC is going to make available for signings. I don’t think we necessarily need to make wholesale changes but there are certain loan signings whom I would be surprised if DM would look to bring back next season.
  7. I think a lot of us myself included need time to get over the huge disappointment of the playoffs and in the words of DM “go again”. On balance Sunderland shaded it. I can accept that but don’t like it. Partly due to tactics, personnel or inexperience of DM as a manager we lacked that bit of quality. I don’t like to see players scapegoated. I thought they tried their best last night and have no issue with the effort and commitment but just weren’t quite good enough. In theory we should be better next season but it doesn’t always work like that and it will be a tough league to get out of. The disappointment is partly because we all knew this was a good chance to get promoted at the first attempt. Here’s to next season!
  8. Unbelievable post. There’s a few on here been smoking stuff they shouldn’t!
  9. I think next year will be tough. Other teams in the division know what we are about and we need to kick on. Time will tell.
  10. Am devastated. I believe we lost this tie in the first leg by not being brave. Tonight was an even game, Sunderland matched us and a draw was a fair result. We lacked the quality on the pitch and managerially. DM starts next season as manager for me. No excuses. He must learn from his mistakes and anything less than automatic promotion will be failure.
  11. I’m an absolute wreck. I felt confident about the playoffs until the performance on Friday and fear being let down again. Got a day of work to get through and don’t know how I can manage it. Stomach is in knots already.
  12. No DM can’t legislate for players making mistakes and that is just one of those things. Hutchinson has been magnificent all season. I do get angry when people bring out the race card. IMO DM got his tactics wrong. His football philosophy is different from mine. I believe we could have played on the front foot at the SoL and got a 3-0 win as opposed to playing for a draw and nick a 1-0 if we are lucky. Many will disagree with me on here and that is ok. I didn’t like Carlos’ tactics against Huddersfield and in other games but that does not make me xenophobic.
  13. I remember those two games. Thought we had a chance before the second leg and Manchester United were absolutely magnificent at Hillsborough. I am worried about Monday night. Think Sunderland will look to stifle, break up play and hit us with long balls by-passing midfield. We’ve not been great this season trying to break teams down who are organised. I really want it to be a great night for Wednesday, would like my son to see the team do well and experience and feel part of what I did as a kid in the 1980s and 1990s. Looking back there were so many good matches at S6. It is really hard for young supporters following the team. Just want the Sunderland game to be a good one. It’s the hope that kills you.
  14. I’m sorry but I have to disagree with it being a tactical masterclass on Moore’s part. I support DM (as evidenced by my posts over the last 12 months) but he got it wrong last night. The fact we only lost 1-0 and are still in the tie is down to good fortune and Sunderland.
  15. It is also a case of us paying too much respect for the opposition rather than thinking about what problems we can cause to the other team. It’s a negative approach to football. We froze last night. If Big Ron was still the manager he would have told the players to embrace the occasion and go for it. We have been scoring goals for fun recently and why we did not take the game to them I don’t know. Bannan clearly was not fit enough to play and that was a huge mistake on Bannan and Moore’s part. A lot to do on Monday. Is the team going to be brave and go for it or are we going to go out like a damp squib? Time will tell
  16. He should have played IMO. Why tinker with a successful team. It frustrates the hell out of me.
  17. Destined to stay in the pub league. I ******* hate this league. I really do.
  18. Bottom line is if we can’t score at Hillsborough it is game over. Sunderland don’t have to do anything. We have no choice but to take the game to them. Up and at em. if we go out with a whimper in the second leg then that would be criminal.
  19. I don’t usually post straight after a game but I am absolutely seething with that performance. I’ve been a supporter of DM throughout the season and still am but at times his tactics seem terrible. He needs to be decisive and make a change when it is obvious it is not working but instead waits and waits. I just don’t understand DM at times. (BTW I am not advocating changing the manager but serious questions need to be asked). I don’t like negative tactics, playing to contain the opposition or damage limitation. Best Buy of advice for more is to stop ******* trying to contain / match the other team and play to our own strengths. Incredibly frustrating. An absolutely abject performance all round. If Bannan knew he was not fit and played he has let his teammates and the fans down. Shocking performance. How the hell we live to fight another day I don’t know. Will take a while for me to calm down.
  20. There comes a point where you have to try and change the game. DM the time is now. Get off the fence and do something. It is a time to be decisive
  21. If Bannan is not fit then he should not have started IMO. Questions need to be asked of DM and also Bazza. If Bazza knew he was not fit and wanted to play then he has let the team down.
  22. I think Sunderland will try and get off to a fast start with the fans behind them. Just need to withstand the initial onslaught. Don’t overcommit when we attack and concede on a quick counter. If we can keep it tight for the first 20 mins I can see us picking them off and scoring a few. Whilst we should be cautious what I don’t want are the tactics Carlos displayed v Huddersfield in the first leg. No need for that. We have the players to cause Sunderland a few problems. I’m quietly optimistic.
  23. I believe our hardest game is against Sunderland. If we can overcome them I fancy our chances at Wembley in front of a big crowd. The big pitch should suit us and I am sure that Bannan and Hunt will want to ensure they win at Wembley this time.
  24. Gregory was unplayable last Saturday. He showed everything you wanted in a striker against Portsmouth. Absolute masterclass of a performance. I like the guy and even if he is / or used to be a blade he has given nothing but 100% commitment in a Wednesday shirt. As for Saido, he’s been great. He seems very lightweight at times but has that knack of scoring. Gregory and Saido to start against Sunderland if fit. …..But isn’t it great that we have players like Windass and Mendez-Laing who can make a massive contribution in the two legs. At this level we have a talented and dare I say it, balanced squad. I’ve read some of the posts on the Sunderland message boards and some (not all) think we are going to get spanked especially after they beat us 5-0 last time. I’m quietly confident that they will meet a very different Wednesday.
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