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  1. prowl

    The invisible giant.

    I get the impression you want everybody out all the time. Seriously we went 2 down against United and got back to 2-2, if we'd gone on and won it he'd have been a hero. We didn't and he became a zero. If it had been against anyone else it might not have caused so much ill feeling. I found the way our heads dropped after the 3rd was very disappointing. My problem was with the passing around the back and then to the keeper, ok it's appropriate sometimes but not all the time. Not having a shot on target for weeks was another sign of the rot.
  2. prowl

    The invisible giant.

    I know a lot wanted him out after the Huddersfield play off loss but the majority turned after the loss to the Blades. It wasn't just the loss it was the manner in which we lost.
  3. prowl

    The invisible giant.

    The top 4 have opened up a little gap on the fifth team and there's a bunch down to mid table who can all swap places based on one week ends results. We are well place but we need to consistently put good results together to join that top group. It's still early in the season, I'd like to see where we are after the Christmas period but we can dream.
  4. I don't think it's necessarily Hutch who we needed to come on, any decent experienced player would have done. Kirby was out of his depth. I'm not blaming the lad, he can't help his lack of experience. The mistake was made by Jos, I can understand blooding a youngster when you are 2 up but not against one of the top teams in the division. Again I'm not having a go at Jos, I think he's a good manager but this did look like a misjudgement.
  5. Has Fox been injured? I thought it was just that Penney was preferred. It will be good to have Hooper back fit although I'm not sure how we would fit him in to the team. Good player though. I'm not sure about Hutch or Winnall. Hutch has been great at times but he is too much of a loose cannon and tends to drop too deep. Winnall is a decent striker but I think we have better.
  6. Very interesting analysis. Much appreciated.
  7. He'll be reyt. Couple of weeks rest and having his groin massaged each day and he'll be good to go. Well I would be if I had my groin massaged each day.
  8. Groin problem according to JL. Concerned it may be a recurrence of last seasons injury but too soon to tell how serious.
  9. prowl

    Adam Reach and FFP

    If someone took Jones and Boyd they could have Reach for £14M.
  10. prowl

    Adam Reach and FFP

    I'd take £15m for Reach but if it's Leicester it's got to be £20M. I reckon they already owe us at least £5M
  11. Nuhiu as a battering ram and FF to pick up the pieces, it's worked before and if it doesn't we can change things. We are worryingly light in midfielders on the bench, not much of a plan B against a good team. We will need the full backs/wing backs to get forward. Tactical master stroke by Jos hopefully but if it goes pear shaped I don't see much chance of recovering.
  12. prowl

    Gary Hooper injury update

    Even when Hooper is fit people accuse him of being fat. That's rubbish he's just big boned. Seriously there are some people built chunkily, he's one of them.
  13. Don't bother, if she's like mine she'll fall asleep.
  14. prowl


    Yes it's a Kit Kat and don't call me chunky. I'm not, I'm just big boned.