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  1. We will return. (But it might take a while).
  2. I don't watch Premier League football, personal choice, I like to keep things real rather than watch spoiled rich kids play acting. There's no way the breakaway clubs will get a penny from me. I won't watch the games, I will not buy the merchandise. It's the death knell of football, marketing over reality. Money grabbing in the extreme. Sadly it's the way of the world now. I will watch Wednesday and our league, the rest is dead to me. I'd rather watch a kick about in the park.
  3. It doesn't necessarily follow but it is a possibility. They tend to take patients in when their blood oxygen reading drops below a certain level. Without more information we can't be sure one way or the other. It's possible the club would send our best wishes if he went in Hospital but they are just as likely to respect his privacy. Whatever the situation I hope he comes through it ok. I was surprised they let him come back to work without testing his blood oxygen levels. It is common to feel better then relapse with this virus.
  4. Let's not go backwards. I liked Nuhiu, limited but he gave what he had. He's history now. Let's look forwards and find someone new. There's got to be a young player out there with potential who can offer more than Nuhiu or Paterson.
  5. After yesterday there is no doiubt we are going down. WE FULLY DESERVE TO BE RELEGATED. No excuses, no hard luck stories about how we were hard done to. We are going to get what we deserve, we have shown we are totally unfit to compete at Championship level. We are one of the most gutless teams I can remember. We are spineless, we find ways to lose when it seems impossible to do so. The players are not up to standard, the owner hasn't got a clue, we've changed managers so often I struggle to remember who we've had. We are broke, the fans have had enough, the players ju
  6. There are many people to blame for this and they are all customers who didn't turn up at the gate to pay extortionate prices for a substandard product. I hear you say that they couldn't attend because of covid and Government regulations, that's a poor excuse, the team turned up so why didn't the customers. If they really loved the club they would find a way. They would sneak over the walls, they would dig tunnels under the walls (obviously remembering to pay the full entrance fee once onside the ground). How can highly paid professional foofballers be expected to play well without
  7. I feel sorry for Smith, he's assistant manager dropped into the hot seat. He's come into a club in crisis and had big hopes of turning it around only to realise it's a complete disaster of a club. He's tried to do things to turn it around but the players are apathetic, disinterested and just waiting to escape. He's got to put a brave face on it and jolly the players along even though he knows it's a lost cause. I'd like to be a fly on the wall when Smith and Moore are having a private discussion. I bet the air is blue. Smith and Moore are just saying anything to try to paper o
  8. We were well on top in the early stages. Their player got sent off for handling on the line to stop the second goal going in. With them down to 10 you just need to keep doing what you are already doing and gaps will appear. Other than that you can run them ragged until they are too exhausted to compete. When I used to play we were taught strategies to beat 10 men and strategies to cope if we were down to 10 men. Wednesday seem equally clueless in either situation. I don't blame Moore for that, he's not had time to go through that sort of thing yet but you would expect 30 year old p
  9. I doubt it's a manager or coach's decision. We have been doing it for a long time now under every manager since CC. It's something in the DNA of the club, when we are on the front foot and get a lead the players just seem to decide to drop deeper and deeper to protect the lead. Why we can't just keep going and put the game to bed I will never understand. As fans we might be desperate for wins, the players show no sign of being desperate for anything other than picking up their wages each week.
  10. I only watched the first half, a domestic problem meant I missed the second. I wanted to watch it to see if we could find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in some previously unheard of but interesting manner. We didn't quite manage if but we did manage to relegate ourselves against a very ordinary team with nothing to play for and only 10 men. In a way I'm glad we threw it away, it just proves that we deserve to go down. There can't be any tales of how unlucky we were to go down, no last minute disasters that sealed our fate. We have been dreadful all season, gutless
  11. Moore hasn't been as disasterous as Pulis, the results have. I'm not sure either is to blame, that lies elsewhere. Unless things change no manager will succeed here. We need a good manager who is given a budget for wages and transfer fees and then freedom to use it as he sees fit. Live or die by the results. Meddling and bringing in players by anyone other than the manager should be outlawed. Moore seems a decent manager to me but I don't much care who gets the job provided they are allowed to do it their way.
  12. I'm surprised the medical staff didn't give him the once over before he came back. It's likely a blood oxygen reading would have shown his lungs were bad. This type of relapse is very common with covid, you catch it, you feel rough for a period then you start to feel better before lapsing into the serious phase of the illness. (I'm not a doctor). I hope he comes through this quickly and is ok. Football doesn't matter compared to his health. We are down already so there's little point in him being in the dugout. Good luck big guy.
  13. I've not seen anything about this story. Having said that, there are very few players at the club beyond criticism. Palmer has done his best, ok he's limited but he does seem to be trying. Reach has put some effort in the last few games, better late than never. Bannan has grafted away recently. Paterson is very limited but he does try. Windass seems to be the best of the bunch, he was as selfish as they come but someone has staightened him out and he's been the best of the bunch. Rhodes, sometime great, sometimes off with the faries but he's always been a bit like that, he either scores or doe
  14. I switched off after the second goal. No coming back from that. We gave the ball away time and time again, worked hard at times but you just know someone is going to do something silly. I voted Palmer, he put a shift in going forward, ok he's not the greatest player but he is doing his best. I just want this squad broken up and replaced. Let's have some grafters who will run all day. I don't mind if they are the most gifted players provided they have spirit and a willingness to improve. I just sick and tired of over paid prima donnas who can't be bothered.
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