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  1. Chicken and egg though. Did they play him and he got better or did he get better so they play him? He got plenty of chances here. He'd come in and score a couple and then amble around for a few games until he got dropped. Rinse and repeat.
  2. No their thought processes don't work like that, they would assume it all the fault of the IPTV providers and try even harder to shut them down. They never accept they are too expensive for the ordinary man. It's price that's the main factor. If they reduced prices it might help but that is the last thing they will do.
  3. It looks like someone has got through to him. About time, he always had the ability but not the drive or application. I doubt he would have come good here whoever the manager was. He'd become too set in his ways. Maybe he's just grown up.
  4. Yes, that's why I posted as I did. I'm not sure if Palmer is in that situation, supposedly fit but not getting a game despite the fact that he would be a better stand in CB than Odubajo. Maybe Monk just thinks Moses gives us more going forward but do you want that from a CB? Anyway I hope the players are back in the side but I have my doubts.
  5. I don't think all three will be back. Back on the training pitch isn't back in full training. I suspect we might see one of the defenders in but maybe not. The others might be on the bench . I really hope I'm wrong we need them back urgently.
  6. We've not been mightly for a long time. We were pretty decent for a couple of years but it didn't last long.
  7. Positive mental attitude. If our players think like you we will go down. Hopefully they don't wet themselves at the slightest sign of a setback.
  8. If he's one of the best finishers already what difference will good coaches make. Just let him get on with it. The truth is he used to be one of the best finishers he no longer is. Even Norwich had him as a second fiddle striker. He didn't do much at Middlesborough. I would love him to come good but after supporting him I've come to realise it's not going to happen. It took me long enough.
  9. 27 isn't old in football terms. It's a players prime. Sign a player at 27 and if he does well you can get a decent fee for him unless he's on daft wages. I can accept the top money is paid for young playes., you are paying for potential but to say 27 is getting old is a bit of a stretch.
  10. FDB is a young lad who's played very little league football. it's not surprising he's off the pace. I can understand why we didn't send him out on loan straight away, there was the potential he would take to first team football straight away. It's not happened but I'd give him a bit more game time as a sub and then review after Christmas. Maybe send him out to L1 in the new year. Some of the others should be out on loan. It would do Hunt a power of good. Ideally we would give them a run in the team but we can't at present, maybe when /if we get out of the relegation places. Too muc
  11. We will win some and we will lose some. That's the way it is. Nobody realistically expected us to beat Brentford, a draw would have been a decent result. Luton, not the tin pot team some of our fans think, not world beaters either. We would have beaten them with some of the injured players fit but they weren't. It was an abject performance, there's no getting away from that, certainly not one to be happy about. Let's see how the players respond in the next game. Do they come out fighting or lay down and get walked over. Are they hungry, do they want it? We were promised a team of
  12. You obviously aren't asking the right question.
  13. After looking at the posts in this thread it's obvious very few are going to be happy whatever Monk picks as the team. There's no consistant theme to the players the fans want to see.
  14. I'm not convinced we are going down. We are in a scap but I think we are good enough to stay up. This side is raw, they've not played many games together, they need time to find how their team mates play. Remember our 2 front players have only just arrived, same with Flint. We are currently playing with a makeshift defence and without our best defensive midfielder. One of our star playmakers is out injured. It's no wonder we aren't the finished article. At times we've played some good stuff against good teams, today we were well below par. I'm not denying th
  15. He's got that hunted look of a man who thinks he is on borrowed time. Personally I think we are going in the right direction but we need a proper back 3 and Luongo back. Brown would just be a bonus. We have played some decent stuff this year against decent teams. Today wasn't good, the writing was on the wall from the first minute when they nearly scored and it didn't improve much. If Luongo and Brown are out much longer I'd be scouting round for a good def mid free agent.
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