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  1. Like that is going to happen. We could have a squad of world class superhero's and some fans would be on their backs all the time. I'm not sure if that applies to every club but it probably does.
  2. Maybe the new goalkeeping coach will have a look at Dawson and Wildsmith and decide we need better or he may find a way to improve them. I don't care which it is but we will need a reliable keeper.
  3. From the video he looks very good. If we can get him back to that level he will be a great signing. If we sign him.
  4. Pearson has said numerous times he won't ever manage us. So he's not an option. Nobody is wetting themselve about anything. If positive fans are be reyts, what are you, a be wrong?
  5. I bought a new hedge trimmer last weekend . My son is a computer techician, I was telling him about it, he wasn't much interested until I told him it was 'cutting hedge technology'. You may groan but I thought that was pretty good on the spur of the moment.
  6. Good keeper. Chris 'keep your legs shut' Kirkland.
  7. Sign him up. I can't imagine he will break the bank.
  8. Ignore what Football Manager thinks of him. There are gems to be found, it's all about finding players who fit the system so that their individual attributes become a team that is greater than it's parts. Our player recruitment team have done a decent job since they came in, let them do their job without second guessing them. We keep talking about finding uncut diamonds, maybe this guy is one of them. If he isn't he won't have broken the bank.
  9. They can only be punished for that breach once but they still have to meet the 3 year rule the next year . It doesn't set that year to zero. If they overpent they still have to compensate by reducing the next year.
  10. Where did that come from? Certainly not the EFL. Can you provide a link to the source. The points deduction changes nothing except we will have 12 less points next year than what we earn on the pitch.
  11. Realistically our upside next season is avoiding relegation. If a player helps us do that he's fine by me. I've no idea if Ayala is that man.
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