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  1. Not really, we were in relegation form with Jones, we couldn't buy a win. At present the football is dull, boring and mind numbing but we are picking up points over the last 5 games. Personally I don't think we are far away from being a very good side, we can play some lovely stuff at times. It's just that we can't do it for more than 10 minutes in the second half and we lack consistency. If we could take the shackles off and go for it from the first whistle I don't think the fans would mind us losing games. It's when we don't go for it and lose that most fans get upset. We were very close that first season but Carlos seems to have taken a leaf out of Irvine's book and become too frightened of the opposition.
  2. Time For Fans To Act

    The chances of DC sacking Carlos are infinitesimally small. The football might be dire but our recent record of 2 wins and 3 draws makes Carlos safe. That sort of form is play off standard. The only way Carlos will get the push is if we lose a few and concede a lot of goals. I'd rather we didn't do that. I know a lot of fans want Carlos out, that much was obvious from the OMDT but it's not going to happen.
  3. 10 from 12

    When we stop boring the pants off the fans.
  4. Injury update

    Does that mean Wallace won't be playing? Whatever will we do without him? We could try Wildsmith on the wing, He's a square peg we could try hammering into a round hole. I'm being silly of course, Carlos would play Wallace if he was on crutches.
  5. Mulder and Scully

    Not much point hanging around then. If I ever need a staunch supporter you won't be the top of the list. (Only joking, Welcome to Owlstalk)
  6. Whatever system a team plays there are 10 outfield players. You over load one area and you are short in another. Players can move, you get overloaded in midfield a full back can step up or a forward can drop deep. It's not the tactics it's the players not adapting to the needs of the game. Quality players should be able to adjust to the situation as it develops rather than just sticking rigidly to a plan.
  7. João - How best to use him

    When we stop trying to hammer square pegs into round holes we might achieve something.
  8. Do you think the opposition might have prevented him playing his normal game which meant he had to drop deeper. Sometimes the opposition can cancel out your tactics. Think back to Newcastle last year, they were a class act but twice we out played them. Their fans probably thought they had an off day when really it was because we stopped them in their tracks. It's football, it's like that sometimes.
  9. Was this a penalty?

    Carlos said ' he was through on goal why would he dive?' My first thought was, because he couldn't hit a barn door from 6 yards.
  10. Success...what is it for you?

    As fans our definition of success is probably a year on year improvement but if we had a shocker of a year I think surviving in this division would be considered a success. Since DC took over what the fans think has been secondary to the target he set which is promotion to the Premiership. The 1st year was successful in that we ended up 1 win away from the Premiership, last year felt like a failure because we went out of the play offs with a whimper although the league position could still be considered a success. This year I think most fans expected us to have a good go at top 2 so we are currently unimpressed but I suppose going up via the play offs would still be a success. No promotion this year will feel like failure.
  11. 8 points from the last 4 games. If we keep that up to the end of the season we will be doing ok. After the bad start it should put us on about 82 points which is more or less the same as last year. The season isn't over yet. There's no chance DC will sack CC after all he's said so the only thing to do is look on the bright side and see what happens.
  12. Not really a match angler and I prefer rivers these days. I lived down south for 30 years and it's all still waters down there. I moved back up here for the Severn and the Teme. I might do some of the commercials in the 'close season'. The one thing I'm going to miss is good tench fishing.
  13. Yes they won't look at heavier gear in summer/autumn. I used to fish the Trent around Cromwell many years ago. Long before barbel appeared, maybe later 70's.
  14. Bristol City

    If you haven't noticed we are 9th. Doesn't say much for us. We must be dog shittier