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  1. DC doesn't need loopholes, he will just backdate the contract a couple of months. Welcome to Hillsborough Wednesdays old manager.
  2. Don't you think the relegation battle is a bigger issue? I accept the poor communication is an issue but it did improve under Monk. I'm not sure it will continue, revert to rubbish or gets even better. We will wait and see
  3. Are we in a relegation battle because of the PR department? Seems a bit of a stretch to me.
  4. The fect that DC won't do it doesn't mean the idea is bad. Maybe it is his way or the highway, we just need to decide who get's on the highway, maybe it's DC. If something doesn't work there's no sense in keeping doing it, either change or go. I'd be perfectly happy for DC to stay if he would be prepared to change his mind when things don't work. He's tried different managers with the same results, it's not the managers is it?
  5. Don't be soft it can't be Rhodes he hasn't got his thumbs up. Infact he hasn't even got any thumbs. At least he's not got a broken leg.
  6. Oh poo . They certainly aren't worried he will save us with a hatfull of goals.
  7. Are you new to Owlstalk? There are posters om here who can start an argument locked away in solitary confinement.
  8. And he's never been fit enough to play. Another Abdi. I notice his bottom half is behind a table. Probably got a couple of broken legs as well
  9. Preston considering a new signing. 'What's he like at shithousery?' 'Brilliant?' 'Sign him now'.
  10. He still is. I prefer him getting forward but he's definitely worth his place. Scared me stiff in his early days but turned it around now.
  11. I'm not far from Brum. I can pick him up from their training ground and deliver him if the club want me to. My car is off the road at the minute but I'd be happy to give him a piggy back to Sheffield. Proper midfielder. Would be a great signing.
  12. I thought Cook would be appointed early this week if it was going to happen. It looked a cert to me. That big grin on his face when he was asked about it seemed a dead give away, it looked like it was all signed and sealed. DC's choice obviously but if he brings in a foreign manager who turns out to be a dud and gets us relegated I think it will be the final straw for the majority of fans. If the guy saves us and starts an upswing in results we will have to accept DC got it right.
  13. Right footed but plays well on both wings.
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