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  1. You do realise there are a lot of posters quite happy to take £1m which is the first offer as far as we know.. AS a club we always seem to have under sold our players and over paid when buying. Nothing to do with DC, it goes back long before that.
  2. I think it depends on where a player is in his career. A young player might want to go to a club where he will get the best training available or he might go somewhere where he will get first team football at an early age. Obviously some will just sign for Mam U or Liverpool because they can then say they were there. In the middle of a career a player will probably have a wife and kids so he might not want to uproot them, he will pick a club where he can commute from home for training. Someone like Tom Lees seems to stick to yorkshire clubs maybe for this reason. At the end of a carreer I think length of contract becomes a major factor, a 2 year deal seems a lot more attractive than a 1 year deal.
  3. First rule of business...never accept the first offer. Everyone puts a low offer in first to test the water, everyone always asks more for an item than their minimum selling price. If they offer £1m and we say we want £2m then we start negotiating. We will meet somewhere between those figures or their maximum will be lower than our minimum asking price and we both decide a deal isn't possible. Psycholocically if you are buying a £200k house and you offer £190k and it gets accepted you will wonder if you could have got it for £180k, it leaves that little niggle in your mind that you might have over paid. I accept we might sell but there's more money to be had.
  4. I thought all strikers got a lot of fun out of scoring.
  5. I'm not worrying, just hoping. I'm also hoping Gibson turns up in preseason, I can't see him getting an extension to his current contract and his injury issues might put other clubs off. (It might put us off as well but I think Moore rares him).
  6. The big danger with Dean is if he gets offers from Championship clubs. He's easily Championship standard. I hope we can get him, he's a great organiser.
  7. Does it matter if Carlton was better than Bannan, (he was), but that was then and this is now. As supporters we support the team as it is now and have fond memories about the past. All we can do is support the players who are at the club now. At this level Bannan is outstanding, at Championship level he was very good, maybe when we get back there he will just be good, that's what happens, time passes, players get older. I suppose the other question we could ask is who is the better play now, Bannan or Palmer? Get them on the same pitch and see. Grudge match. Hopefully Bannan can see the funny side of Carlton getting his feathers ruffled.
  8. I wouldn't. Sorry to burst the bubble, he's exciting to watch but Johnson is a better player. Corbeanu likes his tricks but he doesn't actually achieve much,. I don't doubt he will be a top player in a few years but at present he can't defend and he's not actually that good at attacking. Watch closely he's got one move going outside and one going inside, once the defender realises that Corbeanu is in the defenders pocket. He wants the ball to feet and never goes for the killer ball inside the full back.
  9. I thought Gibson was quality......when he wasn't injured. Give him a run of games and he will be excellent.
  10. He's way off being ready for first team football with us. A loan at an appropriate level with a nearby team would be good or the subs bench and maybe one or two appearances for us in the last 10 -15 minutes in games already won (that isn't often). Maybe a few appearances in a no name cup games. Bring him on slowly but give him a chance to see what proper football is about and learn his trade. If he can cope give him more chances. Good luck to him. We all want him to do well.
  11. You know that's not going to happen. It will mainly be last minute signings, it always is.
  12. It was worth the gamble. I'm in 2 minds about renewing his contract, we probably thought we could get better value for the wages elsewhere.
  13. Ok as an out and out winger but useless as a WB. Bit of a show pony as well, he's got one move outside and one inside, once the defender realises this he's got Corbeanu in his back pocket. He might develop into a top player but he's nothing like at present.
  14. If he was good enough he'd be in the first team. He looked a good prospect but doesn't seem to have developed. He's quite lightly built which doesn't help. Maybe he will develop when he gets a bit older but he's 22 or so now so how long do we wait.
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