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  1. On that performance he would need a decade. Completely lost from first to last. Didn't press, when the ball was near him he didn't appear to have a clue. Made the wrong runs at the wrong time or just stood around with his finger up his arris. I know he's rusty, that's to be expected but he looks like he could do with about 3 months on loan at L1 level to get some sharpness back. Maybe a couple of cup games might help but at the moment I'd only bring him on if we are 3 nil up. It's a shame because he's proved in the past that he can score, he's be a good option to have if he can get back to where he was.
  2. Fox seems to split the fan base. I can understand that. He's had some poor games in the past. My view is that Bruce used a right footed player at LB because he thought he was better than Fox. Bullen is doing the same so those who know him better than any of us don't think he's up to the standard we need. Decent squad player maybe or they might have moved him on. As far as last night is concerned he did have a great game. Some great blocks and tackles so I don't get the abuse he's getting. If we accept he's a squad player he did exceptionally well and Bullen made a point of saying so. Maybe not the ideal pick if you had the chance of any LB in the Championship but we don't. Last night he was very good. Well done from me.
  3. Borner was outstanding, Fox was excellent, Harris was a constant thorn in their sides. Murphy played well and showed he's a talent. Fletcher worked his socks off. Borner MOM
  4. No, not at all but I don't know how you can disagree that he played well. Feel free to do so. Even flat earthers have a right to their beliefs.
  5. Think back to the bad old days off passing it round at the back all game. No thanks don't want more of that. And we aren't getting it. I like the high press, the wingers who can go past people, the general attacking play, the organised defence. I'm not for Bullen as manager but so far I honestly can't see much he's done wrong. There really isn't anything to criticise, maybe it will all go pear shaped but so far so good.
  6. But you didn't post so how can anyone criticise the post. I think the opoint was you neg'ed someone for saying Fox did well.
  7. Played well. Some great tackles. Give the lad credit when it's due and it certainly was tonite.
  8. Dotty, have a word with yourself. Give your head a wobble. We won, We never looked like losing. 9 points from 4 games. Be happy.
  9. I'm surprised Palmer is out. I wouldn't have thought he'd need a rest. Good apart from that.
  10. It was early and I'd not have any coffee. At my age it takes me ages to wake up in a morning. I'm trying to think of a few more excuses but I can't so I'll just say ...forgive me father, I have sinned. (and I'm not even religious.)
  11. Can Hutch play 3 games in a week? Should Luongo replace him? Should Lee play again after Saturday? Should Bannon replace him? Should Westwood buck his ideas up? Should he be replaced by Dawson? No, yes No, yes Yes, No.
  12. If he does really well we have the option of selling him or bringing him back here. Better than a free transfer.
  13. Me too. Best way for parents to stop kids running amok is to break their legs. Obviously needs to be done in a caring, loving sort of way. Wouldn't want to hurt their feelings. I find if you break one leg, when they start running amok again a few months later you can do the other one dor a few more months of peace and quiet. Probably a good job I never took young kids to a match.
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