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  1. prowl

    The future of Joao

    Me too. He was good when he first came, he looked to have the potential to be a top players at this level, then it all went pear shaped, he seemed to get above himself and lost his way. The second half of this season he looked dangerous, good close control and a definite eye for goal. I'd given up hope of him ever coming good but he's proved me wrong. If he keeps it up he could be a star next season.
  2. prowl

    Player signings

    To be fair to DC he's been very generous in his financial support. No sign of short arms on his part. The problem has been lack of direction on recruitment, we've seemingly bought the wrong players in positions we didn't need and not bought players in positions we did need.
  3. prowl

    Westwood Going

    A good, well argued point. I don't agree but your post is very persuasive. I think the truth is that we are well sorted in the GK department, it's just a matter of whether this year or next year is the right time for the 2 young keepers to take over.
  4. Well he has according to the Beeb https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44170611 But six players loaned out by the Rams including Scotland striker Martin, who finished the campaign with Reading, have all returned to the club and are still under contract. The others are Craig Bryson, Jacob Butterfield, Nick Blackman and youngsters Max Lowe and Mason Bennett.
  5. prowl

    Westwood Going

    A goalkeeper can't win games but he can stop you losing. Of all the positions on the pitch the one which has the most impact on results is the keeper. Even a few percentage points in extra ability can influence how a season turns out. A top team always has a strong spine, Keeper, central defender, central midfield and a top scorer. We have already got the top keeper, no point getting rid of him unless we are really seriously skint. If that's the case KW isn't the best option to sell, his wages are decent but not excessive and I can't see us getting much for him. 1 or 2M won't make much difference. If we really are skint, Rhodes would be the best bet for cutting costs, loan him out or sell him for a decent price. (and I'm a fan of Rhodes).
  6. I think the losses are just that, losses. If Villas income was £74M and they lost £41M they must have spent £115M, or summat.
  7. prowl

    What price would you pay?

    I don't look forward to being in the Premiership. We will probably get battered most weeks and just avoid relegation if we are lucky. The following season will be another struggle. It will take us several seasons of steady improvement just to get into a comfortable top half position and stay there. It's not much to look forward to. The trouble is that in football as in many things, you either keep striving to improve or you go backwards. If you aren't getting better other teams will and you will slip down the league and get relegated. I don't want pub league football ever again. We could have dropped into a proper relegation battle this season with a couple of extra injuries or if the teams below us had been a little bit better. It didn't happen but another year it could. We need to strive and plan for promotion, if it comes then we move on and accept it will be gruelling for a while but at least we will have put a bit more distance between us and the pub league.
  8. prowl

    Sean Clare

    He ever managed to kill Batman either.
  9. You've got to love the big guy. I hope he has a stormer of a season.
  10. Sod Cleethorpes, no time to travel. Get 'em in Greno' Woods. What's Tony Toms doing these days? He must be in his 70's now but I bet he is still fitter than some of the players were last season.
  11. It looks like Jos is determined to get them super fit. No time for travelling, I like it.
  12. I see you used Hutch to model the new strip....he's not got any knees.
  13. prowl


    A good chief executive is one you don't notice, they just get on with things. The ones you notice have usually screwed something up and every one is complaining. I've hardly noticed her existence so good job KM.
  14. prowl

    Jay Bothroyd

    "You don't become a bad manager overnight". It probably took Jones a week.
  15. I don't think it would. I'm not 100% sure but I think FFP is based on the accounts not on cash flow. If DC has plenty of money he can cover any payment to Middlesborough and it won't be an issue. Selling an asset (Rhodes) on stage payments for want of a better term, creates a debt owed to us by the other club, a debt is an asset as far as accounts are concerned. In effect say we paid £8m and after 1 year of a 4 year contract we sell him for £6M. We will already have written off £2M so we are selling him at the price he is carried at in the accounts. In effect there is no profit or loss. Middlesborough insist we pay them the balance of his purchase price so DC lends the club the £6M, The club now shows it is in debt to DC for £6M. The buying club agree to pay £2m now and £2m per year for the next 2 years. We give DC £2M, we now owe him £4M but the buying club owe us £4M. The 2 amounts are in the accounts as a debit and a credit and in effect cancel each other out. I've simplified the prices and the years to make thinks simple. I'm not an accountant but I have run my own businesses for 30 years so I know the basics (very basic) of accounts. It's possible there's some obscure aspect of FFP I'm not aware of. I did a longer post about Rhodes and FFP on "#SWFC don't need to go mad." it's on the 3rd page.