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  1. Considering the back line we have put out we are doing well. Under pressure but we've had chances. We aren't backing off we are up for a battle. Nice to see.
  2. Mendez Laing must be really please he signed for us. Get paid to do nothing. He looked ok last time. We should have him on one wing and Corbeanu on the other
  3. This is going to match the Hartleppol game. Car crash of a defence. I'm watching the game from behind the sofa
  4. Hope Mendez Laing starts. He needs volume and we need a player on the right and Corbeanu on the left, or vice versa or summat.
  5. Snnots, it wasn't just the team that didn't turn up against Hartlepool, neither did you. There's a connection. The players read your opening post in the matchday thread, have a good laugh and it raises their spirits. No spirit against 'pool. You know it's true. Just sayin'.
  6. 20 year old? After looking at the photo I was concerned we might be signing someone after a lucrative contract to finish his career.
  7. Simon you might suffer from depression but you have a way of spreading happiness in all directions. Top man.
  8. I agree we should beat these teams but the reality is that we haven't actually been very good until maybe the last 3 games. We've lost to teams we consider inferior. I'm not so sure our team would have beaten 3rd tier teams last year, most of the time we were dreadful. Overall we are probably a better team this year, at least we seem to have a bit of fight in us now, Hartlepool excepted
  9. We tend to do well against good teams so there's a chance we will win but a point would be ok.
  10. Who would you prefer up front in the next game Kamberi, Gregory or Adedoyin? Maybe coming on from the bench if we are a couple of goals up but he's not exactly going to get a lot of football under his belt that way. We need a pathway to the first team. Go out on loan to whatever level the player is at, if he does well get him out on loan at a higher level, if he does well bring him back and play him. If he doesn't let him go. To be fair Moore is doing this better than previous managers, the only issue here is the length of contract left, Up to the player, sign an option or go. If the coaches think he's got so much potential we can't lose him then he gets a new deal but if that was the case they shouldn't have let him get down to his last 6 months.
  11. Yes, you are like many fans but there will come a point where each fan will reach his limit. The people you enjoy meeting at the matches will drop out one at a time until there's none left. The atmosphere will sour at games, prices will go up, etc etc etc It's like the weather wearing away at a stone, it takes time but DC has a way of condensing time by the number of FUs that come one after the other in rapid succession. This season until now has been remarkably quiet on that front. I suspect it was the calm before the storm. Just hope DC goes soon before too many give up.
  12. Only for so long. There are people who used to go to matches previously who don't now. Every time he pulls one of these strokes a few more decide it's just not worth it while DC is here. Everytime we get a run of gutless performances a few think maybe this isn't enjoyable anymore, maybe next year I'll not bother. We lose a few each time, not many but with the regularity these things happen it will mount up. Obviously there is a hardcore who will always go
  13. I noticed the same thing. It looks to me like he had an idea in his head and despite the staff telling him it would alienate fans he ploughed ahead anyway. Well done to the staff who spoke truth to power, I didn't think they had it in them. I apologise. As for DC, another f up to add to the list. How many more?
  14. I couldn't understand a word he said.
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