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  1. He's a professional footballer, it doesn't matter who he supports, he plays for whoever pays his wages.
  2. DM has done well to get us to this stage, better than expected. The improvement now needs to come on the pitch, that's what he will be judge on. I'm not expecting miracles, just a bit of fight, a bit of skill here and there and steady progress. Bring it on.
  3. I reckon Moore will get a tune out of Byers.
  4. Give the lad a chance. It's his first run out in a competetive game for us, he barely knows his team mates. I remember Jacob Murphy getting pelters from our fans in his early days, after Christmas he was just about the best player we had. Let's start talking about who's good and bad sometime around Christmas. Wednesday fans, quick to judge. Let's keep an open mind and be supportive
  5. I really appreciated him as a player for his heart and his quick feet. He was slow at covering ground and never seemed to have much impact as a starter, great off the bench though. If we had kept him we would have stayed up, I'm sure of that. I think Monk wanted the old guard gone, I can understand that, His wages had gone up quite a bit and he possibly wasn't worth what we were paying him when the club were in financial trouble. It would have been great if he'd had a proper send off. I will always have fond memories of him. I can see why we let him go and I can see why we should have kept him. Things aren't always black and white.
  6. The golden elephant brings good luck in Thailand, this is England. That's why they aren't having any effect. What we need is some lucky heather, a rabbits foot or a horseshoe. Proper English good luck charms. (It's all superstition anyway)
  7. Reach didn't start well with us and then had a great spell where he was excellent. I remember him carrying the team single handedly when Jos was in charge and we were playing the juniors in the first team. Great engine, always fit, doesn't like tackling. Good luck for the future Adam Reach.
  8. Class from Borner. That's how you should behave when you leave a club. Great start to his Wednesday stint then it sort of fizzled out. Maybe Covid restrictions hit his family life hard and it affected him. It happened to Hutch in Cyprus. Whatever the reason, he's gone. Thanks for your efforts Julian Borner. Good luck for the future.
  9. How many times over the last few years have we not turned up in the first half and then been better in the second. It's the Wednesday way.
  10. We can't afford Wickham. We can't afford a crock. It doesn't stop me thinking he's got unfinished business at Hillsborough. If he can't get another club (Someone will always take a chance) he can come and train with us. If he gets fit and sustains it maybe a deal could be worked out. He would be quality if only he didn't keep breaking. It won't happen.
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