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  1. Thanks that was a good read. The pair of them come across as genuinely nice people. I hope we have Bruce as manager for a long period because he's a proper manager and because it means he will be doing ok with us.
  2. If you have enough 'good Championship players' you don't need 'game changers'. Did any of our game changers change the games against Huddersfield or Hull? We all like to see that bit of magic that wins a game but it is TEAMS that grind out results week in and week out that win promotion. I hope Lee gets back to his best, we really have missed him.
  3. I have absolutely no idea what this means or what it refers to. Help.
  4. I think it was more CC who couldn't get us over the line. That first season we were very attacking, in the final we didn't go for it we held back and never looked like winning. Second season we went defensive. Even in the semi we went defensive away and never had a shot at their second/third string keeper, back at ours we shouyld have gone for it but we played safe. Even when Carlos went to Swansea he got them scoring goals and winning games until it looked like they had a good chance of staying up, then they went defensive and got reklegated. I think it's just in CC's DNA to play safe when things get serious.
  5. Sorry but I disagree. Our defence was shambolic with Hector but without Westwood. One Westwood was back the whole defence knitted together and Hector looked much better. I think Westwood is the glue that holds it all together.
  6. Thanks for that. I knew he reminded me of someone but I couldn't think who. Now I know.
  7. Lees can be great with the right player along side him but he struggles without that support. That is a weakness. Would I sell him? Yes at the right price but he'd be great if we got Hector to partner him.
  8. Thorniley did look to have the makings of a good player but I was less impressed by VA. He started quite well but then seemed very poor, ok it wasn't much to go on and he might develop into a good player but if we could exchange him (and a bit of the folding stuff) for Hector, I'd take Hector. Normally I'd assume that we'd scouted VA and seen that he had great potential but our recruitment at that time was dreadful and it would be a stretch to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  9. I wasn't particularly impressed with Hector under Jos. He was excellent after he left. To be fair most were rubbish under Jos particularly the defence. I'd be glad if Hector came back but if he doesn't we will get by one way or another. I don't see why we should over pay Chelsea for him on the back of one good half season over the last few years.
  10. Look on the bright side. Maybe he needs a new challenge or a change of scenery to reinvigorate him.
  11. We aren't fit to be promoted as things stand right now. We have a team that lacks bottle and we don't turn up for some games. I was embarrassed last season to see us give up when things went against us. That's not what we need if we want promotion. We need a few seriously determined, forceful signings to give us more character. Players who can pick up the pieces when we are struggling and by sheer force of will drive us on. Bruce will be aware of this, it's just a matter of whether the right players are available at a price we can afford. We will get there with the right funding and Bruce in charge but we might have to wait another season. The signings we make will be a strong indicator of whether we have a chance this year.
  12. Bruce said at the time that he asked DC how much money there would be to spend and the answer was 'None'. Not shown any sign of improving the squad? It's still early to have official confirmation. Things will pick up in July.
  13. To be fair to Hutch he does seem to have toned it down a notch or two. He needed to because he wer a reight nutter.
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