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  1. Leeds will have a slump at some stage. It's what they do. Bit like Derby who seem to be trying to get their slump in early this year. I've heard Coca Cola are planning to open a bottling plant in the UK, they can decide if Leeds or Derby is the best place.
  2. He isn't. There is a footballer in there if we can find a way to bring it out. When he wants to he can turn it on. It's just for the next several games he reverts to 'can't be bothered' mode. Reminds me in some ways of Joao, flashes of ability then strolls around like he's done enough.
  3. Rhodes is a poacher. You've either got it or you haven't and you don't lose the instinct. You know the runs to make and how to slip a defender, that doesn't go even when you get older. You might lack the pace or agility but the instinct remains. That's what has been so strange with Rhodes. You know it's in there but the goals wouldn't come. I think it must be, as others have said, his head wasn't right, he didn't want to be here. So what's changed. If Monk has man managed the change you can only give him credit for that. Long may it continue because Rhodes on fire can give us a great chance of promotion if EFL don't stop us in our tracks.
  4. Keep on sticking the ball in the back of the net and his value could go up considerably. Win, win for us. Keep him and he solves the tricky stiker problem of we sell and recoup ££££.
  5. We might get more for him in the next window than we would in the summer. It depends on how desperate clubs are.
  6. Worst case of constipation I've ever heard of.
  7. Looking at it logically. If we put the ground sale in the correct years accounts we don't have a problem. Last year was actually a profit so we won't be docked points and we might have money to spend because we had money from Bruce and the sale of Lucas J. If we put the ground sale in the wrong year we are screwed for last year and will get hammered by a points deduction but this year should be ok because the ground sale will be in this years accounts plus money for Brice and Lucas J. Worst ways we might have to manage on a few frees or loans in the next window but should be ok in the summer. (OK I'm a glass half full type.)
  8. We keep getting kicked in the guts but we are still hanging in there. I'd have taken a point before the game. If we ever get over this habit of throwing away points we will be a force to be reckoned with. Monk has done well overall, he's not had a transfer window yet to bring in his own players. He's working with a squad that has failed miserably for the last 2 years and made us very hard to beat. If we don't get docked points we will be in the play offs this year with just a little bit of luck. I'm optimistic despite the annoying habit of throwing away points.
  9. Look on the bright side. We would have taken a point before the game and Odubajo won't be starting the next game.
  10. The sheep are the wrong way round.Maybe that's why they all look miserable.
  11. We will sneak a lucky goal and hang on for a win. We've got over our panic in the last 5 minutes period and the defence will be solid throughout. Comfortable 0-1 win.
  12. Some players take time to settle. New system, Monk might be asking different things from him than he's used to. He's done well previously so the potential is there. I'd have expected him to be first choice but Palmer has pushed him out. It's a shame that Palmers performances have dropped a bit recently but let them fight it out.
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