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  1. I think looking at the basic minutes played stats doesn't tell the whole story. If a player is regularly injured and unable to play due to a number of recurring injuries, say like Hutch was at Chelsea, them maybe that player is not suited to football at that level and will always have a poor availability record. In that case we shouldn't renew. (don't get hung up on me mentioning Hutch as an example). Compare that with a player who breaks a leg. He may have had an excellent injury free record prior to the break but he is out for many months until recovered. That player may be fine for the rest of his career or he may lose a 'half a yard of speed' and never be quite as good. Maybe worth renewing on a short term basis until we find out which it is. Each case should be taken individually in normal circumstances. The trouble we have is these aren't normal circumstances. S and P might mean we have to reduce numbers dramatically in which case we might well not renew contracts that we might normally.
  2. Hector for me, Palmer has improved massively since Bruce took over. Fletcher has been magnificent. They are worthy contenders but Hector squeaks it.
  3. With our potential financial difficulties Bannan might be for sale at the right price. Best Offers to Steve Bruce above £10M.
  4. Not really. The important thing is how many more goals one keeper saves compared to another. It's the same with strikers. If we normally start Fletcher who scores say 12 per season and we buy Pukki who goes on to score 25 you could hazard a guess at how many more points that gets us in a season. You could go further and see how many more goals the team as a whole score in a season with Pukki up front. Maybe his reputation draws defenders to double mark him leaving more space and time for the rest of our players to score goals. Same with a keeper how many certain goals does Westwood save than another keeper, or you could go further and look at how many fewer goals the team concede with Westwood organising the defence compared to a different keeper. At the end of the day it all comes down to how many more points we get with A rather than B. Nothing is simple in football.
  5. A great keeper is worth more points than a 20 goal striker. Every goal saved is the same as a goal scored.
  6. I don't think we have seen the best of him. Jos didn't know how to use him properly so he was in and out of the side and told to play in a way that isn't natural to him. Since then he's been out most of the time. Last night i thought he was nothing special but to be honest he was just back from injury so it is unreasonable to expect anything else. There is a player in there and I think given a good run in the team with Bruce asking him to play to his abilities we might then see how good he is. I don't know about having him back next year. Other priorities might mean we have to give him a miss.
  7. Rhodes £3m Winnall £2m Joao £4m Nuhiu £2m That's £11m, We've been without the real Rhodes since we signed him so it would be no great loss. Maybe the real Rhodes doesn't exist any more. Winnall, good player but not what we need. Joao, full of potential but had enough time to achieve it and hasn't. Nuhiu, I think he offers something but if we have to cut our cloth according to our means then he's expendable. To be honest assuming the above almost get us out of P and S difficulties I'd take £12m for Reach as I think that's decent money. Give the money to Bruce and let him spend it wisely. Bannan is worth more than £3m to someone, I'd sell him for decent money but it would need to be more. FF at £4M? Before last night I'd have taken it, now I'd like to see what he does in the next few games. If he plays like last night I'd keep him or only sell for big money. Every player has his price but it's got to be a big one for a Forestieri on fire.
  8. Dawson did ok but he's a mile away from Westwoods standard, 6 Iorfa, he's a unit and quick. Lost the ball a few times but defensively sound, 7 Lees, solid and dependable, 8 Hector, Awesome, 8 Palmer, looks a different player to the one we know, He's had a great end to the season, 8 Boyd, didn't do much wrong, or right, 7 Pelupessy, He had a good game by his standards, 7 Onomah, Coming back from injury, did ok, 6 Matias, some good movement, often defended well, 7, (lost half a point for giving away the foul on the edge of the area) Fletcher, Just Awesome MOM, 9 Forestieri, Very good goal, best game in ages, a real pain for their players, back to his best. (almost) 8. Docked half a point for almost giving away a penalty. We did very well against a very good team. Play like that next year and we will be contenders.
  9. Man of the match. I think you've got to hand it to Fletcher.
  10. Many people seem to have taken this as Bruce welcoming Rhodes back with open arms, and perhaps even making his someone to build a team around. I think that is a bit of conclusion jumping. When Bruces words are broken down I think it very much leans the other way. Twice he makes reference to seeing what Norwich want to do. Having a conversation with Norwich. If it was just a case of the loan deal finishing then why would we be waiting particularly on them. He'd just come back wouldn't he? I don't think it's any stretch at all here to see that Bruce would very much like to see if Norwich would take him off our hands. Maybe the loan to Norwich had a loan to buy option in it. They can buy at a set price if they want him at the end of the loan. If that is the case Bruce would need to wait for them to make a decision first before he can decide on Rhodes's future. Personally I think he could do a job for us if we played to his strengths but financially we could get cheaper players who fit into Bruces system rather than Bruce having to change to accomodate a player. It all comes down to money at the end of the day.
  11. Springett by a country mile. Great shot stopper, good on crosses, gave confidence to his defence. I've not seen better in my life time.
  12. Some players don't seem to get as many injuries as others Reach, Palmer, Nuhiu. Pelupessy seems ok injury wise but I seem to remember an injury not long after he joined.
  13. I phoned the club and asked if there would be a new kit next year. I was told there would definitely be one. I asked what it would be like and they said it will be the same as this year, shirts, shorts and socks. I asked when it would be out and they said sometoime before the end of next season. So there you have it straight from the horses mouth.
  14. Not if you have kids. Parents just want to take them somewhere they can be entertained for a couple of hours. The little blighters aren't too demanding, any sort of rubbish will do.
  15. His reflexes are crap. It was about 4 second before he jumped. Even Boyd is quicker than that.
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