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  1. A mate of mine who's in the know said we were doubling the price of early bird season tickets to provide Bruce with the money to wheel and deal. I've never been wrong about anything I've ever said on here obviously so it must be true. .
  2. prowl

    Alan Nixon

    How often do they keep the job if they win that 'one more game'? Not often, Megson is a case in point. Once a club start looking the decision is made. You can't approach a new manager on the basis of 'the jobs yours if we lose the next game'. If we are looking Jos will be off as soon as we find a manager desperate enough to take on a job where there's no money to spend and a lot of the existing players will be leaving at the end of the season.
  3. prowl

    Extended Highlights

    There were highlights?
  4. prowl

    Really Bruce ???

    If we are really skint ask Stuart Gray to come back. He can work on a budget. It won't be pretty but he would make us hard to beat and keep us in the Championship. I'd still bring him back if we have money to spend but I can see why others might disagree. Gray would bring back organisation and defensive structure. I know DC won't do it so if we can find a few bob down the back of the sofa Bruce would be ok. He does seem to need a lot of money to achieve anything.
  5. prowl

    Our fault again

    Chicken and egg situation. Do they need to play better to get the crowd behind them or do the crowd need to get behind them to encourage them to play better? For my money we need a team of grafters who will sweat blood for the club even if they aren't the greatest ever players. What we get at present is anything but that. Too many who let their heads drop if things go wrong rather than rolling their sleeves up and fighting back. Get a strong character in and make him captain then let him lead from the front. Tom Lees can be a good player but he's not really a leader.
  6. People will ***** and moan and have every right to do so. Some will stop buying season tickets, probably a lot might but we will still get a decent crowd. We might sell all the decent players and drop down to the pub league but all that really matters is that the club continues to exist. We can come back from adversity, we've had years of practice.
  7. We are led to believe the FFP situation is bad but it isn't an existential crisis some are making out. We have assets we can sell. OK it's not what we want to do but we could sell players to meet our bills for a year or two. By then we will have run down the contracts of higher paid players and can start building again. We have been in worse situations.
  8. prowl

    Really Bruce ???

    Bruce has been around the block a few times ,he knows the league and he knows the players. Not noted for his attacking style but if he can manage to find a couple of decent full backs and a couple of Centre halves we've been after for the last 3 years I'll take him. He's also a big enough personality to stop DC interfering (if he does). There are options I'd prefer but he wouldn't be the worst choice.
  9. prowl

    Adam Reach

    Reach will be off in January. Playing in the Premiership no doubt. He's too good for us and probably knows it. I feel sorry for him, he's playing with players who can't be arsed and it must be difficult to keep his own motivation. Let's hope we get a good fee for him, we need the money to sort out FFP. It wouldn't surprise me if we didn't get an offer for Lucas Joao as well now he's scoring a few.
  10. Looks nothing like Hutchinson. They got the knees right but the rest doesn't look like him at all.
  11. prowl


    WHAT’S THE POINT? It's one of those things you get if you draw. You might be surprised to know you get 3 of them if you win. I know we haven't got many of them for a while but today might be the day that changes.
  12. prowl


    I've never considered him lazy. Sometimes he is rubbish sometimes he's a handful. If he could replicate his form at the end of last season we would move up the table in no time. I honestly can't work Atdhe out, he can do it but at other times he looks inept.
  13. I'll let you off if you are making money out of it.
  14. What gets me is adults taking Halloween seriously. Someone in the pub asked me what I was doing for Halloween, I said "Nothing, I'm an adult not a 5 year old". I'm 63 years old for heavens sake. Maybe I'm just a grumpy chuff.
  15. prowl

    Fans forum

    Ok, I've not read the thread and I can imagine DC has copped a few disparaging remarks but I sort of admire the mans guts for putting himself into the same room as a mob of fans who are seriously pi ssed off with the situation. He's got balls of steel if nothing else. I'm expecting bad things to come from this.