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  1. If Preston maintain the form they've been in for the of the season they will get 76 points. That means we need the same or more. Minimum of 31 points from 12 games. 10 wins and 1 draw or better. Don't bet the house on it.
  2. Fat, doesn't help if you are trying to pull. Bold, that might. 40 plus, Gwen must be knocking on now. Are you sure it's your chances that are miniscule....😀
  3. No it's not. We will probably get hammered and then the rules will change for everyone else. No i'm not paranoid, they really are out to get us.
  4. I don't think that is the case. Can you provide a reference where it says that in the EFL P and S regulations?
  5. I think the Rhodes deal was structured as a loan and buy rather than loan with an option to buy.If that was the case we were obliged to buy him even though he didn't perform. Gibson isn't daft is he.i
  6. It works for me. I'd take Rafa in a heartbeat but I doubt he'd take us.
  7. Maybe DC's plan was to use Monk as manager until the end of the season then bring in a top manager similar to Bruce once the EFL issue was settled and all the expensive players (ok most) were out of contract. I've no idea of who would fit the bill.
  8. They also look very nervous when he doesn't.
  9. Absolutely. He scored a peach and you would have backed him to bury the breakaway chance. Decent keeping but he should have gone round him. As you say he had too long to think about it. Overall he looked good today, strong running and well up for it. You can see why he went for a lot of money early in his career, just like some of his other performances show why he was sent on loan by his parent club. That's football. We've had worse days.
  10. It wasn't that we didn't want Hector, we couldn't afford him. That's the trouble with being up to the P & S limit.
  11. The doom merchants are out in force. Yes it was annoying to let them score so late but it was a much better performance against better opposition than the last few games. We bossed the second half. Murphy was good, Forestieri was up for it. Bannan had his best game in weeks, Lee played well. Fletcher looked lively. Fox is back and looked better than the alternatives. We didn't lose.
  12. It was a well taken goal. Unfortunately. I'd have taken the draw before kick off. At least we looked to put in some effort for the first time this year.
  13. Contain them first half. Bring on 3 strikers second half and batter them. Possibly, I hope.
  14. I'm trying to be positive. If we go down that road where do we stop. I'd keep Iorfa, Borner and maybe Fox, Luongo if he can keep fit, Reach maybe and after that I'm struggling. Fletcher would be on the list but I'm not sure how much he's got left in his tank.
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