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  1. prowl

    Big shake up

    The whole idea we were sold was that we would have a Wednesday style, the manager would coach our style and we would have players in each position who fitted our style. We would scout replacements and keep a list of replacements who could slot into each position and would sign them as required to replace squad members. The coach would similarly be replaceable. That plan lasted for about as long as it took to write the press release. It's a shame because the alternative of not having much of a plan and just winging it has been a disaster.
  2. prowl

    Jordan Lonchar left

    I was quite a talented rugby player when I was a youngstsr then I found out about girls. They seemed much more interesting at the time, they still do. Rugby and playing for SWFC don't really compare but I can understand why youngsters lose interest in them.
  3. prowl

    Big Hec

    I agree that Hector would be a good addition but Thorniley is coming along nicely. Gutsy player and an old head on young shoulders by the look of things.
  4. prowl

    Jordan Lonchar left

    That wouldn't be funny.
  5. prowl

    It doesn't help

    There's two ways of looking at it. They do think it's their cup final, they are going to be up for it so no harm done. As a general rul running down the opposition is a bad idea, it makes their managers job easier, ' They don't respect us, let's go out there and show them.' We don't need to shoot ourselves in the foot and make things harder so always be respectful of the opposition. As a club we've had a problem beating rubbish teams, as if the players expect it to be easy and don't try very hard. Running down the opposition isn't a good idea if it exacerbates that problem.
  6. prowl

    Steve Bruce

    I was sorely tempted but there are a few drawbacks to your offer.... I'd have to share a confined space with you and we haven't even met. For all I know you could be on the large side and start encroaching on my space. I'm claustrophobic. Samsung fridges are rubbish and might break down. We could go off before someone rescued us. You would wand the ice compartment and I'd end up in the salad box at the botton. So thanks for the offer but I'll pass. If Rachel Riley made the same offer I'd jump her at the chance.
  7. prowl

    Out of Contracts

    Westwood and Palmer should get new contracts. Nielsen is a big unit and could be an asset in future. Nowhere near ready yet but I'd be tempted to give him more time, he won't be on big wages and I'd send him out on loan to get more experience. We would probably get a big chunk of his wages paid so effectively he would be almost a free bet.
  8. prowl

    Big shake up

    When you have a successful squad they can become stale so you need to introduce new blood. We had a successful squad 2 years ago and that is when we needed to freshen things up. We didn't do it and now we have a squad that is very comfortable and set in their ways. The only way to shake things up is to do a root and branch overhaul, split up any dressing room cliques that have formed and effectively start again. If that means we need to sell the 'crown jewels' to provide funds to do so then that might be the way to go. I wouldn't be happy to see some top players go but if it's got to be done let's do it and move forwards.
  9. prowl

    DO we trust the players

    If our players can't get themselves up for a derby and a chance to put a big dent in our arch rivals promotion hopes it does make me wonder why they are still here. This is Sheffield Wednesday, the one thing fans want is players who at least try, who sweat blood for the team. We've had some poor players in the past but fans can take to them if they are fighters. Reda wasn't a great player but he always tried, same with Semedo. They were great favourites with the fans despite being 'average'. We've got a manager who knows the Championship, if he can't get some effort and desire out of them it's time to shift them out and get some players in who will sweat blood. No more big names living on past reputation. What we need is a team of battlers who can bring the best out of each other. I'm starting to wonder if Jos might have been right. Maybe, just maybe he realised the players had lost it and we needed to replace the vast majority. If he couldn't buy them he'd develop the kids because they'd got to be better than the dross we'd got if they were given a chance to develop. It went pear shaped but maybe the idea was right and the execution was poor.
  10. prowl

    Big Hec

    Michael Hector‏Verified account @Big_Hec35 24m24 minutes ago Never easy playing in a local derby I hold my hands up I was no where near good enough today but the team fought well to get a point last minute. Great traveling suppor.t ---------------------------------- The big guy holds his hand up to a poor display. Got to give him credit for that.
  11. It's because we are up against a team noted for their high scoring attack.
  12. Many years ago the right winger played on the right and the left on on the left. If they were any good they would test the full back and if they weren't getting any joy they would switch wings and both try the opposite full back. If they didn't get any joy they would switch back and try again later. Ring the changes, keep asking different questions of the opposition. These days it doesn't seem to happen, maybe managers want to keep the defensive shape. To me it shows the players don't have the ability to think for themselves or they do but the manager won't allow them to.
  13. I thought Abdi was already on loan to the Northern General.
  14. Regarding the last one....Once upon a time I met a girl from Rotherham and one thing led to another as they sometimes do. It wasn't a happy experience, it was downright off putting and I still bear the scars the scabs left. Just a warning to any of our players who might be overcome with passion like I was, DON'T DO IT. Wait until you get back to Sheffield. You might not be as fortunate as I was....it might drop off.
  15. prowl

    Bruce on Rovrum..

    I've corrected it for you.