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  1. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    I went to the match with my best mate who is of the red and white persuasion. It was a delight to watch his face as we stuffed them. Into the Crosspool Tavern after the match for a few drinks with the girlfriends after the match. Lot's of crestfallen blades in there so the owls fans took great delight in taking the p*ss to an outrageous degree. To be fair to them they took it in good humour and it was a cracking session. One of those days that will remain with me if I live to be 100.
  2. They do special notes for him. Cartoon pictures.
  3. Work. A temporary distraction.....

    Nice of you to make such a generous offer but maybe the OP would prefer to do it himself.
  4. Adam Reach again

    The new Stanley Matthews? Price tag was a bit steep though, what was it £100m?
  5. Shiney Dockers.

    I will knock them dead, Nice pair of shorts, white short T shirt not quite covering the beer gut. black calk length socks and a pair of sandals. Compulsory flat cap. Us old ones know how to dress with style.
  6. One thing holding us back

    When JJ or Helan are put forward as the solution to any of our problems I have to question the knowledge of the posters doing so. A quick player might be a good option (although I'm not convinced it's the only one) but JJ and Helan aren't.
  7. Look on the positive side....we made them drop 2 points at home and we gained a point away. I'd take that against promotion contenders who have won every home game so far. Not too scabby.
  8. Today's Team

    Lee will play. He's just programmed that way.
  9. Please explain how she could sing with her mouth full.
  10. Am I the only one?

    How well we do will depend to some extent on injuries. Other than that it will be how quickly we can get back on track when we hit the inevitable bad patch. A bit of luck would help, dodgy decisions going our way rather than against us.
  11. Outrageously lenient sentence. Even if it was 2 tears they would have been out in about 8 months. To suspend it so they serve nothing is shocking. I hope they breach some term of the suspension so they get banged up. Quite likely with morons like that.
  12. Some posters are desperate to have a go at Carlos and twist every story into an Anti CC attack. K Lee thinks he's up tp playing on Tuesday, he's not a kid, he's 29 and knows his own body. If there were serious doubts about him doing himself damage the medical team would have made sure he was rested. Lee is a machine, he is as fit as is possible and just doesn't stop all game. Reach is similar in that respect, neither ever seems to tire towards the end of a game. KL will be good to go on Saturday.
  13. Almen Abdi

    I can't see many professional footballers wanting to be injured or even faking injuries. As has been said earlier in the thread it may just be that his body is no longer up to the pressures of the modern game. It would be a shame if that is the case because this guy has been a good player. Fingers crossed he can get over this and come good for us.
  14. Stick Or Twist

    Lokk if you want a w**k just have one. No need to look for an excuse.