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  1. We were poor, it was a poor game spoiled by all the stoppages because their fragile little dears kept breaking. They are joint bottom but that obviously means they are one of the best teams in the division. We are third but we are total gash. This makes sense only if you live in Stoke. They will get 'promoted' to the first division if they don't get their act together.
  2. Iorfa has played very well since he came in, Borner is a superhero. I'm still trying to work out how two of the opposition players got through the middle of our defence for a free header when Dawson made that save last night. They were a yard and a half behind our defence. As the ball was delivered their player won the first header then 2 of the opposition players burst through the middle and should have scored. Was it a defensive wee wee tail up or a well executed training ground planned freekick. I've not seen a replay and it all happened too quickly for me to work it out so this is a genuine question rather than a desire to point a finger at anyone.
  3. Dawson did save us, no doubt about it but his kicking was dreadful. He kicked into areas of the field where none of our players were so many times I was doing my nut. If he did kick near one of our players it was Bannan or Harris and usually they were up against a tall guy. His job is stopping goals but you would at least expect some competent kicking.
  4. Palmer has been poor at RB. If he keeps playing like that he will get replaced by Odubajo. No idea if he's confused by reverting to RB. Maybe just a loss of form.
  5. That was painful but at least we got the 3 points. What is wrong with us? Why do we give them the ball and invite them on to us when we get our noses in front? I can't imagine Monk told them to do that. It's the players on the pitch that just invite pressure. Even when the opposition are down to 10 men we fail to control the ball and tempo of the game. I'd get a sports psychologist to get in their heads and instill some sense.
  6. We are sitting back AGAIN. Don't we ever learn. Start playing football.
  7. I agree with that but the danger is that if the wall jumps the taker can blast it under the wall. A case of damned if you do and damned it you don't. I suspect the manager decides which action the wall takes and maybe mixes it up so that it doesn't get too predictable.
  8. How was he still a Bundesliga 2 player? With his quality he could easily move up to the Premiership. He's never troubled by anything, always has a smile on his face. I hope he sees out his career here but I can easily see him being bought for a big fee. Same with Iorfa. We should have scouts combing Bundesliga 2 to see if there are any other overlooked gems. They seem to take to the Championship like ducks to water.
  9. It would almost be worthwhile dropping the 2 points if the FA would issue a notice saying that future incidents will be ruled offside and the player doing the star jump will be booked after the free kick is taken. Any 'goal' will be disallowed. It is obviously designed to interfere with the goalkeeper. Why would any player decide to do star jumps for a minute antwhere on the pitch? To do them in an offside position can't be anything other than an attempt to interfere with play. To be honest the 4 officials should be banned from officiating for a period, if it was up to me it would be until the had been re-educated in the rules of the game. It won't happen, the FA will turn a blind eye until it happens in the Premiership and one of the top teams is a victim.
  10. You really don't. The wall is supposed to protect one side of the goal. You stand off centre to favour the uncovered side. Most times the wall stops the ball, if it's bent over the wall it generally scores but it's difficult to do so the odds are in the keepers favour.
  11. I would have thought professional sportsmen would have taken steps to keep their fitness levels up even if the manager was negligent. I know it's tempting to doss off if not pushed but self respect should come into it. Players don't have a full days work training, they have a lot of free time. Not too difficult to ask a fitness coach to set you an extra schedule. These guys have worked for other clubs and know what a proper fitness regime entails, if they aren't getting it they should realise it.
  12. He'd probably injure himself fist time he scores knowing our luck.
  13. We will have a slump at some stage of the season, how we deal with it will define our season. If heads drop we will fade away/bottle it. I'm hopeful but I'm not sure we have enough character to sustain a challenge. Monk may be able to instill it in the team, the signs are good but it's still early days.
  14. What is the problem with his fitness. He's been here long enough to have had his own personal pre season.
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