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  1. If they will work for free.
  2. If he isn't scoring freely in the Belgian second division maybe he wasn't ready to play in the Championship. Personally I've stopped caring one way or the other. He was a fans favourite at Hillsborough . everyone was wanting him to do well, now he's just another kid at whatever club he plays for. I'm not sure if that's a good thing for him or bad.
  3. I wonder if he has completely written off players like Westwood, Jones, Boyd, Abdi, because that would make us a small squad unless we include the untried kids. It would be a daft thing to do because they still have something to offer (OK not Abdi), even if it is only in times of multiple games.
  4. Milan would have accepted the first offer of £350K that he received. Always one to sell a player on the cheap if it reduced the amount he had to put in.
  5. Ideally I'd keep Joao, Nuhiu, Bannan, Hooper and Lee of the seniors. Matias, Palmer, Fox, Abdi, Westwood, Jones, Boyd, can all go for me, As a wild guess that saves £5M in wages and only Palmer and Fox actually play regularly. The wages for the young players will go up a bit if we renew.
  6. Which players are out of contract next summer?
  7. prowl

    Another pathetic manager

    So much negativity. We knew this would be a 'difficult' season. Make do and mend till we get our finances sorted. We are 2 games in, the second was better than the first, a step in the right direction. Carlos isn't here this year which is a positive development, We've got good players still out injured but starting to train with the team. We might manage to get a couple of loans in to fill the gaps. There's still time for things to happen. There was more positivity when we were in the pub league.
  8. It looks like it is going to be another slow start to a season. At least I get the feeling that they are working to improve as a team which is better than last season where I got the impression everyone was pulling in different directions. Still early days, lets hope we can find the shape and system that lets us win games. We aren't far off. (positive vibes)
  9. The basic principles of FFP and parachute payments are admirable. One is there to stop owners pumping s much money into a club that they effectively buy promotion and the other is to give relegated Premiership clubs a cushion to enable them to readjust to the lower income outside the top flight. So much for the high ideals, in practice both have become a means to make the Premiership a closed shop of 25/26 club. If you get relegated parachute payments let you buy enough talent to get promotion unless the club is extremely badly run or has serious internal issues (think Sunderland). FFP stops owners spending enough to compete with parachute payment clubs so the Premiership is protected. Why would Premiership clubs vote to end parachute payments, it's not in their interests, turkeys don't vote for Christmas. The EFL hasn't got the power of the Premiership, what does it say about an organisation when it's members try desperately to leave it, when they would spend a fortune to get out of it. Things won't change. The die was cast when the Premiership split from the rest of the league. We can all wish for change, we can put forward as many ideas and plans as we can think of but it isn't going to change. That's all a bit negative for a Sunday morning so on a positive note I might find my way to the pub for dinner.
  10. prowl

    Bake a cake

    I hear you Snoots. The cook might not have the staff that were available before but at least the ones that are left didn't keep passing the ingredients around at the back of the kitchen. There were several attempts to put the bun in the oven today whereas last year we went months without even trying. I take that as a positive. Some of the under chefs seem to have potential. Another positive.
  11. prowl

    Thought we did ok today

    He's not up to match fitness yet. He's been out for a long time and will be rusty. Let's see if he's sharper after 5 or 6 games. Knowing our luck he will just hit form and pick up an injury.
  12. prowl

    Lucas Joao

    That has knocked a few quid of his transfer value. Personally I'd be saying what an excellent player he is and what a wonderful keeper he would be for us if we could afford to keep him.
  13. So much negativity. Bad vibes are bringing me down. I'm going to stay positive.
  14. We need all those strikers because the ones playing will get bored with scoring goals and need a rest.
  15. prowl

    Joost Van Aken

    He's got a bike? He wants a move. He won't get on the bus for the next game.