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  1. Fox told me he thinks you are rubbish. I said I thought you were ok at times but he wouldn't have it.
  2. If we start opening up from lockdown on Monday 1/6. The nubers getting infected will start increasing. By the time the season recommences hospitalisations will be on the up. By the beginning of July we could see death rates going up. It will be a close run thing between ending the season and another lockdown. Keep your fingers crossed. It could all go perfectly or the s h i t could hit the fan.
  3. Surely a 3 or 4 year deal for a decent player coming in to his prime.
  4. Fox in the Premiership would be hard to accept for some of our fans who think he's not even L1 standard. I think we will have to do without both if the information is correct. That's ok, not ideal but we will have to find cheap alternatives.
  5. AS Far as I'm aware with the app it notifies you if you've been near someone who tests positive but it doesn't say who it. It makes sense really because some people might get annoyed at the person infecting them. The app is a disaster by all accounts. I've spoken to a few technical people and they say it isn't fit for purpose. Lot's of security issues with it and it doesn't work very well. We will see.
  6. Someone., possibly Alan Biggs recently said Monks contract was a 4 month rolling contract. I'm not sure how true that is.
  7. It doesn't look good. If they've been mixing with other players it will end up with some teams being either in lockdown or short a few players. This is a potential car crash. I'm still not sure this season will end by actually playing all the games.
  8. I think there will be a lot of seasoned pros who will struggle to get contracts. The good players will always get offers but the ones who make up the numbers in the Championship will find they have to move down a league or 2 and take much lower wages. L1 players will end up in L2 or non league. Young lads will end up in non league. Clubs will need to run smaller squads on lower wages just to survive. Not a great time to be starting in the game.
  9. Be interesting to see what they are all doing this season. Did they go up the ladder or down one a level or two?
  10. How much money do we lose by playing behind closed doors? Seriously have a stab at it. Gate money over 23 games, some season tickets, some pay on the gate. All the differeent seat prices in the different areas. Lets add on programme sales, food and drink. Take off cost of policing, turnstile operators, catering staff. My guess, £12-£14M. Big hole in the income side.
  11. Can we have the rec buttons back? Pretty please with knobs on. I wanted to rec this Just cracked me up.
  12. I think it was Japan or at least some other far eastern country. It wasn't cardboard cut outs it was blow up sex dolls. Not that I ever knew such things existed. Found it. South Korea. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/21/south-korea-football-league-imposes-record-fine-on-fc-seoul-over-sex-dolls-outrage
  13. Some sites run adverts but give you the option of paying a fee to avoid them. It works well for both sides.
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