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  1. Does anyone seriously think that DC would contemplate going back for Bruce, or Bruce would contemplate going to a League One club? Get a grip.
  2. You couldn’t f***ing make it up. Time and time again it comes back to one thing, mentality. The mentality of our players is absolutely bloody pathetic.
  3. Bannan and Wing sitting deeper while FDB pushes on then. While they're playing Hartigan and Woodyard who've been there for years it's another new combination for us, I could well see us losing the midfield battle again.
  4. A very good day to you all, especially mi'lud - I can absolutely sympathise with the confusion of navigating club mergers, phoenix clubs and all the rest. Re. team selection, it doesn't exactly fill me with confidence but I've seen worse. Certainly confirms my feeling that Moore rates FDB pretty highly, I'd hope it's something of a last chance saloon for Bannan and Wing in terms of working together. Brown playing on the left of a front three?
  5. It would almost be worth Pulis getting one last job with someone to see if he really is past it or not, the evidence from his short spell with us certainly suggested so. I can see what Ronio is saying in fairness, his spell was summed up for me by the first game at Preston, looked solid for 20 minutes then Windass got himself a stupid red card and we wound up losing the game. Player discipline during the first half of last season was absolutely abysmal, our card totals were embarrassing.
  6. BPF Iorfa Hutchinson Gibson Hunt Luongo Adeniran Bannan Johnson/Brown (can't decide) Paterson Gregory
  7. They blame structural issues but they’re still letting journalists into that stand. Something doesn’t add up.
  8. Best bit was when he got up and and flicked a double V at the North Stand, half of which must have been previously wondering if he was dead.
  9. Say what you like about him but that’s another delivery from Johnson that’s led to a goal. Crossing is clearly a massive strength for him, we need to work out how to minimise his weaknesses, which probably starts with playing him higher up the pitch.
  10. I suspect he'd be about as successful an appointment as Pulis. As would Megson. Way, way past their sell-by date.
  11. He doesn’t seem to have the healthiest relationship with Twitter. This stuff is all pretty amusing but if you look further back he’s DM’d people to have a go etc.
  12. This probably counts as exaggerating for effect but I reckon you could argue that Bannan is the best player in the squad technically (by some distance, in my opinion) but the worst from a tactical perspective. He’s a bit too Hollywood sometimes isn’t he? On the ball there’s a few too many raking 40 yard passes which go adrift (while I’ve noticed that Wing’s long passes tend to hit the mark), or shots from distance that occasionally go in like against Donny but more often end up in the bottom of the Lepp. And that’s without getting into the argument about whether he’s better playing from deep or much higher up. Then off the ball he’s sort of similar to Hutch, in that he tends to charge around trying to press on his own, fly into tackles and win the ball back high up - again, it’s all very Hollywood and it looks great when it comes off but it means as a team we can’t hold our shape. Does that mean we’re better off without him in the team? Don’t know if I’d go that far. Someone pass me a cushion, I’m getting a sore backside from sitting on this fence.
  13. Can’t see a thread for this season on UEFA competitions so thought it would be worth starting one if only to ask - is Sheriff winning at the Bernabeu the biggest upset in the history of the champions league? At least in terms of a single game? Also very entertaining that Club Brugge are top of the group containing Citeh, PSG and RB Leipzig.
  14. It would be great for Man City, crap for English football. But that's what the "elite" PL clubs do now, gaslight the media with the narrative that what's good for them is good for English football as a whole.
  15. This is key for me. In every league game bar Plymouth we’ve had a roughly 20 minute spell where we’ve looked miles better than the opposition. Whether we get results has basically depended on making the most of those spells and whether we concede outside of them. Yesterday was possibly the chance to properly dominate a game, but instead we missed the penalty and basically invited them into the game. We've got to start putting all the individual quality in the squad together and getting complete performances because otherwise we’re going to stutter our way through the season.
  16. Different strikers suit different formations and we never seem to realise this when recruiting them. Playing as a no. 9 in a 4-3-3 is a particularly complex role and the only striker we’ve had in recent years who really suited it was probably Lucas Joao. Gregory’s spent years playing in a 4-4-2 at Millwall and Halifax. He did plenty right today in terms of winning headers, knockdowns and the like, but he needs somebody to play off him and feed off that, that would normally be a striking partner. He’s far from alone here, Kamberi put in a great cross for him in injury time but on no account is he a left winger, and Paterson playing on the right of the front three was enough to make my eyes bleed. I’d still rather see us play a 3-5-2 with Hunt and Johnson as wing backs putting crosses into a proper strike pairing.
  17. Ran the full gauntlet of frustrations today. Missed penalty, gave away lead, had a goal wrongly ruled out then basically seemed to give up on the hope of getting a winner, to the point where Shrewsbury looked more likely to score by the end. We do some things well but there’s too many parts of our game that need serious work. Not impressed.
  18. Teams that go up have a completely different mentality to us. They don’t react to a penalty miss by drifting off and inviting the opposition into the game, they make sure to keep the pressure on and find another way to goal. In terms of individual quality we’re good enough to go up, in every other respect (mentality, tactics, chemistry etc.) we’re miles off.
  19. Shodipo was our best outlet, plus by being subbed off he can’t be blamed for how bloody awful we were at the end. Don’t know whether his disallowed goal was offside or not but he took it well.
  20. Agree, we need a proper no. 6 to add bite at the back of midfield. You've got to hope we won't go into too many games with both Adeniran and Luongo unavailable, as yesterday showed what the result of that can be. I'd have moved Hutch up into midfield, much as he can be a loose cannon there, he at least won't allow us to be so passive off the ball.
  21. Would help if we stuck him on set pieces, he can make a big contribution through them alone. I haven't seen enough of him to judge how we can get him performing better but he's certainly capable of more - remember him being the best player on the pitch in Moore's first game against Rotherham at Hillsborough.
  22. The starting XI needs a major shake up at a bare minimum - if I was coming in as a new manager I'd probably change the shape too. Moore seems to prefer 4-3-3 and I'm happy to back him on that but if it was up to me I'd go: BPF Iorfa Hutchinson Gibson Hunt Wing Adeniran Bannan Johnson Kamberi Gregory This is particularly aimed at getting the best out of Johnson, who seems best suited to being a wing back, we haven't offered anywhere enough threat down the flanks so far this season. Yesterday suggested that Adeniran is approaching indispensible already, we need his bite in midfield. Really not sure on the front pairing, just a case of seeing which of the strikers we've got dovetail well together.
  23. Have to say I'm more reminded of the 2010-11 season. 10 points from our first four league games followed by four defeats on the spin.
  24. Blimey, cheers for going to effort of putting all them polls up, gave me a good bit of fun trawling through them. Think it's pretty clear that the current squad is stronger than the 2011/12 version, but that doesn't guarantee it'll do better in the league. Individual quality isn't as important as cohesiveness and mentality, and the jury is still out on how strong both of those are in this squad.
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