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  1. Can't be sure, but I am convinced Wednesday and Arsenal were fined for playing weakened sides in the run up to the finals.
  2. I was never convinced Balotelli was all that special in the first place, a bit like Andy Carroll. Slowly got found out for being dubiously inconsistant.
  3. Pond Street ones up to Minerva. Don't think I ever saw them working.
  4. Post-war Soviet brutalism comes to South Yorkshire.
  5. Everybody thinks that "I'll give it a try..." RV is geographically the closest course to me yet I haven't played it in about 5 years. Its long, tough but fair with some stunning views but the reality is they just don't care. Depending on the weather its like a car park in summer and a quagmire in winter. Even pick and place does little to help as most areas are a tight lie. I want to play it again as I have developed immensely as a player (best score 97 and now playing off 21.7) Theres a six week window in early autumn where it has the potential to be playable but no way would you go anywhere near it at this time of year.
  6. Thats Rother Valley significantly improved then.
  7. Why do the players need to do a lap of honour away at Crewe?
  8. What if Man Utd finish 3rd and win FA Cup? Still move upstairs?
  9. BBC reporting the result like some kind of heroic, national achievement.
  10. It is highly unlikely they are in it for the money. Benny and Bjorn, as song-writers, are worth a ridiculous amount of money who quite literally earn royalties as they sleep. Anna-Frida quietly retired in the mid-80's and married a prince. Agnetha has had personal struggles but has always attempted to live in seclusion.
  11. Amazingly, Rod Stewart's recent single release 'One More Time' has managed to wangle itself onto Now Thats What I Call Music 110.
  12. They shouldn't present any awards in my opinion, everyone should be a winner. That way nobody is left out and exposed to negative vibes and they can go back to snorting cocaine in the toilets.
  13. Cream curdlingly bad songs full of cliches. Also her voice, its not good, at all. She has far too low a voice for the vocal range she sings - Alison Moyet and Stevie Nicks had low registers and sang accordingly. They didn't attempt to belt out high notes that end up sounding like cats wailing. Congratulations for making absolutely millions and millions of pounds though. For that I can't fault her.
  14. Rod Stewart always looks like he is having the time of his life. Fair play to lad.
  15. Anybody actually bought this? Also I read the book on Rockstar based around the time SA was produced. Fascinating insight, the whole ethos was based around Def Jam Records and gonzo journalism. The execs 'lived' the life in order to put it into code.
  16. A photo has emerged with him wearing a shirt with a racial slur on it but no way would I dare post it on here.
  17. Photos circulating of Rafiq downing vodka from bottle.
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