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  1. Anybody who has seen footage of his solo tour a couple of years ago will confirm he certainly HAS still got his voice.
  2. Our lass been watching it. Walked in the room to find that somehow a nuclear submarine has been able to install a kind of spacious reception area where people can casually walk around. The Weetabix advert has a more convincing sub.
  3. Never been a massive gamer during the console era. Always done the usual - GTA, RE, PES... Unfortunately, as much as I will follow the development closely there is no way I can justify absorbing myself into GTA VI. My life is in a different place now and what with golf and football I simply can't put 6 hours aside to proper have a go at something that is going to be so gargantuan. In a way I'm gutted, GTA V is probably, for me, the greatest game ever created and I played through it twice without ever really touching the sides. But its not my favourite game - that will always be GTA San Andreas. I can wax lyrical about that game over and over, proud to say I did 100% it too about 4 years ago and not touched anything since. Kind of want to have a go now, just cruise for a bit then have a game of pool at the Ten Green Bottles. The music, the palette, the atmosphere...
  4. City don't need Messi. They're building a legacy, Messi would be a huge distraction to the project and would scream desperation on Pep's part. City are collectively better than Messi is individually and at 34 you don't want to start re-assembling your side for him . Chelsea, PSG, Miami, UAE yes, because its just the kind of marquee, novelty signing they do to prop up international appear
  5. Didn't know that. But I have been aware in the past (but not watched) spin-offs including Stir Crazy, Coming to America and A League of Their Own. All looked dismal from what I saw and read. Nothing, absolutely nothing can beat the commercial juggernaut that was M*A*S*H that eclipsed even the film that inspired it.
  6. Its a clinical and soulless business model of franchised entertainment dressed up as sporting. Its.....American. Foitball, as much as possible needs to avoid this as much as possible to retain its integrity.
  7. Maybe he has been elected as poacher turned gamekeeper.
  8. I used to fast forward through Bran's scenes. Still don't know what its all about.
  9. Was in there 2 weeks ago, cracking pubs round there. Proper. Had been at Cutlery Works and Kelham but much better moving up town. Finished in Three Tuns.
  10. Yep, people have paid £70 to see The Rooves.
  11. The fact is, 17 year olds don't want to go to gigs to watch shouty guitar bands in tight t-shirts and floppy hair. Theres much more interesting stuff to do these days Its not 2006 anymore. The only genre of music currently that has any relevance of cultural zietgeist is the drill and gang music of London. But thats barely music anyway. People laughed at The Reynolds Girls when they released 'I'd Rather Jack (Than Fleetwood Mac)' but they were right weren't they? Radio 1 was run and hosted by middle-aged men playing Chris DeBurgh and Marillion until the brutal Matthew Bannister quite literally changed the UK music scene single-handedly. But over 30 years later, a lack of channeled exposure has fractured the music industry to the extent that people of all ages are STILL begging Fleetwood Mac to do another tour, just one more, with Stevie AND Lindsay... The glory days of the music industry is over. You can count bands on one hand who will still draw crowds in 30 years time (Coldplay being a depressingly obvious one) and even they are veterans of the music world now. As for Radio 1. Well I think they get less listeners than Radio 4 these days and the most popular radio show in Europe is the mid-morning show on Radio 2 hosted by a 70 year old, straight, white man. Not the flag-ship breakfast or drivetime show, the mid-morning show. More listeners than any other radio show in Europe. Why? Well theres the latest by Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran but theres also Chris DeBurgh and Marillion.
  12. Genesis can hardly be called 'up-and-coming'.
  13. Popular music is a dying art form. All about influencers and Tik Tok. They're the pop stars now. 30 years ago musicians and acts used the media to promote their music, now they use music to promote their media. Because thats where the money is. Later this year Phil Collins, a man in his 70's and in poor health, will use a walking stick to help him shuffle on stage and he'll perform a Genesis greatest hits concert sat motionless on a stool. The worldwide stadium tour sold out in minutes. There IS no relevant, up-and-coming acts.
  14. They've gone up slightly (slightly) in my estimation for owning how toe-curlingly awful they are even when you give them the benefit of the doubt by calling them a novelty act. In fact, they might not be too bad and its the fans that are the issue. A bit like Oasis.
  15. Had a respectable career in Ligue 1 during the 70's and 80's I think.
  16. Paul Warhurst yes. Fantastic, continental style athlete. Harkes no. (Though he did sign for you later in his career) Carbone was a good player and had pedigree in Serie A so think he was well regarded without any hype.
  17. Adnan Junazaj Scored a brace on his debut for Man Utd (I think) and the press were trying to pressure him into claiming English nationality. Apparantly the Man Utd side was to be built around him. An all round embarrassment for all concerned really, made football as an entity look utterly stupid.
  18. We've had Celtic Manor cancelled twice due to the pandemic. Three rounds, two nights, breakfasts and evening meals £250. With fore-thought its not that pricey.
  19. That scene where she tries to dress like a 'proper' Mum when she thinks she has found her long lost son. Jesus, absolutely crying. Brilliant series.
  20. With very different and less top-heavy domestic league systems. After the corruption scandal Serie A is reborn and will rise as the best league once again.
  21. When you've got 20 year olds who have never cleaned a boot in their lives on £50k p/w globetrotting in first class style and playing in cosmopolitan squads for untold riches you have to ask yourself how any manager can motivate them. Not defending Southgate. But international football isnt what it was, you see same players week-in, week-out... Also eligibility rules are a joke.
  22. Shaw been putting best balls in.
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