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  1. Remember it well because it was so painfully awkward. Didn't realise so much was riding on it though, which must have made it worse for the band. Should have done a Twin.
  2. Francis failed at QPR yet was given the Wednesday job in 91 without much of a thought. Even at 37 he was still arguably one of the most technically gifted players at the club. Dalglish was still playing to a high standard when he also became player/manager at what was probably Europes top club at the time. When a club is on the up and being run efficiently and professionally the mechanics run easier with a familiar, well respected face. That said, it doesn't matter how good a player you were or how famous your face is - if the club themselves are not operati
  3. Needs to sack his agent then because the biggest disgrace in all this is how its all being played out in public.
  4. I'm not referring to him jumping ship to Newcastle. I was referring to the utterly bizarre deal made that Bruce was able to go on holiday for a month whilst we further deterioated.
  5. How anybody couldn't see past that cricket stunt Bruce pulled off is beyond me. He was doomed before he started.
  6. £15m won't go far once the contractors have had a dip. Sheffield should go full residential.
  7. Do Sheffield Council know what a social hub is? I don't know what a social hub is.
  8. Keanes tackle didn't end Haalands career. It wasn't even a serious injury.
  9. Masters was good fun in summer. But lets be honest, it had mostly Home Nations players from the late 80's/early 90's hey-day of football with the real characters. Who would want to see veterans these days? With such a high turnover of players in huge squads. A lot of players of varying degrees of quality retire rich men often prematurely.
  10. Some people under Bruce' spell it seems...
  11. Not 1980's or an arcade game but a fantastic game non-the-less.
  12. It is. I'll bet that was taken at the same place they shot the Lomper suicide scene. Ski village?
  13. All this was comprehensively covered in a much more trim and cutting way on Anti-Bac Wipe. Watching this made me realise a lot of so called 'comedians' will be using Trump, BREXIT and the pandemic well into this decade.
  14. Not a fan of Dylan or folksy guitar music in general but Diamonds and Rust is a brutally sad song that never attempts to show bitterness or spite despite how tragic she sounds. (Cheer up love)
  15. Bon Jovi are, essentially, a pop group - and to be fair they are good at what they know. Don't think they are particulary revered.
  16. Its certainly dated, but lost none of its punch. The political scenario and the era would be lost on a lot of younger viewers, and the production values manage to make the setting look more like 1974 rather than 1984. I view Threads with a strange curiosity because I am as a staunch supporter of a nuclear deterrent now than I ever have been yet still absorb the horrors that would be unleashed. Read War Plan UK by Duncan Campbell or look the Panorama and QED documentarys made at the time to get an insight to civil defence.
  17. Just because music is no longer a legitimate cultural driver it doesn't mean other aspects of media aren't. You should know what I am referring to.
  18. Fat of the Land was far too rock-orientated for my liking. Brave move and I do 'like' the album but the contrast from M25 illegal rave tune merchants to international punk stars was evident and theres no going back.
  19. Marvin Gaye - 'Whats Going On' Derided as a dud by his own label, Motown, Marvin Gaye will never-the-less be remembered for his classic, melahncolic album that took soul music beyond the 2 minute love song.
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