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  1. Owl999

    Westwood Going

    Hart is one of the most overrated keepers in the professional game .
  2. Owl999

    Clare rejected us??

    It baffles me why George Hirst comes in for so much stick from some people over not signing a deal and this lad doesn't , personally don't think the lad would be much of a loss, unlike Hirst who will be .
  3. Owl999

    70's Owls T-shirt

    Now that does look the business mate .
  4. Owl999

    70's Owls T-shirt

    Would love on in White with Blue trim, very nice indeed
  5. Owl999

    New Kit

    Personally would have like to see New Balance or Umbro back.
  6. Owl999

    Mason Mount

    So we are taking a 19 year old midfielder on loan from Chelsea for the season, in a deal where the parent club will insist on a first team appearances for his development ? I think not .
  7. Glad your Dad is on the road to recovery and well done to the people that helped, finally a big shout out to the NHS that gets a lot of bad press but ultimately had professionals on hand well versed in the latest techniques and treatments to get your father fit for many years to come, all at a moments notice, we complain about a lot in the UK but we are lucky to have such a priceless service .
  8. Got a feeling Forestieri won't be here next season, Fulham bound in my opinion promoted or not.
  9. Owl999

    #SWFC Vacancy

    I think your over qualified for this one Bob , your obviously a craftsman, with regards to Yoann Folly, were they specticals or drinking vessels ?
  10. Owl999

    #SWFC Vacancy

    Go for it pal
  11. Owl999

    #SWFC Vacancy

    Is that a p!ss take, 5 GCSE’s grade A - C , it’s hardly a career is it, best suited to somebody already retired or in there 50s
  12. If you want to be the best and you want to beat the rest, dedications what you need . Completely agree Roy Darklord
  13. Carlos allowed that to happen during his tenure, which part of that font you understand, attitudes slackened because Carlos allowed it too, it really is that simple .
  14. Owl999

    Wednesday Towels

    I get one for Christmas each year, they go into the shop in October / November as daft as that is .