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  1. No pic but I’ve been over to see Steve in the Owls Nest in Bugibba in Malta today, both he and Dawn are best hosts you could ever wish to meet, top top man and a top top bar
  2. Yes doesn’t tend to be the senior squad though
  3. I work in the area of S5 and the pitches are replaced every season at the Blades training ground .
  4. I think the 3 year season ticket deal will have played a large part in that .
  5. I’d like a pink kit like QPRs away kit
  6. Really wanted to vote Forestieri against Norwich purely for the power he gets behind it but I’d forgotten how good Reach against West Brom was, that was better than the Leeds goal for me
  7. I can, there’s definitely 2 e’s in Lee
  8. ....there may be a certain Mr Kieron Lee involved today .
  9. I’m glad someone else is of this opinion, I too would love Bruce to be here long term but I don’t think it will happen, I’m not as optimistic about challenging for promotion next season either, any signing are going to be developing players from his contacts in the game .
  10. Lol cheers for the clarification, I’m sticking an order in for 6 on the strength of that, it will give my mug tree a new lease of life
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