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  1. We could have been 3 up if Fletcher was a little less selfish, takes all the shots on himself instead of playing players in in better positions, did it with Harris in the first half and Rhodes in the second last night .
  2. A win by 2 goals and go third, then on to Forest Saturday and consolidate the position, piece of wee wee
  3. Carlos created his fair share of the hoodoos
  4. Don’t forget about Leeds annual implosion which generally begins after Christmas, saying that they are the team that have impressed me the most so far .
  5. Is he signing for Huddersfield ?
  6. Pretty sure it runs a 12 month Jan - Dec period, if he was here a lot during the closed season sorting out the clubs affairs then may have used up his allowance for 2919 if that makes sense ?
  7. Isn’t he only allowed to spend a certain number of days in the country or he need to work permit or visa or something, I’m pretty sure that’s the reason he’s no been there much .
  8. I’d have gone straight to the pay roll department and demanded the rest in cold hard cash !!! How on earth do these people expect you to put food on the table for the kids this Christmas never mind fill a stocking for them when you aren’t getting a full wage, the club is taking liberties.
  9. I agree with what you are saying here but the fact remains the game changed in the final 3rd with Rhodes playing , occupying defenders which created more room for Fletcher , I remember a time when Hooper first signed and he was getting slated for not scoring but there was more to his game than that .
  10. No more than anyone else on this forum, thats why I wrote “ in my opinion “ as for the multiple log ins, I’ve only ever had this one .
  11. Never do when they are written by the legals
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