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  1. I was on my work experience from school at Hillsborough working with the grounds caretaker Barry Monk on the day the club signed him, I got his autograph while he was with a Trevor Francis being shown around the ground .
  2. Life coaching by the looks of things with pearls of wisdom like that
  3. He’s done it from the start of his tenure, ask Stuart Gray .
  4. Fair play to you fella, no point risking your health for a game of football
  5. I take it you’ve self quarantined then just in case ?
  6. Obviously never watched Candy Man
  7. If the other half of his problem is the fact he’s a clueless man completely out of touch with the fan base of the club I agree
  8. Ok he won’t be getting offered a new deal by the club
  9. Lead to believe Forestieri been told he can leave
  10. No potentially interested party is going to go into advanced negotiations without knowing the full situation, they aren’t going to make an offer until the EFL have announced what’s what, anyone who doesn’t wait until having the full details would be as clueless in business as our current owner .
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