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  1. 29 years have flown by, my favourite season as a fan and the first year I’d saved enough for a season ticket on the kop
  2. Didn’t we win the first leg 2-0 and the second leg 3-1 ?
  3. I know where you coming from , he won’t get all his money back that’s the reality so does he recoup as much as he can by selling or continue and money .
  4. DC’s family are in for 140 million, an amount which is only going to get bigger if the don’t cut their losses and sell for whatever they can recoup
  5. Well I know he’s on the shortlist with Linda Ronstadt as his assistant , to be honest though... I don’t know much .....
  6. I thought exactly the same thing and had visions of the poor lad deceased in Monk,s car
  7. Just hoping this gives the players a lift now and the team push on, if the likes of Derby and Forest haven’t written their seasons off why should Wednesday .
  8. I’m not on Twitter but I’m joining and following Wendy Smith
  9. I’m past caring now, if anything I find it all amusing, I was slated on here when I said Mandaric couldn’t care less who he sold to, I think I’ve been proven correct
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