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  1. Just a rumour...

    Where was lunch ? What did you have ?
  2. If you notice the one in the shop window goes missing on a Saturday then reappears on the Monday with a destination odour of Lenor .
  3. Time To Start A Fresh?

    There’s a few on here that seem to believe that Champ Man is a prerequisite to a successful managerial career in professional football .
  4. DCFC.

    And recreational drugs by the looks of things .
  5. some people on here

    Completely agree .
  6. Just a rumour...

    Carlos and all backroom staff have been sacked, Steve Haslam and Neil Thompson to take charge for the foreseeable, dont expect a new manager anytime soon Chansiri is backnin Thailand , this is what I’ve heard ,
  7. If he did he would have been sacked 18 months ago .
  8. Butterfield

    I've said this for the past 18 months the players rule the roost, I'd love someone like Roy Keane, I can just imagine Forestieri telling him he won't play out wide .
  9. Don't care if we win this Carlos out
  10. This is awful, I'm so glad they are all back refreshed and ready after the international break c
  11. This is awful, I'm so glad they are all back refreshed and ready after the international break c
  12. His intelligence as a player has been evident since he arrived, unfortunately it was never acknowledged by a large section of the fan base who called him lazy if I remember correctly .
  13. Bang on Mr Farrell, sick of hearing him spew this rubbish, how many have goals have Burton conceded after we managed to let a 1-0 lead slip, make or break month .
  14. Glad to be a source of amusement for you .
  15. 2 wins 3 draws, 9 points, draws with Bristol Barnsley and Villa, personally don’t think that’s good enough but think that’s what we’ll get .