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  1. He might have been on 6 grand a week in his first season but he was on nearly 3 times that a week when somebody I know was giving him investment advice , that was in season 2
  2. Well that’s the Chansiri way, you can do it but in the right way, he didn’t .
  3. Your not far off there or so I’m lead to believe .
  4. Posted on here about it at the time
  5. Discarded by the Chairman for not agreeing to his way of running the Club
  6. In all honesty when he was playing and we’d nicked a lead through him that we were defending he was one of the best defenders on the pitch
  7. I think this just highlights why the Cowley brothers weren’t interested in working at Sheffield Wednesday .
  8. Any auto electrician should be able to sort it no problem for you
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