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  1. To be honest I was never an advocate of Bullen getting the job but after seeing the changes made early second have I am, thought we were unlucky today, bring on Tuesday .
  2. The difference is Wilder assembled that side, a PE teacher coming into a dressing room of millionaire footballers , some who have played at international level is not going to work .
  3. It was frustrating today as daft as it sound them going down to ten hindered our approach more than it helped .
  4. Great to see early changes being made to try and get something out of thrips game
  5. Didn’t notice that and I’m watching the game
  6. Shouldn’t be conceding goals like that from corners
  7. If we need a CB Iorfa will go cb I should imagine
  8. I think the same and I reckon so did Andy Booth when he was asked about there chances of the play offs or promotion last night before the game on sky
  9. We.d be better off with Donald Campbell
  10. Lol we’ve won the first 2 games hardly flying
  11. Was waiting for that comment, there’s a slight difference in working under Bobby Robson and working for the head teacher of a comprehensive school .
  12. I’m sorry but a PE teacher just doesn’t cut it for me
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