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  1. As far fetched as it sounds it really wouldn’t surprise me at all with the way DC goes about things .
  2. Probably some kind of smoke screen that looks official that allows money to be injected into the club under made up names, ie Mr D Taxis and Miss Ellie Vate, just my own opinion, if it really is genuine wow just wow .
  3. Rather have Andre Gray if the rumours are right
  4. Really like the bursting runs forward bringing the ball out but still a little positionally unaware, bailed out by Iorfa a few times but that not a criticism because he’s done well and looks a prospect .
  5. If we had drawn the 3 games we lost over Christmas then gone to Leeds and lost, would people have still gone into panic mode like they did ?
  6. Me too although that’s beyond Hope .
  7. Didn’t they have a hit with “ No Limits “ in the 90 s ?
  8. Can’t argue with Rhodes and Sharp up front, fantastic records at this level
  9. The second Rhodes appeal was a pen for me so just think the ref had had enough of all the man handling in the area
  10. Was only Monk and Rowett I wanted as manger after Bruce left, plenty on here who didn’t want Monk, he’s been outstanding and long may it continue
  11. I rate Sheridan higher as a free kick specialist
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