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Community Answers

  1. Looking forward to episode 2 with a few stories about his time at Wednesday .
  2. Chris Faircliugh , David Reeves and Chris Waddle ?
  3. He was back at Hillsborough yesterday making his presence felt by all accounts so would pretty much guess he will be
  4. Great signing, he’s made mistakes in his personal life but who hasn’t , I don’t remember anyone slagging Bannan off for crashing his Range Rover while drunk before he had even passed a driving test when we signed him .
  5. There no “ and “ you asked a question so I gave me reasoning
  6. Very possibly as it would tie in with the disappearance and injury to Gregory
  7. I didn’t say Carlos had the final say, he encouraged players to have the injection to play.
  8. Are we sure Gregory has an injury or is there possibly a problem with wages again ?
  9. I posted on here at the time that this was the case and that Carlos was ignoring his medical teams advice , as with most things you post you get shot down , just like the poster who mentioned what they had heard about Hutchinson, I believe what has been said personally.
  10. Because we are obviously in need of a CB and at 60 odd it can be any worse than playing a left winger there
  11. I’d have him at Hillsborough in a heartbeat
  12. Exactly this, this is as complicated as football is
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