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  1. Never understood why anyone wanted the Cowley brothers, probably the same people that wanted Steve Evans a few seasons ago .
  2. Where is this striker meant to come from that is going to get you the goals in this division ? Genuine question given our financial restraints .
  3. I’m sorry but Wednesday are an absolute shambles defending
  4. Would have rather seen Luongo start than Hutchinson
  5. Pretty sure the clubs legal advisors will have got this covered
  6. You’ll have to be more specific, there’s a few on that pic
  7. Well said I think I must be in the minority as I’m very pleased with Monk getting the job
  8. Brilliant stuff, always going to happen
  9. He also played professional football at a high standard of the game for clubs including Sheffield Wednesday
  10. Really don’t understand why people are clambering for the Cowely’s yet were completely against Paul Hurst a while back, really don’t think the Cowley’s would command the respect of the squad, much as Lee Bullen doesn’t , Hurst did a better job at Grimsby and Shrewsbury with very limited resources than the Cowleys have at Lincoln, obviously things didn’t work out for him at Ipswich even after the recommendation of Mick McCarthy to the Chairman and I could see the Cowleys managerial career going the same way as would Sheffield Wednesday if they were appointed .
  11. Don’t think they would play for Danny Crowley either
  12. As long as emergency vehicles still have access at the closure times
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