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  1. Owl999

    Marco Matias

    Certainly can't see the harm for 45 minutes
  2. Owl999

    Fernando watch

    Hammerton Road closed for years ago, I don't think you were really in Fernandos garden were you ? Lol
  3. Owl999


    He's the biggest miss of all the injuries, easily the most intelligent in football terms striker at the club .
  4. Owl999

    Cardiff in for FF

    Unfortunately I don't trust Mr Chansiri so I think he will be gone in the transfer window
  5. Owl999

    We Need A Sign.......

    No but I think the opposite wat round would work if Hooper was fit .
  6. Owl999

    Membership costs, a loop hole

    I like your thinking Rob, I'm pretty sure he'll run with this if you pitch it to him
  7. Owl999

    Good Feelings

    I'm not sure it will .
  8. Owl999

    Where is Westwood going

    Completely agree while ever he’s here and fit he should be the first name on the team sheet x
  9. Owl999

    Where is Westwood going

    Completely agree with you, I just think it something else that shows how poorly the club is being run at the moment .
  10. They are also playing attacking pressing football, can't understand why we've gone down a different route to this either .
  11. Tickets, memberships, corporate the whole shabang, anybody who thinks otherwise is sadly deluded .
  12. Do you believe prices will be lower if we get to the Prem due to the club not needing the revenue, give your head a wobble, your in cloud cuckoo land ..
  13. Anyone with half a brain didn't need this confirming .