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  1. Owl999

    Dealt a bad hand

    I personally am past caring Chansiri's stupidity is beyond belief, good look in league 1 fella .
  2. I really couldn't give a monkeys, are people honestly worried about it ? If so they really should give their heads a wobble .
  3. Owl999

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Precisely how I feel fella .
  4. Dawson Fox Pelepussy Bannan Thornily Lees Nuhiu Joao Reach Baker Hector Wildsmith Palmer Omohma Fletchrr Matias Pudil Penney
  5. Owl999

    Fans forum

    I didn't rate any of the bonfire night food they were selling either .
  6. Owl999

    8 million allegedly

    It cost Rotherham United 10 million in lost revenue .
  7. Owl999

    Shaping up

    Only 11 points off the play offs, I don't see why people are disappointed
  8. Owl999

    We have to be United

    The book stops with the Chairman and his ridiculous decisions and lack of football knowledge or business acumen, unfortunately there is a large proportion of fans that can't see fault because of his investment, they seem happy to be fleeced for every last penny to be part of his " family " , no doubt they are the same people that bought into Milan Mandric saying he loved the club and the fans and would only sell to the person right to take the club forwards bullish!t, I'm honestly staggered at how stupid and naive a large section of Wednesday's fan base are, I always thought the Blades fans were the less intelligent but I'm beginning to wonder now if that's true .
  9. That's the one pal, last worn at Wembley against Hull and now retired to the Owls Nest in Bugibba
  10. Owl999

    Forestieri starts

    You beat me to it by 30 seconds Neil
  11. Dawson Fox Pelupussy Bannan Lees Joao Matias Reach Baker Hector Forestieri Wildsmith Palmer Onomah Thoenley Nuhiu Pudil Penny
  12. Did you spot my original 90/91 yellow away shirt on the wall ?