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  1. Hutch and Mego on injuries

    Lovely to hear from you Whitechapel, you still bitter the neg option has been removed ?
  2. Hutch and Mego on injuries

    Strange how everyone who said Carlos was over ruling medical staff a rushing players back were told they were being ridiculous and would use any stick to beat Carlos the clown with, same goes for comments about the fitness training, the truth has a habit of coming out eventually .
  3. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    I think Nuhiu is awful in all honesty but how he took his second yesterday was magnificent, the bullying of the CB the opening up his body to place his shot was class, well done Sir
  4. Time for Moneyball?

    Do Doyen know what the moneyball is ?
  5. Great news for George, keeps his stock high so he'll be off to the Premiership thanks to Mr Chansiri, at least somebody from Wednesday will be there in the Anniversary year .
  6. They are probably doing fans a favour
  7. So with drinks it will be around the 150 quid mark for a family of 4 to have a Sunday lunch ? Wow just wow
  8. As far as I'm concerned he isn't .
  9. Possibly in Carvahals first year but his last contract for this season was circa 750,000 plus bonuses
  10. 24 points

    We are .
  11. Then announce it will be a maximum of 40 quid for the adult shirt .
  12. From the horses mouth

    Might have pricked that up playing with Adam Johnson at Sunderland