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  1. Interesting comments.

    I posted on here about this just after he'd had the medical staff all sacked .
  2. I wouldn’t sleep on 800,000 pounds a year either .
  3. Got to be El Loco

    Is he complete clueless w@nk3r ? I only ask as Mr Chansiri does seem to favour those qualities.
  4. Can I Mention the Kit Please?

    I personally don't think the 3rd kit will ever be available to purchase or worn by the players, another Chansiri balls up for me .
  5. Mass exodus

    Nobody with any sense of taste would buy it anyway .
  6. Forestieri

    Really think he'll be sold in January .
  7. He wasn't right to have given him the last 21 games.
  8. A manager that knows what’s he’s doing will .
  9. 27 years ago, that makes me feel so old .
  10. Now here is a home shirt...

    Needs to be blue and white stripe, they are clearly grey and white, Neil Out !!!!
  11. Paul Hurst

    The last time I saw him socially was at my wedding reception a few years back, he's Wednesday through and through as are all his family, kept at keen eye on his managerial career and think he'd do a great job.
  12. Paul Hurst

    It was chatting to him when there were rumours of us being in for him when he was at Rotherham he's said he walk here if there was an official approach , he my choice from the lower league candidates .
  13. Paul Hurst

    If he doesn't end up at Hillsborough he'll be back at Rotherham at some stage, still got hero status there as record appearance holder, top bloke .
  14. Paul Hurst

    Hursty was one of my best mates growing up, Wednesday through and through, top top lad, he wouldn't take any crap off the players either .