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  1. The fact it’s sustainable is enough to get excited about
  2. Completely agree, look at Brentford their model is similar , they a a production line for talent they sell on yet it never has a detrimental affect on there promotion challenges, new stadium and a bright future for one of the small London clubs .
  3. I echo your sentiments but differ on the jealousy I just wish them well .
  4. They’ve become more popular since Kroks were issued to offenders when they sign on to the sex offenders register
  5. If Chansiri was given a 5 percent share in a company as part of the deal he’d manage to drag that company down as he’s a clueless muppet
  6. I think anyone that believes that Rhodes not being in the starting 11 for so many managers isn’t anything to do with a directive from above is deluded especially when a club is in trouble financially, it’s just back fired on the owner,
  7. Very intelligent player, I think both you and myself have been in a very small minority who have recognised this and championed the merits over his time here as we did Gary Hooper when the majority didn’t recognise his intelligence as a player or contribution to a winning result when he hadn’t scored himself
  8. Because a lot of the lacklustre performances have been down to things like not getting paid on time etc
  9. Makes me laugh how there’s loads on here scoffing at it now but were absolutely lapping it up and applauding it at the time, probably the same people that were creating the Thank You Milan banner for the Kop
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