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  1. Weren’t there only a certain amount of games that would be shown on the red button, it wasn’t every none Saturday fixture if I remember correctly .
  2. Owl999

    Today’s line up

    Harsh but your welcome to try, then you can fish out where I’ve shoved that sick of yours .
  3. Owl999

    Today’s line up

    No Bannan Captain
  4. Westwood Palmer Fox Fletcher Bannan Thorniky Reach Boyd Foredtieri Hutchinson hector all 3 new signings on bench with Joao and Nuhiu and Dawson
  5. Sounds to me like it wasn’t a decision made by Jos
  6. I don’t blame you Ibiza is a lot nicer than Cardiff
  7. Owl999

    Great Picture

    Are they just stood on top of a regular coach ? Not at chance of that now Health and Safety gone mad
  8. Owl999


    Probably be house hunting with the Mrs before he finalises a deal to Fulham
  9. Really are you sure, only I thought the estimated value of Reda Johnson of 8 million by people on here were pretty accurate .
  10. I think a lot of the fan base thought he bought the club because he loved the club
  11. Posted about this on here st the time, when there was a thank you Milan spunk fest going on and was shot down by virtually everybody on here
  12. Owl999

    Steve, Steven, Stephen

    Was it a 6 aside team ?
  13. Owl999

    Starting 11

    Trust me it was always right .
  14. Westwood palmwer fox Fletcher bannan lees matias reach boyd hutchinson hector dawson pelupussy winnal nuhiu baker pudil penney