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  1. If we aren’t relegated this season we will be next season if we start with a point reduction and more than 9 points .
  2. I still love York. Often have a night out there with the lads are a weekend away with the Mrs
  3. I’ve just had a text from a mate asking if I’d heard anything about Wednesday going into administration ? Probably some weird and wild rumour, don’t really see how we can unless DC has stopped the cash flow .
  4. Because scouts and managers turn up to watch specific elements of the game, elements that wouldn’t be captured by television cameras
  5. Charlie Austen did just after he scored the penalty
  6. If we signed him he wouldn’t even be the best keeper at the club called Joe, really overated player and a complete tool of a man as well
  7. To be fair the sound would echo more in emptier surroundings
  8. The point I was making is people who move in football circles as retired professionals etc tend to hear from current professionals and agents etc the ground truth, just like the time Michael Brown let the cat out of the bag over Westwood’s contractual issue live on sky sports
  9. How old would Wickham and Rhodes been 10 years ago ?
  10. I think Carlton has a more informed opinion than people on here give him credit for.
  11. He’ll always make a massive loss because the club is never going to achieve Premier status under his ownership, he had a go, fair play but he’s absolutely clueless, even his friends that got involved with a Reading gave it up as a bad job
  12. Sounds a sweet ride, I was an Orion man myself
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