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  1. I’m waiting for Hutchinson’s statement now
  2. Championship is worth 10 million per season in income revenue
  3. It’s called biting the hand that feeds you
  4. As sad as it all is, it’s only football, it’s not life or death it’s a game of football, people are dealing with a lot worse in their lives than Wednesday being crap .
  5. I’d heard Pudil wasn’t happy that his Mrs kept leaving the landing light on, all makes sense now
  6. They can blast away fella, I think there really is a majority on here who need to give there heads a wobble and take off the blue and white coloured specs about all aspects of the club .
  7. He’s living off that interview not his ability with a lot of Wednesday fans, he’s had mare in all but 2 games he’s played, he got lucky at Leeds being caught out of position we just weren’t punished for it, Blackburn saw him as the weak spot and exploited that , not his fault that senior pros don’t track back to help him out yet nobody seems to berate them . The lad was released by MK Dons there’s a reason for that .
  8. I’ve heard “ Big Dave “ identifies as professional footballer and some on here are are happy to go along with his pretence .
  9. Me neither, made that decision watching the Luton game
  10. Probably be better off turning their backs for the full 90 minutes
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