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  1. Owl999

    penney may be off

    I disagree, not how DC does things unfortunately.
  2. Owl999

    penney may be off

    I’d be surprised if he stays with the money he would be offered here .
  3. I had them all, being on the will to win video as a 15 year old was brilliant, I could also pick myself out running on the pitch after the league cup second leg on the Leauge Cup Glory videos, fantastic times to have been a supporter .
  4. Owl999

    Team for Boro

    Don't think it's worth trying to guess the selection Jos will make, I'm sure there will be a few eyebrows raised whatever it is .
  5. I'm sure he had a stint there
  6. Owl999


    Really don't get the love in with Hutchinson in midfield, he'll struggle to get back in the side more than he's struggled with injuries .
  7. Wasn't he at the Blades for a bit too ?
  8. There's a few going to the game from the Owls Nest Inn to cheer him on .
  9. It's originally a Mark Twain quote isn't it ?
  10. Owl999

    Jos v Carlos - 38 games in

    No mention of Bannan or Fotestieri ? They were in the Roeder days .
  11. Don't think we need to sign anyone, it would be nice to get a few players back from injury though .
  12. Owl999

    Jos v Carlos - 38 games in

    I'm not saying Jos isn't doing a superb job but he does also have all the players DC spunked the millions on .
  13. Owl999

    I wonder if DC...

    We have differing opinions, I'm not complaining of the job Jos is doing but I do think you are giving DC too much credit .
  14. Owl999

    I wonder if DC...

    I think this is spot on, I really don't believe DC had a clue how professional football worked before he bought the club, I still wonder if he does now with some of his decisions , I don't think he'd have let Carlos resign if he really had a choice, I personally am finding this season under Jos more exciting than even the first under Carlos but feel that it's down to good fortune that Jos was appointed not the football knowledge or business acumen of the owner .
  15. Why do you assume because Bannan signed a contract he isn't going anywhere ? All the contract means is Wednesday will receive a better fee .