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  1. Craig enock

    Van aaken off

    Lol, i was there for that game , looked a right baller .
  2. Lol, very good
  3. Doesn't start till Feb 1st . Wtf
  4. Just wondering if there is a recall included in the loan deal . They did pay a decent fee so guesing not, but Bruce did want him at villa. Could be a interesting January window like
  5. Craig enock

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    All I can say is that he's going. Apolagies for it not being 100 per cent accurate, but my pal says he's going . Im being told he won't be in charge for Swansea. Look if I'm wrong fair enough , this site is about sharing things we've heard .im confident I'm being told the truth , but with Wednesday at the moment who bloody knows
  6. Craig enock

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    No not me pal, but I get why you would say that . Im not ITK at all , live in southampton, travel up when I can , but my mate is a club employee who said he's 100% leaving . Hope its true . Wawaw
  7. Got a mate who works in a decent position at the club who says luhukay will be sacked Monday.. bullen in caretaker charge alongside weaver. Apparently unlikely he will even take training . I believe my pal to be well sourced . We will see . I expect idiot reply's to this , but im telling the truth juat hope my pal is wawaw
  8. Craig enock

    No money to sack him

    Daddies !!
  9. Hope I'm wrong but it looks like jos will have to resign to get what we want . We're absolutely fckud atm . The bigger problem is the owner . Need a new owner asap
  10. Craig enock

    Just got home

    Yeah it was a solid drive that lol. Things we do for footy hey . Used to go with me dad but he passed away so pop up on me own now , missus don't get it hahaha. All the best pal
  11. Craig enock

    Just got home

    9 hour round trip back to Southampton and I can honestly say im devastated. The fans were as always fantastic , but the players are just so shot of confidence it's awful. Liam palmer was atrocious today , I hate to say it but would have been better playing with 10 men. Anyway I'm going to bed wawaw
  12. Craig enock


    Oh ok . Yeah thought he had a good game . I was there as well and for what my opinion is worth hector by a mile was m.o.m. But not slashing the kid off just saying he will either drill a 30 harder to the players foot .or mid kick a 5 harder out for a throw in .not meant to be a negative post really thought they all did brilliantly
  13. Craig enock


    Thought he had a decent game today , but he a bit like joao in the sence you just don't know what he will do . If everyone is fit he won't be starting . But when is everyone fit? Lol. Also a small mention for palmer who imo has done rrah we lately. Think bakers rise to the first team squad has gave palmer a kick up the you know what. Wawaw
  14. Craig enock

    RIP Oliver Rains

    Such a tragic loss, my thoughts and prayers go to Oliver's friends and family at this sad time , really hope the club and fans come together for this minutes applause on sat . This is the least we could do