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  1. I really like the idea signing him , palmer still hasn't signed a new deal ,maybe they are exploring other alternatives. Also maybe Bruce sees iorfa as a centre half. Palmer will be a good player to keep on as he can play a wide range of positions
  2. Think he's going , had a poor game last night , not quick enough out wide and not clever enough playing in behind fletcher
  3. # westwood sign a new deal # sign hector permanently # everyone else can go who are out of contract #sign Lazaar and arrons +1 more winger # make hutch or hector captain # use the loan marker better #bring through these youngsters Wawaw
  4. I agree , Rhodes will be given the chance ,, but we need pace , out wide we're just not good enough , I can see us playing a 4/3/3 next season. Westwood Iorfa. Lees. Hector. Penney ? Hutchinson. bannan ? Rhodes. ?
  5. Lol, i was there for that game , looked a right baller .
  6. Just wondering if there is a recall included in the loan deal . They did pay a decent fee so guesing not, but Bruce did want him at villa. Could be a interesting January window like
  7. All I can say is that he's going. Apolagies for it not being 100 per cent accurate, but my pal says he's going . Im being told he won't be in charge for Swansea. Look if I'm wrong fair enough , this site is about sharing things we've heard .im confident I'm being told the truth , but with Wednesday at the moment who bloody knows
  8. No not me pal, but I get why you would say that . Im not ITK at all , live in southampton, travel up when I can , but my mate is a club employee who said he's 100% leaving . Hope its true . Wawaw
  9. Got a mate who works in a decent position at the club who says luhukay will be sacked Monday.. bullen in caretaker charge alongside weaver. Apparently unlikely he will even take training . I believe my pal to be well sourced . We will see . I expect idiot reply's to this , but im telling the truth juat hope my pal is wawaw
  10. Hope I'm wrong but it looks like jos will have to resign to get what we want . We're absolutely fckud atm . The bigger problem is the owner . Need a new owner asap
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