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  1. Money can now be spent , and if he wants a club to sell (providing he does want to sell) then he will have to throw some money at it surely
  2. Please be good news , don't think I can take this going bad
  3. Palmer is bang average going forward with no pace so yeah on that basis I think he could play on the right of a 3 which he's done nicely .all I'm saying is penney main thing is bombing forward so I'd like to see him given a go ... but your right who knows what monk sees wawaw
  4. He ain't playing left of a 3 no chance .... borner will play there ... penney is ideal as a wing back for the reasons you gave to be honest ... i think it could work
  5. If that's true and I don't want to be rude but I have my doubts lol. Then that is ridiculous 🙄
  6. Leaving Leeds was his own decision.. they were fuming when he left ... did a good job at Birmingham with massive behind the scenes issues ... I back him 100 hundred per cent
  7. I hope he does fall out with this group of players ... the same players that fell out with luhukay. The same players who dropped tools for carvahal, these players need weeding out of our club ... back youth and back great loan signings and back smart investment in young talent ... why are we still debating the manager .. honestly owlstalk does not represent the normal fan anymore . Its getting ridiculous on here. No offence wawaw
  8. Totally agree , bullen has been at Wednesday too long , doesn't add anything to that coaching team.. Monk needs to bring in beattie and whoever else he wants .... then allow him to bring in young promising players who have something to prove .. who are on the way up in football .... not the crap we have who are looking for there final pay day before hanging up there boots ... Monk has been succesfull at Leeds where he found jems like kemar roofe ... he was succesfull at Birmingham, ask thwre fans what they think of monk .. they rated him .... everyone says him off for the money spent at boro. But the lad Braithwaite who he signed who everyone felt was a joke signing is now at Barcelona .. We need to be honest with ourselves we ain't getting better tha monk ... we have needed this clear out for too long ... we keep judging managers on the same group of players ...get rid of them and then we can judge monk
  9. Monk right man for job . Needs a summer of bringing in young players .. we've been waiting for an opportunity to sort this team out for 3 years . This summer is that opportunity ..
  10. He ain't great , give penney a crack ..i think he could be quality as a wingback in a 3-5-2.
  11. Showed he can cross a ball , which is more than than the other 2 caN do ... start him against Bristol
  12. Agree totally, you watch fletcher and fox sign new deals lol.... agent is trying to spook Wednesday into given his client a bigger and longer deal ... if it works good luck to them . Personally got no prob with fox going , think he's done ok this season but considering how rubbish he was before it wasnt hard to improve. Like to see penney get given a crack at it anyway ... quicker,younger better going forward than fox .. as for fletcher would be a shame if he goes ... but I'd really like monk to be able to get the age of this squad down ...
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