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  1. Scored the winner at saints I remember with a goal in the 1st minute ... proper player but nothing around him
  2. Agree totally.... I'm just fed up with all of it . You wake up and there is something new that is happening to our club .... the negatively around the place is as bad as I've ever known it .... we are fooked... owner has ripped the heart out of a once fantastic community club...
  3. We really do .... we have to national league goalies on our books ....
  4. Yeah struggling to sleep thinking about it
  5. Is there a press conference today for the game... normally in the morning wawaw
  6. They can all do one .... shocking again
  7. Reports saying we've been priced out for a move for Aberdeen striker sam Cosgrove.... God we are in trouble q
  8. Roland nielson Niclas alexanderson Kevin pressman Gerald sibon ( stayed with us when we went down)
  9. Mate don't justify yourself on here .... you put up credible info...people either believe it or don't
  10. Keane's odds have shortened... second favourite now on sky bet
  11. Yeah I do ..... delighted for him to go as well .... I have to say though if the money at Wednesday is running out ... then taking pints on younger players from lower leagues is the way to go.... I'd rather take a chance on this kid then sign another over the hill 30 use old who wants 1 last pay dY before retirement...wawaw
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