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  1. Hunt not ready for championship football. Needs a loan
  2. Considering he didn't even meet the players until the day of the game I thought he was decent.... won everything... pumped it down the channel .. and pinged into Patterson... OK admittedly he didn't have the greatest accuracy but he will get better
  3. Agree ... nothing to do ... still not convinced hope I'm wrong
  4. Apologies ....mate let me down ... I hate reading stuff like this on here and now I've done it sorry guys
  5. I know the feedback this will get so I won't be reading it but I'm hearing from someone I believe that there is one more signing to be made ..... ridicule to come my way but we will see
  6. If watford lose dawson to west ham and they go for iorfa then I can definitely see eus going for flint .... looks like the young lad we got who injured against qpr is going to be out for a long time ... don't know the extent of lees injury .... if we on top of that lose iorfa them we need to prob make 2 signings in that area
  7. I remeber when we nearly signed him..... kept phoning that club clubcall to see if there was any news .... ran up a massive phone bill mum nearly killed me
  8. Anyone know what nixon saying this morning .... can't be arsed to go down shop
  9. Dom's arse crack of a chin still cracks me up ...lol
  10. Fantastic analysis. Its something I've been thinking we should be doing for a couple of years .... unfortunately you posted this on owlstalk so it won't get the time of day
  11. Trust me if we sign him its as a striker ... have you seen the size of the lad .... he is an out and out no9.... but he aint the best is he
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