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  1. Great analysis, totally agree , some fans stuck in stone age
  2. Totally agree , Moyes would be an unbelievable appointment , but Gary megson will get more support on here than Moyes, some us up to be honest
  3. No need to get mad pal. I promise this is the last thread I start ... wish you well wawaw
  4. We will see , again mate I'm genuinely just passing on what I've been told ... take it with a pinch of salt or bear it in mind ... up to you
  5. Um yeah got that wrong , apologies if anyone was offended .
  6. Fair point , got half right (ish) I say what I'm told , sometimes it could be wrong . I just put it on here .. maybe I shouldn't. But the guy I know is normally ok with stuff ... anyway I fully respect everyone on here . As for hector he is training with the under 23 at Chelsea. He told them he wants to join us ... fingers crossed ..
  7. Again I know this site treats my sources with a bit of ridicule and that's fair enough .. but from what I've been told the negotiations regarding a fee for Bruce is verbally agreed . Bruce has told Newcastle he wants the weekend to consider.... he may turn this down ..
  8. Mate , I just posted something I was told by someone who I consider reliable . If I'm wrong I apologise, but from what I'm hearing it will happen. We are drip feeding the signings to the fans. Expect odebejo to be announced later today
  9. Apologies mate ,hector deal all but agreed .. our only competition for him is Fulham who want a brentford centre half as priority. If they dont get him and hector is still up for grabs expect them to blow us out the water ...
  10. Yeah also great at taking backhanders from his agent
  11. Cheers mate , got a bit of stick on hear for making this claim . Got a source in club nothing major but someone who sometimes gets given a bit of info .anyway Bruce going to Newcastle could impact on us getting hector ... from what I understand the deal is all but agreed, Fulham are hoping to get a brentford centre half whose name has escaped me ... but if that doesn't happen they will go all out to get hector ...hopefully by then we've got him ...
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