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  1. Keep your head up joe .... living in southampton , you and dom are really useful in keeping me up to date with wednesday news ... don't let the idiots win .... wawaw
  2. Agree , what is happening at our club
  3. Times up for Moore... get rid of this erm erm bloke and bring in Alex neil .... these players won't get away with it with him
  4. Cheers pal .... I mean it mainly for me only taking him so it looks normal
  5. Does anyone know what hotel we are at for the pompey game .... I live in Southampton and would love to take the little one down and hopefully get some signatures and photos ... all the best Wawaw
  6. It's a fair point t. They've been poorly advised .. but I'd definitely have shaw vack , especially with luongo injury record
  7. Alex neil would do a great job here ... no nonsense guy is what's needed imo ..... wawaw
  8. Surely chansiri will get rid of Moore. Alex Neil would be my choice . Strong leader with a no nonsense approach with some of our lads need
  9. Scored the winner at saints I remember with a goal in the 1st minute ... proper player but nothing around him
  10. Agree totally.... I'm just fed up with all of it . You wake up and there is something new that is happening to our club .... the negatively around the place is as bad as I've ever known it .... we are fooked... owner has ripped the heart out of a once fantastic community club...
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