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  1. Yeah but Brian Kidd can coach , bullen cant . Bullen ain't no coach trust me , the reason the lad from the under 21s got promoted was to take the training sessions . Bullen stood there saying nowt like he did during the games . He's out of his depth ... if you employ a manager he deserves the opportunity to bring in his team .if that means the club legend Lee bullen has to go so be it .
  2. I've heard no one ever say bullen is a good coach, he's there for stability which I'm ok with but no way is he a coach, I dont think he even has any badges , we are being run terribly atm
  3. Anyone know how long monk has signed on for, ain't heard nowt
  4. Any Wednesdayites who think we are better than Tony pulis are deluded , we need a manager who can build this club up, coaching set up is poor , training ground is outdated, recruitment team is non existent.. pulis is a experienced manager who could help us move forward ... I'm sorry all this rubbish about crowley is baffling . Yes he's got potential , but look what Wednesday did to Jewell and Wilson.. chewed them up and spat them out ,its too big a job for a manager with potential ..
  5. Agree , Luongo should be starting , hutch and bannan is not great
  6. We desperately need someone to run our club on a day to day basis , someone like a nicola cortese who used to run Southampton, I feel chansiri is trying to do too much , we lack a clear identity on the football side of the business. And we dont seem to be making much improvement in the corporate side of things either .. I really respect chansiri but we are going stale imo
  7. Sell him , get what we can ,we can bring Penney back in January as cover for palmer . He ain't good enough ,
  8. You beat me to this one lol.... would be a fantastic fit. Bring stuart gray as well and I'll be doing summersults
  9. Fair analysis mate , I didn't want it too sound ruthless cuz I think bullen is doing a decent job
  10. Before anyone says anything I thinknbullen should get the job , but I'm disappointed with our team selection yesterday and our bench .... i know millwall play a long ball game but surely the way we've played in our first 2 games we should have just gone there and played are game ... swapping iorfa for odebejo was a wrong call , and not having winnall and forestieri on bench wasn't great either .... bullen has my full support .. I just think you can worry too much about the other team and forget what we do well .. wawaw
  11. I agree pal I live in oxford and I remember how good he was coming through the ranks , a real talent very direct , work rate is high, delivers a decent ball , and still young enough to develop his game
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