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  1. I read that he has the best stats (at Everton) for carrying the ball forward in an attacking sense.
  2. Win win situation in my eyes. What wages is he getting though ? Nothing like the £400k a week he was on
  3. If Everton lose Richarlison they might have another crap season…. I can’t see loads of players queuing up to go there based on last season. They tend to get a lot of flops or C level players.
  4. It started raining at 5pm. Hope a couple of people went down to join in.
  5. It really was crazy - no one would predict that
  6. ‘Qatar Airways’ could do with being a bit bigger
  7. I did also, but his stats last season are OK for a struggling team. They must think he can improve and is a good age.
  8. Newcastle United reveal green and white third kit with Saudi Arabia resemblance https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61962841
  9. Away one fine Home one not enough stripes 3rd kits… do we ever where them? I like to see the concept kits thought and admire the effort so well done Tim Rowson
  10. Probably Amazon Prime and 6:15pm kick offs for night Prem matches (then also a 8:15pm one) I don’t think they’d want the EFL as it’s nowhere near as global Money talks so whoever has the money really…
  11. Spurs are an interesting one. If they get the players that Conte wants you could see them making it tough for the other big teams.
  12. What are we supposed to refer to them as now !? Just Derby County !!??
  13. Goodness me. Look at the state of their living room.
  14. Seems calculated along with Chansiri throwing the money at it. It also feels like the club has a bit of pull in this League. We’re all excited with the players we can get in in this league - one of the few positives of being in this league is being a big fish … rather than one our targets in the Championship going to someone like QPR instead of us etc
  15. I’ll allow it…. as long as he has a kick about against some kids on the beach.
  16. Irish Premiership champions Linfield have beaten World Cup hosts Qatar 1-0 in a practice match in Marbella. A teamsheet posted by the club showed that seven players who started for Qatar on Tuesday evening also played in their 0-0 friendly international draw with Slovenia in March.
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