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  1. Good point. Why aren’t we betting on this ? I can see the headline now 22,000 Wednesday fans responsible for Barry Bannan being jailed
  2. Assist from Digne ? How is the anti Gerrard chanting going
  3. Away at Leeds today… who will be more confident after their win at West Ham
  4. Hey Millo You make a good point… looking back at this season you’re right… IT CAN BE DONE Over the last 5 years or so it doesn’t feel like it happens enough though. The Owls are going to do it today for us.
  5. I’m wondering if NML would only sign for 2 months - so the deal would end around this time… so he could move on if HE wanted to
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo's representatives have told Manchester United that the 36-year-old Portugal forward will look to leave Old Trafford in the summer if the club fail to qualify for next season's Champions League. (Sun) ________ An unnamed Premier League team have matched Newcastle United's offer for 28-year-old Sevilla defender Diego Carlos, with the Magpies believed to have tabled a £30m bid for the Brazil centre-back. (Sky Sports)
  7. Doesn’t seem to happen all that much for us. That’s got to be our immediate target. Let’s do it.
  8. One of the old Soccer Saturday blokes admitted that ‘back in the day’ someone put a bet on the ball to go out of play very early in the game - which they knew about So the player tried to hoof it out of play from kick off - but it didn’t go out - so he had to run round chasing the ball to get it out of play
  9. I’m sure we were linked with him when he (then) went to Blackpool. Maybe another occasion too. So to see his name come up again ….
  10. We're into the final 15 minutes at Hillsborough. The Owls lead Preston by one goal to nil. #swfc
  11. Got swept under the rug pretty fast didn’t it.
  12. When they get someone good, they don’t half rack up the appearances at Real Madrid. Makes you think that these players are partly why the club is what it is now.
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