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  1. Settle down. He’s going nowhere. Clearly happy here. Fans love him. Fire us up Next year. Unless Boro offer him mega bucks he’s ours.
  2. Too much to read. Why are we even having this debate. Pointless . In. BTW.
  3. I believe there’s room to change yes of course. For me we need a big target man who can adapt to both styles hate to say but a little like George Hirst. We were found out sometimes by the Lincoln’s and Gillinghams and that for me is where we lost out those games that we should be winning on the smaller compact grounds. Let’s not make that mistake again.
  4. Not good enough for me. Jack of all trades and master of none
  5. I’m not a massive fan of CD. But surely we have to give the lad a go and as a minimum keep him here as no 2 if we’re paying his wages. Get another keeper in and let them battle it out. JW not good enough.
  6. Bamba has got more weight on than me. Might get me boots out.
  7. I’d take Flint again. But once again he won’t fit into that play out from the back style. Sigh.
  8. It was a poor goal to give away all round. We defend as a team and not individuals. NML went AWOL. Storey should have showed him the line and backed himself to get a tackle in or force him backwards. LP switches off no question either get a tackle in or block him off. He switches off for Hirsts goal v Portsmouth. Watch that back. Even worse. Even then they got lucky as the ball actually goes through BPF s legs could have easily hit him. Could go on and on.
  9. Got to work and shouted at a few people. Had to apologise. Then realised I needed to get it together. Stayed off OT last night as didn’t want the emotional side to influence. Im ok now and looking forward to a few normal Saturdays. Bit of cricket. Few beers. Then the re structure. UTO.
  10. Good point that. He wouldn’t fit into our style of playing out that is a fact.
  11. Seems CD has pulled off some minor miracles at Exeter. They’re desperate to keep him albeit same league as us. I didn’t rate him but willing to look again surely just like PNE will look at Storey again. What’s peoples views or do we look elsewhere?
  12. Good luck in the final. I actually think you may struggle as he’s a Wiley fox Ainsworth. Seems some of your fellows think it’s a formality. I do genuinely hope you make it but it’s far from done.
  13. Correct. There was nothing in the games really. Could have gone either way there was no superior tactician here down to rub of the green and a mistake by Hutch.
  14. He stays for me. Recruitment should be interesting though. GK is my worry. Unless Dawson has been transformed by his loan spell.
  15. Wow. That’s a fantastic post my friend. All I’ve been thinking. Interestingly Patterson seemed to win headers last night but he’s not the answer. A lot of us could and can see what’s happening. I do like DM and think he has a future here but he needs to work out getting a way out of this pub league. Definitely need a big young target man. Centre halves if it’s not to be Dean although I am a big Gibson fan. Keeper situation is the big worry for me.
  16. Don’t matter who comes in if they keep getting injured. We were hamstrung for a large part of this season and if they continue at that rate we’ll get nowhere. Need fit players. Also need to get the average age down.
  17. He’s right though. I’ve enjoyed this season and we’ve played some decent stuff to boot. Enjoy and come what may it’s down to the gaffer and players and as Morhinio says don’t just come to watch come to be the 12th man. Sun will still come up tomorrow. UTO.
  18. And I’d we don’t make it and they’re up in the championship they’ll still be on here. Can’t help themselves.
  19. Exactly. Me too. Have a good day now.
  20. Id prefer it if you jumped i the f..Kin hole.
  21. See usual suspects out. Let’s see what happens Monday shall we.
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