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  1. Fair enough. I was a fan. We were the wrong club for him. Hope he goes a long way.
  2. Won’t be the end of his story. Think he’ll go a long way.
  3. Can assure you I did. Top player and I think will move for big money. Suited to their style and looks a real handful. Reading are cocky two hats and I’m glad Coventry turned them over but they will walk that league from what I’ve seen. Good to see Lucas doing well.
  4. ^^^ this. Flint and Marriott alone combined cost over 10m not long back.
  5. Along with Marriott, Patterson, Windass Uncle Tom cobbley and all.
  6. Can’t watch. Won’t watch. I know what he’ll say it’s always the same. Just go.
  7. See Jordan Rhodes re this thread. Same problems. No service. We make zero chances. Feed off scraps. We are pathetic. Until this clown moves on just another career being ruined.
  8. To be fair he has had a run of bad luck with injuries. As is the norm for us. However he just doesn’t adapt. No plan B. Let’s just plough on. Back 3. Lump it. He doesn’t have a clue.
  9. There have been so many of us who have said this sadly time and time again. Fans aren’t mugs. Why can’t this clown see it. The lad is just not good enough. Nor is wild smith.
  10. In other news. Johnny has got some big problems in coro now.
  11. You reap what you sow I’m afraid. Too late to sack him now. Who else would want this job. We may as well plan for next season already.
  12. Surely nobody in their right mind can think we can get out of this mess on these showings.
  13. Watching on sky red button. Who the frig keeps shouting ‘come on rovrum’ thought no fans allowed sounds like that idiot who keeps ringing radio sheffield.
  14. Not all. He’s young. And if you read at the end. Needs to learn.
  15. He knows he’s in a hole this time. See if he can roll his sleeves up and keep ‘working hard ‘. 2 games will tell.
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