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  1. I thought he did well last night, not seen the goal again and he maybe could do better as he left the man at far post but his general play and breaking up moves was excellent
  2. They were just better than us sadly. Fletcher was a massive miss and sadly it looks like we lack strength in depth. Early days though for GM.
  3. It was a bang average performance if I’m honest. But even so two or three great chances and a possible penalty which could have gone either way. No panic yet but the worry is fletcher was badly missed.
  4. Just not been good enough tonight. They were better than us. Still Missed three sitters and we get punished.
  5. Started with Murphy that. Really poor. No effort.
  6. Did okay there for me. Nuhiu should have scored then it’s a different game. Great ball in from BB. Its a poor game but I think I’d feel better if he put Palmer at right back as the lad is getting in behind odebajo at will. We desperately need a quality left back. Having a right footer there in Palmer there’s no fluidity.
  7. I like KW and rate him but clear error and as already pointed out his reaction says it all. He didn’t even try to catch it. The parry out was a bad error of judgement. Just catch it or at least try. Poor decision making.
  8. DC all over. Loyalty and all that. I agree it’s maybe time for bullen to move on and let’s have a new broom sweep clean regime.
  9. Ok. Well I’m underwhelmed but he’s our new gaffa so let’s get behind him. Onwards and upwards. UTO.
  10. Underwhelmed if I’m honest. Like to know the reasoning here.
  11. Underwhelmed if I’m honest. Like to know the reasoning here.
  12. I’m up for this too. Think it’s time to get them in. Seems by their comments that they don’t want too much upheaval to family roots too and as such we are an attractive proposition assuming they live out Lincoln area not too far. Lets get on with it DC.
  13. Absolutely incredible performance. Tell you what not sure if fletcher was offside now looking at that again. Looks on.
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