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  1. Guy I work with is big forest fan. Reckons they need a new keeper and KW is high on their agenda. Theyll be straight in for him unless we get rid of this clown and someone sees sense.
  2. edwinowl

    If Jos goes... who's in?

    Well let’s give him a crack. You never know he might even give players like Westwood. Hutchinson and Abdi a go. Now there’s a thought.
  3. edwinowl

    If Jos goes... who's in?

    I’d take Bruce. Without a shadow of doubt. He knows the game and more importantly is connected. This for me is key. We signed a manager with zero connections. JL must go and we have to have a guy who knows this league and is connected.
  4. edwinowl


    Pleased someone else noticed as I posted in the matchday thread and got slated.
  5. edwinowl

    Just got back...

    Agree thorniley looked good and kept ameobi quiet which was clearly his job. FF worries me though. Didn’t look interested until latter stages. Reckon he’ll be off come January.
  6. I have to agree. Thought fletcher going off and big Dave coming on gave us a lift. Hes not the answer though is he. Lets face it we are poor and JL has no idea what his best side is. Keep Stirring the pot and eventually you’ll get a bit of luck. We didn’t really deserve to win that tonight but hey. We’ll take it. A change is needed.
  7. edwinowl

    Can still go for me

    Sadly have to agree. No urgency. Poor or virtually no tactics. Were going backwards. This guys had over a year now and has brought nothing for me to the team. That was very very poor tonight. Fletcher going off was a blessing and big Dave seemed to lift us. But it’s the same old same old.
  8. edwinowl

    Fessi on the bench

    This is true. He came to life when we got ahead. But he’s barely a shadow of the player we know and love.
  9. edwinowl


    He is but he looked disinterested until we got ahead then his head came up and he started to play and buzz like we know he can.
  10. FF looks disinterested to me.
  11. Like watching a league two game this. Except without the blood and thunder.
  12. JL has been in charge for a year. In fairness he has developed some young talent I’ll give him that. But it’s been costly. He can’t seem to distinguish between right and wrong time to play these kids and is leaving us exposed. We have gone backwards for me in his time here despite the alleged money he is on which is more then CC. I’m not a knee jerk reaction man but we need to change before Xmas or we are going be in a relegation battle if we aren’t already.
  13. edwinowl

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Yes please.
  14. edwinowl


    Was a great ride for sure. But sadly he shot from the hip. With no thought for the future. Derby are dojng it right. And building a young team which will be here next year and many after that. So are teams like Brentford. Yes Brentford. Let’s not go into some of his bizzare signings eh. It was a blast and he failed. Now we are paying the price. And someone needs to take responsibility. No thanks Carlos.