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  1. I get what you’re saying but BB is the major cog in our wheel. Integral to how we play. Personally if we can get good money he can go for me.
  2. He will be good for us this year. I think a top L1 player. Maybe the step up to championship is a step too far for him though.
  3. It’s the wednesday way. At least we’re getting something I suppose but we’re continually getting shafted. Hopefully Moore will sort things amd take a good long look at this club from the bottom up.
  4. Definite yes from me. Quality at L1 level. As someone said it’s a no brainer.
  5. The one thing that gets my back up is not mentioned. Bloody subs in the last few mins of a game winds me up. Should be banned after 85 mins and during any extra time unless a head or serious injury. The throw in woth feet is ridiculous.
  6. ^^^^^^* This. We’ve been in free fall. Let’s hope these guys can put the brakes on and turn this big ship around.
  7. It’s Charles Charlie Charles grandson. Bound to be tip top. Lol
  8. They’re all smiling ?? Not much of that now.
  9. Not that I have to clarify anything to you but they either pay a fee or he stays. Exactly which bit of that don’t you grasp ?
  10. Cos we’re bursting at the seams with centre halves aren’t we ??
  11. Sick to death of clubs thinking it’s a free for all with players. The man is under contract. If that clown DC messes this one up this will just about sum us up.
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