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  1. edwinowl

    Rhodes to Norwich

    ^^^^^^. This.
  2. edwinowl

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Snodgrass m lud. Watched him last night again throwing himself about. He’s a complete fraud and utter utter Bell end.
  3. edwinowl

    ffs Wednesday

    I was and we'd still be playing now if those goals hadn't gone in!
  4. So typical though last night. Plan B was to bring the big lad on just like he did with big Dave. If you ask me abrahams should have started anyway. Many similarities to his latter time here.
  5. edwinowl

    Jos: DC got it right.

    Have to admit I was one of those jos doubters. However it's clear to see he has got it right when it mattered most. Does he actually have a contract for next season ?
  6. It's a tough one this because ultimately he's done (almost) what was asked of him and that's keep us up. Seems to be inflexible in some of his decisions and his use of subs I think is poor. Let's be honest in most games the whole subs use is part of the modern game and it seems to have passed Jos by. Its a tough call and one I'm pleased I don't have to make.
  7. He is right and it’s not acceptable. Usual pre season jolly to Portugal it does make you realise what the hell has gone off. Players back too soon. This season has been disastrous and recent form with some players back shows where we should be at.
  8. edwinowl

    End of the road for Rhodes?

    Hopefully a good summer clearout and if he remains Re focus and become the player we know he is.
  9. edwinowl

    End of the road for Rhodes?

    Was a guest at the mansfield game yesterday. Sat next to a guy who was a Sunderland fan and going to the derby game later last evening. He is a writer and is involved in a film of a book he’s written about one of our famous players from the turn of the century and is fairly well connected. He says it’s fairly common knowledge in the north east that Rhodes head has gone. Said he’s not bothered about the game anymore just doesn’t want to play football. Fed up with the game and fallen out of love with it.
  10. Sooner give steve some dosh than that greedy git
  11. edwinowl

    Hillsborough on Historic List

    Presumably this wont affect us when we knock that god forsaken stand down whenever that is
  12. edwinowl

    Adam Reach

    Plenty eh. ? Go on then ?
  13. edwinowl

    Adam Reach

    Ok then who else is trying to make something happen. Enlighten us all why don’t you.
  14. edwinowl

    Adam Reach

    Utter rubbish. Only one who looks to get on the ball and do anything.
  15. edwinowl

    Dross Jos

    Two league one teams out there.