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  1. Good players don’t become bad players overnight. Was always going to come good. Great signs for the season
  2. Ok. Well done chaps. Has a feel of the old lady waking from a slumber. Watford will be up there make no mistake. That’s a good result.
  3. Also not a fan of his but agree. Posted up something very similar on a thread recently that we as fans need to stay calm when the inevitable first defeat comes. I think there’s enough quality in the squad to stop up but let’s not think it will be anything else other than stopping up because it won’t.
  4. Too early Neil, last year up to xmas gave me confidence and then the rest , well, no The squad is taking shape and spirit is good, 10 games in and ask again
  5. I’ll admit I’m not a fan of his but I’ll be the first to open the ‘humble pie’ thread when and if the time is right. Good start but that’s all it is at the moment. But I’ve been impressed so far.
  6. Sad that. Once got sent off there Fans gave me dogs abuse. Feel for them. Should never be happening this.
  7. To be fair it’s nice to hear. Ultimately it’s about winning games though. Let’s see. Be nice if we adopted a similar attitude on here when the inevitable first defeat comes. Later rather than sooner hopefully
  8. ^^^^^ This. To be fair he is a bit of a luxury player but this team may just suit his eye to Nick a goal. After all he’s done it all his life.
  9. Big fan of his and desperately want him to come good but something has gone awry with him. Just hope as you guys say they’ve got into his head and released his demons. He doesn’t possess pace or great aerial prowess but no doubt he knows where the net is. Or did. Lol
  10. Interesting he wasn’t allowed back to train if he’s contracted there. Still he says he’s fit enough so get him in the side and let’s get on with it. Not much in this really for me.
  11. It’s the hope that gets to you year on year. We’re not on our own it just seems that way. Suppose that’s why folk support the mancs and big London clubs. We’ll be ok
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