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  1. Released by Mansfield today. Lad binned us off for Bolton way back. Still a young man really and to be fair I saw him a few times for the stags and he was decent. Uncertain future for many footballers ahead.
  2. ^^^^^. This. Has to be the right thing to do.
  3. Must say had to have a chuckle at this. We are in a spot of bother it would seem and soon get the verdict. That will almost certainly be too late to mount a grandstand finish but who knows. Its never dull being a wednesdayite Sun will still rise tomorrow though. chin up chaps.
  4. This man surely has to go. there is losing and losing and this is getting embarrassing. 9 goals conceded so far this week. pathetic.
  5. Wow what a great read that is. And spot on. Deep down these clubs like city etc want clubs like ours and the others mentioned to be in the PL and competing It won’t happen. TV has killed it.
  6. Need at least 12 more I reckon minimum and even that might not be enough. Not sure where they’re coming from at the moment.
  7. Nope. Seen enough. No plan B. Nor plan A to be honest.
  8. Used to love away days at main road. Proper old footie ground that They just got lucky when their new owners came in and employed people who knew what they were doing. Difference being they could spend proper back then.
  9. OP is spot on. Disrespectful to the club but more importantly the fans
  10. Just had a read through monks Wikipedia. I don’t follow other clubs but it seems he has similar traits in long winning runs then severe dips in form. Also excluding experienced players prior to clear outs. Be an interesting ride if we manage to stay up presuming the points deduction is not massive.
  11. Was at that game. What a night. Recall my pal getting stuck in the turnstiles what an idiot
  12. We won’t win another league title I don’t believe sadly we missed the gravy train. Suppose we would have to look at premier league survival as success now. If we ever make it there.
  13. Panic sets in at the end yet again. Goal in stoppage time. Seems endemic in this club at the moment.
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