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  1. edwinowl


    Thought Palmer was excellent. Seems he’s been given more confidence particularly going forward. Looks a different player
  2. edwinowl

    Play-off push

    Totally agree. He also wasn’t the only one that was stubborn. If DC had swallowed his pride and not been as stubborn then JL would have been sacked and hopefully we’d be a little closer to have a crack at it. Sadly there’s too much ground been lost now.
  3. edwinowl

    Chairman’s statement

    Sounds to me that he’s putting all his eggs in brucies basket. Good thing is Bruce knows this league and will wheel and deal. Pretty sure Reach and POSs FF will be sold if the right money is offered. That should buy us time and get some good loan players in through his contacts. We’ll be rayt
  4. edwinowl

    Now the dust has settled...

    It’s too late for this year. Theres some good sides in the league and we’re no where near good enough yet. Mid table should be easily achieved and we’ll probably take big some scalps along the way. Could be a buckle in ride though.
  5. Like most on here. Happy with this. Solid appointment pity we tinkered around for so long with JL but it’s done now. Hope we’ll have a solid finish and who knows. There’s usually a side that comes with a late run. You never know.
  6. edwinowl


    Agree. Fox was excellent today and we might just have a player yet with him.
  7. edwinowl

    Well Done to all

    Agree. Great effort today had no luck or would have been a comfortable win
  8. edwinowl

    Fans forum match day thread

    Seems to me a complete waste of time this meeting/forum I know he's called them before and he has some bottle to front up the fans at this tense time. But to me it seems he is a man not for swaying , he's stubborn to the point of arrogance. He won't listen to the fans and he will do what he wants anyway. With this attitude were going south fast I'm afraid.
  9. You know the thing is that we are where we are and we have now got to accept that. But can anyone honestly tell me that JL is the man to motivate and galvanise what is still a decent bunch of players or what’s gonna be left after the January sales. No. Get a manager who’s gonna roll up his sleeves and get stuck in. Bruce would do as would Mego or others. We have to stay up its simple.
  10. Guy I work with is big forest fan. Reckons they need a new keeper and KW is high on their agenda. Theyll be straight in for him unless we get rid of this clown and someone sees sense.
  11. edwinowl

    If Jos goes... who's in?

    Well let’s give him a crack. You never know he might even give players like Westwood. Hutchinson and Abdi a go. Now there’s a thought.
  12. edwinowl

    If Jos goes... who's in?

    I’d take Bruce. Without a shadow of doubt. He knows the game and more importantly is connected. This for me is key. We signed a manager with zero connections. JL must go and we have to have a guy who knows this league and is connected.
  13. edwinowl


    Pleased someone else noticed as I posted in the matchday thread and got slated.
  14. edwinowl

    Just got back...

    Agree thorniley looked good and kept ameobi quiet which was clearly his job. FF worries me though. Didn’t look interested until latter stages. Reckon he’ll be off come January.
  15. I have to agree. Thought fletcher going off and big Dave coming on gave us a lift. Hes not the answer though is he. Lets face it we are poor and JL has no idea what his best side is. Keep Stirring the pot and eventually you’ll get a bit of luck. We didn’t really deserve to win that tonight but hey. We’ll take it. A change is needed.