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  1. I’d like to see us take a look at this CJ Hamilton from our favourite club mansfield. This kid has some searing pace and left footed. Seen him several times this season and he’s dangerous. Worth a look steve if you’re reading. Lol.
  2. ^^^^^ this. A million times this. We have to let SB build this team his way. We all want to be managers and pick the players he should sign. Let’s face it it’s partly why we’re on here. This guy knows the game at this level inside and out. Maybe not at the PL top level where it’s all massive budgets and fine lines but I see him as good a manager as Dyche at Burnley who was is still producing miracles. Massive change next year and it won’t be all roses round the door. Not yet anyway but I’m sure its round the corner.
  3. What the hell is his injury. ? Seems each time we get long termers. Hes only a young guy.
  4. I don’t think we’ll get that close tbh. Too many injuries and sadly DC and his loyalty has cost us this season a month too late. We’ve played well during this run but still not world beaters. Can’t see us going places like weeds and ripping up the form book. Just being realistic. We’re getting there but work in progress for what I think will be a cracking season next up.
  5. Top player now playing with confidence. Shame we haven’t had a striker along with him playing regularly as they’d be a real handful. Id like to see Winnal play with fletcher but sadly on last nights evidence he’s struggling for fitness. Maybe the international break might just help.
  6. That was a good effort, quite impressed with that video. They wont stop up on that showing though. I actually think in a better side Ameobi could be a real threat..
  7. As most have said on here. We don’t have a chance. And frankly we aren’t good enough. Big changes next year. Least we can relax with summer just around the corner. Chill out boys. Next season will be our big year.
  8. Just shows how we missed Jao who I presume is also injured. Boyd was nuisance value at best. I’d have put Matias on but he doesn’t have the same work rate. Happy with a point really.
  9. Thought Palmer was excellent. Seems he’s been given more confidence particularly going forward. Looks a different player
  10. Totally agree. He also wasn’t the only one that was stubborn. If DC had swallowed his pride and not been as stubborn then JL would have been sacked and hopefully we’d be a little closer to have a crack at it. Sadly there’s too much ground been lost now.
  11. Sounds to me that he’s putting all his eggs in brucies basket. Good thing is Bruce knows this league and will wheel and deal. Pretty sure Reach and POSs FF will be sold if the right money is offered. That should buy us time and get some good loan players in through his contacts. We’ll be rayt
  12. It’s too late for this year. Theres some good sides in the league and we’re no where near good enough yet. Mid table should be easily achieved and we’ll probably take big some scalps along the way. Could be a buckle in ride though.
  13. Like most on here. Happy with this. Solid appointment pity we tinkered around for so long with JL but it’s done now. Hope we’ll have a solid finish and who knows. There’s usually a side that comes with a late run. You never know.
  14. Agree. Fox was excellent today and we might just have a player yet with him.
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