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  1. Out for me. We need to act quickly
  2. edwinowl

    Mick McCarthy

    Afraid DC will dig his heels in here we do need someone in to steady the ship and MM is certainly that. Its just a mess currently.
  3. edwinowl

    Jos- discipline and organisation

    Sadly the win at Sunderland disguised what is turning out to be a poor start. Saw the pre season stuff and it seems that we’re carrying that form into the league. Not the time to be tinkering. Its a bit of a mess
  4. edwinowl

    Over Reactions

    Gonna be a long old season sadly.
  5. Totally agree with this. Were not comfortable with this system anymore. And we are a sitting duck in wide areas. Decent teams will annihilate us.
  6. edwinowl

    Alex Hunt

    Agree he looked a bit lost and it was no surprise we improved second half with Kirby. He did show some nice touches and looks to have a good footy brain. Needs to get stronger for me but we may have another player in there.
  7. Why the hell don’t we press the ball. It’s dire is this. Making them look like Real Madrid. Dear o dear. No excuses here
  8. It’s probably the only sport where there’s no level playing field up and down divisions. Its already been said that the number of fans at a game doesn’t have any bearing. Saw a graph the other day on the size Man Utd in monetary terms and its bigger than pretty much all the championship teams put together. Ridiculous. But the ship sailed and we were left in harbour. Now we’re bobbing along in a rowing boat
  9. edwinowl

    Cardiff in for FF

    12 million plus a player maybe bamba as someone said and we’d have to consider that.
  10. edwinowl


    Absolute quality striker. If we can get and keep him fit as good as anything in this league.
  11. edwinowl

    So we've wrote this season off?

    Agree with some posters on here that the players are good enough. I think the big plus is they are experienced at this level too. Cant see us tearing anyone apart but there is enough for us to still enjoy as good season with or without FF.
  12. edwinowl

    New recruitment policy

    Seen all the games so far. We are so poor in wide areas and so exposed it’s unreal. He will have to go back to a 4 for me and play the extra man in midfield. Hutch is wasted currently. Not even sure he knows what his role is in the side.
  13. edwinowl

    New recruitment policy

    Agree with much of this. What I do have issues with is we needed someone who knows this league and knows players. Part of management and recruitment is also who you know. Fact. Even in the lower leagues. JL did a decent job keeping us up but he does not know this league nor players. Time will tell now and we have to back him but he was another gamble for me when a steady hand was needed on the tiller.
  14. I think FF could be the one we could move on and ease our woes financially but it has to be 10m plus in today’s market. Bear in mind traore gojng for 18m from Middlesbrough. We still have enough for me for a comfortable mid table finish. Then swab the decks next year. It’s a mess but let’s get real. We still have some decent players and should achieve that. UTO.