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  1. Plus we’ve played 8 games with 10 men not including the six point deduction
  2. Good thread this and agree with everyone on here. DC has hardly covered himself in glory since the play off debacle. But we’ve had so many chances this year to get out of this hole and continually blow it. Derby are there for the taking to be relagated and we’ve allowed them and or Rotherham an easy route out. Pathetic.
  3. Sounds serious to me. Get well soon big lad. Hopefully we get you back next season.
  4. Liver transplant now pal. He’s in a spot of bother. Shame next episode don’t clash with our next game. Need something else. Bargain loving brits abroad looks tempting
  5. Didn’t watch didn’t listen. First time for years and years. Watched double episode of coro. Tyrone Dobbs gets it followed by Pete Barlow about to fall off the wagon again.
  6. Don’t want to be unkind to the fellow but he is just not good enough. Neither him nor Dawson are league 1 standard never mind championship. Pretty sure DM will see this. We all can.
  7. Handball. That’s a penalty and now a hand ball. Not going our way today.
  8. shape will be all over the place now. More QPR goals coming.
  9. Poor keeper. See my earlier post before the game. When will we learn.
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