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  1. Sooner give steve some dosh than that greedy git
  2. Hillsborough on Historic List

    Presumably this wont affect us when we knock that god forsaken stand down whenever that is
  3. Adam Reach

    Plenty eh. ? Go on then ?
  4. Adam Reach

    Ok then who else is trying to make something happen. Enlighten us all why don’t you.
  5. Adam Reach

    Utter rubbish. Only one who looks to get on the ball and do anything.
  6. Dross Jos

    Two league one teams out there.
  7. Sam Hutchinson

    This ^^^^^. Surely our best chances of picking up the few points we need have been this week and for me your best or most in form players play, even if its for 50-60 mins where the tempo etc is set If this is true what's been said then he has no right to be doing that and should be fined, we're in enough mess as it is I am taking this with a pinch of salt however, be interesting to see what develops if anything from this
  8. Bullet after Bolton?

    I don't think he will get the bullet but it cant be denied that some of his selections have been odd He really cant be judged without, lets face it, his first team but we don't have time to mess around, sooner we get those points and its probably only another 6 or 7 the better My gripe was this was really a left field (as the yanks call it) appointment and we needed fresh blood in the window, look at forest, Karanka went in and wheeled and dealed , traded some players and they're sorted, suppose we didn't have anyone to trade that was the issue there. But he knew the league and players required, this guy doesn't and never would have. Like it or not its not what you know but who you know in any business and footy is no different. We're in a big hole at the moment not sure if we can make it out.
  9. It's a good call really. I don't think we will go down purely as the teams below us can't buy a result either. But part of me is with you and I like to see some of the young lads flourish. Enjoy your port m'lud.
  10. Will Chansiri panic?

    To be fair I'd like to see JL with a full squad to choose from but sadly we are running out of time. Worryingly the hunger doesn't seem to be there from the players.
  11. Ever get the feeling

    Reckon we're in trouble too. Confidence shot.
  12. Forget about the Premier League.

    Lots of good valid points, agree with most to be fair although JL has not Seen these guys play and I'd like to see his management of a fully fit squad, sadly I doubt we will see this. I think our joss is the man for the job and he's done okay for me, barring last nights debacle and I have to say it was a little strange. But the PL is miles away agreed.
  13. He needs to be careful. Butterfield in the early days with us started spouting off about how he wants to move blah blah, looks,like he'll be going back. Derby fans didn't take too kindly to it. Sam needs to be quiet and get on with his re hab. He's our player. End of.
  14. Jacob Butterfield

    I too thought he did okay. I'm sure he's a better player than he's showed for us but as has been said I think we're covered in that position now, be interesting to see where he ends up as Derby will want to recoup some of the fee they paid.
  15. Injured players and their places

    Honestly, probably not. But what's clear is JL knows how to get the best from what he has. I expect new signings and a big clear out.