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  1. Simply this. He didn’t keep Stoke in the PL with the stats that are being seen here. But that was with his team. Be patient.
  2. Spot on my friend. People need to realise he’s working with the shibo that monk signed Hopefully we’ll get some of his signings in and monks out. Let us judge him then.
  3. Flint will be a mainstay. We’ll become very dangerous from set pieces bucking the Wednesday trend. Will take time though.
  4. Some rayt flouncers on here. What did you expect. This side will not resemble TP’s side eventually Hes dealing with what he’s got to work with for his style of play. There will be more of this before it gets better. Im confident he’ll keep us up.
  5. We’ll be lucky to get zero points playing like this
  6. He’s been quite good last couple of games. Not sure he’ll make the starting line up when everyone is fit. If ever !
  7. No. Specialist position. All about movement. And bringing others into the game. Not the way we play. Our strikers are isolated enough.
  8. Aaah right. So the other two don’t blunder ? So how does his injuries differ from anyone else that we’ve had injured over the past 2 years ? Im not too sure he relished being banished either. No pro footballer would. Maybe you have evidence as to why ? He’s the best keeper of the 3 by a mile when they’re all fit.
  9. Neither wildsmith nor Dawson are good enough at this level. Westwood is
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