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  1. We need to be told

    Don't get me wrong it is time for change bit I Think i'd sooner the chairman come out and say he's here until the end of the season come what may if that's the way it is, least we all know where we stand I forecast he would leave at xmas at the start of this season if we weren't any further forward, lets see shall we
  2. Carlos dismissed...

    Gods sake
  3. Pulis n Meggo anyone?

    They are exactly what we need. They both know the game inside out and know players strengths and weaknesses. Bizzarely we could still make it from where we are now, just not under Carlos. His time has gone for me. New drive. Buzz and excitement is needed.
  4. Bannan is the problem

    F.ck me. Have you been on the sauce? Only player over last few games to come out with any credit. Poor today along with everyone else. CC is the problem everyone can see that. Time for change.
  5. Carlos on Radio Sheffield

    Wasn't at the game today due to work but heard the commentary and seen the equaliser. Catalogue of errors but ultimately van Aken has to smash it into row Z game over. After that they went to piggys for a summary. Keith Edwards said that in this league you can lose a few games and still do well if you 'go for it' like to be fair they have. CC did in his first year and is now trying to steer us up safely. Won't work. Maybe it's too late but good players don't become bad players overnight. Im an advocate for change but it won't happen so we are where we are, CC needs to go back to his early instincts and take the brake off.
  6. Christ big daddy. Remember him. Get giant haystacks on too, had some good scraps those two.
  7. Bannan

    Football is a short lived career at this level, all players will listen to money don't care who they are BB is probably playing some of the best football of his career and if a prem club come calling he will go I think we all agree on that surely Fact is its looking increasingly unlikely he will get there with us, January will be an interesting month
  8. Bannan

    Good observations but the majority are of the same opinion as me and its no surprise that he is being linked away from here You have to remember we don't play with any pace on either flank and some of his cross-field passes are sublime in behind full backs He was also the one doing most pressing last night, his job is not to hold but move forward We need to keep hold of him and buy a pacey winger in my opinion, you are right about his shooting though, dire
  9. I wish CC would hold his hands up and say it's not working. Ironic thing is that he has the players to change style and go more direct which is how we scored tonight. Play high tempo and big men up top get a quick winger and we'd be back on it. He wont though.
  10. Bannan

    I thought we were awful if I'm honest , lees looks ready for a rest, Lee is off the pace, Wallace may as well have been sat with me. Rhodes should have scored but bannan was brilliant in a poor side.
  11. Bannan

    I know he was peed off with the fans on Saturday but in an awful team performance I thought he was head and shoulders above. We may struggle to keep him come January.
  12. Lee is well off the pace.
  13. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    He'd get us up I'm fairly sure of that. Whether that's enough for the baying mob on here is up for discussion.
  14. Agree with what's already been said, Evertons highest ever PL finish under him, did great job at Preston and even had a 52% win record at Man U Sunderland hit the iceberg a long time ago and he stepped off the bridge, I think he will do ok at WHU