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  1. Good post this. I agree we have missed out on so many opportunities in the past only to let players leave for peanuts. Top 10 would do for me if I’m realistic but there’s just a little something that’s saying we can make the playoffs. I wasn’t a fan of JL and I still have some reservations but you can’t doubt his ability to bring the younger players through and stick his neck out. Fair play. As for the running of the club we gambled and lost. But you have to say we got mighty close and if it had gone the other way at Wembley we’d probably be comfortable in the PL now. Who knows.
  2. edwinowl

    From the Bristol City forum

    Lol. 6ft 6 and 245. Broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip.
  3. edwinowl

    Kirby Sub

    ^^^^^ this. You can’t find out about players until they experience it. Game could and should have been put to bed anyhow with FF but kirkby will learn from this. It’s been a great start and that ultimately was a good point against a side that will surely go up.
  4. edwinowl

    Still an out from me

    Was an outer but he’s winning me over. The reason for that is he’s not afraid to make tough choices and play who he wants to and not what we the fans or maybe the heirarchy wants. His introduction and blooding of the youngsters has been sensational and fair play to him. I dont think he’s finished with that either. Seems a cool cookie. There are times however when he lets games drift for me when he could affect them but chooses not to. That’s what annoys me. But like I said he’s slowly turning me.
  5. Very very poor performance this. No desire from first whistle. Could actually be more yet with 15 left. And forest are very average.
  6. To be fair both sides look poor
  7. Just kind of an ok performance. Dont look like scoring. It’s average from everyone
  8. Great thread and I for one welcome back the league. Can’t stand these breaks.
  9. edwinowl

    Bronco Layne

    He did manage the pub in brimington. He also managed Matlock town for a short while. I went to meet him at that pub to sign for him at Matlock when I left the pro game and he wasn’t there! I wasn’t impressed and ended up elsewhere. His lad Carl was a good centre half as well. Played at donny if I recall.
  10. edwinowl

    Danny Batth

    Tatonka. Simulates horns
  11. edwinowl

    No slacking boys...

    I think he gives off an air of being a pushover when he’s now showing steel which we all wanted to see. Its almost like we’ve had to go through a poor first few games including pre season for him to start seeing who’s in and who’s out. He still needs to win me over to be fair. But I like the fact that he’s not afraid to make big calls like leaving FF out.
  12. You’ve had too many dumps pal. Early shout this one.
  13. Oof. Now I can only see one foot halfway up nandos shin that's enough for a red alone. Can't see the right foot from that. Nawty.