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  1. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Poor keeping. Has to be said.
  2. Jack Hunt

    Don't give up your day job, comedy not your strong suit.
  3. Joost the right man

    Reminded me of mertersaker at the back , leggy but a real presence. He will get better but great debut. Looks a real find.
  4. Jack Hunt

    Thought he was excellent today. Apart from berating Boyd for not getting on the end of a great cross. Get back to full back first before having a go cos you were way out of position jack and they could have broke on us. Team game lad.
  5. Embarrasing

    Slightly worried that 1 decent result has papered over what was a poor pre season and very average start. 20 mill forward line tonight and still not scoring.
  6. Right you JR loving idjuts

    Dear o dear 2 games in. Don't know what to say. Youve obviously never played the game. We're all entitled to an opinion but jeez. 2 games in get real.
  7. Danny batth

    Yes there was a thread a while back and yes I would take him, quality and the right age.
  8. Your 2 Strikers

    F.ck me. Didn't realise it was life or death Rhodes/ nando then. My apologies
  9. Your 2 Strikers

    Rhodes and nando/hooper
  10. Mansfield Tho'

    Not sure those comments would go down too well in mansfield. As for Ashley house and cul de sac in mansfield. It's called shirebrook.
  11. Mansfield Tho'

    Take my lads there when I can't get to the massive. Good little club.
  12. Where's Westwood ?

    Do you mind , I live down here. How very dare you .
  13. Agree. We need to throw the kitchen sink at a quality centre half. We all know that but time is pushing on.
  14. Seems boro getting close at 4.5 m for Westwood. Thoughts ?
  15. OFFICIAL - George Boyd signs

    Good signing this. I'm happy.