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  1. Former Sheffield Wednesday player and manager Danny Wilson has waded into the discussion around Garry Monk's position at the club Wilson told Yorkshire Live: "There's not going to be millions and millions splashing around to buy players, so if that is the case you have to give him [Monk] time to work with what he has got. "If it's a player you sign from lower divisions and you want him to build on that you have to give them time to find their feet and settle in and that is exactly the same with the manager." Full article from Dom Howson here 👉https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/sheffield-wednesday-garry-monk-patience-18317613
  2. Yeah that will be why certain options aren't evident at first then. Bit of a design flaw hopefully wont' skew the results too much Thank you for the feedback - hope the Trust are reading this for future improvements to the surveys
  3. Ok ok okay mate. I get it You don't care for the survey That's fine You've said as much a few times now We get it Thank you Now.... how's about letting everyone fill it in?
  4. That's how I see it too. The end findings will make interesting reading. For what it's worth I think SWFC should be doing something like this on an annual basis to get fan feedback so it can identify areas to improve (or improve communications on)
  5. I've not taken exception to anything mate Carry on as you were. I think the survey is neutral, fair and look forward to it's findings!
  6. Ahhhhh that might explain it... Did you complete the survey on your mobile?
  7. I'm genuinely very confused by your appearance in this topic mate You've come in trying to suggest the survey is flawed. I've said I don't think it is and said to you why not just fill it in and add your opinions to that of everyone elses Not sure what you've took exception at or why but either way it's not making great reading for any neutral reading this topic that's for sure.
  8. yeah exactly There's absolutely nothing wrong with this survey I hope many complete it, and that the trust get the opportunity to present the findings to the club
  9. Of all the threads to get all anxious in I'm surprised you chose this one? It's a supporters trust looking for constructive feedback to present to the club in a positive way I would have thought you'd support that notion instead of looking to pick holes in it
  10. You seem to be clutching at straws on ways to attack this survey mate. Saying yours is the only one opinion on just one of the many questions asked is a bit bizarre. Fill the survey in if you like and give your thoughts to the trust and let's see what other people think too!
  11. There's a certain perception amongst some/many that going to Hillsborough is that expensive now (paying on the gate I mean) that they've totally given up even looking for the cheaper offers.
  12. You're talking from your own opinion only Other people will have other answers to the same question!
  13. Yeah definitely All the sounds coming from this trust is that they're operating in a positive way, constructively feeding into the club where they can, and hoping for positive outcomes. Definitely worth a try.
  14. Yeah I think you're right mate. And you have to say he absolutely nailed it transferring pay on the day fans to season ticket holders. He definitely achieved what he set out to do.
  15. That's your opinion So give it in the survey If everyone says 'win - it's not rocket science' then that will be the outcome/findings of the survey!
  16. 100% I think Inspector has jumped in a little too early on this one with his traditional 'fend off any criticism of the club' before realising it's actually aimed towards being a positive collection of views in this survey
  17. That's how I see it too. I don't see it that you need any inside information before completing it though as suggested by Inspector?
  18. This question for instance - very positive indeed
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