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  1. Yeah definitely My first time really paying attention to his play and I thought he was great
  2. Why though? Then he allows people to start with the 'he doesn't care' stuff
  3. Same I wasn't looking out for him he just seemed to split us to bits with his confidence and his passing
  4. First it was Gary Teale's Bentley Then it was Gary Fletchers sportscar Now it's Izzy Brown's car Our fans really don't like our players having cars do they? Are our fans the weirdest when it comes to players having cars?
  5. Yeah but this lad was outstanding - to the point I don't recall many/any other midfielders playing like he did tonight against us
  6. Personally I was amazed by his performance I thought he was absolutely outstanding Some of his passes were an absolute dream I was watching him just thinking how life would be if he was in our midfield and playing like that
  7. This is the thing for me and why I can't bring myself to have a real go at any of the young lads thrust into the team when in reality they should be nowhere near it if the club wasn't in the state it's in and having to use them
  8. That's ok - if the crowds go down from 20,000 to 10,000 he can just double the ticket prices and he'll make as much ££££££
  9. What did you make of Lewis Wing's midfield performance tonight?
  10. I liken it to the two ladies in the corner shop in a small village saying to each other "Hey.. have you heard about that Janice at number 33? She's moving to London apparently. Obviously our village isn't good enough for the likes of HER" etc
  11. You won't be laughing when he puts up the ticket prices to make it all back
  12. Totally 100% hindsight but surely Wildsmith's positioning here just offers up the top right hand corner?
  13. Can I also add to this that other clubs will be seeing our plight, expecting an exodus and will have been doing what we never seem to do, and tapping up our players via agents and friends etc and getting them signed up ready to nick em the second we're relegated
  14. We honestly cannot whilst the chairman remains here (in my humble opinion)
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