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  1. Of all the gods to worship imagine being the bloke who worships ‘Hutch’ Imagine being THAT guy
  3. AS IF this thread has got to five pages just on snooker puns
  5. Gullible and Embarrassed you've been mugged off Ps he won't marry you
  6. WE SHOULD ADD THIS TO THE HONOURS BOARD AND GET A MASSIVE PLAQUE MADE TO COMMEMORATE SUCH SUCCESS AND OF COURSE A MASSIVE MASSIVE STATUE OF 'HUTCH' ON THE SOUTH STAND BRIDGE He could be stood there, 12 foot tall, solid bronze, pictured in his Wednesday shirt clutching millions and millions of pounds
  7. The funeral for the Mighty Quinn is to take place at Ardsley Crematorium on Thursday 1st October at 3:30pm Anyone wishing to pay their respects are invited to join the family in the grounds of the crematorium where they will play speakers outside to relay the service. Johnny wanted everyone to wear colours. Football shirts are very welcome too Please share this far and wide and let’s give The Mighty Quinn a proper and appropriate send off Everyone will also be able to walk through the crematorium after to give him a proper send off and there will be donation boxes there where you will be able to put in a few bob or whatever you have towards the chemo nurses that did such a great job during his latter years
  8. Can't believe nobody has tried to use the term MSM or Main Stream Media yet Come on you lunatics - you're letting your side down
  9. We need new players ASAP otherwise we will be snookered this season
  10. I would but I’m too busy listening to the best of George Michael Halfway through it and the hit pop tune ‘FEEDOM’ is playing
  11. Garry Monk says Adedoyin move is nearly complete ”I was really hopeful his paperwork would have come through for tonight's game. “The club are working on it and waiting for the EFL to sign it off. “It's a shame it didn't get done for today but it will get done soon.
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