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  1. slinger208b

    That survey

    I believe that was the intention...
  2. slinger208b

    That survey

    Building on the investment doesn't necessarily mean more investing, was my point. So no, you're not right...
  3. slinger208b

    That survey

    Yes, if the club is to be criticised for something someone believed they promised to deliver...
  4. slinger208b

    That survey

    The point isn't valid as there is no promise of investing heavily, the words were chosen very carefully. "Build on current level of investments" doesn't mean the building will be investment based...
  5. slinger208b

    That survey

    "Something along the lines of" doesn't cut it. It's advisable to quote the reference if you intend to call the club out on this...
  6. It's all about the base...
  7. slinger208b


    You forgot 334...
  8. slinger208b

    Hands up if it's coming home

    So out of all those people, only one has their hand up, the others are laughing...
  9. is being as fit and prepared as possible for the coming season...
  10. Yeh, sure. Feel free to stump up a few million...
  11. slinger208b

    Soft launch??

  12. slinger208b

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

  13. slinger208b

    All Rhodes lead to the Premiership

    He's joining the Scottish league?..
  14. slinger208b

    New shirt

  15. slinger208b

    Guess the kit pricing?

    No ta...