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  1. Why the confused face @Lawrie’s Left Peg? Spelled out; Maybe players are being rested as they can't be replaced...
  2. I was alluding to fitness, not necessarily sustaining injuries. Maybe the selections were based on players whose absences are difficult to cover so help with their availability and energy for other matches. I'm sure the manager has a good idea of who he feels can be rotated within positions...
  3. It probably has with the fouls we got away with against Cardiff...
  4. We need to gain points from matches over the course of a season, I don't see what's special about this match. The manager must make gambles, we played out 2/3 of the match and he tried to shore it up. Win some, lose some. I believe he made a call to aid recovery of players to increase availability in future matches...
  5. Which point do you disagree with @Lawrie’s Left Peg?
  6. because they are creative players and needed for other matches...
  7. it should be difficult for lees to break back into the team, not looked the same player since loovens left. Iorfa and borner look solid and composed, great balance of technique, strength and pace between them...
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