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  1. So wanting to win the game is negative? Fantastic...
  2. slinger208b

    Must read

    Not quite correct. He said he didn't see it coming. You suggested he was led to believe there were...
  3. slinger208b

    THIS SATURDAY NIGHT - Doing anything?

    I do after enough pints...
  4. slinger208b

    THIS SATURDAY NIGHT - Doing anything?

    Who invited you?..
  5. slinger208b

    How many changes does Jos make?

    As was stated in the part of the post you didn't include in the quote...
  6. Really should've played westwood...
  7. When he was saying he does understand as he has been involved with others?..
  8. Which is the point he was making...
  9. Yeh cus we're really great at finals...
  10. slinger208b

    Chansiri kicking off

    Stand a chance of winning if he's up front for us...
  11. slinger208b

    A first?

  12. I guess positive football for you is winning every match 5-0...