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  1. Central position to help keep shape, it's not usually about the player...
  2. I wasn’t making it about him, it was an example to qualify my point...
  3. Wasn’t yesterday supposed to be putting things right from the last match?..
  4. For two strikers maybe you would want them on their stronger foot for crosses but with a lone striker isn’t the idea to have support from the wide players so switching them to cut inside for shooting attempts? In Reaches golden season didn’t most of his goals come from him being on the right to shoot with his left? I think they have more control bring able to turn the shooting foot towards the inside of the goal...
  5. So I was pointing out that your comment about the matchday team was merely speculation, similar to the belief that the pre season point deduction not being applied would mean we would be in a higher position in the table. It's not a certainty, that was my point. Sorry if you were confused...
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