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  1. I would say that our midfield base hasn't changed for a number of seasons. Harris shows part of what's been missing. Maybe it's time to shake it up a bit and not guarantee certain players a place. Have a feeling big ginge Gazza will do this.
  2. Reach is a bit of Rudi but we aren't going to change that. It's not his game.
  3. FFS any excuse to knock the club. If you don't overpay by 80p a pint, don't expect good players. You can't have both.
  4. Parker was always a bit of a dramatic Cockwomble. His team reflects him.
  5. A wasted talent. Sell him if anyone will pay anything. Watford warned us.
  6. Not a fan of attacking penetration from behind Treb ?
  7. Stop worrying about the opposition, that's what Jos and old Clueless did. We have players of our own for them to worry about.
  8. Lee Peacock clapped the fans better than anyone we've ever had. Legend.
  9. For me, if you are looking to flood the box, you need to get in round the back first.
  10. Brucie bought in more quality and value for very little cost in a matter of a few months, than anyone else at the club has in years. Pretty impressive, even if he is a cabbage headed wee wee tail womble with no loyalty.
  11. A winger who attacks the byline with pace, and can cross, has been too many years in the coming. What concerns me most is, Bruce identified more quality and value in a few months, than Paxo gave us in years. What were you thinking DC ?
  12. That said. Really enjoyed his belters last season. Quality goals son, and a few more please. PS please tell Palmer, and Hutch to stop trying to shoot from outside the box. My arthritic dog has a better technique.
  13. Bite anyones hand off for 8 million. The same for Fessi.
  14. Reach isn't a striker. Looked much better when Winnall came on and he went wide. Very disappointed with Murphy. Has all the ability, but awful today.
  15. Foxy is the only one I'd keep out of that lot. Get him nailed down long term, then build the team around him.
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