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Community Answers

  1. That defence and keeper has relegation written all over it. Luckily Moore knows this.
  2. Doesn't play enough to warrant his wages. Any sort of fee accept and move on. Too many players at the club the last 5 years who play half a season only.
  3. Took plenty of money out of Chancer and the club. He'll be fine.
  4. So to confirm, we have an advisor who's played a major role in seeing the club spiral into massive debt, plummet down the league, split and alienate the fanbase, and generally fail at everything. This club will never succeed whilst Chancer and his bestie are here. Not what people want to hear I know.
  5. Have it on good authority Covid is just an excuse. In reality the players don't want to have to talk to grown men in football shirts and shorts, as they actually find the whole thing a bit creepy and cringy. Apparently.
  6. Moores not the man. Plenty of evidence this season to support that. He will not promote this club. Waste another season by all means if it makes it easier for you to accept that though. Then admit you were wrong.
  7. 1. Better quality toilet paper in all toilets but particularly for the upper classes/elderly in the South stand. 2. Bring back the seat cushions from the 1970's. 3. More real ale and 70's music in the ground so the real fans can reminisce about taking the oppositions kop.
  8. Not a chance. One of the leading money grabbing part timers that assisted Chancer in spunking his millions up the wall.
  9. Personally I don't rate him, but thought he had a good game in the first leg, and Sunderland were extremely worried about him in the second. Tactical genius that is Moore dropped him and they couldn't believe their luck. Moore should be under scrutiny not Palmer.
  10. After a tough season, the Chairman has taken his family on a well earned summer holiday. A statement will be released in August. Get you season tickets purchased and enjoy your football.
  11. He was well backed this season, and when push came to shove he didn't know what to do. Why should he be backed again ?
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