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  1. This. Got carried away with no real plan. This was the period we needed a Bruce or a Monk instead of clueless. Not hindsight either. Basic common sense.
  2. If we haven't done anything grubby or broken any rules we'll be fine then.
  3. Hell of a technicality putting a dodgy 60 million into the wrong accounting period.
  4. That stat sums up English football. Run by grubby fiddlers from the FL to the Chairmen.
  5. Bizarre that clubs are given the cash for a specific reason, then allowed to chuck it wherever. Something is wrong with the system.
  6. This needs passing on to our lawyers.
  7. This. Clubs had the choice in investing in youth, infrastructure, cheaper tickets, and the community. Instead they spunked it on overpaid jokers like our Joey who can't even take a corner. If you gave me 20k and I spent it on hookers and booze, I might enjoy it, but I wouldn't get away with blaming you.
  8. The main thing is to stick to post not poster though. Well done on that front.
  9. We have been for years. It's not normal to get taken over by a rich businessman with no idea who then blows all his money on shiite. It's a fix.
  10. I like you. Whilst the haterz are abusing you for opinions they don't like, my inbox stays empty. Wait until you get a mod stalker, and a club employee stalker. Then you know you've really made it.
  11. The thing is bizarrely he doesn't sell players. He doesn't buy that many either lately, but to still have 6 or 7 from the play off finals in the team is odd at best. It seems he'd much rather fiddle about with the rules, than sell players. His business plan takes some understanding.
  12. You started off ok. Not brilliant but ok. As the thread carried on you lost it. You need to understand he won't sell the club at a huge loss. It's an ego thing. Nobody will buy us in the poor state we currently sit. It's promotion or bust. Bust is getting a bit more likely but it's still promotion or bust. He may be one of the worst businessmen since Gerald Ratner, but we are stuck with him.
  13. DC's money moves mostly seem to have been upwards rather than around, and mainly up a wall.
  14. We were quite an attractive buying prospect when DC got us. We are less attractive now than we've ever been, by a lot of millions. Nobody is buying us until we are Premier League or in administration.
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