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  1. Mr Farrell

    Give me...

    Table Tennis at Milton Keynes.
  2. Feb 2020. Just got the Ashes, a ski holiday and some decorating to finish.
  3. Great point. Once of the worst appointments in our history, right up there with with Carlos Clown. Hopefully Brucie can start to undo 4 years of damage.
  4. Mr Farrell

    Neeskens Kebano

    Gutted Luckman didn't come off. Settle for this and 2 full backs.
  5. Mr Farrell

    Give me...

    Me too.
  6. Mr Farrell

    Give me...

    Scotch blankets are the future. Ask Spencer if you don't believe me.
  7. Mr Farrell

    Still can’t see

    I'm actually 86 and a devil for the drink. Doesn't that come across in the shiite I post ?
  8. Mr Farrell

    Still can’t see

    Bring it on Grandad.
  9. Mr Farrell

    Still can’t see

    Fair point. They could all moan together about how tough reading that one book was, and how their student gwant won't even cover a Prosseco for Tarquin and Amelia.
  10. Mr Farrell

    Still can’t see

    Over 60 Southstander ?
  11. Mr Farrell

    Still can’t see

    Always one old git who takes the pensioner posts seriously and starts negging me. Cheers Alan.
  12. Mr Farrell

    Give me...

    It's a huge money spinner for DC. We have least 15k fans all over 40 who would pay for a scotch blanket. Forget shiitty plaques on seats and 1867 clubs. Saga club is where the money is at. A scotch blanket, hip flask, pocket warmer and a bag of wurthers originals would sell like hot cakes.
  13. Mr Farrell

    Still can’t see

    It was stuff from the hit parade old lad.
  14. Mr Farrell

    Give me...

    And the old gits in the South.
  15. Mr Farrell

    Give me...

    It's the bands fault.