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  1. Mentally weak. Too many late goals conceded, and not turned up for too many games. If the cap fits.
  2. You seem surprised it's a crackpot scheme ? DC has history.
  3. Worst Manager in our history and should be banned from the club. DC should sue him for damages.
  4. For a player of Barrys ability, 9 goals is diabolical. If that stat doesn't prove he sits too deep, I don't know what does. Also explains why he doesn't play at a higher lever.
  5. If we could only sign one player - who/what position would it be? A quality right back If we could only get rid of one player, who would it be? Westwood. Huge wages and not committed. Choose one player not playing regularly you would give a chance in the team. Nobody suitable. If you could have one ex player back in the team playing at their prime, who would it be now bearing in mind where we need boosting at present? Roly If you could attend S6 more often but are put off, what is the one thing that stops you going more often? Self entitled True Fan Real Ale drinkers who add nothing to the atmosphere. If the club was to spend money on one off the field item (eg, facilities, catering, academy) which would you choose? A capable CEO to run the club correctly. Choose one word to describe the season so far. Incompetent
  6. I think it's more pertinent to our Adam that Take That said it only takes a minute girl, to fall in love.
  7. You mean he ignores proven and successful models, and makes it up as he goes along ?
  8. Dad can I have another 50 million ? This is the season we are going up. Just one more spin Dad. Please Dad.
  9. A Captain won't turn this shower into a decent team. Too far gone.
  10. My issue is with the squad as a whole not the 11 on the pitch on Saturday.
  11. We aren't talking just about one disastrous performance. There have been numerous involving more of the bottlers. We also have several of the failures stealing a wage and not bothered about playing.
  12. Especially when you charge what we charge. Fans already questioning the cost, and the dire atmosphere. Delivering pathetic performances like Blackburn and Stoke adds salt to the wounds.
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