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  1. Sell or release them all except Lucas.
  2. I've about 6 stalkers in block. Makes for a much better Owlstalk.
  3. We've needed bite in midfield since Carlton. I trust Brucies judgement over anybody on here (except Owlsman).
  4. Brucies signings compared to Paxos shiite have been nothing short of revolutionary.
  5. Hopefully the final nail in Sage and Onion and his cronies coffins. We are no longer bringing in poo for them, and will sign players we actually want going forward.
  6. Indeed. Early days but his influence on the squad is visible already. Clown was clueless, and Jos was was just nice but dim. I'm backing Bruce to become a legend for us. Have a feeling that similar to Big Ron, we have dropped on a quality operator at the right stage of his career.
  7. Hopefully Brucie has replaced Sage and Onion in terms of advice for our misguided Chairman. If so, watch things improve dramatically.
  8. Should never have left us. Never as good for anyone else.
  9. He's on huge wages. It's expected he delivers a certain level. He hasn't always, partly due to the Clowns managing us. Brucie will get the best out of him, as he's already showing.
  10. Where have you been ? I thought we'd established they were both unqualified and basically not competent to manage us. Clown is still spouting total shiite now, and touting himself to any club that he thinks might fall for it. Jos is back tending his garden and enjoying his second retirement. Exactly where we should have left him when Doylem recommended him. Bruce is a proper Manager. It shows in the squad.
  11. I rest my case. The prosecution doesn't need to provide any more evidence.
  12. I disagree Mr Hooper sorry. Awful injury record, extortionate wages, and the wrong age. Best of luck to you and your family at your next club though, and thanks for your service. Some good memories.
  13. Lets be honest, if he's an International player, it's no wonder Scottish football is a joke.
  14. Spot on. In terms of appearances vs. wages spent, he's been a shocker. His Dad Roland posting on here won't convince me of otherwise.
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