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  1. Good luck to him. The right level and he'll hopefully get a couple of extra seasons.
  2. Mr Farrell

    Why did we sign Hector?

    He'll be in the side sooner rather than later. Our defence leaks goals and doesn't have a clean sheet in it.
  3. Mr Farrell


    Our last 2 managers were unemployed unknowns. The club is now in freefall and financially foooked. We couldn't tempt John Pearson nevermind Nigel.
  4. Mr Farrell


    Indeed. Everybody backs the young lad, but as long as you have the best keeper in the division on gardening leave, and you keep losing games, questions will quite rightly be asked. It's never going away, and the questions will get louder.
  5. Me neither. I'll keep demanding better and the haters can keep hating it.
  6. Mr Farrell

    Ashley Baker

    The youngsters have to be used intelligently. Jos's inconsistent team selections worry me.
  7. Mr Farrell


    I give it until Xmas before he's back in the side as we look to arrest the slide. Feel free to quote me.
  8. Mr Farrell

    Bannan should be Captain.

    Amazed we've managed to hang on to him throughout the shambles of the last 18 months. Great credit to his loyalty and tolerance of the Chairmans mistakes. On his way to being a legend.
  9. Mr Farrell


    Spot on. The longer we keep leaking goals, the louder the calls for Westwood, and more questions will be asked as to why he's sitting at home on huge wages.
  10. Mr Farrell

    Ashley Baker

    Easy target unfortunately, and helps to pretend the bigger issue isn't our disasterous transfer policies of the last 3 years.
  11. Our Chairman doesn't freeze players out, and meddle in any club affairs he isn't qualified to get involved with.
  12. Mr Farrell

    Ashley Baker

    We've not addressed the fullback issues for 4 years. The youngsters are a stopgap and not to blame.
  13. 3 issues for me. Doesn't know his best 11. Dropping players for non footballing reasons. The worst fullbacks in the division (4 years now and still not addressed). We aren't good enough to cope with that.
  14. Jos's team selections starting to worry me a bit.