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  1. We've been poorly run way before DC. DC has just wasted more money than all the others combined.
  2. It's definitely Zohsie. Rumours it was Davo from Villa but they are planning to use him as back up. Also looked at taking Maggs back after he left Birmingham but decided against it. Straight from Biggsie this, so doesn't get more solid.
  3. Why would anyone would expect the academy to be well run, when the rest of the club has been such a shambles for so long ? The club needs overhauling from top to bottom. Commercially, financially, and structurally. Only then will things like the academy start to bear fruit.
  4. Perfectly valid. Each to their own. I'll always remember them as a huge part of why we are in a worse position than we were when DC took over. Leeches who didn't care about the club when it mattered.
  5. Hutch and Fessis besties still refusing to accept their heroes mugged them off I see. 2 of the worst players in our history for squad morale and unity, who took millions in wages from the club, and delivered zero. Disgraces the pair of them. It's visible how squad unity and morale has improved since they were drummed out of the club. Probably the most important thing Monk has done since he joined. Well done DC and Monk. Get that snake Westwood out next please.
  6. Be great to see Zohrsie in our shirt. Kenster will be a welcome addition.
  7. This. Imagine where we'd be now if we'd spent wisely.
  8. Being badly run isn't a new phenomena for us. We are experts.
  9. Good post delivered there. Really impressed. Well done arewetheynot.
  10. Pepperoni pizza arrived last night. Really impressed. Well done Dominoes.
  11. Unfortunately not. His first contract wasn't the same as his last one either.
  12. Apologies. Farmer shouted off my land. Farmer the player still on.
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