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  1. Chill out mate. I'm sure the players appreciate your devotion really.
  2. He'd charge you fortune, but be really nice and professional about it.
  3. Hutch would pull it off, Abdi would break his wrist, Fletch would cut his head on it, Big Dave would give 100%, Lucas would cry afterwards, and Foxy would miss your cocck.
  4. Because Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Brucie.
  5. Have it on good authority each player is driving a group of fans home, and will give them a hand job on the way, before tucking the fans in bed. Well done the club.
  6. Genuinely seems to have no talent or aptitude whatsoever. A Welsh Jos.
  7. Both extreme quality, and the op's have earned themselves Legendary status. Tough to split them. It's like separating Messi and Ronaldo.
  8. We had thread of the summer last week. This one has only gone and beaten it. Great stuff.
  9. If we don't appoint a manager by tonight, we can forget about promotion for at least a decade.
  10. Just had it on good authority that half the squad didn't even turn up at Bradford, nevermind shake every fans hand individually, and thank them for coming. Disgusting.
  11. This. One of the greatest and under recognised world journalists.
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