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  1. Lets honest, DC chose to overpay our family for years, so no good bleating now.
  2. Improved from very poor to very average. If we have any ambition, we can do better. If we are still rewarding family with contracts, then sign him up.
  3. This is season is done. Next season won't start until 2021 either.
  4. First you need to know what the word posse means- it is a group of men that gathers a bunch of men to get on horses to ride out of town to capture the bad guys, aka those who have broken the law. So the Posse ranter is saying DC has broken the law ? Surely innocent until proven guilty ? 🤠
  5. The Waddler is wearing Big Kevs goalkeeping jersey.
  6. It's not rocket science. They are more confident of success in charging the club, as opposed to individuals , some of who aren't even employed by the club anymore. Jesus, DC fiddling with the accounting periods wasn't exactly genius crime of the century.
  7. My understanding is the EFL have narrowed down on the charge they are confident of winning.
  8. Can only improve performances. Well done Monk.
  9. Got email confirmation my sports subscription is paused today. Still getting the channels, but nothing worth watching anyway.
  10. To be fair though, the 2015 Southend Wycombe big Play off game is on SS3 right now. I think I'll keep paying now.
  11. Have just used the email complaints option.
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