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  1. I know you are joking, but that is the true level of the man. Total snake.
  2. Nowhere near as bad as the Owlstalk super experts say he is. Played under one of the worst coaches in our history. Fresh look under a capable coach. I'll trust Brucies judgement not the negative know it alls on here.
  3. The captain should always be the tallest player. No exceptions. Has to be Big Dave. Would be the missing link in the squad and hopefully lead to him finishing his career with us and taking us up.
  4. Fulham aren't the only ones. He was always going to be in demand.
  5. If we don't make any signings by tomorrow, we can forget promotion.
  6. Some very prominent posters on here backed loony Jos when he binned him. Bizarre Apologists at their finest.
  7. Expect mostly dutch and nigerian players this summer.
  8. Classy message from the lad, but not up to this level yet and had his chance. Best of luck Denis.
  9. Took more out of the club than he put in. One of the highest paid players in our history. Didn't play anywhere near enough games to justify those wages. Very rarely fully fit. Very rarely in peak physical condition. Great to finally get the drain off our books, and free up a huge chunk of wages. Huge chunk sums him up. Thanks, and good luck in America Hooperman. Good luck to whichever club trys to keep him fit next.
  10. If he was injured. Rumours that the tale is darker and deeper, involving things not of this world, and beyond our understanding.
  11. Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.
  12. Cheers Abdi. You have been a legend.
  13. Sell sell sell. Flatters to deceive. Has had enough chances.
  14. No surprises whatsoever. None have been value. Several have robbed us blind and should be ashamed.
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