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  1. fizz off Reach. Overpaid waster who adds nothing aside from pointing and hair products.
  2. Reachy has started off pointing well. Lovely right handed point then down the wing for that throw.
  3. It's all someone else's fault and not DCs. He's just been very unlucky. We almost went up.
  4. Both part of the overpaid bottling failure brigade. No suprise the team looks better without them anywhere near.
  5. Minimum 12 point deduction. This season or next season is the question. Touch and go.
  6. Highly predictable from a squad that stinks to high heaven, and a club run so badly. Things are badly wrong from top to bottom, and from the owner down, we need to start again with a sustainable long term plan.
  7. Not good viewing. Worse position than when DC took over in every aspect.
  8. No idea what that even is. 70's ? 🤣
  9. He has a short term contract and a squad about to disintegrate and break up. We can achieve mid table at best. We will play in front of an empty stadium for the rest of the season. Write this season off, and get new hobbies. You'll thank me if you do.
  10. The best thing about today is, the Apologists can't blame the fans. Very important for football going forward, and finally confines that excuse to the bin.
  11. Seriously. No need to moan. It's shiit but it's free shiit. The players don't deserve a crowd supporting them, so the current situation is very appropriate.
  12. Before people start moaning, just be glad you aren't there paying to watch it.
  13. Spent force. Will struggle to find a club. His Agent looking at Scotland and back home for him.
  14. Now he knows how we feel on his annual extended holidays.
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