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  1. Don't we all. Despite what the bleaters say.
  2. Agree 100%. Seen nothing this season to suggest he's improved. We'll look back on this as a waste of 3 years when we have to start again with a new Manager.
  3. He's not the man to get us promoted and never has been. Never looked like he was either.
  4. But Moore has gone from tactically poor to a tactical genius this season. Plenty of Apologists last week shouting this. Make your minds up.
  5. Long long way to go. Moore has failed the crunch big games previously. The first one of those will be an indication whether are the real deal or not.
  6. Clues in the sentence he's found his level and could have found it with us. Same level.
  7. Found his level. Could have found it with us but he didn't.
  8. A wins a win, and the unbeaten start has sent a message to the rest of the division. Anyone would have taken joint top at this stage. Be nice to put in a good performance and thump someone soon to hammer the message home that we are a force to fear this season.
  9. Was there. Someone ordered drinks, got the correct change quite quickly, and went downhill from there. Said something about been waiting 15 years for this to happen at Hillsborough, and it all kicked off.
  10. 1 game is too early to sack off a back 3 due to the new players. He won't get long to sort it though. After seeing it fail so often last season, patience with Moore is thin.
  11. Decent honourable person. Just not convinced he's a good manager. Remember, this is Division 1, not the highest standard. He's come from a higher standard but still seems to be struggling.
  12. Any good defence coaches out there ? None spring to mind.
  13. Can't argue with that. Different approach needed somehow. A signing or 2 to strengthen wouldn't go amiss.
  14. Different defenders same issues though. That points to one person to me, even if it does upset Neil.
  15. Struggling to see much positive about that defending today. In isolation, it would be one thing, but it's the fact it happened so many times last season, and was clearly still evident at Wigan. Not sure what he needs to do, but he needs to do something.
  16. Sad state of affairs when we say our highly paid manager needs a new coach because he can't sort a team out tactically. Seems like a round about way of saying he isn't up to the job.
  17. We learned that Moore hasn't addressed certain deficiencies from last season. Unfortunately.
  18. A decent Manager would have got us promoted last season. Why do people think Moore will manage it with a weaker squad this season ?
  19. Because chancer won't sack him after one game this season. We are stuck with him for at least half a season unfortunately.
  20. Said it last season, and nothing has changed. Moore isn't the man to get us promoted.
  21. It's one league game this season I meant. I accept tactically he was diabolical at times last season. As a defender himself, it's scary that you can't see any evidence of coaching in our defence since he's been here.
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