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  1. People are often too willing to accept dropped points because "its a long season" but the fact is you can never get dropped points back and you have to be relentless in accumulating them. As we saw last season, Wigan and rotherham were not especially great sides (we beat them in 3 out of 4 games), but they were relentless in picking up points in the other fixtures. We dropped far too many points against sides like Morecombe, Gillingham, Shrewsbury and Lincoln. That has to stop for us to be a top two side
  2. It's just us mate, we are the eternal punch line to bad jokes
  3. Looking forward to the OP's next thread, I feel sorry for Man City fans... all those domestic trophies and no champions league
  4. Absolutely - now is the perfect time to sign a couple of young players with potential whilst we have a very experienced squad but like you i can't see us spending anything over £500K for a long time.
  5. This ^ hopefully we've got our eyes on some rising stars like Tshimanga and not just players over 30.
  6. Ironic as he was often a pain in the Aris when defending in an Owls shirt
  7. This ^ we are playing hard ball which is good to see but if we can get Wilks it would be an excellent signing
  8. He wants to play for Wednesday before his career ends, but says its up to the club to want him and make it happen
  9. Yep the 1993 Chris Sutton would be over £50m now. The fees Blackburn spent on transfers and wages back then was similar to the likes of Man Utd and they were just a small Lancashire club in the second tier at the time.
  10. Such a good point mate, i reckon Moore is being very careful with these players knowing that to have them fully back in April and for a play-off campaign will make us a very strong side.
  11. i can picture it now, in a bar after the game talking to a woman. "What did you do today then?" "i went to the football, for free!, how about you?" "i went to the same game but had to pay £25". "Unlucky, now get the drinks in that's a good boy".
  12. I can see their heart is in the right place but seems odd to me. Why let women get in for free and men have to pay? In my office there's more women than men working and earning money. So they get to watch football for free and i have to pay. I could understand if women on maternity leave get in free. And i applaud any club allowing children under 16 to get in free. But allowing over 18's of any sex to get in free when they have jobs, seems weird to me. There's lots of men put off by going to football too, maybe free tickets would entice them to watch football
  13. Signed for Falkirk in League 1 so seems we were right to dodge the podge on that one, not at the same level or fitness he used to be at all.
  14. Some good shouts there, Teixeira is in the mould of Kieran Lee so would be a decent option. Hopefully we aren't surrendering our promotion ambitions and actively looking at who is available out there now
  15. Beat Morecambe tonight and there will be a lot more offers coming in to buy the club
  16. Yep going to be a man city style transfer deadline day tomorrow, takeover by very wealthy people followed by the announcement of Robinho signing. Ok maybe not Robinho as he's past it now and dodgy, but a big transfer anyway.
  17. a link on here or twitter? can't remember seeing that one!
  18. Yeah thought they might struggle to sign decent players but thats a good start. Having 3 awful teams like Burnley, Watford and Norwich should help the toon stay up this season too
  19. This ^ we will be a midtable/top half side this season. Out of all the cups already, so not much to look forward to except when this season ends in May. Not really sure what Chansiri's plan is now, as promotion won't happen anytime soon his asset is losing value every passing day.
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