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  1. Yeah thought they might struggle to sign decent players but thats a good start. Having 3 awful teams like Burnley, Watford and Norwich should help the toon stay up this season too
  2. This ^ we will be a midtable/top half side this season. Out of all the cups already, so not much to look forward to except when this season ends in May. Not really sure what Chansiri's plan is now, as promotion won't happen anytime soon his asset is losing value every passing day.
  3. only had time to skim-read so far but why has he said be afraid if you are from yorkshire? Can't see it mentioned in the article
  4. Yes when you think that Iorfa, Hutch & Palmer could easily have been considered as our first choice defence and they are all absent, its no surprise we are going to concede goals with a forward playing in the back line. Let's hope that we are working on having a centre back arrive at start of January, if not sooner
  5. My parents are cardiff city supporters and i've seen him a lot and clearly have more knowledge about players than yourself - but thanks for the reply anyway.
  6. Spot on, when you look at our current strongest starting eleven it is hard to find another team in the league with such a strong line up. As you say if we can further strengthen the defence and forward area in January, replacing Gibson and Sow's places in the squad and get Adeniran back from injury then we could be cooking on diesel. Assuming that Iorfa and Hutch are out for a long time. Peacock-Farrell Brennan Dunkley Palmer Mendez-Laing Dele-B Luongo Bannan Corbeanu Gregory Windass
  7. No idea why someone has laughed at this post mate as that is clearly our strongest available eleven once Windass and Mendez-Laing are more up to speed this week. It also has the scope for Corbeanu to push forward and make a front 3 with the midfield shuffling over to the left side. Could be promising
  8. This ^ funny how people think Wilder and Warnock are the only manager's capable of replacing Moore
  9. This 100% ^^^ "Ed Sheeran new album dropped this week".. oops that was careless! "here's a good hack for you". why hack at it? just give me a tip how to be more careful with my CD's in future, thanks.
  10. Spot on, no matter the fee if newcastle offer enough money the other PL clubs will accept it quickly enough. Only Chansiri would turn down big money for a player and let them walk out for nothing 18 months or so later.
  11. Some good suggestions in there, if we didn't want to pay compensation for another team's manager then Hughes, Di Matteo, Lennon, O'Neil, Neil and Di Canio would all be improvements on what we have now and realistic targets. I also think Michael Flynn ex-Newport was a good manager too.
  12. This ^^^ To start a game with ONE centre back is insane logic and management. He should of had Dunkey and Iorfa at the back, with Hunt and Palmer either side and see how it performs in the first half. Or if you want to be really "sexy" with your team selections in league 1, have Brown or Johnson at left back instead of Palmer. The formation should be a solid 442, or 433, with players being coached to keep that shape. When i watch the Owls, our formation or shape always seems a disjointed mess.
  13. Sorry everyone, as you have seen i'm not a very good manager. West Brom fans knew it, Donny fans knew it, and now Owls fans know it. Unfortunately for you, you have a terrible owner who also doesn't know what he's doing so i feel i will be here until at least xmas eve. Please keep turning up and paying your money to watch the dross my team is serving up, i promise we will get better next game. Sorry i mean the game after next, okay the game after that. OK the point is, we aren't going to get better as i keep changing the line up, so maybe best you stay at home and watch entertaining football on the telly.
  14. Darren "We will get better at it" Moore. That's a relief, because for the 8 months he's been in charge we have been flipping turgid.
  15. Agreed, failure to win means we've played Wimbledon, Cambridge and Lincoln and not won, against 3 recently non-league sides. Maybe that's irrelevant but it isn''t good enough for our club and squad to struggle to beat these types of clubs.
  16. Waiting until Christmas to look at the league table is as much BS as girls saying they don't look at profile pictures on dating websites. When it comes to Xmas do those people go "ah, we are in the relegation zone, i probably should have looked at the table a bit sooner than now".. OK that is an extreme example, but if we lose the next 5 league games i expect those people will want the manager replaced no matter where we are in the table. That's football.
  17. The anti-Ronaldo argument isn't going so well at the moment is it, waiting for one of them to come out with "Oh yeah, well Ronaldo can do-do, but Lionel Messi is bestie"...
  18. Very good, hopefully starts the next game.
  19. Top post, we have so many options up top now that to see Brown and Paterson as forwards would be frustrating. As you say, Shodipo/Sow, Kamberi/Gregory, Berahino/Corbeanu are options we have available now. To start a left back up front would be a bit criminal now. We need to start with these and have Johnson/Brown at left back providing the same width as Hunt does on the right, to be the most attacking we can be.
  20. Will be interesting if Berahino gets given a start immediately, but what a team that is. Just watched Bolton v Burton and the team above looks about 3 leagues above that standard. UTO
  21. We now have 6 forwards available to play, i'm really hoping we don't see a left back and Paterson starting in the forward line again.
  22. Agree with this ^, the squad has been in third gear so far with all the forwards missing and playing left backs and midfielders in the front line so now is the time to go full throttle and see if we can outscore the opposition by a few goals
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