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  1. Very good, hopefully starts the next game.
  2. Top post, we have so many options up top now that to see Brown and Paterson as forwards would be frustrating. As you say, Shodipo/Sow, Kamberi/Gregory, Berahino/Corbeanu are options we have available now. To start a left back up front would be a bit criminal now. We need to start with these and have Johnson/Brown at left back providing the same width as Hunt does on the right, to be the most attacking we can be.
  3. Will be interesting if Berahino gets given a start immediately, but what a team that is. Just watched Bolton v Burton and the team above looks about 3 leagues above that standard. UTO
  4. We now have 6 forwards available to play, i'm really hoping we don't see a left back and Paterson starting in the forward line again.
  5. Agree with this ^, the squad has been in third gear so far with all the forwards missing and playing left backs and midfielders in the front line so now is the time to go full throttle and see if we can outscore the opposition by a few goals
  6. No worries so what you meant to say was "Not 1 person would tell me that Ronaldo is a better footballer than Messi, not including those people who do, his ex-teammates, and football pundits like Ian Wright who recently chose Ronaldo over Messi in a MOTD top ten show" .
  7. Interesting you say that, as i would chose Ronaldo. And i notice when Neville asked Roy Keane "Ronaldo or Messi?", Keane's reply was "Ronaldo every day of the week". So where does your fact above go from here?
  8. Could also be pointed out how the teams playing in the Copa america each time are quite a lot weaker than those Portugal face in the Euros. Besides Argentina and Brazil, i would fully expect the likes of Portugal, England, Germany etc to beat all the other teams in south america when they face them in the world cup.
  9. a swap with Souttar would be nice...
  10. Interesting problems for Moore, how to get Bannan, Adeniran, Wing and Byers into the same line up - with two strikers too. Feels like we will stick with 433, especially with Sow and Corbeanu to throw into the mix.
  11. Good observation and point you make, I wonder in 2014 if Leicester fans were saying "why are we signing this Mahrez guy when we already have Taylor-Fletcher, Lloyd Dyer and Dean Hammond to play out wide".. As you say Sow won't be that good, but if Moore thinks he's needed then so be it, maybe he sees Sow as an upgrade on Green and will let Green move on. When you spot a player you think will be decent you snap them up when you can if it's within budget.
  12. Yep fully agree if we can get £250K+ for Palmer then now is the time to sell him before his contract expires next summer. I don't like seeing him named in the starting line up, particularly at left back. But if Forest only want to pay £50K or something silly then we keep him for his versatility.
  13. Really like the look of that team. I've seen Gibson play and he would fit into a back 3 very nicely and will be a step up on having Palmer as a left back. It allows one of the centre backs to step up into midfield when we are in possession. Plus having two players up top supporting each other should hopefully create more threat to the opposition defence which we struggle with. Corbeanu can come in as one of the supporting strikers too.
  14. It will be Chansiri, if it was something different it would have been announced by now. It's a shame as some outside investment and partnerships with profitable companies would be a wise move. Maybe that will happen next season when we are back in the championship
  15. I expect Chansiri thinks the fans like to see the team wear the kit without a sponsor for one game, as a retro/nostalgic thing. Whereas in reality the fans would like to see the club get some outside investment and partnerships with large and profitable companies.
  16. As someone else said we are in league 1, Kamberi has been playing at a higher level all his career and we are moaning about his scoring record of 1 goal every 3.8 games. Its really not that bad. Maybe it will turn out to be shrewd signing
  17. Thanks for confirming what the rest of us were thinking
  18. You are being very polite using the word people, seems it's only a few who really don't get it.
  19. With no money and without being allowed to spend money on transfer fees, how exactly do you propose we attract and sign players with better quality?
  20. If the issue was only getting money out of Thailand would players be threatening to sue and walk out? Also i feel he should just say thats the reason to stop all the press negativity getting to fans. Seems more likely the problem was Chansiri didn't have money until now, or has purposely waited to sort it until now to p*ss some people off
  21. Sounds about right, no way would we get good news about the club (tho signing the everton guy is good for the team)
  22. Interesting as the player himself says he is a number 10, but can play as a number 9 or on the wing.... maybe he needs a chat with you to be told differently? https://www.lep.co.uk/sport/football/preston-north-end/preston-north-end-new-boy-izzy-brown-looks-to-bring-versatility-to-deepdale-3290155 And these sites seem to suggest he is an attacking player too https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/izzy-brown/profil/spieler/245805 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izzy_Brown
  23. Eh, one is an attacking midfielder, forward, winger, the other sits in the middle of the pitch directing play. But yes, completely comparable. Come to think of it, Brown has a better goal scoring record to Liam Palmer too so we've let go of the wrong player!
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