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  1. Would be a nice thought, sadly it’s more likely that Chansiri is just letting it play out whilst wanting to show loyalty to Bullen. Not realising that it’s not the way things should be done in football. And that wouldn’t be the first time. I like chansiri being the owner, but I think he needs to appoint a manager now to settle the club down. Be it Bullen or someone else
  2. 100% win record as England manager, get him in
  3. This ^^ We have decent footballers at the club, Reach, Lee, Bannan, Forestieri, Luongo etc, yet we’re playing route one. I wouldn’t mind that tactic if I thought we didn’t have good players. But there’s not many of that Preston team id swap into our squad yet they were worthy winners. Why do we find it so hard to find a manager who can motivate and organise the team to play to their capabilities? Bizarre
  4. So suddenly there’s no decent managers in WORLD football who would want the Sheffield Wednesday job? Don’t believe that myself. Bullen is really better than the 100 applicants the club received? Don’t believe that either
  5. Better still, get a new manager confirmed next week and he can watch from the stands if need be for the next 2 games. Either way, it’s better getting a new man in ASAP
  6. Wonder how long before Bullen gets fed up and tells them to stop asking if he’s the new gaffer or he’ll “knook their teeth ooot”. He’s from Newcastle right?
  7. A draw would be a decent result 10 points from 5 games means 2 points per game which is promotion form. i don’t think it’s dropping points at Preston that will cost us a promotion campaign
  8. Think we need Pelupessy in the squad as we didn’t sign a defensive midfielder. If Hutch’s knees/suspensions come into play we’ll have issues
  9. New boss is some unknown guy called Jos Luhukay. Hopefully a good coach
  10. Reckon Nathan Jones will be leaving Stoke this week, they’ll probably attract Hughton or Gerrard...
  11. It happens in football, Preston will beat us on Saturday and then Neil will quit and become our manager on Monday. Hopefully one of those things don’t happen tho
  12. To be fair he predicted we’d beat Millwall away so he’s probably realised from that result that we aren’t unbeatable
  13. Pulis has promotions on his cv but would you want him for that reason? Personally I don’t even particularly want Hughton as manager, very dull character and his team plays a defensive style. We are set up now to have a high pressing and attacking team. I want the next manager to have some personality and attacking flair to their style of play
  14. Makes me laugh people thinking Sheffield Wednesday wanting to be promotion challengers is an unrealistic aim. But then you supporters of other teams voted us to finish bottom so I suppose you might be proved right after 25 games.
  15. Promotion teams are allowed to have these kind of results. Newcastle lost their opening two games when they got promoted, Fulham lost to Barnsley and will probably be up there. We have to make sure that it was just a freak result and go out and batter Luton on Tuesday. Then get a draw at Preston. 10 points from the first 5 games is still promotion form
  16. The cOWLeys were born to be Wednesday managers. But it won’t happen. We’ll stay in this status quo and end up with some bloke called Francis Rossi. And I don’t mean the musician
  17. The Watford manager looks first for the chop. Not sure we’d would want him tho There’s lots of available managers now but they probably don’t want us either.
  18. Personally I’d still give the job to an upcoming and highly rated manager. However if that’s not in Chansiri’s thoughts then a comfortable home win is a must on Tuesday. Failure to get at least 3 points against millwall and Luton would be a poor return with the squad we have.
  19. Depends on the fitness of Bannan, if he needs more rest I’d go with Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Luongo Hutch. Reach Murphy Fletcher Harris subs Dawson Bates Pelupessy Lee Nuhiu Forestieri Rhodes
  20. He’s obviously packing, because he’s very c*cksure of himself
  21. I remember in Carlos’ second season the Pigs thought our second team was better than their first team. Things changed a bit after that
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