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Cambridge Utd v Owls Preview - OMDT

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1 minute ago, hirstyboywonder said:


You don't think Bannan has played well this half? 

No disrespect at all but you're another one who is blinded to our needs.

If you want the inside of your house painted... you don't get el Greco in to do it.

You get Trevor from up the road with his big roller.

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Not good enough. 


At least we showed some fight but that first 45 minutes was as bad as.....the first 45 minutes against Bolton, and Oxford and Plymouth and Mansfield.


Give it time to gel though eh. 

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Basically, we are playing exactly the same as we did last season and the season before.


The only difference is the quality of this division is so poor, we are able to get away with it a little bit more.

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7 minutes ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:


He and Adeniran both need to start, for me.


They actually look competitive, unlike Wing.

Definitely them two with Bannan, Gregory up top with 2 wingers.


Shopido wants to run at players lets have Corbenau doing the same on the other side.

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