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  1. As always, important to stress the bit about vertical stripes, you never know how they might turn out otherwise...
  2. Ok, on a related topic then... Paolo di Carnio Seat Leon Clarke Philipp Lahmborgini
  3. That was the day! Imagine tackles like the one at 07:59 into the video today... straight penalty :D
  4. Relax, it's a HITC article, they're always just sourced from gossip on either Owlstalk or whatever Fulofshithamtalk is called...
  5. In all honesty, he's made a name for himself at the club, who will ever forget his time at the club - surely must have set a record for number of injuries too.
  6. Last 10 years? Kieran Lee? Keiren Westwood? Francis Jeffers?
  7. I don't think it has a place in football, to add all these ceremonies for whatever desire a club owner might have, but on the other hand, if this show of respect is of importance to the chairman and all it takes is 6-7 minutes, that is a little ask compared to everything he's putting into the club.
  8. Yea, that has to stop with the end of this season, full focus until final whistle goes!
  9. Tractor Boys up 3-2 vs Collinding Utd... First Leeds miss a penalty after Roofe manages to fall over taking the shot and then Ipswich take the lead as Leeds defender decides to do a bit of collinding with the keeper ;) How ironic it's a player called Collin scoring the goal ;)
  10. What do you mean, I thought the xmas sacking was one of the classiest presents I could get from this club
  11. He's been a great player for us previous seasons, reliable and with a great look on his crosses... remember how he picked out Wallace v Arsenal? Best of luck to him wherever he goes!
  12. Clear about Westwood and Hector, great! And also good to see him speak of Aarons in the same words to some extent; other loanees not mentioned by name and they might not be attempted to recall. Although could be great with Lazaar too. Sensible about loanees and retained list of current players before discussing other prospects. Respectful and honest about Pigs, he didn't need to go so far as wishing them good luck though ;) Let's hope we finish the season on a high v QPR in 9th; would be above my prediction and definitely my expectation around xmas time. Come on Wednesday!!
  13. Take a mini tour of Scotland so "half" our team can get a trip back home included in the pre-season tour ;)
  14. Offer 250k like we got Iorfa, maybe it'll work a second time? :D
  15. Where are the stripes and why is it so dark... needs more yellow.
  16. Yep, no chance Blades not going up now... any chance they can be deducted 9 points simply for being blunts?
  17. Think Danny Loader will fairly take this one despite me being partial voting for Bannan.
  18. Not embarrassed to say it, but God I love this man and what he's doing with our club at the moment!
  19. This late in the season I'd save him until final match of the season at home, let his come back come to QPR at home on final day of season for a proper welcome back party and clinch the last play off spot due to of course all the other results going our way :P
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