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  1. Don't anticipate conspiracy when there's no only ineptitude at play. Just chin up and move on, we can't overturn bad decisions against us, only keep on fighting!
  2. Showing resilience by holding on but we need a change and maybe Nuhiu up top to give us a little breather. He can muscle them off the ball and hold it and give us a breather, let's hope we can use that! COME ON WEDNESDAY, DONE WELL SO FAR, KEEP IT UP!!!
  3. How many of you got nails left... geezes, this is nerve-wracking...
  4. Thanks for the update.. hope it won't be a lengthy one! Come on Wednesday - "stay on target" - keep fighting with everything you've got for another 30 minutes or so!
  5. Just tuned in, did Westwood start and Dawson sub or Dawson from start? And where's our sub GK on the bench then, Paul Jones?? Come on Wednesday, got to dif deep for a positive start after the break now. Show some character!!!
  6. No thanks, I don't need no stinking kiss of death :P We manage that perfectly fine ourselves every other match!
  7. It increases by one every time someone dares to ask. But he should be available for selection again after the international break if my count is correct (he hasn't featured since before the Huddersfield match and the Wigan match made it 5 games). So October 18th vs Cardiff after the break.
  8. This, 100% :) It's good that we seem confident in our play and will try the odd back heel and fancy stuff to slot someone through on their defence. And I noted this happened a lot of times on Saturday. Fletcher, Harris, etc. would hold the ball, make a feint then flick a back heel pass onward or sideward and _connect_ and if they came up a bit short, they'd immediately fight for it. Even Murphy did when he subbed on. But I noted Reach was trying this kind of stuff too, and couldn't complete these technical passes, and then just concede that it was lost possession. He's been a great player for us, and I hope this and other episodes of lack of concentration recently are just a blip in his form and that he will bounce back. Everyone can make mistakes, but own up to them and fight to set it right again after, dig in and not be a liability out there on the pitch.
  9. Börner, Iorfa and Bannan a class of their own, but the whole team playing with determination in 2nd half and grinding out that win. Well done!
  10. No team in this league is like (damned) Liverpool in the PL currently.. 1st and 9th separated by 3 pts. Out of a possible 33 pts, top spot has 22, we're on win behind on 19, best points start we've had in 5 seasons if I remember that chart Dom put up on Twitter correctly. Anything is possible, the season is long and game's not over simply because of a loss in this league.
  11. Well done Wednesday, superb win from a tough battle!
  12. Fletcher doing his little lap of honour round the pitch :P
  13. Can anyone explain me why it's Luongo subbing for Lee and not Pelupessy?
  14. How the fizz does Byrne not get a booking for that... it's not rugby!
  15. Come on now, Wednesday! Playing well with determination, get that 2nd goal while we've got them under pressure.
  16. Absolute quality by Börner just before that as well, calm as you like, treading through 2 players, setting up Bannan to get it out to Harris and then the cross and eventually the goal. Good play, Wednesday!!
  17. Tipping point and important to go into this international break on a high. Players can give it all knowing there's a long break after, after which injuries and suspensions will be done as well, hopefully. So let's make Hillsborough a fortress again, idgaf if it's scrappy but get that win, boys!! Dare to Nuhiu!!! UTO
  18. Excellent OMDT, but this has all gone boobies up now... it's Monday night as I'm writing this, sitting in a London flat for a half-term holiday over "here" with a bottle of wine... not my usual morning read of the match preview with a decent cuppa. Doubt the impact of that really, more hoping we'll continue in good style and see if we can go into the international break on a high with even more wins. Up The Owls!!
  19. What on earth is going on? Have the players been instructed by DC to take it all out on Gibson's toys?
  20. Preposterous, how dare we lead 2-0 away after 6 minutes... that's not how we start the games, usually it's the other way around xD
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