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    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Yes, for the 4 teams who are there. Not for us though
  2. N0rtherner

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    I find it shocking we have yet to use Lazaar and Iorfa having seen these last two-three matches.
  3. N0rtherner

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Amen to that!
  4. N0rtherner

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Add Chelsea for another London, though not league, team.
  5. N0rtherner

    Jos to Westwood :It's 'financial.'

    Who knows with Jos, maybe he thought FFP had to do with the match lineup and had to use "cheaper" players to stay within the spending limit? ;)
  6. N0rtherner

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Ah, short n sweet today, nonetheless a great matchday thread! Let's hit Millwall so fast and hard down the wings with our new recruits, the Lions won't know what just hit them! Up The Owls!!
  7. N0rtherner

    Wednesday - V Reading OMDT

    Aarons and Joao, come on now Wednesday, puuuuuushhhh!!! :)
  8. N0rtherner

    Bruce quote:

    He's obviously a blade then... If he didn't understand us bouncing up and down ;)
  9. N0rtherner

    Steve Bruce in one word

  10. N0rtherner

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    Not to be that guy, but there's 9 points AND 10 teams to the play offs. Now... game fecking on still though!
  11. N0rtherner


    Let's not get ahead of ourselves here! That was flipping brilliant!!! Giddyness levels are out of this world again ;)
  12. N0rtherner

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Fantastic, glad we got that win, fully deserved! Well done Joao saving the day, well done Wednesday!
  13. N0rtherner

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Come on Wednesday!!! Perfect OMDT as ever, Lord! Hope the boys do Bruce proud today, going to be a tough away game to a team desperate for points, really hope we come away with the win in Bruce's first match - we deserve a good start for once!
  14. N0rtherner

    Team for Saturday

    Haha... freedom! Hope the players watch it before tomorrow ;)
  15. N0rtherner

    Team for Saturday

    11 men who have an appetite for the destruction of tractor boys! Clean slate, now is the time to impress!
  16. N0rtherner

    New Bruce interview

    Good interview but are they on a boat? Because they're all swaying from side to side...
  17. N0rtherner

    Top Tip for New Signings?

    I have a feeling he meant Newcastle United? Or maybe blunt fans are already fully updated on their pet obsession ;)
  18. N0rtherner

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    You know you can be pleased about a signing when lots of Wolves fans are sad to see him go. Looking forward to add a pacy RB to our mix!!
  19. N0rtherner

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    Some of the replies in that tweet are hilarious! xD And boooom, get in!! Great signing! Although our money's at an end we've got our overdraft to spend, we will survive, we will survive, hey heeeeyyyy!
  20. N0rtherner

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    "Everyone starts with a clean slate.... Except you slow lot in defence!"
  21. N0rtherner

    A good look at his squad during Jan?

    If Bruce wanted time off for personal reasons, I perfectly understand if he hasn't been studying the team before his starting date (Feb 1st). Either you're on a break and taking that time off so you can start fresh, otherwise it made little sense delaying the start until Feb 1st if he was already expected to start his job in January... I'm sure Agnew and Clemence will fill him in quickly, and that Bruce has probably seen some of the Wednesday games, but beyond that I doubt and understand if he hasn't done more yet.
  22. Don't know about you but I understood Bullen and Agnew quite well these past month
  23. N0rtherner

    Dion Dublin on the debate

    This whole incident feels like Gullit/Murphy vs The World, sad Bruce even needed to defend his decision in the Telegraph. Telegraph ought to have just put a short notice of "two BBC pundits make idiotic remark and should now apologise for being ignorant and insensitive dicks."