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  1. Would be monumental, but of course, if we win v Wycombe, you know we're going to get smashed by Crewe Alexandra a couple of weekends later
  2. Yea, don't know how much to read into the match stats... but we've had 10 more shots on target, 14 v 4 inside the box but shooting accuracy is about 40% for both teams... at least we're shooting on target again, but we need those natural goal getters that just ping it right where it needs to go, not half-assed shots towards target.
  3. So many shots on target... can't believe we're not scoring... another of those nights, going to rue our missed chances.
  4. I remember some impressive displays early season with Byers - Bannan combo in midfield; let's hope they can build on that tonight. Think this looks as good as it gets given the current available players, and the options of Brown, Luongo, Windass and Wing on the bench is good.
  5. Do I feel hopeful for a result? Yes. Do I feel optimistic we're actually going to go and get one? No. Tough opponent and a real test for this league, getting 3pts in a power struggle vs MK Rondas... with a win I've got a feeling we'll be sat in the play offs come the end of the night.
  6. EXCEPT for... So if you're taking missed chances by Accrington into account, why not Bannan's sitter early on; what about the 3v1 where Patterson sent Kamberi offside, what about Patterson alone on goal, what about Gregory through on goal once or twice in 2nd half? If you're calculating near goals from AS; then we were closer with ours and should really have won 2-7. BUT neither happened; and we won 2-3.
  7. The only, and consistent, thing so far this season is the relentless and brilliant support by traveling Wednesday supporters through thick and thin. They deserve much better performances!
  8. We've narrowly beaten Accrington Stanley (!) away after getting thrashed in the cup by Plymouth, who also did a number on us in the league... I'm reluctant to feel any sort of optimism yet, there's too many mistakes in defense and moments of lapse in concentration that ruin an otherwise decent performance. Good to see the squad starting to click, good to see some natural 1st XIs returning but I'm not going to get carried away... just yet.
  9. Ok, I swear officer, I've only had 2 sips of this beer... Omg, are we 3-0 up or are they in doubt who's scored our first goal still.. WHAT a way to start a match!
  10. Here, fixed it for you. I agree we need a new owner though!
  11. No excuses this time Wednesday... Moore, time to say something else after the game or I'm done with you... fed up with "obviously wanted to win... ehhh... etc all that old drivel"
  12. Well... not for Plymouth, they can get a treble against us this season
  13. Game over... I will actually now resign myself to listening to Norway playing just as awful away to Netherlands in our "hopes" to qualify for a world cup we btw are also boycotting...
  14. I'm baffled we are in 8th the way we are playing. Was expecting things to take time to turn around, but only promotion is acceptable outcome for me really. We need to bounce back from all the poo that took place previously, and show that we're ready again, but I'm afraid the way we're taking time to adjust to new league, new squad, etc. we'll narrowly miss out on play offs. Something about Moore that just doesn't click; I've been both "Give him time" and "Moore out" earlier; right now I'm just baffled and watching us go through the motions, not feeling as invested I've been before.
  15. I'll just quote myself and ask mods to be renamed Mystic Meg... only just, it's Wednesday and no longer takes a magic eight ball or psychic powers to figure out we play god awful 1-1 draws...
  16. I think I know this song. Concede early, then possession and bombarding with shots, for once, but only perhaps managing a draw. This cannot be enough sporting success for DC, can it? From Sunderland performance to this... atrocious.
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