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  1. Got to be able to play out and kick well, its so important these days under a press. I think we will loan a PL development keeper again as the ones in our league and sadly Cameron D wont have those boxes ticked.
  2. I got thrown out half way through. Never a problem at Cinecenta
  3. The referees generally arent as fit the further down you go so many see time wasting as a plus. Its as simple as that. I was told that by an ex PL ref. Other than that I think L1 standard of play has been far higher than last time we were here. Championship seems to have got stuck in a rut since Covid. Nowt to fear if you make it.
  4. Technically you wouldn't have a better orgasm if you were shXgging Lily James or Holly Willoughby rather than your missus or fella or whatever. But you would feel better about yourself lets be honest.
  5. I dont know how we managed it. Because its apparently almost impossible to buy tickets from the club according to comments on another thread.
  6. Really though it was the draws when we didnt put enough teams away in the first half of the season.
  7. So are we recruiting to play our current brand of football - easy on the eye - trying to play through the thirds.? Or do we go for something different- hard working winning machine - not pretty but effective? No cop out hybrid we can do both. Neither guarantees promotion btw.
  8. This is like one of those police sting operations isnt it. Come and claim your lottery win Luke....
  9. Glad to see your positivity but number one is unfortunately major. As everyone who looks at OT on a regular basis knows, the North West Corner is out of commission untill a new gangway is built. For me number 1 is the abysmal floodlighting which has started to get to be a major problem at winter night games and i believe the club is sorting this summer. Think the signage around the Kop could be spruced up. And the mens toilets on the North would disgace the Azimov steelworks.
  10. Palmer is ball watching. Nothing wrong with his position as he has to be mindful of a chip to the far post. But their winger starts going full pelt for the near post from miles out. One early glance behind was all Palmer needed to do to know that the danger was near post. At the end of the day its just a League 1 players error and Palmer has had a decent season. It just was mainly his error and it happened at a terrible time.
  11. Personally i want them to win important games.
  12. I want Moore in charge next season. He deserves another season. BUT he very clearly failed at his job tactically in the play offs.He was out thought by Neill. We are all gonna have to live with that but no-one is gonna forget. Darren needs to recruit well and start well next season and be around top two or three. There really are no more excuses.
  13. I can only think that he was as discombobulated by the atmosphere as half of our team were and stopped being able to function properly.
  14. We had to be braver on the ball at the back when they were pressing. We were just playing low risk stuff lumping it to Gregory and subsequently were playing in our half too much of the time. We are a team who plays through the thirds. Why did we stop doing this for the play offs? Because just like Carlos against Huddersfield, Moore lost confidence in attacking like we have been doing and decided to keep things tight. Even the goal was virtually the same. Its a failure of leadership from manager and players. They played it out. We didnt. They controlled the game until we finally got on top but then - again - we lost our shape. The fans were incredible but we were let down again.
  15. You guys played a lot more football at our place than we did at yours. Deserved it over the two legs although the goal came at the one point in the whole tie where we were on top. Good luck int final
  16. Lets hope so - oh god i do hope so. But if not good luck against Wycletico - we need proper clubs and fans like SAFC.
  17. If you wanna throw stones about fan bases how about- Rotherham fans not observing the minutes silince at Fleetwood- which Warne had to apologise for - then they fought amongst themselves - and presumably both lost. That fan who came on for the Accrington penalty and attacked the player - who missed - how big a two points was that? Warne apologised. Players off the pitch at Crewe after Rotherham fan threw missiles at the lino. Warne apoligised. The debacle after your pathetic pitch invasion and retreat at Gillingham. Thats just this season. And you cant take being wound up. What a scrubby tinpot fanbase.
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