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  1. This disease isnt flu where you just get better. I had it last March. Felt shocking for 5 days. I 'recovered' and had a 30 min run exactly two weeks later and i felt fine. A week after that my oxygen levels crashed and i was back in bed. Just avoided hospital. The i got vertigo as a side effect. After about 3 months i was 100pc better but loads of people arent. Take care Darren and look after yourself ffs.
  2. Monk built this seasons squad around 3 at the back. We haven't the full backs or wide men for 442. Anyway. The system is a complete red herring. All teams need to be flexible to play against the other team.
  3. The only possible benefit of having 5 managers fail in a single season is that anyone with any sense can see that simply blaming the current manager is a fools errand.
  4. Ok. But who? Who have we recruited that was clearly mentally weak and of poor character before they joined? Even this season Paterson Windass Brown and Kachunga have been part of promotion winning sides before. Dunkley and Flint didnt strike me as characterless either. Westwood Hutch Bannan Lees Palmer had the character to deliver 2 x play off seasons coming from behind loads of times. That wasn't recruitment either. Seems to me like this is something thats happened to players when they got here and during the past 2 seasons.
  5. What has turned Adam Reach from the guy who single handedly kept the team going during the Jos - Injury season to the clearly couldnt give a throw unless its on Sky player we see now?
  6. This stat gives us the cause of the problem. This squad in various combinations under 5 managers hasn't managed a single comeback point. So what are the causes? It can't be Individual managers or individual players as many of them have done better elsewhere many times. Forgetting the 'Chairman, Managers, Players are all shhhhit' twittertwat reaction what are the causes and common factors for the various teams under various managers. And yes, the root cause is Chansiri but that aint changing. These are the possible causes of us lacking the nouse or bottle to fight b
  7. As Paterson is ironically not a right back its only ironic in an Alanis Morrisette kind of way.
  8. If that's a Great Escape biscuit its a great metaphor for the robustness of our challenge.
  9. If the pub fight was featured on Sky then some of the boys might give it a go. If its just on the local pub blurry CCTV with no one watching they will be skulking away in the corners pointing and shouting but not really getting involved.
  10. It doesn't matter about the fixture list. This team has proved it doesn't have the mentality to win under pressure. We've gone.
  11. This season Wildsmith 18 EFL games 13 Points - 0.72 PPG Dawson 8 EFL games 8 Points - 1.0 PPG Westwood 14 EFL games 18 Points - 1.28 PPG Fekkin Twit
  12. That was a pretty big error in the context of the season. I would have been shouting the same thing. He's not a kid. The personal abuse isn't nice but how frustrating must it be to be working your butt off and the dodgy keeper feks it up again. He hasn't much credit in the bank. Wildsmith rarely influences games positively - usually its negatively. His lack of confidence and consistency is a part of why we are going down. Fekkin twit. He's not the only one though.
  13. He's here He's there He's every fkkinn where Roger Wylde Roger Wylde Which was ironic because he pretty lazy at times I was a massive fan of his though. Very skilful player.
  14. Good news. But If he's had Covid he might think getting better is a nice steady upward curve. It isn't. And i speak from experience. It feks you up for quite a while in many cases.
  15. Everybody forgets this. If Monk had have got us anywhere near mid table with Bruces squad we would have taken the 12 points last season.
  16. Really pleased for Darren Moore.
  17. Well done for the populist rabble rousing but actually lower prices for people who cant afford to go and higher prices for people who will pay for a premium service is a fair shout. And exactly what Owlstalk has just sensibly done.
  18. You can't get away tickets for most games unless you alreafy have the points.
  19. While thats true its only one side of the coin though. It annoys me when Wednesday fans are economically stereotyped as ALL working in factories on minimum wage. Loads of people haven't spent anything and there are lots of sectors that are going mad. Spoke to a window sales guy said it was his busiest time in 30 years. Speak to anyone in Construction, its mad busy and wages are on the up. Prices for almost everything are actually going up. Lots of people such as Pensioners aren't gonna be affected at all. Lots of people will be massively affected by the job loss
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