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  1. I like him. He's one of those players thats around a 7 every week - tidy on the ball - knows the game. An asset.
  2. Agree. I will be surprised too as he is a decent defensive marker for a forward we are getting to be quite a small team. Headers from corners count the same as worldies.
  3. Lots of well informed bad news in that article. Real shame for us but spare a thought for Massimo. He must be totally devastated poor guy.
  4. Not ideal but the good thing it seems is that we knew that Dunkley was injured. Palmer will have been training as CB all week.
  5. Yeah ok..... But back to the point. Are you not bothered that Autumn Saturday home games are being redistributed to Winter midweek games? Suppose it doesn't matter so much to fans that dont go.
  6. Pint of what your having slinger.
  7. But as Eric Morcambe said.....not exactly in the right order.
  8. Until the fixture list starts to even up in October we now have a shockingly unbalanced start to the season.In our first 9 games - 6 are away 3 at home. We now currently have only 3 home league games in the first 9 WEEKS of the season -2 on a Saturday 1 on Tuesday. We will have had 1 home game v Shrewsbury in 50 days from Fleetwood on 17th August to Oxford on 2nd of October. Scheduling fixtures for international weeks is stupid. Well done EFL.
  9. Up to Sunderland now to ask for it to be called off. Its arguable whether their team is weakened more by the actual four players called up than us having BPF out.
  10. Nice definition knowledge. Why not give us one for 'pedant'?
  11. I get the whole history bit. Long way to go etc. But just try to live in the moment. Are you enjoying this season? Yes Are Arsenal fans for example? No If people want to put a 'yes but' next to your enjoying this season thats up to you. I won't be.
  12. Wednesday Clash songs - i love it. Davey Jones Im so bored with the EFL Tommy Spurr
  13. They went mad trimming the bus up didn't they
  14. Bailey Peacock Farrell Hes got many more surnames Than hes conceded goals Pick yer own tune
  15. You haven't read all of the thread have you?
  16. Ones owned by BMW, one by D-Taxis.
  17. Ball on its way. Foot on line. Fkin brilliant
  18. If only all you FIFA managers understood real football though
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