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  1. Presumably the 'others' aren't on the Gate List!
  2. Yep, Snoots should be on the team bus getting the lads fired up, whilst Stubbs serves up an Orange energy drink (spiked with a cocktail of Amphetamine, Anabolic Steroid and Viagara) What could possibly go wrong?
  3. .. ooffff. That sounds to be a messy business... count me out!
  4. What a wonderful opportunity for recycling and sustainable living.... watching The Owls should soon provide a sufficiency to build a brick 'outhouse'
  5. Well there was that brilliant hod carrier who was leagues ahead, Nigel Pearson. Great business shipping him out to Boro' I thought
  6. When he was at S6 there were quite a few games when the Owls build up was too ponderous and predictable and the lad appeared to offer a solution. Was sad to see him go but NML is a far better fit in this squad
  7. OMDT IN DOUBT. Went for a rural ramble today and gasping for refreshment stopped at a hostelry, 'The Nun's Chuff.' A scary place only matched in the warmth of it's welcome by 'The Slaughtered Lamb.' But I digress. On asking the formidable landlady if her establishment was indeed His Lordship's local, she answered in the affirmative and went on to say he was attending the Easter Friday wedding of his godson 'up North somewhere' and he was staying overnight 'at some posh t*ats Manor House'. I fear he will already be inebriated and unlikely to present us with his OMDT
  8. Is that one of his Lordship's moggies, engaged in more sabotage?
  9. Afraid his Lordship doesn't understand the concept of digital or the Digital Age... he has one heirloom timepiece and that's it!
  10. Great finish and not least cos the defender was giving him a prolonged mauling. Great strength and balance in the circumstances coupled with quality technique
  11. Thanks Snoots for this most enlightening OMDT. I now see with the greatest clarity that the Owls are responsible for the onset of my Bipolar Disorder.... I was fine until I was first ravaged by symptoms on 14th May 1966 and have never been the same since. I have now decided to instruct my solicitors to sue the club for punitive compensation. Another matchday sees me taking my tea, toast, Diazepam and Antipsychotics.
  12. I think the midweek games are particularly difficult for him with 12 hour shifts, sometimes 15. However if he is locked in the Nun's cellar and Mrs Shagnasty has Wadsworth 6X on as a guest ale, we won't be getting a weekend preview either!
  13. So that one example proves that DM hasn't the best injury management record of of any Boss in several decades.? There's probably one example of Boris telling the truth in the last 10years... it doesn't detract from his overall record.
  14. Is Darren Moore the best manger in the past 30 - 40 years for his policy on managing players injuries and recoveries? Frustrating for fans and maybe some players but he's putting their (and club's) welfare first) https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/darren-moore-shoots-warning-to-sheffield-wednesday-fans-over-recovery-of-josh-windass-and-nathaniel-mendez-laing-amid-lee-gregory-query-3613124
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