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  1. Asio, I'm just the poster and not the reviewer. I also agree about the abysmal quality of refereeing!
  2. I have seen 2 better refs in amateur Sat morning games this month.. and obviously no liners either.
  3. Great review and a gold star for putting this out at 4.30am for us all to enjoy at breakfast. Top man!
  4. Is it still a preview after ko? I need to have a word with Shef Cam! https://youtu.be/p4Piilt5YhU
  5. Does he mean stays at CB and not ventures into midfield?
  6. Ayup, Neon Nick. I am not Sheff Cam, so no credit (or criticism) for me. I do post his vlogs as he's to busy... supping tea, eating biscuits & mince pies etc
  7. Latest review from Sheff Cam I don't mind a nervy last 10minutes when it ends in euphoria and not dejection.
  8. M'mon Fellers, don't let petty jealousy get the better of you just cos I'm a worldy Sheila Magnet
  9. I vote that we 'hunt them down'. Latest review from Sheff Cam
  10. Thanks prowl for highlighting something I should have made clear... I am not Sheff Cam - he is rather more laid back than myself! He is possibly too self-effacing to post directly in Owlstalk.
  11. Body temp of 38°C... just the job for a bloke with no hair.
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