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  1. EFL desperately attempting to create an aura of competence after ***king over Bury? As per? Rotherham children + SYP = Cliff Richard? Should we await the EDL tipping off the British B*llsh*t Corporation when the valuers are about to raid Hillsborough?
  2. Greedy scumbags. I wish we were in a revolutionary France phase! League and FA should make it impossible for a football club and its' assets to be mortgaged to secure money for other businesses. Those young lasses in the photo doing their bit to keep the club alive (and all the other fans) trying to save a sinking ship, deliberately holed by the Captain whose looking at the salvage value. It's enough to make me weep. Not the first by any means is it? This makes interesting (and awful) reading: Hall of Shame My nomination for the guillotine is Douglas Craig (York City)...... why weren't the rules tightened up when this Tory bast*rd sacrificed the club to line his pockets? RIP Bury .. may you rise from the ashes
  3. Palmer aside, Fox is clearly the best LB at the club at the moment. It's to his credit he's put the nightmare performances of last season behind him (and he was far from the only one!)..... it's a shame that certain members of the fanbase can't put it behind them as well and be pleased for a guy who has worked hard to turn things round, rather than continue to slag him off. On another matter and thinking about Matt Penney's performances when he first broke into the team; before his confidence was infected by team mates, apparently devoid of self-belief and basic organisational skills; before his injury, I have to ask if his loan to St Pauli may not have been premature and that he may have been a better bet than Iorfa or Odubajo to compete for the LB spot??
  4. Deepdale is a accursed place for Owls fans. I hear or read the word, 'Deepdale' and I immediately think of the legendary Derek Dooley. Time to bury the memory
  5. It's rumoured that these merchant bankers have been known to use jellied eels as a lubricant.
  6. Lord Snooty is well but tied up..... literally. He was urgently called out early yesterday morning by an eccentric cousin who was being threatened with eviction from his family home. A home with just 4 habitable rooms and lit by gas. There is no electricity; water is from a well etc etc......... internet?? Snoots was about to nip down to the nearest village to knock off a quick OMDT when a van full of ruffians, masquerading as bailiffs, turned up and laid siege to the venerable building as his equally venerable cousin, Cedric barred the doors and took to the battlements. A couple of well aimed chunks of masonry soon had the bounders below scampering for cover. When Cedric told Snoots to put the chip pan on the stove so that boiling beef dripping could be dumped on the invaders in any further attempt at forced entry, he demurred and urged caution. When Snoots further declined to fire off a volley of arrows at the ne'er do wells hiding behind their van, Cedric accused Snoots of being a traitor and bound him tightly with a bell rope until such time he decides on "who's side he is on" Stubbs who is staying at the 'Staughtered Lamb' in nearby Wetwang is planning a rescue attempt but it is thought that this could take several days. Hopefully Snoots can safely be returned home in time to write a OMDT for the Millwall game
  7. I can believe he's still playing! His greatest effort was put into........ not making much effort. Result: very little wear and tear on joints, ligaments & tendons etc. He could play for another 20 years
  8. "He would get herpes if someone blew him a kiss." - More likely to just fall over as a result of air turbulence.
  9. I remember the picture of burgers inside Bolton's ground a few years ago .......lovely........ and then the reality - barely thawed out, no onions, dry as dust breadcake, no mustard/sauce.
  10. You should all have taken the 'Hull Hurtle' football special with Snoots and Stubbs yesterday......there were several places available in 3rd class.
  11. Blaming Dawson when 3 defending players couldn't get a foot in?
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