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  1. His form this season shows he is actually a better full back that the much respected Pudil. A good footballer not without skill who was given an absolutely torrid time in the two semi-final games against Brighton. .... and in several other games against better Championship teams when the opponents saw to play balls into the huge spaces he often vacated when pressing forward. Fox is good enough to be in a team which achieves promotion.
  2. Shithousery ..... the finest, most descriptive word in the English Language .... eat your heart out Shakespeare!
  3. Westwood was arguably the best goalie in the Championship for a couple of years - he was great. I loved Hutchinson when he arrived at the club, pleased for him recovering from a career-wrecking injury and delighted to see a player at last with b*llocks and commitment and realy getting stuck in. BUT. No manager should tolerate players who split the camp, undermine the manager and come on like some 'Bertie Big rounduns'. There's clearly plenty of circumstantial eveidence that both are guilty, coupled with the fact that neither are the players they were 3 years ago. There are some on the forum who appear to exhibit a rather adolescent, pop-idolesque hero-worship syndrome..... someone is amazing (and therefore beyong criticism) . I remember being verbally abused by a 23 year old Michel Jackson fan when I suggested that he may well be a paedophile..... being a musical genius apparently bestows some sort of saintlyness. Being a good footballer doesn't justify hreo-worship or automatic selection. Joey? Clearly not good enough. Most people would expect nothing more than squad cover for 500k Euros. It's not his fault the club was strapped for cash then as it is now. But no club should tolerate players who are divisive and undermine the manager and are too big for their average boots. ps Chuck Berry was a musical hero of mine and a musical genius in his time...... however as a person he was really a bit of a c*nt
  4. " People make their mind up about something and they want that prophecy to be fulfilled. It's almost as if a failure gives them the warm glow as it proves them right. A glow warmer than victory. For this is personal victory. One of self affirmation."
  5. And I thought Willie Henderson was lacking in stature..... this guy really is the 'Wee Man'
  6. Because it made it easy for the persuing mob to grab the trailing ends, haul you to the ground, tie your legs together and administer a good kicking...... and the silky ones were no good for making bandages afterwards (non-absorbant) or slings (the knots kept slipping)
  7. So - if we get promoted it will cost £20M for a player who will be 30years old a few weeks into the season? What would his re-sale value be after serving a 2 or 3 year contract? Not for me.
  8. Very, very pleased for Rhodes. Maybe Monk is the first Owls manager to realise that he needs an early, quality ball into the box with others in support - and has set the team up to actually do that?
  9. Cripes he hasn't half aged in Germany! He looks old enough to be Bullen's dad now.
  10. Costello makes a good point, it can't be a co-incidence that Ingolstadt Utd famously had a centre forward (back in the days when players wore proper boots) who scored 30 headed goals and 8 with each foot during just one season. He was tragically killed in a house fire before his career took off.
  11. The Funeral Service will take place at City Road Crematorium on Monday 14th October 2019 at 11.00am. Family flowers only please but donations in lieu, if desired, to Swallownest Care Home, which can be made on the day of the funeral as a donation box will be available at the Crematorium
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