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  1. Take him a Werthers if you do though!
  2. Bit harsh, thought he created most of our chances.
  3. There were some despite the result and first 25 minutes which were horrendous. Dele Bashiru - Even before a great goal, he was excellent. Looks like a proper player at last. Well done lad. Moore got his subs right. And the change to 442. We created lots of chances again - we genuinely might batter someone if we get it right. Some good individual performances- Palmer, Bannan. Dunkley We came from behind.
  4. It really is car crash commentary. Truly embarrassingly bad.
  5. Bit unfair on El Greco. He painted some great internal walls and ceilings.
  6. For 25 minutes it was as bad as can be. After that we controlled it and missed too many chances. It was that simple.
  7. Had my first Chilli con Carne in there in the 80's before a game. My mates dad had 5 pints and drove to the ground.
  8. The unfortunate elephant in the room is that over several seasons that this club, bunch of players and manager can't recover from going behind. If that isn't bad enough they often cannot hold on to a lead. With that in mind how can anyone think we will get higher up the table if we always have to score first in a game to get even a point out of it. Why is this going to change and when? Evidence?
  9. Just play this team. Sometimes Paterson for Berahino. Sub others in for injury or loss of form. Stop dicking around worrying about what other teams have.
  10. Anybody else think that Foden is massively overrated?
  11. I was at the front of the north when it hit Bannans hand right in front of me. The ref patted his thigh
  12. We didn't for a lot of the game. Bolton are obsessed with it.
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