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  1. Recruitment/Squad building has been; V Good Bad V Bad Bad Terrible V Good
  2. The 'novelty has worn off' must be one of the laziest arguments ive seen on here for some time I will bet it the OP was one of those doomongers saying we would be getting 14k post pandemic.
  3. Click on efl 1 at the top then click Bannan then click the flag at the top. Its says thanks for the vote. Then refresh and do it till u get bored.
  4. Crowds do have to be controlled. But it trouble is part of football. The late 19th Century sees 'Groups of violence prone supporters attacking officials, fighting with rival fans and destroying property'. There were 10 ground closures due to violence in 1897 alone. Then it got better. Then worse. Seems we are on a loop. All just history repeating.
  5. Real Peaky Blinders wore suits mate. If you talked to my Dad, whos in his 80's, and my Grandad who you cant cos hes dead, they would tell you that there was plenty of scrapping, especially between local teams and would describe the scrapes they got in. Less away travel so mainly cup games. My grandad said it was really bad before the war but stopped for a long time during and after. Piszzed up working men fight. Always have.
  6. Whenever i imagine Luke posting, I see David Tennant playing Des Nielsen.
  7. Im not condoning the Billy Sharp attack, cokehead aggression or general thuggery but its part of the football culture in 2022. Lock em up when caught. My vague point on Pompeii though is that pitch invasions gave been part of sporting rivalry for well over 2000 years. Going to football is tribal, edgy, occasionally frightening and sometimes genuinely dangerous. Thats what football is and always has been since it was invented. I like it that way and i for one dont want those things to go from the football experience just because a new breed of football fan wants a nice boring generic entertainment event rather than a football match.
  8. In AD 59, there was a riot in the Pompeii amphitheatre, in which spectators from Pompeii and the nearby town of Nuceria fought each other after invading the arena, with the result that the Emperor Nero banned games at Pompeii for a period of ten years. I had a go at it. Didnt work.
  9. Interesting watch. Never at home but been on a few away and plenty as a neutral in different sports. Personally not enjoyed it when watching Wednesday just because it spoils the way i want to watch us. BUT i think its great to watch an event that doesn't matter too much to you personally. Rugby union corp is usually very good imo. I guess it would be a marginal activity and money spinner where we are. Not that we should ignore it. We should be more creative with how we use the boxes - event planning is big business. 3 course Sunday dinner and minibar with crap beer isnt my idea of a day out.
  10. The home figures are not limited by capacity whereas the away figures are. Therefore the table isnt a valid statistical analysis of the premise. Fact.
  11. And Championship play off semi final 2022 to be added to the Honours Board...
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