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  1. You ok hun? I know thats a cliche but what else can I say. Are you sure you have the right Nero?
  2. He might turn us into the worlds first online virtual club where we only exist in order to allow a bunch of middle aged men to vent their spleen.
  3. I genuinely think this is agent driven and dont want to slag the players off too much in the situation they find themselves in but lets be clear, the only ones who will be doing this are the ones who will benefit financially. It cant possibly be the ones leaving under contract in June/July although that would be a laugh. So lets go through the options; Bannan - Not a chance, it would be like finding out that Father Christmas doesn't exist. And he has been paid Likelihood out of 10 - 1/10 Dawson - Got a contract till 2054 and no one else is daft enough to employ him - 1/10 Wildsmith - Very unlikely. Local guy could be number 1 next season. Doesn't seem the type and might not get a team 2/10 Palmer - Everything about Palmer tells you this wouldn't be his style but he would get a contract elsewhere 2/10 Hutchinson - Be ironic and he does have a gob - but only just agreed the option so seems inconceivable - 2/10 Dunkley - Supposed to be a stand up fight to the end guy - or so he tells us - and signed with a broken leg and he got paid for nowt for six months at least - Unlikely 3/10 Windass - Well he was in Portugal with Baz and went straight to Cancun in Mexico in a 20th floor luxury apartment overlooking the pacific where he still was today (see Instagram). Unless he was moaning about not being paid from luxury holiday destinations then its not him. Cant rule it totally out as he might not understand the irony and would benefit from being a free agent. 5/10 Paterson - On to the possibles. I would hope not but he would get a contract, hasn't really gelled at the club and might be a bit hot-headed - 6/10 Borner - Wants to go back to Germany. Might be forcing the issue. Wouldn't go for a fee so not such a kick in the teeth. 7/10 Luongo - Might want to go back to Oz or just wants to play somewhere else or could be a twitchy agent. But what a kick in the teeth - he might have got paid late but still got paid huge amounts for very little in return partly in a pandemic. 8/10 Iorfa - Might be agent led but obviously the prime beneficiary of any such walk out. Would command a big signing on fee with a cut to the agent if he managed to get it done. Smacks of terrible opportunism - he might have got paid late but still got paid his massive salary in a pandemic while being 'off sick' for 9 months at least months. Seems like a good lad but..... 8/10 Unless its Hunt and Galvin.
  4. give over. the only problem in football is our chairman. we are unique. everything will be ok when he sells to a rich local businessperson.
  5. To be fair BooHoo are our ideal sponsor If not them its 'Youve Got To Be Fekkin Kidding Me'
  6. To be semi serious there is a massive Sheffield company with a market capitalisation of £2.1 billion even though its never made a profit....
  7. Just to point out that we are paying out more in players wages than we are getting in income, even more so this season. So its the chairman who writes the cheque from his bank account every month. Obviously not always on time recently. If he doesnt keep stumping up we would go into admin. The fans won't be filling the cap mate. We would need a masochistic buyer with deep pockets. This isn't a comment on his competence. Its just fact.
  8. So did Chansiri suggest this? Or the new Chief Operating Officer? You would think the new COO. But obviously its Chansiri now micro managing stuff from Thailand on zoom because thats what fits the narrative.
  9. In reality the club have withheld my refund anyway and because i haven't sued them for the money i am de facto helping with the cash flow. And if i decide to go next year I'm hardly likely to buy another ticket while I'm owed over 600 quid. If they want to formalise that arrangement i dont see the harm.
  10. If one team doesn't want to play and the referee ignores it then this is what you get.
  11. A team in a European final stinking the place out, time wasting from the first minute. 10 behind the ball. Falling over faking injury. It usually works. What does UEFA ever do about it?
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