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  1. I thought something similar. If they know the verdict - big if - AND its a season position changing deduction AND they dont tell us before the Preston NE game - surely that is unfair and would be challenged ?
  2. Its been so long I've lost the ability to think there will actually be a verdict. I feel like I will always be checking the news for updates. Time has no meaning anymore......
  3. Maybe they are hearing next seasons case as well to save the hassle next year.
  4. Cheers Have to say I love David Squires and there are some unbelievably funny cartoons in the archive. Plenty on Jose Mourhino. Not many will bother looking at them though. Im not quite as worried as you BTW, I dont think Chansiri is that bad although the source of his funds is a worry....all in all football is absolutely skrewed.
  5. Should we be worried by Nick De Marco's latest cherry pie...
  6. As unusual some massive overreactions but its a good point. I dont think its rocket science though why we score loads more away than at home. Monk turned us into a counter attacking side playing two out and out wide men. At Hillsborough teams full backs and midfield players sit back, wait for us to attack and pick us off when we ineffectually ******** around on the 30 yard mark. It happens all the time. Away from home we have more space to get wide and put a cross in usually. Just look at the lockdown games. Monk hasn't got the managerial chops or the players to change it. That and we had one decent striker and hes gone.
  7. The email I received said that someone will contact me within 60 days of the end of the refund period. That would mean towards the end of September at the latest. Might be a long time for some people. No word on options for next seasons ST yet I suppose.
  8. Let's assume we stay up........ P&S is suspended for a year in terms of the three year loss rollover. Our matchday income is one of the highest in the league, we have no parachute payments and our commercial income will also have taken a big hit. So far so bad, but many other clubs will be in the same boat, even the parachutists are already losing money. Revenue for all clubs has been massively reduced but expenditure largely hasn't. Only the clubs whose owners are willing to fund even bigger losses than ever will be able to keep spending at the pre Covid19 rate. Many clubs will have to actively reduce income by not signing any more players, or if they do, at greatly reduced wages. Many will jump at a chance to get rid of players they can no longer afford. there will be loads of players available and at cheaper wages than have been the case recently. Seems to me if our chairman really has got access to an unlimited pot of cash, it does put us in a decent position in attracting players in financial terms (if not in being an attractive proposition at the moment). Especially as we have conveniently just got rid of many of our highest earners and need to sign plenty. Is this the right reading of the situation though or is there more to it? Cue DC will waste it anyway, Monk cant build a team, Hutch was frozen out, Rotherham will take a coach blah blah...
  9. Ta. Couldn't think how it was spelt. Got tangled up...
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