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  1. My dad carried me through the turnstiles till I was about 13 the tight bstd. He is in his 80's now and I could carry him through but he is desperate for us to win on Saturday so when he gets back in the Legion he can stick it to the Blades. LETS HAVE IT!
  2. Neil Thompson's early period results and form shows we do have enough about us if the whole mindset is right.
  3. I think football is the thing that players do with the ball. Lets concentrate on that for a few days eh?
  4. Its a positive attitude i want to see. All out attack isnt a real tactical plan.
  5. Let's have Adam Reach from two years ago to smash one in the top corner!
  6. Strange thing to be talking about when we've got the biggest game of the season on Saturday. Come on you Owls!
  7. Sometimes players come back and get by on adrenaline in their first game and they fade later Doesn't matter this time. Play him he's class.
  8. I believe that every Wednesday fan on Owlstalk want us to stay up. There's not much we have been able to do but maybe one thing that I could do, and all of us could do - Clappers and Cloggers - is to put aside the problems and just be supportive of the team and management over the next three days - Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And for a short while forget about ownership too. They will all still be there on Saturday evening. I know its not much, but if we were all there on Saturday we would be cheering the lads to high heaven at the start. The cynics amongst us may s
  9. Yes Jeff, Wycombes 13th goal came in the 99th minute. Keeping them up and relegating Sheffield Wednesday who had gone ahead at Derby in the 97th!
  10. His losses so far may well be tax deductible to some extent so in reality he and his family won't have lost that much. I did read in a guide that Thai tax rules on losses on foreign investment only allow 5 years period. Whatever, its not necessarily what he has'lost'. Its what he could lose by carrying on.
  11. Agree. Which is a great argument for the ESL. Get rid of the cash cows and there is less distortion in income. Skys Premiership is a busted flush. Disincentivise the lazy Thai chancers and potless Saudi princes.
  12. I said at least because nobody could argue its less. Also, things like the ground sale arent real money. But its probably between 100 and 200m that he has actually burned away.
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