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  1. Thats why I said I hope they have. They cant win if they publicise themselves. This sites anonymous so it doesn't matter that I'm saying I've done. I'm not Nero in real life. I'm.Caesar...
  2. Be good if some of the 405,000 (including me) who have signed up to volunteer for the NHS to do some menial tasks to support the real heroes in our society, were footballers.
  3. Think that's a bit black and white. Did well first season and lost to a vastly superior and much higher paid Hull team. Did just ok second season to get us fourth. No disgrace to finish behind Newcastle and Brighton. His limitations and tactical cowardice were shown up in the play offs. Still unlucky not to go up. He should never have stayed for the next season.
  4. Hes not as good as he thinks he is but nowhere near as bad as some on here make him out.
  5. Think football should really bite the bullet and break the wage stranglehold There isnt any work for them to do. Theres no income. They should be laid off unpaid except for the government scheme. If all clubs did this they could pick up the pieces when it all starts back up.
  6. God that West Ham game! It was shocking before and after. I felt sick all way through the game. There was a Chelsea away game just before that was a bit tricky too. Also remember a particular nasty trip to Portmouth getting run all over trying to get to the coach.
  7. Damn. News straight after. I've woken up back in 2020....
  8. 2 1 ht. Come on Wednesday. We can do this
  9. Birmingham deduction landed 22nd March
  10. Maybe I'm the first to tell you. Life isn't fair.
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