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  1. I used to work in London midweek. A lot of people do.
  2. Wow. That's almost unbelievable. Loved the comment that someone should have filmed it.
  3. Hes got a lot to smile about. Apparently his xxxxx massive....
  4. Ill be singing this tonight and youd better all join in.
  5. No. You're mixing up a lot of things. Deutschland Uber Alles is the original national anthem from the 19th century and was much loved by the Nazis but the tune is still the anthem. I'm not suggesting we sing the german national anthem with Julian Borners name over it ffs! California Uber Alles is a punk.song. Uber Alles means First or Is best. So it would mean 'Julian Borner is best' to the tune of a 70s punk.song. Everything historically German isnt Nazi. Even the swastika isn't a Nazi symbol.
  6. I know suggesting a song is the Owlstalk equivalent of stocking wet fingers into a plug socket but instead of the current pathetic attempt how about... To the Dead Kennedy's punk classic California Uber Alles... Julian Borner - Uber Alles Julian Borner - Ub-er Alles Uber Alles - Julian Borner Uber Alles - Jul-ian Borner At least it scans and it's only 4 words to remember.
  7. Think we tried that last Saturday in the 90 minutes.
  8. Good point. And they were all failures. I reckon Sturrock Megson Jones and Carlos were all more positive.
  9. So Westwood has an ego that can't take being second fiddle. It's a bit crap but he is already here. Do I, as a manager relying on results to keep my job: A.Allow him to wallow in self pity but not totally p him off as I may need him. B. Freeze him out and never play him again. Simple as that. Jos tried B. Monk is going A. Theres some downsides but that's management.
  10. To be pedantic we did finish seventh.... Seriously, I know what you mean. It is a different world. My general point was/is that a team can get hammered in a single game and still have a decent season.
  11. When we came 3rd in the Premiership in 92 we lost 6 1 at home to Leeds and 7 1 away to Arsenal. And I haven't even made that up.
  12. This is true but doesn't fit in with the doom mongers narrative.
  13. Here's what the waaaankkkerr apparently saw. From 5 yards away with his little foot stamp.
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