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  1. I don't think its about sympathy really. More just hoping that its not a reason for rich owners to pull the plug on clubs. Its the fans that suffer.
  2. This is a broad educated guess and you can argue with some of the figures but that really isn't the point. The impact for us but mainly Chansiri is probably about £10m. For some Championship clubs that is probably an existential threat. With no fans coming anywhere soon, except on the kop maybe, make no mistake that we currently are not a going concern even by the hideously skewed world of football finances. As the cliché says, Chansiri and other owners have to keep writing even bigger cheques for the losses every month or we go under.
  3. Ive seen a game at Pafos FC in the early 90's. Quite a change....
  4. Really liked that although were under the cosh berween 60 to 75 mins, generally through Watfords good play, we didnt crack and we kept going. We didnt have that mentality last season.
  5. Normally the opposition allows the throw to go backwards unopposed but they pressed the throw really hard. Made it v difficult.
  6. Thought he was garbage. Let loads of fouls carry on first half without bookings. Game ended up being bitty as a result. Got penalty wrong. Still, suppose that counts as decent ashe didnt wrongly send one of our players off. Well done.
  7. Ok but.... Gave away two needless corners and sliced a volley inches over his own bar. In amongst some decent defending. Luck went his way today which is great and hopefully he gets a bit more confidence.
  8. Lets be honest though, Dawson still looks shaky. One decent save and a couple of others were ok. But handling was really poor throughout. We need consistency.
  9. JJ quickest Never saw Roger Wylde go above a slow jog.
  10. To quote Yes Minister... Yes. And indeed No. And I couldnt be clearer on that.
  11. Well I hope he fails. Mainly because he's playing for Rotherham tbh. The issue about Leicester blatantly diddling us out of money by cheating the system is disgusting but a different matter.
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