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  1. Logically it's a good point. But its impossible for Monk to pick Rhodes in front of his own choices. He was done after the Blackburn cameo. Today as it stands our strike force chances of starting up top are v roughly- 1 Fletcher 2 Da Cruz 3 Wickham 4 Windass 5 Nuhiu 6 Forrestieri 7 Winall 8 Rhodes 9 Borukov
  2. I think he'd have to go Fletcher - Wickham as real alternative. For his own credibility and possibly as part of the loan agreement.
  3. Leadership. Hmmm. Who else is getting paid to be providing that?
  4. How about a team selection and tactics that comes from what you learned getting your pro licence rather than something we played with on Sensible Soccer.
  5. Only in Sheffield could a bloke pour 100 million into doing up our house and we complain its the wrong colour......
  6. I agree with a lot of what you say. My issue with this was that the police arrested a bloke and not the police officer. It now goes to trial and everyone has their say. Good. I would disagree where you say about its effects on him though. He should be very aware of what he did and it should be affecting him. Even if it turns out he was justified, which let's be honest is a long shot. I agree that he shouldn't be hounded on social media but that's different to the video not being posted. The alternative is that someone isn't affected by splitting a kids skull open.
  7. To be fair the best legal minds in Owlstalk are probably still at work.
  8. I reckon he will sing like a canary.
  9. Every day I love you less and less.... Only kidding guys
  10. It's not illegal. The accounts were signed off. It's a breach of rules we signed up to if true.
  11. I like to think of my opinions as 'para-legal'. In the same way as I'm a 'para-financial' expert on FFP and 'para-lytic' on craft ales of the 20th century.
  12. Needs a song if we get away with it... De Marco wo o De Marco wo o o o He proved DC sold our ground Beyond a reasonable doubt..
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