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  1. When all is said and done you cant go around grabbing someones cok in public. Innit.
  2. Was a great foil for Big Jack back in the day. RIP Maurice
  3. i think they mean the cannoville game. 3 nil up at half time and we only drew 4 4 thanks to a last minute Sterland pen. lost 2 1 in the replay
  4. For those of a certain vintage. Charlton 5 4 after being 3 1 down at half time. The Steve Gritt outside the box volleyed og being a particular highlight
  5. Excited for 3 o'clock. Hell yes gonna be a decent game. Couple of bottles in the fridge waiting for kick off. Come on England, smash the Irish.
  6. One extra frustrating point to note is that if the original tribunal had 'correctly' docked us 6 points rather than 12, then this would have been deducted in the 2019-20 season at it would not have relegated us. The only reason that the points have come off this season and not last is that their tribunal thought straightrelegation without a chance of playing our way out was too harsh. Its a bit shambolic.
  7. Do you call Jack Grealish Irish because he could play for Ireland? I doubt it. But the English lads with Nigerian heritage you call Nigerian? Worth having a look in the mirror on that one.
  8. Only one of our recent signings is Nigerian, and that's Adedoyin.
  9. I dont think he is. That injury was from a few years ago. I think you have misgoogled
  10. Don't think it will yet. Amazon are happy to pick up added value stuff and merch ops. Doing same in rugby union. They would have to put prices up if they try to take over from sky. Dont think thats the business model. We will see.
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