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  1. About as good as the manager who probably chose him. Jobs for the boys
  2. No way will Chansiri sack Moore this season. I suspect Moore toes the line and doesn't cause waves which is exactly what Chansiri wants. Got his fingers badly burnt with Pulis and Bruce.
  3. Can Chansiri afford to pay off another manager and backroom staff?
  4. There seems to be an apathy running throughout the whole club. The manager says he's not bothered about performance and is happy to get a draw. The players turn up for about 20 minutes a game and then just go through the motions. The non footballing side of the club is run like Fred Karno's Army. When the man at the top appears to have thrown the towel in there's no wonder nobody else seems to give a ****
  5. Don't blame it on the sunshine Don't blame it on the moonlight Don't blame it on good times Blame it on the boogie
  6. Just an effort to deflect attention from another poor performance. What about playing the ones that are fit in their correct position and with a system they are capable of playing.
  7. When the management and staff at the club start to do more than turn up and go through the motions then I'm certain the fans will do likewise.
  8. You could make that argument for the first team too.
  9. It should but I don't think it will. I suspect Chansiri likes Moore as a person and to him that matters more than ability.
  10. Is Moore wanting to win football matches or rehabilitate a few lost souls?
  11. Glad it's cheered you up after another disappointing Saturday. Don't think there is much chance of Moore getting his marching orders anytime soon. I think he's well in with Chansiri who probably loves all the guff he comes out with both pre and post matches. Let's hope for a win tomorrow even if it does delay delusional Darren's exit a little longer.
  12. There will be no training today. They will be too tired.
  13. That's the worrying thing I'm sure DM will be pleased because in his mind we got a result.
  14. Why do say that? What do see as the bigger picture?
  15. We keep hearing we looked good for 20 minutes or so. During most games any team will have a spell when they are on top for a while but why is it never us that dominates play for the majority of the game? Is it Moore's plan to try to absorb pressure until the opposition tire or are we not mentally or physically fit enough to impose ourselves for the full 90 minutes? Either way Moore needs to sort it out as it's clearly not working. Don't lets just "go again" lets try and do things differently, who knows it might just work. As it is we are just treading water when these players should be capable of much more.
  16. I think in Darren's head we got a "result" today and that there is no need to change his tactics. "We go again"
  17. I'm convinced he comes out with all this waffle to keep Chansiri sweet and keep himself in a job. Chansiri admitted himself to have little understanding of football so he is probably taken in with all the nonsense Moore comes out with. Plus Moore is a nice guy who will not rock the boat, a prerequisite of any manager Chansiri chooses.
  18. You shouldn't be posting on here Darren. There's a game to be won.
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