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  1. Bring back the Pizza Hut challenge.... and Twin.
  2. Couldn’t care less about Forestieri if I’m being honest, good to see Palmer is making good progress though.
  3. Looking at how things stand at the club both on and off the pitch, this could well turn out to be a 30 year deal.
  4. No, this guy should never be anywhere near the starting 11, he’s such a bad player. In years to come when Joey has long since left the club fans will look back on his time here fondly and debate who was the best midfielder, Joey Pelupessey or Craig Armstrong.
  5. The sad fact is we are now no further forward than when Chansiri came to the club. Regardless of where you sit on the topic however, I think he’s here for the long haul. I honestly can’t see him selling the club as if his club valuation is anything like his player valuations, there’s not a chance even the wealthiest of investors would meet his asking price.
  6. That was one game where in fairness some poor finishing from Leeds did let us off the hook in that first half. It takes a completely different mind set to scrap over a prolonged period in a relegation dog fight, never mind the added blow of suddenly being plunged into one just a month or so before the end of the season when you were previously well clear of it. And this is before you take into account the boost it’s give the other teams down there seeing another club thrown into the dog fight. We have numerous players out of contract in the summer, many of whom will know the club can’t afford to renew their contracts, are they really going to throw everything into a relegation fight knowing they won’t be here a few months later (especially if we go down) and any potential injury could see any possible moves fall through? I would be seriously concerned our players wouldn’t have the stomach for the fight although hopefully Chansiri will win his case against the EFL and we’ll never have to find out.
  7. Do I think this group of spineless cowards have the heart to role their sleeves up and scrap it out in a relegation dog fight? In a word, no.
  8. This really would surprise me if true, the lazy set of b***ards, from now until the end of the season I’d have them running through Grenoside woods and I wouldn’t be in a hurry to renew many contracts either.
  9. I’d also throw in that ineffectiveness of our wide players, the fact that Winnall can’t play that lone striker role and every time the bell went forward to him it came straight back and I’d also say the performances from our fullbacks today was awful.
  10. Yes mate it was. I have never ever been tempted to leave a Wednesday match at HT but that was beyond pathetic, each and everyone of those players who “turned up” today should be utterly ashamed of themselves.
  11. That performance at Stoke was nowhere near as bad as what I witnessed today. What I saw in the first half today was as bad as anything I’ve seen at Hillsborough over the last 20 years and I genuinely mean that.
  12. First time I’ve ever left at HT, earliest I’d left before that was when the pigs bagged their 4th against us a couple of years back. The way how I see it is Chansiri already has my money so if the players can’t be ar$ed then why should I. The Shakey was packed at the start of the second half.
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