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  1. At a bit of a loose end this afternoon and as if only watched the first few episodes of the Sunderland documentary I decided to watch a few more today. Sunderland were in a mess when Coleman came in but f**k me Coleman was awful there. Alienating the teams best player rather than managing him, vague tactics, failure to address weak points in the side... the guy is an awful manager. If Dejphon Chansiri were to hire Chris Coleman next season would be a disaster.
  2. How many loan players are allowed in a match day squad? If true then I think either Bullen has got the job or an extended spell as caretaker is on the cards.
  3. I get your point but we don’t want to fall into the trap of the squad becoming too big again, I think it still needs trimming a bit. As for the wide positions, we have Reach, Harris, Odubajo, Forestieri and Penney who could all cover there. Not saying it’s their primary position but I don’t think it’s a priority for us right now.
  4. I’m not sure we need Aarons anymore now that we have Harris.
  5. I hope not. I really don’t like to see clubs bringing players in when they don’t have a manager in place. I’d sooner we get the manager and then let him decide who HE wants.
  6. Agreed, all this waiting around and it’ll be about how Bristol are “considering” a bid for Joao.
  7. In fairness to Nixon, he was the first to say Carlos had got the job about a month before his official appointment. If he’s full of s**t and just guessing, that was one hell of a guess.
  8. I’ve been told both Pulis and Coleman have been interviewed. Hoping neither of them get it.
  9. The slow boring possession based football we played during Carlos’s second and third seasons was absolutely abysmal to watch.
  10. If Bullen is given the gig full time that’ll be another season wasted. I really like the guy but it’ll be a huge disappointment if Chansiri goes with him.
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