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  1. TrickyTrev

    Atomic Kitten

  2. TrickyTrev

    Atomic Kitten

    As long as I draw breath I will never sing a song that includes me stating a manager still turns me on.
  3. TrickyTrev

    Abdi & Jones

    There were rumours a few weeks back that Abdi was willing to take a pay cut and head off back to Switzerland as there’d been interest in him there. I knew they were too good to be true.
  4. TrickyTrev

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    I’d like to see him go out on loan like Clare and Thornley did. Let him learn his trade at another club, iron out the mistakes in his game and then bring him back ready to go into the first team. Given the way we finished last season I’d like to see us start next season with Forestieri, Nuhiu and Joao up top.
  5. TrickyTrev

    Team vs Lincoln

    Embargo or not, if we don’t bring anyone in but manage to keep Forestieri, Bannan, Lee, Hooper, Joao and Lees, I’ll consider it a successful transfer window.
  6. TrickyTrev

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Impressive if true.
  7. TrickyTrev

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    I really rate Steven Fletcher and I’m convinced he has a big role to play for us next season... BUT... If we have to trim the wage bill ahead of next season and it were a choice between him and one of Forestieri, Hooper, Bannan or Lees, I’d let Fletcher go. Also that would still leave us with Forestieri, Hooper, Joao, Nuhiu and Winnall as options in attack.
  8. TrickyTrev

    Team vs Lincoln

  9. Which is just as well as we don’t have 2 owners suing each other.
  10. Come on then, who’s your source and which club?
  11. I seriously doubt the scrubbers could afford his wages.
  12. TrickyTrev

    Remember when

  13. TrickyTrev

    Remember when

    No I’m saying Harry Magiure developed into a better player. Some players improve, some players don’t improve. Pretty obvious what I was saying pal.
  14. TrickyTrev

    Remember when

    Nobody knows how a player will develop. I remember when the pigs thought George Long was a decent keeper.