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  1. If we could get him back before the end of the season it'd really boost our slim play-off hopes.
  2. Didn't they finish 10th last season? I'm not sure I'd class that as being top end of the Championship.
  3. I'd like to see the following feature... Dawson Baker Thornley Fox Jones Peluppessey Hooper Winnall Think they could all do with some game time (assuming they're fit). It's be nice to see Forestieri get some time but I've no idea where he is with his recovery and think Bruce will need to tread carefully with him.
  4. I remember being genuinely excited when we signed him thinking he'd be an excellent signing... how wrong I was!! The guy has been nothing but an expensive mistake, a complete and utter waste of a contract, over the term of which he has stolen a living at Hillsborough. I can't wait until the day he finally p***es off for good.
  5. Bang on, Jones has had more decent game sin a Wednesday shirt than Pelupessey has. If Hutch is injured I'd definitely be giving him the nod.
  6. When we talk about the ability to analyse a defenders performance at the club, I'll trust Premier League title winning defender Steve Bruce's judgement over yours pal.
  7. This!!! Stoke have got some top Championship players and it’ll be a tough match.
  8. Well it's taken us 19 years and we've still not managed to get promotion from it so in that sense I'd say yes it is a difficult league.
  9. James Gregg, pig fan. He said that he knew for a fact Bruce hated Westwood and he'd not play a minute under Bruce.
  10. With a run in as difficult as that all you can do is take one game at a time and see where it takes you after. I still think we are the outsiders for a playoff spot. My advice to any Wednesday fan would be to sit back, enjoy your football and be thankful we didn’t leave it any longer to make the managerial switch. Regardless of what happens, we will be in far better shape going into next season under Steve Bruce than we would have been under Jos Luhukay.
  11. To me it doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were in the Premier League but I was 21 when we got relegated, I’m now 39. That’s a scary thought. Time we got back up there.
  12. Pound for pound one of our best signings over the last 10 years? Westwood free Lees free Hutchinson free Lee free Bannan free Fletcher free Antonio signed for about 900k, sold for £3m (I think) then we got the sell on fee when he went to West Ham. Those just off the top of my head.
  13. It is, the second leg would be away and not at home.
  14. Looking at the fixtures we have left, I can’t help but feel that we might fall just short. Hope I’m wrong and I suppose you can flip the theory and say the best thing we can do is play the sides above and around us as it means we can take points off of them. It’s certainly going to be an entertaining end of the season and I think we’d all have taken it when we were sat watching some of the utter dross that was being served up under Jos.
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