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  1. The way Carlos behaved in that press conference was nothing short of embarrassing. If ever one moment highlighted the fact that he’d lost the plot it was that.
  2. The feeling of sheer relief on Christmas Eve morning when I got the news that Carlos had finally gone.
  3. Of the teams down there... Hull Barnsley Birmingham
  4. Considering Bolton got £6m for Madine, I don’t think it would be unrealistic to expect to pull in around £10m combined for Winnall and Rhodes. That'd leave us with Forestieri, Hooper, Joao, Nuhiu and Fletcher to choose from up front and give us some much needed wiggle room with regards to FFP.
  5. Preston are confident!

    We’ll beat Preston, with our best players slowly coming back into the side we are a different side to the one that’s struggled this season. Preston are a decent team but with Bannan, Hutchinson, Lees and Forestieri we’re better.
  6. Last 24 hours for season tickets

    Already got mine, got a feeling we’ll be right up there in the mix next season. This season will be a minor speed bump on our road back to where we belong... The Premier League. WAWAW.
  7. Signing for us was the biggest mistake of Jordan Rhodes career. I’d love to see him link up with Mick Macarthy at Ipswich. I think an experienced Championship manager would get the best out of Rhodes, get him back to his goal scoring best and make a lot of people on here look a bit silly.
  8. Team for Preston

    I’d love to see him playing the number 10 role just behind the strikers. I think playing him there and giving him licence to do what he wants would really see him shine and once again become the best player in the Championship.
  9. Team for Preston

    Well he’s in full training, the match isn’t for another 2 weeks and there’s a couple of U23 fixtures between now and then. I’d say there’s every chance he could start against Preston.
  10. Team for Preston

    I’d go with wingbacks... Wildsmith Venancio Lees Pudil Hunt Bannan Hutch Reach Forestieri Joao Nuhiu Preston haven’t lost on the road since November, the international break has come just at the right time for us to get players fit and to stop their momentum. Jos Luhukay will have time to work with the players, with Hutch, Bannan and most of all Nando fit and in the side we are a completely different side than the one that has stumbled from abysmal performance to abysmal performance this season. This side will beat Preston.
  11. If only Carlos had looked after Sam like Jos has, perhaps he wouldn’t have been out for so long. He spent 2 months out injured, had 2 training sessions and then played 3 games in 7 days. That’s what Hutch has just said happened. Now there’s putting faith in a player and then there’s just being stupid, taking needless risks with his fitness. I can’t help but feel this may have happened with Kieran Lee and it’s ruined his season. No doubt had Carlos still been here Forestieri would have started today. Thankfully Jos won’t take silly gambles with our key players.
  12. The Run-In (8 Games to Go)

    If we welcome back Forestieri, Bannan and Hutchinson we’ll be a far far better Sheffield Wednesday side than over the last 8 matches. We’ll finish on 55 points.
  13. Lutv live stream via a vpn

    It will be pal, Derby don’t have IFollow either but our away match against them was on.
  14. In order to have a massive clear out you have to have sides who want to take on the players you want to offload. Somehow I doubt there was a long line of clubs wanting to take on the contracts of Almen Abdi, Dave Jones and Marco Matias in the summer.
  15. Best player at the club by a country mile... can’t wait to see him back in the team.