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  1. Did Mike McCarthy say earlier the pigs were under an embargo and close to liquidation? I hope Micheal will be along shortly to put him straight.
  2. Yes and the first phone call they’d have taken on the matter would have been from that c**t Micheal the bitter pig.
  3. Still not heard Micheal the asthmatic pigs take on the ownership mess at Bramal Lane. I wonder if he’ll be on tonight to talk about how they were under an embargo in 2017?
  4. He’s been shocking since he got here but in fairness I thought Odubajo had a decent game today.
  5. He’s not had a fair crack of the whip since he came here. I’d really like to see him given a run of games alongside Fletcher to see how they do as a partnership, with Reach down one side and Harris down the other I think that pair will score goals.
  6. I’ve got one of these, they’re really good quality and an excellent design.
  7. I have an awful feeling Bullen will be in charge for the Huddersfield match.
  8. Agreed mate. I definitely think that if he were to bring Megson in as his assistant it would help sell the move to the fans.
  9. How would fans feel if Pulis bought Megson in as his assistant like he’s done in the past? Would that make you more receptive to the idea? Under Megson I thought we played some decent stuff to be fair and enjoyed watching us play. We played direct but Megson bought in the likes of Marshall, Antonio and Lines (hardly suited to a side just playing long ball) and in a few interviews has described Forestieri as the best player in the league. Could a Pulis and Megson combination get the best out of Forestieri? Would they really be that terrible to watch? Not necessarily my views but just trying to look at this from another angle to see what fans think?
  10. Mixed feelings about this story if it’s true. Firstly it says ‘if Bullen slips up’ which is hugely disappointing as it suggests we are going to waste more time on a manager who is taking us backwards. This would be typical Chansiri given how long he kept Luhukay in a job after it was clear he was useless and didn’t have a clue. Secondly it it sounds like he’s not even that interested and would take some convincing and a hefty wage to get him here when you’ve got Rowett and Holloway who are both openly interested in the job and would be a much better fit. This explains a lot, it explains why Chansiri hired Luhukay and Carlos, for me I just don’t think he’s very good at hiring managers. Taking the above into account however, the poor performances since the Barnsley match have really got me worried about where we are going under Bullen and the thought of going down to Hillsborough to watch a Wednesday side managed by him again is so deflating that I’m almost at the point where as long as Bullen isn’t in charge I don’t mind who the manager is. It’s not ideal but it’ll be better than keeping Bullen on.
  11. Rowett would be my first choice. That said looking at some of the names mentioned I honestly think Neill, the Cowleys, Karanka, Monk and even Pulis could get more out of this team than Bullen currently is.
  12. I like Bullen but I don’t have much sympathy for him, he’s doing a far better job than I get to do for a living and I dare say he gets rewarded financially for doing it too. Also he gets to watch the crap we’ve served up in our last few matches for free, us fans have to pay for the “pleasure”!!!
  13. Nothing to do with it. Whether a club has parachute payments or not it doesn’t stop them recruiting a manager. They May well be a more attractive proposition than us but that wasn’t really my point.
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