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  1. I remember the last time we got relegated to League 1, going into that final game against Palace with Potter and O’conner in the middle of the park and watching Sean Derry dominate them for the whole match. At least with Hutch back in the side, if we do go down we’ll go down fighting (unlike the last time) and if we do find ourselves going into a similar “death or glory” type match this season, I’ll feel a hell of a lot better about it if we have Sam Hutchinson in the midfield rather than Joey Pelupessey. This move on the short term deal he’s signed really is a no brain
  2. Richard Wood got booed on off the bench after it became public he’d handed in a transfer request just before the game.
  3. Hopefully we can get everything tied up so he can be available for selection in our next league match. I remember a couple of years ago when Luhukay got the boot and Bullen bought Westwood and Hutch back into the side, our performances went up a level, hopefully we’ll see a similar lift in performances.
  4. As opposed to Luongo who’s never injured. In my view, while ever Joey Pelupessey is anywhere near the match day squad, Sam Hutchinson will never be a bad signing.
  5. I’m saying this with the benefit of hindsight, who’d have thought the way Carlos absolutely bottled it in the final was a sign of things to come. Taking a side blessed with an abundance of attacking talent and turning them into one of the most negative sides I’ve seen in my time following the owls. It’s our insistence on hanging onto this journey man coach that started us on the path that has led us to where we are now.
  6. Whenever we got to a big match (such as the playoff final or semi finals), Carlos took a side blessed with attacking talent and went ultra defensive, terrified of losing. As critical as I have been over the last few seasons of our chairman, his investment into the side did more to get us to Wembley than Carlos did. He picked the side but was tactically naive and relied on having better players than the opposition rather than getting it tactically right. We are now paying the price of Chansiri’s repeated insistence on renewing Carlos’s contracts.
  7. He was my first choice when Carlos got the sack. Plays attacking, entertaining football with a proven track record of getting sides promoted to the Premier League. Would need backing in the transfer market though.
  8. Yes and they’ve just taken out a loan against their tv money up until 2023, meaning that’s their parachute payments already gone too.
  9. Yes and no blame for the cretin in the dugout who has no plan B and has wasted over £120m on absolute dross.
  10. Norwood was so useless in the buildup for Spurs third goal. You can see why Fulham and Brighton sacked him off when they got promoted.
  11. It still makes me laugh how they sold Ramsdale for £1m and signed him back for £20m, only for him to turn out to be absolute dog s**t.
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