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  1. Three contract renewals in and this is the first one I’m genuinely pleased about. Hopefully Fletcher will be next.
  2. Worth another year at his age but I hope he’s loaned out rather than played in the first team, he’s way off Championship standard at present.
  3. What was it Chansiri was saying about us having to pay high ticket prices in order to see better players?
  4. I’d genuinely rather have given Semedo a new deal. Good behind the scenes but also (and more importantly) a much better player than Pelupessey. If ever there were any question marks over the direction of the club, they have been answered today.
  5. Hopefully it’ll just be to cover the end of the season. Anything beyond that would be ridiculous, he’s a nice guy but absolutely garbage.
  6. Really? I would have thought it was Mark Bright.
  7. The club can keep my money for this season, I spent it ages ago and never thought I’d see it again anyway, also mass refunds would hurt the club financially. As for next season, if we can’t attend a number of games I’d accept a discount off my ticket the following year.
  8. If players don’t want to play for the club I’d rather we get them as far away from the club as soon as possible. Something with the benefit of hindsight we should’ve done with Forestieri.
  9. That’s actually a really good shout, in a few games just before Fletcher got injured this partnership really started to show some promise, I wouldn’t mind seeing us give this a try too.
  10. When you look at how many have been tested that’s still a very small number, can’t wait for the footy to start up.
  11. Barnsley didn’t even get a points deduction for going into administration.
  12. So you were spending money you hadn’t yet received. I’d be interested to know how many other Championship clubs went in administration as a result of ITV digital going bust, was it just Barnsley?
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