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  1. Starting to get past caring if I’m being honest. I didn’t even know we’d signed another player today until about an hour ago. I’m looking forward to Saturday but more for a few beers with my mates rather than the match itself.
  2. Most sides at this level wouldn’t turn down the chance to take Iorfa, Hutch, Luongo, Bannan, Windass or Gregory in their starting 11. The issue isn’t the players, it’s the manager.
  3. Off the top of my head I’d say Hunt, Gregory and Corbenau when he was here. I’m struggling after that.
  4. Him and Gregory playing up front together for a run of games are probably our best chance of making the top 6.
  5. It makes you wonder if he’s been playing with an injury given his more recent performances.
  6. That chance Brown missed when he came on. Joke of a footballer.
  7. This season was never going to be a walk in the park. What we witnessed today was a great game of football, we should consider ourselves lucky that we were able to share a pitch with that Oxford United side. Although disappointing now, fans will look back on this game as a classic in the same way we do the 3-3 draw with Man Utd on Boxing Day in 1993 in front of a packed out Hillsborough. A bit of perspective is required.
  8. Robinson completely outsmarted Moore today. Imagine being a manager and being outsmarted by Karl Robinson.
  9. It seems the Moore in brigade are happy with one good weekend in every 3/4…. Some people will put up with any old rubbish, sadly the idiot who owns the club falls into that category.
  10. Coming into this game we’d conceded 8 goals in 3 games playing a makeshift defence, so we go out and bring in a Championship centre half. So coming into this game what does Moore do? He sticks the Championship defender on the bench as he’d rather play a left winger at centre half instead. The f**king idiot.
  11. Such a shame what has happened to his career. Blessed with bags of ability but injuries have really ruined what should have been a much better career. I hope he’s playing again at a higher level in the near future (although not at our expense).
  12. I sometimes used to play football with him in the Yew Tree carpark. Nice lad, it’s been great watching his career rocket as it has.
  13. We can’t be playing a left winger at centre back when we have just signed a new centre back. Put the new guy in for Johnson, other than that unchanged.
  14. Agreed. They’re really going all in this transfer window to make those playoffs.
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