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  1. TrickyTrev

    Westwood interview

    Absolutely I’m sure. It took him time to get fit when he first came as he’d not been getting any match time at Norwich and his other 2 injuries are the first serious injuries he’s had in his career.
  2. TrickyTrev

    Westwood interview

    Before last season Hooper has never had a lengthy injury his entire career. Not exactly what you’d call injury prone.
  3. TrickyTrev

    Westwood interview

    Bang on. The confidence an experienced keeper with his ability gives his defenders in invaluable. Wildsmith and Dawson are both very able keepers and their time will come but for me Westwood is our number 1.
  4. Very interesting read, can’t wait to see him back next season. For me he’s the best keeper in the division. https://amp.independent.ie/sport/soccer/international-soccer/westwood-moving-on-from-season-of-misery-36926277.html?__twitter_impression=true
  5. TrickyTrev

    Clare rejected us??

    I often wonder how old a footballer needs to be before we stop blaming their agents and they start taking a bit of responsibility for their decisions themselves. As for Clare, it’s be disappointing to see him go but like Hirst I think he thinks he’s better than he is and he wouldn’t get in the side ahead of Lee, Bannan, Hutch or Pelupessey.
  6. At £800k I’d bring him back, at £1.8m I wouldn’t.
  7. Read this on Derby’s forum... The word has been spread around, S.Winnall had to pass a rigid medical test several days ago which had to confirm his recovery chances in order for his transfer to The Rams to be rounded shortly, it's actually a swap deal for J. Butterfield.
  8. TrickyTrev

    Westwood Going

    Best keeper in the division. We have decent cover there but there’s not one side in this division that would miss a keeper of his ability if he were to leave.
  9. I really hope this isn’t true, we don’t need another striker!!! For what it would cost to bring him here I’d sooner we sign a new centre half, a left back and a right back.
  10. I read that as “we know pre season perperations weren’t up to scratch last year, this year they will be”.
  11. Very nice bloke but not the best manager in the world. Last season he messed up the best chance we might get to return to the Premier League and left us in one hell of a mess when he left. There were points during this season when I really disliked him but that said, the season is over, the dust has settled and I wish him well for the future.
  12. I remember when we were favourites to sign Patrick Bamford.
  13. If we can send him out on loan and get the other club to pay £25k of his wages, hopefully he’ll rediscover the form that made him the most prolific striker in years at this level with a run of games and then in January we might get back what we paid for him.
  14. According to the Pink’un today’s Sun has said Norwich, Forest and Blackburn all interested in Rhodes.
  15. Westwood Wildsmith Dawson Hunt Palmer Fox Pudil Lees Hutchinson Bannan Jones Abdi Lee Reach Hooper Forestieri Fletcher Winnall Matias Joao Nuhiu Rhodes Now whatever you think of each of the above as an individual player, ALL of the above were part of a squad that just 12 months ago gained 81 points and ALL are still at the club. This season we had a manager who had lost the plot early on and 14 of the above list have had long term injuries but to write this group of players off after such an unfortunate season is a little premature to say the least. We have also bought in a manager who has a record in the second tier in Germany similar to Neil Warnock here and as I’d expect the vast majority of the above to be fit for preseason, even without additions I expect us to be able to mount a top 6 challenge regardless of who comes down from the Premier League and who comes up from League 1.