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  1. One good season in four, he’s much improved but it’s not like he’s irreplaceable. We may already have a ready made replacement in Matt Penney.
  2. So you don’t think our back line would benefit from having an experienced leader in it? We play 3 at the back so any pace an experienced defender coming into the club lacks wouldn’t be so easily exposed but his experience and leadership qualities could have a calming affect on a defence which was anything but solid last season. Roger Johnson, Anthoney Gardener, Michael Johnson, Oguchi Onyewu, Glen Loovens... all examples of when we have previously bought in experienced defenders to help us stop leaking goals and it’s worked. ”Young and talented” isn’t always the answer and although I’m glad to see us targeting younger players with a higher potential resale value, there has to be a balance and I think it was clear for all to see last season that this team lacked leaders.
  3. Richard Keogh has just signed for MK Dons. As we are going to struggle to attract players this summer given the points deduction, at 33 I’d have taken him on a 12 month contract at Hillsborough. Tom Lees game has gone to s**t since Loovens left and I honestly think our back line is desperate for some experience, in a 3 I still think he could do a job at this level for another 12 months.
  4. I think it’s likely that given our 12 point deduction, any body we approach might want to wait to see if anyone else comes in for them before signing for Wednesday.
  5. In fairness we can’t submit them until we know which set of accounts the stadium sale goes in, this’ll not be sorted until after any potential appeal.
  6. You’re always going to have a problem when you are over reliant on a 30 plus crock. Anyway, like Forestieri and Fox, Fletcher couldn’t wait to get out of the door as soon as he could (even though he’d been paid to my knowledge a full wage during lock down for doing nothing) so f**k him. I’d sooner focus on players that want to be here rather than crying about those that don’t want to be here leaving.
  7. 1/ I think it was 1992, at Hillsborough to the champions Arsenal. We drew 1-1 with Hirsty putting us in the lead and Chris Woods saving a penalty. 2/ David Hirst.... by an absolute mile. 3/ Chris Waddle. 4/ 3-3 on Boxing Day 1992 with Man Utd. 5/ Swindon Town away in the hot sun. Won 3-2 on the opening day of the season, I think it was 2002? I’d also say the playoff semi away leg at Brentford in 2005. 6/ Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. 7/ Chris Waddle against the scrubbers at Wembley. 8/ Keiserslaurten at Hillsborough in the UEFA Cup. 9/ Des Walker. 10/ No, it absolutely breaks my heart to see what Dejphon Chansiri has come to our club.
  8. We are going to struggle to attract players with a 12 point deduction and need to recruit around 7/8 players within the next 6 weeks. Beggars can’t be choosers and at least when the likes of Forestieri, Fox and Fletcher couldn’t get out of the door quick enough when their contracts expired, these 2 put pen to paper and committed to the club for the remainder of the season. We could do a lot worse than offering both new deals.
  9. He’s right. Fans should pay their money and shut up.
  10. Perhaps Chris Martin could do that job, just been released by Derby.
  11. After next season I’ll be boycotting every match until Chansiri is gone.
  12. We stuck by Forestieri when he was banned for 6 weeks for racially abusing an opponent, this was after he refused to play for us. We paid Steven Fletcher a fortune in wages to spend a lot of time out injured. All 3 of these players were paid (to my knowledge) in full for not working when football was suspended due to the COVID19 outbreak. In return the club asked for another 4 weeks to see us through to the end of the season and they couldn’t get out of the door quick enough. F**k em.
  13. Any team that has the double done over them by the rabble we sent out to represent the club last season deserves to go down.
  14. I don’t think he’s being negative, more realistic in my view. Starting the season on minus 12 will mean potential new signings may think twice about joining us and may want to fully explore other options before committing to the club. This’ll no doubt delay any incomings into the club.
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