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  1. When they went to the toilet it’d have been 2-1 to them.
  2. Agreed, even if we miss out on this deal that still leaves us with Gregory, Smith, Windass and Paterson who can all play up front and all have goal scoring pedigree either at this level or the level above. It’s not like we are short of options for our forward line.
  3. If the fee had already been agreed and Hull have gone back in that, then absolutely no way should we go back offering more.
  4. My cousins husband is a pig fan and when they signed Berg he told me he’d turned down a move to Man Utd in order to sign for the pigs….. so don’t try to tell me there are a shortage of clubs wanting to sign him at a heavily discounted price.
  5. I’d guess the majority of that was spent on strikers…. And Billy Sharpe is still their best striker.
  6. Never mind, if things get really bad we can always sell the stadium.
  7. Agreed, people bang on about how we should be great full he’s underwriting the clubs losses and say “be careful what you wish for” completely ignoring the fact that’s it’s down to his incompetence we are losing this much money. He’s the worst thing to happen to our club in decades, I’d honestly take Dave Allen back over this clown.
  8. With that idiot running the club this really doesn’t come as a surprise
  9. Saw this earlier, desperately sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
  10. I remember when we used to keep each kit for two seasons, alternating which one was changed each summer. I always did think the switch to changing both each season was just a ploy to rip off fans.
  11. If Paterson wasn’t already our player and we were signing one or the other then I’d go along with that, but Paterson is already here. I actually think Paterson gets a lot of unfair stick on here if I’m being honest, scored 12 goals in the Championship for a rubbish side that finished bottom of the league and given the game time I’m convinced he’d bag at least 15 at this level.
  12. Wilks is a good player at this level but as I said in another thread, I think we weee starting to collect one too many strikers so I wouldn’t be too bothered if he didn’t sign. Gregory, Windass, Smith and Paterson are all capable of hitting over 15 goals each at this level given the game time.
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