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  1. I was going to buy it as I thought with it being our anniversary year it’d be a bit of a keep sake but given the way I feel about things at the moment, I just can’t bring myself to spend any money on things like this. I’ll renew my season ticket (more out of habit than anything else) but that’s as much as they’ll get out of me until we stop playing this negative brand of football which quite frankly bores me sh**less.
  2. Just a rumour...

    Perhaps, I just often find you popping up in different threads here and there having snide little digs at your fellow Owls. Just an observation.
  3. Team For Saturday....

    Although I’d go with wing backs in a 3-5-2 formation, I think there’s very little chance of that happening so here’s my 11 in a 4-4-2... Westwood Pudil Loovens Lees Hunt Bannan Lee Hutchinson Wallace Hooper Fletcher I know that’s pretty much the same 11 that took to the field at Wembley but last season whenever we had a run of decent results it always seemed to be with these players. What that says about the money the club has spent since then is probably best saved for another thread.
  4. Just a rumour...

    Ironic you should say that when you're one of the worst ones on here for having snide little digs at your fellow supporters.
  5. Just a rumour...

    How very depressing.
  6. Just a rumour...

    Not seen one single reputable reporter, journalist etc back this up. I hope this is true but let’s be honest, it probably isn’t and we’re stuck with him and his boring brand of football for the foreseeable future.
  7. So Much For Being A Man Of His Word

    I dread to think what will happen in the return fixture at Bramal Lane if he’s still in charge.
  8. So Much For Being A Man Of His Word

    I have wanted him gone since around the turn of the year (I think it was watching us get outplayed and yet somehow win against that awful Rotherham side that was the final straw), at the time when going out drinking with my mates I was very much in the minority. Something I have noticed though is that as time has passed more and more fans have come round to the same way of thinking, the pathetic play-off campaign swayed some but the most noticeable thing for me is that even the most ardent supporters of Carlos who I know are now starting to "regrettably" think it's time for a change. The Sheffield derby was the final straw for many I think, not just the defeat but the manner in which we lost to a side that really shouldn't have beaten us so easily on our own patch. This number is only going to grow, Carlos was happy with the dross served up at Birmingham and he thinks that the match officials are more to blame than himself for not picking up more points. This to me says things will not change and if we fail to get anything at Derby and then start in our usual slow fashion at home to Barnsley and they take the lead, I can see the atmosphere in Hillsborough becoming very toxic. I take no pleasure in seeing this happen to any manager, least of all Carlos who had done well previously and is a very likeable bloke but I think Dejphon Chansiri needs to act quickly, make the change and avoid the situation getting any worse. It's not often you see a manager turn things around when the fans have turned on him.
  9. Agreed and after our latest calamity, I can only see that line on the top getting bigger.
  10. In fairness Jose hasn’t had to sit and watch some of the dross we have this season.
  11. Good luck to him. What he does when he leaves us isn’t my concern, I’m just bothered about what he’s doing here and at present his sides are serving up in general pretty dire performances and are under performing.
  12. So Much For Being A Man Of His Word

    He’ll be getting paid too much money to walk away.
  13. If he’s still here in January, our match at Bramal Lane will be one to forget.... let’s see how many fans are singing for him out after the pigs complete the double over us!!
  14. Fernando Forestieri

    On his day he’s the best player in the league, what team wouldn’t miss him?
  15. Bullen

    Would be a dreadful appointment.