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  1. TrickyTrev

    Neeskens Kebano

    I thought Mitrovic scores the only goal in the game? Could be mistaken though.
  2. TrickyTrev

    Neeskens Kebano

    Never heard of him. Any good?
  3. TrickyTrev

    Chairman’s statement

    It’s always darkest before the dawn.
  4. TrickyTrev

    Chairman’s statement

    The problem is, 1867 was a lot of money for not a lot in return. I want to help as much as anyone else but for me it was a straight choice between Club 1867 and a Season Ticket and in that situation there’s only ever going to be one outcome.
  5. TrickyTrev

    Which Kit?

    Play in the black kit, looks class.
  6. TrickyTrev

    FF and Joao - positive news

    It'll be very interesting to see what Bruce does with Forestieri. Bruce has a reputation for being excellent at man management and I can't help but think that if managed right, Forestieri is one of the best players in this league.
  7. TrickyTrev

    A way around hectors parent club

    In comparison to the other defenders we have at Hillsborough he is decent but I think that says more about our weaknesses in that position than it does about his strengths. There's definitely a player in there but he has cost us goals a few times since he came here (granted under Luhukay everybody was terrible) but even since Jos left, just off the top of my head I look at that Birmingham goal at Hillsborough and think he could've done a lot better, I also look at the first Luton match and his passing that day was awful, he also got skinned twice by their right winger and had to be bailed out by Fox in front of the kop. Also the Preston game, I know he scored the winner but his passing was off that day too, for example the red card that Pearson got came as a result of Hector miss placing a fairly straight forward pass and putting it straight at Pearson. I'm not saying he's dreadful but he isn't great either and I just think that he is a bit over-rated and for the type of wages he will command, I can't help but feel that we could get much more value for our money.
  8. TrickyTrev

    A way around hectors parent club

    For the type of wages Hector will be on, I'd be very disappointed if we were to sign him. This opinion won't be popular but I think there are some on here who really over-rate him, he's often got a mistake in him and his passing at times can be very sloppy. Granted he looks good next to Tom Lees (who has gone backwards year upon year since Wembley), but at present I'd rate Thornley as the best centre-half at the club. For the sort of wages we'd have to pay to sign him, I think we could get much better elsewhere. Just my opinion.
  9. TrickyTrev


    He came off after 3 minutes, fractured toe nail Should be back in about 12 months.
  10. TrickyTrev

    Adbi playing for U23's

    The guy is a complete and utter waste of a contract. When he finally runs his contract down and leaves in the summer, I predict similar celebrations to when the same happened with Franny Jeffers.
  11. TrickyTrev

    No one coming in....

    What account is this pal?
  12. TrickyTrev

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    Fair enough and I do understand the point you are trying to make. My own personal take on the goal keeper situation is that Dawson did very well in goal and was let down by those in front of him. I just think that given the amount of goals we conceded, it was important to bring back an experienced voice behind the back 4, one that has served us so well in the past. Dawsons time will come but right now I just think Westwood is the better option given our current circumstances.
  13. Given how good Judge is, I can only imagine he’s on his way to Ipswich because he’s never really recovered from that awful injury he had. Given our own problems with signing injury prone players on big contracts, I wouldn’t be happy if we were in for Judge.
  14. TrickyTrev

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    I didn’t give Dawson pelters for the West Brom goal.
  15. TrickyTrev

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    Perhaps, we both have our opinions, mine is that Westwood kept us in the game until HT. That’s fair enough I think.