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  1. Have they actually won since Coutts broke his leg? I just wish we’d been good enough to take advantage of their poor form.
  2. When we were financially in the s**t I used to look at the start of the season for 3 sides who I thought were worse than us hoping that we’d be well clear of any trouble during the season. When DC came to the club I thought those days were over.
  3. I’m actually more interested now with what’s happening with the sides below us. The playoffs are gone now but it’s imperative that we don’t get dragged into a relegation battle now and I think that’s more likely than us being anywhere near the top 6.
  4. Interesting comments.

    If he’s wanting players back before they are fully fit then he’s risking that players career in the long term to save his own neck. IF that’s what’s happening.
  5. 21,000

    This exactly sums up my situation last night. Works Christmas do, had a really enjoyable night in town, gave my season ticket to a mate, wasn’t that bothered to be fair and didn’t bother finding a pub that had it on although if we weren’t so dire at the moment I’d have sacked the do off and gone to the match.
  6. Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    Happy clappers keep on clapping.
  7. 21,000

    Hopefully a wake up call for Dejphon Chansiri. I know people say “he’s not bothered if ST holders turn up or not, he’s already got their money” but I don’t buy that argument. If I were him and ST holders weren’t showing up to matches I’d be wondering how likely are these people to renew if they aren’t showing up now and they’ve already paid. Personally I think our season ticket sales for next season will be shaped very much by the actions of our chairman over the next month.
  8. Listen to those boos Mr C

    I know a few like you pal who are regretting it now. We had a season of entertaining attacking football and off the back of it thousands bought 3 year season tickets only for the standard of football to steadily decline over that period. If they offer the same initiative once the 3 years are up I’d be amazed if the take up is half as good.
  9. Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    Fair play to them I say. Our season is over, our slide down the table continues and all the while Wednesday fans just sit there, say nothing and continue to be served up complete and utter garbage by Carlos and the team. It’s about time fans started to let the chairman know we want Carlos out of our club. For me this needs to be just the beginning, whether it be plummeting attendances or Carlos out chants Dejphon Chansiri needs to understand that we’ve had enough. At least these 3 fans have the courage of their convictions... I hope more will follow.
  10. Listen to those boos Mr C

    If that deluded clown is still here next season I won’t be. I’ve had enough of his constant drivel and the absolute dross his sides serve up, I can think of plenty of better ways I can spend £555 than watching that $h!t. If he’s still here I’m done.
  11. The Championship is such a difficult league to predict, everyone beats everyone and I could see a situation tonight where we put in a Villa or Leeds type performance and win. We are more than capable of it but just too inconsistent. I have a sneaky feeling we'll win tonight.
  12. CC interview

    I have to admit I’m getting sick to the back teeth of the constant drivel he comes out with. First it was referees, then it was the fans, then it was fixture congestion, then it was referees again, and now it’s injuries... whatever next, Brexit?? Carlos’s unwillingness to accept even the smallest part of the blame for the complete and utter dross that’s been served up this season is astounding!! It’s like he’s living in his own world where everything is fine and anything that goes wrong cannot possibly his fault while all the while fans are paying the highest prices in the division to be bored to tears watching the Carlos Carvalhal vanity project. I’m completely sick of it, if he’s here next season I’ll not be renewing my season ticket.
  13. Yes it does but I decided to put my 5 in and he’s in there. Please note I haven’t however included managers I was too young to remember and/or wasn’t alive for.
  14. Erm I wasn't born when Peter Eustace was Wednesday manager. Also if you read the thread you'll see my reasons for including Carlos.
  15. No that’s not what I said. Perhaps I think they were both bad managers, ever think of that... hence the reason they were both on my list? I think Stewart Gray would have got us promoted if that’s ok with you.