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  1. Athletic this morning says: It is understood all but maybe one or two of United’s players have significant wage reduction relegation clauses that will kick in during the summer. same article also says: Prince Abdullah, when speaking in the aftermath of Wilder’s departure last month, revealed: “Some of the players have clauses in their contracts, so that if they get a certain offer, they can leave. We cannot do anything about that.”
  2. Yes but they’ve borrowed a load of money against next seasons Premier League TV money. How do you expect them to repay that if not from their parachute payments?
  3. I’m not sure they’ll get parachute payments. Kieran Magiure tweeted a while back that they’d already borrowed against next seasons Premier League tv money.
  4. 32 games is the earliest and it’s shared by Huddersfield Town and Derby County.... And now Sheffield United.
  5. Wolves have been poor tonight, the Ched scrubbers really are woeful in attack. Any other side would’ve scored tonight, it’s amazing to think of the amount of many the scrubbers have spent on forwards since promotion (is it about £60m??) and this is what they’ve got to show for it.
  6. 90% Our illustrious leader. 10% combined between the players and numerous managers we’ve had over the season.
  7. This!!!!! I have never known a Wednesday side as mentally fragile as this set of cowards. It really is pathetic to watch.
  8. Hate is such a strong word but I’m really starting to hate the guy. Clueless, stubborn, arrogant.... just a few words I’d use to describe the clown currently running our club and if he doesn’t p**s off (taking that idiot advisor of his with him), I have a bad feeling that things will get a lot worse before they get better.
  9. What Steven Fletcher was earning was of absolutely no concern to Forestieri. He was on a contract at the club and being paid a very good wage to do a job and he refused to do it. The guy was an absolute disgrace for what he did and should’ve never played for the club again.
  10. Carbone and Alexanderson were both at the club after Di Canio left, both far better players than Forestieri. Forestieri should’ve never pulled on a Wednesday shirt again after he refused to get on the coach to Norwich.
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