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  1. If he is back he’ll struggle to get Fox out of the team.
  2. To finish bottom Skybet have suspended betting on us.
  3. On Skybet you could get us and Barnsley to go down together at 150/1. That’s now 200/1.
  4. He’s not the worst player we’ve ever had but I will concede that he is crap.
  5. Looking back to our relegation from the Premier League in 2000, if fans had known how utterly s**t the next 19 years was going to be I think they'd have just wanted the club to go into administration back then and start with a clean slate. No points deduction and we could have gone straight back up to the Premier League without any punishment. Instead we spend years trying to make ends meet and fight off administration and then when we finally get an owner who is willing to invest, we make a handful of band signings and suddenly we are in the s**t with regards to FFP. On a side note, you can currently get 150/1 for Wednesday and Barnsley to be relegated on Skybet.
  6. I think we have to take 1 game at a time. The Championship is such a difficult league to call, anyone can beat anyone on their day. I’m just looking ahead to Brentford and that’s as far as it goes right now.
  7. In fairness I think a Sky do have decent pundits for their EFL coverage. I like listening to Goodman, Andrews and Hinchcliffe.
  8. I think you’re probably right but I do think we need to be looking at our main 2 strikers to be getting as near to 30 goals between them as we can.
  9. It is about the team. I’m just saying that going with this partnership over the course of a season you’re probably looking at about 20 goals between them which is fine if you are keeping clean sheets or your midfielders are chipping in with goals on a regular basis. At present neither can be said about us.
  10. That was his first game at this level. I’d like to see him a bit more before we try signing him.
  11. Played together they are affective during certain matches but over the long term I just don’t think this partnership has enough goals in it if we are serious about challenging for a top 6 place. A quick check of their stats shows Nuhiu’s most prolific league campaign at this level ended with about a dozen goals, the same with Fletcher. That’s ok if you don’t concede many or if your midfielders are regularly chipping in with goals, I’m not sure if either can be said about us. If we are still in the mix for a top 6 place come January I’d still like us to bring in a striker on loan to help us take some of these chances we keep on missing on a weekly basis, perhaps Che Adams or Matej Vydra.
  12. I thought both Murphy and Reach did well when they came on, certainly creates a nice headache for Monk.
  13. We looked toothless until Forestieri came on tonight. Monk continues to persevere with this 4-5-1 formation but with the best will in the world, Steven Fletcher just isn’t prolific enough to be our only striker. Don’t get me wrong he’s a very good player but he’ll not get anymore than a dozen or so goals and so we are relying on our midfielders to chip in with goals which they aren’t doing often enough. For me Monk needs to switch to a 4-4-1-1 formation with Forestieri in the hole in between midfield and attack. That way we will offer more of a goal threat and might actually start putting some of these chances away.
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