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  1. Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Nothing at all, but with Hunt himself saying everyone needs to knuckle down and prove their worth to Jos it goes without saying really
  2. Fernando Forestieri

    Haters gonna hate He played through injury last season for us, which cost us and himself this entire season. He made a mistake nearly 2 years ago now. Get over it
  3. Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Definitely knee, happened right infront of me. As soon as it happened you knew it was serious, he flung his arm in the air straight away. Air was brought out to him too, but couldn't see if it was administered I imagine he wanted to walk off knowing that could be his last game for us should Jos decide he's not in his plans for next season
  4. Fernando Forestieri

    Yet despite that he was the reason for every single goal
  5. Forecast changed again so should be settled with an odd isolated showers
  6. Season tickets - who's renewed?

    Another 2 years added for me to the existing 1 I had left. Would have loved to have done the full 5, but couldn't come up with the funds at such short notice which was really annoying. They really should give people more notice.
  7. Championship Team of the Season

    Oooohhh, I thought it was team of the week! Makes more sense now!
  8. Championship Team of the Season

    How has Warnock got the manager spot!? Lucky draw in a game they were the second best the majority, when for a team who are second place they should be taking the game to them and getting the win!!
  9. Left just before HT. Thought we looked good and have some nice tidy players (first time I've seen us play except for highlights). Within the first few minutes we could have been 2 or 3 up Hughes - was putting some lovely crosses in Preston - looked a handful but it didn't seem to be quite going for him Nielson and Williams - both look like massive units. Comfortable in possession too Borukov - really liked the look of him. Hassled the opponents, got in to some good positions Fernando - thought he looked knackered very quickly which is probably expected! Had a few whinging moments too and felt he was a bit frustrated that teammates weren't on the same wavelength as him. Don't think either Fernando or teammates were in the wrong though, teammates will be used to playing a specific way. Confidently put penalty away though which he won, and also missed a 1-on-1 a few minutes earlier.
  10. Nuhiu

    Deserves a new contract even before yesterday. Useful squad player and offers something different. Rubbish in the air yet with the ball at his feet he managers to skin people for fun. Constantly hear from opposition how they hate playing against him. Now put a good run of form together (whose to say that won't continue under Jos) He's not first choice, but as a squad player we won't find much better. Rarely injured too
  11. 14/1 to go down

    I did
  12. Time to go Mr Chansiri

    Let's be reyt, with your current ST track record that doesn't look like it was going to happen anyway!

    Clare was injured, Hirst is totally unproven at this level. Not to mention such a hostile atmosphere at Hillsborough. Do we really want to be chucking kids in and relying on them to get the points? Annoyingly, Clare potentially would have thrived on Saturday Where did I say Loovens should not have been taken off? Unfortunately for me Loovens shouldn't even be starting anymore. Clare was injured. Nielson hasn't exactly been fault free when he's played. Maybe strange, but maybe he doesn't have any faith in any of the first teamers / subs currently? None of the fans do so why should he

    and put who on there instead? I agree in theory, I saw the bench and thought there are no game changers on there if we need it, but what other senior players could we have put on there for that purpose?

    Pudil who had a late fitness test? Who else do you want on the bench? Fill it with kids? Abdi? A player we never see because a gust of wind breaks him. Butterbeans has took a lot of flak again, but he was "ok" yesterday which is good for him. There was far worse players on the pitch It's easy to blame the manager, maybe he does deserve some stick, but there is no way he can be held accountable for absolute stupid mistakes like neshing challenges, constantly misplacing passes, who failing to do a single decent cross (Loovens / Palmer mainly)