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  1. Carlos "Kieran Lee is 100%"

    Don't understand the negativity towards Fox. Most games he's played in he's looked more than adequate LB, and better than both Reach and Pudil there IMO. He's got a cracking delivery on him too
  2. Jordan Rhodes - WINNER

    I do agree that he should have done better with the other chances. To be fair, hitting the post was just unfortunate, did everything right. However, strikers do not get that instinct needed when they're warming the bench. He's proven in the past he's lethal in this league but he's shot of any confidence. He has had another game this season which he started and he had 2 or 3 good chances but just didn't fall right. As long as he's getting in those positions the hardest part is done. Hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later that he starts finishing them
  3. Catering

    Partner went for a pie before game, and it doesn't look like they do peas or gravy anymore!?
  4. Jordan Rhodes - WINNER

    and his overhead wasn't far away too! But obviously he doesn't care according to some. His reaction and the massive smile on his face says otherwise. He will only come good if we play him for large periods and actual give him something to feed off which we did last night and should have had hattrick!
  5. In hindsight...

    Probably disagree with regards to Fox, thought he had a very good game last night and more than capable for team competing at top end of championship.
  6. Lego Hillsborough

    Good effort. I'd probably recommend having the pitch all at the same level though, just put the joining parts underneath
  7. “Clueless

    Closer to the playoffs than relegation actually (based on points)
  8. Love the wee man, yet people think he doesn't even deserve to be in the starting line up. Hell, people even wanted him sold in August!
  9. I must admit I'm surprised. We haven't even done any of our local derbies yet. Bravo fans. Let's hope the team can start showing up too
  10. Interestingly, the grunters have only scored 15 goals. Yes we have too, but 4 of those came against us, so 11 goals in 10 games which isn't all that great As others have said, if we seriously want to be competing at the top, we have to be consistently beating teams mid table and below
  11. The club really should buy that industrial land and also the land where the houses are. Absolutely perfect for the club to develop on (sorry residents )
  12. Promotion form?

    Unbelievable set of tough games coming up. In our next 4 games, 3 of them are currently the top 3! Truthfully I'm not sure how we'll do. I think a positive is that we haven't really got out of 2nd gear yet, but we seem to have been saying this for many many months now.
  13. Player ratings

    Interesting ratings. Personally I wouldn't be giving Reach above a 6. Really struggled against their winger
  14. Advertising hoardings

    Crossing the line obviously we can't tell that, but I couldn't even see the net ripple it was that bad where I was sat