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  1. Didn't want him in the first place, but willing to give a chance Not seen anything to make me think otherwise yet though
  2. Just had WBA fans saying we're best team they've played this season too Maybe not as bad as what our fans think after all?
  3. Thought we played well today, with only Joey being an disappointment. Numerous times in the first half he left CM exposed by not reading play allowing them to marauder through. Thought he struggled physically a bit too Even still, thought we would have deserved the win, although bit concerned we're not really scoring again. 2 points dropped for me which I didn't think I'd have said beginning of game!
  4. Why on earth would you want to move Iorfa to RB when he's shown he's gash there and he's playing extremely well at CB? Palmer has had 2 bad games in a row, but past season or so he's been consistently good so isn't worth dropping him yet
  5. I've been a critic of Reach, but Murphy is in a totally different league. Shown absolutely nothing to deserve game time except for his debut. Weak, terrible final ball, slow driving forward, ineffective. Send back
  6. The very first few games he did and looked a menace. Something changed though... Maybe it's a confidence thing? Looked like a deer in headlights last part of last season
  7. Agree with you. He looks far more shakey at RB and where he never wants to receive the ball so always passes it backwards. He got caught out so much last season Better at CB for me and should be nowhere near RB Had a decent game last night
  8. Wouldn't go as far as MOTM or starting next game, but liked the look of him again. Won plenty of tackles in the midfield but probably didn't create as much as he would have hoped
  9. All but 3 players Even 2 out of 3 subs they brought on are first teamers
  10. Bit surprised by people saying they looked comfortable. First half I agree but getting 2 quick goals is always going to help settle their nerves. Even up to their first we already had a 1-on-1 and looked the more threatening. They only scored both of their goals from 2 interceptions by us which unfortunately had to land at their players feet both times. Apart from that 1 point blank fantastic save by Dawson , I can't remember them really threatening us again. Second half I would argue we was the better team and they definitely look uncomfortable at times. If we had been more clinical and chose better options in the final third we would have definitely been right back in it To say it was their first team vs our second team and we was 2 down very early on, I think we had a pretty good go at it! They was slicker in possession than us, but that was always going to be the case. In terms of performances, I'd say that was Odubajo best game for us. Luango, Iorfa and Nuhiu looked good too
  11. Pope's dead Why you reckon Bannan started growing some on top too?
  12. Positive spin is he does play attacking football There's a reason hes had so many clubs at 40 though
  13. So basically has achieved nothing in his managerial career
  14. Yes...and precisely how some of us know monk would be an awful appointment if true
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