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  1. The club really should buy that industrial land and also the land where the houses are. Absolutely perfect for the club to develop on (sorry residents )
  2. Promotion form?

    Unbelievable set of tough games coming up. In our next 4 games, 3 of them are currently the top 3! Truthfully I'm not sure how we'll do. I think a positive is that we haven't really got out of 2nd gear yet, but we seem to have been saying this for many many months now.
  3. Player ratings

    Interesting ratings. Personally I wouldn't be giving Reach above a 6. Really struggled against their winger
  4. Advertising hoardings

    Crossing the line obviously we can't tell that, but I couldn't even see the net ripple it was that bad where I was sat
  5. Advertising hoardings

    Is this true? Where have you heard it? I also had issues with them. I'm short sighted anyway but got absolutely no chance now sitting on Kop. I hadn't a clue if Hooper's goal had gone in or not Totally agree with this too! Ridiculous how small they've made the font. Even my partner can't see them and she has perfect vision
  6. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    I do agree with that but that still doesn't mean we should sell him. The past few games he's started to look like his old self. Out of the current midfield crop, who do you have most faith in / the most creative: Hutchinson Lee Jones Abdi Bannan It has to be Bannan IMO with the rest being injured / not creative / no form.
  7. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    As much as I love Fernando, for that sort of money I would be seriously tempted. Whoever said we should offload Bannan needs to give their head a wobble though. We seriously lack good options there as it is
  8. So, am I the only one...

    Entirely agree. Even thought the first half wasn't actually that bad. We had the majority of play but just seemed to get lost in that final third Hopefully it's not the case of Sunderland being a poor team though. Fulham match is going to be a tough test
  9. Man o match etc etc

    Bannan 100%. I'm a massive critic of Reach, but I must admit he looked a lot better in the second half and put some dangerous balls in. Still a long way to change my mind on him, but it's a start at least
  10. I'd probably agree with this TBH. We should just stick him alongside Lees
  11. Loans or nowt

    Apparently Chansiri did say at that fans forum that he doesn't actually care for FFP and he is more than happy to chuck money at it this season if that is what fans want. If we fail to go up though then he is concerned with fans opinions that we will be penalised at the end of the season for breaking the rules
  12. Unbelievable, slag the signing off without knowing anything about him....like usual. Don't know how some of you have the cheek to call yourself "fans" when all you do is moan whatever the club does
  13. LED Boards

    Could we use the boards to advertise our players for sale?
  14. Adam Reach

    No he didn't My boss is a boro fan and even he says he is absolutely awful. Everytime I see him he laughs at me that we was willing to pay £5m for him. Didn't do anything at them to warrant becoming a professional footballer. No end product, unable to beat a man..is this sounding familiar? He's not a winger and he's not a left back. People say he's stifled by our current style, but I'm not buying it. You can tell when he's on the ball he just doesn't have a clue what to do with it to get by a man. Wallace manages it fine in our current system. I'd love to be wrong, I truly would, but he has not shown anything since being here to say he will. We'd might as well put Nuhiu out on the left, at least he can beat men
  15. Reach - Undropable?

    Yet to see anything from Reach. Genuinely garbage player so far. He can't tackle, he can't beat a man, he can't cross Yet Wallace gets loads of stick despite being consistently our most creative and threatening player. Crazy fans