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  1. Usually when a player is classed as a utility player, it means one thing Also, his long throw ins are not that long at all
  2. No, but you can for another awful performance. Long ball majority of the game
  3. Can't decide on the sending off Irrespective though, awful performance yet again. No excuses now seems it is his team, he has his coaching staff. He's just a garbage manager, always has been We'll be down if we don't get rid
  4. I'm sorry, but the defense of Dawson for that parry is unbelievable. He has to be pushing it to the side, not back in to the middle. Poor keeping. It's not like he even saw it late from how he started to position himself, he fully expected the shot from the looks of the replays. It would be good to see a view from behind the goal to see his viewpoint Poor by Bannan too by playing for offside but not playing to the whistle, and whoever it was at the RB at the time (Windass I think?) for not staying alert watching the line thus keeping him on
  5. What did Brewster look like? My piggy physio isn't happy spending that money on an unproven player, and he is pretty reasonable tbf
  6. I can see him assessing his options come January to see where we are in the league and not discuss contract until then. If we are still in the drop zone struggling I think he'll choose to leave
  7. Must admit, I didn't realise he was so far away with pins still in! I thought when we signed him he was only severely lacking match fitness so may take a month to see him. If he is only returning to light training after international break, we won't see him until the new year at the very earliest and most than likely longer IMO. Very bizarre signing in that case
  8. Not sure what the panic is all about. The lender is "DJ Banks" so nothing to see
  9. Funny you say that. I mentioned in a group with some blunt mates the other day about how their money signings have been really poor, yet they say Berge is absolutely amazing and so is Mousse (if he can keep fit). Their recuitment in the past 18 months has been really smart with them bringing upgrades on their existing players Personally thought Berge looks average every time I've seen him. He can move up the pitch very quickly but offers naff all
  10. Do feel they will get at least a point against both Arsenal and Man Utd
  11. It's not Monks fault though, he needed to clear out the dead wood at the end of the season and bring his own players in Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzx Garbage manager hence why I never wanted him in the first place. I can accept that the injuries did not help the past couple of days, but it doesn't excuse the clueless forward play
  12. I wish Dawson would figure out how to do it if he's our #1!
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