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  1. Its not as simple as that though isn't it? There is no proof that he doesn't get it... It's not your money you'll be paying out to Moore to pay him off It's not your money you'll be paying out for compensation for a manager if we take one from in work It's not you finding a replacement It's not you with the head on the block should the next manager be worse or we can't find one at all It's not your money should the next one be a disaster and we get relegated
  2. Absolutely no chance. An absolute dinosaur of a manager and saw an easy payday 100% right to get rid. Should never have been here, just like Jos and Monk shouldn't have
  3. Nothing to do with Chansiri Gives Moore plenty of attacking players, yet doesn't even bother using them
  4. Hard to laugh at them at the moment Least they've lost their best player through suspension now though. Shame it's not 3 matches
  5. Chuffin Giddings. As if the Cambridge player meant that what a bell end
  6. 21:26 - I post on Facebook Moore out 21:27 - we score You can all thank me later. I'm off to post another one
  7. Criminal. God forbid we'd want actual players on the wings who are quick, skillful and drive at the opposition
  8. This is one thing he can't be blamed for. Backed the manager a lot. A lot of our fans were delighted with Moore appointment too
  9. Let's play long high balls when the wind is against us. Right plan Crap firmation, crap desire, crap movement, crap football, absolute garbage. Moore out
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