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  1. If anything it just shows he lost interest in the game rather than being the club's fault, which every performance with us showed no effort. I genuinely can't remember him having a good game
  2. Wrong. We have been a going concern long before DC took over. From 2010 to 2019 accounts, only in 2012 was we given a clean report. Every other year has been a going concern
  3. Well the appointment of Jokanovic shows they're willing to pay I've never bought in to this whole "they're skint due to loaning against PL money" line being touted. I think they've got a fair bit to play with
  4. Interested in Cairney apparently. Would be a really good signing
  5. I said all along if we go down it will see us down there for a long long time, definitely administration and potentially gone for good Absolutely stupid our fans thinking relegation would be a good thing
  6. Disagree. The atmosphere has been crap for many many many years. Apart from important games, our fans just don't show up anymore in person and in voice
  7. Behave! That collar is hideous!
  8. Oh he'll 100% be on an absolute ton of money When he gets them promoted though it'll be worth every penny. He'll turn Brewster good as well His record speaks for itself, and anyone saying it's not a good appointment / will just end in disaster have their blinkers on
  9. Yup, very good appointment for them. As mentioned above, few seasons ago he was who I hoped we'd get after Carlos
  10. Not as bad as some of our fans make out More recently suffered with form, and missed having Loovens next to him. Not surprising with the constant crap managers we've had though Sad to see him go and would have been an asset in L1
  11. Yet totally discount what the manager says who has seen him week in week out saying he just hasn't been good enough whenever chances have been given Despite only paying a portion of his wages, still the highest player at the club ridiculous amount of money for what is a totally unproven player The Hirst love in on here is fascinating. Anything to use as part of their agenda though
  12. Rather not, utd probably get compensated if so And he's doing a sterling job at being crap for them so rather they keep playing him!!
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