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  1. Yeovil at home was a massive low point. 2-2 against 9 men https://www.11v11.com/matches/sheffield-wednesday-v-yeovil-town-25-january-2011-293621/
  2. Say what!?!? He was absolutely atrocious. Got totally bossed by their forwards, passing was awful,caught in possession, at fault for some goals Think Dawson only one to come out with any credit, maybe Reach
  3. It's a good deal from a fans point of view. The only risk being they aren't honoured in some way The long term financial stability of the club is a fair point although as southport said, if raising a couple of million is difference between us surviving / going bust, then we are screwed anyway It's just an attempt to quickly try raise cash for us to invest in a promotion push this season though because DC not allowed to invest anything
  4. I don't believe you're right. If you look at the chart it shows every year prior to promotion as being "free", so nothing else to pay until promoted Tbh, it's a good idea although aimed at the wrong market because who on earth can afford that! I'd happily do it though.
  5. It'll be just our luck we get promoted and new rules come in that they do just that so we miss out on the big payday yet again!
  6. Newcastle owe us after giving us Murphy
  7. Liked him but it's been blatantly obvious something hasn't been right with him ever since he left pre-season early
  8. I see the Murphy haters are out in force. I'm definitely not a fan, and think he should just be shipped back to Newcastle, but it was one of his "better" games. Still wasn't good though. Regardless, he showed far more than what Harris did all game
  9. Whilst there are similarities between our ground loophole and Hirst's, I do feel it is different in that Hirst was a deliberate attempt to screw us out of money, whereas our ground loophole is from a frustrated chairman who wants to invest heavily in to our club but isn't allowed to Personally don't think we've got a leg to stand on with Hirst. It sucks because they screwed us
  10. I wasn't a Cowley brothers fan, but at the same time I didn't want Monk for the same reason as you However, he is currently proving me wrong. I didn't agree with his sub decision yesterday in relation to Fox at the time because Iorfa has looked horrendous at RB in the past, however, it worked yesterday so fair play
  11. I love Hutch, but has to be Loungo. He's got a far better all round game to him than I expected
  12. Must admit, thought it was a nailed on pen and still do after seeing the replays. Player grabbed Nuhiu in the box whilst he was running for the ball, why are they surprised? Could have another one against them on Rhodes, most blatant holding down a player. Think if Rhodes tried to make more effort (exaggerate) going for the ball he may have got it
  13. Didn't want him in the first place, but willing to give a chance Not seen anything to make me think otherwise yet though
  14. Just had WBA fans saying we're best team they've played this season too Maybe not as bad as what our fans think after all?
  15. Thought we played well today, with only Joey being an disappointment. Numerous times in the first half he left CM exposed by not reading play allowing them to marauder through. Thought he struggled physically a bit too Even still, thought we would have deserved the win, although bit concerned we're not really scoring again. 2 points dropped for me which I didn't think I'd have said beginning of game!
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