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  1. Already said he won't quit, hence why he's probably picking the stupidest team every game and keeps iterating there's nothing more he can do He'll get his payoff then
  2. Warnock has always spoken highly of us despite our dislike of him
  3. Yes Monk is to be blamed too (among others) and I must admit I find it pretty hard to understand why people don't The decision to tell 2 senior pro's in the middle of the season they are surplus to requirements is justification alone to raise concerns! I wonder who else he has told won't be having their contracts renewed? We keep hearing it's all the squads fault, yet Bruce managed to work with near enough the same squad, and you could see his tactics / style. Ever since Monk has took over, I'm yet to see what style we have, and that was even through our decent period too. I've said many a times I didn't want Monk, and he's starting to show why. There is a reason he has had so many clubs at his age, or was they all dodgy squads too?
  4. Da Cruz over FF Every game that passes by is another reminder why I didn't want Monk in the first place!
  5. Thought he had a decent game. Kicking / distribution is so much better than Dawson's Should have done better for the goal but having not played for year and half against a world class team, it's understandable him being rusty and probably nervy too
  6. I'd personally be ok paying him what he's on now. He's just a model professional and will always give 100% for whatever team he plays for. Found his best career form atm so think I'd be silly to give up on that Looking to release a lot though
  7. Difference being FF offers more to the team than Nuhiu does. If Nuhiu isn't scoring he offers very little. He doesn't have the quickness to get around the pitch, he can't help defend, he can't help put attackers under pressure, he doesn't have the movement like FF to get in to those spaces where FF managed to get some chances and I'd disagree about Nuhiu influencing the game more (not personally aimed at him though). Thought after all the subs was made our performance went flat which let Charlton back in to the game although thankfully did not punish us
  8. Unbelievable. Haven't a clue what game you was watching! Played very well tonight, only his shooting let him down. Score 1 or 2 of those chances and he would have been walking away with MOM by a mile. We complain not enough of our players shoot given chance, so whilst I begrudge him a little for not playing others in, I'd much rather someone have the confidence to try take chances!
  9. Thought he played well too. Actually beat his man on numerous occasions and also coped with #14 surprisingly well Him and FF are the only ones with any sort of credit yesterday
  10. He hacked him down in the second Both were definite yellows, and both unavoidable which is on the player
  11. Indeed. Don't think people are suggesting people boo him, but a round of applause was weird. Heard P&G after and people saying he played well. Thought completely the opposite and struggled all game with their #14! Murphy actually coped better when he came on there
  12. Jesus, what is everyones obsession with Megson? His style of football is absolutely awful. Fine for L1 but anything above is a joke
  13. Always said any manager but Monk when we was looking. Totally totally overrated The fact he keeps switching stuff just shows he hasn't got a clue what to do with us
  14. Fletcher Fernando Hutchinson Fox Dawson
  15. How can he be another Rhodes when a) he's not spunked £10m on him and b) he's only on loan
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