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  1. smhouston

    My team for Friday

    Horrendous lineup, especially back line!!
  2. All down to peoples own opinions, and personally I still prefer Wildsmith. Yes he dropped some clangers, but the amount of actual shots he saved that he shouldn't have is a hell of a lot more than Dawson. Feels like every time they break against Dawson they'll score from either his poor claiming from crosses, slow coming out of the net to close down, and then you've got his painfully slow distribution
  3. Tbh that back line scares me Bench looks extremely poor too
  4. Really like Hector. He gave us so much flexibility being able to keep adapting formation by being able to change to a 4 at back and him screening, as well as him pushing in to midfield 4 pushing bazza further forward. Composed on the ball, strong, good in the air...what's not to like Baker still not good enough yet. Much rather have Palmer there and that's saying something. Doesn't really offer anything going forward, positional sense all over show, and can be rash i.e. Needless free kick at kop with their player facing north stand Felt Dawson was poor too. Still stand by distribution being worse than Westwood and Wildsmith. Struggled big time with crosses today which I thought was his strength in the past
  5. smhouston

    Matt Penney

    Truthfully thought it wasn't his best game for us. Looked frightened whenever he received the ball further forward, missing plenty of opportunities to cross an early ball in. Thought he struggled defensively too Couple of good runs second half but needs to be doing that more often
  6. Same or less!? Why on earth would Chansiri back down now? If anything the same, but definitely not less! Well done Chansiri for standing up to them and hopefully got more money doing so
  7. You really think we'd get over £1m for Hunt if they did? Even the press was in the dark for months.
  8. Don't understand why people are asking what it means for us. We've been taken out of it so have satisfied the EFL Despite what our fans were saying, sounds like Mr Chansiri was right not doing any transfers. Also again contrary to our fans believes and feel like they should know everything, but I think it was a good move from him by not announcing we was under one which would have opened up the doors for clubs to offer rubbish money for our players
  9. I think we have...find the fines totally disproportionate. Mellis should have been fined a hell of a lot more for his involvement with it all with the Foretieri reaction, Lees kick and kicking bottle in to the crowd
  10. You must have watched a different game then, because Traore barely got a sniff in the first half, and the main reason for that was Fox. He was straight on his back as soon as he got the ball and tackled straight away. Also always tried to find a ball to feet with his passing. Negative to his game though was when they did break he wasn't making much effort to get back, and not much willingness to get forward. So I'll give you 60 minutes for that statement. It was quite telling that as soon as HT came Traore was given a free role and that gave him the room needed to get the ball and turn, which Fox (and none of our players in fact) could handle The main player being carried was Boyd. Absolute waste of a shirt
  11. Wednesday night was a joke. No soft drinks, including water, available on the kop at most kiosks If they're going through a change of catering you would have thought it'd all be in place for season start
  12. smhouston

    Our front two last night

    Felt sorry for FF. Clearly frustrated at the lack of service, but cannot fault his work rate at all. Played as a midfielder more than anything by the end of the game
  13. smhouston

    The Six Match Ticket Bundle

    Too inflexible and too many games. Needs to be open for people with less disposable income, and below £100 for a bundle
  14. Which players are out of contract?
  15. smhouston

    Player Ratings

    Dawson 7 Penney 8 Thorniley 7 Lees 7 Palmer 7 Pelupessy 7 Preston 6 Bannan 9 Reach 7 Fletcher 8 Matias 7