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  1. Still Ronaldo for me. Messi has had the Barca team molded around him. Ronaldo has had to adapt at Man Utd, Real and Juventus in terms of fitting in with the team and also the different country styles he's up against, and has never failed. He's also performed on the international stage People say it doesn't matter that Messi has only done it in Spain, but to me it does to be honest.
  2. A few bad results, but at the same time not entirely surprising with both Cardiff and Huddersfield hitting a pretty rubbish patch
  3. Same here. It's brilliant! Fast becoming one of my all time favourite games for the PS Dying to see what the co-op mode is like.
  4. Is that really the case though? As in, do the accounts show it? Just found this (Premier League Prize Money 19/20) which shows last season alone they received £130m Given they'll have done 2 seasons in the PL, and 20th received about £90m last season and then relegated teams get another £100m in parachute payments - so what's that...£330m? That leaves them pretty healthy despite them spending £120m~ on players and the McCabe money (which surely cannot amount to that much?)
  5. They aren't. They get absolutely millions in parachute payments
  6. So you really think DC keeps bringing the players back in the mix, then putting them in to the cold again, then bring them back again? Never did whilst Monk or Jos were here. It just doesn't make sense. It's just the same old excuse of blaming DC for the sides failings by saying he picks the team, when there is no evidence of that what so ever. There are plenty things he can be criticised for so people should stick to them which are true rather than baseless claims like this. As for the coach part, could maybe so? It did bring us our most successful period
  7. Bloody hope he hasn't left!!!!!! It wouldn't surprise me though..he gets to keep his claim to never being sacked before. He always walks when the going gets tough
  8. You think it raises their profile having us on their CV!?!? We literally mean nothing to anyone nowadays
  9. Definitely. My football WhatsApp group has been extremely quiet since we picked up our first win in December. Prior we was getting comments every game how **** we are and going down and at least they aren't as bad as us because they're in a higher division They'll win today though. We aren't lucky enough for them to beat Derby's record
  10. I think we all need a lie down with the state of the club is in atm!
  11. I take it you can't read properly then seems I said I don't agree with him blaming supporters, but the only exception is when his family is being abused so for that reason alone the culprits should be blamed, not DC for an outburst defending them
  12. I don't really agree with how he's handled the TP situation, although, if he feels like he's backed in to a corner and screwed over by him then I can understand his frustration. I also don't agree with the blaming of supporters However, I don't like pushing the blame on to DC when his family gets abuse. Maybe your anger should be aimed at the culprits for his rampage around that
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