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  1. I'd only get rid of Winnall. Not shown anything whilst here, before and after injury
  2. Depends which CC you're talking about. If it's the first CC then the style is like comparing night with day. More similar to the style which saw Carlos sacked
  3. To go up and come back down makes it pointless. It was still absolutely dross football. I remember going to watch us against them and they scored in literally the first minute of the game. After that they just shut up shop. Some would say it was a professional performance, others would say it was an absolute borefest, and it was something they did every season hence them always having the best defence but least amount scored in the top 6 every season he was in charge
  4. Hello no! My boss is a boro fan and he said he was garbage, just like Monk and Pulis was too! If people's expectations are for mid table playing dull boring football, then all 3 fit the bill. I'd prefer to be challenging top 6 being entertained though!
  5. Played well, was relatively comfortable. Only bad performance was winnall, offers absolutely nothing and better selling now Harris looks awesome, mcechran looked tidy, Rhodes sharp
  6. Did not know that bit about him approaching Newcastle first. If that is true then even the most firmest of Bruce's defenders will struggle
  7. I know nothing about his managerial history But it's a yes from me!
  8. Garry Monk would be right up there too. Achieved f all! Scared to death of some of the names being thrown around
  9. Still find it staggering people are trying to find reason to blame DC in all this
  10. Take a compensation package which you know f all about? They could have offered 50% less than what the contract says all you know Shown his true colours. I wasn't keen on him in the first place but he grew on me after his turnaround last season. Gutted it's come to this, but good riddance now
  11. £4m is small change really if you think of what they will have got this season already from premiership money, but also if he's that convinced Bruve will keep them up it means double the money Sooner this is a over the better although happy for DC to rinse every last penny out of them. Hopefully he's already looking for replacements
  12. Got to disagree. Odubajo I don't know much about so can't comment, but Iorfa looked an absolute liability at RB at times last season. Palmer way ahead of him, and I've been extremely critical of Palmer for many years. Last year though he seemed to turn a corner and was very good for us, just needs to work on his final product 3 years is right for a player who is rarely injured, had a good season last year, and relatively cheap wages for a steady RB
  13. No, according to Chansiri he wanted to get us back to the Premiership within 3 seasons (which obviously didn't succeed in). However, he has been the closest chairman to achieve that ever since our relegation from the PL, not once but twice, in an ever increasing competitive division financially wise with the PL payments having to compete against
  14. People keep saying it's about money and pure greed, but come on, it's his boyhood club. He'll probably never get opportunity to manage them again, he's not exactly young Not surprising if he takes it, don't blame him either. Although, I do feel it's the wrong move for him, but heart rules over head
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