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  1. Well done Dawson. That save alone justified him being picked
  2. Young George

    He is not the only one who does though, and the side I've heard is that it was George's side being the problem, not the club. Definitely not saying he is lying, Kivo definitely is not one to do so, but I don't see it being black and white that the club are to blame for this stalemate. The fact the club have actually spoken out about it and the George side hasn't done so to call it all lies is also pretty telling. Personally feel both sides probably have done things wrong, and both sides are too proud to do anything about it.
  3. People whinging about medical team and injuries, then also about us not playing our current first team keeper. What if he got injured tonight in a cup game leaving Dawson as our first choice? I imagine they'd be complaining that we should never have risked him in the first place Anyone who saw Dawson in the last game will have saw that he had a great game and absolutely no justification to drop him for this one. Totally agree with the decision
  4. Before signing for us, he averaged a goal every 1.96 games in the Championship, with 3 out of 6 season scoring more than 20 goals for the season So yes, still would have wanted him to sign. He is a natural goalscorer, but is severely lacking confidence and supply
  5. I really hope I do too! If not, then at least it's my 3 year ST paid for!
  6. I'm going to get slaughtered, but I'm already on us £50 at 40/1 which I put on at the end of the year. The way things were going it just seemed like it's the only way we was heading Unfortunately, nothing has changed since then!
  7. Not according to the "fan" sitting behind me. He's the worst keeper we've ever had apparently
  8. Player ratings

    Agree with this tbh. Probably Nuhiu I'd give an 8 / 9, and Matias an 7 / 8 Dawson was brilliant. You could argue poor finishing from them, but he still saved them all. Couldn't do anything about their goal
  9. Player ratings

    Thorniley 5!?!?!? What game was you watching!!
  10. Definitely at least 2 errors - 1) misplaced pass 2) then the same defender neshed out of the first challenge on Nuhiu Who cares, still a neat finish regardless
  11. Saves on wages which can be used on loans elsewhere
  12. Team for Carlisle game

    So a player who hasn't played for 3+ months playing in his first game back thus lacking fitness, you want him to give our midfield some energy by busting his balls off in CM? Dawson Palmer Baker Venancio Penney Matias Abdi Butterfield Reach Joao Rhodes Give Boyd second half (or first half). Maybe play around with the defence a bit as it is a bit inexperienced! Loovens and Hutchinson should both be rested.
  13. At 19 he really needs to be playing games. Get him in on Saturday, can't be any worse than Fox and our fans might be more forgiving for any mistakes being a youngster!