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  1. He hugs most games He always goes nuts at people His kids are Wednesday fans
  2. Yet you play Palmer at LB Palmer should be before Iorfa for RB. Iorfa not impressed at all on the ball As for the OP, how can LB be a bonus? Fox looked really poor again yesterday despite previous promising performances, and he is the only option we have there
  3. Maybe swap deal - Abdi for Hector? Makes sense
  4. I went and thought it was good. Quite quiet but not surprising, not really a thing you could spend a full day at. Players just casually walking around the stadium, joining in with the kids playing football, allowing photos or talking to them, playing Fifa. Really nice thing to do and something DC doesn't have to allow because it will cost him a fair bit of money for the staff needed. As for the sellers, think they was poorly placed tbh. They was under the south stand where no foot traffic was going, everything was going on between the club shop and in to the ground Nice gesture from DC refunding
  5. Enjoyed that. Really like the look of Grant too!
  6. I would guess he does. His instagram has shown him back with the lads and raring to go
  7. That's what I was getting at. On the bench yet meant to have been a hot prospect
  8. What's happened to Borukov nowadays? Never seems to get mentioned
  9. I thought this one had already been extended once so won't be again? For anyone interested, I already had 2 years left from extending last season so couldn't get any further extensions. However, they are taking names to look in to this due to demand, so if interested maybe worth giving them a ring to get down on the interested list. Won't be looking in to it until the deadline is finished though, and will be on a case by case basis
  10. That is true, although every club is different obviously. Would there be more appetite from our fans to go with it being so long out of it? Something I've not considered though is the fact we would be playing less games. Someones mentioned about getting refunds (as if that is going to happen), but it does maybe support the point that in reality they can't increase prices by much more because we will already be enduring less matches so less value
  11. I'd be buying as long as possible personally. Unfortunately it turns out I can't extend my multi year one as I got a new 2 year one last season. If I'd known that I would have done the maximum possible last season
  12. Completely disagree with both of you. You aren't paying for a seat in case they sell out, you're paying for a protected price. If we was to stay in the same division for the next 5 years then yes you have a point because prices won't change much. However, that is your personal opinion that will happen. If we was to get promoted this season say, he could very well increase prices £100 for next 5 seasons in the Premiership (and maybe increase per year depending how we're doing?). Committed to 5 years and you're protected for that entire period and saved £500. Obviously no one knows how much prices will go up if we do get promoted, but I think there is a very high chance it will happen. Then it depends on how much faith you have in us getting promoted. Personally, I'd like to think we will
  13. Wanted to know if I can even renew. I got a 2 year early bird last January so wanted to add a further year on now. Got a feeling that isn't possible though?
  14. Happy for the break, let's see who we can bring back in that time...Hooper maybe!?!
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