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  1. smhouston

    Clare tho!

    Surprised the club haven't announced he's left us No great loss. Would have liked to see how he developed as he was a breathe of fresh air at the time, but like Hirst he doesn't yet deserve a big paycheck. To say we gave him a chance too it's not much loyalty
  2. That's a good point tbf. I'd be asking for double seems they cashed in on Brookes. They like to think they don't need money to get players in...let's show them the real world and get them to cough up
  3. smhouston

    #SWFC Training photos.

    Flippin eck, is Joey the hulk!?! Never realised how big he was!
  4. One of the players you would expect to be able to be able to play in the Premiership and a few more years left in him No brainer....new contract
  5. It's really not. The club would be purposely showing matches to make profit on via admission, whereas pubs do not. Now if the club did it free entry then maybe you could argue that, but then where is the profit going to be if all they can gain from it is via food sales?
  6. Except for Hooper and FF!?
  7. smhouston

    #SWFC vs Villareal

    The club won't receive much from big name friendlies, we'll be paying them a fortune to come to us
  8. smhouston

    #SWFC vs Villareal

    hah, wtf!? Must admit I'm jealous,but that is because Inter are my second team and always wanted to see them play
  9. What's this got to do with Wednesday?
  10. Hang on, which one was you!?! Knew we should have worn OT username stickers! Thoroughly enjoyable and dying to do it again. Pitch is massive, but there was one moment when we was kicking towards the away stand and we had a corner, and I just thought standing in the penalty area how small it actually feels on the pitch looking at the goal imagining the fans behind there. Bet it's an incredible feeling scoring with a full house Legs are feeling it today though
  11. smhouston

    New Kit

    That's horrible!
  12. Missed out again FFS ☹️ where was this even advertised? Not seen it anywhere, and even googling it returns nothing!
  13. oh how we miss Lee and Hooper
  14. smhouston

    Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Nothing at all, but with Hunt himself saying everyone needs to knuckle down and prove their worth to Jos it goes without saying really
  15. smhouston

    Fernando Forestieri

    Haters gonna hate He played through injury last season for us, which cost us and himself this entire season. He made a mistake nearly 2 years ago now. Get over it