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  1. Pleased with that, all things considered. Well done Wednesday.
  2. Good half, enjoyed that. Stay solid for 20, then go on and win it.
  3. Wildsmith Pato, Agbonthoma, Brown ML, Wing, Byers, Waldock, Sow Berihino, Adedoyin
  4. Well done for saying so mate. The premature, blame everything on the manager approach by some, has been nothing short of ridiculous. Now let’s get a few wins under our belt and get into those two automatics. Plenty of potential for us to get better and better and I expect a couple of defenders to come in, in Jan.
  5. Very tough battle, but 2-0 win like last time out. Expect Dunkley or Patto to be MOM. As a side show. Looking forward to watching Brennan try and out muscle Akinfenwa
  6. Absolute anything to do with the knee, which I seem to remember his are made of bonfire toffee.
  7. Has anyone heard the boiler fire up? Sounds a bit like a Lancaster bomber, with a hole in the exhaust…
  8. I went to the Liverpool v Arsenal game last week. Don’t ask, I’m not proud. I watched this aspect of their play, both teams set up with two players either side of the six yard box and the first pass every time was from the keeper to one of them. So, my main point is this; it isn’t about the ability of the defenders to pass, it is about what is in front of them to pass to. Another point, keep in your mind or go and watch the pass Palmer made to Corbs @ Accrington for our second. Now, back to Liverpool. The keeper passes to one of the central defenders. At that point, Salah on the RHS and Mane on the LHS, set off from the halfway line and sprint directly to wards Arsenals box at Mach 2. Occasionally, the centre half tries the long ball into the channel. What instantly happens is the back 4 and the DFM, run back with them to the edge of Arsenals box. At that point, the entire pitch from the edge of both boxes only has 5 Arsenal players and 9 Liverpool players in it. So, their is plenty of options to make the second pass into a midfielder, who almost everytime, then hits the full back square. By this time Salah and Mane have tracked back along the same path they ran forward on and are available for the ball to feet. The ball is played down the line from the respective full back and they then play the Palmer, first touch pass into an on-running midfielder who now has 4 or 5 players around him, advancing at pace towards Arsenals box…. Arsenal by contrast, start exactly the same. But LaCassette operates as a traditional number 9, posting up in the centre circle. 21 players are then compressed in Arsenals half and the ball has to be perrrrrrffffffect, which very quickly, 4/5/6th pass, is lost to the Liverpool player. He passes back to the centre half, Liverpool reset and repeat the process above. Time after time. From our perspective, if we go back 10 games a go, we had Gregory as a loan striker, posting up in the centre circle. Our passes had to be perfect to a static player with a defender glued to them. Now, we have Corbs and Kamberi running off Gregory into the channels, creating more space for the midfield and more options for the defenders to pass to. Put Windass and Luongo into this equation and passing out from the back is very much something we should persist with. To be successful, we need runners off the ball, pushing the opposition defence deep, hitting them occasionally to maintain the long ball threat. But this tactic creates the space for our defence and midfielders to move into and receive a simple pass…
  9. Not sure I agree with you. I thought the ref got both penalty decisions right and it wasn’t Dunks job to close him down, where he was. A centre half defends the box, it was the midfield who gave him the space. Equally, the other 94 minutes he played, he was immense.
  10. BPF Brennan, Dunkley, Palmer Hunt, Luongo, Bannan, Theo Wing Gregory, Kambers Keep it strong and aggressive. Windass, ML, Bera and Shodipo to come on in the last 30 when we have driven them into the ground.
  11. Peacock-Farrell 6 - Difficult to score him higher as he had next to nowt to do. Hunt 7 - Good, balanced game. One tremendous cross. Brennan 6 - Composed and some good passes, when he kept it simple. Has no aerial threat at either end, which will improve as he grows stronger. Get in the gym brenners. Dunkley 9 - All conquering, strongest man on the pitch. With confidence, he is also making better passes out of defence. Palmer 7 - Not his best game, but his usual dependable self. Corbeanu 8 - Welcome to the mens game. Double marked and against a strong fullback. Demonstrated he can adapt and showed great fitness. Byers 5 - Lacked match fitness, he will come again. Bannan 7 - Strong running, touches of class and made us tick. Dele-Bashiru 6 - Again, not his best night, possibly a bit of fatigue. Some heavy touches and some wayward passes. Stuck at it. Gregory 7 - Battled well and never stopped believing. Great finish. Kamberi 7 - Again, ran hard and showed some good touches. Luongo 8 - Composure in spades and reads the game better than any of our other midfielders. If he stays fit til the middle of Jan, give him another years contract. Windass 8 (6+10 / 2) - Looked rusty in general play, but bish bash bosh, 3 points in the bag! Moore 10 - A consistent team and pattern is emerging. Got everything right, once adversity showed its face and he deserved the 3 points as much as anyone.
  12. Brilliant. Goes to show, the boo boys were all over him. Get him fit and give him a bit of confidence and he’s proven to be a superb player this last 6/7 games.
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