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  1. I genuinely believe we will come straight back up and be a better championship team for it, when we do.
  2. My experience is the total opposite. Almost everyone likes Wednesday, in the 40-60 age category. I always get a lot of positive sentiment and best wishes.
  3. Both. Decision number 1, confirm Moore’s position. Is he the man or is he gone? This needs to be done within 24 hours. Decision 2, publically sack Paxo, preferably today. Decision 3, appoint a professional DoF or CEO with credibility and confirm Chansiri no longer has any involvement in day to day running of the club.
  4. Glad we now know. The championship is poorer for it. We now need to make quick decisions and get on with it.
  5. Absolutely this. This game is so there for us to bottle. Everyone expects us to bottle. We’ve bottled almost every game this season. We have a team of bottlers. We alwwwwways bottle these big games. We generally bottle games on telly. Yet, I also think we might win. Very weird.
  6. I’ve been at and seen so many of these key games to know it has 0-0 written all over it. However, there really is no point in playing the game if it ends 0-0, we have to play from minute one, as we generally play in the last quarter of a game. We have to take risks, accepting we may concede. We need to adopt Keegans philosophy. I also know, if Derby sit back hoping to keep a clean sheet, we will score.
  7. They should have been told they will get 5 times their wages if we stay up. If they haven’t, they should.
  8. I think this is the best post I have ever read on here. For all your brilliant points, players do also have a responsibility once they cross the white line. Yes, there is a long list of mitigating factors, leading to sub optimal performances. You capture pretty much all of them. However, knowing what and who they represent - 100k working class folk - you have to rise above everything around you to perform. Just the way a nurse does in A&e on a Saturday night, a copper in a riot, a soldier under fire, etc, etc. Taking responsibility. What has been unacceptable for me is the sheer v
  9. I think it boils down to effort. I believe most people can accept losing. Of course there will always be an emotional outburst, but once the dust settles, if the team have given it everything, people will accept and move on. What is totally unacceptable is players not giving their all. Whether perception or reality. Far, far too often this season, this teams effort levels have been found hugely wanting. For example, every-time we have gone behind in a game this season. That for me is why fans are so negative towards the players. There are mitigating factors; but for me, not to the ex
  10. This is the line up for me. It fills me with dread, but I think it has the most goals in it. If we can by the grace of god, get off to a fast start, then players like Reach and Palmer may have a little confidence. If we are straight on the back foot, then they will wilt, like the little flowers they are.
  11. It’s a great idea mate. Maybe it doesn’t have to be a letter. Why not go and tie our scarves to the fences in their hundreds, maybe thousands. A statement WAWAW.
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