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  1. Ridiculous conclusion to make. For example, Ipswich have made as many signings as we have, but we have Bannan, Luongo in midfield, Hutch and Iorfa at the back and in theory, Windass & Patto upfront. All 6 are regarded as stellar championship players, who have been together for some time. So…to say Ipswich are promotion contenders and we are relegation candidates is laughable. Rotherham will be a challenge. We’ve signed their best player. Wycombe will compete, we signed one of their central midfielders from last season. Sunderland will be up there, but have lost their 30 goal man. We will be an unknown quantity for the first few games. I am confident a strong team will emerge thereafter and we will be in the top six from October/November onwards.
  2. Peacock-Farrell Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Brown Adrenalin Wing Bannan Corben Little Dave Shodipo This gives us four things: A strong defence Legs in midfield Creativity in midfield Pace and mobility up front The front 3 lack experience and will need a few games to understand each other. But, if it works, it could be more exciting than we have seen for a while. Sims and Johnson are more experienced alternatives. Patto can switch in and out with little Dave.
  3. With our track record, 3 will be injured after charlton…
  4. Much happier than today than at any time last season. However, we are going to take 10/12 games to start to see the team gel. I think we will be difficult to score against and will grind games out over the first few weeks, plenty of draws and the odd defeat. Come October/November, I expect us to start creating more and more chances and starting to put teams to the sword. If we gel and gel well, with some player’s excelling, having got regular first team football, there is no reason we cannot be right up at the top of this division.
  5. It’s absolute make or break for him. All his issues seem to be in his head. He has the physical attributes, he just seems to freeze. BUT, early, early days. He needs game time, time with big Daz and some believe shown in him. Other than that, the ball is firmly in his court.
  6. I wish him well. Having seen him over the last few years, I am pleased he is no longer with us. Over the last two years he had become a liability for me. For every good thing he did, he did 3 or 4 bad things. Played in the right side, with the right teammates around him, he can put a superb ball in from the left. It is difficult outside of this to summarise what attributes he brings to the team. I actually like the Baggies. I have to say, I’m surprised they signed him, even on a free. But, all the best to both of them, I hope it works for both parties.
  7. The article said it would be completed today or tomorrow. Royal D saying 100% done, if that counts for anything?
  8. Didn’t someone say he has had to self isolate, having returned to Germany?
  9. Canadian Dave? Welcome, all the best mate, I hope you have a blinding season.
  10. Can’t get the results, 21k Covid tests ahead of his results….
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