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  1. Never ever let us down when it came to effort. Wore the badge with pride. Not quite the Dean or Flint type leader we need and not fit enough to play 40+ like storey. I wish him well, he’s got a few years left!!
  2. I think a full year as first choice under Dawsons belt, should mean he’s improved significantly. The question is, does he come back as our number 1. My opinion is we will sell him to Exeter and sign another BPF on loan. Wildsmith is a good enough number 2 for me at present and given his age, he should still be improving.
  3. On the contract offers, given the age of the players, it is often the length of contract that makes the difference. For example, £6k a week on a 2 year contract is better than £10k a week on a one year deal. Given the way football has gone now, I severely doubt anyone is going to offer 30+ players more than a single year. Equally, Moore has created a great environment and I suspect their offers will include a sizeable promotion bonus, which they should be very confident in achieving.
  4. Hopefully a coaching role, maybe starting with the U23s and Thommo, as he works his way up.
  5. Been a good player for us. But we have to move on. We said we had a team capable of keeping us up, we were relegated. We said we had a team good enough to get promoted, we weren’t. The easy choice is to blame the manager. We need new players. The game has moved on, we neeeeeeeeeeed more legs in the team. We have an experienced spine, we now need to surround them with athletes and power.
  6. Preston would be the obvious choice. Fairly sure we could compete with them on wages, so let’s hope he went to Sunday school and we should be quids in.
  7. Both him and his parent club will want to play in the Champ. Also, if Sunderland get promoted, I would expect the first thing they try to do is sign him. No logic to this one, but as you say, a rumour.
  8. Yes. I don’t see us paying fees. I do see us paying ‘compensation’ for promising youngsters. The big lad at Gillingham is an example. At the end of his contract, but 22 so we would have to pay compo, probably decided by a tribunal.
  9. My personal opinion is Cook was rattled and represented himself poorly in that interview. He’s a scouser, he should be able to banter back and handle those questions with humour and ease, they were not that tough. As for Staton or anyone watching that interview, it is obvious he has struck a nerve and there is something in those questions he didn’t want to answer. Once you get a scent, it is his job to keep going, he did the right thing imo.
  10. It comes back similarly to the treatment of Moore. It was his style of play, his decision making and his handling of the fans favourites that turned the fans against him. Moore has been slated for trying to play out from the back, Corbeneau, and this supposed no plan b. Wigan fans believed this persisted over 12 months and turned on him. Moore changed tack, got results and the noise quietened, but has never gone away with fans eager to bring up cliched comment. I completely agree, it makes no sense. However, he clearly has an ego which sometimes gets in the way of the team and fans.
  11. I’m talking about the following season mate. Agreed and I posted all this later in the season when people were saying the same stuff about Moore. You’re a great poster, and I have no need to justify my comments. I know this site is full of absolute experts. But I live in Wigan, I know 20+ Wigan fans, I discussed this with them of and on for a year, especially when we were interested. Fan protests were organised outside the ground (that hasn’t happened with Moore) and 9/10 hated him with a passion, I would say that’s 1/10 for Moore. I’m telling you from the inside, I’m not making this up for my benefit. Anyway, we move on.
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