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  1. He has to go, as does Hutch and Palmer. I think the others are contracted for next year? We need to start a new 5 year plan, which ends in the Prem. We need to build a new core, like when Bannan/Lee, Loovens/Lees, Hooper/Forestieri were at their pomp. We have brought in Moore and his team, he needs backing in every which way possible and given time by all to shape a journey.
  2. Remember Fleetwood are in Divsion 3. That’s TWO trips to Blackpool
  3. Steve, firstly I am 100% with your sentiment, you are spot on. However, I have to say, over recent years I have become dismayed with this collapsing on contact. Rotherham’s right back exemplified it as did Patto. It is most prevalent in the penalty areas. Basically, as soon as a player feels bodily contact, they go down, often with a scream, as if they have been shot. Refs fall for it all the time and it is disgusting. Having grown to the extent it has, I have often pondered what we do about it. It is now such a huge part of the game and players/teams are definitely using
  4. For me, start the team that started at Luton. It was the best half of football we have played in 2 years. Then make 5 subs at half time, when we are 2 nil up. Easy.
  5. Yep... I hope and I pray that Moore is given the licence to sort this. I believe he will recruit better than our previous managers. He will also have the ‘fortune’ of building a team in Division 3, away from the relentlessness of the Championship . I know Izzy Brown has taken a lot of stick for the corner.....but what about Kachunga He bottled taking it, which is why Brown got dragged over there in the first place lol. Highlights your point.
  6. I dont think this is true mate. I think Moore and his team will line up the signings.
  7. I understand what you’re saying mate and there is some truth in it. However, I have to disagree about the players. Our current crop need to be replaced and we can turn put a better team on the pitch, with the same issues off it. Keeping a manager for longer than a few days would be a start...
  8. This. This. This. He plays the kind of football we want to see. He has brought in a good team from the start. He wants to be here. In his short career, he has shown real potential. This is no short term fix. Give this man every support possible - fans and owner - and we will definitely rise again, stronger and better for it!
  9. Completely disagree mate. As I said, no welder has 100k people commenting on his seams 24x7, on radio, on television, on bloody social media...
  10. Because EVERY team that we play, outruns us, outfights us, has more quality it seems, is braver than us, is more together than us, etc. So, if every other team can achieve this, we must be able to. While my benchmark used to be Brentford and Southampton, in reality........we need to do a Barnsley.
  11. I completely understand that. But there is absolutely no parallels between your example and professional football. 100,000 Wednesday fans, who all adore their team - until they die - makes a massive difference. You are not playing for the money. You are playing for the fans.
  12. Dewsbury-Hall from Luton was better. On loan from Leicester. He’s the type of player we should be buying and building a team around.
  13. The game has changed mate. As someone has said, the percentage of players who will not have a contract past the end of this season will be at its highest level by a country mile. Granted, other clubs won’t score an own goal like the Shaw situation, but our situation will not be unique. We need a fresh start and I think we have the right team to take us forward. Bannan as our skipper in L1 is a good move for me. After that: Reach, Palmer, Penney, Joey, Hutch, Rhodes, etc have to go. Manager after manager has failed to get this team to improve - it has to be t
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