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  1. This.. more than ever..is the time to employ a specialist. Give Col 800 hundred tractors and a massive paypacket. Every body who despises him needs to swallow their bile . Give him a year or so and your away days will be at the stadiums of elite clubs.
  2. Yeah we need someone in on a free to score 5 goals per game on their own to cancel out the 3 or 4 we regularly concede..
  3. You're all wasting your breath. We don't fund an extensive scouting network. We've got agents whispering in ears.
  4. That's an unusual way of thanking me for pointing out absolute fact.
  5. We're afloat and liquid with him. Whatever people's expectations are.. this is the bottom line.
  6. We need to get the defence sorted out. I'm not certain if it's Monk or the players but a 5 year old can see that it's the place to start.
  7. He's been absolutely shocking with the squad he's inherited .. especially since Christmas. If he repeats that form with his own players he needs to be run out of town. I'll wait and see..
  8. Monk is singlehandedly sweeping up after the Lord Mayor's parade.. Steve Bruce spotted this to the extent that he took on a hiding to nothing position rather than stay with us. I don't want any "boyhood club" pony coming back..
  9. This is deal..no doubt about it in my mind. It's done by the hanging question.. This puts us in a very difficult situation... Relegation? Mmmm.. I can see a situation where relegation is off the table but the world must see a punishment.. Hmmm so can we..
  10. Hello MK.. the EFL are a body appointed by a collective. They and the press use misleading language to describe their activities. The fog here is when actual bodies and functionaries that are governed by the law interface with a business employing people who are normally accountable to their employer's.
  11. Salt 'n' Vinegar...show band at Butlins in the 70s...
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