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  1. Have the nerves kicked in yet?

    They commit a lot into the box. They've got nothing to lose. If we keep possession then my nerves will recede. As a realist, I'm as worried for the three points as much as the bragging rights.
  2. History - Who were the pigs in Sheffield?

    You type very well for your age.
  3. Shirts

    Good grief.
  4. I hope Ipswich don't absolutely ruin your day.......
  5. I was being hypothetical. Have you REALLY got a rivalry with a team that's in a different county and light years away in quality? Blimey.
  6. Indeed. It would be tragic and pathetic if we had to invent ( an unwanted ) rivalry with.......say man u.
  7. It's just nice to have a Derby to go to.......
  8. Wish I could make up fluent sh*te like that at the drop of a hat.... priceless.
  9. And I thought Shane warne was the king of spin.
  10. Make it stop, Someone invite me into the dressing room.
  11. I remember watching this goal while eating a cream cheese and salmon bagel with finely chopped chives. Can York pork do owt like it?
  12. Inflatables on the kop

    Not that badly. Although