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  1. Costello 77

    Chairman’s statement

    A maudlin diatribe wrapped in riddles..the only concrete thing I could gather is another swing at the doomed 1867.... FFS.
  2. Costello 77

    Chairman’s statement

    I prefer his basic plan to get us out of the cart to your 1867 v2.0....got any other gems for his Highness and us stupid fans?
  3. Costello 77

    luton game

    If you find yourself changing career... don't go for oncology eh?
  4. What with getting dicked at Hull and the Chinese claiming the moon.. I don't know where to turn... I really don't. The doctor's told me I mustn't worry...
  5. Costello 77


    He could be one for the future.. I hope he comes good. The real problem we've got is that we've just been trounced by Hull... with a team that shouldn't be hammered by any one in this division...there will be an exodus and we need the right ones in and the wrong ones out... we're not good at this sort of thing.
  6. Costello 77


    He's got to learn to concentrate for an hour and a half before he can be considered for selection.
  7. Costello 77

    Fresh Blood

    You do dish it out tho..
  8. Costello 77


    Couldn't agree with the OP more. Nuihu... along with others.. should be blown away by the new manager..and let some fresh air in at S6. It doesn't matter if you have your favourites or hold a position on these players.. they're part of the rot.
  9. Costello 77

    How are we feeling ?

    There's too many on the back seat of the tandem not peddling. That was NOT a performance.
  10. Costello 77


    Everything we do offensively is too slow. If Reach is to be utilised as a winger..the midfield need to drive upfield rapidly and give the lad some space when he gets the ball.
  11. Costello 77

    Lookman deal done....wow

    You can utilise the time wasted by posting/reading them and pull the fridge out and get that greasy fluff off the back.
  12. Costello 77


    Agreed. We might look more like a proper midfield when the players stop running around and doing whatever tickles their fancy.
  13. Costello 77

    ‘We will just replace him’

    When you get to your first million... you start to think like a millionaire. What we need here are players that go to bed thinking about improvement and success... then wake up thinking about the same. We need athletes who are fiercely proud of their own performance. We don't need over the hill supercar merchants that think the gravy train goes on forever...or their parasitical agents. We've got to have an environment of hunger...hunger to have pride and drive and success. Talent and skill will take you so far... but imo you've really got to WANT IT.
  14. Costello 77

    Why the urgency?

    When we went one down I watched the Hull players with interest. They believed in what they were doing and worked their nuts off to succeed.