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  1. They all have the motivational music on in the coach (Rotherham owls) but more importantly in the dressing room. What way is the best way to get the lads firing? Against Stoke I'd go for ..All fired up by pat benefits..or banartor...
  2. I see Turner's skill grow in that sequence. Yeah shezz... I knew my rugby days were up when I came inside for a warm on a horrible cold day... I got rucked out by my own forwards.
  3. I played against him in a select/trial game years ago at Barnsley...he was fast.. strong.. aggressive and very skillful..it was U16 and made me realise I was a mile away from making it. Soz...the blunts and a few other clubs were watching him.
  4. Yeah...blow it... we'll have 10 more days of this I reckon..
  5. The more available quality players available the merrier... but I'm not going to saddle Hooper (or Winnall) with my giddy expectations... it's been a long road back...
  6. Aye... bit of work on the defence and they'll be world beaters..
  7. Fate has arranged that we concede two so that SB has something to work on during the inevitable process.
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