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  1. Hands up if....

    Like training. FFS.
  2. Matchday diet

    She gets to watch me eat the oysters. FFS.
  3. Matchday diet

    I quote..she types.... FFS
  4. Matchday diet

    They like the label left on...so I've heard..FFS.
  5. Matchday diet

    This thread is all about...food.. money booze and sex. FFS
  6. Matchday diet

  7. Matchday diet

    Matchday has gone boring. It needs...I don't know....a bit of realism.
  8. Matchday diet

    Are our players getting enough good food. Steak for attack and beans on toast for an insipid performance. I always have a dozen oysters before I plough into Mrs C. Does anyone else think that Neil is ruining Matchday with his boring posts and his continual nagging?
  9. That's not abuse. It's a factual post... FFS.
  10. Van Aken

    FFS. Uto Andover..UTO!
  11. Van Aken

    I bet VAs' keyboard works. FFS.
  12. Carlos has LOST it

  13. You've still got time....FFS.