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  1. You could have had a big future in matchday.... but you agreed with me. Don't worry..get a new log in.
  2. Costello 77

    Midweek game pass?

    I've watched hundreds of games at Hillsborough in SD... then I got glasses. Just as we went sh*t... then copped the lot in HD. I've not been for a bit but watching at home is getting easier.
  3. Costello 77

    Non Matchday Events at Hillsborough

    I like this idea tremendously... what I don't like tho...is being bent over the bontempi for hours on end..to be drawn away from creating the majesty of the oratorio..to reply.... I must have peace to do my work.... I simply must.
  4. Costello 77

    Jos - Latest Interiew

    The bloke's found his feet. Exactly what we need ..a confident manager with a plan.
  5. Costello 77

    Non Matchday Events at Hillsborough

    Pop up working men's club in the lounge..retro.. chubby brown..blaster bates and the 2degrees..50p for bitter.
  6. Costello 77

    Sean Clare Signing for

    I've got to stick up for Glasgow. The place and the people remind of Sheffield in 60s/70s.... when it was good imo.
  7. Costello 77

    Non Matchday Events at Hillsborough

    There's an army of battle-axes crying out for prize bingo. Wednesday branded dabbers and Hutchinson calling the numbers in an officer and gentlemen get up. Andy's pies and cherry b/ babycham.
  8. If it wasn't for England cricket and rugby union.... but especially Wednesday.. I wouldn't put the TV on for sport.
  9. Costello 77

    Hammoud, Borukov, Lonchar

    It's looking very promising on this side of the club... excellent...and thanks to Ethel and others for the updates when the junior teams are playing.
  10. Kill all the skanks with a sharpened garden spade....or engage with them and work through the problem. Oh yers.
  11. Costello 77

    Pudil & Van Aken

    I liked the way he had a bit of a rant at the players after Stoke...and don't think any players will rest on their laurels.
  12. Costello 77

    Pudil & Van Aken

    Knowing Jos he'll replace whoever's out of form.
  13. Costello 77

    Midweek game pass?

    Just checked..it is... tenner. I'm doing it..the quality is skyish now.
  14. Maybe... sometimes you need a bit of a maverick who's good with the press and the owner/board.... I haven't got strong views about it.
  15. Might have done I can't remember. It's all hindsight but it might have been a strong dynamic.