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  1. Midfield

    I'd go for Hurst from Shrewsbury with Wilkinson keeping an eye on.
  2. Record everything under Mr Chansiri

    I'm sick to death of threads like this...I'm going to take loads of drugs then write to my MP and get it stopped...in green ink...you fuc..
  3. The actual cost of a shirt

    We all know it's a racket.
  4. Midfield

    Davis could use you on the brexit negotiations. Who would you want to coach/manage us if we have a change?
  5. 1867 Club

    He's got himself in a knot. If he doesn't panic and get someone like Howard Wilkinson in on the football side..he might just get out of it. The commercial side of it can wait... because going up is his only strategy.
  6. Midfield

    Thanks for the reply... I won't..of course.. ask you who you want in.
  7. I'm going to change my username to very gullible Mr Costello.. brilliant. Something good has come out of this thread. I don't want to fall out pal..have a good weekend and..UTO!
  8. He's doing alright. Calling fellow owls t*ssers isn't.
  9. Midfield

    While you're here. To press a point. What's your take on the Leeds to Bolton shift?
  10. Midfield

    You may well be right.
  11. Midfield

    Maybe. Think oldishowl said in a previous post that pressing starts up front...he's dead right. I wonder if the coaching team get things right on motivation.
  12. Midfield

    Absolutely! My worry is that we're not fit enough to do it this season..why?
  13. Carlos goes if we lose?

    Why.. what's up?
  14. You know I wouldn't know that. I'd be quite cross if it wasn't you who posted that. Scamp.