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  1. My bet365 unsettled wager status has changed. For us to be relegated.. they've added "June 1st"..Any gamblers throw light on this? Wrong thread but wonder if it's linked?
  2. What does " hasn't got the means to put against the club's assets"...err.. mean?
  3. Not quite.. what if there's no money to pay out?
  4. It'll be like Sunday league when they come back.. they'll have to do fast motion replays..
  5. If any of you are concerned about looters.. take refuge in the megastore..
  6. You're more than welcome. Keep up the good work!!
  7. I've been waiting to use that word since the 80s..
  8. Surely the notion of "income" is ludicrous for a multi millionaire? I don't understand.
  9. Why would you stop doing something you enjoy and are good at to hoard money that you don't need?
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