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  1. I can easily see Dennis and Delle in a midfield two. Which opens options up in nearly every position.
  2. No disrespect at all but you're another one who is blinded to our needs. If you want the inside of your house painted... you don't get el Greco in to do it. You get Trevor from up the road with his big roller.
  3. We didn't have much preparation so we went with a 2 4 1 12 but they surprised us by playing normal football and being better.
  4. Brilliant substitutions. They'll have to keep doing exactly what they've been doing to win it now.
  5. Invert the Christmas tree and get the halfback overlapping the scrum half. He's got nothing to lose.
  6. Imagine what you could achieve if you were switched on for the WHOLE F*CKING GAME?
  7. Going behind was the death knell. It'll be the same if we go in front tho..
  8. Players are tired... only two days to prepare...three games in a week. There won't be a fightback with this kind of soppiness.
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