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  1. I bought a headlight off him years ago and when I noticed it was scuffed..he smashed it over my head..is that scuffed enough you chuff? Not great customer service daz..
  2. Why do you try to lure people into buying second hand car parts on a football forum? Shame on you..
  3. I WANT A WING MIRROR FOR MY CAR.. You advertised spares... SHOUTING WON'T HELP THE JOB...
  4. You'll have to make yourself clearer in future.. I went to a bit of trouble replying to your post.. You're not one of those time wasters I hope.. I've had trouble in the past with this.
  5. Have you got a nearside wing mirror for a 2004 Peugeot 206 ? Don't need the electrical part mate..
  6. Haris has fullbacks on toast .. that's the kind of player you've got to stop week in and week out..
  7. Her eyes blazed under her arched gypsy eyebrows..her slender bronzed arms shifting her blouse back to order .. So you want to play bannen in a two?
  8. I'd have thought Hutch will be marked out for that job..
  9. Talented players need to be kicked..mark the rest and run home easy winners..too many tea towel biters..
  10. Can we please get to the topic? How are the wide 2 in a 3 going get up to as she fell from the saddle..her white linen blouse was torn to reveal support Fletcher?
  11. In a 433 have we got the midfield to go into their box and flood it? Against Fulham for instance .. can we get the penetration to continually enter the box and flood it?
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