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  1. Bit off topic but.. that Etheridge(?) for Birmingham looked very high quality.
  2. He didn't just leave a bit on him mate..it looked like he was trying to hurt him.
  3. I'm quoting this because some of the formation speculators might have missed this simple but insightful post.
  4. You can see the type Monk's after.. he's getting the right sort for the job at hand with the budget we've (seemingly) got. Makes you wonder why we were fannying about with the likes of Boyd and Jones in the first place. Anyway... he'll do for me.
  5. It's one game.. I know I know.. but he's the sort I like as Captain.
  6. I don't think (as some do) that there's an agenda against us in the media.. but it would have really surprised me if he'd opened the show that way about United. There may be some subconscious bias because our club could be perceived as not being media friendly? Let's pray we haven't gone down the Bin Laden route..
  7. I don't think it's a crisis either. The two things you highlight suggest what I said earlier.. that the outside investment (backers) is over.
  8. We're obviously on a budget and I think we've done quite well with a small pot.
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