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  1. Costello 77

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    It's between that and twin. Also...and I'm going back many years...there was some worthy who was droning on at half time and the microphone kept cutting out.. someone (Stevie splash?) ran on and got it going again at the exact moment that he said " I don't suppose it matters now..no fuc*er was listening."
  2. Costello 77

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    He bent it in .
  3. Costello 77

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Atkinson for getting a comedian on the Wembley bus and chilling our lads out.
  4. Costello 77

    Happy 75th Sir Howard

    I've got personal memories of Sir...he won't remember me... but in his time at Wednesday I have very strong memories of going absolutely anywhere in the country and chasing teams off their feet..big .. famous teams with huge reputations...there were plenty of times that these teams were glad of a European midweek game to get away from us... bloody well done Howard and happy birthday Sir.
  5. Costello 77

    Andy McCulloch

    It's a pirhanna on one side and a rat on the other...does he give a f*ck? does he fu*k.
  6. Costello 77

    Ferguson out....

    It's a good job for you that it's the international break... otherwise your upvotes would be gone by now..
  7. Costello 77

    Andy McCulloch

    Just have a cocoa and a nice neck rub... he'd ruin you.
  8. Costello 77

    Andy McCulloch

    It was a wet day that...see how the river rats are attacking his arms .. when CF were CFs.
  9. Costello 77


    Has anyone considered listening to Elvis Costello performing with the brodsky qaurtet while eating a reyt salad...or other delicious foods?
  10. Costello 77

    Andy McCulloch

    Full blooded tough nut.
  11. Costello 77

    Please assist ...

    Forgot to add Leon... great op the other day and good wishes for your venture... keep at it mate..it will come.
  12. Costello 77

    Please assist ...

    You've got to ditch that American accent pal.
  13. Costello 77

    Please assist ...

    Before I developed a mind of my own I just copied people I admired... but not to the extent of deptford draylon sweaters with a pencil tie poking over the collar like a bone fida fool.
  14. Costello 77

    Please assist ...

    I bet you didn't look much different?
  15. Costello 77

    Please assist ...

    Shouldn't you be moving punters around?