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  1. Wednesdayite...west coast of Ireland..tax exile.... No it's cognac.... I'm going for father Ted's housekeeper... you are aren't you... Go on.
  2. He's got great strength and can read the game...he defends well and doesn't give much away in the air... I strongly disagree with your post ..he's 22 and was blooded into a nightmare with what was going on.
  3. Colt Cognac... the first leading man to get fired from a film for getting the prop bogged down as the tide was turning.
  4. £4.50 at my local.. I found reading my council tax bill more affective.
  5. Seems we're after young athletes.. she'll be on big wages looking for a last pay day... it's a no.
  6. At least I've driven you to make a reasonable post.
  7. Take your attention seeking one's off and we'll all be seeing the the same way.
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