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  1. Villas Views

    You REALLY shouldn't have. Ffscognacbarnowl18©®™
  2. Is Jos Luhukay the man ?

    Fair enough mate... you do know there's a big drive on here for posters to stop being nasty and silly? And if gin makes you post rational well thought out posts...... I should give it a miss... there's always a half empty bottle of Tia Maria somewhere in the house.. always. I once had a dreadful run of posting easy to read sensible stuff.... I found a FULL bottle of Harvey's Bristol cream at the back of the airing cupboard and turned the corner ....the rest ..as they say FFS
  3. Villas Views

    I know..I've got three ears.. FFS.
  4. Snodgrass tweet

    Ha.... can't engage at the mo... pulling a rather large piece of pork on top of the oven...it could take while til the bantzstream is back online. FFS.
  5. Was it Over the Line?

    Boring as it is.... clichéd as it is.. It'll be 2-4 in the papers tomorrow. FFS.
  6. Snodgrass tweet

    Anem brother. FFS.
  7. Is Jos Luhukay the man ?

    That's remarkably sensible and unfunny for you Andy... Have you been on a course? FFS.
  8. Snodgrass tweet

  9. Snodgrass tweet

    That's an interesting story. I had a similar experience with a mate. He didn't have marital problems but existential ones. He found dog and the change was unbelievable. For balance I said read a bit of humanist literature....he did....then he was a rampant humanist.. He's coming for lunch with his dad next Saturday.... I think I'll steer the conversation to the weather early doors. Btw neither him or his Dad have any interest in sports whatsoever.... what do you do for conversation with oddballs like this? FFS.
  10. Fernando Forestieri training today

    That image is so vivid....it's like looking at a 50 inch HD 4k telly. FFS.
  11. Hillsborough falling down?

    Your semi for her's starting to show. FFS.
  12. Fernando Forestieri training today

    See this has run to a sixth edition Steve.ffs.
  13. Snodgrass tweet

    Dead right sijjy mate FFS.
  14. Snodgrass tweet

    Hallelujah!! Everybodyneedsanegbuttonforapillow. Booooo boooooo. FFS uto FTB LOL.
  15. Villas Views