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  1. I've often wondered about Bannan... definitely a clapper then..
  2. I think we'd worked all that out for ourselves..
  3. This is one of the greatest rearguard actions in Owlstalk history.. Viva Holm!!
  4. Yet again a rash of injuries to crucial players..it plays a massive part in how a manager can operate. If it were another club we'd be laughing/feeling their pain.
  5. I'll have to disagree here oldish..he got the run on Lees and helped himself. Lees looked like he'd just woken up after a doze..
  6. That was more like it..if they keep putting in a performance things will turn for the better.. Good away performance.
  7. He's played half the fixtures he's been contracted to in the last three years.
  8. I won't give you the bird(s) for that .. indeed..
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