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  1. His CV seems alright..but there's an extra quality he'll need here.... Can he take a good booooing?
  2. Why are people saying that x,y or z won't come here? We're paying top £ in managers salary..a good (highly paid) squad.. a top fitness guru..academies doing well...a brilliant ground and good support..and a sh*t hot new kit... Am I missing something?...Wtf else would a good coach/manager want???
  3. It was really convenient that he had a job to go to at Newcastle then.. otherwise he'd be stuck here at this "shambles"... wouldn't he? .
  4. Imo our lawyers will have advised us to follow the proper procedure..one of the steps being reporting Newcastle to the relevant authority...and say nowt!!
  5. So Wednesday would be going the legal route.. when they know what's in the contracts?
  6. I genuinely used to think that the two teams were vertically tiered..
  7. There's been plenty of information about contract law on here... have you read any of it?
  8. The truth of the two failed seasons is easy to pinpoint..we were decimated by injuries in the first and in recovery (but hampered by a bad manager) in the second. It's been conveniently overlooked imo..
  9. You make fair points.. but it has the whiff of a doomsday scenario..
  10. While you're on.. have you any connection to the lad who said he'd stop posting if the snake slithered? Owlsonline? I seem to remember you two chatting..if so tell him to come back and stop being a silly beggar..
  11. This is merely my opinion..but I think we've got enough for a competent manager to get us top six...a cm would be desirable but it could wait til January with carefully picked teams..
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