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  1. As far as a potential points deduction goes.. Ryan's going to have a nightmare few months with his graph...
  2. The season might be a write off but we won't be playing uphill at concord park in front of 20000 ...
  3. You haven't because I was referring to mountain owl's ridiculous post..
  4. Vulva started all this..he should hang his head in shame imo..
  5. Did you view the mercury transit through your kal. Telescope?
  6. You've broken cover.. anyone who mentions operation cakeball will be hunted down and exterminated...... DOH!!
  7. Stick around and put your view forward..the site's better if the forum has many opinions...
  8. Leather a small bloke on the top of fargate..
  9. It was probably me and you from the sounds of it..glad you've got your confidence back..
  10. The EFL have been crawling all over this and they think differently to her..btw I hope she's right..
  11. Shame the EFL don't read FB.. they'd climb down immediately and settle in our favour...fffs..
  12. He's stating fact there.. I personally don't want a division amongst Wednesyites but there is a direct line back to to our current predicament.. pointless ignoring it..
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