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  1. Surprised he didn't celebrate with the man u players.
  2. The goalie kit with black shorts and socks..or green shorts and socks I can handle. Still not fond. The home kit looks like a forgary of Brighton's from an Asian market stall. I can't stand the pink one because I don't like the colour. It all looks cheap and nasty to me.
  3. It's love/hate between those two I think. Depends where they are in the cycle.
  4. Take no notice..he's always coming out with pieces of hate like that.
  5. Where's @vulva ? Parking is going to be amazing.
  6. It was behind closed doors. Just be pleased that I've let you know the score.
  7. Chester and Altrincham put well and truly in their kennels. MOMENTUM IS BUILDING.
  8. Think we're having the wool pulled over our eyes here. Agents talking poo to fleece clubs goes on too much.
  9. It's progression. 10 major finals for Italy. This was our second. I'm disappointed too but I'm not going to let that stop me being optimistic for the future.
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