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  1. Good point. Cant wait to see how SYP deal with policing Premier League games every other weekend. They made such a cracking job of the last Steel City derby...
  2. Indeed. The thing is we played each other for years after the disaster. But in light of the enquiry and everything that has followed, you just know that game will have a horrible edge to it. I have no doubt the media will whip up a frenzy too.
  3. This!!!!! Be pretty f00ked off if we sell the ground and carry on in a similar fashion to what we did in those first two seasons, particularly thr second. poo as it, Bin Laden Fc have shown what can be done with sensible, well thought out recruitment.
  4. Indeed. Through our own daft spending and these stupid p and s rules, we have been boxed into a corner. My hope is we actually learn from our past mistakes. No more spending daft transfer fees on strikers we dont need and needlessly stockpiling players for the sake of it. Thankfully, I think Bruce will be far more pragmatic and savvy in the transfer market than Carlos was. Now watch is go and spend 10 million on Charlie Austin and sign Christopher Samba on a five year deal
  5. Assuming he's pretty much sold it to himself? Not an ideal scenario, but it appears this is a not so creative way of getting around p and s. Derby have done the same a few months back. Not sure about these comparisons to Coventry. They never owned the Ricoh. It was owned by the council and then sold to London Wasps. Cant see such a situation occurring with us. Think most us have known this was probably on the cards for a while. The whole p and s thing needs to be properly looked at. No doubt they'll stop teams from doing this or say in future it cant go towards p and s. Really, they need to be increasing the annual losses over a three year period or just scrapping the whole thing.
  6. Good player, on a free, with room to improve... Be happy with this.
  7. George Hirst is watching football in the Belgium Waffle 2nd Division.
  8. I'm sorry...but this is a load of rubbish. Do you honestly think Bruce would go for this? That he has to pick Dawson, Wildsmith etc. Don't be silly.
  9. I cant really hold any malice against the kid. Unfortunately, he appears to have been very badly advised by those who should have been looking out for his best interests *cough* his father etc. As it is, he's playing in the Belgium 2nd division, or should I say watching the Belgium 2nd division from the bench. I'm sure in time all of it will come out in the wash as to what exactly happened in his last 12 months here. Needless to say, we missed out on a decent transfer fee or a good, young prospect coming through the system and hes ended up wasting two years of crucial development.
  10. Looks like he may well have ballsed his career up.
  11. I agree. The big man just hit a purple patch at the right time. What has happened since - and before - indicates he isn't a prolific goalscorer at this level.
  12. Only support Wednesday. Don't mind seeing my Uni mates teams doing well - Norwich, Cov, Man City (my mate was a season ticket holder long before the billions rolled in) and Leicester (once again, a fan long before they won the title). Think the thing is these were all proper fans, who actually attended games and have done so for years. All the Man U, Liverpool fans etc., I know are the absolute definition of plastic fans. Can't take them seriously.
  13. I'd be staggered if Bruce goes with Dawson as his number 1 next season.
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