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  1. You can always rely on the Wednesday benevolent fund to pay out.
  2. Is it that much to ask for us to have a competitive game against that Luton town team? They could have easily won by three or four on Saturday. It was another awful home display, completely lacking in the basics, let alone quality.
  3. It's not just losing - it's the manner of the performance. We werent unlucky - we got exactly what we deserved.
  4. So you are just making stuff up. Fair enough. Feel free to delete this post along with others you did earlier.
  5. Where? Provide proof. Even if he doesn't *find* the player, that doesn't mean he has no say in who is brought into the club.
  6. Provide me links to that. So he needed help finding a bunch of players who all play domestically and in the same division? Course he did.
  7. Our players aren't that bad. They are not up their with the very best in the league, but there is more than enough there to beat Luton at home.
  8. And they were just about to update the honours board.
  9. Neither are good enough. Both have too many mistakes in them and when you are keeper you can't be like that.
  10. I'm developing an irrational dislike of Andy Hinchcliffe. I mean yes, he did milk us dry for three to four years...but it's not that. He's just everywhere. You can't escape him. He's commentating on tonight's match at Burnley. Do they not have anyone else?
  11. Well, the one he did have lined up with Bruce, who was a pretty amazing appointment when you actually think about it. Bruce's resignation obviously caught us cold, but there was no excuse for the long drawn out manner of Monk's appointment, given he wasnt in work at the time. Tbf, who is out there atm who would come and do a good job? What a mess.
  12. The thing is, he wont pull the trigger on Monk until it's too late and, when he does, he will probably leave Bullen in charge for several games. A bit like selling the stadium to himself, he will leave it too late and then f*ck it up when he does.
  13. He won't turn it around, mark my words. I've seen enough rubbish over the years to know when a manager is fooked and yesterday was another of those games where you just know. It was a woeful, spineless, insipid, mind numbing performance. The red card and a possible penalty should not mask that. We could still be playing now and wouldn't have scored. As has been the case too often in recent times, we have a couple of positive results and people get a bit giddy, but you know full well that all it will take us one defeat and the heads will drop and a crap ru
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