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  1. You should choose him because Westwood is still the better keeper. I like Wildsmith and Dawson, but, if Westwood stays, then he's first choice imo.
  2. SiJ

    Abdi & Jones

    Tbf to Jones, I think we signed a one-time decentish player who was a bit past his sell-by date. As for Abdi...who knows what has happened there.
  3. The goal was excellent. Not so sure about the rest of it. Still - only pre-season.
  4. It's pre-season and England just got dumped out of the World Cup. We've got another month of this...and then the season starts. Come to think of it, the paranoia gets worse once the season starts.
  5. Seriously? The guy has arguably been the best keeper in the division for the last three to four seasons. I very much doubt we have to put him in the shop window for people to be interested. The paranoia is starting and we are only in July
  6. SiJ

    Team vs Lincoln

    That survey was ridiculous... I suspect (just an opinion) that it was basically a skewed way of asking fans if they wanted to keep some top earners - Bannan, Nando, Lees - the crown jewels if you like, whilst other top earners (assuming there are takers) would be offloaded. If the club manage to shift Fletcher, Abdi and a few others, then they'll have played a bit of a blinder. Still - putting forward a question like that, which on the basis of what's happened so far, is misleading, is incredibly poor off the club imo.
  7. SiJ

    Team vs Lincoln

    Appears there's some substance to it... IF we can go into this season with what we've got, then I think a decentish season is in the offing. Key word there is IF.
  8. No brainer. He's a decent player but we've got to offload. He's one of the highest earners (was arguably the one who started the move to us paying daft money, though that's not his fault) and we've got to make an effort to trim that wage bill.
  9. SiJ

    Team vs Lincoln

    Yep. That too. The difference maker isn't he.
  10. SiJ

    Team vs Lincoln

    Seriously... How much better does it look with us in stripes (on the front).
  11. SiJ

    Team vs Lincoln

    Final Score: Lincoln 0 - Wednesday 1
  12. This squad needs to have the fat trimmed from it. I'm glad that's happening, even if we have been forced to due to FFP. The stockpiling of players in our second season did little to benefit us on the pitch and has hamstrung us off it. Jordan might be a nice lad and have a great record at this level, but it hasn't worked out here and, with the joys of hindsight, no club needs several strikers competing for one or two starting positions. We've still got an an abundance of quality up top.
  13. SiJ


    Plus we wouldn't have you posting.
  14. SiJ


    Think will do whelm.
  15. SiJ

    That survey

    The survey seems like another one of those ideas from the club, which in their minds sounds like a good idea (let the fans vote), but in the end it just came across as blackmailing people. Needless to say, it's a very good way of backing yourself into a corner. I suspect we will hang onto the likes of Nando, Bannan etc...but if one of them goes then the club are going to get absolutely hammered.