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  1. Dear Mr Chansiri, Please just sell some players. You may have not noticed, but quite a few of them have done the sweet sum of F all since we lost to Huddersfield a year and a half ago. If someone is willing to stump a bit of cash for them, then just get rid. The vast, vast majority of fans are quite happy for you to do so. Let's stop beating around the bush and get on with it. Ta,
  2. I think you'll find that Bruno is in fact Rasputin.
  3. Not sure what is worse. The absolute shambles that the club is seemingly in, or having to read the diatribe of chief c0ckwombler himself, Mr Farrell.
  4. We need promotion this season... But his investment up until this point was to keep us in the Championship... And yet we talked about promotion by our 150th anniversary.... But the spending of 8 million on Jordan Rhodes, 4.5 million on Abdi and the rest was done to keep us up.... But we need to get promoted... However, our spending to keep us up, has led to the club facing profit and sustainability sanctions which could lead to our relegation... When you break it down, the whole thing is complete gobbledygook.
  5. What I fine mind numbing is we have been quoting profit and sustainability since the day Chansiri walked in the door. It has been one of his go to things during forums, official statements and so on. And yet, despite being aware, we have ended up 15 million pounds over and facing further embargoes in the summer. Better yet, our *solution* (on the face of it) is a club membership scheme which tanked the last time it was introduced. Hopefully, last night's ramble was a way of setting the fans up for some player sales.
  6. Yeah, but he's being open and honest. You know, because that's what really matters here.
  7. This. The thing is, I'm almost certain that if we sold a few players and put some proper effort into complying with FFP, then we may well avoid another embargo. The whole system seems completely arbitrary.
  8. This is Wednesday...so nothing would cease to amaze me, but then it is worth remembering that we've got Agnew and Clemence currently managing us.
  9. I just don't believe that. Even we are not daft enough to announce a new manager without him having signed a contract.
  10. Do we have a press officer? That statement is just a ramble. It reads like a first draft.
  11. Dom Howson was reporting similar things. That there's money available to Bruce should he want to spend it, because Chansiri still thinks we can still get promoted.
  12. It won't. The thing completely flopped last season and it will this time. Where is the incentive to invest in such a scheme? Coughing up x amount for season tickets is more than enough commitment from fans imo. Now we are expected to cough up for some scheme to keep the club out of a financial mess? Utterly laughable.
  13. Yes, he is very honest. That's all well and good, but once you've made a statement like that then get ready for people to pick it apart. Tbf, there was no such statement forthcoming last season when we quietly fell into a soft embargo in April.
  14. Hard to be particularly encouraged by that tbh. If we are being honest, it still sounds like we have no plan and a soft embargo/full embargo is inevitable. The idea that fans are going to help out by buying a load of 1867 memberships is laughable.
  15. He's signed a contract and his assistants are currently managing our side. I think it pretty unlikely that he's not going to join, but by all means, let's add to the misery.