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  1. This. A bunch of one-time, semi-decent Championship players living off the "success" of two failed play off campaigns. Since the Huddersfield game, they have seen off three managers (count Bullen, not Bruce) and produced three pretty woeful league campaigns in succession. Tonight was more than just a bad day at the office. Players actively downed tools tonight, stopped caring, stopped trying. At times, they were borderline taking the pi55 with how careless they were with the ball (I'm looking at you "Bazza"). For too long some of this lot have been untouchable.
  2. Don't forget QPR at home this season too...though what is common denominator in all these woeful displays?
  3. Do you think it'd be all that better under anyone else? Do you really think someone is going to come in and have us pinging the thing about like Liverpool? No offence, but I think sometimes you confuse Football Manager with real life.
  4. Yeah, but who comes in then? Which bloke comes in who you can moan about next? Who is the great flipping manager out there who can wave a magic wand and sort all this out?
  5. Yep. Lot of Championship teams are having to cut their cloth due to FFP. No one in their right mind is taking a Nando for 30k a week or a Jordan Rhodes on god knows how much. It is a farce.
  6. Oh god. If I hear one f00ker say "we need to dust ourselves down and go again..."
  7. Well, that is something we can actually agree on.
  8. Give me a break. I've been slating the player's attitudes for flipping ages. You haven't been saying any of this for ages. All you do is post inane threads and call for the manager's heads on a periodic basis.
  9. Indeed. He wants to move players on and then isn't allowed to because dipstick still thinks we are all some big family. What a carry on.
  10. Yeah, you think Dawson was at fault for the second goal. You've only posted that about 50 times since full time.
  11. Played like he'd had one too many pilsners tonight. Woeful.
  12. Yes. A horrific showing, which was pretty much matched by tonight's "effort". It goes beyond players having a bad day at the office and, imo, not actually caring anymore. Some of the stuff that went on tonight (like QPR) was more than a few players having an off day.
  13. Honestly, anyone who tries to stick up for the players now needs sectioning. Monk is far from perfect and questions have to be raised as to his approach and our form/performances, but the fact is this group of players have let down manager after manager in the last few years. They are a flipping disgrace and I cannot wait to see the back of them. Utter wasters.
  14. It is worth remembering that these "pros" threw their mate, Bullen, under the bus when he was basically auditioning for the first team job.
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