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Community Answers

  1. Ffs. I'd just about forgotten he existed and you go and do that.
  2. He's clearly a top bloke and well thought of. Just hope it can click on the pitch and we can start moving in the right direction. Such a tough job, but fingers crossed.
  3. Must involve some sort of obstacle course or someit.
  4. Average at best? Yes, he has some shortcomings to his game (plus he is quite short), but in terms of ability on the ball, he's an excellent player.
  5. Chill out. It might be a case of hoping we can spread the goals around a bit. No need to get so uppity.
  6. In terms of ability, I can't imagine they'll be a better midfielder in the division. Key is to ensure that we and he play to his strengths and get the best out if him. Having Byers and Wing should lighten the burden on him a bit.
  7. I thought their assessment was a little bit off tbh. Perhaps it is just easier to assume we will be a flop given our recent history? As you say, I'm not sure how you can laud Rotherham, where Wing was a key player last season, but then slate him when he moves to us. Tbf, I've seen the two hosts on Sky's coverage of the EFL over the last few years and never been exactly blown away by their insights. We will see though. It's very much an unknown so.
  8. I thought it was a bit of an overly harsh assessment. This same bloke was also bemoaning the fact we had lost a loads of players; players who were by and large on the decline, certainly for us. We needed a reset and that is what we have done. I think the biggest issue will be trying to bring it all together and whether we can do so in sufficient time. Would be fantastic to have a good season and stick the proverbial two fingers up at some of these so-called experts, but we will see. It's going to be a tough season either way and I'm still a bit concerned about a potential lack of goals.
  9. Sunderland have made three signings in total, lost some of their best players and have that Hobbit, Lee Johnson, in charge. I would put them behind the likes of Ipswich and a few others as favs to "romp" away with the division.
  10. Tbf, I wouldn't have us down as one of the favs for automatic. You've got the hangover of relegation which can always take its toll and the fact we've added nine new additions to the squad. It may take some time for it to gel and come together. Just listened to the Not the Top 20 podcast and they were less than complimentary. Suggested nearly all our signings are players on the decline, which I don't entirely agree with. Jack Hunt had offers from Championship sides and Lewis Wing did pretty well for Rotherham last season, so much so they wanted him back. Regarding Wing, one of the presenters was really critical of him, suggesting he isn't that good of a player and has a half decent right peg. They made the point that it is always going to be difficult to take us too seriously when you've got this owner in charge and I can't exactly disagree with that. Still - I think we are potentially better than what they were saying.
  11. Did you really expect us to sign "names" this summer? We are in League One and I doubt that most of us could name most of the top performers in that division last season. Would you have been creaming yourself over signing saying Charlie Wyke or Max Power? I've heard of Hunt, Peacock Farrell and Wing. We are linked with Marvin Johnson too. Yes, the rest are unknowns, but that doesn't automatically make them bad players. I doubt you will have heard of all of the Ipswich signings too. I'm not saying we are going to romp the division and I'd be pleasantly surprised if we mount a sustained challenge for the top 6. But surely there is more than enough there to suggest we can do more than just stop up?
  12. He did good work at Lincoln a few years back and it didn't quite work out at Huddersfield. I said "decent", didn't say he was the second coming of Pep. Calm down.
  13. The fact it is on Sky may have harmed sales a bit. Plus, there might be some concerns over the COVID, people getting out of the habit and so forth.
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