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  1. SiJ

    Matias wants to stay..

    He won't be on much. That works in his favour.
  2. SiJ

    Matias wants to stay..

    You know when he came on against Norwich a month back it suddenly dawned upon me he's been here for three years.
  3. SiJ

    So that survey

    With the way that question was phrased, I'm speculating that it meant keeping top earners rather than recruiting anymore. I suspect we will retain most of our big hitters and supplement the squad with younger, cheaper talent.
  4. SiJ


    I'd rather keep Nando, who is a far superior player. Hooper is better and Adthe, Lucas all bring things that Winall can't.
  5. SiJ


    I'd rather keep and have a happy Nando. Winall has a rep and we'd do well to offload him.
  6. SiJ

    Westwood interview

    Worth remembering the infamous survey that asked fans whether we wanted to maintain higher ticket prices to keep hold of top earners. Not going to look particularly good if we have a fire sale this summer.
  7. SiJ

    Westwood interview

    Yes...I noticed that. Not sure whether that's him putting two and two together (like most of us have done) or whether he's been told that matter of factually. Do think that article is a bit on the mellow dramatic re: our "perilous" financial situation, but who knows.
  8. SiJ

    Clare rejected us??

    What do you expect? We apparently have financial concerns. Can't be just throwing Premier League level money at a 19-year-old because he's got a famous surname. And please don't trot out the line concerning Abdi, Jones etc. We all know we've wasted some money over the last couple of years - but two wrongs don't make a right.
  9. SiJ

    Clare rejected us??

    Excellent. A serial liar and racist. What a combination.
  10. SiJ

    Clare rejected us??

    Sometimes I think it's a Neil parody account.
  11. SiJ

    Clare rejected us??

    He has no flippin evidence. A complete idiot who is continually allowed to post lies and unsubstantiated sh*te.
  12. SiJ

    Clare rejected us??

    Ah @Mr Farrell and the other tw@t stirring the pot. Note how you both went awfully quiet during that good run towards the back end of the season.
  13. SiJ

    Clare rejected us??

    Yep... All these alleged derisory offers and three or four youngsters have committed. Hirst and possibly Clare are off because someone is willing to offer them a lot more than we can realistically afford. If either has legitimate Premier League interest then we can forget them signing.
  14. SiJ

    Clare rejected us??

    Not going to lose sleep over a 21 year old who has made about three first team appearances. Obviously, it'd be nice if he stayed but far better players have and will leave this club.