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  1. Can't decide on Klopp. Part of me thinks he's probably a top bloke, but another imagines he could be an absolute tyrant if things aren't going his way. Completely agree on the passive aggressive thing. He barely contains it in his pre and post match interviews, particularly when theh have a bad result.
  2. They're playing crap though. And have naff all sympathy re: Van Dijk. Teams lose big players all the time. The very best find a way to cope with it. City haven't had a striker all season. Liverpool let Lovren go in the summer and opted to not replace him. It left them short of senior cbs. No top side should be playing with two midfielders in a back four. That's just bad team management. It's not over for them, but City and United are in the driving seat now.
  3. But apart from that, you think it's a great idea?
  4. Liverpool seem to have one tactic these days: Spam loads of crosses into the box.
  5. Should be pointed out that Carlos has done quite well in Portugal. I think he's a decent coach, but has a propensity to go negative and stacking it at crucial times. Also seems incapable of turning things when it starts to go wrong.
  6. Very mixed feelings on him. The first season was brilliant and then he and the team got it wrong when it really mattered. Lopez should have started over Hutchinson imo. We just never turned up that day. Second season, not so pleasing on the eye, but we grinded it out and had a great run to finish 4th. He then went so negative in the play offs; it was embarrassing. He probably should have gone after that match. The rot was really setting in and it culminated in that derby debacle. Like most things with Wednesday since Chansiri came in, it promised
  7. Er, Messi? Better goals per game. 90 goals in a calendar year. Are we just forgetting all this stuff? Mental.
  8. He's got to three international finals. Yes, cause Ronaldo never threw a strop and blamed others. Pull the other one.
  9. Plus, what does that have to do with who is the better player? Lol
  10. He sulked at Man U and got his move to Real.
  11. I don't see how having a team molded around you is a weakness. Surely you would mold a team around that talent. Also - the idea that Man U, Real and Juve haven't built their teams around Ronaldo is simply not true. Rooney and Tevez were in that team (partly) to paper over the defensive gaps left as Ronaldo went and did his thing. That entire team was built around him as it should have been. Also - part of the reason Messi is struggling now is due to sticking with Barca who have been horribly mismanaged in recent years. It would be much easier to
  12. Messi every day of the week. Same old lazy tropes trotted out by Ronaldo fans.
  13. Alan Biggs writes mild mannered sporting opinion piece in local newspaper... Thread title: "Alan Biggs on the warpath"
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