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  1. The impression I got was that once Leicester showed an interest he was always going to move. Sure I read on here a few times that Hirst Snr pretty much said that George would be off and that was at least a year (if not more) before he did in fact go. Of course our owner then threw his toys out of the pram etc., and that sort of gave the Hirst's even more of an out.
  2. You make it sound like we have all these fantastic young prospects who are continually ignored by club management. You know, like we have the class of 92 knocking about, but would rather pay Adthe. As rightfully pointed out, we've promoted a number of young players from the first team to the senior side. Some have had decent careers, others failed to make the grade. It isn't like Football Manager where you get one or two superstars coming through each season.
  3. Neil offering you a lollipop or a bit of spray "for the putang" after you've just had a pi55 sounds horrific.
  4. Honestly...I don't rate Ashley, but he would run us like a business, which is what we are crying out for right now. Sounds like a load of bo11ocks to me.
  5. Great goal and great commentary too. Tbf, that was one of the best Championship games I've seen in while. It was excellent from start to finish; two teams just going at it from the first minute. Shame about the kick in the teeth right at the end.
  6. Dogger in his final season...but a very good player before that. Wallace was a big time player and we have very few, if any, of those now.
  7. Seething when he left...still bitter about it, though he probably made the right call Would I take him back? Monk is so bad, that I probably would...begrudgingly.
  8. Chickens coming home to roost and it most certainly isn't just football that is going to feel the pinch.
  9. You'd think most of our players will have the requisite equipment and space to carry out their exercise regimes in full...in fact they almost certainly will.
  10. If you truncate next season, then that will see clubs lose even more revenue and income. Less matches, a reduced tv deal.
  11. There are so many factors to consider. 1 Ideally, the season is finished, but, bar a minor miracle, I can't see that happening atm. Ideas of voiding next season or truncating next season bring up similar issues to voiding the current season, particular with respect to tv money, matchday income and so forth. Needless to say, I think the fallout from this will be pretty catastrophic and I'd be pretty surprised if all the league clubs are still active by the end of it.
  12. Fair play to the club. At least we are going to make up the difference. I'm I right to say that Spurs and Newcastle have done similar, but will not be making up the difference?
  13. There is nothing wrong with Doyen in principle, as long as you are getting good players out of the deal and they are not actively taking the pi55 out of you. I'm sure plenty of clubs have similar set ups with player recruitment agencies and agents. I think Wolves have that Portuguese super agent as a key adviser or something. The difference is, he has been responsible for Wolves signing Neves, Moutinho etc., whilst our relationship with Doyen saw us getting in Urby Emanuelson. Who benefited most out of the Sheffield Wednesday/Doyen relationship? I think we all know the answer to that.
  14. I just get the impression that he thinks the club is going about things in the right way and it is in someway bad luck or what have you which has stopped us from achieving his stated aims. That is clearly not the case though. Had he invested his money in a long term vision/plan, then I think we would have either achieved his ambition of getting into the PL or be much closer to doing so than we currently are. The one manager who I think could have potentially steered this ship to the promised land was Bruce, as I think he probably had a big of enough personality and pedigree to overcome the various obstacles throw in his way (bit like Wilder has managed to at the Lane despite all the nonsense going off in the background). I don't see anything within Monk to suggest he is the man to do that and we have already seen him succumb to the basketcase that is Sheffield Wednesday. I suppose Chansiri deserves credit for actually doing these interviews and being quite candid, but he seems to be operating in cloud cuckoo land imho.
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