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  1. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    No. I know full well that you're just trolling though.
  2. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    Call it a hunch.
  3. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    You didn't go though, did you? This is just a fishing exercise.
  4. Would love to two foot the tw@t. Vile.

    The ref was more bent than that twenty pound note which Carlos screwed up. Horrific.
  6. Pigs win anyone??

    It's a testament as to how simple most English footballers are that the sort of stuff Wilder was doing there might work...of course, it could backfire on him horribly too.
  7. Pigs win anyone??

    Think he's trying to coerce something extra out of them. It's patently obvious what he's up to.
  8. Pigs win anyone??

    He gets his league tables off the same bloke who gave him the Clare info.
  9. Pigs win anyone??

    We are 8 points off the drop.
  10. Pigs win anyone??

    His body language was awful. Reminded me of when we had him. Like a fat, pouty teenager.
  11. The best bit is when the winner finds out that most of this isn't in stock.