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Community Answers

  1. So...sacking Sean Dyche was the right call, wasn't it?
  2. Congrats to Norwich on another excellent PL season.
  3. Still though. Gundogan off in the summer too.
  4. Ollie Watkins would be some player if he could finish.
  5. Still - if you can't beat Villa at home then you don't deserve to be winning the league. City have been dreadful. Got to bring Walker on and move Stones into the middle.
  6. And yes, it's the sense of self entitlement and constant media love in/bias towards them. Oh, and the manager is a knob. Brilliant, but a proper knob.
  7. Tbh, I'm not sure winning two cups by way of penalty shootouts in games they could have easily lost is all that impressive. I suppose no one will care though if they win all 4.
  8. You'll Never Walk Alone was sung first by Celtic...
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