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  1. SiJ

    Some analysis

    What those graphs show is we still have no defined style of play - poor in defence and lacking in attack. Jos has been here for 10 months and no one has a clue what his style of football is. Baffling.
  2. Think part of the problem is the TV deals are for the entire EFL - Championship, League One and League Two. Must be a handful of League One games on a season (excluding the playoffs) and even fewer games in League Two. Clearly, these 15 think they deserve a greater share or more money from Sky, considering the amount of Championship games which are broadcasted every week. The idea of the 15 breaking away or forming a Premier League 2... Can't see it myself and I'd hate such a thing to happen.
  3. SiJ

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    I did indeed! His best performance of the season imo.
  4. SiJ

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    Can you imagine what would happen to the op if we were actually good? Not sure he could cope. Look forward to a poem about Cameron Dawson.
  5. SiJ

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    Times like this I wish New Zealand didn't have internet.
  6. Tbf, the EFL is a joke... They seem to go out of their way to devalue the product and kowtow to Sky, the Premier League etc. I understand that the Championship continues to increase its ratings season after season and yet the television deals do not reflect this. Now we've got Sky broadcasting all mid-week Championship games. Something has got to give.
  7. We will have been too busy haggling with the BBC over five grand
  8. Think it's pretty apparent that Mr C has surrounded himself with parasites and glad handed sycophants. When you're signing up Emanuelson (remember him) on reported wages of 30k, to play in the reserves, then clearly more is going on than a few missteps in the transfer market. As long as Chansiri carries down this path then I see little chance for us to properly turnaround. We all know how much the off field nonsense can have a massively negative impact on the pitch. Whilst I'm less impressed than Jos, I have to say that this is a turd of a job, outside of the pay and supposed stature of the club. Not good.
  9. SiJ

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    God knows what went on during the international break. 6th in the league, two defeats in 9. It wasn't always great, but there were a few encouraging signs. Now it feels like we've gone back to square one and are starting over.
  10. And some of us (you) just make stuff up. Love to see all these examples of people creaming themselves over Fridays performance. As for you expecting and wanting much better... Well you're expectations right now are not based in reality and we all want better, you wazzock.
  11. Think anyone who expected more from us is deluding themselves tbh. We set up to defend and did so manfully. People can blabber on about stats, completed passes etc., but they lacked the quality to fashion any real clear cut chances. But yes, there's much to for us to work on and it's concerning that we've made little progression since Jos took over.
  12. SiJ

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    Tbf, this decline started under Carlos and Jos, bar a few decent patches, has been unable to stop it.
  13. SiJ

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    Who knows... I fear there isn't one and that the issues go much deeper than the bloke stood (well, sat) in the dugout.
  14. SiJ

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    Tbf, on Friday we looked like a team who are going to be nearer the bottom of the table than the top. Unless something changes quite drastically (either he goes or stumbles across a formula which works) then I see nothing but a very long old season and possibly a relegation battle. Our one saving grace might be how ridiculously compact this division is. String two wins together and you'll fly up the league.
  15. SiJ

    Do we need to cut him some slack?

    This. Sad thing is he had us up to 6th not so long ago and with a couple of defeats in 9. International break happens and we've gone backward at an alarming rate. Constant changing of players, tactics, formations and so on. I just don't believe he has it in him to turn this around. Hopefully, this latest international break will see a reverse of fortunes.