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  1. That would be a good appointment for them. Shame.
  2. I like Moore and, given time, reckon he could do a good job here. A thankless task atm, considering what he has at his disposal. Hope he gets the chance to build his own side in the summer, irrespective of what league we are in. Having someone who is a good guy in the hot seat is at least something when everything else about the club is so dislikeable.
  3. Let's be right here, if you gave the other 14 chairman in the PL the option of bringing up the draw bridge they'd be all over that sh*t. It's all pigs in the trough; it's just some are bigger than others.
  4. That's because these pundits operate in a bubble. Most of them probably don't even know about the amount of punishments dished out in the EFL. In their minds, everything is back to *normal* and that's all that matters to them. The utter guff span by media outlets regarding a great victory for the fans. They are either completely blinkered or intentionally being ignorant.
  5. I hear a lot about how the European model isn't sustainable. That the only way to save it is through radical reform. If true, that's because it has been made that way through greed and avarice from the clubs and governing bodies.
  6. I just can't see us having the balls to do what is required. Three wins in a row from this lot? No chance imo. The moment they face the slightest bit of adversity they crumble. Not ideal when you are in a relegation scrap.
  7. But it is the same thing, right? It's why we find ourselves in a position where super leagues are a viable threat. The fans only want to watch games between the top sides, no one else matters etc. We all fall into the trap; we've been conditioned over the last two or so decades to think more and more like this. How many of us roll our eyes when Super Sunday involves Southampton or Burnley etc?
  8. Absolute pigs in trough. Entrusting the PL to be the leading light on this is a bit like asking Chansiri to file your accounts for you. I see that David Alaba has agreed to sign cash stricken Real Madrid. Funny that.
  9. You two oppose the super league, right? But you'd be all for having the two Scottish giants parachuted into our league at the expense of other English sides, whilst also destroying the SPL in the process. Amazing.
  10. Getting images of the fire service walking in and taking the jaws of life to it.
  11. What did they end up cutting it with? A chainsaw?
  12. Swear that's where the last of his money went. Look at the size of it ffs! Weirdest bit was the photos of the cakeball just there and people sat in a room just staring at it. People. Sitting. Staring. Mental.
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