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  1. 18.5 million for a young, english goalkeeper isn't all that much tbh. It's pretty much the going rate, particularly if you are buying from a team who has just got relegated from the Prem. They've just flogged Ake for 40 million, so Bournemouth aren't going to be letting people go for "derisory" figures. Whether he can step into Henderson's boots is the big question. That back 5 has been pretty much the building block of their recent success and they are now losing one of the most important parts of it. I know Ramsdale got POTY for Bournemouth, but I'm not sure I'd put too much into that when he was part of a team getting relegated. Time will tell.
  2. This Bayern side have had that look about them this season. Remind me of the team who bossed it several years back with Robben, Ribery. Perfect blend of youth and experience right now, with great physicality and pace. Barcelona are a complete mess atm. They haven't recruited well for far too long and it really is catching them up now. Last night's result was the most shocking of them all, but Barca getting dumped out of the Champs League in humiliating circumstances has been a bit of thing for a few seasons now. Too reliant on the old guard, who have all (including Messi) seen better days.
  3. Oh god. The *we cant laugh at United cause we are sh*te* brigade are out in force again.
  4. I think there's a lot to consider. Ok, so you need to ensure x amount of fans enter the ground and I'd assume go straight to the seat. Concourses in larger grounds should be big enough for social distancing when it comes to going to the toilet etc. You've then got to ensure people maintain a distance in the stands. Perhaps easier than you think. Can you guarantee people are coming with others from their household/social bubble. The other question is how much will it cost to run this sh*show? Teams in the Prem can afford it and then some, but I don't know how viable it is for say League One and Two. Plus - you also have to factor in the New World Order. Not the WCW one with the Hulk Hogan, the other one.
  5. Meh. He clearly wanted way more than we or Celtic were willing to pay him. He's a decent pro and a good player, but I cant say I'm overly fussed to see him move on. Dont Stoke already have Vokes and Gregory?
  6. Yes, cause the sploogefest approach has really done us the world of good.
  7. Quite. We have some right oddballs in our fanbase. We appointed some new coaching staff, so the mouth breathers start tweeting abuse at one of the current coaching staff? Bizarre.
  8. Needless to say, I'm sure us attending a game of football will stop this global conspiracy.
  9. Nah... Hed get clear through, one on one, with the goal at his mercy...and then try and cross it in on his weaker left foot.
  10. The way I see it is, if we offer a reasonable and competitive (not silly) then we've got a chance of getting some half decent players in. Given the current climate, players/agents can't be too choosy.
  11. We have been missing a physical edge for a while. Sounds like he could very much bring that. Him and Iorfa could form quite the combative pair.
  12. Anyway, it's another CB who has some experience of this level. I dont know too much about him, having only seen him play on a few occasions. Call it a hunch, but I doubt too many of our summer recruits are going to really excite. It's likely we are looking at lower league grafters and youngster from Prem teams.
  13. Did you miss it when Messi dragged a mediocre Argentina side to the world cup final?
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