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  1. I think he's a c*nt. Next.
  2. How many do we have right now? Fletch, Adthe, Nando, Joao, Winnall, Rhodes... So 6 strikers then. You've got to think at least one of them has to be moved on. Winnall offers the least imo.
  3. There's goals in this team. With a more direct (not hoofball), high tempo style, I think we could cause a fair bit of damage. Fletcher is playing as well as he's done in years and Rhodes is doing well too. On the wings we have some real threat now.
  4. With Reach and Harris on the wings, we may well see Jordan somewhat back to his best. We all know he's a bit limited, but if you put the ball in the box he's likely to get you plenty of goals.
  5. He seems to be starting most games. Is that trying to put him in the shop window (not that you'd really need to - people know who he is) or is it because we want to go with him and Fletch as our starting two strikers? Weird one...
  6. I think there's a difference between imposing players on a manager and parking them on behalf of agents. Emanuelson was clearly parked on behalf of Doyen or someone else. Wouldn't surprise me if Carlos was complicit in that particular deal... Anyway, both approaches are stupid. And, if we are trying to blackmail Newcastle re: the loans, then we may not have a leg to stand on if this whole thing ends up going through the courts.
  7. So 1 example. 5 days before the new coach came in. For all we know, he may have approved that signing. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrell.
  8. Nothing wrong with going a bit more direct if it brings you the rewards. What does my head in is the nothing, hoof ball style which the likes of Pulis adopt. Direct is fine, hoofball isn't imo.
  9. Based on what... If you can give examples of us having signed players, with no manager in place, then we are all ears...
  10. Nixon reporting we did receive 4 million. Lot of spin going on. Do think we are living on cloud cuckoo land re: the loans.
  11. Yeah...if this is true (and who honestly knows?), then I can't see any great merit in entering into some protracted legal case. It's a sh*tter what happened and how it happened, but you have to move on at some point. Assuming Newcastle have paid what they were obligated to do so, I don't see any reason in dragging it out further. Eventually, you end up cutting your nose off to spite your face. Move on and start focusing on another massive season.
  12. I've reached the conclusion that no one has a f00king clue what went off. Every journalist seems to have a different version of events.
  13. The idea of a Pulis/Megson combo fills me with a sense of dread. I want someone to come in and revitalise the club, not send it into a f00king coma.
  14. We have some pace in the team for the first time in yonks. Harris will give the opposition plenty to think about and that should hopefully free up Bazza to dictate things.
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