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  1. He will be on the bench. Almost certain of it. You're not going to drop Matias after today and he's the most obvious one to make way.
  2. SiJ

    Hayley - Update

    Just horrible news. An awful disease. RIP
  3. Just had a look at the current Hearts squad. Tbf you can see why Clare has opted to join them. Sure, Premier League clubs might have been interested, but at Hearts he gets to play with such greats as Aaron Hughes (yes, he is still playing), Steve Naismith and Christoph Berra.
  4. See above... Oh, and you missed the bit where I said "basically described". . . Do try and keep up.
  5. Yep. If there was an actual offer from a Premier League club, then there's no flipping way he ends up at Hearts, shiny new Tynecastle or not.
  6. This is a bit like when Tom Ince was off to Inter and ended up at Hull.
  7. Turned down Prem moves and went to Hearts. Get the f00k out
  8. Anyway... I don't think it's a bad move for him. Play well and he puts himself in the shop window for a bigger move in the future. In saying that, I can't imagine Hearts are paying him that much and I think Jos would have played Clare a fair bit this season. Suppose we will know in a few years time.
  9. I mean, you could just say that Tynecastle is a better ground, but no we have to basically describe Hillsborough as a dump. Classy.
  10. Think we all know where some people's loyalties lie... And I'm not talking about Sean Clare.
  11. SiJ

    Bannan corner turned?

    I stand by what I said at the time. He had an indifferent second season and wasn't having the same impact he had in his first. He was also guilty of overplaying in silly areas of the pitch and putting us under pressure. Never denied his talent and think by his own admission, he's in the form of his life right now.
  12. Yes... Bit concerning that he's a client with that Doyen mob. Hopefully, talks have already begun, because we may well have a player on our hands with him.
  13. Yeah...er Bannan should be in that team.
  14. SiJ

    Team at Forest

    I think the main problem is in midfield. We are vacating way too much space in the middle third. It means teams are getting to run at our back four at will.