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  1. It was sold! We just don't know when and stuff! You know, I dont remember when I bought my flat. Well, I do, but still, that was a er flat, not a 40,000 seater football stadium. People buy football stadiums all the time. Like buying a pack of cigarettes or some yoghurt or something. Easy to forget when you bought one of them football stadium things.
  2. And the award for dumbest post in the thread goes to...
  3. Really think he has come on leaps and bounds in the last 12 months. Perhaps not the most spectacular player, but he's a really solid option at RB or LB imo. Nice to have someone coming through our youth system (be a fan too) and get some form of recognition on the international stage. Be great to see get a chance to play in the Euros next summer.
  4. Isn't that part of the folly? The Premier League is like some sort of tax haven where those pesky EFL authorities can't get at you with their annoying rules. Or, if they do, you have to pay a measly 4.7 million like Bournemouth did. Unfortunately, we missed the boat and now have to pay for how long?
  5. Anyway... The rules are crap and what not... But that doesn't excuse potentially breaching them, which is what we have been charged with.l It is one thing to struggle to comply - it is another to try and find a loophole around said rules and mess it up that bad you end up getting charged. Hopefully, we are cleared, but it doesn't make great reading.
  6. It's not a level playing field when you have losses to turnover capped. I appreciate you don't like Chansiri. I get that you (like all of us) are pi55ed off at the stituation. But fipping heck you come across (at times) as seemingly revelling in this situation.
  7. Seriously? Yes, it is the same rules, but when you are receiving an extra 90 million in income those rules don't carry quite same weight/consequences.
  8. Tbf, I think Man U were in for him at one point but the move collapsed. Playing for Celtic in the 90s was of a much, much higher standard than it is now. Problem with Paolo was he's a headcase and a temperamental be11end. Pretty sure we weren't the first club he left in acrimonious circumstances. All the talent in the world, but there is a reason why he rarely got to showcase those talents at the highest level.
  9. Er...yeah, ok. Sure the players and the agents will go along with that.
  10. He was a great player...but he isn't a particularly nice bloke. Fascist salutes and what not. If people just want to focus on his footballing ability then that's their prerogative, but to be dismissive of those who voice their displeasure at some of the man's antics is pretty absurd.
  11. Ah, fair enough. How on earth do you not deliberately overspend when your budget is 236 percent in excess of your turnover? I mean...I've heard of not keeping up to date books, but come on
  12. The problem is and has been for years the huge disparity in terms of income between the Premier League and the Championship. The potential implications of getting relegated are disastrous and that is why we have the parachute payments. There is an argument that is a reward for failure, but from what I understand it is something the Premier League absolutely insists upon. Thing is, even with the parachute payment system, there are numerous examples of teams struggling in the Championship and even getting relegated to League One. The main folly of it is having a profit and sustainability system in place where a select group of teams have their income boosted by said parachute payments. Doesn't exactly make it a level playing field, does it? Another folly is that a team can clearly be breaching said rules (Wolves, Bournemouth, Leicester and I believe Brighton were sailing very close to the wind too), but you are able to escape any potential ramifications for this if you can secure promotion to the Premier League. If you don't - then you find yourself in a situation like we have. I suppose you could say it is the utlimate punishment for blowing a promotion opportunity...or in our case blowing two opportuinities. Still - something doesn't quite sit right about that.
  13. Just reading an article on this. Couple of interesting things: Took over 4 years for the charges against QPR to be resolved. In the end, they were fined £42 million. Bournemouth had a wage bill which was 236% in excess of their turnover. Ours is 126% of turnover... The difference is Bournemouth managed to get themselves promoted and have stayed up there. I wonder if the EFL would bring charges against them should they ever get relegated or is it all forgotten?
  14. Fair enough. I think you are jumping the gun a bit and make an awful lot of assumptions. Will say that the idea of Chansiri cutting his losses and selling the club on the cheap seems pretty fanciful. This is a man who fell out with the BBC over broadcast fees for local radio.
  15. You haven't worked anything out. Literally anyone could do what you're doing.
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