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  1. You know a cross is bad when you're sat there thinking: "I would be embarrassed by that." Woeful.
  2. Carlos? "When I was growing up, I always wanted drive a Vauxhall Astra"
  3. Tbf, a few years ago we were on Sky all the time. Just how it goes. We clicked into gear and became one of the better teams in the division. Accordingly, Sky started to show us more and more. Last few seasons we have been mid-table mediocrity. IF we have a good season and start challenging, then I'm sure Sky will feature us more and more.
  4. well, this is complete horsesh*t.
  5. Tbf, I don't think we are quite as basketcase as some of us like to think. There are issues and the owner is a bit er different, but whoever took the Wednesday job was coming into one with a decent enough group of players (experienced too) and a chairman who, yes, is a bit er different, but is more than happy to back/support the man he appoints. We finished last season relatively strong and even though performances this season have been mixed, we are certainly in a better place than 'Udders right now. The Cowleys have a mammoth task on their hands their. That isn't just a group of players lacking confidence, but seemingly a pretty average group of players too. We weren't amazing today and first half was a bit coma inducing, but by the end we looked a much better outfit and Cowley himself said as much.
  6. Bit of a rough diamond. Feel with time and good coaching he could be a good player. Bit Bambi on Ice at times.
  7. You've got to be playing Reach on the wing. Murphy can go on the bench and be thrown on when we are desperate. To think people used to get angry when JJ played
  8. Yeah...Bannan getting MOTM was typically lazy Sky imo. He's one of our more high profile players and it was a brilliant assist for the second goal...but we've all seen Bannan have far better games than that. For me, I would have give MOTM to Borner. Think he has been a real revelation this season. Be surprised if he isn't in contention for POTY. Really impressed so far.
  9. Huge job at 'Udders. Trying to reverse a losing culture that has become so deep rooted might take a while to turn around. Seems like a confident chap, but him and his bro might have bitten off more they can chew with that job.
  10. Your ratings for the two fullbacks are complete and utter gonads.
  11. We owe the Dog botheres one. They knocked us out the play offs without even scoring. Enjoying their rapid decline.
  12. Oh, and no one wastes time quite like the Big Man. Great cameo.
  13. Second half was much better. In the end, a decent away display. Looked a better team once Murphy made way.
  14. I know it isn't great, but have a f00king word with yourself.
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