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Community Answers

  1. It was a train wreck tbh. People getting a bit drunk and what not is fine, but it just went so far beyond that. Was an absolute disaster. For me, it pretty much ruined the whole tournament.
  2. Ole deserved his chance having stabilised Man U following the disaster class that was Mourinho's latter days. He got them back in the Champs League and has had a few decent cup runs, albeit they've come up short. Now, the pressure is on and I don't think Ole is at the level required to get them challenging for the title. Once CR7 walked through the door, they had to challenge and they look well off it. Problem is, bar a bit of counter attacking, I still don't know what Man Us style or approach is. They can't play a high press with CR7 in the team.
  3. Well, you've got to be in the Europa League to win it, which City haven't. And the Super Cup means nothing.
  4. I'd view City as a more stable template though. They've appointed three managers since 2008? and have won as many league titles as Chelsea. Yes, they've not won the European cup, but I always expect City to be in contention, whilst Chelsea seem to have more ups and downs due to hire/fire policy adopted there. At the end of the day, the Chelsea players have known now for nearly 20 years that they can down tools and the manager will be sacked. I imagine Tuchel will deliver more trophies and then the whole thing will unravel very quickly for one reason or another. Always does.
  5. Bloody embarrassing though. That final was a disaster both on and off the pitch.
  6. So we want Moore and the happy clappers out too? It's like a cull or something.
  7. Man U are a bunch of expensive individuals cobbled together. Ole is trying to keep everyone happy and it isn't working at all for him. Dare I say, you've got one too many luxury items in that team - Pogba, Bruno and yes, even the great Ronaldo to an extent.
  8. I'm also pretty sure that Staveley and her husband have no prior experience working in football. Despite that, they are reportedly in charge and running things.
  9. Something does seem a bit odd about it all. Can't put my finger on it. Mrs Staveley was an important figure in the City takeover, but you wouldn't likely know about it without reading up on that process. At Newcastle though she has been front and centre of the bid and now she is part of the board too.
  10. No. The issue Newcastle have is that their starting in such a poor position. The team is very poor, the manager is hated by the fans and they're facing a likely relegation scrap. The only success for them this season is trying to stop up.
  11. These crowd shots are hilarious. Amanda what's her face, the Saudi chap and Ant and Dec looking forlorn.
  12. The fact is, there's perhaps one or two of these players who has any long term future at Newcastle. It's not just the manager who has no future there.
  13. Tell you what, this is some start for the new owners
  14. That shot of loads of miserable Geordies sat there with their kaffiyehs on. Deary me.
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