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  1. Seaman still seems pretty good. Tbf, Merse and Le Tiss were pinging it about and pulling out some skills. Can't say anyone else really stood out. One of my main takeaways was how nice of a house does Lee Sharpe live in despite having done the sweet sum of F all since about 1996.
  2. Perhaps SkyBet might reconsider having Paul Merson featuring in their future adverts? You know, because you wouldn't ask an alcoholic to feature in a beer advert, would you? It's almost like "Once the Fun Stops. Stop" is a hollow saying. . .
  3. Yeah...sure we can find a replacement for Reach with 8 games to go. A late contender for dumbest post of the season. Congrats.
  4. Any shot from a distance of 30 or so yards has a degree of hit and hope.
  5. Jos will go down as one of the worst managers that this club has ever seen. The man was f00king useless. Constantly changing tactics, formations, line ups...It was absolutely bonkers. How on earth he had the relative success in Germany prior is beyond me. What a plank.
  6. A top player who sadly has played his last game for us.
  7. When he´s on it he can be unplayable. Some refuse to accept it, but he´s can be a matchwinner on his day.
  8. This. It´s pretty much a straight shootoff between us and those around us. No relying on other teams to help us out. If we win those games, then we are top 6. Simples
  9. Yes...but we are lacking in options and I think he, on a good day, offers more than Matias. It's slim pickings right now.
  10. Don't think anyone in their right mind should be discounting Preston right now.
  11. Go with the big man. He's not everyone's cup of tea, but on a good day he's often unplayable. Bring Winnall on like the other night and have him stretch the play.
  12. Can you imagine. They'll be helicopters, armoured tanks, water cannons, smoke grenades and long sticks. They'll then let the away fans out at the same time as the home fans
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