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  1. George Hirst Saga

    More mud slinging from the Hirst side of things (whether Beresford has done this on his own volition). Still - I don’t think the club have helped themselves with the whole stopping him playing. In saying that, would we all feel the same if this was a senior player in a similar situation?
  2. Carlos vs Stuart Gray

    Tbf the general mood on here towards the end of Gray’s time was pretty similar to what it is now for Carlos. I did like Gray though. Thought he did a really good job considering the circumstances and certainly could spot a player. Not sure whether we’d have got promoted under him or anything like that (great coaching CV. So-so managerial record) but it’s all hypothetical. Think the main takeaway atm is we’ve spent millions of pounds to replicate a similar passive, negative style that marked the end of Gray’s time and dare I say it is isn’t far off some of the dross served up by Irvine.
  3. Tom Lees

    Having watched the "highlights" his "efforts" (or lack thereof) don't look any better. Spoke to a colleague of mine today (also a Wednesday fan) and we both agreed that Lees looked his mind was elsewhere. There was something worryingly lax about the way he allowed the Ipswich player to get ahead of him for the first goal. To then see him (plus Loovens and Hunt) ambling back as Waghorn headed it in unmarked from 6 yards was mildly infuriating. Hopefully, that display was a one off, a bad day at the office...but there were things about Lees demeanour which concerned me. He's not the only one tbh. Looking at the players, it feels that only Reach, Bannan and perhaps one or two others are giving their absolute all.
  4. Biggs is really good at saying absolutely nothing.
  5. Season Ticket Renewal

    Tell you what... If season ticket renewals do drop (which looks pretty likely going off what we've seen thus far), then the club is surely going have to give ticket prices a serious rethink?! Worrying times.
  6. Perhaps not. I imagine the next person who comes in will be pretty similar (unless they forced to do so). When the remit is promotion, you will inevitably end up going with the tried and tested rather than give the kids a chance.
  7. Do you think Carlos "hates" youth?
  8. It'll be a good day when Carlos gets the chop (for a few reasons). For one we will be spared Farrell's endless sheeite for at least a few weeks
  9. Caption Competition

    Rhodes looks like he may have left the oven on.
  10. Please. "Talks some truth". Carlos "hates" youth is not talking the "truth". It's a baseless sack of sh*t stirred up by a sh*t stirrer.
  11. What's that based on? I mean he's given debuts to Dawson, Wildsmith and also Hirst Jnr (believe it not). Carlos needs to move on, but your pathetic snipes and endless sh*tstirring are nearly as tiresome as the dross served up on the pitch.
  12. Disheartened8

    Happy...but not a jumping around the place type celebration though (considering it was in the 92nd minute or something). What followed then was me and my mate laughing at how sh*t we'd been (again) and how we'd completely robbed Ipswich. Apathy is certainly reigning supreme for me at the moment. I have zero belief in this manager or team to perform on an even remotely consistent basis.
  13. Bannan

    One of very few to emerge from this season (so far) with any real credit. Has great quality and his work rate is outstanding tbh. A few of his teammates could learn several things from him atm. As for the sideways passing...well, I think that's partly to do with the system and also the lack of options for him to pass to in an attacking sense. What's the point of even trying to give it to Rhodes when in all likelihood it'll be given away or Jordan will fall over? Note how we look like a proper attacking side when Bannan starts driving forward. Few others are seemingly willing to do this.