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  1. Totally agree. A centre back and a left back for me with the added bonus of a goal scorer.
  2. Hang on, everybody has been screaming we need a centre back and now suddenly we're overrun with em. Whoever comes in will only be required to end of the season or until the injury crisis eases or he turns out to be a star. Short term we need a decent centre back that's going to see the season out.
  3. or what's left that nobody else wants more like it.
  4. Really, didn't know that. Kinell, there may be hope for us yet
  5. Can't believe the Red Bull thing has raised it's head again. Not going to happen, never will. Red Bull takes over struggling club in league 1
  6. Sorry mate but we don't all agree. As much as I love Hutch playing for us, injuries aside, he's no longer premier league standard.
  7. Only problem with playing 3 centre backs is, against a team with 2 out and out wingers you get overrun as wing backs get caught out on the breaks. Depends on the opposition, therefore sometimes it will be a back 4 for me, 2 full backs and 2 centre backs. Can't always play with a 3 centre back set up.
  8. Spot on as far as I'm concerned. Disallusional-------------US
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