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  1. Why do you persist with this Rowett sheite ? Select reverse and for the time being get behind LB and the best squad we've had for a while.
  2. Tuesday 20th August 2019 Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town Championship 19:45 Sky Sports Red Button Sunday 15th September 2019 Huddersfield Town v Sheffield Wednesday Championship 12:00 Sky Sports Football Tuesday 1st October 2019 Hull City v Sheffield Wednesday Championship 19:45 Sky Sports Red Button
  3. And that's all we can go on...........past stats are just that.
  4. Struggle with this one mate, unless it's tongue in cheek. A guy wins us promotion to the premiership and then we sack him
  5. Agree. Show me someone who says they've never made a mistake and I'll call them a liar. Yes, it would be a bitter pill to swallow and I guess some would never accept it but if it's for the better good, then so be it.
  6. You're OP title says it all, so why surprised at a few reactions, this is Owlstalk. On another day with better finishing or a bit of luck, the score would have been in our favour and everything stays rosey. One thing I do know is, we're playing better football and creating chances, more so than under Jos. If LB stays in charge, then the next 4 to 6 weeks will be a telling time for him and us I guess. It's just too early to make a call either way and until that time, IF it comes, I'm fully behind Lee and the the best squad we've had for a few years. UTO
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