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  1. Should do but seems Hull are playing on that. If it's a substantial hike, them tell them to stick it. Don't think DC will be held to ransom.
  2. Such heartbreaking news. My thoughts are with your daughter and you Paul and all your family and friends. Stay strong big lad.
  3. TBH I wouldn't let Patterson go because he can play in many positions and will always be an asset on the bench. If he'll be happy with that is another matter.
  4. If true and they don't want to be here, then move on, don't want anybody who's not 100% committed.
  5. Good response pal because trust me, even if it was a throw away comment, I too don't like to see or hear it given the experience of a mate when we were younger with a similar impediment. Let's move on.
  6. TBF we all do but some of us are more realistic than others.
  7. Agree. The busiest time of transfer windows is nearly always the 11th hour.
  8. Not all signings work out do they and you can say that at all levels. Unfortunately last season we had sanctions on us and therefore the pool to recruit from was very very limited. I would consider DM had around a 50% success rate on his signings, which given the constraints he was working under wasn't too shoddy IMO. Also, hopefully lessons have been learnt and I personally look on last season with a little bit of success. Let's face it, after dropping out of the Championship and what was going on at the club, there was a worry of 'freefall'. Ship steadied, this will be DMs season to show if he's the right man.
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