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  1. I stayed in a hotel in Dublin (can't for the life of me remember which one , as went every year at one time) and there was a framed cheque hanging behind the bar. The girl behind the bar said Jack had stayed there and paid by cheque and the owner didn't cash it but framed it. I guess a measure of how much he was loved. RIP canny lad. BTW Blackburn for me.
  2. Yeah me too. What a full blown, biased, sick as parrot, tail.
  3. WTF have I just witnessed. Well done boys. WAWAW
  4. We were battering em and then sit back and bring x4 subs on ??????????????
  5. Precisely what we didn't want to happen. Having half time sucks.
  6. Got a Firestick QPR stream and Andy Sinton tearing his hair out 😂
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