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  1. Posted in another thread last night: My mate has just renewed his ST at Barnsley for £185 irrespective of what league they will be in. Took the IFollow option for this season, Me persoanally, IF it does roll over then I'll be in but TBH I would have had to do some soul searching to purchase one for next season. It just can't be as bad as this year, can it ?
  2. Basically a club run well, structured with an excellent recruitment policy. This season the ST holders have been given a pass code for all home games on Ifollow. My mate just renewed his ST for £185 irrespective of what league they end up in.
  3. Yes it was a poor corner, we've been seeing it all season from various players BUT it certainly wasn't the one thing that us cost getting anything from the game. What cost us was the inability to put the ball in the net and I'm not only pointing at Patterson for that.
  4. Well for the fourth time in a row I'm out of here before I post something I will regret. Stay safe all.
  5. Watch it again, kicks out at Borner on floor and that's why Borner reacts and then Smith raises his hands, so sending off. Soft though I agree.
  6. Kin ell, couldn't have asked for better results last night and Wycombe going to lose tonight. If we don't get 3 points tonight I fear it's all over.
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