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  1. Wow commenting on something you've not even seen. Only on Owlstalk............priceless.
  2. Seen worse decisions tbf. But much the same, we sit in the South in line with the 18yd line and neither of us could believe he flagged. My mate went barmy and I'm sure the linesman heard him call him a buffoon, or sounded something like that. Had to give him one of my Werthers to calm him down. Although we played poorly after the first 30 minutes, the chances were there to win the game quite easily: Disallowed goal Missed penalty Penalty not given Goalkeeping error for their goal etc. Another day it's a 4-0 win BUT the guys have to stop dropping their heads and it all going to rat sheite when the opposition scores. We've brought some good players in at this level, so hopefully things will change sooner rather than later.
  3. Exactly this mate. As I said in another thread yesterday, I think BB is a very good player but on the other hand I'm not BB blinkered either. Our midfield has been constantly overrun week after week by poorer sides for some time now. Just maybe it's time to have a change and look at a different midfield set up, it can't be worse than it is at the moment, because continuing with the same tactics is not working. Having said that, the first 30 minutes on Saturday was really good. Don't know the answer but something different has be tried and if that's without BB for a couple of games, then so be it.
  4. No not at all Neil, I actually said I like Bannan as a player. All I said was it's not working and may be time to change and try something different as we're constantly overrun in midfield. So that makes me a Bannan hater ?
  5. Have to agree on current performances but still think Wing has a roll to play. Going to be controversial here and say I'd like to see a different midfield set up not including Bannan for a couple of games. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Bannan knocker as I think he is a really good player but we seem to want to channel everything through him and yesterday was a prime example of it not working after 30 minutes. We constantly get overrun in midfield and would like to see a different option just to see if it worked any better. Just a thought and guess I'll get some incoming.
  6. There were +ves today though. First 30 minutes were really good but this attitude has to be continued for 90 minutes. Heads seemed to go down when they scored, then chasing the game with little idea tbf. DM really needs to work on confidence and 90 minute variable tactics if required. Disappointing display overhaul today but there were signs to build on.
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