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  1. This........... Her was loaned to Barnsley to put him in the shop window.
  2. Yep we have into financial embarrassment, being a laughing stock and L1.
  3. Yes yes yes. Only bit of good news since god knows when. I understand it's not everyone's choice but in L1..................bring it on for me.
  4. Not going into the politics of it all because there's plenty but it's a massive NO from me.
  5. I thought the transfer window opened yesterday for 12 weeks ?
  6. Another serious question: Has anyone heard or seen any sort of response from big C ? Surely someone at the club must know wtf is going on.
  7. Love the optimism mate and sincerely hope you're correct.
  8. Congratulations mate, enjoy the wonderful experience.
  9. But the players that have left and not been paid won't give one will they.
  10. Sadly looks like the only way forward but we would be shut of the fecking idiot.
  11. What about closed season when there's no income either, staff wages still have to be paid.
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