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  1. Where did the booing come from ? Certainly didn't hear anything in the south stand, I sit to the kop side of the directors box. If there was booing, which is out of order, fair play to lad he answered with that performance. Some people just can't let things go.
  2. Close call for me between Borner and Harris but went for the former. Harris reminds me so much of Willie Henderson.
  3. Agree with your sentiment in principle but not many teams will come away from the den with anything. How many times have you heard players/managers say it's harder to play against 10 men because they all up their game. Yes, tonight wasn't the best of performances also but it's 3 points. Give me a poor performance every game and 3 points and I'll take it. Not everyone was poor BTW........Harris,Borner,Luongo and Fox, so lets look at the positives to build on instead.
  4. No need for it guys, we're all in the same ship. Aren't we ? Poor game I know but 3 points. On my second pint and having a shed load more with my Barnsley season ticket mates
  5. Agree with the sentiment but there wasn't any booing in the ground, just the wannabe managers on here. He did his job tonight and made some excellent tackles. so credit where it's due.
  6. 1 Sheff Wed 4 4 9 2 Leeds 3 4 7 3 Charlton 3 3 7 4 West Brom 3 2 7 5 Swansea 3 2 7 6 Millwall 3 2 7 7 Bristol City 4 1 7 8 Birmingham 4 0 7
  7. Not a great performance but 3 points. Positives are Harris, Borner and Luongo. Cheers SB Also thought Fox had a decent game.
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