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  1. I fear for our future under this man, I really do.
  2. Easily sorted, add a sachet of brown sauce, trust me.
  3. Seems to be a theme here. Get a contract, get sacked, get pay off, move onto next job............
  4. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. Personally don't like over confident players like that, looks good when it comes off but horrible and costly when it goes wrong. Precisely why John Stones only plays a bit part for Man City.
  5. Personally I thought he was showboating a bit, given the occasion. The attempted header back when so easy to head up field, a couple of occasions trying to play out of defence with step overs/swivels etc. Wouldn't be surprised if Monk thought he may get caught out BUT I may be wrong (have been before).
  6. Should get a chance along with Wildsmith.
  7. Sorry boys can't make it. If I did I'd like to be in the chair.
  8. Then role on the 22nd March and put everyone out of their misery and stop all the speculation. 0pts. 9pts. 12pts. 15pts. 21pts. FFS fed up with it all.
  9. My take on an agent/consultant is someone who is brought in at great expense to improve results and live by them. Doesn't seem that way here.
  10. Totally agree, this is a terrible situation if either is true and given performances, you would think one scenario must be. Players turning out every week who have no future or don't want to be at the club ! Either way, it's also down to poor management of the situation.
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