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  1. No one had heard of him two weeks ago. It’s a buyers market to a large extent. Apart from parachute clubs, no one is paying fees. It is clearly their ploy to get other clubs interested and create a bidding war. Let it play out while investigating other options. We need a forward with pace, if it isn’t Wilko, we will find someone else comparable.
  2. Been thinking something similar. I reckon Patto could revert to the defence, either one of three like Hutch or a poor man’s Sterland in a four.
  3. Never liked Rooney, but his loyalty to Dorbeh has been tremendous. I am surprised he has stuck it so long.
  4. @Owl66Crikey mate. Surely you know the kind of ‘feedback’ you get on social media, especially footy ones. Ignore it, it’s just not worth responding to the eeedyits. Look at the players. If they misplace a pass, a 1000 people abuse their missus on twitter lol. Its all good fun. I’m looking forward to your next updates.
  5. A key point in the OP is that the game is played on grass and not paper. Henegan may not be a Dean on paper, but what he is, is a bloody good league 1 player. We have signed players to fix our deficiencies from last year to get promoted from this division. We have also built a very strong spine, essential for any good team. I think we already look a lot stronger than we did last year, with more to come. If we can get 30 games from Windass, that will also be a huge improvement.
  6. Great signing. I’ve loved Luongo from the off when many questioned him. However, despite his ability he was always injury prone in his time with us. They say it is the hope that kills you! Touch bloody wood, Vaulks seems more reliable and a rock solid DM. People also underestimate Dennis imo. I think he is going to have a big year for us, as is Fizz. As good an engine room as we have had on paper for a few seasons now. Just need to transfer that to the grass!
  7. It happened in the final against Hull and despite a stellar season the year after, it has pretty much been the case since. Lopez gave us some level of control on the quiet and Wallace had great running power to aid the midfield two. When Lee started to slow down, every pairing since has been overrrun, including Hutch and Baz. Luongo and Byers got the better of several central midfield battles in the second half of the season, until we faced Sunderland, where we were overrun again, stopping our better players getting on the ball. Fizz, Byers and Dennis bring hope, but we need another lad like the chap from Plymouth - it’s essential.
  8. Not enough legs in that midfield for me, would need a good rotation policy and strong bench to keep it fresh.
  9. Never ever let us down when it came to effort. Wore the badge with pride. Not quite the Dean or Flint type leader we need and not fit enough to play 40+ like storey. I wish him well, he’s got a few years left!!
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