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  1. So why on earth does that make Barnwood a muppet? Wilder is an appointment Wednesday could only dream of.
  2. I’m not Bannan’s biggest fan, but once again he’s our best performer (along with Bashiru). That in itself I continue to find worrying, far too reliant on the wee Scottish man.
  3. I take your point Tom, I guess it’s just not something I find particularly annoying - unlike that first half performance last night.
  4. My mistake, I thought someone might have an interesting point to make, rather than just wittering on about how poor the commentary was.
  5. I’ve no idea why some of us get so wound up about something so trivial. I doubt most people would pay so much attention to the commentary if the team were able to put on a half decent performance.
  6. So what have other people seen to suggest that we can put together a good run of results? I can quite easily see us losing the majority of those home games.
  7. What does that even mean? One of the reasons we are so poor is our inability to convert chances. Last time I looked we don’t get any extra points for missed opportunities. Our performances this season have almost all been very poor, haven’t seen anything to suggest we are headed in the right direction since Moore took over.
  8. No excuses, that was garbage. 4points dropped in last 2 games, mid table mediocrity beckons.
  9. Shocking for 30 minutes, followed by slight improvement. Will never have a better chance of taking 3 points from a losing position. That said, I’ve no real faith that we can turn things around against a very ordinary team.
  10. I agree, highly unlikely he would join our rudderless club. On the off chance he fancied a challenge then I wouldn’t hold his time out of management against him, it’s not like he’s totally out of touch with the game. I think we both know this won’t happen, but it would be interesting be while it lasted. Keane is an intelligent man who I believe still has something to offer and always set the highest standards for himself and his team-mates. I haven’t totally given up hope that Moore can get the team moving in the right direction, but the signs are not promising. Maybe the suggestion of Keane is an over-reaction to some disappointing results, but he just might be the sort of character to sort this club out. In reality, I fear we are doomed to more seasons of League One mediocrity under Chansiri.
  11. Really? I’m no fan of Moore and very unimpressed with most of our current squad, but have certainly experienced far worse feelings than today. Maybe that’s because I’ve grown to expect us throwing away 2-0 leads against poor teams.
  12. Another vote (in slight desperation) for Roy Keane from me. We seem to be the epitome of unprofessional and spineless. Can’t ever accuse Keane of being either of those things so might as well go for broke and give him a go, assuming he’d be in the slightest bit interested. As things stand, we’ve found our level and nothing will really improve whilst ever Chansiri runs the show.
  13. Excellent post, underlying performances have been so poor and do nothing to suggest we are on the up, regardless of results.
  14. So are you suggesting fans shouldn’t highlight a poor performance if the team win? I think everyone knows if we play every game like today then we certainly don’t go up. The underlying performances are very poor and far more likely to see us finish in mid table at best.
  15. Assuming that means Bannan and Hutchinson in the middle of the park - will we ever learn?
  16. I wouldn’t be happy at all, expect there are a few Geordies who feel a bit conflicted right now. Unfortunately the ‘success at any cost’ culture in football means many won’t care less, and the game is worse for it. On a related matter, over 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar since the country was inexplicably awarded the World Cup - I think the fact that England will be participating in that tournament is a disgrace.
  17. I would say they’re entitled to expect a half decent game of football from time to time. It’s a long time since I’ve enjoyed watching us play - surely not too much to ask for is it?
  18. I get your reservations, but either Warnock or Wilder would be better than any manager we’ve had since Ron Atkinson.
  19. Of course he would enjoy beating us, what’s wrong with that? Wilder wouldn’t touch us with a barge pole, he’ll get a better job. But just to suspend reality for a second, if he came to Hillsborough I’m sure he would do a professional job, get us organised and playing on the front foot. I for one would happily take that when you look at the current alternative.
  20. I get this is purely hypothetical, but still, can’t believe some people would say no to the prospect of Wilder as manager. A bit like the furore around Warnock back in the day. What do we have against successful managers? Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised given some of us still want Megson back!
  21. I always find this tendency amongst the fan base a little annoying, along with the assumption we have the best squad in the division, made without any real knowledge of other teams in the league. We’ve certainly gone for quantity over quality when it comes to recruitment.
  22. Sorry, can’t agree. Hutchinson way past the point where he offers anything in midfield.
  23. I get what you mean with regard to Wing, but a little surprised that anyone is still advocating playing Hutchinson in midfield. I think that ship has sailed.
  24. As posted in OMDT, I’ve had doubts since Moore’s first game against Rotherham. If ever there was a time for sending out an unchanged team and hoping for Luton 1st half performance level rather than Luton 2nd half debacle that was it. Instead, Moore tried tinkering with the lineup and in doing so threw away what might have been points that saved our season. Since then I’ve seen absolutely nothing to suggest improvement under his leadership. Despite this, for some reason I can’t quite fathom, I’m still in favour of giving Moore till the end of the season. Probably because I’ve no faith in the club’s ability to find an adequate replacement.
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