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  1. Unconvinced by team or manager. Not a believer in taking too many positives from ‘winning ugly’, playing poorly (however many points are accumulated) will catch up on this team. Regardless of player turnover, I was hoping to see a more positive start to the season in terms of performance levels. Our genuinely strong performances are too few and far between.
  2. I suspect it doesn’t mean a lot. The only exception for me was 1990, the sun was shining, the new away kit looked spectacular and it really felt like something special was happening.
  3. Overrated, can’t see how he fits in starting 11 and would happily sell. If we switch to 3 up front on occasions then he plays out wide. Hardly played last season but some people seem willing to sacrifice Gregory or Smith to give Windass a game - why?
  4. Maybe I should have just taken him for what he was, but I used to find him irritating rather than entertaining. I’m really struggling to make a case for him as top 20 since 2000, so any suggestion of top 20 ever really does blow my mind.
  5. Was talking to a Charlton fan yesterday who was sorry to see him go - believes he’ll do well for us and still scope for improvement. He seemed fairly balanced in his opinions and left me feeling quite positive about this signing. Will wait until half time against Portsmouth before judging him forever!
  6. Whether I agree with him or not, Malek’s posts are always worth a read. On the subject of FDB I tend to agree with him, but time will tell. Either way, no need to respond in such an aggressive manner.
  7. Thanks, I always wondered and now I know!
  8. You’re right, although Charlie was more of a midfielder in those days. Brian Cox was know as Watney, never knew why!
  9. This all day long - unbelievably short sighted approach. Do we have any scouts?
  10. Fantastic day out. Went via Colchester then stopped in a lovely old thatched pub in the middle of Constable country. Couldn’t believe the number of yellow shirts everywhere as we drove into Ipswich. What a team, what a season!!
  11. Signing experienced players in the way we have done over recent years has got us nowhere and cost a fortune. So many people talk about getting the age of the squad down and then have a good moan if we don’t sign an established name. The club seem terrified by the prospect of having a plan and taking a few chances. I don’t think we can continue with the approach of building an ageing team for short term success (by no means guaranteed) and then starting again the following season as players reach the end of contracts and loans go back to their clubs. Even if this approach achieves promotion we’re unlikely to have a team ready for the Championship and will be back where we started in a season or two.
  12. It won’t count for anything but I’ve no intention of watching - Qatar is a bad joke and I’ve got better things to do.
  13. Yes, maturing - keepers go on for ever. I don’t think many of us will ever forget Rotherham last season, but the lad deserves a chance. He could be our number 1 for the next ten years, why not give him a go and give him some support at the same time.
  14. Which doesn’t say much about some of our fans. I feel like Dawson is maturing into a decent keep who should get his chance. Is it too much to ask that supporters get behind him rather than looking for the first opportunity to slag him off. You just know there will be some out there willing him to fail.
  15. I absolutely respect your opinion on this and it will be interesting to see what impression he makes next season. Personally I worry that he’s all pace and power, with no great footballing intelligence. Having said that, there were a couple of times in the first half at Wycombe towards the end of last season when he looked unplayable attacking down the right. It didn’t last, but maybe with maturity will come consistency.
  16. Seemed to visit Selhurst Park a lot in the 80s and 90s when Palace, Charlton and Wimbledon all played there.
  17. Keeping fingers crossed on this one, would be great to see more players we’ve developed coming through. Hopefully see benefits on the playing side and financially.
  18. I suspect it’s not all to do with luck. Some clubs produce decent young players on a reasonably regular basis. Our inability to do so is, for me, our biggest failing as a club.
  19. Hirst, Waddle & Nilsson in no particular order. Honourable mention for Mel Sterland as local hero and Trevor Francis, too old when he came to us but the quality was clear for all to see.
  20. I see what you mean, but shouldn’t we be doing that all the time? It’s not like we have a squad of world beaters.
  21. Even if Windass is one of our best player (highly questionable in my opinion), Moore needs to build a team that can function effectively over 46 games in League One - that might not include talented individuals who don’t fit within the chosen framework. I remember being disappointed when Dalian Atkinson was sold, but it didn’t last long once Williams and Wilson were brought in and the rest of the money was banked.
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