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  1. Recent recruitment has been far more prudent, no problem with that, just a shame that it’s been forced on us to a degree by FFP restrictions. As things stand he has to keep put his (or his family’s) money in to keep us afloat. His willingness to continue doing that is something of a concern for me - I acknowledge that others don’t share that concern, so I guess time will tell.
  2. Surly by any reasonable measure SWFC is skint? Chansiri (or wider family) must have money otherwise players wouldn’t get paid every week, but how long do we expect this to last? Also, Pat’s point re lack of spending on ground (or training facilities) seems relevant and suggests Chansiri is now unwilling to spend more than is necessary to keep club afloat.
  3. I agree with you, none of the above suggests a well run club. So many decisions made in ignorance, but not really ‘get rich quick’ scams to line his own pockets. Having said that, ignorance is no real defence and I fear for our future unless Chansiri appoints a team of qualified professionals to take day-to-day control.
  4. Is that really what he’s doing? I have absolutely no defence for the way he runs the club, it’s a total shambles, but to say he’s milking us tends to suggest this is a money spinner for him. That’s clearly not the case, and all he seems to be doing right now is throwing away a fair sized chunk of his family’s fortune. Not sure for how much longer he will be allowed to do this, assuming it’s not his own cash he’s blowing.
  5. Personally I would share your view of managing in Qatar - in fact I’m not entirely sure why anyone would go there, but that’s a completely different discussion. Hope Jokanovic is starting to think the same way, would love to see him at Hillsborough next season if Monk ends up leaving.
  6. Those were the days, a proper team - the likes of Westwood and Hutchinson wouldn’t have got on the bench.
  7. I don’t think Pelupessy is good enough and think we could find better playing in lower divisions if we had a decent scouting network. What I object to is the assumption that it’s as simple as playing our best players - I think the team dynamic is more complicated than that.
  8. I think you underestimate how important it is for players to have the right attitude and put the team ahead of self-interest. There must be thousands of players who have fallen by the wayside over the years with plenty of ability but questionable attitude. The best teams are very rarely made up of the best 11 players at a club.
  9. Not a bad shout, but I very much doubt we could afford him - equally, we’re not a very attractive proposition right now.
  10. Just maybe no one wants them - can’t imagine why!
  11. Didn’t want to see Monk appointed, but in sacking him now, are we not just taking a leap of faith that anyone is better than him and we’ll benefit from a dead cat bounce? Personally, I have no confidence in our ability to attract / appoint a manager of sufficient calibre until we put our house in order. I can’t quite believe I’m saying this, but we might as well stick with Monk till the end of the season.
  12. I think Shankly knew that as well as anyone, it was just part of the act.
  13. Think you are being a bit unfair there. He didn’t claim to be in a successful dressing room for 25 years, and maybe it’s just as important to experience a poor dressing room environment at some stage during a career. From memory he played an important part in Swansea’s rise from League 2 to the Premier League, so that must count as a successful dressing room.
  14. Absolutely we can - I was hoping Dawson would seize his opportunity and we wouldn’t be talking about Westwood right now. Unfortunately that hasn’t really happened and we’re back to debating this.
  15. I guess we all have different views on what represents genuine leadership qualities, but personally I don’t see it in these two. Westwood in particular always strikes me as someone who plays first and foremost for himself.
  16. If our season now depends on Westwood and Hutchinson it really does illustrate the depths to which we have sunk. Should have moved on from these 2 by now, but instead it’s starting to seem like they might be our best chance of avoiding relegation. What a complete and utter shambles!
  17. I’ve tried to defend Dawson and have no desire to see return of Westwood, but struggling to see where we go now in goal. Having said that, still don’t think Dawson is garbage - so if I don’t agree with you, does that make me an idiot? I’ll not lose too much sleep over that as, based on some of your previous posts, it’s clear you are no great judge of a player.
  18. Blatant common sense isn’t it really - so frustrating!
  19. Fear the worst with that line-up - desperately need to score first, otherwise I can see it unravelling very quickly.
  20. Really? I can’t see any way he would choose to go before his contract expires and lose out financially - suspect there would be no immediate prospect of another Championship job (although stranger things have happened).
  21. Sorry to hear that, hope you’re on the mend soon.
  22. I’d go for principles every time, totally fed up with short term sticking plaster solutions. Having said that, my principles might have been tested if these two were top players but they are not. Westwood maybe 2 or 3 seasons ago, but not now, and don’t think Hutchinson has ever justified the tag - whole-hearted but limited in midfield.
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