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  1. Because of the current circumstances... I read it as follows "Choose one of the two alternatives below" Option 1 What you have now (which is bound to make you look at what you have right now, and the current situation is pretty grim, us with a 20% chance of surviving in the Championship and god knows what happens when we do drop on Saturday) Option 2 The rosy alternative (which carries the advantage of not being tried/tested and thus cannot be blamed for the situation we find ourselves in) Regardless, I like
  2. I do love a poll that isn't presented with biased options... oh wait... Given our dire situation and that as a result from being run as option 1, I'm betting you won't find many takers. It would be have been interesting though to see how many went for each option if you had for example asked towards the end of Carlos' first year as manager.
  3. Yeah, realised later, reading replies below, it wasn't a question of contracts re: first team since they were all absent from u23's, but rather focused on the actual academy players.
  4. Resting EVERYONE who are in the loop for Saturday's game...
  5. H(ome)/D(raw)/A(way) DW H - CR H (Derby safe) DW H - CR D (Derby safe) DW H - CR A (Derby safe) DW D - CR H (Derby safe) DW D - CR D (Derby safe) DW D - CR A (Rotherham safe) DW A - CR H (Wednesday safe) DW A - CR D (Wednesday safe) DW A - CR A (Rotherham safe) It's all in Derby's hands, if they win, nothing changes the result. If they draw and Rotherham don't win, they're still safe. We've got about a 1 in 5 chance, it's time to collect on all those times margins didn't go our way.
  6. It would be a fitting epitaph for this season, with us always ending other teams' poor runs by going to Derby and ending our own with a win to stay up. Provided Cardiff also do their job and at least hold out for a draw.
  7. I hope he's quiet simply because he's working on finding us new owners...
  8. We must win, Rotherham must not win. Odds of things going our way is little over 1 in 5 if I got it right. That's not too bad... better than I had ever hoped for. But still, overwhelming odds of us going down.
  9. Some think it's better than Rotherham drawing because that means Derby can't park the bus hoping for a draw v us, they need to win to be safe just in case Rotherham go win at Cardiff. I'm hoping they just lose tonight
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