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  1. Isn't that 1 point more than Pulis/Monk got us? We're saved then! Come on, sing it with me, we are going up, we are going up, say, we are going up, we are going up!
  2. Well, in retrospect, you were right on the money there as opposed to the first few ironic repliers to your post As for Moore in charge, best of luck to him, as I always wish any manager of ours, but it will be interesting to see how he performs with the burden of DC in charge at the top.
  3. See you next season in League 1... don't think I can be arsed to pay attention to what these shits are doing to our club any longer...
  4. Game over, we're gone, fizz off Chansiri! Spineless players too... shameful, "as if something changed in the changing rooms" my arse... just fizz off!
  5. Fantastic! Windass looked like he couldn't give a poo, just slammed the ball into the goal matter of factly... love it!
  6. Was brief this morning because I expected nothing good from this match, and this evening has delivered exactly what I expected... move on and hope we can muster some points from other games. Though, as things stand, I don't see how we will stay up. fizz FFP, fizz EFL, fizz points deduction, fizz Chansiri, fizz Monk and fizz da Pulis... Phew, felt better mouthing off, back to preparing for next match then... big blow to lose Westwood, but our biggest worry is that we're not scoring.
  7. Thanks for that, Snoots! I've got to dig into 80s movie quotes with "I've got a bad feeling about this" with us away to free attacking & scoring Stoke City... can just tell Fletcher is going on the scoresheet. Hopefully our boys know their way around Fox and their defense too. But I'm not expecting many points from this. Up the Owls!
  8. Not a single mention of Benito Carbone in 4 pages, what's the world coming to. Because, frozen carbon etc.. but also cool in the usual respect...
  9. Not a single mention of Benito Carbone in 4 pages, what's the world coming to.
  10. Ok, lucky with deflection, but damn, that was a great Reach goal!
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