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  1. Yes, it's a risk, but they're more likely to last than not otherwise they would/should not make it to the bench.
  2. Watch us stick on Matias and Joao in 2nd half and do just so... :P Any streams btw?
  3. Top OMDT again btw, Lord Snooty! Usually I'd have it with a cup of coffee, but seeing as we're so close to the match now, I'm stopping at the offy to stock up on extra beer... both subdue senses upfront and dull the pain afterwards.
  4. I predict a collapse in 2nd half, but as long as we lead 5-0 by end of first half, we should be good!
  5. To borrow the words of a popular TV franchise these days... Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken Just don't see the episode where the prince gets his duel (I'd hate for that to be us tonight)
  6. Way past nervous... I'd be nervous if I expected we'd put up a fight. But now I'm resigned to defeat already. I do hope the team can get their poo together!
  7. N0rtherner

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Heading towards 5-1 boys!!
  8. N0rtherner

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Fortress Hillsborough my arse...
  9. N0rtherner

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    This is flipping unreal.. what the fizz did our team do over international break?!?
  10. N0rtherner

    Birmingham -V- Wednesday 18 OMDT

    flipping hell, it's pathetic how we just fold like a house of cards.... over and over...
  11. N0rtherner

    Birmingham -V- Wednesday 18 OMDT

    Fantastic, OMDT and morning coffee, doesn't get better! UTO!
  12. N0rtherner

    We all need to admit it

    I don't give a throw about the pigs position on the table, I care about our team and its players being incapable of churning out the same quality performances every single time needed. So inconsistent it's bloody ridiculous...
  13. Well, poo... I expect another of those 'rise and make a statement performances' against Birmingham now... damn international break ruined our momentum, time to break out of this bad run.
  14. Good job on the OMDT! Now come on Wednesday - show us you really mean it down at Loftus Rd tonight! Love that stadium having lived next to it for a year, but hate the floodlights that shone through my window...
  15. What? Did he manage to get himself a set back too? I thought he played again for another 70 minutes v Hull just a day or two ago? *checks other thread* FFS!