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  1. 3pm UK - in Norway this time of year it's already dark, game starts at 4pm local time. But yeah, not exactly tonight
  2. Ahh, Saturday morning matchday threads are the best, thanks for another terrific one, Snoots! Agree with the sobering points, we're not about becoming exciting just yet, TP is making sure we're stabilising again, ironing out previous kinks with late conceding and being, well, shambolic. Who would've thought, based on that we'd have 2 pts after Swansea and Reading. Another tough test tonight, but hopefully we can keep up the good work and hit them on the counter. Worried what will happen with Bannan and midfield in both Luongo and Shaw's absence, we've been much more in
  3. I hope Paterson's goal yesterday counts as on target too But your point still stands, draws are not enough to survive.
  4. Getting us organised in defence and tougher to beat is a sensible first step. Making us more offensive should be the next, playing 5-5-0 and draws will only get us relegated (not that I'm thinking he'll continue this way... yet). Tough to make a judgment yet on the latter when we're reduced to 10 men as we've been in two of the matches too; fancied us getting a 2nd goal yesterday over Reading equalising up until that red card, so there were signs of us making the effort.
  5. YEAH! Us against the world!!! C'MON, BUNKER UP!! not really
  6. Yeah, I've had the night to sleep on this... actually, I didn't think about it since last night... but it was definitive red card tackle under current football rules, maybe not a decade ago. But studs first, not in control and while he grazes the ball and doesn't catch the Reading player, he sure clatters him following through with the rest. Sorry for Shaw, but it's something to learn from, he'll continue to develop and play well for us! As long as Shaw's absence doesn't open up for Pelupessy again! xD
  7. Getting fed up with commentary and media being so biased... all through the match yesterday too it was all with an angle on how Reading could come back and beat us. And now this title on BBC football... wtf, it should've read "10-man Owls bravely fought off ********, high-flying Reading!"
  8. Wow... well done Wednesday for holding on with 10 men against high-flying Reading. That's a decent point given how the match was upended after Shaw's sending off. Onwards to Norwich then, hopefully we can practice falling over a bit and get opposition players sent off too, but obviously, we need to be careful with our own tackles too - even if I feel the straight red was a bit harsh.
  9. FFS... far too harsh with red. Definitely yellow but you don't go straight red with that... what's football coming to...
  10. Another great cross and Paterson again with the header! It's the hair!!! Or rather, the lack of!
  11. Well chuffed now! Why hasn't Paterson shaved before!?!
  12. Up the Owls! Btw - are there fans at Hillsborough tonight or is it later they're allowed back?
  13. Looking forward to our first win under TP, and hoping it's not a long way off! Feeling I still need to be convinced with his appointment, and given our poo form before he came in and us facing 4 tough matches immediately after, I'm not going to hold these results against him... points v Swansea and Stoke were actually decent, we're just really hungry for another win now. Hoping we turn up v Reading tomorrow and play a bit more offensive than we did last match.
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