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  1. You could argue it's an advantage to our team they do NOT have the fans watching at home in the stadium, not exactly been cheering them on last season so maybe they lower their shoulders without us there but rathering booing and jeering at I Ifollow 😉
  2. Bravo, Snoots! Saturday morning routine well executed here, OMDT with a cup of coffee while I ponder today's match. This will surely be the toughest test so far this season, and possibly one of the best teams we'll meet in the league. So I'm glad at least they're slightly weakened. But still, we're facing a selection headache, how great is that? We've got several great players fighting for a spot in most places; they got to be up for it, the players seem to be buzzing differently these days, and I hope they transfer that energy to the pitch tonight as well. Like the post above says, just give it everything you got, boys! That's enough for me to have your back. Come on Wednesday!!!
  3. Brown already proving himself, Windass showing promising signs, Kachunga also settling in well. Dele-Bashiru a bit of an extra joker up our sleeve that I think will really break through; come here to prove a point and get regular first team football and will work hard and has quite a bit of skill that can add a little extra, creative flair to our offense.
  4. That composure and no nonsense in defense is something I've noticed too. Helps the team concentrate forward on the pitch when you've got a solid defence at the back, and it's now gone through different constellations of players featuring, so it's nice to see we've got a lot of cover and youngster breathing down the necks of their veteran peers. Nobody can rest and assume they've got a place on the team sheet, you got to earn it and there's a younger squad willing to push for those places. Very positive change in attitude!
  5. Or rather, for Rochdale's sake, I hope those stats aren't with us in the changing rooms still!
  6. Rochdale apparently got some touches in... we're just passing it around and then losing it 😄
  7. Sky with a funny text update on elsewhere in the Cacabaobaopowpow Cup It's like the gift that just keeps on giving, Boro/Gibson/Warnock all getting the stick!
  8. Not fatigued now... but it accumulates if you're expecting him to feature 2 games every week. We're planning for Rhodes to last us most of the season to score goals for us in the league.
  9. Don't need winning mentality if you're too fatigued or risking injury by being played when out of match fitness. edit (and probably jinxing it) but you can thank me when Rhodes scores a hattrick this weekend
  10. Great OMDT for the cup, Snoots! While I enjoy a bit of cup success, all eyes are on league this season and in that sense I'm really just regarding tonight's match as extra pre-season friendly and more match practice for our squad. Bahh... who am I kidding! Come on Wednesday, we're going to smash the league and this cup!! 0-0 draws and penalty shoots all the way to Wembley!
  11. Please hold on to that thought and opinion when we lose our first few games! 🙂
  12. I thought you were going to state we should keep calm and not get carried away by winning one from 46, and that we should still realise we're in a relegation fight this season. But every game is winnable, and I really hope we can pull off a strong home performance v Watford and make it -6 by next Saturday evening. Up the magnificent, blue and white wizards! WAWAW
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