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  1. Can they now? I've got quite the lively imagination of several other things that can happen...
  2. Haha, when you look back at Angel Dust, it seems like it's written for us these days with all its track titles. "Malpractice", "Midlife Crisis", "Smaller and Smaller", "Kindergarten"... don't know how "Jizzlobber" fits in but I'm sure we can shout it at some of the players.
  3. For the club and from the same album, for the supporters (or perhaps better suited for the players on the pitch)
  4. Since I could, just had to drop you one from 1890... will undo it now
  5. No they're not. Neither happy or with blue passports. Right now, everyone's knickers are in a twist because the national broadcasting company messed up the voting service for.... *hold your breath* national Eurovision song contest finals!!! Sacrilege, how can we go on living in Norway not knowing if we're sending the right candidate! As long as they come home with 0 points, I'm happy, mind...
  6. Goes to show how much poo drama the fan base can cause of a situation they actually don't know anything about. Fair play to Westwood on trying to cull the gossip, although even based on that and being a contracted player people are already reading into it that he's gone. He's simply not the no. 1 in Monk's plans, and given Dawson's shaky matches in the recent weeks, it's ludicrous that a manager will so categorically exclude a player from their plans. Westwood should've been given a run given the costly errors Dawson have been making. I don't know how many other players Monk has said the same to, but based on our recent performances, maybe he should revise his flipping assessment and get a flipping handle on managing our squad. While they're under contract, they should be considered viable options when the others are so clearly failing to perform to anywhere near satisfactory standards. Dawson, Lees, Pelupessy, Nuhiu, etc. should be benched simply to take a break from churning out more of the same drivel and maybe changing things around with the players we actually have at hand might turn things for the better. Hell, I don't know, I'm no manager, but not using all the tools in your toolbox seems like an epic way of failing with this recent string of managers we've had to endure.
  7. Been away in Norwegian mountains without mobile reception and only saw the instagram match recap/photo from the club first which said "10 man Wednesday defeated..." which made me wonder if it was due to Pelupessy playing or whether we had a man sent off. Seems it was both and it really should've said 9-man Wednesday...
  8. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51510284 Oh poo, guess EFL are going to feel bolder now...
  9. I hope it's only to tell him he's a w@nker, then hang up.
  10. I wonder how much this is the public opinion out there or whether it's just what people on here/Owlstalk keep reiterating since that rumour surfaced and now we throw it around as if it's a fact.
  11. If only the players would read Owlstalk, don't think many of them do and I doubt many of them even know it exists.
  12. The only acceptable reason would be if FF felt an injury coming on or such, otherwise just baffling why FF got subbed...
  13. They're not beloved, they're overpaid primadonnas with no fight and no pride in them... worthless and useless the lot of them just now. They have a lot of work to do, because this situation under Monk is - like you say - not new, and will only come again under a new manager, so it's time these players are being put to the wall and made to earn their living.
  14. Yea, was just going to say, we don't need no stinking EFL points deduction, we're doing it just fine on our own...
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