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  1. N0rtherner

    Just got back...

    Speaks volumes when Fox is your stand-out player, doesn't it? Key issues, as before, from last night was our lack of pace and keeping calm... guessing that we want to move the ball about quickly, but we should also learn to keep our cool and rather retain the ball than make poo passes.. Pudil was a shadow of his former self.. several poor touches and decisions, Nuhiu as forward that can hold the ball and bring the team up the pitch, but then he either loses it or makes a bad pass... Lees, Reach and Matias need to up their game. I'll give a pass to Baker and Joao, and I'm glad we at least had Thorniley, Bannan and Onomah to give us something to fight with. And of course, when there's a match, you flipping turn up at the first whistle, not when there's 85 minutes on the clock... And completely agree about us chasing shadows; heck, Pearson called it a goal for their first and rightly so.. everything was saying that shot would go in, yet we fail to put a solid, defensive header on it which is what was needed and it passed plenty of our players on the way in... Same with second goal, first defender is sold down the river by the back heel pass going past him, but then you can't let the exact same happen again AND let the first guy (Carvalho) get past you and execute that looped shot... wee wee poor defending...
  2. Wednesday played for 10 minutes of that match... let's see if we can make it a full match next time...
  3. Florists are expert time wasters and don't get penalised for it...
  4. 20 minutes to get 3 goals, c'mon Fletcher!
  6. FFS, we looked like poo right now
  7. Hector for Fox and we have a plan. Right now we have a liability on the pitch. But hey, let's hope he's out there to impress and surprise us!
  8. They just keep on getting better, m'Lord! And I've had my coffee to go with another brilliant OMDT, I've got a gut feeling we're just going to continue our good form, although it could also be the case of one too many coffees today... Let's hope Bannan keeps a clean sheet, same goes for the rest of the team! Up the Owls!
  9. N0rtherner

    CC on Talksport after 10

    If he's serious about job hunting, he needs to update the links in his social media profile. https://twitter.com/carloscarvalha2 Check out his website: http://coachcarvalhal.com
  10. N0rtherner

    Blame for their goals

    That is true, but Palmer would've handled Biram Diouf if he'd try to turn with the ball there... however, Lees and Thorniley are both outplayed letting Afobe run through them to receive the pass from Biram Diouf... sloppy from all three.
  11. Seems our defensive line is holding, but I'm seeing an awful lot of this Ryan Woods trying through balls... Keep the score now until half time, or equalise of course... then let's win the second half 2-0! Up the owls!
  12. does the backside say, "But now we're falling apart... again!"