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  1. Yes, he did a lit of questionable stuff. My comment was for the hypothetical situation if he were to come back and make a proper effort, would you still hold his past against him? Or let him play and contribute and be like Southgate taking England to their first final in ages. (Btw, I don't want him back, because I expect so many wouldn't let go of his past)
  2. Personally, happy with him, but it's like Southgate's missed penalty, there will be people to remind him of the Norwich travesty and other stuff and just look for excuses to have another dig at him, and I don't think that'd be something he'd be able to ignore and it would probably just make old habits resurface.
  3. Glad he's enjoying his time in Udinese, don't need him back here with all that baggage.
  4. Bad luck England, Italy grew into the game and were closest to win, but when it went to penalties it was all bingo. However, Southgate sending on Sancho and Rashford in 119th was odd.... cold players with no match in them, fresh from the bench simply to take a penalty, what an insane pressure. And same for inexperienced 19 yo Saka to be given that 5th penalty... odd decisions. But still, even cool players like Jorginho missed, and shootouts can go either way. But England were in a final again, they've done incredibly well, and next year is WC and they should stick with this plan and root out some kinks and hopefully come back stronger, on an even greater stage. Something is building up!
  5. Derby and Reading both in violation of FFP? Plus Derby seemed to have a lot more in addition.
  6. In Norway, and rest of Scandinavia too I think, we call it football. Rugby is rugby and that space marine rugby version they play in US is called American football.
  7. Well, they're definitely horrible. The blurry, zig zag stripes that is, not the design of the shirts.
  8. Playing Italy should be accompanied with a warning sign "Watch out for falling objects". Italy this Championship strikes me as a shadow of the old classic Italian side that had a solid wall defence and struck hard and precisely on counter attacks with numbers, controlling play when they wanted. When Spain scored against them, Morata and the other guy cut them completely open straight down the middle. Two passes and straight through 5 players or so, and they didn't ever really threaten Spain. Penalty shootout is bingo so they were lucky to advance. Here's hoping England end their long wait and win their first European Championship!!
  9. Congrats England, deserved to win with the amount of pressure you put on Denmark throughout the game. But, man of the match, Schmeichel... you should feel lucky it didn't go to penalties, that would have been grueling and I could definitely see him being hero of the night then. BUT, who cares, you decided the game in extra time, come on England, beat Italy too, please!
  10. Now that cheating Italy made their way to the finale yesterday and Spain is out, I'm all about England winning the Euro.. was hoping for England - Spain in the finale, would've been entertaining. Now have to rely on England to send the pasta boys empty-handed back to Italy Not underestimating Denmark, but feeling confident England take this one tonight. 2-0 to England.
  11. Absolutely, I just wasn't aware we'd been making new offenses yet... there's been all these stories of unpaid wages, yet the player group have all been there in pre-season camp, all smiles, etc... but how much of these new stories that were grounds for new cases from EFL against us, I wasn't aware, so I thought they came after us for the same we'd already been penalised for last season - and at the same dropped appealing against Derby.
  12. Obviously if we keep repeat breaking the rules, it's understandable. Just was under the impression things were starting to improve, and then EFL comes back to haunt us. DC root of all our current problems of course!
  13. While Chansiri can fizz off in my book, I also think EFL should fizz off even more. We've already been penalised, are they going after us again, what for? Set your sights on others, we've done our time, and are already down. ******** corrupt ********!
  14. Same, all we hear is rumours of unpaid players, but them all being present at pre-season camp doesn't really fit with the image of disgruntled, unpaid players. Maybe things are looking up?
  15. I'd argue our physios haven't been doing their jobs as it is... can only get better now
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