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  1. So he is really cup tied v Chelsea then due to some Association clauses... I really hope we'll see Hutch dropping to CB position for this match alongside Lees, someone who will shout and keep the defensive line in check. Without Hector there, I feel Lees may lapse and we need all hands on deck and 100% focus to enjoy this cup tie :) If Hutch drops to CB, who can we put on as DM, guessing we'd play this 4-5-1? Or?
  2. N0rtherner

    Chelsea lack confidence

    I'll take a repeat of our 3-0 thrashing of Arsenal, please :)
  3. N0rtherner

    Morgan Fox

    Feels like the script of any movie with a hero... coming in, doing a poor job, then Rocky music sequence where they have to put in a heavy training shift and do better, and now towards the end he's performing to the standards we're expecting and he's doing a good job! Well done Fox, I've been one of your most bitter critics but I do like being proved wrong, like you've done over the past 4-5 matches!
  4. N0rtherner

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    Well done on another 3pts! Idgaf if it's scrappy anymore, I just want points now
  5. N0rtherner

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    Hull tearing another one away to Villa...
  6. N0rtherner

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    BBC stats say 2 shots, 0 on target, somebody shoot... me... Why only Fletcher alone up front, we're at home, we should be offensive.. if this doesn't work, change things around at half time, bring on Winnall/Joao for a full half.
  7. N0rtherner

    FFP and Wednesday

    Whenever I read FourFourTwo or HITC articles I'm thinking Owlstalk needs to enforce logging in with an authorized user to avoid these amateur journos giving the latest gossip on the site a quick glance and determining that's sufficient to write what they think will pass of as an interesting article...
  8. N0rtherner

    Substitutes (or lack of)

    I was shouting to have Nuhiu subbed at half time and then he went and scored in the 46th minute... I'm out! ;) But I do feel letting Winnall and Matias come on earlier would have made sense, at least Winnall for Nuhiu despite the goal. Nuhiu is not a full match player when he's not in best shape.
  9. N0rtherner

    Tom Lees

    He's had his moments, he's even scored ;) But that's not enough when you see how many goals we've conceded and how many games we've lost. He's not solely to blame, but when you see stuff like yesterday, and it's not really a one-off, you've become a liability. As partner to Loovens in an excellent CB duo where Loovens was captain, Lees was really solid, but since Loovens' departure and being handed the captain's armband, it seems he can't cope filling those shoes. With Hector by him in CB position, he seemed more confident again, but then it nearly felt like Hector taking on Loovens' role and demoting Lees back to "second in command". Those mistakes should cost Lees his starting position for the next game, let's stick with Palmer - Hector - Thorniley - Fox at the back and stick Hutch in as covering DM... believe we'd see a lot more solid defensive game then.
  10. So we should be good to play Hector.
  11. N0rtherner

    Luton - Man of the Match and Scores

    Let me put it this way... we're through to meet Chelsea thanks to Dawson (and Nuhiu's deflected goal... his shot would obviously have hit their keeper, but thankfully it bounced off their defender).
  12. N0rtherner

    Fernando in trouble again?

    Absolutely... just Forestieri having a laugh... Stupid article with the comments from whatever fans think that one slide like that equates to being match fit and ready to run around on the pitch with all that's needed for that really need to have a wee think about things...
  13. Looking at those highlights, HOW THE fizz do we lose this duel that is probably the best chance Luton had... There are 4 (yes, in fact 2 Wednesday players near that Luton player plus the other two in front)... unforgiveable we can't clear that one with a good, defensive header...
  14. Get in! We're off to London!! :D Look out, Chelsea!
  15. Luton player... Aaron Jarvis. Nevermind... Matias for Fletcher...