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  1. Can't wait for us to get rid of Odubajo, Pelupessy and I'm starting to think Monk and Bullen both need to go too. Bottled tactics, bottled subs, ffs just same old dreary poo...
  2. You know you got something in store when there's suddenly 43+ new replies and forum is reloading... will you get a lot of posts about ffs, ******** and ******** flaps or will it be get in, yeaaaaaaahh, etc. Luvly stuff, pile more pressure on now Wenesday, double that lead!
  3. Time to sub Pelupessy at half time and see if Windass gives us more options in midfield?
  4. Is that before or after we've left an uphill climb to come back from 4-0 down or so...? No way to watch game, just reading commentaries and it sounds like we're not on the pitch.
  5. Cheers, needed a laugh today! 😄
  6. Iorfa or Borner Edit: forgot about Luongo reading the posts above, he's a good shout.
  7. Come on Wednesday, terrific OMDT Lord Snoots! Heart says impressive win for us, gut and head tells me we'll share the points or even go back to old ways of playing well a few matches then dropping in form for inexplicable reasons.
  8. Come on Wednesday, let's smash Bristol City. Fed up with modesty and expecting defeat and just wishing for a miracle point. That performance v Forest deserved more than a point, let's get the rest of them today! Great OMDT as always Lord, despite being away from home, I almost had the pleasure of reading it with a good cup of coffee and my usual morning routine on match day.
  9. So these short-term contract extensions they've signed, are these most likely just extending contracts until end of season, or end of July/August? Anyone know how long they are? The article worded it like these players (Lee, Nuhiu) are just good servants of the club for seeing the strange situation we're in and extending their contracts to do their best until end of season. They probably know they're being released anyway and they get another month's wages or however long these contract extensions are. Depending how long they really are, I'm more disappointed by Fletcher, Forestieri and Fox who are looking to get away and not even bothering seeing out the remainder of the season particularly with the extraordinary circumstances we've seen this year.
  10. League 1 is the new "premier" league! At least how it's worded, but crap, it'd be poo going down!
  11. Gibson/Boro trying to get more bodies between themselves and the relegation zone...
  12. Given the special circumstances of covid19 etc and everything being up in the air... just dismiss these cases, make the rules completely clear going forward and draw a line now. No rulings - well, other than dismissal of course - on any outstanding cases, clean sheets and we go again.
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