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  1. Good, I'm not too keen on Pep coming to work undressed...
  2. Deliver on that promise and I'll be happy. Real effort put into performances, not the dreary excuse for football we've seen lately. Come on Garry! :)
  3. You forgot EFL launching an inquiry to investigate us over the sale of Hillsborough... FFS Well, we all bunkered up, players and fans, when Bruce left us. If all this poo doesn't turn us into one big Fort Knox that in the face of adversity will just churn out good results, I don't know what will! Oh... besides getting a manager!
  4. Oh, I voted for the wrong guy. I put Fletcher because of the goal, but then immediately regretted it because Fessi pulled off the feat of ACTUALLY being awarded a penalty. For being fouled. For a penalty to Wednesday. THAT has to be the only positive today :D
  5. I found myself thinking the same... or rather, fizz you, Bruce, for leaving... I wonder if he even takes a look at the table and see what's happening at the club he left in a heartbeat.
  6. True, we've been grateful about him giving clear and honest press conferences, but I fear he's too much of a comrade with the player group to distinguish himself as a harsh coach who can thunder in the changing rooms. We need someone in to RIP apart the complacency being shown by these players... it was a good start to the season but the honeymoon is long since over, time to roll up the sleeves and work for it.
  7. Thanks to the original word being censored, I can assure you it wasn't "poor" ;)
  8. Two words. wee wee. Poor. Bullen cannot be made manager based on what he's done these last 4 matches, or rather lack of doing anything...
  9. 2 shots in target, flipping pathetic at home to QPR who are allowed to dominate possession even. Damnit, weekend ruined again by clueless players.
  10. Thanks for that, love my Saturday mornings with coffee and a good OMDT - despite the odd typos - it's become my traditional morning routine, one which will make my kids play quietly as I'm sat in my best chair pondering how Wednesday will fare today. All set for the day now, it will be glorious!! Come on Wednesday, let's stick it to the R'rrrrrsssssss!!!
  11. I like Everton, happy with this draw, looking forward to this cup tie between two great teams. Hopefully an even match and maybe we can even cause something of an upset against Premier League opposition again. They raided Owlstalk for some of our opinions on them, so I raided them back on how they feel about us based on what they saw we think of them... ;)
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