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  1. https://thetab.com/uk/sheffield/2020/03/17/arctic-monkeys-sheffield-homecoming-show-dates-42837 According to the article writer... I'm sure they'd be Wednesday supporters for 4 sell-out gigs at Hillsborough Park, then go back to whatever clubs they support at heart afterwards
  2. Hutchinson: Disappeared off the pitch Pelupessy: Hold my beer, I'll disappear ON the pitch.
  3. Could they please backdate that £50 million to last year's books, please?
  4. Did we check last year's accounts to see if there's any back dated income? Maybe Chansiri knew something... ;)
  5. One thing is Liverpool missing out on the PL title... but imagine L$%ds who finally make the autos and still cannot achieve promotion
  6. "This suspension does not apply to Joey Pelupessy, of Sheffield Wednesday FC, who has already demonstrated he can be invisible on the pitch." Sorry, Joey, just had to :P On a serious note, will they just finish the seasons after a set number of games and draw a line and conclude promotions and relegations based on that? Or will they make the season last longer. Doubt there's any European Championship they need to consider any longer, so if a season drags on for another 3-4 weeks longer than before, probably few consequences?
  7. Virus spreads/transmits and grows at an exponential rate... need strict measures taken asap everywhere to cut the curve.. Every country delaying action by thinking "well this is maybe a bit too much a bit too early" will be too late to effectively contain it. Meanwhile Liverpool exited Europe last night at a full stadium (from what I could see)
  8. Can we take 9 points now and 9 points next season - seeing as they've left it so late? (i.e. another 9 pts next season in the event we stay up, relegation should be enough punishment to warrant not starting on any more negative points) That is, if the EFL have plans to impose a penalty of more than 9 pts. Anything more than 9 pts this season and EFL have basically relegated us without a chance to fight our way out of it. Doubt they care about our future though and will just slap whatever penalty they want on us.
  9. But Sheffield Wednesday as a club is their employer, Monk is their manager not their employer. If they're excluding themselves and thus neglecting to uphold their part of their contract with the club, that should be on the club management (and ultimately DC), not Monk. I doubt he even has the sufficient privileges to fire anyone (player) at the club.
  10. If Hutchinson and Westwood both have withdrawn due to some conflict but have not had been in breach of contract so they can be fired, how come they cannot be made to train and play games? March them out before the fans for all to see their stroppy little egos that are apparently so hurt. fizz them, they're not bigger than the club, if they won't train and/or play, that should be valid reason to terminate their contracts and get them off our wage lists. Let's see what they do in summer when truth gets out they're primadonnas who resort to self-isolation or acting in a way to be banished if they can't have their way around a club. I just can't fathom these 2 aren't available to play, they're under contract and should be matched out kn the training ground and then to matches, and failing to do so should be fired for being disloyal servants to this club. Fed up with useless players claiming pay checks, causing drama and throwing everyone else under the bus.. because that's how it looks now anyway. When some of our better "veteran players" just all of a sudden go missing, houses put up for sale, etc...
  11. Good, cancel all fixtures for the remainder of March. Let's have our injured players back so we can get rid of some of the dead weights stealing time on the pitch at the moment. Also, could give us proper time to distance ourselves from this sh$tty run we've been on.
  12. We need a player who will roll up his sleeves and do the necessary steps and go that extra length to don the captain's armband, and we HAVE to take it away from Lees. Give it to Iorfa - one of the few who shows character and commitment despite the shortcomings and failures of all his team mates at the moment. He's shaping up to be a rock in an otherwise shaky foundation, and while he makes mistakes (come on, everyone makes them) he is far better captain material than Lees. I remember one of the situations v Man City.. we're under pressure, trying to clear it away and it drops to Lees who's late back to our penalty area and all he can do is chest it to luckily fall at the feet off Hunt who was facing the right way. Hunt is under no pressure, but Lees is flapping about with his hands and practically jumping up and down for him to clear it. Hunt had time, but Lees' shot confidence bleeds on to his team mates. Lees intercepted the ball once and was coming out with it, and looked completely lost. He could play Bannan, try a ball down the side to Harris (I think it was?), but he simply stutters and gets dispossessed. I really hope Börner is fit again and Lees can drop to the bench so that captain's armband is forced off him.
  13. Can we do like the Italians and cancel all fixtures in March now?
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