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  1. Having watched a fair bit of football in grounds that felt like maximum security prisons or zoos...it was depressing and dangerous...it would be great if the few don't fu*k it up for the many. But I'm not holding my breath.
  2. When Portsmouth scored Palmer did a scamper onto the goal line and left a tap in for his man.....it didn't matter then but in big games mistakes cost big time. He's been a stalwart but he can't seem to concentrate... it's the hard truth imo.
  3. Is there a case to be made that we're now an attractive host club for loans? Consistently playing the popular 3-5-2... trying to play a passing game.. Some Prem clubs might see us ideal candidates for their little darlings?
  4. Gregory got a right mauling on Friday night... he'll be glad to have a partner who dishes it out. I do wonder how long Windass can last tho...
  5. There's only 2k coming and this has been known about since lunchtime.
  6. He was a REYT player and saying otherwise is plain daft. His worldview is a different matter...
  7. There's an emergency charger that you plug into the cigarette lighter.
  8. No... I wasn't at Ipswich either.....
  9. BPF didn't have much to do in the first leg so I'm not quite sure why you think that. It's not like an outfielder going in goal.
  10. It's small comfort but they ran out of steam on the hour mark..
  11. But it's a thread about a fictitious tie to loosen the nerves before tomorrow's serious whittling.
  12. I think Wycombe would have come away with something up there.
  13. That Mr T character would have given Batth a torrid time tho..
  14. Sunderland put up an adrenaline fuelled storm for over an hour didn't they? It's hard to see any team standing up to that at this level.
  15. If you've got nothing sensible to add then welcome to the thread!
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