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  1. You're good at getting over things.. have a chat with him...
  2. At least he'd be getting into the auction..
  3. He was white in the face when he came off.. he's a game fellow but his injuries mean we've got to let him back in steady.. you must see that?
  4. I haven't seen metaphysics..but a bridge too far knocked my wee wee tail off at the ABC..
  5. Meta anything is a start in your trade I would have thought..
  6. We need a permanent manager so that we can tell them who to pick... transfers.. tactics and what not..
  7. This is very good..an apparent contradiction..we need more philosophy on this site.. very good indeed.. I like it..or do I?
  8. Sharon stone is well into grandma material..
  9. Nothing happened.. just go to another thread.. nothing happened alright?
  10. I've slipped up here.. haven't I?
  11. We used to be given nanas crushed up with vinegar and sugar when we were badly..
  12. Why can't a woman be just what she seems? Must she be tarnished by men who can only by men their dreams?
  13. We've got we've got until January..vankoyl..
  14. Once they got the goal...once they got the goal... I could cweeem..
  15. They play the defensive press too.. very hard to break down corky.. I could organise an 8 man defence easily btw..
  16. Luton will serve up more Millwall.. we've got to be smart about breaking them down....run INTO the box would be an obvious tactic..
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