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  1. I've got plenty more of this sh*t.. don't encourage me..
  2. How long have pointed arrows been accepted usage in replacement of parenthesis? The singular use of "parentheses" is normal in modern English usage.. See Fowler's.
  3. We won because the dynamic of the game was dictated by us. Our most forward player was always threatening/ making a run in behind their defence and this gave a pass option to our man in possession. They have to watch this tactic and not commit too many forward..we were alert and tenacious all over the field to enable this tactic and Windass showed the way there imo..
  4. Speaking of proper.. can you use either parenthesis or italics to highlight the words you'd like to quote or give emphasis to?
  5. It's too late this season anyway Ronio..as I've said.. I could be wrong about him but no way has he had a proper chance yet..no way.
  6. He can't get a tune out of them consistently but I think it's due to what's going off behind the scenes.. I could be horribly wrong but that's how I'm seeing it..
  7. There should never be disharmony in the dressing room..if there is it's normally down to players.. I know this from experience.
  8. There's a vast majority of the fanbase who are blinded by their love for Wednesday who fail to see that the club is a basket case.. having fanciful ideas about a new manager is just that.. fanciful. GM has walked (willingly) into a club with a LOT of problems..off field and on. If the baying mob back off and he gets some time to coach a decent group and he still f*cks up I'll be the first to want him out.
  9. What would you do if you had the brief to cycle out a load of over age/paid pro's to keep the club within FFP and still keep championship status?
  10. We splurged on a bit of quality in the first two seasons..then bought a mixture of diamonds and useless gets. Our star midfielder can't take a setpiece..we can't pass consistently.. the defence go to sleep and the keeper is average... this team are trying neither one thing or the other. However.. it's a patch up team who don't play proper football because they don't know how.
  11. We're all sick.. but you've got to keep the faith.. now more than ever imo..
  12. They try to follow the manager's instructions but they're not good/motivated enough. It's a dog's dinner of a squad...Monk needs to be backed not hammered.
  13. CW saw the ball from the moment it left the corner spot and just watched it until contact.. He didn't leap or wrestle for position.. just stood there and nodded it in. I can't remember that happening before..was it a perfectly executed corner where he knew exactly where it was coming..or a tired player getting lucky?
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