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  1. He'll just have to sweat it out and fan himself with a programme.
  2. Tango's going to find it warm in his t-shirt.
  3. Like a bloody fool I've got sucked into looking forward to this.
  4. As Torry says he's a useful player but ... what shall we say?...he wasn't at his best today and wanted hooking. Moore must see the game differently to most.
  5. Can't we have just ONE matchday without the nail chewing anxiety..
  6. He should have been hooked long before now.
  7. What if the season ticket money was spent before renewal? That could mean virtually no Matchday income.
  8. I suppose we'll have to wait and see but we've been here before haven't we? It won't be a shock.
  9. I think that the scores are remarkably similar.. but I'm not a statistician.
  10. I don't know what we're paying him but apart from the header he needs to pull his socks up or get sidelined. Just pick players on performance but up to now he hasn't earned a place.
  11. Agree with all of this.. good post. Problem is that DM is paid to get us up... not to be doing Wolves development for them.
  12. He needs a goal or two. I think he looks low on confidence. Looks a bit lost atm but I think he just needs something big to go his way that he can feed off and "arrive". Some players are just like that at new clubs.
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