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  1. Palmer's put a very strong claim in for the Watford game. Penney will have to be on his toes from now on.. it's good that it's like this.
  2. Some scary numbers being bandied about in this thread. Gives me a bad feeling if true.
  3. If we could get it reduced to -9 it would be a big thing imo. We would halve half the penalty after 1 game.
  4. Everything was right today. Even our fouls..well timed and sneaky.
  5. Thanks Rich.. I'm going to print that off and hang it above the fireplace.
  6. I like the lineup Also that Kachunga's in the frame.
  7. Got a strong feeling for a 0-0. And I'd take that.
  8. Not a critique.. merely a reality check.
  9. This table shows just why we might be in with a shout of getting him. This is the reality.
  10. What about the dream team canvas..or the watch that came out around the same time? Can anyone remember an English team matching those unique works of art?
  11. Don't go mental..why would the children's hospital need their profile raising. Is it so they can get more donations?
  12. If we do get him then things start to look very different. Team wise..tactics wise.. just opens the whole job up.
  13. Half the time? You probably could because you wouldn't have looked up the correct spelling of "breaking".
  14. You're right about hindsight but I'm coming at it from the position of wanting him gone since Norwich.
  15. If he goes somewhere and starts being decent on a regular basis.. I'll find him and end his marital relations. He's a little toad who's soaked the club and left a wet feeling on the back of supporters legs.
  16. It's obviously not his personal wealth. But the money has been there..no doubt about that.
  17. He wouldn't get a mention without the deal he's on. Millstone for the club and the player. Fwiw I thought he'd be the fox in the box for Carlos. It didn't happen then and it won't happen now imo. Real shame..
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