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  1. See greengrass has got it..ant and dec..you'd put the one with the large forehead up front..
  2. Walter Winter bottom had advanced ideas like me and the FA were onboard.. I won't let yesterday thinking deflect me from modern sports science that I'm having to virtually invent on the spot..
  3. It's quite simple..start at the back with your goalie.. what does he need?..big hands. Just work your way through applying the necessary attributes.. it's not rocket science..
  4. Absolute natural..proves my thinking.. like Lorimer and Pearce had shooting legs..
  5. Gordon McQueen couldn't miss with his natural advantage..
  6. Do we think that forehead size has got anything to do with heading lethality in front of the sticks?
  7. Scram will know about the sports science that I'm on about..
  8. Dear god.. Mrs C.. Skegness and the Barron Knights...
  9. The glutinous..glutimu..the big arse muscle determines how fast you can run FFS..
  10. I immediately eyed the vicar...and then my mum.. think it worked..
  11. Thanks for the first bit of sense in the thread...
  12. I did one at my niece's wedding that smelled like a warm cow pat...
  13. This is why the club and it's so called fans can't progress.. modern ideas on sports science ridiculed..
  14. There must be a coefficient between arse size and performance...there must be..
  15. I was inviting serious comments about the sports science involved..
  16. Rhodes.. like Harris have both got large arses which is where your running power comes from..so why is one slow and the other one rapid?
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