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  1. Agree that Paterson has to start because of his recent run of goals, but I think his performances have been poor. I guess goals tend to outweigh performance when looking at strikers (assuming you can separate the two). Will be interesting to see where Green features in the equation once he’s match fit.
  2. Good player for sure, but absolutely no chance of this happening - we’re in such a mess right now that couldn’t imagine Hourihane or Villa being interested.
  3. Very funny, but feel a bit cheated that we don’t get to see what happens next!
  4. I agree that, in our current situation, we’re not the sort of club where you would send a 17 year old to develop. Equally, would be surprised if we are genuinely interested. With regard to Brown, suspect Chelsea have given up on him and just happy to lose some of the cost through loans until his contract ends. If one of the loans ultimately leads to a sale then so much better for them, but I bet they’re not monitoring the position that closely. He’s 24 now and will never play first team football there.
  5. I remember seeing Mark Chamberlain in there with Phil Oakey one night.
  6. Unfortunately I don’t think anyone needs to make stuff up to make Chansiri look bad.
  7. It’s always a bit of a trade off, think Shaw has looked good as he’s reasonably comfortable on the ball. I like to see that from at least one of the centre backs, but equally he’s shown a few defensive frailties. On balance I would say I prefer him as CM right now, but will be interesting to watch his development. Just hope we can get him signed up.
  8. Every time I think he’s having a shocker he scores a goal! Long may it continue.
  9. Love that, well done Declan and Declan’s dad!
  10. Thought Galvin did very well, up there with Shaw as MoM for me. Certainly one for the not too distant future, not sure about need for loan unless it’s just till end of season. Need more like him, I could see him starting games next season based on today’s performance.
  11. Thanks for clarifying - would tend to agree that Charity Shield equivalent doesn’t really count if we’re looking at managerial achievements.
  12. You’re right, he won two cups in Japan. One thing is for sure, whoever gets the job has their work cut out.
  13. Of course not, I think you are being a bit obtuse. With Pochettino, he’s done well at the top level wherever he’s been, plus we’ve all had the advantage of seeing how his teams play. I doubt many people on Owlstalk were avid followers of Basel back in 2010, so who knows how Fink’s teams play. As stated before, I’ve absolutely nothing against a foreign manager, but Fink’s biggest achievements are disappearing in the rear view mirror and in a league which (I believe) was historically not the strongest. Unless you are swayed by the fact that Fink played for Bayern Munich (impressiv
  14. Without a doubt Fink had a more illustrious playing career - no debate on that one. You are also right to cite suitability for the role given our current position as a possible reason to favour Cook. When it comes to managerial success, I still believe Cook’s achievements exceed those of Fink. Two titles in Switzerland have to be respected, but Basel are serial winners domestically and I have doubts as to how competitive the league really is. Also, those wins were 10 years ago, since when Cook has won promotion as champions at 3 separate clubs. Since 2011 Fink’s only real succes
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