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  1. As I’ve said before with Lee, I’m guessing he would be a good influence and provide valuable experience in what will hopefully be a younger dressing room next season. If he has any ambitions to move into coaching I would look to keep him at the club, providing salary reflected fact that he was unlikely to be a regular starter. With regard to Atdhe, I’ve never been a fan, but have found myself warming to him since he chose to extend his contract to the end of the season. On the basis that we're building a team for survival next season, I can see a case for re-signing on sensible terms for another 12 months. HMS PTL will just have to wait.
  2. You are right, I should have worded my point better. I think we need to start with a self imposed wage cap to bring wage bill down to below level of total revenues. If that means we initially struggle to compete then so be it - we’ve been rubbish for large parts of my lifetime anyway, and I would prefer to see the club run on a responsible basis.
  3. We’ll never be in a position to ‘splash the cash’ until we start generating funds from player sales. I suspect salaries will continue to exceed gate receipts for 19/20 and 20/21 accounts so wouldn’t expect we have much room for manoeuvre.
  4. That depends what happens to Wigan - what an unholy mess!
  5. So dream scenario is Jeff Bezos goes on ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ and traces family back to Manor Top. Even more incredibly, they were all Owls and Jeff decides he would like to own a piece of family heritage, Meanwhile, in the real world we are stuck with Chansiri. His tenure as Chairman has been an unmitigated disaster, but I still think he needs to stay if he’s still willing to bankroll the club. I genuinely don’t see any alternative until we complete next season at least. There may be buyers out there, but that is fraught with difficulties. Please don’t start going on about Amanda Staveley, she’s just another chancer and don’t want to take Saudi money at any price. Can’t see anything left to do but to get behind the team next season and see if the crowd can really play a positive part in fighting against relegation.
  6. I’m going to buck the trend and agree with you on this one. It’s a rule that could have been written by Pep, but at least it’s not been compounded by Wednesday trying to take advantage of it - can you imagine! As an alternative means of stopping time wasting, could have given an indirect free kick at the point the defender touched the goal kick in the penalty area.
  7. Sorry, but if you couldn’t see the player he could be then I give up - he certainly wasn’t lazy or useless in my view. The lazy tag was just something people seemed to latch onto without giving it much thought. Maybe part of the problem was the fact he was a player with Premier League potential playing in a very ordinary Championship team.
  8. As you say, plain for anyone to see he was a decent player with potential, but unfortunately one we couldn’t afford to sign. I just never understood how so many could write him off so quickly, and seemingly take such delight in announcing how poor he was. Probably some of the same people who tried to tell me Antonio was no good.
  9. But surely Onomah is no good? All the experts on here said he was lazy.
  10. Must be some cases of promotion from within working out well (Bob Paisley didn’t do too badly), but can’t think of any examples where a team was put in place specifically to achieve this. No doubt there's plenty of opportunity for things to go wrong (clash of egos?) but nothing ventured nothing gained. It might help give us the stability required to rebuild the club, making the most of both an experienced head (to help steady the ship) and younger talent to take us forward from there. Let’s be honest, recent appointments haven’t been particularly successful, and whilst I have some sympathy with Monk, I have little confidence he can turn things round.
  11. I would be surprised to see any young manager with success on their CV turn up at Hillsborough these days. If it’s a Howe type manager we’re going for then will have to take a leap of faith and appoint someone promising but unproven. If Monk was to leave, I would quite like to see a management team put in place, with an older head (McCarthy or Holloway?) ultimately handing over to a younger assistant.
  12. Whenever I’ve seen him play, I’ve never thought there’s a player I’d like to see at Hillsborough. He may be free, but as others have said, no way we could afford his wages unless he took a significant drop. Don’t see much value in pursuing this one.
  13. ... or Big Nige - we’ve done ok in the past with ‘Big’ managers, maybe it’s time to go down that route again!
  14. Of course it’s your opinion, and do you know what, you’re probably right because the percentages are on your side when it comes to young players breaking through. It’s the dismissive way you put Shaw down that I object to, don’t think it’s called for. As for “fascist”, I suggest you do not use that term so lightly in future.
  15. These comments are totally unfair on both players and suggest a certain ignorance when it comes to judging footballers. Do you enjoy posting such negative and niggly comments on promising young players?
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