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  1. The one possible bright spot left this season would be the chance to send Derby down by beating them on the final day.
  2. Today was the perfect way to all but confirm our relegation, unable to hold onto a lead against 10 men and a team with nothing to play for. I’m hoping now that we go down in 24th place and by more than 6 points to avoid any misguided individuals blaming the EFL for our plight. That would be well deserved and provide a true reflection of Chansiri’s impact on the club.
  3. That probably rules us out then. I might be wrong, but can’t really recall our average attendances ever being that high. Not easy to attract that many people regularly in a two club city with no history of success to speak of.
  4. I don’t understand the speed with which some people are now queuing up to have a pop at Moore. The least he deserves is a pre season with the chance to sign his own players or promote from within. Of course we’ll never know, but I believe our chances of survival would have improved if we had given the job to Moore before Pulis took over.
  5. Looks reasonably enough to me, don’t see that as 442. Might free Bannan up to play further forward.
  6. There’s a way to do it though - and that wasn’t it in my view. Should give captaincy to someone else, leave Bannan free to do what he’s good at.
  7. Using VAR again to overturn very good goals - this and the tendency for players to go down at the slightest touch is ruining the game.
  8. Also very poor leadership from Bannan, not what you would expect from your captain at any level of the game. Can you imagine the reaction had Bywater been in goal?
  9. Really can’t get worked up about whether the 4th goal should have been ruled out when we are going down, probably by a margin of more than 6 points.
  10. You’re right, the players haven’t always shown themselves in the best light, but a number of those “truly awful players” will be snapped up by Championship clubs over the summer. For me it’s a total and utter failure of management, both from Chansiri (points deduction and previous managerial appointments in particular) and from Monk / Pulis in failing to get more out of an average squad of players. The only positive I can see right now is that we just might have a half decent management team with a desire to play good football.
  11. Not the worst performance I’ve ever seen today. Whilst the players must share some of the blame for our current position, I feel this management team might have kept us up given more time. There are a number of Wednesday players (not all out of contract) that will draw interest from several Championship clubs over the summer, and can’t imagine we can afford to keep Bannan. Chansiri, Monk and Pulis have really screwed us over, half decent management could and should have resulted in Championship survival this season.
  12. Hadn’t looked at it that way, I suppose you could argue that might send more of a message. Either way, it’s League One for us next season.
  13. Thoroughly deserved - I’m approaching the stage now where I actually want us to finish bottom and more than 6 points from safety. That can’t be right, but that’s my mindset at the moment. I want there to be absolutely no doubt how bad we are, and no room for apologists to rant on about how the EFL have it in for us.
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