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  1. This to me is key - we should stop blaming others and be more professional. The referee was truly awful but our own performance was biggest factor in dropping 2 points.
  2. Ref was awful - Cardiff goal came from free kick that never was, taken by a player who should have been sent off, with Flint attempting to distract keeper from offside position! That said, Owls just not quite good enough in second half and allowed Cardiff to build up late pressure.
  3. I do love a flair player and have really enjoyed watching Forestieri in the past. That said, I can’t see where he fits into a starting 11 any more. He’s not an out-and-out striker for sure, and not a number 10 either in my view, so maybe worth seeing if he still has it out wide. That said, even though Reach has been struggling for form (and assuming Harris keeps his place), I think Reach offers more to the team overall. On the odd occasion Forestieri has played in recent months, he seems more selfish that I remember him at his peak and hardly ever makes the simple pass. Maybe it’s just time to move on.
  4. I’m easily confused these days!
  5. Of course they are polar opposites, that’s why I thought it was an odd comment, seeming to suggest Atkinson would have a Nuihu type player in his team. As for losing at Hull, agree that Nuihu was not the reason, would be daft to point finger at an individual when midfield / forwards as a whole were pretty poor.
  6. I can see he has a part to play in a squad destined for mid table, but struggle to see him getting a game in any team managed by Atkinson.
  7. It’s a fair point - I guess we needed to move someone out and probably no offers for Winnall or Rhodes so had to take the money for Joao. It seems we have the numbers up front but unfortunately not the quality (Fletcher excluded).
  8. Winnall’s header was the only one where I was expecting the net to bulge, but after seeing the chance again I certainly wouldn’t call it (almost) a sitter. Agree that Hull didn’t create much, but felt they played the more fluent football and just about deserved the win.
  9. Good post - only point I would disagree with is re Joao - far too inconsistent to be regarded as quality and would never put in same class as Hooper.
  10. Disagree - I thought Hull were better side and wouldn’t regard chances as clear cut. Winnall’s header was not that easy (he was well past front post) and whilst Reach should have hit the target there was still plenty to do.
  11. I honestly don’t care - hate VAR with a passion
  12. It was a penalty (just) but did look to be outside box in real time. Whilst I thought referee was poor overall, I wouldn’t blame him for missing this one. As for VAR, please god no!
  13. Disagree - defence done ok, problem lies in middle of park and no one running in behind
  14. Re tackling, have just been reading about Ian Callaghan, former midfielder / winger who holds record for Liverpool appearances and retired just shy of his 40th birthday. One of reasons behind his lengthy career was apparently that Bill Shankly (who knew a thing or two about football) advised him to focus on creative side of his game, rather than risking injury through tackling when it wasn’t one of his strengths.
  15. Why focus on what he clearly can’t do (tackle) rather than positive attributes, like the fact that he’s one of the few creative outlets in the team. On another day his crosses in first half could have led to 3 goals. For a wide midfield player I would say tackling not such a major requirement anyway, and his approach to contact (i.e. reluctant!) is probably one reason his fitness record is so good. Ok, so he’s not as macho as some, but could be argued that Hutchinson isn't the greatest tackler either.
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