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  1. I see what you mean, but shouldn’t we be doing that all the time? It’s not like we have a squad of world beaters.
  2. Even if Windass is one of our best player (highly questionable in my opinion), Moore needs to build a team that can function effectively over 46 games in League One - that might not include talented individuals who don’t fit within the chosen framework. I remember being disappointed when Dalian Atkinson was sold, but it didn’t last long once Williams and Wilson were brought in and the rest of the money was banked.
  3. Bad loser so won’t be watching - don’t much care who goes up.
  4. I realise technically that’s now the case, but Milton Keynes a city
  5. We’re all the same, just people from Sheffield supporting a football team.
  6. That’s a fair point you make - although innocent till proven guilty. Only seen the footage once, didn’t look good but with other players being attacked I do have a tiny bit of sympathy (taking away any previous).
  7. So much hypocrisy in this thread. Had it been Wednesday and Hutchinson got involved, I’m sure the reaction would have been far more “go on Sammy, give him some”.
  8. What a lame response. Someone makes an interesting point but you clearly deem it unworthy of debate and just want to slag off the poster. Come on, try a bit harder - what exactly is your point of view?
  9. Couldn’t agree more - unprofessional and childish behaviour. Unnecessary and shouldn’t be excused by the fact that he’s a fan as well, which to some gives him free reign to laugh at fellow pros in this way.
  10. Thank you for your balanced assessment. I’m sure Gary will be gutted to know you don’t like him.
  11. Interesting that several players deemed unworthy of playing for us at various times last season have done ok at a higher level this season. Rhodes and Lees might be Premier League players next season, whilst Reach and Odubajo were both making appearances for top half Championship teams. Go down a level and Dawson has just enjoyed an excellent promotion season. Players need to take some responsibility for the abject failure that was the 20/21 season, but maybe the way they were coached was also sub-standard?
  12. It was so obvious to any genuine student of the game. Nothing to do with NML and his inability to track back, or Storey’s traffic cone impression, or even Palmer’s total lack of awareness. The minute those phones came out we were doomed.
  13. I think you know perfectly well I’m not slating anyone, although ‘having fun’ with flares must surely give rise to a few safety concerns. I’m adamant on phones though, once the lights went on I knew we were destined to lose!
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