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  1. I’m going against the tide on this one - love the Alice band! Every successful team needs a player who wears one
  2. Pulis it is then! I’m not suggesting we should be happy with Championship football for next 5 years, just that we need a clear direction for the club that would see us established in the Premier League within 5 years.
  3. Must confess I always smile when Megson’s name comes up at a time of managerial upheaval. This time around, the call for Megson seemed a little slow in getting started - I was starting to think that people had finally conceded his time had passed. Still can’t work out if this is now “tongue in cheek” or whether some people seriously believe he’s a realistic candidate.
  4. That feels like a very short term approach. Why not choose someone with a clear vision of how to move the club forward over the next 5 years (something we don’t currently seem to have) and let them re-shape the squad where possible to achieve this? Also, no reason why quite possession football cannot be balanced with forward passing and high tempo. If not, might as well give the job to Pulis and suffer the consequences.
  5. World class on his day - unplayable at times! The clip with Giggs always gives me a warm glow, he was total class
  6. It’s a fair point you make, but maybe a Neville style appointment would improve chances of sustained success in medium / long term. An experienced old head might be able to achieve promotion in short term, but (rather like Cardiff / Warnock) I could see us returning to the Championship after one season.
  7. So if Bruce has resigned, why has Ashley paid anything at all? Wouldn’t we have recourse against Bruce for breach of contract?
  8. Would rather have Tracey Neville than Pulis
  9. Would much rather take a chance on Neville than go for one of usual suspects. No outstanding candidate (at least not now Hughton appears to have ruled himself out) so I’m favouring a younger manager to take us forward.
  10. I’m always reluctant to make the comparison with rugby (union at least) given the superior attitude displayed by many rugby fans in any conversation on football, but I absolutely take your point.
  11. Yes, but don’t think either would be tempted.
  12. On balance would be tempted to take chance on younger manager such as Stendal, Cowley or Hurst (assuming either of Neville brothers is unrealistic). What does concern me is overall structure of club and who will be supporting Chansiri in making that choice.
  13. I guess we may never know the truth, but that’s 3 separate owners / former owners making serious allegations.
  14. No way would I want to see Monk at the club if recent reports of transfer dealings at Middlesbrough and Birmingham City are to be believed.
  15. I would be much happier with a Brentford style model than our current situation - we lack any real identity or direction. I doubt we have the means to build a “formidable squad” without sales and a few astute purchases of young players from League 1 and below. Even then, recent experience suggests success can be achieved with a pretty ordinary squad providing everyone is pulling together.
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