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  1. Not many could claim that, but Newsone did (I think) play most of his career in the Premier League and was a more accomplished player than most currently at the club. If the club was run in a more professional manner this wouldn’t be an issue.
  2. I did say it was a big generalisation so will be exceptions to every rule. Lee has a good football brain and learnt his trade well at Manchester United so the quality was there. Also, I think he started off playing midfield, but competition at Old Trafford was pretty fierce. As for Warhurst, playing up front worked for a short period but I always felt that was a hot streak that wouldn’t last - still believe his best position was centre back.
  3. Iorfa may make a decent centre half given time, but I really struggle to see him playing in midfield. I don’t mind seeing midfield players converting to defenders but (big generalisation) I just don’t think defenders moving further forward tends to work. Even as a holding midfield player I would expect better distribution than Iorfa can provide.
  4. He was a very steady player - outstanding alongside Pearson at Wembley in 1991.
  5. 11, but plenty of guessing going on.
  6. As you say, the Germans have managed the whole process very well and are in a much better position with regard to re-starting the Bundesliga. Agree with you that football without fans is pretty pointless, although have to say I’ve missed the game less than I expected. My thoughts on Premier League starting again next month are more to do with PL determination to avoid loss of TV money, although this might be less likely now after news in papers this morning. Personally I would declare season void across all leagues and start new season once supporters able to return.
  7. I suspect that means the Premier League will re-start next month. Only question might be around whether relegation would be off the table, which could in turn impact any plans for resumption of Championship.
  8. Simply that most football supporters will have a view on Ashley (probably negative) whereas many will never have heard of Chansiri. Can’t imagine any future owner being a Wednesday fan.
  9. I’m not about to defend Chansiri, but believe Ashley would be worse in terms of an outsider’s view of the club. It remains to be seen, but I reckon we are incompetent rather than cheats.
  10. I really don’t like Ashley and wouldn’t want him involved with Wednesday. Having lived away for a number of years now, I’ve always been proud to tell people I’m from Sheffield and a Wednesdayite. I wouldn’t want that pride to be negatively impacted by any association with Ashley.
  11. Would be very happy to see Chansiri move on, but not to be replaced by Ashley. Would rather stay in Championship / League One than succeed with Ashley in charge. The club should have some standards and I’m not that desperate for success - as I’ve said on a few occasions in the past, it’s only a game.
  12. Fair enough - I don’t always agree with your posts, but content is usually a good read, often thought-provoking and never dull.
  13. Why so defensive? Maybe he cares about the club and feels it’s important to speak out - I’m sure he has a bit more insight of what goes on behind the scenes than the average fan. I’ve left a game after an hour or so before (Everton in 1996 I think) and whilst I’m not particularly proud of the fact, I don’t think that makes me any less of a fan. As far as having “a pop at his first love” goes, his boyhood team was Sunderland as far as I’m aware.
  14. We nearly missed the start due to coach spending far too long at Watford Gap for some unknown reason. As we started getting close to the ground, I always remember a group of Owls fans walking down the Holloway Road with a big Park & Arbourthorne Owls Union Jack. Abandoned coach shortly after that and ran rest of way to Highbury as traffic was so bad - to this day I’ve no idea how we managed to find coach again after game.
  15. Goldstone was a quirky little ground - saw Wednesday win twice there in 1983 and 1990, both promotion seasons. Maybe that explains why I liked the place.
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