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  1. Haven’t bought a shirt since 1991 - had its last outing at Wembley in 2016. Can’t get too worked up about shirts one way or the other, but if I was ever going to buy a home shirt again this certainly wouldn’t be it, don’t like it at all. Away shirt not yellow so don’t like it.
  2. Good signing if wages are sensible. Allows Palmer to leave if anyone is genuinely interested.
  3. Steady enough player, decent attitude and not as bad as some are now trying to make out. Despite his lack of pace, I think he would be perfectly capable of holding down a place in a Championship squad had he decided to stay.
  4. Much the same for me. Over the last couple of seasons I would be hard pressed to say I’ve really rated any of our players, although we’ve certainly missed Fletcher.
  5. Nothing in that one, he’s Watford’s No 1 now and played for Austria in Euros. Can’t see him fancying a League One loan
  6. Agree with both comments. England ultimately second best despite some good individual performances. Southgate is great in front of the media but too negative for my liking and I question his tactical nous. I wouldn’t trust him to get the most out of the talented players at his disposal.
  7. We drove down through sleepy Suffolk villages and stopped on the way at a beautiful old thatched pub. Didn’t see many Wednesday fans until we got into Ipswich, then suddenly there were yellow shirts everywhere.. As you say, it felt special and was a season that will live long in the memory.
  8. And Danny Wilson I believe - decent business at a time when the club seemed to have a plan. I remember standing next to someone at Ipswich on the opening day of the season who was moaning about the sale of Atkinson before kick-off. At half time he turned to his mate and said “Dalian who?”.
  9. Exactly - any transfer fee we might have received for Borner is surely now massively diminished / non existent with non payment of wages. Far bigger risk would be down to us trying to play hardball and suffering significant points deduction as result of legal fallout. What is the point in keeping an unhappy player for another 12 months and paying out more in wages than any likely transfer value as things stand?
  10. Agree with much of this, especially the need for runners if Kane drops deeper. That said, Kane should be discouraged from dropping deep as often as he does, needs to save his energy for the 18 yard box. Would like to see Grealish replace Sterling and Bellingham given a run in place of Phillips.
  11. Really? I thought Scotland were the better side - if they didn’t obsess so much about stopping England winning they would be disappointed not to win themselves last night, rather than celebrating a draw. Can see England losing to Czech Republic and certainly won’t get beyond last 16.
  12. Really interesting dilemma and great OP. Like a number of others have said, would have to go for son’s team.
  13. How? We’re stuck with them, expecting to see Dawson start season as first choice.
  14. I’m done as well. I’ve been wallowing on the settee since the game finished, reading Owlstalk and generally feeling a bit pushed off. Time to stop feeling sorry for myself, I’m off to walk the dogs now, then out tonight freezing my nuts of in a tent outside a pub. What a shambles it’s been, see you all again next season
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