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  1. Steve Down South

    21-30 St Pancras to Sheffield

    May end up quicker to avoid crowds at Fulham Broadway and walk up Fulham Road to South Kensington Underground. Easy journey back to St Pancras from there on Piccadilly Line.
  2. Steve Down South

    Morgan Fox

    I really hope Penney develops further as there does appear to be some talent there, but he really didn't do himself any favours with his last few appearances (even if played out of position). Maybe this is to be expected with a young player after a very promising start, but no way should he be ahead of Fox as things stand - he has a lot to prove.
  3. Steve Down South

    Luton - Man of the Match and Scores

    I don't know if I'm over-compensating given the amount of stick he's had, but Fox would get my vote.
  4. Steve Down South

    Well done Nuhiu

    Probably should have killed game off when in control early in second half, but always nice to come away with win. As for Nuhiu, sorry but not even close to being good enough.
  5. Steve Down South

    Hector in midfield

    He did a decent job tonight, but not convinced he could play that role against better opposition. Having said that, might be worth another try at some stage - having 3 centre backs on pitch certainly helped defending all those corners.
  6. Steve Down South


    I'm starting to think it's time to move on and wouldn't say no to any reasonable offer for Bannan, but if he plays it has to be in a more advanced role.
  7. Steve Down South

    If you are going to change it....change it

    I think it was a brave decision, certainly a bit unusual, but still might prove beneficial. Just maybe it will set things up for Bruce to make an immediate impact, with a squad already starting to get used to his methods. Most of what I've read on Owlstalk tonight sounds like a massive over-reaction.
  8. Steve Down South

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    I think it's way too soon to talk about a complete contrast - you must be easily pleased if you think performance against Birmingham was great. Nearly nicked it at the end (and would have just about deserved 3 points) but never any real attacking threat and limited support for Fletcher. Bad result today against a team in form, but I support decision to bring Agnew & Clemence in early.
  9. Steve Down South

    Subbed players walking off slowly

    Agree with OP. Brian Clough's teams never really gave referees too much grief, whether through time-wasting or dissent. Clough always reckoned it worked in their favour overall, and he knew a thing or two.
  10. Steve Down South

    Booing of Fox

    Exactly, have a good Christmas!
  11. Steve Down South

    Booing of Fox

    I suspect that didn’t help, but I was still a little disappointed by Penney’s application when asked to play slightly out of position. I don't think it did Thorniley any favours asking him to play at left back either, but at least he looked like he was giving it 100%
  12. Steve Down South

    Booing of Fox

    Here's hoping - agree left back is his best position, but after a great start his performance levels dropped off significantly. That's partly why I think Fox deserves to start, for now at least.
  13. Steve Down South

    Booing of Fox

    Pudil undoubtedly has the pedigree and has been a better player than Fox will ever be. I really couldn't argue too much if Pudil was selected ahead of Fox, but don't think he (Fox) is as bad as some suggest (and booing of him or any Owls player is totally out of order).
  14. Steve Down South

    Booing of Fox

    Not sure Pudil is any better these days, although still a decent option in a back 3. Based on more recent Penney performances, plenty of development required before he's a regular starter for me. Fox had a decent game yesterday and shirt is his to lose in my opinion - not exactly an embarrassment of riches at full back on either side.
  15. Steve Down South


    Oh please stop talking rubbish!