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  1. I think it would all depend on the fee. Certainly wouldn’t advocate blowing the budget on him, but if there was any chance of a good deal (not talking millions here) then I think that’s a risk worth taking.
  2. Really don’t get these comments. Whilst I think it highly unlikely we could sign Onomah on the cheap, if there was a chance then I think it would be excellent business. He’s only just 22, has the physical attributes we lack right now, is technically sound and I believe more likely to succeed in the Premier League than any of the current squad.
  3. I know where you’re coming from, but most of us have been round the block enough times to realise we cannot rely on ‘promises’ - sport just doesn’t work like that.
  4. On the subject of highlights videos, remember watching the one for Joao when some people reckoned we were signing the next Didier Drogba - that turned out well!
  5. Ok, thanks. I didn’t think it was with us, Spurs or Marseille so did wonder whether it was during his time at Newcastle. Hard to believe it’s nearly 40 years since Waddle left Tow Law Town!
  6. Really? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but have no recollection of Waddle ever playing centre forward - probably just my failing memory!
  7. Wasn’t sure if this was a serious question at first - Zidane every time for me.
  8. I've always had a bit of a blind spot when it comes to Joao and have never seen the sort of player some on here regard as "seriously talented" or "unplayable when he can be bothered". To me he's always been average at best - how a club like Wednesday can afford a so-called impact player is beyond me. If Joao isn't considered good enough to start (subject to form / injuries) then I don't think he should be considered good enough to sit on the bench. I know Madine set quite a standard when it comes to transfer fees for ordinary players, but would be happy to sell for much less than £8m.
  9. Fulham would be a concern in this respect - hoping for a quick resolution one way or the other.
  10. Agree with all of this - made millions recently on sales of Pritchard, Maddison and Murphy twins, but have invested wisely - probably still well in pocket overall, which to me suggests a well run club.
  11. Ipswich, August 1990 - one of my favourite ever away trips, and the start of a great era. Let's hope this trip to Ipswich can ultimately lead to similar success. Ipswich 0 Owls 2 again, almost 29 years on!
  12. Funny that - a bloke who was in one of the Tango ads lives in our village!
  13. Made me laugh all the same - I admire your honesty
  14. A decent effort for sure, and probably helped ( as mentioned earlier) by fact there was never any call on him to get forward. I thought all back 4 performed well tonight, which doesn't often happen with a 3-0 loss.
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