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  1. Criminal to leave Grealish on bench - don’t think Southgate is up to the job.
  2. So, whilst still expensive, the Blades have a decent looking product for sale. Ours looks like it’s something you would pick up cheap in Hitchens (for those of you old enough to remember Attercliffe’s second best department store - behind Banners obviously!)
  3. Hirst & Williams take some beating, but I did love watching Bannister & Varadi. Choosing from current squad, I would give Paterson & Rhodes a try - not convinced about Windass or Kachunga in a front two right now. Having said that, expect Paterson & Windass to start against Birmingham.
  4. I think Knockaert is a good example of how strong the Premier League is. He looked great with Brighton in the Championship but can’t reproduce that form at a higher level. I suspect outcome would have been same with Forestieri had we been promoted, or if a Premier League club came in for him.
  5. Never had a Wednesday shirt growing up, never really wanted one as an adult, but succumbed with home strip for 1991 League Cup final. I thought it was a lucky charm, next time out was away at Oldham for last game of season - not so lucky after all! After that the shirt was left at the bottom of a drawer until 2016 Play-Off Final. I was just leaving the house in a carefully selected (blue and white) Fat Face shirt when my mates persuaded me to change. After 5 minutes searching I found the ‘91 shirt, put it on and left for Wembley. I carry some guilt with me to this day that if I had stayed
  6. Personally, I would say Reach, Penney, Harris and Odubajo give us decent coverage as wing backs. Would only really class Palmer as a full back, and not convinced about him. Out of interest, who would you start as full backs in a 442?
  7. 352 for me, we don’t have any full backs.
  8. I would look more to the players than any system. Surely playing 2 attack minded players as wing backs is a positive move, and many of us wanted to see 2 up front when Fletcher was toiling on his own. I’ve no problem with 442 but don’t see any decent full backs in current squad, and not sure Bannan is at his best in a midfield 2.
  9. Assuming we stay with 352, I think today’s game highlighted the need for a left sided centre back to help Reach out with defensive duties. Another striker would also be good, really not sure about Windass, or where to play him.
  10. Thus just about sums it up for me, and us the reason we may well be relegated. I haven’t been as angry / disappointed at the end of a game for a long time - this 2 points lost could be very important. Whilst we did work hard, first half was so very poor and we were rarely better than “Ordinary” in the 2nd half. I thought Lees and Luongo deserved to come out as winners today, and Reach showed why he should be first choice LWB, but hard to find other positives for me.
  11. Pleased to see use of long throws on occasions, but agree that I want to see Paterson in the box. Surely there must be others who could work on developing a long throw. It’s not the most cultured approach but there are times when it’s worth a go.
  12. I think switching Reach and Harris was more of a defensive move to help counter Osayi-Samuel, but much prefer to see Reach on left as you say. Personally I would give him a run at LWB before writing him off as others seem so keen to do.
  13. Went for Lees, but could have just as easily picked Luongo. Honourable mention to Reach, so poor over recent months but touches of quality at times today.
  14. I’ve been watching Wednesday for long enough to know the match itself is often not about entertainment, but surely it should be a more positive experience than this. It’s painful to watch, hard to remember the last time I enjoyed watching Wednesday play.
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