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  1. Sorry but really don’t buy that one. I don’t think it’s quite as simple as getting everyone running round Greno woods or having a couple of hard men kicking anything that moved in midfield. Given United’s recent success, people are starting to obsess about our own version of Wilder - just need a decent manager, no need for any lifelong emotional attachment with the club. That might be Monk, I have my doubts but still too early to say.
  2. Agree with a lot of your previous post, but really don’t think this is anything to do with formation. Plenty of teams play well enough with 1 up front - we could play 2 or 3 up top and still do no better with this group of players.
  3. The one thing that is predictable is neither us or Forest are going up. At a push if I’m being optimistic we might just make a play-off spot. If that was to happen, I fear all the old faults (which have been exposed on several occasions already the season) would re-appear and leave us disappointed again.
  4. Excellent post, absolute common sense and we will go nowhere unless these issues are addressed.
  5. Forget about Leeds. Nuhiu is part of the problem - absolutely not the solution.
  6. Couldn’t agree more - I’m far from convinced Monk is the right man to take Wednesday forward but owner and players are by far my biggest concern right now.
  7. Total and utter rubbish - not “one of those days” at all - the club is a shambles run by amateurs with a number of players who do not deserve their status as professional athletes. It’s as simple as this, forget too 6, forget whinging about EFL and how unfair life is - take a good look at ourselves and acknowledge how far we are from anything remotely acceptable. WTID and all that but we are a bit of a joke right now.
  8. I loved Fox’s reaction to the 2nd goal going in - he was so pumped up. Always great to see players who really look like they are giving it everything.
  9. I do like Wickham (or at least the version we saw 5/6 years ago) but think Hooper was a better all-round player.
  10. Enjoy your weekend - and Monday morning at work
  11. That may be one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard - or weirdest according to my daughter!
  12. So if Nketiah does go to Norwich, what about taking Adam Idah from Norwich? I’d never heard of him until last weekend (like most people I suspect), but he certainly looked impressive.
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