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  1. Bulk buying I guess same as Witherspoon's. I had my own small pub and I could buy small quantities of real ale at about £72 for a 9 gallon keg. I don't think the club will buy enough beer to get big discounts.
  2. I think those prices are what leased pubs normally pay for their beer. As I said previously in freehouses the cost is more like £1 a pint
  3. To be fair a pint would cost the club approximately£1 a pint.
  4. Good first impressions. Nice to hear someone that didn't harper on about the opposition's strengths.
  5. Good post and I think youre spot on about Bullen. I think he has limitations as a coach and certainly as a manager, but he obviously tows the company line an says the right things to the chairman. I suspect this is because being at Wednesday is a nice steady job for him and it allows his wife to pursue her business in Sheffield and for his family to have a nice comfortable living without having to regularly uproot themselves.
  6. Probably as good as we could expect. Would have been a lot happier if he had brought some new backroom staff with him though with some new ideas. I fear the status quo remaining which I feel has been stale for a long time. Anyway wish him the best and give him a 7
  7. Really disappointed that the serial failure that is Lee Bullen is being kept on. He should have been shown the door when Carlos left. He may be a nice guy but you know what they say about nice guys
  8. After all this time it's somewhat underwhelming.
  9. Definitely time for Bullen to leave the club. New ideas and methods required as we got when the 3 Steves arrived. Bullens been part of the problem for too long. Should have gone when Carlos left.
  10. Sell the club for 50 million then lease the ground back to the new owners for 2 million a year. Problems solved for Mr. Chansiri ?
  11. I don't doubt he's a nice guy and possibly Wednesday through and through but what we need is a modern manager who has enthusiasm, arrogance, desire and when necessary a ruthless streak. I think Bullen with his ideas and methods has been part of the failures for too long and it's too ingrained for him to change. It really is time to take a gamble and bring in a totally new management team. From the names suggested i personally would choose the Cowleys or Rowett.
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