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  1. and there lies the rub, for many of us there is not a lot of goodwill towards Mr Chansiri.
  2. Maybe he is and I hope your right but looking at his results in previous jobs I think some people maybe getting a little prematurely carried away. Maybe I've just been a Wednesdayite too long and my glass is always half empty. As they say its the hope that kills you.
  3. Or maybe if Moore had just gotten us one more win. Perhaps he shouldn't have had so many " not a must win" games
  4. Pity a few didn't want to play for him last season or we might still be in the Championship.
  5. Seems like a decent guy but it's results that matter, and so far they have not been impressive. I'd rather wait and see and reserve judgement till later.
  6. Needs to be someone who's fit enough to play most games which makes it a difficult choice.
  7. Pleased with this, got to be an improvement on what we have.
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