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  1. I'm hoping the longer this drags on Chansiri might come to his senses and appoint someone else
  2. Think it could be Lowe and he will be announced once we have agreed a settlement with Plymouth
  3. This is Mikel Arteta speaking after todays defeat by Villa. "I take full responsibility. I am responsible to make the team perform on the pitch and today we were not a team and it is my job - it is why I am standing here." Maybe Monk should take note.
  4. Like Neil said if the price is right there are probably people out there who would take the gamble.
  5. If he really has lost interest then I see this option as his best possible exit stratagy.
  6. Maybe he could sell "the club" at a knockdown price but retain ownership of the ground. He could then recoup his losses longer term maybe over 20 years through renting the ground to the new owners.
  7. Red Bull takeover BUT name change dropping the Wednesday part.
  8. Sorry if this is a stupid question but why do clubs pay such rediculas amounts to agents? Why don't all clubs refuse to deal through agents and deal directly with the players? Isn't that how it used to be done? Or alternatively why if the agent is working on the players behalf don't they pay the agents fee?
  9. Is it a step up for coach of a premier League under 23 side to a team that's 12 points adrift at the bottom of the championship? He could have bided his time and waited for a less challenging move or perhaps he has some information about what's happened inside the club over the last few months and has more faith that Monk is capable of turning things around than some of us do.
  10. My thoughts are that if Monk is supposedly such a poor manager why would Hughes who appears to be an ambitious coach learning his trade want to work under him?
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