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  1. Agree. Another day and we score 4 or 5. Take out the individual mistakes and it becomes an easy win.
  2. Hello Mr Wildsmith I'm afraid your son didn't play that well today. Writing on the wall after 3 flaps in the first 5 minutes.
  3. I'm sure DM reads Owlstalk and it influences his decisions
  4. We all see things different pal. First one he easily should catch and not parry and second should have plucked out of air. But hey IMO
  5. Parried first straight to their player and second let someone tap past him from 2 yards when the ball had been in the for ages.
  6. Should have been a simple held save but pushed it out back into play ffs
  7. What a sad indictment when we just think 'well it's SWFC and we accept it'. Sorry but I don't accept pathetic excuses like 'the printers broke', it's 9 weeks since I ordered my granddaughters. Feels like another kick in the goolies for the fans from a club that apparently doesn't give one.
  8. No you're not, get another printer from another firm who actually gives one about their customer FFS.
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