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  1. Have Exeter made an offer for him then ?
  2. Bit of an over reaction mate. Just a guy doing his job and wanting answers for the fans. Crikey, we were pelting interviewers to ask DC hard questions not so long ago.
  3. Valid point but we now have the opportunity to move away from signing journeymen, crocks and left on the shelf type players. OK we need a balance with some experience and only hope DM gets the blend right.
  4. That's the issue with playing 3 centre backs and wing backs and no traditional full backs. Look at the first still shot and both Sunderland players are in acres of space on both wings, one crosses and the other races in to score.
  5. Signing this type of player is the reason we're in this mess.
  6. Will have to live on his savings............ A big NO from me.
  7. Maybe as a player but I think he still has a lot to offer. I personally would look to a coaching role, to instill his enthusiasm and knowledge into younger and new players coming in.
  8. A very balanced view. Good luck for the final mate.
  9. Whilst I understand emotions were high last night, no more than mine, to single out and personally attack a player is not on. Grow up Stevie Brown lad.
  10. We really do have some melt fans don't we.
  11. The performance creates the atmosphere. You aren't going to cheer performances like the majority of play last night. Look at the lift when the goal went in.
  12. Spot on pal and if that happens I'll back him.
  13. Totally hear what you're saying and yes the players should shoulder responsibility also. BUT Over the 2 legs we were poor and played his tactics by a team he put together. Only my opinion mate. He's not the man for me.
  14. Yep and look at how that turned out and where we are now.
  15. TBH I've seen enough this season to think he's not capable. Home leg of a play off and don't turn up says enough for me.
  16. Come on boys, one more leap of faith please. Smash it. UTO
  17. Yep fair point but basically the same as the vast majority of keepers then but still learning his trade.
  18. Sky Bet League One Play-Off dates: Thursday 5th May, 7.45pm - 6 v 3 1st Leg Friday 6th May, 7.45pm - 5 v 4 1st Leg Sunday 8th May, 6.30pm - 3 v 6 2nd Leg Monday 9th May, 7.45pm - 4 v 5 2nd Leg Saturday 21st May, 3.00pm - Final
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