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  1. Sam Winnall

    I saw in the local Derby press today that Sam Winnall has said that he wants to stay at Derby next season which I'm sure won't come as much of a surprise to many on here but looking on the Derby fans forum, the majority of their fans want to sign him "as long as the price it right" https://dcfcfans.uk/topic/28714-winnall-wants-to-stay-at-derby/?page=4 It appears that Derby are in a similar predicament to us with regards to FFP and it got me thinking what price would you want the club to get for him if we were to sell? Originally I'd have said £2-£3m but looking at the £6m fee Bolton got for Gary Madine, surely we should expect at least £5m for Winnall which would probably price him out of Derby's range. Just wondered what everyone's thoughts were?
  2. Would love to see Nando on the bench.
  3. Mcburnie

    Forestieri Hooper Rhodes Fletcher Winnal Joao Nuhiu McBurnie looks a quality player but I think there are other areas I’d rather see strengthened (such as left back) before we start adding more strikers to our already bloated squad.
  4. Your an Owl where do you live

    Raised in Malin Bridge, now live in Walkley.
  5. The fact that when everyone is fit we are realistic challengers for promotion to the Premier League.
  6. I would give him 1 more year. Regardless of what folk say about him, he is a handful and does make and impact when he comes on. I also think the squad suffered a little when we let Semedo go with regards to moral and I think it would be a mistake to let Nuhiu go just 12 months later. I think going next season with forward options of Hooper, Fletcher, Forestieri, Joao and Nuhiu would be more than enough provided we don't have the shocking bad luck with injuries we have had this season. We could then loan out Rhodes to see if he can get a run of games and his goal scoring touch back elsewhere and sell Winnall to Derby to ease FFP pressures.
  7. This!!! Let them enjoy their moment in the spot light, the fact is a lot of their players are currently enjoying the best season they have EVER had in the second tier but from Christmas onwards their form has been nowhere near as good as pre Christmas as teams have started to work them out. Board room unrest as the poundland princess tries to oust McCabe, the January transfer window being a clear indicator of their spending "power" and the fact that 2 goal "massacre" was taken to heart by a lot of our players and they'll be looking for pay back next season, I too have the feeling they could struggle next year. If you keep on buying third division players, eventually you will end up in the third division.
  8. Exactly how I feel. I have always hated the international break, watching England bores me sh**less and I just can’t get excited about them like I used to, especially for a couple of pointless friendlies where we’ll probably make about 8/9 substitutions in each match. If however it gives Jos chance to have his first decent spell on the training pitch with the players and it enables us to get some players back then this time around it’s a necessary evil.
  9. George

    He’ll not be a Wednesday player in a few months anyway... couldn’t care less how he got on tonight.
  10. Westwood Nillson Walker Pearson King Waddle Palmer Sheridan Worthington Hirst Bright Subs: Harkes, Carbone, Emerson Thome, Di Canio, Alexanderson, Forestieri. Manager: Big Ron.
  11. Carlos is running the training session.
  12. Genuinely excited at the thought of seeing some of this again before the end of the season.
  13. Paul cook or Paul Hurst

    Jos Luhukay.
  14. The way Carlos behaved in that press conference was nothing short of embarrassing. If ever one moment highlighted the fact that he’d lost the plot it was that.
  15. The feeling of sheer relief on Christmas Eve morning when I got the news that Carlos had finally gone.
  16. Of the teams down there... Hull Barnsley Birmingham
  17. Considering Bolton got £6m for Madine, I don’t think it would be unrealistic to expect to pull in around £10m combined for Winnall and Rhodes. That'd leave us with Forestieri, Hooper, Joao, Nuhiu and Fletcher to choose from up front and give us some much needed wiggle room with regards to FFP.
  18. Preston are confident!

    We’ll beat Preston, with our best players slowly coming back into the side we are a different side to the one that’s struggled this season. Preston are a decent team but with Bannan, Hutchinson, Lees and Forestieri we’re better.
  19. Last 24 hours for season tickets

    Already got mine, got a feeling we’ll be right up there in the mix next season. This season will be a minor speed bump on our road back to where we belong... The Premier League. WAWAW.
  20. Signing for us was the biggest mistake of Jordan Rhodes career. I’d love to see him link up with Mick Macarthy at Ipswich. I think an experienced Championship manager would get the best out of Rhodes, get him back to his goal scoring best and make a lot of people on here look a bit silly.
  21. Team for Preston

    I’d love to see him playing the number 10 role just behind the strikers. I think playing him there and giving him licence to do what he wants would really see him shine and once again become the best player in the Championship.
  22. Team for Preston

    Well he’s in full training, the match isn’t for another 2 weeks and there’s a couple of U23 fixtures between now and then. I’d say there’s every chance he could start against Preston.
  23. Team for Preston

    I’d go with wingbacks... Wildsmith Venancio Lees Pudil Hunt Bannan Hutch Reach Forestieri Joao Nuhiu Preston haven’t lost on the road since November, the international break has come just at the right time for us to get players fit and to stop their momentum. Jos Luhukay will have time to work with the players, with Hutch, Bannan and most of all Nando fit and in the side we are a completely different side than the one that has stumbled from abysmal performance to abysmal performance this season. This side will beat Preston.