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  1. Because they like to turn cup final day in the shire into a whole day event... especially because this is likely to be the last one for some time.
  2. Regardless of whether Derby try to sign him or not, if Wednesday want to sell in the Summer (which I would), given the goals he's scored while at Derby I'm sure there'll be other clubs coming in for him in the Summer. Securing a deal to sell him for around £4m-£5m would not only provide us with a very tidy return on our £500k outlay, but would also give us the wiggle room with regards to FFP to bring in a couple of players in other positions.
  3. Cheers for the tip off, I'll have to check on Sports Devil although if it's being shown I'm sure I'll find it on there.
  4. Jordan Rhodes..

    There seems to be some sort of myth on here that Jordan Rhodes needs more crosses into the box before he'll start scoring goals. I have also seen people claiming that he's had chances and he's not taking them, hence he's now rubbish. If you look at 90% of the chances we have created for Jordan Rhodes since he's come to the club, they are predominantly headers where the ball has been crossed in from a wide position. Now although you expect a striker with his record to be competent in the air, if you go on YouTube and have a look at any of his goals compilations from his most prolific spells at Huddersfield and Blackburn, you'll see that the vast majority of his goals have come when the ball is played in to his feet and his headed goals were very much in the minority. It's there for anyone to see and that is why I would give him more time as since his time at the club we have never given him the type of service he has enjoyed during the more prolific spells in his career. I'm hoping Jos can address this. I guarantee that if we were to sell Rhodes to another Championship club, it wouldn't be long before he started banging in the goals for fun as he has done his entire career.
  5. Fun things from last night

    Something that amused me was how after we went down to 10 men only one side looked like scoring and it wasn’t the scrubbers.