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  1. Had fans not been forced to renew their season tickets I don’t think the attendances would be half as impressive. The vast majority of the fans in that stadium bought season tickets for the Championship (myself included).
  2. There was a thread on here a couple of weeks ago where people were actually trying to compare this rabble with the side that got us promoted automatically under Dave Jones.
  3. Chris Turner did a decent job putting a side together at this level too, it took Paul Sturrock to get them playing as a team though.
  4. He should be towing the party line….. We aren’t here to make up the numbers, we’re here to win the league, when this side clicks someone’s going to get a hiding.
  5. EVERY SINGLE TIME Palmer went down the wing, they were constantly trying to show him outside, it’s hardly rocket science. I genuinely do wonder what Brown did to get dropped. We should drop Hunt, put Palmer on the right and play Brown at left back.
  6. He has 2 relegations on his CV and no promotions. I do often struggle to work out what it is he’s actually achieved to warrant the amount of blind faith he he’s had from some of our fans since his arrival.
  7. He sounds like he rehearses his post match interviews, like he’s trying to sound more intelligent than he actually is.
  8. We went away from the game plan? Yes Darren, if only we’d carried on with our slow, boring, predictable build up play and playing it out from the back. All the sideways and backwards passing would’ve really put Shrewsbury to the sword. F**king idiot.
  9. Leeds actually ripped off St John’s Ambulance when they went into admin. Pretty shocking to be fair.
  10. Also have to feel sorry for the small local businesses who are owed money by Derby. Just out of numerous lockdowns, probably just about survived and now this.
  11. Agreed. http://sportwitness.co.uk/emanuelson-confirms-sheffield-wednesday-offered-good-contract-among-top-earners/
  12. It’ll be painful now but I’d be willing to bet that Derby will join the long list of clubs like Leeds, Southampton, Leicester etc, who go into admin and recover far quicker and stronger than us.
  13. As he’s going to go with 4-3-3 I’d go with… BPF Palmer Iorfa Hutch Brown Adeniran Bannan Dele-Bashiru Patterson Gregory Corbeanu
  14. Hopefully this seasons “Stevenage moment”. A kick up the backside is never a bad thing if the players react in the correct way.
  15. Glad to see Chansiri isn’t on it this time.
  16. This’ll be 3 seasons on the spin a side has been relegated due to a points deduction. Call me old fashioned but I preferred it when football was decided on the pitch.
  17. This’ll most probably mean for 3 seasons on the spin a side getting relegated due to a points deduction. Feel sorry for the Derby fans.
  18. Clearly he needed a fresh start as he’d gone stale here. I hope he does well there.
  19. Is this the goal where he pulled his shirts right up and showed his cheeks off?
  20. I’d always hoped that whatever went over there, there might be some room left to add a decent pub. Would've made an absolute fortune during the season.
  21. 4 points from home games against Peterborough and Preston…. The bookies will be slashing the odds on them getting promoted.
  22. Adenarin, Brown and BPF are the new signings who have most impressed me. The ones who have most disappointed me have been Wing and Johnson. The rest are pretty much a mixed bag.
  23. I remember the last time we got promoted from this division going to Stevenage and losing 5-1. At the end of the season I remember thinking that was our most important result of the season as it was a bit of a wake up call to the players and our results and performances picked up after the match. I’m hoping Saturday was our “Stevenage moment”.
  24. I’d like to see Corbeanu start the next match. For me he’s a better option than Johnson out wide.
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