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Cambridge Utd v Owls Preview - OMDT

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2 minutes ago, Holmowl said:

Laugh or cry?


On about 65 mins a simple pass was made to Dunks. First touch was awful, bobbled, so he tried to re-control it. Second touch was worse so the ball bobbled away. Third touch wasn’t great, but he sort of regained control. Fourth touch was a hoof wide right.


Why oh why? The fella has real assets, but pretending to be Beckenbauer or Van Dyke isn’t one of them.

What’s his assets ?

He is feckin dire 

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Just now, Mike Hunt said:

To be fair it was 

But his tactics of trying to play out from the back into the wind with two of the worst  distributors of the ball in Dunkley and Iorfa beggers belief 


Scored the goal from route 1 Daz 

Dunkleys distribution is horrendous,  really really bad 

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Problem is we play too much football in our own half which is great for poor opposition as they are just organised and close us down and we make a mistake - it’s so easy to play against.

We need to get the ball up to Gregory and Patto and play from there - this is when we create more chances are will score more goals.

Moore is complicating things for us when it’s actually quite simple in this league 

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1 minute ago, TheEnchanter said:


I think it's 20% formation and 80% mental and physical application and attitude. 


Loads of teams do well playing 442, 433, 4231 etc. Loads of teams do rubbish playing the same formations. It's about the group and how much they want it. They have the talent but not the application or effort sadly. Darren is too soft to push them as well. 

I think the issues is Darren Moore changes his formation to fit the teams we play.


We should have a formation we play and make the other team adapt to our way of playing.


We have to play a 4-4-2 with only 2 fit centre halfs, we have to stop playing full backs as wingers and start playing wingers as wingers and we have to stop playing a midfielder as a striker we have 3 strikers 4 when Windass is back (if that ever happens) Paterson should be no where near the front 2 in any game, his goal to chances conversion is just awful.


The thing is I cannot see anything changing we will pick the same players on Saturday that under performed for large chunks of this game but not give Sow, Corbeanu, Shopida a chance to show what they can do.


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2 hours ago, SiJ said:

Keeper looks jittery as fizz.


Johnson is a crap of all trades, master of none.


Out of the back three, Palmer is the most comfortable on the ball...


Hunt looks half decent.


Bannan completely ineffective. Wing hopeless and Dele is trying a bit.


Patterson back to looking like a bloke who should be down the pub.


Zero service for Gregory.


But other than that..

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Let's face it Cambridge were a typical lower L1 side, physical with  no creativity and very much geared towards scoring from set pieces. Not a lot to beat, yet we make them look good in the first half. Last 20 minutes we looked better but we're rapidly falling away from the leading pack with our inability to win matches.


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6 hours ago, Lord Snooty said:

Played poorly.

Then averagely. 

Then a 10 minutes spell. 


All on all that's a decent point. 

At half time I thought we'd come away with a 2 or 3 goal thumping. 


Stuck to the task. Something I wasn't sure they were capable of.

I'm afraid that when we are happy to get a draw at the likes of Cambridge, we're really not going to be filling those top places.

That we can let such a limited team make us look bad for half the match does not bode well even at this stage of the season.

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13 hours ago, Royal_D said:

Dunkleys distribution is horrendous,  really really bad 

Apart from one superb through ball from defence that took out all the opposition players and led to a chance we should have converted.

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