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  1. Far less talented squads than ours have challenged and won automatic promotion. We had the opportunity to challenge that season and squandered it.
  2. Mason Mount another player looking very promising.
  3. Trent Alexander Arnold couldn't defend to save his life. Liverpool are woeful atm.
  4. You'd think so. They might still think it was the EFL having it in for us. Who knows.
  5. Darren Moore's post-Rotherham reaction Watch video here Darren Moore's post-Rotherham reaction
  6. Darren Moore's post-Rotherham reaction Watch video here Darren Moore's post-Rotherham reaction
  7. Tbf, a lot of your normal fans, who don't frequent forums etc., will judge success by what they see on the pitch. For two seasons it was pretty good and then it all went dramatically south. I can't imagine there are many normal fans happy now, but they may still be looking more at the players, coaching staff etc., than the lunatic in charge of the asylum.
  8. Oh...I hate it when people bump old threads. Going through to see whether I made a stupid post or not (usually have). Funnily enough, on the one that has been bumped, I said that real change wouldn't happen until Chansiri himself changed and new managers would serve as a sticking plaster. Bloody Oracle.
  9. I disagree. We has good depth in the squad and did the double over Newcastle that season who were better than Brighton. We had Brighton by the proverbials at the Amex (a man down, a pen) and had a complete meltdown.
  10. This is very true. After last night's sorry display, I was thinking about how many times Rotherham come here and get a good result. In that 2016/2017 season, we beat them at Hillsborough with a last minute pen in an awful game.
  11. We should have gone up in 2016/2017, but went all negative and pragmatic. Meant we never properly challenged for automatic like we should have done.
  12. Yeah, why not. If we are going go down, let's go down in style.
  13. They are a bunch of losers. Let's be honest, they've been pathetic since the start of last year and haven't got any better. A pathetic, sad, sorry excuse for a team. They reflect what is happening with the club as a whole.
  14. Well, I'm sorry, but if you post on here, then I fail to see how you cant be aware of some of the stuff going off and not be slightly concerned. If that is belittling, then so be it.
  15. Sorry... Imagine how some of these people would have coped back in the good old days of 2009/2010...
  16. You'd have to blind or completely blinkered to not see how much trouble we are probably in. I backed Chansiri for the first three seasons, though I started to get my doubts in that third season, particularly with how quickly the momentum/progress we had built pretty much vanished within the space of 12 months. Even after that, still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he will learn? The EFL are sh*ts etc... But now, we are so clearly fooked whilst he remains in charge. The club has the feeling of something that is completely rotten to the
  17. It means nothing now. It's empty and hollow. I'd be saying the same from any of these players. We all see what is going off on that pitch - they're a pathetic, spineless bunch of losers, every single last one of them. No guts, minimal quality and zero intelligence.
  18. Couldn't care less about how "sorry" he is. The guy has been complete waste of space since he got here. More often than not when he does get on, he strolls around thinking his Pirlo and is in fact completely and utterly useless. That corner last night was so bad. He hit it with the intensity and power of a 7 year old. Less said about the defending afterwards the better.
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