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  1. If Boro were to succeed with this lawsuit, then wouldn't that open Derby up to being sued by pretty much every other club in the Championship? Struggling to see what their argument is. Are they saying that Derby breaking the rules cost them promotion? Sounds like complete nonsense to me. Should also be pointed out that Boro bent the rules back in 2016 to get around FFP. Think they sold off club debt to another company owned by Gibson or something.
  2. The Brunt one against Leeds is brilliant tbf. Thing is he one hundred percent meant to do that. This was not some sort of hit and hope effort, or a bloke tw@tting it from 30 yards and it flying in the top corner.
  3. No, he's completely wrong. The manager who literally has it all complaining that him and his club can't reduce the lower leagues to a sham competition. Pretty sure one of the key figures at City (Sporting Director) has said similar in the past. At the end of the day, they hoover up pretty much all the young talent in the area and beyond. More often than not these kids don't make the grade, because City buy world class players season after season. It would be much easier to spend 100 million on Jack Grealish than to try some lad from the Under 23s. Since the money came in, the only kid who has properly broken through is Phil Foden. The likes of Micah Richards broke in before and Joe Hart was a purchase from Shrewsbury. City often lose their best young talent to other clubs because there is little prospect of them breaking through - Sancho, anyone? So no, bugger off Pep.
  4. Bruce has walked out in several jobs, hasn't he? Walked out on Dem Blades? Walked out on Palace? Walked out on Birmingham? Walked out on Wigan? Walked out on Hull? Walked out on us? For the most part, he gets an easy ride, because he's usually had plenty of mates in the media who love old Brucey and he can come across as a somewhat affable bloke to those who are not paying full attention. He played us like a fiddle, probably recognising the fact that we had a pretty naive chairman in charge who would go along with what he requested. I mean we gave him January off ffs so he could go and watch the cricket. I also hear that when he came in, he demanded the training ground building be redeveloped so he would have a much bigger office space. The request was granted. The guy is a pratt.
  5. In the flesh, it would have to be a goal that Chris Brunt scored against Leicester in 2005/2006. Exchange of passes with Whelan and then hit it into the top corner from a good 30 yards out. Was the game at Hillsborough and I was in the kop so got a great view of it. Honourable mention to Ross Wallace versus Norwich back in 2016/2017. That was the one where the Norwich keeper came out to clear, Hutchinson put him under pressure and he hit it to Wallace who was stood probably not too far off the halfway line. Wallace very cleverly pinged the ball in from miles out.
  6. You mean to say that you didn't go to watch games when you were not alive?
  7. He was excellent. Had this nonchalance to him, but he was so intelligent and a couple of moves ahead of the opposition. Great finisher, but it was his build up/link play which I loved watching. Brilliant at laying it off, holding it up, but not in the big man up top style. Technically so good.
  8. Norwich got promoted and the first thing they did was flog their best player for 30 million. Nice profit on a player but you can sense the novelty of being a yoyo club is wearing thin with their fans. They got booed off on Saturday. I'd assume all this prudence is to ensure the clubs long term health and not in part so certain higher ups can make a few quid too. By my reckoning they've in recent times sold the likes of Maddison, Godfrey and now Beundia for about 90 or so million? How much of that has gone back into the transfer kitty? I'm guessing a fraction of it.
  9. Don't come in here with your facts. This is Owlstalk and don't you forget it!
  10. We can only speculate, but perhaps the stories of him wanting out months before he did go and demanding a payoff didn't help him? Also seems like he wants to wield absolute control, which just isn't in keeping with how most modern professional clubs want to run these days.
  11. Yep. They are just trying to buy the Champs League without much thought as to the actual team. Thing also with Messi is he's not just a goalscorer, he's also a player who likes to create, dictate games etc.
  12. I'm not sure you can blame FFP for what has happened at Derby. I don't like the FFP rules and I think is it a tad farcical having them in place when you've got teams coming down with parachute payments. In any event, it appears that Derby's issues go way beyond non-compliance with FFP. They're going into administration, which suggests the money has all but gone and/or the guy in charge has decided to stop plugging the gaps for the mess he created.
  13. In all seriousness though, Ronaldo has hit the ground running. Bar playing the top 4, you would suspect he will score pretty much against everyone. He doesn't do all that much and then bang, a sudden movement and he's got a goal. As for Messi, early days, but I'm wondering if joining the Harlem Globetrotters is panning out quite how he imagined. Think I read yesterday and they've got a squad of around 35 players at PSG which is just bonkers. God knows how you manage so many egos. Ronaldo reveling in being the main man, whilst Messi struggles to find his feet atm. There was a clip doing the rounds on Sunday of Messi with the ball, twisting and turning, trying to find an option and not one PSG player moves to give him an option.
  14. Watched all of Dynamite from last week and thought it was very solid show. No outstanding matches, but plenty of solid TV matches and some good promos. Felt the show flowed pretty well and had less of that schizophrenic feel that is sometimes an issue (for me) with AEW. Perhaps they're still trying to cram a bit too much into two hours, but I thought the pacing of this show was pretty good. Only bit I didn't over like was the Cody Rhodes/Black bit. From where I'm sitting, it appears that AEW is solely a vehicle for Cody to try and launch his career elsewhere, hence why we have one of his co-judges, Rosario Dawson, involved in the whole thing. Just feels like everything involving Cody these days exists in it's own bubble, completely separate from the rest of the show.
  15. THIS!!!! On another day, we win comfortably...but bloody hell we need to stop being so soft. We are going to get setbacks and the way we respond to those will determine whether we can challenge for promotion or not.
  16. It looks like a poor decision, but it doesn't excuse a poor performance once we missed the penalty. We are far too quick to let our heads go down and think the world is against us. You cannot get promoted with that mindset. It's almost like a sense of self-entitlement and throwing your toys out the pram when things don't quite go your way.
  17. But yes, not the greatest start for Messi at his new club. Whilst Ronaldo bangs them in against top sides such as Newcastle, Young Boys and West Ham
  18. Yes, the last three weeks have definitively ended the debate, assuming there ever really was one.
  19. Speaking of great wrestlers: AEW announce partnership with the Owen Hart foundation. Another PR win for them.
  20. Finish above Chelsea and you'll win the league imo.
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