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  1. Some have a chip on their shoulder about the stadium sale and when we got the points deduction. You then have the plastic, no actual rival clubs like Charlton, Brighton etc.,desperate for any sort of rivalry.
  2. Yep. We probably should have stopped up, but the idiotic players managed to do what they've done all season.
  3. I mean...that penalty. It was like something you'd see from a Sunday League side. Lad put clean through like that. Utterly embarrassing.
  4. Failed in every job hes had since Palace, hasn't he?
  5. Dunkley is gash btw. Makes Tom Lees look like Maldini.
  6. Which brilliant manager comes in then? Go on...
  7. Bit of a what aboutism there. Doesn't make us any less of a shambles.
  8. Yep. They only stayed up due to our own stupidity. We should have won that yesterday.
  9. Just saw Accrington Stanley score against Pompey... Can look forward to that next season.
  10. I actually felt slightly sorry for Rotherham. They gave their all, but went down due to lacking the quality. We went down due to ineptness on and off the pitch. Derby got away with it too.
  11. FFP isn't fit for purpose, but that doesn't excuse blatant breaking of the rules and cack handed attempts to circumvent it. Wednesday have tried both.
  12. I just don't think he will change. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence, would see this as a wake up call. It has been one disastrous decision after another. What if we get hit with another transfer embargo? He got us into several when we were receiving several million quid in the Championship. That's all gone now.
  13. Pretty much. He has too much of a delicate ego to let someone else play with his club.
  14. Yep. Who knows, perhaps he does have some successful businesses in Thailand, but he clearly doesn't have a clue when it comes to football. In saying that, no successful businessman takes words of advice from his 12 year old son. What an idiot.
  15. Exactly. If he doesn't want to sell, then why not step back and appoint a chairman and CEO to manage the club and he be the owner/benefactor? Roman Abramovich doesn't act as Chairman and Chief Exec at Chelsea, does he? Get people in who know what the are doing, but no he will continue to think him and his prepubescent son are the right people to make the big decisions.
  16. This. He's completely deluded. In his stupid little mind he will convince himself that it was really everyone else's fault. The fact he refers himself to as our "leader". Give me f*cking strength.
  17. The only positive I can take from that is he's backed the manager. That's at least something. Outside of that, hollow words unless he actually follows it up with some proper action. I won't hold my breath on that.
  18. What's the social media blackout got to do with a player giving a comment to the press after relegation to League One?
  19. The Athletic costs 1.99 per month btw.
  20. Att has just finished his GCSE's and did well at FIFA 21 on manager's mode, so I fully expect the plan to come from him tbh.
  21. You seem to be the one who takes umbrage with them. Cause you know, it is the supporters trust who are to blame for all this. Them and their pesky statement.
  22. No, not at all. Completely rudderless on and off the pitch. You'd think one of those senior players might want to say something, but no, not even a throwaway 30 seconds. Let's be honest, the only people who have benefited from the Chansiri era are a bunch of, by and large, nothing players and their agents.
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