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  1. Never thought I'd see Lees looking quite so assured as a right sided CB. Still looks uncomfortable on the ball, but he's still very good at the nitty gritty defending.
  2. Pitch invasions just for getting to the final. Deary me.
  3. Tbf, if it upsets that pratt, Nathan Jones, then I'm all for it.
  4. Tell you what though, if there is any truth in that story, it makes your wonder what sort of market most EFL clubs will be operating in. Gregory is a very good striker, but he's 33 and scored 18 goals in League One. Are clubs like Boro (who you would think will be wanting to challenge top 6) looking at that sort of player profile for recruitment? They might as well snap up Fletcher who just got released by Stoke if they are.
  5. Like Derby are getting him hahaha. What they going to pay us with? Monopoly money?
  6. Good on him. Let's hope it gives other the confidence to come out.
  7. Burnley? Going from Sean Dyche to Carlos? I'm not sure the locals could cope with such a thing.
  8. Twine is the one. Looks far too good for this level tbh. Amazed it was MK Dons who managed to snap him up. Be staggered if he's not playing in the Champ next season.
  9. Right age, right profile. No brainer if it's viable.
  10. That is a proper thicko stat that one.
  11. Just to follow this up though. To put across the difference: I would have celebrated and enjoyed a promotion from League One far more than my plastic Scouse mate would if Liverpool get their hands on the quadruple. That's not to say proper Liverpool fans won't be going absolutely mental if that happens.
  12. Meh. I am good friends with the typical plastic Scousers and Mancs. Tbf, one of them managed to get to some actual games this season, so that was that quite impressive on his part. Obviously talk football with them, but you know full well that they have literally zero interest in what we are doing. You just have to humour these people by telling them how interesting it is that Mo Salah might not sign a new deal or some other crap. We might only spend 100 million this summer! Really? You poor things. How do you cope?
  13. I'm hopeful that Cooper being the Forest manager will see them through. Seems like the sort of manager who knows how to get the result. We will see. That late goal gives the scrotes a glimmer of hope, albeit I think they'll have a hard time stopping Forest from scoring.
  14. Seriously though, Fernandinho has been a terrific player for Man City, but him trying to play CB at nearly 38 is just asking for trouble, particularly when you've got Antonio and Bowen up top.
  15. City look so wobbly at the back when West Ham do attack. If City can escape this with a point then they'll have done well.
  16. No, it isn't, but I'd rather be in it than League One.
  17. Pretty sure we live in a democratic country, so if some Liverpool fans want to boo the national anthem then so be it.
  18. I figured he was still around, but had taken a backseat. Wonder who is the source on this? Probably Paxiao Let's see what those first few signings are then. Tbf, it appeared Paxiao's scouting network extended as far as Watford.
  19. Not quite the same. They are going away from home. We were bringing Sunderland back to Hillsborough.
  20. They are with a shot, albeit it's a just a shot. Forest win that 2-0 and it's game over. Still - you'd have to fancy Forest with how strong they have been at the City Ground this season.
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