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  1. Not at all. Boro are already struggling themselves. 3 point banker for the scrubbers
  2. How incredibly lucky with their goals! Atrocious defending from Millwall. That 2nd one was unbelievable with player literally just passing it to thin air
  3. Absolutely no chance development will be done over the carpark / around ground. SCC would never approve it anyway ...As much as I'd love them to though
  4. It's what their fans are saying
  5. To be fair, they were unlucky and ref was in Watford's favour the entire game
  6. Well deserved win for the ladies. It's been a few years since I last watched a ladies game and I must admit it looks like its come a long way since then. They actually played some nice football and was enjoyable to waych Slight annoyance afterwards though is the creaming over how supposedly there wasn't any feigning injuries, diving, time wasting etc like there is in the men's game. That simply wasn't true, with our keeper feigning injury trying to get their player booked and I think it was our left winger who went down like a sack of spuds with literally no contact on her. Hopefully that sort of stuff doesn't become more frequent in the ladies game
  7. Can only agree with this. Thought Heneghen was ok first half but all of them awful in the 2nd. Iorfa has been a liability since his injury and should have been moved on rather than Hutch Ike looked lost on the left. Literally has no left foot at all and it hindered Johnson. Expect a lot more goals conceded down that side if he's kept there Not a single comfortable ball playing defender in that backline today and no backups who can except Palmer who should have started
  8. Some contradictory posts here in saying we shouldn't be doing this to supporters as we should all be as one, yet at the same time saying it was right to sue the club in its hour of need. The supporter(s) doing what they did will have cost the club even more in money due to having to fund legal costs and man power. If it had been long after covid and not received a refund then I would support them doing so. The club never said they wouldn't give their money back though and just needed some time. Do I want the supporter to be banned though? Not particularly. Do I blame the club for wanting to ban them for wasting its resources? Not particularly.
  9. Totally agree. We don't need another WB
  10. Barnsley's first is well worth the watch...more of those this season please Tbf, chance wise it looked like they battered Barnsley.
  11. Spoke to my piggy mate yesterday and he was full of beans. Think they've been absolutely amazing signings and easily top 6 If they play like they did against Scunny / Mansfield then they won't some of goals were horrific in terms of tracking their men. Literal schoolboy stuff
  12. Article first comment: "The Blades team is in And it's a strong one" https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/mansfield-sheffield-united-live-stream-24530695
  13. Should be bang central in our backline leading it
  14. Yes he is (He's already been injured on their training trip)
  15. You say that, but they was just happy to spend £3m on a defender they don't need over a striker. They could easily think stuff it and reinvest in team
  16. Hopefully Berge doesn't go. Keeping him keeps them more financially screwed £17m isn't a bad return for a flop
  17. Westwood Hunt Hutchinson Loovens Pudil Wallace Lee Bannan Forestieri Hooper Fletcher
  18. In the extremely competitive Championship and L1, you don't need to worry about other teams having a head start over you. Look at Sheff Utd and us last season as prime examples. November onwards we both started to gel more and both nearly promoted They just need to get enough to start the season in a few weeks, bolster with more by end of August, then couple months down the line they'll start clicking
  19. At least with Bannan he already had an affinity with us with the many years played for us an I imagine a feel of responsibility of the position we find ourselves in. As you say though, you can probably imagine this is his last season to get us out There is only 1 reason why Conor would pick Derby over Championship teams, and that absolutely stinks when they've just been in admin yet can beat championship teams financially with wages
  20. Yet people don't think Derby will be up there this season I would love to know the terms of their embargo compared to what we was issued
  21. Agreed. He's not a WB but certainly showed glimpses A bit like us at the start of last season? We didn't start putting any sort of consistent squad or run together until the turn of the year yet we wasn't far from autos. It didn't take much run to get a team back in the mix
  22. Excellent move for him. If he can discover his form when he first broke through for us then he'll be a good addition for them
  23. Surely it's still no money signings though and under an embargo for a few seasons like we was?
  24. Would be an excellent move for him. When the takeover goes through the club will be fine, and hearing some of the players they're lining up to come in they'll be top 2 come end of the season.
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