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  1. Hang on, so he wasn't even banned from driving!?!?
  2. I'm gutted Fletcher and FF left. Both had connected with the club. I can understand FF a bit more with his injuries but even now he's gone he is still wearing his Wednesday gear. Fletcher himself probably been on his best scoring run in his career and always gave 100% Not keen on going to the lower leagues. We could very well drop in to them and more than likely end up going bust should we not find the right manager
  3. So what is your excuse for him for the rest of the season he's played at RB? It's nothing to do with expecting world class. I'm fine with players making mistakes every now and again, I very rarely jump on to criticise players, but he is constantly making them and they are really simple stupid mistakes, and it's every single game. The majority of time it's costing us too Also, it's not like he offers anything going forward to make up for his mistakes either except for pace. Can't dribble or cross, doesn't contribute with goals
  4. Maybe the player goes down easy, but Moses still let him get the wrong side of him then decided to put his arms / hands all over him. 100% a penalty
  5. Can't believe people are still defending him on here. He's absolutely awful and was at fault for 2 goals last night Penalty was blatant when you see the correct replay which actually shows the incident. He was also to blame for Forest goal too Since the restarted, he's been at fault for 3 out of 5 goals we've conceded so far. Speaks absolute volumes. So far out of his depth
  6. Apart from the first day iFollow access issue (which was resolved about 5 minutes in to the first half), I've not had an issue with iFollow at all and must admit I am pleasantly surprised by it
  7. I saw the second half, and United was the better team based on that but in reality they was two poor teams. The fact they bottled it when they'd just equalised made it even funnier I've seen the past few games now on TV and they've been woeful, as in seriously woeful. That Berge is such a waste of money. Unbelievable Wilder isn't facing more scrutiny for his spending. I said a year ago or so it's one thing being able to pick up cheap players who work hard and fit your team, but it's another thing when you actually have a transfer kitty and was yet to be seen how effective he'll be with one. So far he's been poor with none of his signings appearing to be up to much at all As for Henderson, he's getting so much bum kissing but he is making mistakes. The Arsenal goal yesterday, there was 2 against Newcastle and they are just matches I've seen. His fragility and issues are coming to light now his defense have gone AWOL. He made plenty of mistakes last season too. He's good and he's young, but he's not the messiah everyone is making him out to be and I'm not surprised Man Utd aren't wanting him back anytime soon
  8. iFollow definitely worked yesterday which was a bonus with my expecting not to be able to due to it being on Sky. You just can't buy the adhoc match day passes to watch it
  9. They've provided more support to our players than our usual home supporters already
  10. Well done Chansiri. He gets a hell of a lot of stick but he's spot on with this when it could be so easy to do what other clubs are doing and screwing fans
  11. It'll either be that, or we'll get relegated by ourselves for the EFL to then hit us with the 15 points deduction for the start of next season so doubly f***** Either way, 100% down this season. I'm annoyed bookies aren't offering odds on us
  12. He's definitely off. His family already moved back to London Cheers Monk 🙁
  13. Ahh the good old DC bashing brigade are here removing any fault from the managers Obviously the freezing out of Westwood and Hutchinson is DC's fault too despite evidence to the contrary
  14. All will refuse. Why on earth would they play for free and potentially risk injury and due to no contract with the club probably no insurance? Absolutely crazy situation for all clubs to be in and just shows the season should be written off
  15. Think it's ridiculous tbh. Totally screws over any club fighting for relegation especially like Bolton. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if they go out of business now because of this decision
  16. So basically we are going to get relegated?
  17. Wouldn't surprise me and it's no more than some of our fans deserve. He was never as bad as what some fans made him out to be
  18. Feels very weird! Borders don't stand out at all
  19. AFAIK they are already back
  20. He's improved a lot actually, if you've been watching his weekly instagram vids
  21. Again, totally missing the point on what his issues was and staying over is totally impractical for a footballer sometimes i.e. training 5 days a week, game day Saturday...is he supposed to stay over 5 days a week? If so, how does that improve with regards to missing spending time with his family effectively only seeing them once a week (Sunday) and that doesn't take in to account away games either? Only real solution for him was to move his family to Sheffield to get rid of the big commute and to see his family consistently, but I wouldn't be wanting to do if my family was settled somewhere
  22. 100% nailed on the season will be cancelled with us being deducted points sending us down. It's the perfect example the EFL can set to offenders
  23. Anyone who watched his live training video with Nando at the weekend will see he's no where near fully fit 😆
  24. Already said he won't quit, hence why he's probably picking the stupidest team every game and keeps iterating there's nothing more he can do He'll get his payoff then
  25. Warnock has always spoken highly of us despite our dislike of him
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