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Garry Monk - Back Him Or Sack Him?

Garry Monk - Back Him Or Sack Him?  

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  1. 1. Garry Monk - Back Him Or Sack Him?

    • BACK him - Monk is the Man!
    • SACK him - Time to go - Monk OUT

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10 minutes ago, crookesowl said:

Haven’t changed my mind for the last 6 months, along with every single person I know who all agree 




7 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



I don't know why people think it validates their  opinion to tell us what their mates think too




Are you not seeking other people's opinions with this vote? What does it matter of its his mates too? 


Stoke things up & you'll get these reactions. 

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He should go had a chance to improve things with signings just did a miserable job of it, all the strikers we have are all the same no pace at all, we were crying out for this last season so he never learnt anything, you could see with a team like Brentford what pace can do, and the less said about the midfield the better, League1 here we come

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I wanted Monk to succeed but it is evident he wont.


we will get nothing at Rotherham on Wednesday. In the third month of the season we are still on negative points.

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It'll be exactly the same as the polls in March.


Vast majority of fans want him out, Neil and a few clappers will try to defend him (or just slag off the people who want him out), deafening silence from Chansiri, Bannan will say something about it being down to the players, and then we carry on being awful with the very occasional win at which point some people start talking about the play offs, and this time it'll end in relegation.


Same old same old. 

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Just now, @owlstalk said:


TBH I never wanted an English manager when Monk got the job. Since Big Ron and maybe Trevor Francis, I don't recall a decent English manager who has been appointed.

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I really feel uncomfortable with these polls and the vitriol flying around, as we're talking about a human being who is trying his hardest to succeed. But I'm sorry Garry, it's obvious that your tenure is over and it's time for Mr Chansiri to give someone else the chance to save the club from relegation. 

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6 minutes ago, theowlsman said:

Been a weird day for me. 


Gone from being optimistic to suicidal in the space of a few hours.


BTW, I voted for him to go. I really, really, really wanted him to turn things around, but then he started with Pelupessy.



We all did 


I was desperate for him to show us that last season was behind us. But the same performances and results are being turned out


This is only going one way and that’s league 1

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