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  1. I think you’ve cracked it my Lord!
  2. Definitely should be flattened. Perhaps we could get SAG involved with sponsoring it? but then again
  3. Thats just what I had in mind. Looks amazing
  4. As for the manager I'm not sure what I want anymore. Slightly favouring a manager coming in but dependent on who it is! Needs sorting one way or another though
  5. So Luton have drawn with Boro and lost 2-1 to Cardiff and WBA. We're the first team to keep a clean sheet against them and let's be right didn't really look in that much danger all night.
  6. There's a lack of space in the area with enough room to house the new Hillsborough but I think I've cracked it.Could well turn out to be expensive though. Rebuild Hillsborough where it is but raise it above and across Penistone Rd onto that land as well. Loads of room underneath for parking, shops etc. A tunnel under the ground would mean there will be no impact on traffic and to raise money we can put tolls on the f**ker. Just visualise that. Come on DC! It would mean possibly sharing with the scrubbers for a bit if they'd have us though.
  7. I like Lees but I must say Borner & Hector would be a perfect combo
  8. Perhaps the Bishop of Liverpool could swing it for us?
  9. Great to have true pace in the team
  10. Totally agree, always did his best. Might not have been good enough but he wasn’t the only one.
  11. Back to the top of the league with 3 points tonight
  12. Just for comparison, our record since returning to The Championship
  13. If Bannan is fit has to play. If Forestieri is fit he at least has to be in the squad. Not sure why they’ve bothered appealing his suspension tbh. It would have just about been done by now.
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