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  1. Yep was surprised at 5 mins to start with never mind the additional time the tw@t played. Flicked through the last 5 mins and the ball went out of play 3 times. 2 throw ins and a corner + a sub who like Bruce said was on in about 5 secs. The ‘foul’ was bang on 95:30 which should have been the end of the game. No reason that you have to spend a minute letting them take the free kick.
  2. BIG D knows. Some laughable comments in this thread
  3. I’d like to see him with a full injury-free pre season with Bruce under his belt. Our best player if we can get him on the pitch regularly.
  4. He’s definitely got a chance. Daft to say he’s not good enough. Jos f**ked him up by playing him all over the place.
  5. It’s not happening for us after tonight so I’ll be honest, I’ll take a narrow defeat
  6. Westwood gave him an Almighty b0ll0cking after the 2nd goal and to be fair he switched off. Palmer and the other 2 however
  7. I just dont think the fans ever really believed that we were going to finish top 6. I know i didnt.
  8. I’ll be honest, I think we’ll fall about 4-5 points short. The fixtures are tough and we aren’t quite good enough. Happy to be proved wrong though!
  9. And we’re right in there with a shout no danger.
  10. I can't see how he can be done for any of this and I've done jury service.
  11. FAKE NEWS Just wasted 10 mins of lunchtime and I can confirm that Wednesday have had the biggest following at their shithole this season (1,517). More than United (1,433) and more than Derby (1,394). Largest L2 following has been Notts County with 1,140, no one else anywhere close. Grimsby 544 & Bury 516 the only ones above 500.
  12. We are for Mansfield. Probably their biggest pay day of the season.
  13. Yeah, I imagine that lass from United will be next in court after him. Oh, wait
  14. Well, the walk in centre was packed
  15. What a signing this would be, a real coup. Who is he?
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