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  1. £5M. Is he worth it? Course not but if you want to buy him that’s what it’ll take. Easy
  2. Not worth it for us to sell him. Would make no sense whatsoever
  3. What a player, would be a real signing of intent. Absolutely no idea who he is.
  4. Even when they lose they’re f*cking spozzy.
  5. I can see the gooners slipping up v Newcastle on Monday.
  6. Gooners getting pasted 3-0 at Spurs and down to 10 men. Totally serves them right for calling the game off originally.
  7. I'd have him back no worries. Made mistakes early on, all keepers do. Never looked particularly flustered though and a calm character.
  8. 48 points in the second half of the season. ‘Some appalling results’
  9. A bargain by todays standards. Gives then something they don’t have which is pace up front. Cant see anything other than him being a massive success.
  10. Scumbag Leeds fans behind the dugout going f*cking nuts at Kovacic because he’s gone off injured after an horrendous tackle on him.
  11. Don’t worry about me I’m heading off to the coast to carry out my first fish and chip review of the spring
  12. Poor defending by Palmer but I’ve praised Gregory quite a few times for getting across the defender for a goal. Its what they do.
  13. Yeah I’m a bitter, fickle football fan. He crapped on us a few years ago. Now we’re consigned to another season in League 1 I think we should take a punt on him. If we’d managed to get promoted then I wouldn’t have been bothered. You're the other way which is your right. When young players have left for the greener grass you’ve taken aim at the club.
  14. Said this the other day if you were paying attention. What’s the problem? I know you’re usually the opposite and take great glee in players leaving for Champions League and 60,000 every week.
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