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  1. Yeah quite windy. Don't they have the windsurfing championships there?
  2. Not sure about the dodgy barnet but looks about a stone lighter than when he was here. Absolute quality when we was fit here.
  3. Brewster and McBurnie missed their pens
  4. I'm sure he started further up the pitch on Saturday, the more we struggled to get up the pitch he went back looking for the ball.
  5. England pull out of tour to Pakistan. ‘Concerns about travelling to the region.
  6. It shouldn't matter what the ref thinks if VAR is doing its job.
  7. Moaning about why Bannan has never been dropped. Just think your way through why that might be.
  8. Yeah but we need to drop him ,that’s the only way we’ll suddenly become a better team.
  9. Too many options. Apart from the keeper, defence (with Hutchinson in there), Bannan and Adeniran, the other 4 could be anyone. I'd stick with Gregory (although I'm getting a bit disappointed with him) and Berahino. Shodipo deserves his place and I'd give Corbeanu a start. Perhaps Brown for Palmer to give us a bit more energy down there. Not seen him but it sounds as if Johnson performed ok there? Peacock - Farrell Hunt Hutchinson Iorfa Palmer/Brown/Johnson Bannan Adeniran Corbeanu Shodipo Gregory Berahino Lluongo and especially Windass when fit will improve our options massively. I'll leave it up to the manager to work out the formation
  10. Prices seem to have gone up quite a bit in The Riverside.
  11. Even the first pen could have been given. Certainly wouldn’t have gotten overturned by VAR. The defender wasn’t trying to get his leg out of the way. The 2nd was a definite pen.
  12. Yep, my Fantasy Football Capt. Happy days.
  13. To say that Bannan is our best player but then suggest we drop him makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It’d be a lot better if other players could raise their game once in a while.
  14. I didn’t think you could bring a player on to take a penalty like that? Or at least I’m sure that used to be the case.
  15. Why don’t you log onto his Instagram and tell him? Post it under a picture of him and his daughter.
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