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  1. The colour pink is so devisive. A colour you love or hate. Personally I'm of the latter. Whereas yellow ........
  2. Definitely, but the exception to the rule. Felt so sorry for him after the 86 world cup and the stick he got in the press, they tried to turn on him, due to him being the nice guy. Graham Taylor, another nice guy of the same ilk.
  3. I heard his wife told him to do it. There could be many more. Bowing out with the thrill of standing between the sticks.
  4. Yes, I have all the telephone numbers of my old acquaintance's & wouldn't bat an eyelid at a 176 mile journey to have a chat some other time.
  5. No way you American. The pigs? No American comes up with that off the cuff. I feel "silly', highly unlikely from an American. 'pick the pigs over their recent prem stint'. Stint!!!! Lol I am in the minority who pick you guys over your rivals lately it feels like. - English so bad it can only come from a British person.
  6. League one kits. We can't look above ourselves.
  7. When will this club realise that yellow should be our away colour. We have had two of our most exciting modern time periods in the late mid 80"s and early 90"s in staight yellow away. It somehow galvanises our fans. Yeeeellllloooooowwws. Used to make my tiny hairs stand on end at 10 years old. Why is this club so adverse to it? Another Chansiri superstition? Don't see how it can be marketing driven as a yellow kit would probably rival home shirt sales. In fact if they did a variation on yellow every year they would probably have adequate sales. This club needs a rocket up its jacksie. It needs to take some bold decisions and demand what the fans want front the manufacturers. Pink......not for me. Not so keen on thinner stripes either.
  8. Correct. They can't stomach a fight now, never mind with three games to go, all must win. If we fluke getting to that position.
  9. Wednesday's stats would look far better on it. Any way the English language is interesting & interpretive, look at my owlstalk handle, I have deliberately used est instead of esque as I feel that is how us Yorkshire folk would pronounce it and how I would have heard it from the kop ******** takers, just don't make us yanks!
  10. If you're American. So annoying this, we're British & it's maths. Seen it creeping in as the norm. it's not. Google it, math or maths. UK Maths!
  11. Will make no difference to these players so pointless, Chansiri isn't going anywhere & doesn't give a t*ss what the paying punter thinks. You will still see smiley happy faces in the training pics like they don't have a care in the world. Their faces should be a picture of misery now. Need a new manager who can give them a rollicking.
  12. Absolutely mind blowing! Truly is Incredible. Sure we'll colonise once earth's shot. SWFC to Mars, it's the future.
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