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  1. I'm pleased this thread has got peeps expressing positivity about this squad, no matter how sourced. I'm sooo excited!
  2. Thank you for the more constructive reply. I shall consider your opinion.
  3. Give the guy credit , who do you think is deciding on signings. Grow up.
  4. Why should anyone else come in and work with the excellent signings made this week. I believe Lee has had a big influence on proceedings this week & rightfully deserves to work with the excellent squad of players he has created.
  5. Good lad. Lots safer on the streets of Sheffield too lad.
  6. One of my earliest memories was my dad smashing up a Terry Curran badge when he left for United. I knew who my boyhood club, family has been Wednesday for generations.
  7. Wrong website. Join me at spunktuations.com. We'll keep it discreet, I'll stay in lower case with no sexclamation marks.. Make my -. ✓**** big boy.
  8. I was actually going to do the same as the post is wide open to it but it's best not to store up enemies. No one will have a clue what we're talking about. Lol.
  9. Don't want Bullen but would love to see you implode if we did go with him. I think you would turn into ***.
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