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  1. You'll miss atdhe when he's gone....... Said no one ever...... Thanks for the memories. Now steal a privileged living elsewhere.
  2. CDT 1991 with Mr Woodbottom. Wondered where that had gone!
  3. Nah you just need to dangle that carrot more often.
  4. Yes I bet your piece & her mouth are now the perfect engineering fit.
  5. We're, always make a mistake when I'm swearing!
  6. That's the spirit. The whole club needs to develop an air of arrogance. Were the biggest f**king club in this league with the best manager to get the f**k out of it!
  7. Amen. See my previous posts. I do subscribe to your doctrine.
  8. Yes, thank you. Now let's all stop being so juvenile!
  9. That why if you've got sense you remain anonymous
  10. I sometimes wonder what a prospective signing, his wife, kids & family/friends think if they visit this site prior. We could be scaring them off
  11. I know it's nothing to go by but I had a pull this morning and all I could think was I've got a massive borner. He's already in our psyche.
  12. That's the moment Viv spotted the Waddle borner.
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