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  1. There are much worse teams/clubs to support. I like supporting Wednesday. Think of our rich & interesting history, we're a club with a soul. This clubs gives you an interesting glimpse of the big times mixed with the trials & tribulations akin to a lower league club. Enjoy the ride.
  2. Great man. It is sad news but no one lives forever, glad he made it to that ripe old age. Wednesday forever in his debt, if we survive! RIP.
  3. Managers do generally leave clubs by being fired.
  4. Chansiri, playing games? Don't deduct points from a struggling club, does the EFL really want to put SWFC out of business?
  5. You clearly don't have a handle on how disrespectful it was. So end of conversation.
  6. Yes but we noticed straight away that it was pi**ing them off and continued throughout the game, knowing the connotations. I was ashamed & would not have been blaming Man U fans if I got a slap that day, thankfully I didn't, not our finest hour. Many Wednesday fans were fuming with our own fans behaviour.
  7. Man U mid 90's when our fans stupidly did the dam busters chant at the Matt Busby tribute game. We we're chased to the coaches. Massive thunder of feet from the Man U stands at the end of the game rushing to confront us was very scary.
  8. Feel the same. Can't get interested. More interested in life returning to normal asap. Empty stadiums and other events planned with empty stadiums such as US Open at the end of August just remind me that it's a long way off. I"ll check the results but it just feels like they're fulfilling a set of necessary transactions to me. Plus we'll probably go down, which is cheery!
  9. Manufactured his son for Wednesday. The Hirst experiment went sadly wrong.
  10. I think a good barometer is if a story would still be funny if the part mentioning booze/being pissed up was omitted. If it's the common denominator to an individuals hilarity there's a problem.
  11. Check the honours list comparison that pops up at the start. Manuel was taking the pee.
  12. Don't want to add to rumours but what of Cristiano would he be taking here.
  13. Simple solution. New badge on home shirt. Iconic owl on away shirt.
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