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  1. Westwood is not bothered any more, so why are we? Just a matter of getting shut. He's happy to be paid until that happens.
  2. Why do they have Cristiano Ronaldo's bonce on their badge?
  3. With no points deduction we would be in the top half. That's the form we need to survive. Get clapping people. Attitude to the deduction from the club has been spot on. Very impressed. We could have folded before the start this season. Don't forget these players are playing with the added pressure of 3 points being worth 6 in our position.
  4. I like the grey streaks running through his hair. You can clearly see them on the training pics. That'll do for me.
  5. Lawrie Madden, Woodwork Teacher. Bang on. I used to see him at a cash & carry in the early late 80's/early 90's, seeing him in civvies without his footy kit on always made me wonder how the hell he plays left back for Wednesday. Great player though.
  6. What about a limited number of games, e.g every other home game. This would not upset season ticket holders and give those who don't go the option to put money into the club. This target audience would also probably not want to commit to watching all home matches as they have got into the habit of doing other things, this would also cater to that need/lifestyle.
  7. No he couldn’t, lester are a nightmare to loan from. He’ll be leaving Rotherham before the agreed date, probably 4 months before, for absolutely no reason what so ever. Pointless signing From RUFC. by the time he’s up to speed heading into the second half of the season they’ll recall him. It was a joke. This is what he'll say in future, imitiating his dad's "I could have signed for Man U" mantra.
  8. Puma were terrible. I'll fitting baggy rubbish, especially in the 90"s. Elev8 have nailed it.
  9. There are much worse teams/clubs to support. I like supporting Wednesday. Think of our rich & interesting history, we're a club with a soul. This clubs gives you an interesting glimpse of the big times mixed with the trials & tribulations akin to a lower league club. Enjoy the ride.
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