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  1. I think a good barometer is if a story would still be funny if the part mentioning booze/being pissed up was omitted. If it's the common denominator to an individuals hilarity there's a problem.
  2. Check the honours list comparison that pops up at the start. Manuel was taking the pee.
  3. Don't want to add to rumours but what of Cristiano would he be taking here.
  4. Simple solution. New badge on home shirt. Iconic owl on away shirt.
  5. They put the effort into the fit & details on that one. Liked the 'king' logo running through the black, made it feel like a 'souped up' shirt.
  6. Puma in the 90's we're terrible. No fit to them, daft baggy sleeves, material too thick & they went bobbly. Elev8 quality is good & the fit is great, mind you it should be with the development time to launch they had with the first kits.
  7. Like a player when they have are a fan within themselves, especially at his level & especially of a our Atdhe.
  8. EA Sports FIFA simulations to decide them all. Job done.
  9. It always was. In the 80's the kop was always the place to be & rammed. North was the posh stand compared to the kop & there were not as many wealthy enough to pay that bit extra. I think some kopites have graduated to the North over the years.
  10. So have I, you could buy FA cup final programmes in some newsagents in the 80's. I've also got Liverpool v Everton 86, the year year we lost to Everton in the semi.
  11. Always been good at community relations, The Star.
  12. You ocd too. I think technology plays a large part in spelling/grammatical errors these days. Same mistakes would probably not be made when handwriting.
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