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  1. I genuinely think the guy has no interest in the game anymore. He's been around a long time now, he seems to be purely in it for the pay cheque and probably is scared silly over what he'll do next.
  2. Are you the definition of a happy clapper or what! They deserved to be playing to an empty stadium. This team needs a clear message that home performances are unacceptable. An empty stadium is a clear message to Chansiri, Monk & the players. I would have left.
  3. He'll be passing to the wide receiver...... I quite like the lingo.
  4. Atdhe Nuhiu is Atdhe Nuhiu & Atdhe Nuhiu don't need to make any apologies for being Atdhe Nuhiu. When you come to terms with this you'll accept him, take him to your heart & see the undoubted contributions he has made & continues to make for this team.
  5. Losing three on the trot over the Christmas period shows that we can play sh*t. That's my point & at the time of posting after winning at Brighton & losing Fletcher I had visions of us again playing sh*t back in the league but I also had a hunch we would win regardless. I am happy to have been proven wrong as we won & played well. Plus I thought this song/post would wind up L**ds.
  6. To all you sensitive souls who took offence to me calling us sh*t, wake up & smell the roses, for those three games Fletcher was out sh*t was the most appropriate description, anything else used to describe us would have been an abuse of the English language. If we had reverted to type yesterday and still won the fans would have been entitled to sing this song, thank god they didn't and seem to be turning a corner. Tough love is required at times.
  7. We'll be singing this next weekend. It's all set up for an unlikely win. Chin up guys.
  8. He's a Scot wee Billy big boll*cks is a compliment.
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