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  1. Correct. They can't stomach a fight now, never mind with three games to go, all must win. If we fluke getting to that position.
  2. Wednesday's stats would look far better on it. Any way the English language is interesting & interpretive, look at my owlstalk handle, I have deliberately used est instead of esque as I feel that is how us Yorkshire folk would pronounce it and how I would have heard it from the kop ******** takers, just don't make us yanks!
  3. If you're American. So annoying this, we're British & it's maths. Seen it creeping in as the norm. it's not. Google it, math or maths. UK Maths!
  4. Will make no difference to these players so pointless, Chansiri isn't going anywhere & doesn't give a t*ss what the paying punter thinks. You will still see smiley happy faces in the training pics like they don't have a care in the world. Their faces should be a picture of misery now. Need a new manager who can give them a rollicking.
  5. Absolutely mind blowing! Truly is Incredible. Sure we'll colonise once earth's shot. SWFC to Mars, it's the future.
  6. He's a good honest man. I like the guy. Finally some loyalty in modern football.
  7. Simple. Career footballer. Journey man ultimately. We just kept chucking the money at him. Bannan for all his critics does show affiliation with the club & fans.
  8. Fletcher has never affiliates with clubs. He's a pure career footballer. He's purely celebrating for himself. His career has been less successful as a result of that attitude though. The great players are passionate, Fletcher doesn't have it in him.
  9. He's French, so unpredictable. He's the Nicolas Anelka of the championship. He'll be rubbish next season.
  10. Do you think he would have stayed with us.
  11. He looks like he's hitched from Cyprus & just got off the 82 bus.
  12. Everton, top flight since 1954. Top team & very well run club, remarkable record as they are the city of Liverpool's second club. Wednesday struggling through since year dot. Nothing to be depressed about, we are what we are.
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