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  1. I believe he laid the foundations for our future success. Nurse.....nurse!
  2. I believe the sole reason for our injury issues is the fact that we have an aging squad of key players. We need more youth in the side but that's hard when you're looking for key players with the experience & quality to make promotion immediate.
  3. Love how he just laughs at himself, Ron Atkinson alike.
  4. I'm sure the Norwich & East Anglia swingers society will make other arrangements for you.
  5. Bless me father for I have signed.... Signed for Sheffield Wednesday.
  6. If we had signed him I don't think he would have stuck around too long. Imagine a team with him, Carbone & Di Canio. With the same scenario a few years later while they were around he might have signed & it may have changed the course of our history. We'd also have had a team assaulting fans & refs all over the shop, great Wednesday aggro.
  7. F**king song is as old fashioned as their decrepit ground.
  8. I went up to Leeds a few weeks ago on the train got a great view of Elland Road, not seen it from the perspective of the train line before & was surprised at the land available around the ground that could be used to develop it. Lots of potential............. Then thought who would buy that sh*t stain of a club with £35k max fan base in a city with circa £780k population, even the sane people of Leeds prefer their Rugby. If ever a city needed a second club with morals to attract a bigger fan base it's Leeds.
  9. He'd let off one of those rancid, off eggy chew on it & spit it out south stand farts. 
  10. He'd let off one of those rancid, off eggy chew on it & spit it out kop farts.
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