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  1. Colinwestzicoest

    The shadow of The Blades

    I was in Rotherham yesterday picking up my wife in a central car park. Listening to the commentary in the car as injury time panned out. Had a great time, caught Ronnie Moore's prophecy and then two mins later millers fans who left early came trudging through the car park, staring at their phones in disbelief, pain etched in their faces. I was weeing myself inside. They'd just been massived!
  2. Colinwestzicoest

    The shadow of The Blades

    Are you watching me? That's an invasion of my privacy. What I do on a Sunday morning is my business.
  3. Colinwestzicoest

    The shadow of The Blades

    I don't mind if they go up. Just feeds their delusions of being the bigger club. They know it's not true deep down & so does the rest of the country. Never hear anyone neutral say Sheffield United belong back in the premier league, it is always Sheffield Wednesday should be a premier league club.
  4. Colinwestzicoest

    Rotherham Owls

    As a Sheffield native who now resides in Rotherham, I can see that you show classic signs of Rotherham numpty syndrome. It's very common in these parts. I recommend you see your doctor asap. Get yourself treated and then perhaps come back on here with a fresh profile so we can forget all the bullsh*t your numptyness has caused you to spew.
  5. Colinwestzicoest

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    Quite the opposite he said that he had phantom one that day out of the blue just before the penalty and couldn't get it down. He said he didn't want to cause a scene strolling up with his massive stonker. Poor guy, stress is terrible.
  6. Colinwestzicoest

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    Jordan would trump Megan. I think if Jordan Rhodes was given two bananas he would make football boots out of them and send them to a football mad kid in Mozambique, 'your special' would be on the side & there would be a truly inspirational schoolgirl writing letter with it. He's a true footballing Messiah.
  7. Colinwestzicoest

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    Yes he was very empathetic. He's harder when scoring goals, it's a stress thing.
  8. Colinwestzicoest

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    I don't know give Jordan a banana & there's no telling what he could do.
  9. Colinwestzicoest

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    Jordan's handwriting is rather in the style of a teenage schoolgirl. Just an observation. Discuss.
  10. Colinwestzicoest

    Jordan Rhodes Class Act!

    No matter what you say about him, Jordan loves you too DuttyTeabags.
  11. Just been on Owls Americas, excellent site only a couple of years running. Looks like owlstalk could pic up a few pointers from them .
  12. wawaw. Hence, the whole world.
  13. Colinwestzicoest


    It was arrogantly excessive, got what they deserved in the end.
  14. Colinwestzicoest


    Arrogant Ipswich fans, cheering our every near miss. Can tell they're bottom with nothing to cheer. Hope they drop, nothing club.
  15. Colinwestzicoest


    Yes Steve will caress those guys so lovingly that they will sp*nk goals like you've never seen before.