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  1. I think 11 training cones would have put up more of a fight against Manchester City than Brighton.
  2. I am not so sure. If Fulham cannot make 2 top at the stage we play them, would they not want to rest key players for play offs, or risk them?
  3. Too right. I wouldn’t want to be too greedy. Five or Six would be enough.
  4. I’d have wee Jimmy Krankie if it mean improvement on the pitch.
  5. Probably as he knew the EFL charge is hanging over us.
  6. I give up. Night all. Can’t listen to any more of this.
  7. We’ll end up with free agents. Monk likes Omar Bogle from their time at Birmingham. I wouldn’t be surprised. Unfortunately the sort of players I can picture us signing.
  8. we are 11 points off 23rd. Wigan will lose 12 points through administration. If we avoid a points deduction, we are safe.
  9. good Reach is off. 5 mins too late though
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