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  1. Lawrie’s Left Peg


    Not disputing that for a second. Are you saying this is something that can’t be changed because we’ve done it in the past?
  2. Lawrie’s Left Peg

    A new signing

  3. Lawrie’s Left Peg


    Do you really believe that what we saw today is reflective of the plan moving forward? SA said in yesterday’s presser that the new regime has had 40mins training with the group. What we saw today is the output of 2 years of decline. It’s going to take time to instil a new philosophy
  4. Lawrie’s Left Peg

    A new signing

    To be fair Palmer looked a real prospect when he broke into the team as CM. Able to carry the ball at pace and energetic enough to get up and down the pitch. Not saying he’s in the same league as Kieran Lee but is it worth giving him a go since we seem to have binned the CC and JL policy of forcing square pegs in round holes and picking the team from a tombola?
  5. Lawrie’s Left Peg

    Van aaken off

    Agree with all your sentiments but with FFP / P&S hanging over us like the Sword of Damocles there’s no room for sentiment. From what we’ve seen so far Van Aken is behind Lees, Hector, Thorniley, Pudl (& Hutch IMO) as centre back. Therefore take a fee and get him off the wage bill. Its not personal
  6. Lawrie’s Left Peg

    Full Backs

    He’s not keen on crosses either
  7. Lawrie’s Left Peg


    Another example of DC and KM not really being football people (yet). Much still to learn and more listening to be done Assuming one of them sanctioned the Kop closure of course The ends should be the last area to close. Players respond to the vibe of the crowd behind the goal when taking and defending set plays and to the noise generated by shots and near misses. Luton were lifted by attacking and defending that excellent following.
  8. Lawrie’s Left Peg

    Why was Hutch not rested

    IMO the general strategy of continuity and building momentum was the right one. I would’ve preferred to see Jones, Penney & Winnal get 90 mins under their belt in a confident side which has been playing well and against (relatively) weak opposition. Would’ve left Hutch, Boyd and Fox out.
  9. Lawrie’s Left Peg

    Van aaken off

    Not mobile enough or aggressive enough to play CDM. Also, good distribution as a CB when the opposition is retreating into shape Would look average compared to other midfielders when needing to react quicker. Not mobile enough our good enough carrying the ball to play LB Better to cut our losses, take a fee and get him off the wage bill. Probably have enough cover that we don’t need to replace him so money in the bank.
  10. Lawrie’s Left Peg

    What today shows is .....

    .... that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s going to take SA, SB, SC,and LB time to undo the damaged wreaked by JL and latterly CC. Firstly we haven’t had an attacking plan or way of affecting the opposition since the play-off final. We’ve focused on weaknesses that our opponents might exploit in us rather how we might hurt them. Our forays forward have been ad hoc at best and based on hope at worst. We won’t become a free flowing attacking team overnight. Learned behaviour needs time to to become instinct. Secondly, lack of match fitness and regular game time caught up with certain players today against a team full of energy and commitment
  11. Lawrie’s Left Peg

    FA Cup - Mick on Talksport

    Didn’t play for Middlewood. If memory serves me correctly it was something to do with Sheffield Schools
  12. Lawrie’s Left Peg

    Great men behind the scenes

    We’ll be the judge of that...
  13. Lawrie’s Left Peg

    Press Conference

    No “massive”. Agnew OUT
  14. Lawrie’s Left Peg

    Press Conference