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  1. Again. Really good points and well reasoned. To be fair I never suggested booting anyone. That’s not my definition of application. If you contrast the best of Wednesday this season Cardiff and the worst (QPR, Bristol, Forest) These are essentially the same players at the same club with the same manager. The difference in levels is down to application. Bannan and Reach, rightly earned plaudits for their performances against Cardiff yet both literally stood and allowed the cross for the goal against Bristol. Either or both could’ve chosen to close down and block the cross. I don’t beli
  2. I think what’s needed most against Derby is a Carlton Palmer or Mick Lyons character. A leader with a winning mentality, a never say die attitude. Thou shalt not pass. A player who from the first minute would clearly demonstrate an intent and, if things go against you, double their efforts. Since our fall from grace in the post premier league era I can’t remember many of these characters.
  3. Although I totally understand your sentiment and see the logic I can’t buy into this. Most of us will have played football at some level. When there is a 50/50 tackle, or you have to track your runner, or you have the choice to show for the ball or hide, I don’t accept that in those moments your thinking about the manager or the owner or your wages. The players have been guilty of a lack of mental and physical application all season. If they are honest enough to take a good luck in the mirror, each one of them will know they could have done much, much better.
  4. I guarantee that Reach will be completely anonymous against Derby if things still hang in the balance. If I was forced to bet my mortgage on Reach either scoring a worldly that keeps us up, or neshing a tackle leading to a goal that sends us down I’d bet on the latter. He shouldn’t play if it’s must win.
  5. A lot of us have short memories or are very inconsistent with their views. Probably no worse than any other club but true nonetheless. Personally the last time I enjoyed being a Wednesday fan was under Megson. We had an honest bunch who gave 100%, we won more than we lost, the quality wasn’t always there, it wasn’t always pretty. But some fans wanted total football. Under Gray it was attritional, at times downright boring but we had an honest bunch who gave 100% but some fans demanded the promised land. Under CC we were 13th, playing pragmatic football with a decent bunch of players (a
  6. To put it into perspective, as things stand we are left with ( 4-2-3-1 ) Wildsmith, Iorfa, Dunkley, Borner, Palmer Luongo*, FSB Windass, Bannan, Green* Patterson Adedoyin Dawson Obviously we’ll be (un)lucky to get 10 games out of Luongo & Green. I don’t know much about the youngsters but Galvin looked decent. So question is, can we add enough to what we have to stabilise in League 1?
  7. And if we did play us, for the fist time in history…… both teams would lose
  8. This free kick will some up our season. Into the wall or Penistone Road
  9. We really look like we need a point to win the league. No urgency.
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