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  1. For me this could be the game changer. I didn’t want Pulis. Not because of his record or personality but because I wanted the club to go in a different direction. I believe Pulis will keep us up. I agree with you that he will tell it how it is and be as open and honest as he is legally allowed to be. The fanbase need more transparency. Some would argue we deserve it.
  2. Really interesting thoughts about squad v individuals and how our squad has been assembled. Would be great if you started a “Do we need a sporting director?” post. This is a huge topic on its own. I bet it would be an emotive subject and would divide opinion. Be interesting to see people’s views.
  3. Wish we, as fans, could get to the bottom of this recruitment issue as it clouds sensible debate. Some believe that the owner and his advisers sign the players and impose them on successive managers. They may be right. I have no evidence to the contrary although I see no evidence in support of this view. I personally believe the manager is given a budget, and selects players within that budget. I believe this because nothing has been said by a Chansiri manager explicitly or implicitly, in the media or on social media to suggest they don’t get final say on players
  4. Very considered. Also digs behind my original question. Gray in particular but also in my opinion Laws, Sturrock, Megson seemed to squeeze every bit of value out of the average players at their disposal. Irvine, Jos, Monk, Wilson baffled me with their reverse Midas touch.
  5. Another good post in my opinion. Perhaps when Pulis has had a fair crack at them then we will truly know if our players are useless. He got a tune out of players like Etherington, Walters, Fuller, Higgingbottom who were only average at that level. Perhaps if Pulis can’t improve the performance of individuals in the current squad then perhaps they can’t be improved and are indeed useless.
  6. You do get the feeling that the right manager playing the right system would get good performances from the players you mention. They have been good players at this level.
  7. This is also very interesting because I can’t disagree about any of the players you mention and ultimately CCs team weren’t quite good enough to go up. Given the current squad is so much worse no wonder we are where they are. I know this sounds obvious but until you take the time to compare Loovens to Borner, Wallace to Harris, Lee to Luongo etc you can lose perspective.
  8. But shouldn’t that be good enough to be half way up this average league?
  9. Thanks Sally. This is the question I keep asking myself. Thanks for going through the team. I agree with a lot of your analysis. It feels almost the reverse of David Brailsford’s marginal gains theory. i.e. lots of little things wrong add up to a disaster on the pitch.
  10. On balance and taking onboard everyone’s input I still believe this.
  11. Pains me to say this as a lifelong Owl but can you blame them ? It shouldn’t be this way.
  12. Again, hadn’t looked at it this way but when you do it’s hard to disagree. Not one player I would be sad to lose or would be more worried if we did This is very telling
  13. Hadn’t really considered this but make you right. Since Reach stopped cracking in worldies, we don’t have that x-factor player who can make the difference in tight games.
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