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  1. Someone else made a very good point earlier in the thread. We should appraise what actually happens rather than what potentially could happen or what we hope might happen. For example Dean came with a big reputation and potential to improve is. In reality he played 7 games including the defeat to Rotherham and home tie to Sunderland. I genuinely don’t see how that than be judged better than ok. Wing and Shodipo should have been good signings but were flops because they were inconsistent, made no significant contribution and hardly played. Berihino scored less than 1 in 4 and rarely started. I don’t mean to be harsh on DM but the reality is that his transfer business based on actual performances and outcomes was mixed.
  2. I think Moore has had mixed results is more accurate IMO Brown, Gibson, Corbeneau, Wing, Shodipo, Berahino, Kamberi, NML & Sow were flops. Byers, Dean, BPF were ok Gregory, Johnson, Storey were a success
  3. 8 goals in 31 games in League 1. Decent finisher but no pace or strength to speak of Doesn’t run at players and disrupt the opposites defence. If we want promotion next season, we need better.
  4. Good player, good servant and strong character but hardly a hero.
  5. Question is, if Dawson wasn’t one of our own would you want the keeper from the League 2 runners up to replace BPF as our number 1 ? Personally I don’t se how Dawson deserves to be our number 1 based on what he’s done elsewhere
  6. Realising Dunkley and Hutch with Gibson, Dean and Storey returning to their clubs !!!! Doesn’t that leave us with only Brennan as a recognised CB? (When Iorfa signed he was a right-back) Hopefully a very busy summer in the transfer market or we can look forward to a back 3 of Palmer, Iorfa and Johnson
  7. Didn’t suggest otherwise. Just asked what the winner had won?
  8. New trespassing laws will mean £2,500 fines or 3 months in prison for being on land without owner's permission Seems harsh enough to me.
  9. Bet Ryan Giggs is on the blower now asking to swap medals
  10. Why do you feel special rules are required for football. Trespass, assault and actual bodily harm are already dealt with in law. Just enforce the laws we have. Someone running onto a football pitch is no more or less a moron than someone trespassing in an empty flat. Someone head butting Billy Sharp is no more or less a moron than the drunk head butting a stranger who looks at him funny on a Friday night.
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