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  1. Who cares who manages Rovrum? Darren Moore manages us. Let’s see what future he can build
  2. Can’t read , won’t read. You have my pity if nothing else
  3. Oh dear. You’ve done a good job of making yourself look silly so far and now you’ve excelled yourself. Congratulations. Firstly, there is a poll of fans showing the majority wanted to give the manager more time. If you read that thread there’s a common theme that the squad is not great for this level. Secondly, read the posts on this wider forum, the majority of posters recognised it would take time for this group to learn to play as a team. The majority of fans understand and have commented on the fact that we have recruited cast-offs and unproven loans. A majority of fans realised it would take time to recover from relegation and predicted a seasons finish outside of the top 2. Whereby the majority is “the larger number or part of something”. This is not scientific but is at least based on empirical evidence. Thirdly, I haven’t stated my personal view, rather I challenged yours. A narcissist disregards others or their feelings so by recognising the view of the majority I can hardly be accused of narcissism.
  4. Anyone who doesn’t agree with you doesn’t have “the most basic level of football knowledge” More arrogance and narcissism. I’m fascinated to know what makes you such an expert that you would insult the intelligence of the majority of fans who knew it would take time for this group to learn to play as a team. Who understood we have recruited cast-offs and unproven loans & realised it would take time for the club and 12 remaining players to shake off that appalling gutless relegation.
  5. And 2 relegations when he steps up a level. Overall win percentage of 34.7%. Nothing like planning for the future …
  6. So to be clear. Just because you say “this group of players are good enough to push the top two”, the fan base, coaching team, playing staff & owner have to align their expectations to match your completely unrealistic assessment? How arrogant and narcissistic. Most fans knew it would take time for this group to learn to play as a team. Most fans understood we have recruited cast-offs and unproven loans. Most fans realised it would take time to shake off that appalling gutless relegation. You are right that Iorfa , Shodipo & Wing should be top players in Lg1. Bannan & Hutchinson have been part of our decline since 2016. Luongo has played <1 game this season. Adeniran had previously only played 22 games, most as part of Wycombe’s failure last season. Gregory was released by Stoke having been poor for Derby on loan. Berahino couldn’t get a game for Zulte Waregem !!!!
  7. We have the 3rd best defensive record in the League but don’t let facts get in the way of a good moan.
  8. Find one example, just one, of any supporter saying things are going wonderfully.
  9. Legend in his own lunchtime. Full of excuses. The Fker can’t stand still HAVE IT !!!
  10. Aah. The last resort of the keyboard warrior. “If you don’t agree with my point of view, you don’t understand” Bless you.
  11. So the 8 games out of 11 where we have picked up points were gifted to us by the tooth fairy? You don’t believe the manager had any positive input in those games?
  12. We finished bottom of the Championship with zero fight. We weren’t paying wages on time. We didn’t post our accounts on time. We’re playing under the shadow of a suspended points deduction. We lost 15 players that we replaced with 14 free transfer cast-offs and loanees. Most of which I’d never heard of. We are still hampered with some over paid, under performing veterans. Given all that I’m fine being a point off the play-offs and 5 points off too spot. What did you expect ?
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