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  1. Had a dreadful nightmare that on the final day of next season we are at Forest Green. Its raining, the biodegradable recycled jojoba leaf roof is leaking. Rain is pouring into my fair trade coffee that tastes like clay. The crust of my vegan no plants or animals were hurt or even mildly perturbed in the making of this pie flavoured pie has gone soggy. We’ve just lost 8-0 (DC gets it changed to 4-0 on appeal) Pulis, Monk & Dross are stood next to me counting their ill-gotten compensation payments dressed like Harry Enfield’s “Loadsamoney”. Our relegation to League 2 is confirmed.
  2. Look on the bright side Mi’ Lord. “Those that run the club” have been signing League 1 standard players for at least 3 years. They must be getting good at it by now
  3. I fear you’re right.. and if we do it’ll be at Bargain Booze not Harrods Mi’ Lord.
  4. I’d like to see 4-3-3 as per the Liverpool blueprint. They’ve done ok. GK - New Signing / Wildsmith RB - Palmer / New Signing LB - New Signing / Galvin CB - Dunkley / Iorfa / Urhoghide (Contract) / Borner CM - Luongo / Shaw (Dramatic change of heart) / FSB / New Signing / New Signing / New Signing Strikers - Harris (Contract) / Green / Windass / New Signing / New Signing / New Signing Utility - Hutch / Paterson / New Signing Bannan to be sold to Brentford for £3m with our blessings. Proper clear out giving DM the chance to build a balanced squad
  5. Green was a poor signing. He’s never recaptured the form he showed as a very promising youngster since serious injury kept him out of much of the 2017–18 season. Just seems to have lost his mojo. He’s been on loan to Portsmouth, Preston and Charlton without notable success. Admittedly it’s hard to shine on loan. Kachunga on paper is a much better player but it hasn’t really worked out for him at S6. I hope that you are right Mi’ Lord and Green finds form and fitness next season. The odds are against it, but as Wednesday fans, we live in hope. It’s all we have.
  6. Norwich made £16m profit from Premier League income during their failed season in 2019/20. They were then given an extra £40m parachute payment as reward for that failure and you really think that we had an embarrassment of riches in comparison ?
  7. Possession 66% Shots Home 15 Away 9 Corners Home 7 Away 4 Rotherham did not boss the game. Fact is, we’re all so negative about everything right now that we’ve lost the ability to put things in context. Performance no way near the worst of the season. Result was a huge blow.
  8. Absolutely this. Negative reaction to Darren Moore’s contribution after less than a week at the club is embarrassing
  9. Don’t get me wrong. Those days were my greatest as an Owl. I fear my sons will never experience those highs watching Wednesday. Going to a sold out Hillsboro and expecting to beat Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool was awesome. My point was that, whatever Richards achieved was for his own ego. He’s never cared about the supporters the club or his employees.
  10. Fair points except for 2000 relegation. The only person Dave Richards cared about was himself. Just ask the former employees of Three Star Engineering. Left us shackled with £23m of debt that set us back 10 years. Re-hired and fired Big Ron to score cheap points. Rode off into the distance to rub shoulders with the Premier League high and mighty and left someone else to clean up his mess.
  11. There’s about 10 thousand Americans on the Mexican border who’ve had their wall building contract cancelled. Bound to be able to get one of them to do a good job on the cheap. No thanks necessary
  12. “My ambition at the start of the season was to score 100 goals. When I left, we had 70 and there were still games left to play. I’m not saying we would have got the 100, but it outlines what the mentality was. The only way you do that is by playing open, expansive, attacking football” He’ll do for me
  13. Doubt we’ll see Hutch & Westwood being too disruptive. He’s a unit
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