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  1. For me, mid table without getting dragged into the bottom 3 is the best we can hope for
  2. Just promise you’ll still be in favour of this signing come the end of the season and that you’ll post telling us all what an inspired signing it was. I’m 100% certain it’ll be another Jones, Boyd, Rhodes scenario
  3. Never commented on his ability. Right back not a priority. Hunt coming off a Championship wage. On his way down. Maybe his final professional contract. Not the right fit for us.
  4. Couldn’t agree more given Palmer, Iorfa and Hutchinson could all cope as full-back in this league.
  5. Remember the financial poo were in before celebrating another pensioner
  6. So you’re saying that a host of championship teams made him offers and he and his agent chose to come to the club that was relegated without a whimper and doesn’t pay its players? Are you for real? Another case of taking players no one else want. We never learn.
  7. Owlstalkers June ‘21 “Why can’t we learn our firkin lesson? Signing thirtysomething has-beens, just looking for a pension has ruined our club. Firkin DC never listens to firkin anyone” Owlstalkers July ‘21 after we’re linked with a thirtysomething has-been, just looking for a pension. “Sign him up, no brainer” FFS
  8. It’s a team game. It isn’t Bannans prerogative to decide how and where he plays to benefit the team. For me this is part of the problem.
  9. Problem with Bannan is that he insisted on being a deep playmaker, taking the ball off the defence and attempting long passes. When he was further forward against Cardiff he was outstanding but he wouldn’t do this consistently. There isn’t another team in the entire football league that has success with this “quarterback” type player. No doubt Bannan is good at what he does but what he does doesn’t win football matches.
  10. Do you not see a difference between having a list of 3 players you feel are the right fit for the team and seeing if any of them will join and having a list of 3 players who will join and seeing if any of them will fit? My point is that these are Moore’s signings by definition as he is the manager and they have signed but I don’t believe they are players he has targeted but rather has settled for
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