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  1. Only if they used their laptops to beat prey to death or lit them on fire for heat and light as electricity had not been discovered and computer code had not been invented during the Pleistocene Epoch
  2. Slo Mos Iain Hesford Julian Watts Miguel Liera Rob Jones Guy Branston Chris Sedgewick Steve McCall Chris Marsden Joey Pellupessy Adthe Nuhiu Adam Proudlock Greased Lightnings Brad Jones Roland Nilsson Jeremy Helan Des Walker Emerson Thome JJ Mark Chamberlain Liam Palmer Marc Degryse Paul Warhurst Dalian Atkinson
  3. Couldn’t agree more. If you would sign Murphy for £3m and then try to shoehorn him into the current system you must indeed be bereft of said brain.
  4. In my opinion trying to fit square pegs in round holes has been one of our problems recently so why pay £3m for what is ostensibly a RM / RW only to try and convert him into a RWB or a striker. Makes more sense to stick with Palmer or Moses or Harris who are all better RWB than Murphy and spend £3m on a natural striker.
  5. Apparently it wasn’t a case of leaving out the bigger names rather them making themselves unavailable. Some a pushing for moves. Some already unhappy with new managers methods. Unrest behind scenes means it could be a good time to play them.
  6. I respect your opinion, understand your logic of drawing a line under last season and admire your positivity. However I think you miss a key point. For circa 20 games (and I include the game against Walsall) our performances and results have been poor. There has been no development, no improvement, no lessons learned. Therefore what is the basis for believing that we will put that terrible form behind us from this point forward? I think as Wednesday fans we are just looking for something to believe in, some tiny shoot of recovery. Just saying forget last week, next week will be better isn’t enough for the majority of fans.
  7. Then why align success and backing the team and manager in your point “B” ?
  8. I agree with you Sarge that he bears the brunt of everyone’s frustrations and he has a very difficult job given the behind the scene issues. My problem is that a good manager can improve players, tactics and performances, even if only a little, given our lack of quality. A good manager can send out a team with a gameplan whereby, win or lose, the supporters can say “At least we can see what he’s trying to do”. I don’t see anything from Monk to show he is up to this difficult job.
  9. You’ve not understood Jack. The OP asked would we rather the club failed so certain people would gloat or would we rather get behind the manager and succeed. This implies the manager will succeed if we get behind him. I don’t niece the manager will succeed even if we do get behind him because I don’t believe he’s done anything to suggest he can during his tenure. How long is a fair chance? What have you seen from Monk that gives you confidence he will improve things?
  10. And I’ve not said blame Monk for everything, just that he seems to send the team out without a clear gameplan, he picks players out of position and performances show no sign of improvement under his leadership.
  11. it isn’t that simple though is it? If we get behind Monk to a man and cheer and compliment his every move, it won’t improve results if he continues to send the team out without a clear gameplan, picks players out of position and performances show no sign of improvement I think what you’re saying is that the fans should try to create a positive environment. You can’t polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter which is what backing Monk irrespective of the results he delivers amounts too.
  12. Reach’s form is indicative of the poor team management at S6 in recent years. When we signed Reach he was one of the best prospects in the Championship as a left wing back. He stood out because of his energy, discipline in holding a wide position and delivery with his left foot from wide areas. It was a coup for us to get him. We sign him and play him central midfield, central attack and right wing. Then criticise him as his form and confidence gradually erodes.
  13. I expected exactly what we got. Another poor display. A team with no discernible gameplan. Players played out of position. Slow ponderous tempo. Very few chances created. A team that looks like it hasn’t worked on anything in training (ie set pieces) even though I’m sure they’ve worked hard on the training pitch. I expected this because it’s what GM has delivered since he arrived and he is not capable of changing it. I have nothing against GM personally I simply don’t believe he is good enough at his job.
  14. i think so. I’m in the “hungry young guns without baggage” camp Leeds got Nketiah last season. Swansea got Brewster. The young players are out there not getting game time as the big guns continue to spend tens of millions on the finished article.
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