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  1. Totally loved Captain Lyons but, I’m sorry you’ll never beat Des Walker
  2. The Pigs has a successful strategy of taking hungry ambitious players from the lower leagues. Based on this how about Matthew Clarke (Portsmouth) James Justin (Luton Town) John Marquis (Doncaster Rovers)
  3. Heard from someone who works at Wednesday (not a player or coaching staff) that we’ve enquired about Ryan Leonard from Millwall as competition for Hutch. Never heard of him and don’t remember anyone outstanding when we’ve played Millwall. Any thoughts?
  4. Given tonight a swerve and watching on TV. With wide angles birds eye red button view 2 things scream out. 1-No pace to threaten behind Bolton defence makes it way too easy for them to squeeze and defend 2 - Bannan gets a nose bleed if he crosses half way line. He gets so far then actually starts to back peddle
  5. Hands up for you’re footy knowledge. Having done a bit of digging those you’ve highlighted could be the sort of hungry ambitious players who might help us. Probably affordable and might see us as a step up.
  6. Morrison 31 Elphick 31 Gregory 30 IMO most of those available represent other championship clubs getting rid of their dead wood. Good call on Bidwell though
  7. Looking at the list below. So have plenty of other clubs. Slim pickings if we’re looking for free transfers in the Championship https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/every-championship-player-out-of-contract-this-summer-who-should-your-club-sign-1-9636874
  8. Does anyone know if you can renew a contract when under embargo? Isn’t it technically (re)signing a player? Don’t know the answer just curious as it puts a different complexion on the out of contract players
  9. The Steel City Derby is always huge for the city and its supporters. For some reason this one feels extra special with the Blunts pushing for automatic promotion and the S6 revolution gaining momentum under Brigadier Bruce. With the exception of the Wembley semi final and the “Mind the Gap” derby, this one feels right up there. Agree? Or just another game?
  10. Have to agree. Believe a play-off place will be beyond us this year. However to put a positive spin on things, the best chance of it happening is to play and beat the teams above us. Dare to dream.
  11. Genuinely don’t understand this obsession with Hooper. Since 2015 (including his loan spell) he’s played 76 games for us scoring 29 goals. He’s been average at best. Certainly no world beater. Theres no logical reason to believe he will suddenly play 40 games a season and bag 20 plus goals. Especially as he’s not getting any younger. As a previous poster said. If he played for another team no one would be clammering to sign him on a pay per play deal just in case he came good. Time to move on
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