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  1. Does the ownership of the company matter if DC chooses to use his income taken in salary, shares or dividends from his family’s business interests to invest in SWFC.
  2. When did the Thai Union Group appear on sponsorship material? He stared that his purchase was funded from his own wealth and that investment would not funded by TUG I’m genuinely struggling to understand your point. Are you suggesting that funds invested by DC are from some otherwise unknown failing business or are somehow fraudulent?
  3. So with expenditure exceeding income and the need to maintain a competitive league position and limited options for increasing revenue what would you have done differently?
  4. Fairly reasoned point. I just think that the regulations imposed by FIFA and interpreted by the EFL have created unrealistic milestones. IMO it’s not a case of “trying to get away with things” rather trying to find quick and innovative fixes to bridge the gap between expenditure and income in an unrealistic timeframe for those clubs where the imbalance existed prior to FFP. Un•••d who you have rightly highlighted and others such as Brentford, Preston and Wigan started with a lower cost base and therefore did not have to deconstruct their business model in order to rebuild. However this should in no way detract from their recruitment strategy which has raised the quality of their squads disproportionately to cost.
  5. His family business is with 4 billion pounds and is the leading business and is the largest in its market. This and my own experience of working in Asia Pacific where family and honour is still paramount
  6. Have a look at the article below. It may not change your mind but will show how the Championship ( a UK organisation ) has fallen fowl of FFP. I’m not sure where DC could have turned to find these people younreference who know more than him. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/financial-fair-play-vs-fairy-tales-football-leagues-intractable-fiscal-conundrum
  7. Not sure if this has been shared before but below you will find an excellent and balanced article on FFP and the plight off Wednesday and others. May help to understand DCs culpability but also other factors https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/financial-fair-play-vs-fairy-tales-football-leagues-intractable-fiscal-conundrum
  8. Of the 24 teams currently in the Championship, 7 have been relegated from the Prem in the last 3 years and benefit from parachute payments. 6 have been promoted from League 1 in the last 3 years and therefore have not yet had their accounts scrutinised Leaving 11 clubs susceptible to FFP penalties of which Wednesday, Leeds, Derby, Birmingham, Forest, QPR & Blackburn have all been under investigation and / or transfer embargo Add to this Bournemouth, Leicester & Aston Villa who all seriously breached FFP regulations in their promotion years and Bolton who were relegated and I venture it is unfair to single out Sheffield Wednesday as “being run haphazardly with no effective long term strategy”. We are in the majority of Championship clubs who have struggled with this arbitrary regulation. It would appear with some certainty that construction of FFP iand the capability of clubs to comply in the designated time frame is the real issue
  9. So what would you have DC do differently in line with UK ethics ?
  10. Supported the club since 1979. First went with my sadly departed Grandfather. Visited 74 away grounds following the owls not including old and new Wembley, The Millenium, Spora and Kaiserslautern. Made both my sons into Owls which some would deem child abuse. So no fair weather fan I’m not trying to piddle down anyone’s back. Nor am I insulting your intelligence or rubbishing your opinion. Apologies if you think I am. I’m not blindly loyal. That’s insulting my intelligence. Merely stating that none of the fans know what happens in the boardroom or the lawyers office but we all assume we do and pass judgement. Can’t we just wait for the published outcome of this EFL investigation, take a deep breath and then react rather than second guessing before the facts.
  11. But if the ground sale is proven legitimate then we have complied to FFP whilst reaching the play-offs twice The gamble which none of us believed in when CC was appointed almost came off DC has listened and learnt by appointing Bruce and Monk as experienced British managers. We currently sit 8th in the Championship, 3 points of a 3rd playoff qualification. So what exactly are we blaming DC for? Jos was a complete and utter disaster, ticket pricing is wrong. DC is new to football ownership and learning on the job. As I say, if we are found guilty and the penalties imposed by the EFL as a result of our ground sale outweigh the option of doing nothing then I will admit I’m wrong and join you in condemning DC Until then Keep Calm & Lets See WAWAW
  12. If you have a shred of proof that DC is an autocrat then please produce it. If your opinion is based on hearsay, gossip and, god forbid Owlstalk “in the knowers” then please reserve judgement. I have spent several years working in the Asia Pacific region where the preferred leadership styles are consultative and participative regardless of job level. Employees report a higher degree of satisfaction with their job and perceived influence in decision-making. Their is lots of literature on the subject if your interested.
  13. Not by Doyen or Paxo I agree. Believe those parasites took advantage of DCs naivety. You can question DCs judgement in the same way you can blame your nan for being hoodwinked out of her savings by the confidence fraudster. I believe DC has learned from past mistakes and is trying his utmost to turn the club around. That’s why I’m prepared to give him the benefit until and if the walls come tumbling down.
  14. Agree 100% but you want to hang , draw and quarter the prisoner before any crime is committed. As I say, wait and see the findings and the outcome, balance them against the potential outcome of no action and if you still want to blame the chairman then that’s your right. I’ll join you with my burning pitchfork if he has been negligent. For now I’ll bet he hasn’t
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