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  1. I blame Neil. If he hadn't have banned big Lisa, Owlstalk would have been on that list.
  2. Not to mention. Will they have to isolate!
  3. Might have a clause in his contract that he can go if a Championship club or Prem come him for him.
  4. Just googled Work permits for football managers in the UK. The only things that came up was regarding player transfers. Nothing about coaches or managers.
  5. I don't think this bloke is any bodies stooge. He reminds me of a bond villain.
  6. I suppose you could call Windass a false 9. Not quite sure what Paterson is classed as, still trying to work that one out. (Barely a footballer if you ask some on here ). Marriot would benefit from having a Mark Bright type forward up with him and playing off them, someone who will take physical aspects of the game for him. Then there is Rhodes who has been successful in a forward pairing. The problem is 442 is not used by us, and like you say we don't have a forward who can play the role as lone striker. So to add to the wingers nee
  7. No worse than what we have. However he is the type of player that needs service to score goals. I hope Green can help with this or the club is going to bring in a player or two who can create chances for the forwards. Most strikers would struggle in our team, even Harry Kane.
  8. Slim picking really. TBH would rather have neither of them.
  9. I said in another thread, the youngsters need to get in the gym and bulk up and go out on loan. I imagine if they came up against some Championship players they would get bullied a bit.
  10. We don't even know what his best position is yet.
  11. I think someone should start another Liam Shaw thread, I don't think there is enough!
  12. Definitely, out on loan and in the gym. Could do with bulking up a bit. But thought both Galvin and Brennan played well.
  13. I think he is destined to play in midfield. You tell he wants to get forward.
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