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  1. Contract to the end of the season, with the option for the club to extend.
  2. How much did Leicester pay for Maddison, 22 mill?
  3. jp1981

    Rumour heard on Golf course.

    Maybe if the new owner owned another club who we could loan decent players from like Watford did.
  4. jp1981

    Jos in/out and Chansiri in/out

    I put DC out as I think he has given all he can to the club with the clubs best intentions at heart. He gave it in what is his opinion his best shot, although I agree. Just wish fans would not get personal and start abusing him and Jos. Things don't always work out, that is life.
  5. I Imagine we will be looking at Luis Castro of Vitoria de Guimaraes, The guy who turned reading.
  6. jp1981

    When Bruce Becomes Manager

    I will give them 2 games .
  7. jp1981

    Today's presser.

    What if he isn't allowed to?
  8. jp1981

    Chansiri - In or Out?

    I don't doubt DC wants the best for the club. However due to Profit and sustainability his hands are tied. We are going to struggle unless we sell players or attract big sponsorship money. Also as mentioned by others perhaps he needs to take a step back and employ people that are used to running football clubs, like Man City did when they were taken over (obviously they had more money to do so and a bigger pull than what we do).
  9. jp1981

    Fulham manager

    I'd take that at the minute.
  10. jp1981

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    Sadly I feel it is right for Jos to go. Than again said this for the last vote and then we went on a run. Hopefully the same will happen again, starting on Friday.
  11. jp1981

    The Injured and Frozen Out XI

    Yes and no. Had we gone up, no one would have been saying this. Had he not spent money, we would have been slagging him off. He can't win really. Has he always made the correct decisions, no. Also to some extent we have to blame ffp (or what ever it is called these days), as without the restrictions he would have signed better players (or what are deemed better players). Problem is, there are no guarantees in football. Sometime things work, sometimes they don't. Not every player signed by a club will work out - Does that really make that player a bad player?
  12. If we sell Reach how much do Boro get? Also we should start the bidding at around £20 mil in today's market. Maddison went for £22 mill.
  13. The problem is they were far better than what we have now. All of the player in the 91 team were talkers. How many of the current defenders can you here on the pitch?
  14. jp1981

    Premier league 2

    Knowing our luck, it will be the season we get promoted and thus miss out on the riches from it.
  15. You should email sky for the refund.