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    But does he have a birth certificate...?? Or is he illegitimate??
  2. Paper talk

    There is always the Free transfer widow. I think this is open until the end of September. Anyone know of any decent free transfer available?
  3. Just appeared on Sky now: 13:13 'LEICESTER MAKE HIRST BID’ Leicester City have submitted a £2m bid for Sheffield Wednesday teenager George Hirst, according to the Daily Mirror. Leeds are also reportedly interested in the England U20 star.
  4. Argentina. Surely there is a new Maradonna about?
  5. Was never the same after Alhabsi took him out.
  6. Maybe the buying club will have to pay the remainder of the transfer fee (5 million at the end of the season, apparently we have only paid 5million so far) owed to boro. Therefore we make a profit of 2.5million.
  7. hull tity

    I think you are undervaluing Baz in the current market. A lot of bang average players (not saying Bannan is) are going for a lot more. Personally Anywhere in between 8 - 10 mill i would let him go (as long as we can get a replacement in). As much as I like Bannan it might give us more balance as a team instead of CC trying to shoehorn him in to a 442, especially when hutch and Lee are fit.
  8. What's wrong with players these days. He went down like he had been shot. Bannan bearley caught him. Footballers are a protected breed these days. These players wouldn't have lasted 2 minutes back in the days when you were allowed to tackle.
  9. Players missing tomorrow

    Ah yeah. Forgot about that.
  10. Players missing tomorrow

    More likely to be going out on loan.
  11. Elev8

    Just seen on the blokes facebook page that he lives and works in Thailand. One of DC's mates??? Show me the money!!!!!
  12. It is time

    What's big Ron doing these days.