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  1. Love the away shirt. Best away shirt we've produced in ages.
  2. Was Monk the reason before Christmas when we were conceding less?
  3. I blame the guy in the light gray suit. Whoever he is.
  4. Hopefully if we appeal. The deduction is reduced to -6 points it get applied to this season just gone and everyone is happy. Right? That's what Charlton want isn't it?
  5. I don't think so. The decision should have been made long before the end of the season so that we would have at least known what we had to do to stay up. Or at least have a chance of staying up. It could go on forever. There is still a chance we could appeal the outcome. Or aooeal against Charltons appeal. It could go on forever.
  6. Thanks. So sorry if I sound a bit thick can we include the sale towards the next 2 seasons accounts? Also the sale of the ground (albeit being used in the wrong set of accounts) has not breached any rules?
  7. Sky says this: The EFL statement read: "An independent disciplinary commission, appointed under EFL Regulations, has ruled that Sheffield Wednesday will receive a 12-point deduction for breaching the League's Profitability and Sustainability Rules for the three season reporting period ending with Season 2017/18. If Derby breached P&S like us they should get the same punishment. No mention about the sale of the ground (although I may have missed it).
  8. First part of the season they got some good results. If they do get promoted again then they will be in a better position to invest. Weather or not Farke is the man to attract the better players is a different matter.
  9. He could be available on a free in a few weeks if they don't keep the cash coming in.
  10. Didn't Bullen try to sign him before Monk came in, but the bid was rejected as they wouldn't have been able to find a replacement in time for their European match?
  11. The money doesn't hurt. They could sell the 4/5 players like has been said for £100m with the payments spread over the next 4/5 years which would see them very comfortable, not to mention the money made from the promotion. Who's to say they won't go straight back up. Farke has done it before, so will have a decent idea how to do it.
  12. Exactly. Although I would like Penny to get a decent run in the team. What I have seen of him on the videos, he delivers a good ball and can has the ability to score direct from free kicks (unlike the current squad).
  13. That's the one. I knew he was out on loan somewhere. Thanks
  14. Didn't they also loan the right back who has played most of the season for Chelsea?
  15. Haha. Quite apt as our players are half asleep most of the time.
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