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Community Answers

  1. The -9 might be next season due to the appeal. Unless Derby are trying to take the hit this season for whatever the punishment is and withdraw the appeal for the -9.
  2. Also think that his strength wasn't playing out from the back and when allowed to do the things he was good at he was our best defender.
  3. This. Although I doubt Dennis will be fit.
  4. Berahino, could be Greens replacement. Where as Grigg would be competition for Gregory and Kamberi.
  5. I've not read the full report. Just seen the headline when I searched his name after seeing it on Dom Howson's Q&A. Apparently us and Plymouth in for him.
  6. Not sure if I heard correct but I'm sure it said he was a free agent, so it wasn't departmental that the deal was done today.
  7. Just been confirmed on talk sport, that the contract is an incentive based deal. probably like the one Hutchinson was on last season.
  8. Ellis Harrison linked now. Apologies if already mentioned.
  9. What would you say he is? I'm not sure.
  10. I'd like another out and out center forward. We only really have Gregory is fits the criteria. The other forwards are more wide attackers or forwards that come really deep for the ball.
  11. I'd say a left back (if Brown is going to deployed as a winger) and another Centre Forward.
  12. Maybe if the squad had been refreshed and players sold to generate the funds, it might have been different. Who knows. All I know is I like Carlos, always speaks very highly of us. Some of the abuse he gets on here is unwarranted.
  13. 3. Hopefully Paterson and Palmer Will get a call up to the Scotland squad. However I very much doubt it. Maybe Sunderland will have 3 call ups and the match is moved. Really don't want to play the game with JW in goal and undo the good defensive work done so far.
  14. Excellent news. What I have noticed which seems to be evident, is that DM has obviously drilled into them that he want's us to win the league. I think most of the interview to different players that I have listened to seems to mention about being here to win the league, which is really refreshing.
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