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Community Answers

  1. Doesn't matter when your player at centre back.
  2. Think he needs to get his self to the hospital quick. His head looks like it's swelled to twice the size of anyone else's.
  3. I agree. However, I would hope anyone wanting to buy the club, would be better at running it. More to the point how to run a football club.
  4. I don't think this is the case with Sims, just sitting on his... That is. I think I read that he had, had some issues in his personal life.
  5. Would we be able to move him into another position at the club, like negotiating player signings (not choosing them though), as DM seems very good at getting players to sign (Shame he isn't as good at playing them and in the correct positions). Would we have to pay him compo if we did this?
  6. Apparently there is also interest from Championship clubs, so not a done deal.
  7. Maybe Clement as assistant to John Terry as another option.
  8. Michael Carrick, Daniel Farke Paul Clement These would be my choices.
  9. Now Middlesbrough have recalled Wing. So that is another player gone.
  10. Are we allowed to spend whatever fee we got for Green, or have we already used that?
  11. Dean Saunders alluded to this earlier on Talk Sport, but wouldn't name the club when asked.
  12. Not got any rumours but would like a new CB, Holding mid and a striker. If I am being greedy I would want 2 CB's.
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