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  1. For players like this, we should offer a pay as you play contract until they prove there fitness.
  2. Unless your slightly Quicker or Michael Owen.
  3. I agree. Maybe there was something we don't know about or maybe Mr C just wanted to see if he could turn it round. Who knows.
  4. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Jos had a good record of getting teams promoted, albeit in a different country. Nothing is guaranteed. Personally think we need a Director of Football to work alongside SB.
  5. Saw him in town after work yesterday when walking to my car.
  6. Does Clem not know his own name!
  7. Hope he doesn't put them on in there. It looks a bit slippy.
  8. Contract to the end of the season, with the option for the club to extend.
  9. How much did Leicester pay for Maddison, 22 mill?
  10. Maybe if the new owner owned another club who we could loan decent players from like Watford did.
  11. I put DC out as I think he has given all he can to the club with the clubs best intentions at heart. He gave it in what is his opinion his best shot, although I agree. Just wish fans would not get personal and start abusing him and Jos. Things don't always work out, that is life.
  12. I Imagine we will be looking at Luis Castro of Vitoria de Guimaraes, The guy who turned reading.
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