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  1. Just Googled the team and there manager is Ardian Nuhiu!!
  2. Unless SB thinks he can get him scoring again and aid us in our quest for promotion. Or if not promoted increases his value to what we are asking for.
  3. That's funny. According to QPR boss Warburton, he had already signed for a new club.
  4. Depends how the deal is structured, could be 2 - 3 mill up front and the rest in add-ons, like another 2 mill if they stay up. Also if you don't ask....No one thought the loan deal would go through, but that got negotiated and agreed in the end. Maybe DC has a point. Start off high and meet in the middle.
  5. It is for a player who only has a year left on his contract. However I am not saying he isn't worth that amount. The other way to look at it is we could sell him for more than £5m in a year or two.
  6. Normally to the end of June. New contracts start on the 1st July.
  7. No idea, but according the old google thingy, he is a Kosovon, Albanian like Big Dave. Scored 10 goals and got 5 assists in 29 games last/this league season.
  8. No reason why we can't use 442 or 433 when Palmer is needed.
  9. Quite possibly. It seems to me SB is looking to bring in leaders. Quite of the players that we have been linked with have been or are captains or their current / past team. I think SB will have noticed that we are very quiet vocally as a team.
  10. Could be Van Aken gets moved out wide to left back or plays in a back 3.
  11. Yeah but that could still be below what it is costing us at the minute. Wasn't it only a few seasons ago it was costing us upwards of 5million in running costs?
  12. He will go to spurs. They were linked with him in January.
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