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  1. We heard similar with Berahino and Moore’s sorted him out
  2. Sounds like a character in a Tarantino movie
  3. I’m a lot more confident going into games with Hutchinson and Loungo back in the side. Hopefully the new lad gets a start at the back too Im going to go 2-1 Wednesday Gregory and Hunt with his first Wednesday goal
  4. Weirdly he’ll probably be absolutely no use in the PL again next year
  5. Sony are due to announce their new service soon,so hopefully that improves on PS now, which is ok but most of the games on it you can pick up for less than £10
  6. Doubt it Wing will be in, Sow will be out
  7. Just started outriders on ps5. Looks great and decent combat
  8. What’s going on with Benitez? Was one of the supposed top managers a few years back
  9. Not sure about him, looks strong but lacks quality on the ball
  10. Nobody wants him to fail. I’d be delighted if he proved me wrong but I’ve seen enough to know that we won’t consistently put a run of wins together under this manager
  11. Loves a ruck does Billy. I was talking to an old United player whose now at Coventry and he stopped going boozing with him cos of stuff like this
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