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  1. Those were the days Looking at the back of that programme and I still remember every name from that Newcastle side like I did most clubs back then I’d struggle to name you 5 Newcastle players now Shows how much I’ve fallen out of love with the game I suppose
  2. I don’t dislike Moore. He comes across as a great bloke and obviously I’d love it if he did well here I just find him incredibly frustrating and I don’t have any faith in him to take us back up automatically
  3. WBA need to get Reach on and take the game to Watford
  4. It’s looking like one of those nights for cabbage head
  5. If I was a player I wouldn’t be on anything social media wise It’s absolutely toxic at times
  6. I wish one day we’d be able to have someone’s pants down with a transfer fee £1m is bugger all these days
  7. We’ll know more about this side after Charlton, Peterborough and Bolton After those 3 we’ll have played 5 of the sides who’ll be looking at promotion and if we can come out of this tough start with a good points return I’ll start to believe
  8. This isn’t convincing at all Sides looking at automatic promotion should be controlling large parts of the game
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