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  1. Depends on Chansiri’s next move If he comes out and outlines a plan to sort this mess out I’ll renew if the price is reasonable for league 1 If he comes out blames the fans and charges £500 on the kop then no chance
  2. Out of that lot I’d keep uroghide, Hunt and Lees, the rest can leave as they’re stinking the place out
  3. Agreed Last time we went into league 1 we had Turner who to be fair to him signed some great players for that level, and after that we had Megson who built a side with proper testicles
  4. My guess Fans fault for not buying I follow Fans fault for asking for refunds Fans fault for being negative and putting off multi million pound investors Covid crisis not allowing him to fund the club as he’d like
  5. This can’t be right Izzy Brown said after the Rotherham game that they were going to put it right today
  6. I honestly think Chansiri will sack him/ not renew his contract when we go down
  7. But many like me are reluctant to stay customers to Chansiri and Paxos circus
  8. This isn’t like the last 2 relegations to league 1 I genuinely think this will knock the stuffing out of a lot of our supporters
  9. At least there’s some good humour on here to keep us entertained
  10. Has a Wednesday side ever effectively been pretty much down this early in a season before?
  11. Obviously now relegation is all but sealed, all that remains to be seen is how these set of clowns can embarrass us further
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