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  1. I think this will be a summer that we look back on in 20/30 years time and bore everyone about “ I was there when we were in league 1 back in 2021 when we only had 10 first team players and nearly got relegated into league 2” “p*ss off grandad”
  2. So pleased that I don’t have to endure watching Reach and Harris in a Wednesday shirt ever again. Also pleased that Pelupessy has gone, he was a trier but such a poor footballer
  3. Agree Really weird the Abdi situation, he didn’t have a massive injury, he was just permanently unfit throughout his time here, and for the last 2 years he was hardly mentioned by managers and the local press. Worth noting that he hasn’t played football since he left, looking at his Instagram he just seems to be on a permanent holiday with his wife
  4. Waste of time, he’ll just tell us to hire Steve Cotterill
  5. We need a summer like 2004 and 2011 when 10 or 11 came in and proper freshened up the place
  6. Yeah forgot about him, didn’t think it was that much though
  7. I’ve been going for 28 years and the amount of players we’ve sold for substantial amounts can’t even be double figures Off the top of my head warhurst £3m Thome £3m Alexanderson £2.5m Bougherra £3m Brunt £3m Joao £3m Grant £2m Struggling here
  8. Leipzig looks like a donny shirt
  9. I know Barnsley fans don’t really like us but I quite like them to do well. I was delighted when they went up in 97
  10. Would have looked good about 15 years ago
  11. I’m torn on if I want him to stay. Good old fashioned centre half but if asked to play out from the back then he gets himself in a right old tangle
  12. I bet he ends up richer by the time he hangs his boots up tho
  13. Got to admire Leicester, what a brilliantly run football club these last few years
  14. It was a shocker, I’ve never seen a footballer look so shellshocked and out of his depth as JVA that day
  15. Whoever scouted or recommend him to us needs sacking and should think about a career change
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