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  1. Wilder has done a great job, but he’s had a mare in the transfer market. I wouldn’t trust him to do my big shop
  2. Giddings fighting Biggs at the front of the queue as usual
  3. Can’t see anything against Leicester and Southampton. Anything is possible against Ollies Man U tho
  4. Next up West brom Leicester Southampton Man Utd
  5. Oh dear Really hoping Wilder gets the boot soon
  6. Tbf even a draw isn’t a great result in their predicament
  7. Such is the absolute uselessness of the bottom 4, 20 points will probably secure 17th place this year
  8. Rudi Gestede should be brought in until the summer
  9. Steve Bruce once said that you’re only as good as your strikers Well we only have 1, and that’s why we’ll probably end up going down
  10. It’s been the case for years 2 of Preston’s recent visits to Hillsborough were embarrassing
  11. Derby love p*ssing money up the wall. Didn’t they pay £6m for Jacob Butterfield
  12. The defence and Bannan, Brown and Loungo are fine. Further up we have a real lack of quality
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