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  1. Being a full weight pillock can’t be aiding his cause though
  2. Can you all stop derailing the Ronaldo thread with talk of Messi please I don’t go steaming into the wrestling thread and start changing the subject to crown green bowling do I
  3. Whilst i agree with you, I think it’s best not to speak about has beens like Messi in threads like this. This thread should be about celebrating the GOAT that is Cristiano Ronaldo
  4. I know but my point is that if your break the rules and are successful then there’s no price to pay
  5. Absolutely Worth noting that Ronaldo is older than Wayne Rooney whose career went south about 5 years ago
  6. These rules are an absolute joke. Ourselves and Derby get the book thrown at us for chasing it and ultimately failing, whilst Villa, Bournemouth and Wolves do the same get promoted and no one cares Like getting jailed for attempted murder whilst actual murder goes unpunished
  7. Outstanding start from the GOAT At 36 he’s showing no let up, truly remarkable. Only Zlatan comes close for the way he’s stayed at the top of his game in a top league despite his advancing years
  8. Pigs under McCabe had been doing that for years. mainly for schools and uni students I can see both sides of this, Man City fans will find it embarrassing especially when they look across the city, but Pep will be frustrated with what he probably sees as a lack of support
  9. Apart from the opening 20 minutes against Fleetwood I haven’t seen us play well under Moore, very worrying
  10. He’s a bit of a weird one Bannan, very talented footballer but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as good as him as bad at shooting in my 30 years watching Wednesday. The law of averages means he scores a couple of screamers a year but on the whole it’s not a good return from him
  11. 1 point from the last 3 isn’t acceptable with this squad Moore is going to be under huge pressure if we don’t put some results together soon
  12. Cancer is a dreadful thing to have to go through for anyone, but when children get it it’s heartbreaking Hope his treatment goes well and he’s better soon
  13. Corbeanu and Berahino need to start with Gregory Johnson shouldn’t be played in an attacking role as he just slows things down Brown should play instead of Palmer Adeniran for Byers or Wing
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