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  1. A good player but no more. It’s not that hard to tip Tap your way around deep midfield. His former clubs all liked him but not enough to keep him as he doesn’t really stop or create goals in the sort of volumes a team needs from a centre mid.
  2. Chapman from that 2017 photo looks like he could still do a job for us!
  3. Great player. Brave, strong and a good finisher. Was perfect at the top of a Wilko team. i remember one game he got sent off for giving the ref massive verbals, one of the few times I have seen a player sent off for no foul but just a reaction. I am sure di Canio did the same once against Watford.
  4. next seasons captain

    Barry Bannan or Adthe Nuhiu.
  5. Hutchinson. Keep or release

    Our biggest problem re Hutch is the absolute shower we brought in to cover him when injured. Jones is a pub player. Butterfield wouldn't even make that pub team At centre half the cover was Van Slaken and a broken Loovens. If we had a good, young, developing grafter in centre mid who is good cover, Hutch and his injuries and suspensions less of an issue.
  6. Hutchinson. Keep or release

    As has been mentioned, we can’t release him as he is under contract. a more relevant question is how we cover for his many absences.
  7. Almen Abdi at #SWFC

    A dreadful footballer on evidence so far. Thank god we didn’t built a team around him, or indeed rhodes as some called for us to do. As I have said before, we would have been better doing as the klf did with the abdi money ie go to a remote Scottish island and burn 4 million quid. Playing the resultant suitcase full of ashes in midfield would be more effective than having abdi play in there.
  8. Richard Hawley

    What is 'proper music'? Educate me great one, I am here to listen and my mind is open.
  9. Van Aken

    Van Aken was all over the place when he came into the club. His timing and footwork were horrendous. BUT, the few games before he got injured he was a lot better in a team that was struggling at the time in the final dregs of the CC days. I think there is a player there.
  10. Almen Abdi

    5 million pounds transfer fee
  11. As I have said a few times, his season should be ended now , and he should go and spend some time out of the country with his family and getting his head right. no point him being here in this form.
  12. Mick McCarthy

    Would be a good fit here. took wolves and Sunderland up, quite similar clubs to us in terms of fan base, expectations. Players will like playing under him and terry. I think wba could go for him next season.
  13. Mick McCarthy

    I agree 100% with this. When we are in the Champions League final, will Mick's tactics be effective against a possession based side like Barcelona? I am not so sure, so its a no from me.
  14. Lee and Loovens. The drop off of the latter has had a huge impact on the team this season.
  15. Remember a home game v spurs in the early 1990s under tricky. Was absolutely hammering it down and pitch was totally unplayable but ref went ahead. Ludicrous game, I am sure bright had an open goal and he hit it and ball got stuck in a puddle. Nil nil , ball didn’t roll the whole match.