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  1. Nigel Worthington

    Brilliant footballer who thrived both in the long ball era of Wilko and the passing era of big Ron and tricky. As good on left midfield as left back. One of my footballing heroes growing up so I used to watch him a lot at games and how he played. His greatest strength by far was his ability to create passing options for himself. His touch has already been called out, but that touch also was married to two other fantastic skills. First, his ability to create and find space, and secondly, each time he got the ball his head was up and he had the two or three options to pass in his head ready to execute. You see some players and they just dont think ahead when the ball gets to them. Irish was always thinking ahead. That made him extremely effective. a great example which we all remember was the harkes blaster vs derby. Worth watching again to see example of old Irish and how good a player he was.
  2. Joost the right man

    Looked like a proper defender. Can head it, read it pretty well, and decent on the ball. Hopefully loovens will help him develop as well. The only slight concern I had was a couple of challenges his body weight wasn't quite right, he drove off the wrong foot. Loovens is an absolute master at getting that right so joost can learn from the best.
  3. Wonderful video and hats off to the Owl on it - great performance. The Talbot goal - I will never, ever forget that moment. In 35 years supporting us that remains my all time best moment as a fan.
  4. Nigel clough or dean smith also might rock up at some point.
  5. Tomorrow

    Was merely hours away from sharing a special birthday with my beloved club. I was born 40 years ago today and the club has been a constant in my life. I can now take my own kids, 8 and 5, as my dad took me and indeed my dad still comes along with my 8 year old nephew as well. The great memories, highs and lows, of supporting this club, long may they continue.
  6. We have been so so close to promotion these last two seasons. a narrow play off final defeat losing the semis on pens. such fine margins. Our defence and goalie are really strong. Once the midfield and forwards find some form we will be unstoppable. Stick with it.
  7. Bullen

    Yes to bullen as our next manager. We have been so so close to promotion in the last two seasons. At most we need some tinkering but i am pretty sure this will happen under Carlos
  8. Post a positive

    In our last league game we beat one of the promotion favourites away from home. in the league we are conceding less than a goal a game despite our so called 'centre back' crisis.
  9. I was a big Carlos fan until he lost his first game , then I thought his time was up, but he turned it around with his next win, but when we lost again clearly he has lost the dressing room, but then we won again and at last he had settled on the system i said would work but then we lost again and i don't understand how he still has a job, he must have something on dc then we won again and showed what a great coach he is but then we lost and I am sick of him, sod off back to Portugal but then we won and he proved me wrong then we lost again and I knew I would be proved right blah blah wibble
  10. Good god when did you come back to owlstalk? It feels like 2003 all over again (Allen in btw).
  11. I think we should appoint managers on game by game contracts. If they avoid defeat, they can manage the next game. If not, swap for another. There are so many out of work managers out there, and it would mean thankfully an end to these types of thread after a meaningless defeat.
  12. Leeds took your proposed approach last season and burned out at the end of the season. The depth of the squad and its clever use means we have finished seasons strongly to qualify for the play offs. I am sure we will do the same this season.
  13. Burton game now massive

    An extremely odd thread. It is one game? ' important' are the play off games, or the one that secures you promotion, or saves you from relegation, or condemns you to relegation, or gets you in the play offs. All the rest are essentially the same. it is especially ridiculous given it is pointed out several times that we lost to Burton last season. The fact we still got in the play offs showed that losing to Burton was totally irrelevant last season.
  14. Throwing teddies out of cot

    Only the totally insane would sack a manager who has got us into the play offs in both seasons in charge. we lost to a Worldy at Wembley and penalty kicks in the semi last season. It really doesn't get much closer than that promotion wise without actually going up. At the business end of the season the team has shown it kicks on . This season will be no different. The constant demand for change is driven by much shorter levels of engagement in anything. We simply cannot keep sacking managers, it's really expensive for a start.
  15. That's the goal! The Man Utd second goal was a shocker !