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  1. Funny these hopalongs are now ripping it up. They all want releasing including Westwood , hooper. Even when fit and in their prime we didn’t go up so why now they are giving out werthers originals do we think they will be any better. rid rid rid , and start again .
  2. Mid table team in ‘middle of the table’ stunner. We have beaten the dross, drawn with those around us and lost to the big boys or at best battled to undeserved draws with them. This was always a mid table season. Bruce or Jos, we weren’t going up or down this season.
  3. Our most bizarre signing ever. A book will be written about it one day. from the first 5 minutes of his debut it was crystal clear there was a major problem with him (check his debut thread ) which must have come up through scouting. We signed him anyway. His feet are all over the place. He constantly drives from the wrong foot. I have never seen a player even in league football as bad as he is on this. he can probably do ok in the Dubai or Qatar league where we should look to sell him to if he ever gets fit.
  4. I have absolutely no idea what Bruce asked Boyd to do, but it surely cant have been what he delivered. He was no better than a dog who had been sent on to chase the ball for 45 minutes. An absolutely diabolical performance. If we want to send someone on just to run about a bit then get one of those young lads like Preston or Baker that Jos used to chuck in the team to do that job.
  5. Definitely him. he signed pre season , played I think the two last pre season games. Went to one of them and he looked absolutely outstanding. Someone on here will remember the game I am sure .
  6. Debut pre season he looked a world beater. Was very decent for most of his time here .
  7. I just dont believe that at all. The previous couple of matches we were stale and toothless. We have played 2 relatively safe, relatively poorly performing teams at home in the last few days. We are not consistent enough, nor strong enough, to be anywhere near top 6 and I think that would have been the case with Jos or Bruce in charge all season. I also think we were never bad enough to go down. This was always a mid table season.
  8. The squad isn’t capable of promotion this season. We are a long way behind Leeds, Norwich, boro , pigs and WBA for starters. We might finish 9th not 19th with Bruce vs Jos but we are a mid table team, no more. I actually have some degree of sympathy with Jos on the plan he had, but he executed it badly.
  9. Other supporters, sky, basically any other fan must really hate playing us. Mid table, low scoring , boring team of oldies and loaners.
  10. Dave aka ndumbu nsungu. Looked the real deal pre season and was decent in that first year. Seem to recall a few big teams were sniffing around. Strange his career just fell away.
  11. Reminds me of the nonsense threads when Loovens was here. Our lack of goals back then was apparently due to having Loovens who was too slow and held the ball up. Nothing at all to do with the 6 midfielders and attackers being inept.
  12. I have never seen a Steve Bruce team play in the way you describe.
  13. We were never good enough to go up this season, nor bad enough to go down. Any manager including jos would have steered us between 8th and 18th. Bruce should use this season to blood the team of next season as jos was ( albeit badly). It will make no difference to the outcome of the season.
  14. He is worth the square root of f all. Injury prone, inconsistent and not up to it anymore. If someone wants him for any fee I would move him on
  15. Really pleased with his performance yesterday. He has all the defensive basics nailed down.
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