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  1. The physical impact of 2 extra long seasons, and therefore extra short breaks in summer, caught us out this season. I think the extra time that being in the play offs causes meant we just didn’t get the mental and physical break the players needed in those two summers. And I can sympathise with that. I have a tough, high pressured job and 2 young kids and having only a weeks holiday last summer has meant I have felt it more in last 6 months than before. I suspect carlos saw the impact of these two very long seasons and tried, and failed, with a lighter fitness regime. fans can rage and that is fine. It was , I suspect, a decision made in good faith that didn’t work.
  2. Rate jos so far?

    Very hard to judge. We are literally limping to the end of the season at the moment with the most motley combination of reserves, kids and crocked old timers I've seen us play in a long time. In reality he is producing results like Gray in his full season in charge of us, with an available team to pick from of similar quality from the Gray era, and indeed the same forward player in Nuhiu spearheading the attack frequently.
  3. Well Done Atdhe

    The man is a hero. I love watching him play. One of the very few cult hero players we have produced in 20 years.
  4. Big adthe like drogba in his pomp so far .
  5. Late run for the play offs?

    If someone offered us 16th now, I would take it. We need to get safe, then start demolishing the squad. Sooner that starts the better.
  6. 20 years have been absolutely skint. Not a rag on our backs or a pot to pass urine into. Squads that have been a mix of ugly loaners, has beens, kids who aren’t good enough, freebies and no hopers. Then all of a sudden we have some money for the first time in literally a lifetime for some of our younger fans and we might as well have done the same as the klf ie taken it all to a Scottish island and set the whole lot on fire. We are back to square one thanks to carlos, the only legacy a bunch of well rewarded hop a longs playing mariokart most days apart from a short phone call to say ‘nope boss still feeling a twinge in the old knee’. The boos will be off the Richter scale on Saturday .
  7. All this nonsense about him being an owl that he is spouting, it’s disgusting. i once booed our midfielder Paul McLaren so much in one away game I had to have oxygen at half time. Have already teed up the St. John’s ambulance guys for Saturday.
  8. I am putting my 2 young kids through a crash course in swearing ready for Saturday. They will try and pop down the front to pretend they want a picture with ossie owl by the dug outs, then when they see carlos launch into a tirade of sickening abuse. Cant wait.
  9. I absolutely love booing. Its a shame we don’t have a real boo boy at the moment like when the likes of haslam played for us, and refs are sadly used to being booed nowadays. I am feeling almost bloated with boos at the moment waiting to be blasted out. i can’t wait for Saturday. I am going to meet the Swansea bus and boo, and boo from the second that vile traitor steps into the dug out to the moment he skips off down the tunnel to explain why his useless mix of ayews and Welsh cloggers were walloped 4 0 by us. I will boo his whole dumb post match interview about fruit pies, salmon and building temples in Kenya or whatever other manure is spilling out of his cheating mouth. Then I will go home and boo to the highlghts on tv.
  10. I don't agree. We overperformed in those first two seasons given the squad we had. The core of the team - Westwood, Lees, Loovens, Hunt, Pudil, Wallace, Hutch, Bannan, Lee - were free transfers or small fees. To come so close to promotion twice was a fantastic achievement by the players.
  11. Morgan Fox

    If our supporters have not already noticed, we are right up against FFP limits. Those restrictions mean that, sadly, we can't have the modern day equivalent of Roberto Carlos and Cafu as our reserve full backs in case our first team full backs get injured. Reserve full back positions in the squad need to be taken up by cheapish grafters who could potentially do a job for a dozen games a season. Anything more, it means you spend less money on your first team starters. Personally, I would prioritise my spending on reserves in the following order: 1. Strikers 2. Centre backs 3. Goalie 4. Centre mid 5. full backs 6. wingers That means reserve full backs are never ever going to be much good.
  12. No issues with this at all. We have been hopeless all season even training on the pitch so can’t see how not using it will make any positive difference.
  13. Who would have thought we would be turning out starting elevens like that!! This season really has been a shocker. would also like to bet that not many would have predicted big Adthe and Joao starting ahead of rhodes a year after buying the latter for 9 million quid!!
  14. Its not just quantity, but quality missing. The players we have left - only Reach and at a push Wallace are first teamers. We can debate Rhodes but for me Hooper and Forestieri are your goalscorers if everyone is fit. Some of the players we have left have barely played for us. There is no understanding on the pitch between many of them , in the same way as say Loovens and Lees, or Bannan and Lee. I would be surprised if Boyd has said 5 words to Pelupessy. This will go down to the wire - we literally need to kick and scrap to somehow get a few wins, stay up, and write this season off.