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  1. His last red card was a few months ago, when he tried to remove a Cypriot opponents leg at the thigh.
  2. Comedy gold. We are surely the only team to ever banish a player from the squad twice in three years, release them, and then resign them 6 months later.
  3. Not sure why people wetting their pants re the OP from harkes was clearly from a good source, guy clearly was close to job at one point.
  4. A come and get me message for DC. go hire him !
  5. No sign of the announcement yet. maybe he signed and was immediately banished from the first team squad along with Westwood .
  6. The situation at the club is stark. We cant pay players on time, cant afford any decent players and clearly have COVID issues in the squad. We don't need some egomaniac like Keane, Pulis or any of these types to come in. We just need an honest, no ego coach who is happy with being in his tracksuit, working as best we can with what we have got in the building as it stands. NT fits the bill. Let him and Bullen take this from here on in for the season.
  7. Lot of time for Everton. Sound club , good ground .
  8. Big dunc our future manager Cottee sheedy Southall dave Watson lineker lukaku Kanchelskis peter Reid they have had some real players there over the years
  9. It’s odd there are lots of comments about SH being just what we need in a relegation scrap It’s an interesting point , as I don’t think he has ever been in one . So not sure why people think this .
  10. The manager situation is what it is. So long as we avoid the trap of an ego driven maniac like Pulis, a good steady coach who has no real ego and is happy in his tracksuit will be fine for now. The current caretaker probably fits that description. Of much greater concern is that, yet again, we are signing or trying to sign footballers with clear match fitness issues in January. We had this exact situation last year with Wickham, and now will have it again with Green and Hutchinson who have barely kicked a football between them in a year.
  11. I have no time whatsoever for Bruce but it is clear COVId impact on the squad has had a massive issue up there. A few of their better players havent recovered properly and that has really impacted them. I wouldn’t want Andy Carroll up front here never mind in the premier league. He makes Adthe look like the 18 year old Michael Owen.
  12. We should give him 2 years , extend Westwood by 2 years, then re hire monk as manager who banishes them both again .
  13. There is an almost python esque surreal comedy to this season, but this one is the peak .
  14. Ignoring the obvious ones, and I will always say des Walker cheated us for his last 3 or so seasons, a few recent ones. heckingbottom jp McGovern pudil wallace loovens lee grant kenwyne jokes
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