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  1. Yep very naive and you only need look at the evidence. Us and derby stopped paying players and plunged down the league . always make payroll- rule 1 of any business .
  2. He was probably too busy on the phone to wonga.com to train properly. he was as bad as the rest from the point the players were not paid on time eg December 2019. I don’t blame them at all.
  3. Saw these guys at latitude on Friday bit middle of the road for me , were like the old Brit pop band Cast !
  4. Might play alright if he is paid.
  5. Owners end game of super league fell through, so prob now cutting cloth accordingly.
  6. Marlon beresford - solid in few games he played when he came back luke varney- very decent in his 7573 spells on loan
  7. Think last season was last chance with big players to get back up . Now Ayew et al gone they will be mid table. interesting to see who ends up there . Nice town, good club.
  8. Bannan- can go with our very best wishes. Fantastic player who has given everything for us. Much better than league 1 . One of our best players in the last 25 years .
  9. I don’t mind us being crap in pre season but let’s face it, we have been pretty much the worst team in the country results wise since December 2019 so you have to ( sadly ) think that our diabolical form for 18 months is still continuing.
  10. April maybe 1998 think we were away at Charlton. Met up with a bunch of mates at blackheath, near Charlton, place was absolutely packed even at 9am. Heard a load of shouting then a massive gunshot, started running full pelt as had no idea what was happening. we ran right down the Heath, looked back and a massive group of blokes- I mean thousands - were chasing after us like lunatics. People were also standing on the pavements screaming at us , we just ran and ran and ran. Chased us all around london for next 2 hours, never stopped until we got to horse guards parade and finally they stopped . Randomly Steve cram was there and gave us a medal, always thought he was Sunderland not Charlton .
  11. I see a fair bit of Lg 1 football and full backs dont need to be especially quick. Old Lewington is still chugging away at full back for MK dons at 37 yrs old and looks comfortable. Hunt will be OK for a season. My bigger concern would be signing Westwood up again which is so inevitable we might as well just get it done now and announce it.
  12. He played over 100 games in the last 3 seasons including over 40 last season Your quoted stats are totally wrong
  13. Will make way for Westwood to return on deadline day for a year.
  14. David hirst chris waddle des Walker
  15. I bet Westwood signs on deadline day for another year .
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