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  1. I feel for da Cruz, he is a young player and is putting it all in , but he is way short quality wise. You can’t fault him for having a go.
  2. It is pretty easy to see on rightmove yes. It is for sale .
  3. What is he on about, changing rooms?? Never heard such absolute nonsense. Fletcher said only in november we had the best dressing room he has been in during his long and varied career, Lees the same in the Cardiff programme only in December. I tell you what would hack me off in the changing room. We sign a player in Da Cruz who is clearly a mile away from being at this level of football and he walks into a first team shirt. Ridiculous situation.
  4. I don’t believe it for a second. only Van aken in recent times has shown very , very quickly that he lacks the very basic elements that make a decent footballer. He is energetic but has absolutely no positional awareness, awareness of possession development or movement. He is absolutely miles short of quality at this level.
  5. He must get Murphy on . He has a modicum of quality and some pace. It is laughable we are starting Da Cruz, I will be amazed if he plays for us again. The agent who punted that deal must have been laughing as we cut the cheque.
  6. I hate , hate saying it. I have only ever seen van aken as so clearly and obviously below this standard in 20 years. I don’t know where he has been coached or trained but he runs into areas where there is no space and seems to lack basic awareness .
  7. What on earth do you say at half time here? We have players out there so , so short of quality . Terrifying.
  8. For the first time in 10 years I agree with you
  9. If Nuhiu runs like he is towing a caravan, Wickham runs like he is towing a caravan with adthe Nuhiu and 10 WWF wrestlers fast asleep inside.
  10. Not a bad side that and much better than the predicted side from bizzle. Right to drop BB, Lees, Wickham who were all awful on Wednesday. I worry about da Cruz and his standard but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Big game for big O. Needs Nuhiu to be right up there not faffing about 35 yards from the box.
  11. He looks a mile short of quality so far. He has absolutely no composure or awareness and makes such odd runs you wonder where he has been schooled football wise. He makes runs off the ball away from space, rather than into space. he looks a fit player and a good runner but he needs an awful lot of work .
  12. He needs to hang a contract on Nuhius changing room peg with a year on it in return for 10 goals from here on in like jos did 2 years ago. Wickham looks no more likely to score a goal as the mighty David Graham under sturrock did. Da Cruz was shambolic v Luton and looks a mile short quality wise for this level. it looks like we might have had a really poor transfer window, after spunking all of our cash on Winnall and Rhodes plus getting likes of Mcgeady and Macmanaman in the past windows I suggest we hide DCs cheque book from New Year’s Eve until 1 Feb in the future.
  13. Iorfa dropped? Quite the fall from grace. lees and borner centre backs, no pace there. Big trouble in that defence. our only hope is we defend well somehow, keep feeding the ball wide to Harris and Murphy and chuck decent balls in the box for wilder and fury up front .
  14. We need to boo. look at the boo boys of the past. Fox , would he have put the effort in and turned himself into a decent player without a good booing ? No. Remember Sheridan and brunt back in the day ? All booed and turned into decent players as a result. i am going to boo until I am blue in the face today.
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