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  1. Monk is in an impossible situation next season. He will be under huge pressure to claw back to safety from the first game , yet will have had no time to bed in new players or do a proper pre season. He is almost certainly doomed to fail and will almost certainly be fired by Christmas.
  2. The headline misses out ‘ the disgraced’ before his name.
  3. We sack a manager a season pretty much so there is no point the manager picking a load of players he wants himself , as he will likely be gone much sooner than those players. better off getting a different structure to choose the players, including proper football experts , with manager part of that panel that makes decisions . Otherwise we end up in situation we had with likes of sturrock where he signs pretty much his Plymouth and Southampton b team as he doesn’t know anyone else to sign
  4. Nope. i would have played until the end of the season. don’t make excuses for the disgraced Steven fletcher. What was he doing when we were plunging down the league in July ? He wasn’t playing football anywhere else . Did he enjoy watching us get beat when he was sat on his sofa ?
  5. I will refuse to watch any match where the disgraced Steven fletcher is taking part. He just had to give us one more month.
  6. Talk of the disgraced Steven fletcher should be barred from here on in on owlstalk.
  7. In the very well paid four years he was here he spent a substantial part of it playing Fortnite on the treatment table. This includes nearly a year out under Jos and this season missing most of the period from early Dec. He is clearly the key part of the team this season, and our season collapses without him in the team. We slide further and further down the table, and he comes back fit and refuses to extend, despite the lack of other options we had . The disgraced steven fletcher is a disgrace. He has taken and taken from this club, been hopeless or crocked for a lot of his career here, and left us high and dry in June when he could have dug in for one more month.
  8. If we are shopping at this level , we are really screwed. This is a kid in last chance saloon, he will be absolute pennies to pay. If he is anywhere near the first team we know we are heading down.
  9. Fletcher should only be called ‘ the disgraced Steven Fletcher’ on public forums such as this. His disgrace is complete and total, and he will go down as one of the most disgraceful footballers to ever pull on our shirt.
  10. Jonson Clarke-Harris from Bristol . they will sell this summer as coming into final year of contract. Good unit, good finisher and 26 years old. Doesn’t mess about on the pitch and will be a good lead striker for us.
  11. Nigel Pearson sounds perfect. only last season he took over as manager at a club who were 7 points from safety and ( checks notes ) they were relegated. Why would you bring in a manager who failed to recover 7 points and say here you go , it’s -12 this time?
  12. We will need a squad of warriors to get out of this. Some players will cruise through thinking relegation is a given. They have been mid table for 3 years not really playing for anything. I would look at those players who have dug the likes of barnsley, Luton and Wigan out of holes this season, they showed the stones to dig themselves out.
  13. -12 is a shocker but can be turned around, I worry more about the Charlton appeal sending us down anyway
  14. Easy streets monk out bully in ride bully bounce two wins and a draw. 7 points banked. Only 5 behind. Hire Bergkamp and Loovens. Genga clogga pressing and promotion .
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