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  1. Get him up front ! Would be an absolute nightmare to play against as a striker.
  2. Now lees is fit, and we have hutch as well as cover at centre back, I would have a few sessions with big iorfa up front in training. He is very, very quick and would be a nightmare to play against if he was up front.
  3. I never , ever want to see any talk of ‘ ball playing centre halves’ or talk of a 3 so one centre back can be creative. It is madness.
  4. Blackburn can be bullied defensively like Boro could. has to be fletch and Adthe up front. 3 2 win for us.
  5. The constant banging on about this period is divisive ( deliberately) in our fan base and as tiresome as all other ‘back in our day ‘ nostalgia. It is aimed simply at proving to the unfortunate young not blessed to share in such a bounty of spirit affirming experiences that they will never be as happy as things can never be the same. No son, don’t cheer like that for that Fletcher, after all has he won the league cup like Nigel Worthington did ?no dad but he has played for Marseille and is an international like Chris waddle was so button it .
  6. Fantastic player. Fit as a fiddle, extremely skilful and creative and you can give him the football at any point and he rarely uses it. i always find the reference to our past incredibly depressing. You would think that 90’s team were a mix of shanklys Liverpool , Guardiola’s Barcelona and the great Hungarian team of the early 60’s. Not a team who contrived to get us relegated from the top flight in 1990, finished the 1991 season in the exact same place in the same league that this current team were before the weekend , and won a total of one league cup in that glorious period. If course, they led us to that glorious European adventure where we vanquished the mighty spora Luxembourg only. all this ridiculous rose tinted nostalgia leads to a bunch of sour , bitter, fat old fans in the stands who constantly moan and wonder why Adthe Nuhiu isn’t David Hirst. It’s tempting, after poking such fans in the eye , to remind them that David Hirst wasn’t a patch on Andrew Wilson nor would Phil king have seen off the Spanish as Francis drake did in 1588.
  7. I agree with this to some extent. Fox is so much fitter and stronger. I remember one game (maybe Wolves?) he was so knacked he got himself sent off, he was completely out of gas. He showed no signs of fatigue at all last week in 2 defensive battles.
  8. This Rhodes issue could have only happened to us. Who would have thought back then that 3 years on we would have FF, Rhodes, Winnall barely getting any game time, Hooper released and Big Adthe effectively a first eleven player in a front two!
  9. He is an excellent player but way off international standard currently. Standing up to the likes of Patrick Banford is a world away from having Mbappe running at you or a shthouse like Diego Costa roughing you up. no doubting his potential though. He is massive , quick and has a great engine for a centre back. I will be amazed if he isn’t playing in the premier league this time next year.
  10. Going to be absolutely knackered after that performance today. He ran about 20 miles in that match.
  11. Westwood 8.5. Fantastic save and looked assured through the game in wet conditions often tough for goalies Palmer 8: Defended really well and decent going forward when he could Iorfa 9. Scarily good. Looks ready to play premier league football. Hutch 8.5 one stray moment first half, then brilliant. Fox 9. Outstanding performance. Much fitter this season. harris 6.5. Quiet ish and didn’t deliver much , but never stopped working Joey. 7. Battled away , was elbowed and kicked and ran himself ragged. Just lacked quality on the ball Bannan 7.5 . Some brilliant moments in open play , poor set play delivery Reach 8.5. Ran himself ragged, drove, tackled and was creativeZ FLetcher 8. Did everything but score nuhiu 8.5. Brilliant in second half , ran himself to dust.
  12. Iorfa was like desailly out there, what a footballer. He is going to be worth a fortune.
  13. A battle and a good point. Played well, defended really well again. All back 4 , goalie, reach, Nuhiu had great games.
  14. I remember when old Laws said he had signed the ‘ rolls royces’ of the free transfer market . I am pretty sure the two he was on about were JOC , Tommy Miller and Darren Purse ! Dark days.
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