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  1. FOR SALE stopped clock. Gives the right time twice a day. Bargain.
  2. Or Paul jewell. has taken two northern clubs to the premier league. Proper gaffer, northern, cheeky chap, bawls out the players, once I am sure tried to headbutt Martin grainger of brum when managing some team I can’t remember. most importantly he is British. That’s more important than any other thing.
  3. As has been stated before, the Leeds manager doesn’t even speak English and no one there cares a jot. the way the manager communicates to the fans is up there with the type of white paint used for the touchline and penalty spots in significance.
  4. People beat the chairman up about his decisions but we came so very close. The hull winner was a one in a hundred hit and pens the following season could have gone either way. It was a gamble that so very nearly came off. DC has plenty of money to spend, but can’t due to FFP. So Jos needs to get rid of all of the high earners, reset the clock on FFP and go again. I bet the spending is done on very different players next time ( more like reach rather than Abdi).
  5. mcmigo

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    Good job we had promotion form before the last 5 matches. That was a time of real joy for those who care about Sheffield Wednesday and proof we had a championship manager who knows what he is doing. its almost like little short bursts of form are a truly terrible driver of long term decision making isn’t it ?
  6. mcmigo

    Bannan last niight

    They didn’t. otherwise , with 70 odd percent of the ball, they would have scored.
  7. mcmigo

    Bannan last niight

    Honestly, this thread. Have any of you played football in rain like that and a pitch getting heavy ? Your boots, the ball and the grass are totally different. Your muscle memory doesn’t help at all. the conditions are atrocious last night and we are beating up bannan for not tapping it around like xavi ?
  8. mcmigo

    Jos out

    Were you happy when we were 6th a few weeks ago ?
  9. mcmigo

    Jos out

    We are mid table! We were in the play off spots a few weeks ago !! we have beaten some good teams including villa and Bristol and very nearly beat West Brom and Leeds . I have no idea where these sort of comments come from .
  10. mcmigo

    Bannan last niight

    Sometimes you have those off days when your passing isn’t quite on it. It was belting it down last night which impacts ball, boots and pitch, easier to make mistakes in that weather. But if it isn’t going for you, you just work as hard as you can. bannan bust a gut last night, he will barely be able to move this morning. He worked and worked and worked. Can only admire a player like that.
  11. mcmigo

    Jos out

    Why didn’t we get on the front foot?? We hadn’t kept a clean sheet all season and just conceded 12 goals in 4 games!! We needed to get a clean sheet .
  12. mcmigo

    Jos out

    Agonising thread with zero context as to bigger picture. i will say it again. We are a mid table side this season. We do not have the squad to go up , nor are we bad enough to go down. Our results so far would suggest exactly that. Jos has rightly bombed out players who are out of contract after June 30 2019. There is absolutely no point playing them as we won’t be keeping them. They won’t make any difference to our season. Could they help us finish 11th and not 15th? Maybe. But who cares ? Mid table is mid table. this season is about getting miles on the clock of our team for next season. A player like baker will be a better player for last night. Keeping a clean sheet , at the sty, in the driving rain live on sky: that is character building stuff and he and the kids were great. Jos is doing exactly the right thing .
  13. mcmigo

    Mick McCarthy

    I can’t take much more of this.
  14. mcmigo

    Mick McCarthy

    I can’t take much more of this.
  15. mcmigo

    Mick McCarthy

    Their nationality makes no difference for the one millionth time. Sol bamba spent last season walloping everything that comes anywhere near him up the pitch. John stones stroked the thing around like beckenbauer most of last season. Both achieved their objectives for the season for their teams. Newcastle with a foreign manager are launching it and trying to grind out results. Eddie Howe is telling Bournemouth to tap it on the deck and create via movement. Where are these nonsense views coming from?