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  1. You can expect what you want, but the team we have are not a top 6 team. Hence mid table finishes for last two years.
  2. We are a mid table team. Have been for more than 2 years and those players are getting even older now. A few freebies won’t change a thing. we are heading for mid table no matter who is in charge. It will be another pleasant, relaxing season next season. We won’t go down , we won’t go up.
  3. DC won’t know where to start on this. Bruce has really pulled our pants down. I think Bullen would be fine but I also recognise we get through managers quickly so we do need him around to coach and step in between managers as he has done in the past. i think big Nigel Pearson is a complete roaster but with Bullen alongside him some of the rough edges might be softened . His stock is pretty low at the moment but he has done some good things as a manager. I would go for him.
  4. Remember the 2 wins and 2 draws, one of latter v unlucky v West Brom, very well. Odd you seem to have forgotten them.
  5. We will end up with a managerial team of; Pearson, Shakespeare, Bullen. I think NP is a grade A weapon but he is available, has worked for Thai owners and got promotion from this league.
  6. Chris Iines in northants team. Nice player when he played for us, a poverty Sheridan .
  7. Nope. Anyone recall his last game in charge of Norwich ? A Carlos led SWFC absolutely battered his team , most one sided game I had seen in years. We stopped trying at 5 nil but could have scored 10.
  8. There is no way this guy would come to us or Newcastle.
  9. Would love to buy a house off some of the fans posting on here. ‘How much is it on for ?’ ’325k’ ’OK, I really like the house...but I also really like another house, even though I haven’t seen it, I don’t know where it is, I don’t know how much it costs nor do I know if it is for sale, even if I had seen it or knew what I was talking about.’ ’wait wait buy my house please , you can have it for a tenner for cash’
  10. DC holds all the cards here. If needed he will tell Baldemort and his gimp to stick around unless the fat man pays up.
  11. Yes to one of Bullen, Pulis or Bergkamp. No to wenger, ancelotti or Sven.
  12. Bullen is the ideal candidate. We need to improve the playing squad and our money should be diverted to players. As it stands we have a mid table squad no matter who is in charge. It’s the same squad as has finished mid table for last 2 years. A great manager probably gets us to 9th, a bad one to 19th. Bullen will be fine and will guide us to mid table. The key is we divert as much money as we can to improving the playing squad.
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