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  1. mcmigo

    Abdi & Jones

    Jones is hopeless but our defensive midfielder is extremely fragile and even when fit is often suspended, so we do need cover for him. If not Jones we will need another player as cover.
  2. mcmigo

    Away kit 2018/19

    Great kit !!
  3. Nuhiu with a proper fitness focused pre season (as looks to be the case) and confidence will be an absolute beast next season. He will make Harry Kane look like Colin West. Get FF playing off the bits and bobs that bounce off big Adthe and bring Joao on to stretch a team second half if we need to. The rest are benched unless they are killing it in training or those 3 fade.
  4. Most of us would carry him to Carrow Road for any sort of fee. Hope he gets his head right and finds the form he was so evidently lacking in his time with us.
  5. I have no issue with the pricing. If you are as pleasing on the eye as Joey P you will also be successful, evidence shows correlation between those who are attractive and healthy, and material wealth and success. So the 99 quid shirt is for you, you’ve earned it and it will look wonderful, and the price is a bargain compared to the tailor made suits you wear. For the run of the mill fatties you have a 60 quid option which will fit like a sack of potatoes to cover up the pale blobby mess that is your body. The plus side about pricing it at 60 quid is that it means you need to have 4 less extra large pizzas from dominoes this week, adding on a few weeks of life. for those who are really on the bread line, get a white vest from primark. Then just get an old qpr kit off eBay, cut out the hoops, rotate them 90 degrees and then glue on your primark vest.
  6. Welcome back Sam Winnall. could play a big role next season if he comes back humble and willing to get stuck in. any messing about, then Nuhiu will waterboard him.
  7. Great kit, very happy with that.
  8. mcmigo

    Which Player

    Bannan. i think we will be much more direct next season, Bannnan tip tapping around in midfield will not fit in.
  9. mcmigo

    Jorge Mendes

    Bizarre last two posts. Abdi has been dreadful for every single minute he has played for us bar about 20 mins v forest. That’s not about position, it’s about application and ability.
  10. We have had some bizarre situations in our time but this one tops them all. our all time record signing and pretty much the most prolific goal scorer in our league in a generation. 20 goal a season banker. That is what we all thought we had signed. roll forward a couple of years and we are looking at big adthe as our number 1 striker and wondering who is mad enough to take what looks like a finished player in Rhodes off our hands for any price north of two groats and a tracksuit. i am convinced the problem he has is in his head. That missed pen in, I think , his second or third game, it seemed to knock him back and he didn’t really do much after that. Its clear we don’t need him if we can keep adthe, hooper and ff fit.
  11. I suspect David has been played as much as his son. Amazed no one calling out Nigel Pearson in this whole situation, he is much more savvy than Hirst in these things and will have known exactly what he was doing and its impact.
  12. We are big and ugly enough to lose out on a few quid for this player. It happens. The broader point here though is the player himself. He missed a season of football last season, and will now be training with players of a poor standard when he could have been learning from players like Fletcher, Rhodes, Forestieri, Hooper. Between that lot you have international experience, champions league experience, overseas top flight experience etc etc. He has made a massive mistake with this move. His development, already in trouble, is now in big trouble. I think his career will be no different to the likes of Luke Boden from here on in. I will be amazed if he ever pulls on a Leicester shirt in his career. It will also be very interesting to see what high profile players may be en route to Leicester with Doyen involvement.
  13. If the squad's health improves as a result of a proper training regime, we don't need much this summer. Critical is that we get 25 games out of Hutch, and Van Aken has a strong pre season and stays fit. We don't need a forward, and can afford to get rid of Rhodes and possibly one other. At most I would look to get a full back and a winger, and adjust in January if we are either competing at the top or struggling at the bottom. I think we are probably heading for another steady mid table season - no bad thing, it means one more year off the contracts of the expensive crocks and closer to us being able to build a different type of squad.
  14. mcmigo

    Naughties - The dark years

    We owe so much to old Milan Mandaric. Club was on its knees, Alan Irvine lurching us towards League 2, a judge's gravel away from being bust, Sg Wilko effectively trying to run the club. Old Milan put his wrinkly bits on the line and started to fix it all. Legend.
  15. I honestly think he has been badly advised and is making a huge mistake. Even simple things like getting in the England youth squads will be much harder as he is completely out of sight of the coaches. I can’t think of a worse way to spend a year footballing wise than rotting on the bench next to big nige in Belgium ffs. He has signed for 5 years with them. If he doesn’t do the business in year one he could well just be forgotten and Leicester won’t want him. I feel sorry for Hirst, I think his career is really on the line.