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  1. Toy town look out of steam. Derby, they have enough about them to beat us last say of the season . us. We will lose at the weekend and that’s curtains. Remember , on evidence so far just going one goal down will mean we are down
  2. Lots of good points in this thread. cost of transport a huge issue in the U.K. as well. The rail network pricing is a total mess, car insurance for the young is bonkers- add these in to the ticketing cost challenges and the experience of going - you can easily see the problems and a generation lost to football . I of course would also add the absolute agony the young face at our games of the many beer bellied older fans in Sanderson tops wanging on about the early 90’s at every single opportunity, and reminding younger fans how rubbish Sheffield Wednesday are now. ‘ B
  3. There is $5b of JP Morgans money sitting there waiting to be spent on football. Trust me, this won't go away after a year of financial turmoil for football. UEFA will have sniffed that money and will be all over it from today.
  4. If these clubs had any stones at all, or cared one bit for fans, they would now commit to wider reform including make a commitment to return to free to watch TV from the expiry of the current TV contracts.
  5. Brilliant news and a welcome return to the previous champions league we all know and love - and no one watches as it is hidden behind tv packages few people buy. very nice job by sky over last couple of days putting everyone’s favourite footballing socialist Gary Neville front and centre to rant for preservation of the status quo, a premier league won season after season by the same clubs, watched by less than one in 50 people in the country. If the ESL blowing achieves the massive reshape of football needed then it has been a wonderful thing. If it goes back where it was
  6. Maybe we , the remainers, need to change not try and talk these guys down. Why not scrap the league cup which is now a total waste of time, scrap the papa johns , and instead stick all of the league pyramids in europe outside of these super clubs into one massive knockout tournament, one leg per round. balls out of a hat, no seeds. Give the Colchester fans, the Burton fans a chance to play away at Dortmund.
  7. This will be quite a different model I suspect. The BT/Amazon models use football to entice people to their products. You could easily see a model where you get 'points' that buy you access to the games for having a JP Morgan savings/ brokerage account, you buy Adidas trainers, you buy your supermarket shopping via the Walmart brand. The football bit is 'free' if you just redirect your existing spending to preferred suppliers. Nice.
  8. Correct it does. ie the ship on this sailed a long , long time ago. This new thing is simply a small extension to massive damage already done. Hence why I am really not fussed about it and can’t really understand why this is causing such a massive meltdown when already the fa cup, league cup, UEFA cup have been turned into joke competitions, and the premier league is pretty much a closed shop bar the miracle win of Leicester.
  9. Maybe. but you could apply same argument to the cups. They put out kids and reserves as they don’t really care about winning them- and still win them. The premier league will be the same. guess what , they will probably still win it with the stiffs playing.
  10. Indeed. Bit like a champions league final between two teams who weren't champions of england the previous season, or that season (which was predictably rubbish). ERGO - no different than today.
  11. Laughable. These wretches have done 10 x more damage to the 'football community' than this will do. How do you like them apples?
  12. Neither is this. It will be a 20 team league structure per the plans. It will be as popular as the Champions League, probably more so as you wont have to grind through man city battering Astana FC or FC Malmo .
  13. Six nations rugby sells out the stadiums every fixture. Same 6 teams every year. England V Scotland - 8.7 million viewers in UK. Average Premier League match - circa 1.2m viewers.
  14. We may, indeed, say that the hour of death is uncertain, but when we say so we represent that hour to ourselves as situated in a vague and remote expanse of time, it never occurs to us that it can have any connexion with the day that has already dawned, or may signify that death — or its first assault and partial possession of us, after which it will never leave hold of us again — may occur this very afternoon, so far from uncertain, this afternoon every hour of which has already been allotted to some occupation. You make a point of taking your drive every day so that in a month’s time you wil
  15. I look at this from the point of view of England. Those teams have already, over many years, bought themselves the place at said top table. I can only recall, in the past 20 years, Everton under Moyes once (knocked out in qualifying round) and Leicester getting in apart from the 6 breakaway clubs. This season, of course, may have Leicester in again. From an English club point of view , the theft happened long ago.
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