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  1. Not many fat blokes bench 180kg ! the man is a great athlete to do that and be a professional footballer at 40!
  2. I thought he was poor in the half season he was back in 20/21. He added very little to our team. this season he has been solid, he has looked an ok league 1 player.
  3. 4 very distinct phases of his career here Phase 1- the Gray year. Ran around chopping people mainly and did little else. Phase 2 - the first two Carlos years. Peak Hutchinson, season two especially was absolutely outstanding at times but injuries and suspensions rack up phase 3- the boot into the stiffs under Jos and monk. phase 4- the return , a shadow of the player in phase 2 and ultimately not a successful signing. great innings overall though and that phase 2 he was one hell of a player/
  4. Should not be out of the question. That is the sort of action needed.
  5. Going to jail for that without doubt. It was vicious and unprovoked. I would go as far as making forest play their opening fixtures next season with no forest fans. There has to be an end to this sort of thing.
  6. On a more serious note, it makes complete sense for QPR to look at Moore in the same way as Manning - the two did virtually the same last season performance wise.
  7. This is a familiar tune being played of course. Unpopular manager leaves Wednesday for club in higher league (read - Carvalhal, Laws), we all laugh and say more the fool them and aren't we lucky, then appoint someone much worse and get relegated.
  8. Great thread. title - MK fan reaction. Owlstalk - let’s use this thread about Milton Keynes dons to once more talk about Darren moore. Would be a good test- what obscure topics can be twisted into a moore out thread?
  9. Given I see a lot of both MKD and wednesday I will try to answer. MKD- performed way ahead of expectations after Martin left for Swansea at the start of the season. They were a genuine pleasure to watch, and could not have done much more. They absolutely battered Wycombe at home and just couldn’t get the second goal. The issue with MKD is that they will now lose the very talented manager to qpr, lose their best two players twine and darling ( I think twine will be a good championship player, darling I can see playing top level football) , so the sense is that next season could be very different and nowhere near as strong. However, the club is run well and the DOF knows his onions but it will be a real restart . us - I have much more optimism for next season. We will keep the manager , and we are out of the transfer ban. That means we can find and bring in good younger players and not rely on older , more injury prone players. With a half decent summer of trading and no nonsense from the chairman , we have every chance next season.
  10. Ridiculous , in fact disgusting, comments.
  11. You seem to have mis spelt his name. It is spelt as follows. ’ the disgraced Steven Fletcher’
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