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  1. mcmigo

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Other supporters, sky, basically any other fan must really hate playing us. Mid table, low scoring , boring team of oldies and loaners.
  2. Dave aka ndumbu nsungu. Looked the real deal pre season and was decent in that first year. Seem to recall a few big teams were sniffing around. Strange his career just fell away.
  3. mcmigo

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    Reminds me of the nonsense threads when Loovens was here. Our lack of goals back then was apparently due to having Loovens who was too slow and held the ball up. Nothing at all to do with the 6 midfielders and attackers being inept.
  4. I have never seen a Steve Bruce team play in the way you describe.
  5. mcmigo

    Season defining month??

    We were never good enough to go up this season, nor bad enough to go down. Any manager including jos would have steered us between 8th and 18th. Bruce should use this season to blood the team of next season as jos was ( albeit badly). It will make no difference to the outcome of the season.
  6. mcmigo

    Forestierri 14m

    He is worth the square root of f all. Injury prone, inconsistent and not up to it anymore. If someone wants him for any fee I would move him on
  7. mcmigo

    Jordan Thornily

    Really pleased with his performance yesterday. He has all the defensive basics nailed down.
  8. Reach very much like brunt. I would say needs a move to the big league to see whether he can cut it. he can hit a ball and cross, team like Fulham could use him . 12m would be a good price .
  9. mcmigo

    Van aaken off

    Our whole team dynamic turned on the signing of JVA which is why I rate him as the worst. Two great seasons ending in play off narrow losses. A rock solid defence was behind those 2 seasons, but the majestic Loovens was one year too old and needed replacing. It was a critical signing - you don't replace a player of the quality and leadership (remember Loovens has played against Ronaldo, Messi, the lot) of Loovens easily. We somehow picked JVA for this critical position and it all went wrong from there. Abdi was a poor signing but wasn't a critical position for us given the other quality players we had in his position when fit. A waste of money - yes - but not critical. Whereas the signing of JVA has left us all over the place. We have gone from having an outstanding defence to pretty much the worst in the league this season. We have had to rely on youth teamers, resprayed full backs and loan players to play centre back. Lees has been like a keystone cop for most of the last 18 months.
  10. mcmigo

    Van aaken off

    Rhodes hasn’t worked out of course but he has been a player, you can see that even when he has been off form here. Van Aken is not at professional footballer standard in the UK. He drives from the wrong foot constantly. I don’t even know how you could partner a centre back who does that, it would be an absolute nightmare.
  11. mcmigo

    Van aaken off

    Trust me there isn’t a player there at all, certainly not a centre back. Bully would do a better job at 50 years old now than van aken would do today.
  12. mcmigo

    Van aaken off

    The worst signing in our history and we have had some bad ones. From his debut I could not believe what I was seeing from a professional centre back. The absolute basics of footwork that any centre back from probably 10th tier football in this country would have were missing completely. Bullen must have been absolutely astonished when JVA turned up on the training pitch, you just would not know where to start and I am amazed Carlos played him as many times as he did despite extremely serious technical flaws that anyone could see, including the opposition. i wish the kid well but I think the only footballing future for him would be somewhere like China, Middle East or the states.
  13. mcmigo

    Jos Luhukay

    His time had run, but we may benefit from his decisions down the line. Baker, Preston, Dawson et al all have some first team football under their belts. Will be a lot easier for Bruce when he has to clear out the high earners and rely on these guys more that they have worn the shirt already. We are in a sort of honeymoon period at the moment where players who have been very injury prone are fresh and fit as Jos has hardly played them. Time will tell whether Fletcher, Hutch, Westwood etc can sustain fitness for any period of time.
  14. If calderwood isn’t coming with him then bully should get assistants job. Personally I don’t think Bruce is the right man for us but good luck steve .
  15. mcmigo

    1993: A few questions

    Will also say. the Utd goalie with cancer who lapped the pitch in the semi was one of the most moving things I have seen in football.