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  1. This is one of those statements which makes no sense. So - if we had Tango in charge, and kept getting thumped 5-0, would we say - 'its OK- he has no money to spend, he has to have time.' Wilson is essentially saying results dont matter? ! Did he head the ball too much as a player?
  2. Lots of managers who have disgracefully turned down this great club in the past, now they must all be regretting not signing up to manage the massive and, I have no doubt, cry themselves to sleep at night due to the stupidity of their decision making. To save us a few quid, lets furlough the wretched Monk on 2.5k a month and lets get a reality TV show up and running ' Putting it Right - Right Here, Right Now on the RIght and other parts of the pitch' , and get those who foolishly knocked us back before and are now stuck at small amateur clubs or having their bums wiped in council nursing homes to compete to become our manager. So my list: Phillippe Troussier Gerard Houllier Walter Smith Paul Lambert Anthony Pulis Billy Dearden The Cowley triplets Bryan Robson Chris Hughton Neil Warnock The participants will have a range of challenges over the series - from trying to teach Da Cruz to play football, to showing sufficient passion in post match interviews so north standers clap more. The winner gets a 2 year contract, a Bullen or equivalent tracksuited grumbler to help, their choice of players from a list of 6 random frees from the C leagues of Portugal and Albania, and a wildcard that allows them to ban 3 players a season for being moles, disrupters or bad eggs. Quite a prize. If we get enough posts supporting, I'll get this over to the TV production companies but do feel free to suggest changes to make it even more compelling,
  3. Why not? who knows what sort of form we will be in relative to the other teams, or impact of an empty stadium. Might work for us. i would personally hang a contract with lots of pound notes there on on the hooks of Nuhiu and fletcher in the dressing room and tell them they get the pen if they bully every back 4 from now on and get us into the play offs. then tell rest of them we are going full Wilko tactics, give it a wallop , get down the sides and beat teams up.
  4. He isn’t Phil king or Roland Nilsson who remain the wet dreams of our old and fat fan base , so will always get pelters.
  5. The crash was a real shame, as he was starting to look a really decent player. A proper box striker, he had really good movement in the box and a bit of a streak about him. Was never the same player after the crash, lost his pace and confidence.
  6. Saw plenty of branston , fee , May and the rest of them who often are brought up in these centre back threads. i maintain Van aken is the worst of the lot. Branston was ugly and slow but could stop and block . Van aken is incredibly poor as a player on basic defensive technique that any half decent manager knows exactly how to beat us if he is in the team. I thought he was the peak in terms of lack of ability of all the players I have seen in the shirt over the past 35 years, however then da Cruz turned up on loan and I had to reappraise.
  7. Van aken is the worst centre back in our history. he makes westwood look like baresi.
  8. A cheat. A player of talent who is cheating by playing and training at half mast and well within himself. Has not realised his potential in his career. We can all tip tap and float about in a number 10 role. He should do much more.
  9. get him furloughed, we dont need a manager if we arent playing football or cant sign players. what a waste of time.
  10. Some real rot on here. man management? Speak to anyone who has played for Rafa, George Graham and others with a cabinet full of medals. Most of the players who played for those two wouldn’t douse them with their own urine if they were on fire. this amazing world class team big Ron built got relegated in 1990 and we finished a brilliant 3rd in the then division 2 the season after behind the mighty Oldham athletic. The idea we had Brazil 1970 on our hands is nonsense. francis did a great job here as manager.
  11. Love Bullens stints - always the same play book. 1. 'A good man has lost his job.' 2. 'The Chairman is a good man, he says I will have at least until the (PICK RANDOM CRAP TEAM) game. 3. 'I just thought Kieren and Sam could give us that bit of experience we needed.' 4. A storming win follows 5. 'The players have been great, I just told them to play with a smile, and they enjoyed that. 6. A narrow win or draw follows 7. ' I thought we were a bit leggy ,we had to battle and we did. 8. ' I can't say that I don't want the job but the Chairman is his own man. I know I have at least until the (PICK RANDOM CRAP TEAM) game. 9. A twotting against said random crap team follows 10. 'These players have let a lot of managers down. It was heartbreaking out there. All the work we did on the training pitch was for nothing, You can't legislate for that.' 11. 'You'll have to ask the Chairman. 12. 'I know the Chairman has got an appointment in mind, I'll just have to see if they want me around. In the meantime I'll prepare the players for another twonking against (INSERT RANDOM CRAP TEAM); 13. Repeat 8 months later.
  12. Loovens that night one of the all time great performances in the shirt. Absolutely unbelievable performance.
  13. as has been noted, replaced semedo with Joey p and replaced Loovens with Van aken . Wretched business in anyone’s book.
  14. There is no hope of him playing again for us. Loan out again for the season and release at end of contract.
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