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  1. Fox back in the side. Needs a big game ! amazing the evolution of this team in less than a year. Only reach, bannan and Lees are really first teamers until very recently.
  2. mcmigo


    Whilst there are no doubt non football reasons behind the situation, he was poor last season when he played. Not just his basic shot stopping but he was running around the penalty box like someone from a benny hill sketch, absolutely all over the place.
  3. Scotland is without question the most beautiful country on earth. It makes New Zealand, which people rave about, look like Stevenage. It is a truly ridiculous combination of mountains, lakes, beaches and forests. The weather is bloody awful and the midges are shocking in summer but the scenery up there is something else.
  4. Nothing wrong with that. i bet Steve Maclean would rather have been smacking in goals for the past 8 or so years in the spl than scrubbing around on the bench at Plymouth or newport.
  5. I actually think this is a good move for him. He has a chance of being in the first team and also winning something. He will have better memories of playing at ibrox than scratching around in the championship on the bench.
  6. I thought Bristol had smuggled didier drogba in and put Abraham on the back of his shirt. Every time the ball went near him I covered my eyes.
  7. mcmigo

    Best boss?

    Laws , closely followed by Carlos.
  8. mcmigo

    Pablo Bonvin

    One of the very few first half tactical substitutions I have seen. away at palace under shreeves, the game started and it was like rourkes drift from the off. We were two or three down within 15 minutes and palace could have had six in that period. Shreeves hooked bonvin and sent on a defender to prevent a cricket score.
  9. Keith Treacy I have no memory of him at all !
  10. Of course. He is still as handsome as ever.
  11. mcmigo

    Shefki Kuqi

    Had a really good career given his extreme limitations as a player.
  12. Colleague of mine at work. Great fella.
  13. mcmigo

    Guess the player..

    What a player viv was. One of my all time favourite Wednesday players, an absolute master at defending. I would have loved him to have lifted that fa cup in 93.
  14. mcmigo

    Are we trusting him yet?

    Nice thread this. We ultimately are a mid table quality team. We will beat most of the bottom half and lose to most of the top half. We are the sum of our parts. The managers par for the course this season is 12th. Hopefully the extreme swaying of Jos is a genius/ Jos is useless will settle down into accepting we will be beaten by the top 10 in most instances. That’s fine, their teams are better.
  15. Defence not good enough for promotion this season. That’s fine, we have some good young defenders coming through in effectively their full debut season this year. We will be better placed to succeed next season with more experience. i have no concerns on goal scoring this season