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  1. I would have been on the phone to Neil Lennon and Stephen Gerrard in the summer to try and get him up north for a loan spell. We keep saying he needs service for mega goals - being up top for Celtic or Rangers he would have got hatfuls of chances and we could see whether he is still the volume scorer he once was. He also might have come back with confidence, and gained his place back in the national team. Current position is lose lose for everyone.
  2. You can expect whatever you want. As stated, we haven’t been promoted to the top flight since 1991. We had a net transfer spend in the summer of minus 7 million quid, and have finished midtable last two seasons with this squad. we are nowhere near good enough to go up. And far too good to go down.
  3. I reckon he was on the thunderbox when Sir Garry was giving his tactical masterclass. Then once he had wiped and flushed it was too late . He had a chat with Bully instead who, with a breath stale and acidic from a breakfast of buckfast and haggis, muttered ‘yoos get the ball wee laddie and yoos run and boot it oor iyes will see you ootside yer rum old tosspile. Garry flipping monk ‘
  4. You need to get the zen mindset. Think about the journey not the destination. Just enjoy each game. We haven’t been promoted to the top flight for nearly 30 years. No point getting all tensed up and frustrated about it.
  5. A nice solid start. Monk will know deep down we are mid table fodder this season and so is rightly managing expectations. We are beating teams who are struggling and losing to the better ones . That i suspect will be the story of our season. A very relaxing and enjoyable season awaits. The key is to nurse the squad through the season, bin the oldies and hopalongs and continue to get younger fitter players in the squad.
  6. Nice! I would play this and wallop it up there, none of this tip tap nonsense !
  7. Came in at the end of the MM era when we were absolutely skint. Everyone thought he would be a car crash based on reports from Everton, Reading etc but he was really decent. Worked harder than I thought he would do, seemed to enjoy his football here. Just vanished one day to a random team if I remember correctly. No complaints about his time here at all really.
  8. This. mid table team, monk or otherwise. This season will be as relaxing as a lie down on a sofa. A nice gentle drift into about 10th.
  9. I am sure Fulham look on our front 3 with envy compared to the poverty they have up top.
  10. I really don’t know why managers say we have such great fans. Honestly, it simply is not true. Most are bitter old scrotes still stroking themselves to the memories of 3 years a generation ago where we won the grand sum of one league cup.
  11. ‘A front 3 as good as any team’ is the most ridiculous part of any post on here in many years.
  12. Monk will be absolutely fine. We are going to have a very relaxing mid table season, no stress of going up or going down. I am sure we will have plenty of fans kicking the cat when we lose but we are nowhere near strong enough for promotion and far too good for relegation , much like the last two seasons in fact. Monk will guide us nicely to 10th, then if he hasn’t been hounded out by the ‘ he is tactical inept and doesn’t have the Pashun ‘ brigade , he can get on with releasing the rest of the hop a longs and Werthers original brigade and build a new team.
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