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  1. No -12 is a big deduction and I don't think we will score enough goals to stay up. Our home form remains extremely poor. If we stay up it will be a very, very good achievement.
  2. Not in the slightest. That tackle by anyone is a shocker. People were saying the Luke shaw tackle in man utd v spurs was bad - that was a schoolboy tackle compared to this by Hutch. He went in to hurt him, why else would his foot be that high?
  3. The tackle of a cheat. Pathetic. if that is the way he wants to play football monk was 100 percent right to kick him out of the squad.
  4. An excellent signing of a good goal scorer. Didn’t get on at derby but I saw him at posh and he looked a real player.
  5. hunt is good enough for a first team starting shirt this season. Today we should loan Rhodes out if we can, sell bannan. Sign marriot. Crack on. Only buy flint if we have real injury concerns over one of the centre backs.
  6. Tough one Do you want a. A substantial amount of money owed to you to be repaid, money that can be spent on many things. b. To see lee Gregory amble about on a broken I follow stream on your mobile phone .
  7. Lee Gregory is in all respects a downgrade on Adthe Nuhiu , I only ask that if we sign him this extremely limited footballer he is not abused in the same way.
  8. The Hunter....becomes the Hunted! Hunt is a real player. You stick Luongo next to him, those two will be a good combination in the middle, and will get up and down the park more than we do with BB.
  9. Hunt is good enough to step up. sell Bannan if over 1 mil and get him off the wage bill.
  10. Not at all. But we are sat on - points due to overspending, and like all clubs face a very uncertain future due to no crowds and Covid. Bannan is 31 and in last year of his contract. Any rational thought process would conclude that we sell him.
  11. We have just failed FFP and been deducted points as a result, face the prospect of no gate income for another season and have a highly paid 31 year old in the final year of his contract subject to a bid. Only the legendary Scottish manager Murdo McMad, manager of Mad Rovers FC, would turn any half sensible bid down. Could be a lifeline for us financially .
  12. what an amazing trailer - this looks like it will be a fantastic watch.
  13. The teams we really struggled against defensively last season were those who played quick stuff with clever runners - Brentford, Blackburn. Fulham and to be fair we got away with it in other games against that sort of team eg leeds. In general we were defensively OK against the more direct teams like Boro. I like FLint but he would solve a problem we dont really have.
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