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  1. After years of getting excited about signings who don’t deliver the expected results on the pitch I refuse to get excited until we are 12 points clear by Christmas. I may allow myself a small fist pump at 11 points.
  2. Possibly the best goal I’ve seen live
  3. Utd much the better team tonight. Forrest much the better team on Sat. Well done Forest. Commiserations Utd. I want to be more magnanimous that any of the Utd fans I know have been. SWFC - classy!
  4. We’re a better team. Go for it and we’ll win. Simple as that.
  5. A friend of mine is a franchise fan and at the game. Only thing for away fans to eat is a £2 Mars bar apparently.
  6. I know, I was trying to be ironic. I don’t like it either….
  7. Don’t know why this came up in my YouTube feed but it did and it’s quite a good watch. Very complimentary about us and The Old Lady.
  8. Dons 3-0 up and Plymouth down to 10 men. I think we can think about opening the bubbly.
  9. Being a football reporter has to be the easiest job in the world. Ask the same old inane questions for which there is only one answer. Repeat, repeat. Q-How important will the crowd be? A-Very important. Q-How important will the senior players be? A-Very important. Q-How important was Lee Gregory’s hat trick in mid-week? A-Very important. what a load of tosh. The only reason to listen is to hear injury updates. That’s the only question I couldn’t write the wanderer to myself.
  10. We’ll that was easy. Why don’t they do that more often?
  11. Because shots off goal don’t count and we’re ******** poor at corners.
  12. Why are we still incapable of defending set plays?
  13. That’ll get their ganders up. Need to keep hold of the ball for a bit.
  14. Couldn’t watch the match tonight but I’ve just seen the highlights. our forwards were like the Keystone Cops tonight. Farcical at times. Another night it would have been a very comfortable win.
  15. I clicked on this thread and said to myself “if there isn’t a pic of flared trousers in the first half page I’ll, be very disappointed….
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