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  1. Gayle falls down easily at the best of times, he'd never be off his arse on our pitch.
  2. He'll still find somebody to argue with.
  3. Plus he’s known since January that he needed to find a new club.
  4. I've done the same only i've taken a couple of old blokes with me. One to stand infront of me & keep farting, the other to keep shouting "Gerrit forrad Bannan". That's true realism.
  5. He's farted, the lad behind had just got a wiff of it.
  6. Voting isn’t mandatory, If you didn’t agree with either option you could have chosen not to vote.
  7. Yes, although it’s still early doors & the squad still needs strengthening I’m encouraged by the team spirit, fitness, organisation & professionalism the squad is showing.
  8. Professional performance could have been 6-0, great energy, pressure & build up. Good performances from the young lads & Palmer has learned to cross after all this time.
  9. Correct & there's talk of the number being increased to 4.5m if shielding is reintroduced nationwide.
  10. I agree, if they were struggling they wouldn't be able to afford the transfer fees & contracts. Frankly since the pandemic began I've found a lot of what's come out of the EPL, EFL & PFA to be nonsense.
  11. There was a Premier League spokesman on last week moaning that Premier League clubs have lost about £750m due to the pandemic & they need crowds back into stadiums to survive. It's not stopped them committing to probably over that amount in transfer fees this summer, a decent amount of which will go to clubs abroad.
  12. Not sure about the silver platter but I can certainly remember the pigs head & the scarf.
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