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  1. Paul cook or Paul Hurst

    It would have to be Paul Hurst. I don't want our club in the hands of any scouser.
  2. 63 years old, first 1st team match about 1959/60. Ron Springett Roland Nillson Nigel Pearson Des Walker Don Megson Terry Curran John Sheridan Tommy Craig Chris Waddle David Hirst John Fantham Subs Keiron Westwood Mick Lyons Carlton Palmer Gary Shelton Willie Henderson Benito Carbone Paulo Di Canio
  3. Jos: "Please, please don't get injured again Barry, we've already lost Clare & Wallace for the rest of the season & the fans will crucify me if I pick Butterfield again". Barry: "Aye boss, I'm not surprised, he's fekkin crap".
  4. Stadium location?

    I say it every time we have a new stadium thread I love the thrill of travelling to Hillsborough for a match & have done so for nearly 60 years & ideally I'd want us to stay where we are & redevelop Hillsborough. However I don't believe the footprint of Hillsborough will allow sufficient redevelopment & facilities to generate the income that a Premier league team needs to bring in 7 days a week. Maybe DC could purchase adjacent land to build facilities but I doubt the current location away from major transport links will draw in sufficient custom to maximise any new development & facilities. I'll have more than a tear in my eye to walk away from Hillsborough for the last time but if we get to the promised land of the Premier & want to establish ourselves there I personally believe a new stadium in a more commercially viable area is unfortunately a necessity.
  5. Thank God for that, I've got 4 & always presumed I was odd.
  6. Given his injury record it might be best if he's carried back into the team. Agree he needs to be back in the team though.
  7. Looks as though the player in the foreground is kicking the other in the gonads, is it Loovens? I can just imagine the conversation, "Sorry pal, the chairman has paid me to crock you, apparently he can't afford your appearance bonus".
  8. Strained a boot lace, back in two weeks.
  9. Not 100% certain but thought I'd read where incoming loans were allowed but with a limit on the wages being paid. I'm also under the impression that if you sell a player during an embargo then you're allowed to buy a player or players for up to the amount you've received for the player you've sold. No idea whether free transfers or players out of contact are allowed to be signed.
  10. A three legged sloth is quicker off the mark than Loovens.
  11. Not so much a great gesture. More an acceptance that he didn't realise the importance & significance that a traditional kit means to a clubs supporters. Plus given the clusterfeck of a season that we're having he needs to use any means he can to get the supporters on his side again.