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  1. I think you've got the monopoly on crock pal.
  2. Brilliant answer FFS. Let's go back 32 years. The intensity of modern football, the fitness requirements & recovery times simply would not work with 1 substitution.
  3. 1 sub would totally unworkable, put players on the scrap heap & give youngsters even less opportunity to break into the professional game. In the Premier & EFL alone there would be 456 players surplus to requirements. They might get a club lower down the leagues but there would be a knock on affect of lower league players being jettisoned.
  4. I believe they do to a certain extent in that if a club fails a P&S test at any stage then the owner has to provide guarantees/proof of funds to cover any losses incurred.
  5. Bannan was equal 4th in the Championship assist list with 11 assists, Reach was equal 20th with 7 assists.
  6. Open Owlstalk up on a private or incognito window depending on which browser you use. Click on the link on the 1st post of this thread & make your vote. Close down the private/incognito window. Repeat the above as many times as you want, I've voted about 30 times at the moment.
  7. 212 matches over the last 5 years (avg 42) doesn't suggest a stalled career or someone that's not performing.
  8. I always wanted to be a centre forward but couldn't hit a barn door from 2 yards, hence I ended up as centre back or goalie where hoofing it up the pitch didn't demand any great accuracy.
  9. Agreed, however of the 5 or 6 or players SB says he wants to bring in I suspect 2 or 3 of them will be young loanees from Premiership clubs.
  10. Your not from the Reda Johnson school of how to keep a woman at home then.
  11. In the short to medium term he might but he doesn't have the vast wealth to continue to do so infinitum.
  12. Didn't Megson once say that he was due for an interview at the sty for the managers job but when he drove into the car park he realised that as a Wednesdayite he just couldn't do it, turned round & drive out again.
  13. Just proves that Carlos's insistence that he chose the players was complete gonads.
  14. The club has been losing up to £20m a season which DC has bankrolled. If the fans held let's say 10% of the shares DC would be well within his rights to ask the fans to fork out £2m as towards the losses.
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