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  1. mogbad

    New Kit

    I don't, it's awful.
  2. I must start reading the name of the OP before opening a thread.
  3. mogbad

    New Kit

    https://medium.com/boothen-end-view/a-question-of-stripes-a1cee0d18e19 Found the above on a Stoke City blog regarding plain back panels on striped shirts.
  4. mogbad

    Surely bloody not!

    I thought it was already on a sumo wrestlers body.
  5. mogbad

    Surely bloody not!

    I don't know, most of the bar staff on the North walk round in circles looking clueless. Butterfield would be in his element.
  6. mogbad

    Surely bloody not!

    Carlos said that we took Butterfield as opposed to another Derby player that was offered because there would be an option to make the Butterfield deal permanent if we wished. No mention of Winnall going permanently to Derby. I don't think there will be any way that Jos would want to make the Butterfield deal permanent. Both Butterfield & Venancio were thanked for their services & Jos along with the local media has stated on several occasions that he'd like to get Venancio on a permanent deal but tellingly there has been no mention of Butterfield (thank feck).
  7. mogbad

    Robert Huth

    Jos released Loovens & Wallace because he wants to reduce the age profile of the squad, so I wouldn't have thought he'd be interested in Huth.
  8. I was at the match, it was certainly the first time I'd witnessed any cushion throwing.
  9. mogbad

    Westwood Going

    This is pretty much spot on for me. As good as Wildsmith has been he's prone to a few big mistakes & doesn't particularly command his area. He's young & will get better but for me Dawson looks more calm & assured, however we've yet to see how he'll react under severe pressure & after a few mistakes. If we're looking to be in & around the top two or play off places I'd feel more confident if we had Westwoods experience between the sticks.
  10. mogbad

    George Hirst

    If we withdraw the deals offered don't we lose the right to compensation once they do sign for another club.
  11. JJ MkII, lightning pace, most crosses end up in Row Z.
  12. Winnall out till January is my understanding too.
  13. Great stats & as someone as already posted the last 10 matches has been promotion form & gives me optimism for next season. I can't help thinking though that if DC had made the right decision after the Huddersfield play off embarrassment then a properly fit & therefore less injury prone squad could have achieved the promised land this season. The play offs at the very least would have been achieved.