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  1. Never heard of Wadey either. Mind you I don't watch darts so I won't know any of the current crop. Welcome to Owlstalk by the way.
  2. Am I the only one who's never heard of Glen Durrant.
  3. If DC is still in charge you probably won't be buying one then.
  4. I won't have much of a choice if there's no refund option for this season.
  5. Withdraw the offers we've made to Lees & Reech. Tell Uroghide to take it or leave it. Bin the rest off. When we do release them please don't make the usual "We thank them for their efforts..." statement.
  6. I've been going to Hillsborough since about 1960 so I've experienced my fair share of dross & relegation disappointments but I've never been so certain of relegation with a dozen or so games to go as I am now.
  7. Agreed. For me our downward spiral isn't going to suddenly end with relegation to League One. Relegation isn't going to miraculously change DC's approach so a new dawn isn't on the horizon until he goes. Even if he goes this summer his mismanagement of the contract situation will mean that our summer recruitment will be based towards getting numbers into the squad as opposed to building a squad that will get us promoted.
  8. Spot on Neil. I've twice been in work situations where we knew that redundancies were on the horizon & half of us wouldn't be working there in a few months time. Morale & work rate hit rock bottom & we spent most of our time speculating on who would stay & who would go. There were obvious ones that would stay & obvious ones that would go which further impacted on relationships & team work with the ones that knew they were going not giving a flying feck about the companies status of future success. Even some of the ones that would be staying
  9. It wouldn't surprise me if he's not here next season. I suspect his new contract will have a specified fee release clause.
  10. Wildsmith & Dawson certainly haven’t progressed over the last 2 years. Whether that’s down to the coaching, having the mentality to play in a losing side or the lads purely not being good enough we don’t know. We haven’t seen much of a sign that they’ve worked on their weaknesses. Whichever it is we need to sign a reliable keeper in the summer who’s not made of balsa.
  11. Jack Whitham got a hat trick as I remember.
  12. Not as good as the 5-4 win against Man Utd on August 31st 1968.
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