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  1. Caption This

    You'll not be laughing next Sunday Neil, you piggy tvvat.
  2. Sacking of the physio's

    I don't have a problem with Carlos bringing in 2 Portuguese Physio's. However bringing in 2 Portuguese Physio's when one of them isn't Eva Carneiro is a sackable offence.
  3. Positives and negatives

    This, on both points.
  4. I'll think about the pigs match after next Saturday, two very difficult matches to overcome first.
  5. Dom Howson saying Keiron Lee starting.
  6. Liam Palmer

    It's a reasonable point & it's to Liams credit that he's managed to adapt. However had he not made the transition to right back I very much doubt he'd still be at the club & he'd be playing his football at a lower level. If he struggles for game time with only Hunt to compete with he wouldn't even be making the bench if he was competing with Bannan, Lee, Wallace, Hutchinson, Jones, Abdi, Reach & Butterfield.
  7. Liam Palmer

    He's an ok replacement if Hunt is injured but nothing more. The fact he couldn't grasp the right back position when Hunt was gash during the first half of last season probably tells us what level he's at. With the game in front of him he's a better defender than Hunt but once the balls gone past him he totally switches off, as he does when crosses are coming in from the opposite wedding.
  8. Paper talk

    The only players we can sign between now & January are those that were without a club at the end the transfer window yesterday.
  9. Paper talk

    Carlos has said that he just identifies the players & passes it on to DC & his team. Biggs has also said Carlos doesn't have full transfer control. For all we know Carlos might have said to DC that he wants one of Montero or Success, DC has made initial enquiries but not followed it through for whatever reason. Carlos has a lot to answer for with his tactics, team selections & not using the attacking options at his disposal but not getting players through the door probably falls on DC's lap.
  10. Time to shine FF

    I think the squad in general & certainly the fans have become frustrated. Why Carlos felt the need to change an attacking & exciting game plan that took us within 90 mins of the Premier to a negative borefest I'll never know. He'll feel vindicated because we achieved more points & finished higher in the league than the previous season & in all fairness that's what really counts, but my God it was painful to watch at times last season.
  11. Time to shine FF

    Totally agree with your views on Carlos's tactics, stifling not only FF's but all our strikers attacking abilities & if he doesn't change I believe he'll be out of a job before Xmas. However Fernando has to take responsibility for the relationship breaking down. Refusing to travel with the squad & throwing a strop in training that resulted in him being disciplined isn't the managers fault. If he hadn't been our leading scorer & most dynamic player he'd have been on the transfer list after the Norwich affair.
  12. Rate our summer transfer window

    A bit difficult to rate this window, I'd say 5/10 but could go either way. Boyd I thought was a brilliant signing, fresh from 30 plus premier appearances, good engine, can play on either flank, played well in pre-season but had looks a bit lost when he's played since the season started. The 2 centre backs are long overdue but pretty unknown entities to most of us. Their signings could be masterstrokes or a complete disaster Butterfield has played regularly in the Championship but he's not a player that's stood out to me & Derby fans are glad to get rid. We still haven't resolved the lack of pace in the squad that can offer something different when plan A isn't working. McGugan being released is the best for all concerned. Wasted talent. Winnall to Derby is a strange one. He always looked hungry, worked his socks off & became popular with the fans, but he was never going to get selected above Fletcher, Hooper, Rhodes & FF with any great regularity. I'd have liked to see Joao, Nuhiu, Mattias sent out on loan but that can only happen if other clubs want them.
  13. Rate our summer transfer window

    I don't think your allowed to recall a player on a season long loan.