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  1. To be fair he hasn’t been in top form for at least 2 years.
  2. The place was like a tardis. Before I went I was told he’d have everything, when I saw the shop I thought this is going to be crap, I walked in & every shelf, nook & cranny was crammed with stuff. I don’t know how he remembered where everything was but you’d ask for something, he’d nod, disappear behind a load of boxes & have what you wanted in his hand when he reappeared.
  3. During Carlos’s reign Chris Turner commented on the subject of injuries on Radio Sheffield after a match at Hillsborough. He said that during his time at the club he always felt the training ground surfaces were too hard. Whether that’s still the case or not I don’t know.
  4. My Aunty bought me my first Wednesday shirt from there for my 8th birthday.
  5. That’s the one. I think at one time they were the main suppliers to both us & the other lot just up the road from the shop.
  6. Yep bought loads of stuff from Suggs in my time. Mind you I’m that old I can remember buying football boots & kit from Jack Archers on Bramall Lane.
  7. Interesting that Carlos, Jos, Bruce & Monk along with their associated fitness & medical staff couldn’t get to the bottom of our injury issues but Pulis says he’s identified the problem in less than a fortnight.
  8. Jordan used to be a waiter for him but got the sack because the food was cold by the time he got it to the table.
  9. Reach, his best game for about 18 months. Closely followed by Odubajo, his best match for us & Bannan, his best performance this season.
  10. Best make sure we’ve got plenty of ball boys in the empty stands.
  11. Many thanks for the heads up on this Neil. I was paying £99.50 per month for SkyQ (including Cinema, Sports, Kids, Multiroom & UHD) plus £14.99 for Netflix. I’m now paying £58.50 for the same package except Kids but including Netflix. A total saving of over £55 per month & just over £1000 for the 18 month contract. I would seriously advise any Sky customer to give them a call. Took me about 20 minutes.
  12. While our striking department is a concern there’s little to no creativity or quality supply into the box. Our lack of goals issue starts much further back than the front line.
  13. If Dawson had made that punch he’d have been lambasted on here.
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