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  1. Still too fekkin long.
  2. This. How he played for England I'll never know, he makes Joe Hart look good.
  3. If This Was Next Years Kit?

    This, would be a classic Wednesday kit for me.
  4. Butts

    For those of you like myself who opened this thread in anticipation of more exciting content.
  5. Palmer

    For me this is his main fault. Once the ball goes past him towards our own goal he switches off & ball watches.
  6. In hindsight...

    I agree in the sense that Wallace has done absolutely nothing to warrant his place in the side this season. However our recruitment has failed to find a much needed replacement with pace, leaving us with the option of playing an out of form Wallace or somebody else lacking pace & out of position.
  7. Aldridge

    jfr142 is here again
  8. Newsflash

    newsflash, jfr142 is a piggy twwat
  9. My drink of choice. Carlos’s favourite tipple.
  10. Play on the front foot with the same aggression as the first 60 minutes today. Until Van Aken learns to defend the further away the game is from him the better. Tell Hunt not to shut his eyes when crossing the ball. Tell Fletcher not to shut his eyes when shooting. Tell Lee to shoot more. Tell Bannan not to shoot under any circumstances. That's about it. Oh yes, nearly forgot. Don't keep picking Wallace he's fekkin w4nk.
  11. How poor a side are Barnsley.

    By the result yes but over the whole 90 minutes they weren't as good as us at all. They couldn't have complained if we'd been 4 up at half time & 6 up by the hour. For me the worst side to visit Hillsborough this season.
  12. Dear Carlos

    My exact words when we changed the energetic chance creating football of the first 60 minutes to the let's slow it down & let the opposition have the ball that's got us into this predicament.
  13. Player ratings

    Westwood 6 - Ok, usual poor distribution. Hunt 7 - Would be an 8 but as usual let down by his crossing. Lees 6 - Ok, good 1st half. Van Aken 4 - Very poor defensively & out muscled too often. Pudil 6 - Good 1st half, started to tire before his injury. Wallace 2 - Totally ineffective & looks disinterested. Lee 7 - Decent game particularly 1st half, very unlucky when he hit the crossbar. Bannan 7 - The usual energy & endeavour, just wish that sometimes he just had to get the ball into the box. Reach 8 - MOTM for me. Hooper 6 - Not his usual self, too many fancy flicks. Fletcher 6 - Worked hard but should have done better with a couple of chances. Rhodes 5 - Didn't affect the game, looks as though he's running in treacle. Butterfield 5 - Ok, unfortunately for him he was introduced when we'd gone off the boil. Joao 5 - Brought on far too late when an injection of pace was clearly required. Carlos 5 - For once he set the team up to attack & get into the opposition faces from the off. To be fair to him we should have been out of sight by half time & he was visibly urging the team forward. Unfortunately reverted to type in the 2nd half with a less energetic performance allowing a very poor Barnsley side back into the game with the inevitable equaliser. After the Wembley play off defeat it was obvious to most of us that we needed a quality centre back to partner Lees, a midfield enforcer & pace on the flanks. Whether it's Carlos not identifying the correct players or DC & his advisors not getting deals done i don't know but it's criminal that not one of those areas has been addressed while we've spunked millions to FFP limits on areas less urgent.
  14. I've foolishly tried a burger & a hot dog in the the north stand this season because they'd ran out of luke warm pies well before kick off. Seriously, a starving dog would turn it's nose up at them, both awful.