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  1. It might look like that on the surface but for all we know deals could have been negotiated pending us selling players first.
  2. Our FFP/P&S position is such that we unfortunately have to consider offers for any of our players in my opinion.
  3. I fear you may be correct. DC will blindly believe he can sort the FFP/P&S issue but in reality we'll be well & truly in the mire.
  4. 10 months out with a bad knee injury, can't break into our starting 11. The only way we could get rid of him at the moment would be a loan with a view to a permanent transfer in the summer of he proves himself.
  5. mogbad

    Man of the Match - Wigan (H)

    Westwood 6 - Not a lot to do but organises well. Palmer 7 - Did well, good energy but let down by his crossing. Lees 7 - More like his old self today. Hector 7 - Solid game. Fox 7 - Good game, enjoying his best spell for some time. Hutchinson 7 - Good game, seems to be playing with more discipline. Reach 5 - Largely ineffective, weak in the tackle, dropped off the last few games. Bannan 7 - Usual busy self, looked to play forward more. Boyd 7 - Grew stronger as the game progressed. Matias 6 - Good 1st half but the usual running out of energy in the 2nd. Fletcher 9 - Fantastic work rate, won just about everything in the air, brilliant goal. Joao 7 - Skillful & unselfish, the better side of Joao came out today. Nuhiu 7 - More like the player that finished last season on a high, although he looked absolutely knackered at the final whistle.
  6. Ron Ward, stadium caretaker for many years until his retirement. Sadly passed away last year.
  7. Great man, played at the same time as my dad. Keith, his wife & my parents were great friends after they finished playing. He actually moved back to Sheffield from the states & sadly passed away about 6 years ago.
  8. Unfortunately I believe you are right.
  9. As things stand with P&S at the moment we can theoretically lose up to £39m over a rolling 3 year period (average £13m per year) as long as DC keeps bankrolling the deficit. If we fans were to let's say own 20% of the club after a share issue, DC would be well within his rights to ask us to fork out £2.6m per season on average as our contribution towards the deficit.
  10. mogbad

    P&S issues

    We're in the sh!t now, if we don't sell players in the next 2 weeks we'll be under a soft embargo from March, then a hard embargo from the end of the financial period. Not offering new contracts to the injured high earners etc will only help from next season onwards.
  11. mogbad

    Adbi playing for U23's

    All kitted up ready to go.
  12. Done, 61% currently.
  13. Agnew said he was still here in his pre match conference.
  14. mogbad

    What today shows is .....

    What today shows is that if you revert back to the Jos tactics of passing it out from the keeper, midfield sitting too deep, moving the ball back to our own half from throw ins & free kicks in their half & playing on the back foot then we end up with the same turgid display that we got today.
  15. Great idea, he could borrow Abdi's scooter.