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  1. Can't see there being much interest in buying a club with an impending points deduction & reduced income from gate receipts due to segregation measures imposed by the local authority/SAG.
  2. It might be a shock to DC with his head in the sand, but can't be much of a surprise to anyone else that lives in the real world.
  3. Wednesday winning the league for me. At the end of the day it doesn't matter who's in power none of the political parties have a clue about what the man on the street wants & quite frankly I don't think they care. For this election it's not so much a preferred party, more of a which party would I dislike the most & go for the other. Our choice is an idealistic terrorist sympathising clown who wants to take us back to the dark ages. A lying upper class buffoon or someone that wants to ignore democracy & re-run the Brexit referendum. What a stark choice we've got.
  4. Plus keeping an eye on the old scoreboard at the back of the kop to see how the 1st team were going on in their away match.
  5. Groundsman says the drains are holding up well & the match will definitely go ahead. (Courtesy The Wednesday Sing, Facebook)
  6. It would be a foolish decision not to give Dawson a new contract unless he doesn't want to stay. The only reason Westwood is first choice is because of his experience & constantly organising his defence. Westwood makes as many mistakes as Dawson, some of which Dawson would get hammered for by some on here.
  7. Iorfa is quicker, more mobile, better on the ball & offers more of an attacking threat at set pieces than Lees. No doubt Lees has been excellent for us but currently there is no logical reason to bring him back at the expense of Iorfa.
  8. Maybe Monk is on a 1 year rolling contract. Seem to remember Carlos being on something similar.
  9. 3 pts all the way. I couldn't give a flying feck about the egg chasing. Haven't watched any of it so far & won't be watching the final.
  10. Close call between Iorfa & Borner with Fox & Hutchison close behind. I've gone for Borner
  11. Dawson 7 - Good game, handled well & a great save. Palmer 5 - Ok defensively, offered very little going forward. Iorfa 7 - Great defensively but some careless distribution. Borner 8 - Hardly puts a foot wrong. Fox 8 - MOTM for me, great defensive work & some decent crosses going forward. Reach 6 - Better than Friday night but up to his best yet. Hutchinson 6 - Works like a Trojan but a yellow card waiting to happen. Bannan 5 - Passing was off, gave away stupid free kicks & refuses to put his foot through the ball when were under pressure. Luongo 7 - Worked hard, ran at the opposition, took his goal well. Harris 6 - Not quite on his game last night. Fletcher 6 - Usual graft but not as affective.
  12. Sheffield United City Council are pleased to announce that construction work has commenced on the latest measures to prevent Sheffield Wednesday supporters attending matches at Hillsborough.
  13. Dawson 5 - Great save near the end, command of area & positioning poor. Palmer 4 - His worst game for quite some time. Probably should have been rested after international duty. Iorfa 8.5 - MOTM for me, Lees is going to have to give his time to get back in. Borner 8 - Another dominantperformance & a goal. Fox 6 - Decent 1st half, gave away too many needless free kicks in the 2nd. Hutch 7 - Great energy, tough tackling & drove the team forward. Bannan 6 - Did ok, unless he was injured taking him off & replacing him with Nuhiu gave them the initiative. Reach 4 - So frustrating, has the ability & physical attributes but offered little & couldn't tackle his grandmother. Luongo 5 - Not in the game for long spells, lacked energy & poor decisions. Harris 7 - Decent game, always a threat. Fletcher 6 - Not his usual self, became isolated in 2nd half. Nuhiu 5 - Presumably brought on to hold the ball up & bring others into play. Didn't do either. Murphy 0 - Ball control, ball retention, passing, dribbling all non existent. Worst sub performance I can remember. Monk 5 - Set team up well in 1st half, Palmer should probably have been rested, baffling substitutions left us with no creativity & handed them the initiative.
  14. This. I'd assumed that the delay in the accounts being filed & the embargo being lifted was at least partly due to the EFL sanctioning the stadium sale.
  15. Brilliant, I'm now trying to wipe the coffee I've spat all over my keyboard.
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