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  1. Even leeches have to stop sucking when there's little blood flowing & the victim is at deaths door.
  2. The fact we missed him is a very sad indictment of how far we've fallen.
  3. You'll be fetching it out of the Don if Adthe comes back.
  4. They'll certainly turn quicker than Borner, Van Aken and Lees plus they'll show more urgency than Palmer to get back in position.
  5. Wasn't there some talk of putting offices & a permanent media facility on there at one point. Though how he'd pay for it now is another matter.
  6. Renewed my concession in the North. Less than £11 a match.
  7. Probably used them to replace broken ones in other areas.
  8. Don't worry he's got the family working hard on them.
  9. I’m watching. At least we know why Southgate wanted 4 right backs in his squad. So he can play one of them at left back. FFS
  10. Thankfully I kept my old goalkeeping gear, still fits and comes in handy for a knockabout with the grand kids.
  11. It wouldn't be a proper transfer window without a Lee Gregory to us rumour.
  12. He ended up exhausted, there was a bench for him to rest on but he refused to sit on it.
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