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  1. I would come out of retirement if it ensured Brexit
  2. Agree with the concern but I'd rather wait & get the right man (if there's one available) than rush to get someone unsuitable in just so we can make a couple of signings. Wouldn't surprise me if we have signings already lined up but are waiting for a couple of outgoings before we can complete them.
  3. Has to be A, Carlos & Jos both failed by insisting on option B.
  4. They're stuck in a time warp, Internet hasn't been invented yet.
  5. Arteta or GVB for me. Honestly can't believe Holloway is currently 2nd in the poll. Be careful what you wish for boys.
  6. I'm sure last season the club provided a chart with the actual chest width per shirt size.
  7. We'll still need a tougher hard tackling box to box midfielder in my opinion. The trialist is more in the mould of Bannan so I would have thought if we signed him he'd be cover for Bannan or give us the option of playing Bannan further forward where he should be playing in my opinion.
  8. The embargo was supposedly issued because our accounts hadn't been lodged with Companies House by the due date. As they have now been lodged you'd presume the embargo had been lifted. We didn't receive official notification from the club that we had been placed under an embargo so I doubt we'll officially be told that it's been removed.
  9. Just to remind everyone here's a photo from a match when Pulis & Megson were at their prime.
  10. Don't know about the players but a good proportion of the fans did. If you think we'd have got promoted had Megson stayed then your deluded. Like everybody I loved his passion for the club but his football was dire. If it wasn't for the fact he's one of us nobody would be mentioning him.
  11. Correct decision for me. Bullen & the players need to concentrate on keeping pre-season preparations on track as much as they can. Until official statements are made by both clubs there's nothing Bullen can say that will clarify any of the rumours & supposition that we've been fed over the last few days.
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