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  1. I believe ground improvements/construction costs are disregarded for FFP/P&S purposes.
  2. Wasn't Howson reporting no official approach for Bruce right up to him walking out.
  3. Did they actually turn West Brom down. I thought it was more that WBA decided to go with Bilic.
  4. I agree, he'd have us finishing higher than Bullen but for me his record suggests he's more suited to preventing relegation than gaining promotion.
  5. I'll stand to be corrected but wasn't Pulis's last promotion in 2008. What makes people think he's the man to get us up in 2020.
  6. DC sanctioned the signing of the players, if their attitude isn't right then it's ultimately his responsibility.
  7. Being slow to distribute the ball is happens regularly with Westwood. As far as players not doing as they're are told is concerned I think it's more to do with chopping & changing the side & formation too much resulting in the players being unsure of each others roles. I know Bullen has to make adjustments depending on the opposition but for me he's doing too much & causing our current on field issues. Certainly the quality we've got out there should be achieving better results than we have.
  8. As the saying goes, 2 wrongs don't make a right. Nightmare scenario.
  9. Any out of work manager looking for a job will go to matches. Doesn't mean he's ming here. Well hopefully not.
  10. Agreed with all that except letting Bullen get back to his support role. I know he loves the club but he played a support role under Carlos & Jos. He's not isolated from our last 3 years of failure, he's part of it & needs to be nowhere near coaching the 1st team.
  11. The only help Bullen needs is directions to the exit door.
  12. Bullen has shown this season & in his previous spells in charge that when things don't go as planned he doesn't have a fekkin clue what to do.
  13. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no
  14. I think it's more DC over deliberating & delaying big decisions like he did before sacking CC & Jos.
  15. His team selection & set up yesterday, playing away against a strong & physical side would suggest he's already starting to struggle.
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