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  1. mogbad

    Todays training...

    When did we resign Loovens.
  2. mogbad

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Unfortunately we all know that with our dithering chairman nothing will happen until after Xmas. He'll eventually sack Jos with us languishing in the bottom 6 & 2 days after Jokanovic has got a new job.
  3. Some excellent points on the OP. However, I can understand if Jos has decided to not select the old guard & go with the youngsters but it shouldn't be done to the detriment of our league position, dressing room harmony & causing supporters negativity. If he's going to discount a number of players he should at least be picking the best ones of those left available & playing them in their best positions with a consistent system & tactics to suit their abilities. If he's not going to do that then it's a Jos out for me.
  4. Looked as though he was bricking it to me. Also thought he looked angry about something when he sat back in the dug out after half time.
  5. mogbad

    Joao has to start Friday

    I'd start with Fletcher as a lone striker with 5 at the back & 4 in midfield. Bring Joao on as an impact sub during 2nd half if required. Nuhiu shouldn't be in the squad on recent performances.
  6. mogbad

    Well done Fletcher

    The only player to come out of last Saturday with any credit.
  7. mogbad

    When is enough - enough?

    My 3 year ticket finishes at the end of this season. Renewal will depend on early bird prices in February but if I do continue to renew it will only be on a season by season basis. I don't feel my commitment to the club has been has been reciprocated by the players & coaches over the 3 year period & I'm fed up to the back teeth of the lies & misinformation coming from the team manager & owner.
  8. I might watch it after the event if we've not lost. During the actual match I'll be hiding under the duvet with strict instructions not to be disturbed.
  9. mogbad

    Team for Blades

    Dawson Palmer. Lees. Hector. Pudil. Penney . Hutchinson . Onomah. Bannan. Reach . Fletcher
  10. 30th June is my understanding.
  11. mogbad


    One or both of Reach & Forestieri will probably go in January. The majority if not all the income generated will be used to avoid FFP/P&S sanctions.
  12. mogbad

    Unholy Trinity

    Len Ashurst has to be one of the worst 3 managers for me.
  13. mogbad

    Is anyone??

    Jos's constant changing of formation & team selection, refusal to utilise his best players has left the players disjointed & demoralised, so it's a definite out for Jos for me. We can't spend money on the squad & need to sell to avoid FFP sanctions. Nobody is going to buy the club from him so we'll have to support him for now.