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Community Answers

  1. I presume this will go the same way as the "Takeover" thread. 25 pages of supposition without a single shread of evidence.
  2. The naming rights wouldn't be an issue for DC, he couldn't care less what the club is called after he's sold up. Surely any proposed name change would need to be discussed between the new owner and the FA/EFL.
  3. I agree he has, but I wouldn't pick him ahead of either Iorfa, Batth or Hutchinson in a back 3.
  4. I've been going for 60 years, I haven't seen many more decent years than you. I love the club, it's name and it's colours, it's what keeps me going to Hillsborough. Certainly some success would be great but I personally wouldn't give up our identity in exchange for it.
  5. You should never ever want Wednesday to lose.
  6. Another club for him to earn a big wedge for very little input.
  7. You can't use the word "plan" when discussing Wednesday.
  8. This First couple of games for us he played in a more advanced role and looked ok. DM in his wisdom decided to play him deeper, often behind Bannan. His form and body language went downhill from there.
  9. Bullen was running out of ideas at the end of his first stint as caretaker and was virtually pleading with DC to make an appointment.
  10. It's a bit like being asked "Which gonad do you want trapping between these 2 house bricks, left or right"?
  11. Good luck with your venture. Beautiful City Canterbury, my brother has lived there over 40 years.
  12. Before we'd made any signings I expected a bottom half finish. At the end of the transfer window I was more optimistic. The first few matches kept my optimism going but the more DM has tinkered with his selections and system the more I'm beginning to believe that my initial predictions of a bottom half finish are more likely than the play offs.
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