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  1. Maths not your strong point
  2. mogbad

    Charlie Browns

    Capital or infrastructure expenditure is not included in FFP calculations.
  3. mogbad

    Charlie Browns

    I believe so yes. I was told he also had the chance to buy it before Jaguar Estates when it was much cheaper. He'd only just taken over the club so I presume it was probably to soon to make a further capital investment.
  4. mogbad

    Charlie Browns

    Isn't it owned by Jaguar Estates as part of the Wednesdayite car park redevelopment plans.
  5. They certainly didn’t help but the overriding factor for losing to Huddersfield was the tactics.
  6. mogbad

    Hutchinson at CB

    Ability wise he should be a first choice at either CB or midfield. Unfortunately his perpetual fitness issues mean that he can't be relied on to be a first choice in a settled team. So for me his role has to be as back up for CB or Pelupessy.
  7. mogbad

    Traning video from today

    Fekkin hell Foxy, that guy in the yellow bib is beating you every time.
  8. Westwood if he's still here. If he's not then it's a difficult one. Wildsmith covered for Westwood admirably but also made some costly mistakes & doesn't yet command his area. Dawson looks more assured & commanding but we haven't seen enough of him over a prolonged period to judge whether he'll stay assured & commanding after a couple of mistakes.
  9. I think there will be quite a few behind closed door matches.
  10. mogbad


    Ah, my bad I misinterpreted the hefty bids turned down as bids from other clubs for their own players.
  11. mogbad


    The paragraph in bold is a bit concerning should we receive big offers for FF & Bannan that would probably clear our FFP burden & we turn down the offers.
  12. mogbad

    Jos trimming the squad

    I don't think fitness is the problem with Palmer in terms of him not running back. It's more concentration, danger awareness or plain lack of application. He's got an opportunity to make that position his own but unless he improves on what is his major flaw he'll soon find himself warming the bench again.
  13. mogbad


    I thought we had to supply the EFL with financial projections, plus if the projections indicated that we would be breaching FFP limits then we had to demonstrate how we intended to bring the the club back within FFP rules. As far as I'm aware the EFL can enforce an embargo based on the projections if they see fit.
  14. mogbad


    An hypothetical question. Let's say we've been put on a transfer embargo because we've breached FFP levels by £5m. If we sell players & the incoming transfer fees & reduction in the wage bill realises £5m is the embargo automatically lifted?
  15. As a player I actually like Fletcher & in an ideal situation I'd prefer to keep him. However we need to bring cash into the club, we need high earners off the wage bill & Jos wants to reduce the average age of the squad so it's a no brainer to sell him in our current FFP predicament.