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  1. Isn't the delay in submitting accounts purely for Companies House, financial regulations requirements. Accounts submitted to the EFL for P&S purposes will need to be submitted by the same deadline as every other EFL club.
  2. I believe that as part of the P&S process club owners have to provide guarantees/proof of funding to service any losses above P&S limits.
  3. Just a week or 2 behind Abdi in his rehabilitation.
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if the main issue with Abdi is mental rather than physical, hence why we've never been given a proper update on his situation due to confidentiality etc.
  5. Ah so your the one. She said I've just been with this bloke who obviously goes fishing, says he's got a whopper but turns out to be a little tiddler.
  6. Don't tell my Mrs, I've been telling her it doesn't for the last 21 years.
  7. Apparently he has a flatulence problem so they always make him run at the back.
  8. I'm watching on the iPad via the Sky Sports app.
  9. They've actually spent more time on the training ground than Abdi.
  10. I seem to remember Chris Turner saying in an after match interview last season that he always thought the training surfaces at Middlewood were far too hard for every day use.
  11. That's where I used to park before I started using the Wednesdayite car park. Is it still an option on match days? I'd heard they'd started monitoring the car park & fining/clamping any cars parked for more than 2 hours.
  12. Very difficult decision this month between Fletcher & Palmer, but I’ll go for Palmer given the transformation in his play & attitude.
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