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  1. Forestieri as a lone striker.!!! Feck me Monk is clueless.
  2. Knowing our luck he's seen the EFL's evidence & told DC he can't help.
  3. I've never understood why DC had always said he'd wait until we're established in the Premier before deciding what to do with Hillsborough or a new stadium. Surely whether it's redeveloping Hillsborough or moving to a new stadium it preferably needs to be in place when we get to the Premier so we can maximum income from day one.
  4. Something certainly altered the mood & team spirit within the squad.
  5. Even if we've lost the arbitration case it seems very quick for the EFL'S disciplinary panel to sit & pronounce sentence. Maybe we've agreed to let the EFL panel to conduct their hearing & hang fire on sentence as part of the EFL'S agreement to go to arbitration on the legality issue. However that wouldn't allow for the Arbitration panel saying that the case against us is legal but there are mitigating circumstances that the EFL should allow for. As with most stuff on here is all supposition including 12 plus 9 suspended or 12 including 9 suspended until there's something official.
  6. This, our squad have proved themselves to be spineless when there's no pressure on them, I don't trust them in the slightest to have the fight for a relegation battle.
  7. The same dogdirt that we've only taken 1 point off in recent weeks.
  8. My understanding is the club have questioned the legality of the EFL's charges given that they had previously sanctioned the sale of the stadium & it's inclusion in the July 2018 accounts. The club & the EFL have agreed to take the legality issue to arbitration. As a result the EFL's disciplinary process against the club is on hold pending the outcome of the Arbitration Panel Hearing. If the Arbitration Panel decide that the charges are illegal then we have no case to answer, if they decide the charges are legal then the EFL's Disciplinary process will continue.
  9. Biggs suggested there would be an initial Arbitration hearing. Maybe the arbitration hearing has been held & we are waiting for a further hearing where the Arbitration panel will give their decision.
  10. Plus at Leeds they were in 6th place in March, 11 points clear of 7th & with a decent shout of automatic promotion. They went into freefall in the last 8 matches & finished 7th. He clearly isn't capable of rectifying a poor run of form.
  11. It would but if that were the case then surely Monk wouldn't be having a go at the players in the media. He'd be more protective of them like he was prior to our recent run of results.
  12. Agree with most of that. Whether Monk is in the right or left with no alternative to exclude players it is very damaging to overall squad moral. If he has told players they're not in his plans & won't be offered new deals then to me that's a grave error of judgement. When 1 or 2 members of a squad are disgruntled the rest will tend to just ignore it & get on with it, when there's several with an axe to grind & all voicing there grievances it doesn't make for a happy dressing room.
  13. That all depends on how Hutchinson or any dissenting player for that matter reacts to being put on the naughty step. If they continue with the dissenting attitude then a manager is left with little alternative than to take more draconian action. I'm not saying this is what's happened but just speculating (like most of this thread) why certain players being excluded appears severe given our recent form.
  14. All of them, Hutchison & Westwood now been sidelined by 2 managers & Monk is a tactical dinosaur.
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