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  1. mogbad

    What’s up with Atdhe?

    Desperate for a dump
  2. mogbad


    Certainly can't be footballing reasons. One I heard last week from someone that had been at an U23 match was that Westwood is currently refusing to play for the U23's. I took it with a pinch of salt but who knows.
  3. If we're nowhere near the promotion places come January then FF will be sold for us to stay within limits in my opinion.
  4. mogbad

    D taxi

    Not when I'm in she can't.
  5. mogbad

    Player Ratings

    Dawson 6 - Thought he was a tad slow trying to get a block in for their 2nd. Palmer 6 - Looked scared sh1tless for the 1st 20 mins, played ok once he got himself together. Lees 6 - Struggled & looked uncomfortable at times, particularly 1st half Thorniley 8 - Didn't do much wrong for me, brilliant header over the crossbar to prevent a 3rd for them. Penney 7 - Like Palmer looked out of his depth in the first 20 mins, grew as the game went on, great attacking runs in 2nd half. Pelupessy 5 - Excellent work rate but distribution very poor. Bannan 9 - Don't know where he gets his energy from, great through ball for our 1st goal, marvellous free kick for the 2nd. Reach 3 - Quiet possibly his worse game for us, first touch, tackling, passing all poor. Not suited to a more advanced role. Matias 6 - Apart from his goal didn't offer much else apart from embarrassing attempts to win a free kick. Joao 7 - Looked dangerous on the ball, played far too deep for me. Fletcher 7 - Worked hard, did well for the 1st goal, struggled to get anything from their centre backs. Nuhiu 7 - Held the ball up well & put their defenders under pressure. Onomah 6 - Some decent touches & link play. Hector - Not on long enough to judge.
  6. mogbad

    D taxi

    Sounds like my Mrs.
  7. Bannan is currently way ahead with 60% of the vote, WBA guy on 27%
  8. mogbad

    Caption this

    "What!, Fox gets paid more than me"
  9. mogbad

    North Stand tonight

    Correct, sat in the South for a cup match last season, my knees were closer to my chin than my arse.
  10. mogbad

    Before the loan deadline.

    3 in, 3 out wouldn't surprise me. While we know the embargo has been lifted we don't know what conditions are attached. It could well be that we have to move one out for every one that comes in & we're waiting for the ones going out to agree.
  11. mogbad

    Man of the match & scores

    Wildsmith 6 - Did everything asked, kicking not great. Baker 7 - MOTM for me, great energy, good tackles & link up play with Preston in 1st half. Hutchinson 6 - Did his job, nothing more. Quite subdued for him, I expected him to be more influential with the youngsters. Nielsen 5 - Did ok, a bit leaden footed at times. Fox 3 - Reasonable 1st half, shocking 2nd. Lee 4 - Too negative & ponderous. Jones 6 - Tried to get things going, not enough pace to his play & passing. Boyd 5 - Worked hard 1st half, no end product, faded in the 2nd. Preston 6 - Good first half, showed good skill, tired in the 2nd. Fletcher 5 - Not the usual battling & energy he's been showing in the Championship. Forestieri 7 - Worked hard & chased but dropped far too deep to try & get into the game.
  12. mogbad

    Surely not...

    Ohhh noo it wasn't.
  13. mogbad

    Surely not...

    I agree the crowd was booing the ref but my comment of "no it wasn't" referred to the goal itself which wasn't offside.
  14. mogbad

    Jordan Thorniley

    MOTM for me.
  15. mogbad

    Surely not...

    No it wasn't.