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  1. Not doing this again. Spent all day listening to talksport for a 2 second interview
  2. Quick update on this. I have had a reply to my email, the club are blaming the delay on supports not answering the phone.
  3. Yes I have applied. It is supposed to be “processing”
  4. I still haven’t had a refund for the Forest home game on the 14th of March. I’m a member and bought 2 tickets.
  5. Only 29 he could still be playing league football. Another that likes the other side of the game.
  6. He knows what we need. It’s up to the club to go and get it for him now.
  7. Chansiri has three options 1. Be sensible and stay within FFP - Paul Cook 2. Throw his wallet at it again - Eddie Howe or Nigel Pearson 3. Listen to Amadeu Paixao and get someone from the Icelandic Premier League I would choose option 1 but I have a feeling it will be option 3.
  8. One of the reasons I don’t have Sky. The amount of money it costs for this kind of detail.
  9. He’s talking a load of rubbish if he wanted to get 12 points in 10 games then we’re in trouble.
  10. No defenders on the bench. This is going to be interesting after the injury in the first 10 minutes.
  11. They didn’t have a 12 point deduction and Colin is probably the best Manager in the league.
  12. Monk got his own players in wanting togetherness and loyalty. Izzy seems like the perfect fit
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